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Jurian’s Destiny

In ACoTaR, when Feyre is in the cell Under the Mountain, Lucien comes in to fix her nose and explain some things about the past and the War. One thing he mentions is, “Clythia promised him that he would never die– and so long as Amarantha keeps that eye of his preserved through her magic, keeps his soul and consciousness bound to it, he’ll remain trapped, watching through it” (found on page 308, if you wanna see for yourself). This means that Jurian has possibly been immortal in the sense for much longer than any of the fandom had previously guessed– and that he probably won’t die in ACoWaR.

This sounds horrible, of course, but hear me out. I think that after the battle and everything, Rhys is going to sentence him to an eternity in the Prison– something he said he took very seriously. If you think about it, this makes sense– they can’t kill him, so why not banish him forever?

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Hello! Could you do how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to MC having a really close male friend who occasionally flirts with them?? I'm a huge sucker for them being jealous or worried! Thank you!

hello ! this was a lot of fun to write lol :9 thank you for requesting !


  • he got jealous so easily holy shit
  • you were his princess dammit how many hickies did he need to leave to prove that
  • so when your bff visited, he was already a bit wary, keeping his arm around your waist the entire time
  • especially when he went in for a hug
  • but then he said “you were still as beautiful as ever, honey”
  • yeah…..really beautiful….its almost like… could have……….a boyfriend…………..
  • also excuse me ???? youre his honey ?????????
  • when he winked, you giggled, and zen scowled
  • when he called you sexy, you waved him off, and zens arm got tighter
  • sensing zens discomfort you gave him an opening to talk about himself and insisted zen was the sexiest one there
  • it worked
  • until your friend commented on how nice your hips looked
  • heeey mc remember that super important date we had planned for that incredibly expensive restaurant today ?
  • no ?
  • surprise !
  • your friend left, much to zen’s relief, but you were promised a date so youll get a goddamn date
  • you two went out for fish-shaped bread and ate them snuggled on the couch together


  • listen this boy barely knows how to handle a skillet
  • he isn’t sure what to do when he gets jealous
  • he was perfectly fine at first ! i mean, male friends kiss their female friends on the cheek all the time right ?
  • he wouldn’t know he let it slide
  • he went to make snacks for the three of you, and when he came back, your friend had scooted closer and lay and arm around your shoulders
  • yoosung had to remind himself he was holding a glass plate so not to break it
  • “mc! could you help me real quick ?”
  • “oh, if you need help yoosung i can-“
  • “NO no, no no, no i think mc can help me with this perfectly fine, dont bother yourself, youre our guest!”
  • so, you went to the kitchen to help him with whatever he needed, curious about his tone and insistence
  • before you could even say his name, he had you pinned against the counter on the far side of the kitchen, away from the doorway
  • “mc… you know youre mine, right?”
  • you would have said yes, honest, but his lips were on yours and you were fervently making out before you knew it
  • you took… longer than expected to show your friend the door
  • but it happened nonetheless, so yoosung was happy
  • he wasn’t getting away from you now though
  • “yoosung you naughty boy… come finish what you’ve started~”


  • she never really thought she could be jealous when it came to you
  • she never really had to worry about it
  • but that boy, your friend, was just… a bit too close
  • her hand was the only one she ever thought shed see on your waist
  • you didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so she assumed it was all in a friendly matter…
  • but still…
  • she couldn’t shake that nasty feeling in her stomach off
  • “ah, mc… could you come here a moment? i know its your break and all, i just wanted to speak with you…”
  • of course jaehee ! anything for the princess
  • when you made your way around the counter to her, she took your hands in hers and gave you multiple smooches on the lips, each lasting a bit longer than the other until they got a bit… less… suitable for work
  • when she was satisfied with herself, your lips were left slightly pinker and shiny from her lip gloss
  • glancing at her friend, she let you go after that, feeling a bit better

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The Younger Marner Part 2 - Auston Matthews Imagine

I’m already requesting a part 2 to the Marners little sister imagine!! I know you just posted it but it’s so good and I really wanna part 2!

This took wayyyy longer than expected… Whoops? Anyway, I’m making this an actual fic apparently ??? I kinda want to so tell me what you think and yes requests are closed, but not for this okay cool. Lol I hope you all like it, I do. Thanks for reading! -Accius

Part One

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How would Kuroo, Asahi, and Tanaka propose to their girlfriends?

i got a nasty cold that i was hoping would just be allergies, but that wasn’t the case. ε-(>.<;; hence, why updates were slower this week. sorry, about that, folks. i needed a little pick-me-up and used this for that reason

totally based tanaka’s on how my cousin recently proposed to his girlfriend, which was much cuter than his original plan, if you ask me


  • Basically, he pulls a Jim from The Office where he does something purposefully to make you think he’s going to propose but doesn’t to build suspense for when he actually proposes (i.e., getting down on one knee while saying your name, looking you in the eye, and then going to tie his shoe)
    • But he’s not going to propose at a gas station mini-mart, rest assured.
  • No, you’re at the monthly trivia night at your usual bar. As always, the two of you are way more into it than any of your friends are and you’re tied for first against the one team you always lose to at the last question of the night.
  • You’ve never been more pumped to write down the answer on the dry erase board at a moment’s notice. The game host gets his question card ready and makes everyone wait on baited breath.
    • “Last question of the night. For twenty points: ___…”—You look up at the host clearly confused—“will you marry, Kuroo Tetsurou?” And sure enough while you’re processing that this is actually happening Kuroo’s still sitting right beside you with the ring out.
  • While your giggling uncontrollably, you write down “Yes” on the white board and hold it up for everyone to see.
    • While everyone else is applauding the two of you and cheering, he’s sure to ask again in his own voice and you respond all the same.


  • You’re sure he’s already bought a ring, so it’s only a matter of time. Every time you think it might be the perfect chance, though, it doesn’t happen. But you know he’s not the spontaneous type; he’s going to have everything planned and do it in a very romantic setting.
  • It’s after a rough day at work and texting him the whole time, he offers to take you somewhere that will cheer you up once you get home. He doesn’t specify where, but when you ask him he answers with a, “Uh, it’s a… surprise…”
  • This and how clammy his hands are when you hold his on the way there is assurance enough that it’s happening now. Now you just have to wait and see how he does it.
  • It’s so simple, but beautiful: a picnic already set up at sunset into early evening at your favorite park.
  • You can tell he’s incredibly nervous, but he’s keeping it together very well. He takes your hands and thinks over what he’s going to say before slowly saying it. He’s not going to trip over his words and ruin the mood he’s set for the evening.
    • “I know I took longer than I should have to do this, but I needed the weather to warm up enough so that it didn’t get too cold after sunset. So, please, ___, will you marry me?”
    • And god, it’s so cute and sweet and that you start laughing and crying and that makes him start laugh and crying too. Somewhere in there you’ve managed to squeak out a yes.


  • He’s got this planned to a T. He’s going to propose while you’re at lunch with your parents—who are in on the plan—that afternoon.
  • He keeps the ring in his back pocket from the moment he gets dressed in the morning, which ends up being early for him. His excitement woke him up earlier than usual.
  • Tanaka’s ready for the day before you’ve even properly woken up. You’re still in your pajamas and somewhat sleepy while you prepare breakfast.
  • There’s no way he’s going to make it until lunch. The very sight of you makes him swell up with so many emotions. After only a few steps into the kitchen, he gets down on one knee right there despite your back being turned to him.
  • You hear his footsteps and turn to greet him sleepily only to be stopped mid-sentence by the sight of him kneeling and holding up little red box opened with a ring sparkling inside.
  • He doesn’t even say anything and you’re already nodding and trying to remember how to say yes.
    • “Will you m—”
    • “Yes.”
    • “C’mon. You’ve got to let me finish saying it first! ___, will you marry—”
    • “Yes!”
      • He can’t argue with you after that because you’ve tackled him to the ground in an embrace and keep shrieking “yes” with increasing excitement.
Hughes - Michael Gray

Request: Yo, could you do a Michael imagine where he confesses to you he killed Father Hughes. He’s really shaken and comes to you after handing Charlie back to Ada and Poll? 

Request: Hey,can u please write where u are Father Hughes daughter or something, you came to town with him and you met Michael you 2 start dating but then he founds out who you are he confesses what the priest did to him and goes to you after he kills him - @theaqueenakaspeedy

Hughes - Michael Gray

It was late when the knock finally came on your door. You knew who it was, you’d been sitting up waiting for Michael all evening. He phoned you earlier, the first time in two weeks to tell you that he needed to talk to you. You had met Michael nearly a month ago, completely by accident, and what had followed was an unmatched infatuation with each other.  

Two weeks ago that changed. The closer you and Michael became the more open he was about his family’s business. He was an accountant for his cousin legally but there was a great deal of illegal trouble that went on and he was surprisingly candid about all of it. In return you tried to be honest with him. But that first bit of honest left you alone. 

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Well Tailored Part 1

Originally posted by wonhobe

A/N: So this is the little story I have been working on, I wanted to know what yall think before I continue the story. If not I will probably just leave it at the point it is at. I hope you enjoy it, thank you to those of you who read through this and helped me pick not only who to do the pairing with, but to read through it as well. Thank you. (PS the title is not for sure, I just couldn’t think of anything else besides Well Tailored lol I suck with coming up with titles.)


Title: Well Tailored

Pairing: I.M/Changkyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst 


“Can’t you go any faster, I am going to be late for a meeting!” barks the man standing above you, his arms spread wide as you adjusted the seam on the side of his fitted suit.

“Yes, sir just one more….” You stuck out your tongue sliding the needle into the cloth and back out again. “And done,” you said as you tied off the thread and stood up.

“Does that feel any better?” You stepped back to get a good look at it as the man put his arms down, moving the jacket slightly before nodding.

“Great, we will fix the length some time tonight and it should he read to go by tomorrow afternoon,” you say as he slides the jacket off of himself and puts his own back on.

“It better be. I wouldn’t want to take my business elsewhere would I?” He threatens as he grabs his briefcase and headed out the door without another word.

Once the door closed you signed and rolled your eyes. Men. They were so rude, especially if they had money.

You worked as a tailor for an expensive suits company. Your company attracted many high up billionaires, celebrities and Lawyers.

You loved your job and it paid very well considering your clientele. It would be your dream job if it weren’t for how these clientele carried themselves.

They love to flirt, order you around and would be rude just to get a rise out of you. It was like a game to them, a game you had become an expert at playing.

Fawn, your boss walked over and grabbed the jacket from you. “I swear Kim Namjoon is always late to a meeting every time he comes in here,” she said as she stares at the door before you both burst into a fit of giggles.

“Your next appointment will be in 15 minutes, his names is Im Changkyun. He is a new client so I gave him to the best,” she said winking at you.

“Thanks Fawn, you’re the best,” you say as your roll your eyes before you smile at her.

15 minutes passed by a lot faster then you wished it would have. You looked down at the papers in front of you, looking over his measurements before glancing at the name. You knew names, and his wasn’t familiar. You started to wonder why you hadn’t heard of him but, your thoughts were halted as you heard a knock on the small dressing room door.

Glancing up your eyes were met with a tall, lean man, he couldn’t be more than 23. His jet black hair hung over his eyes. His ears were pierced, something not common with most of your clients but none the less it made him look all the more intriguing.

You shook your head and stood up, walking over to him and held out your hand. “Hello, my name is y/n what can I do for you today?”

He smirked and looked you up and down, his eyes lingering on your body a little longer than you would have liked before he took your hand and kissed your knuckles, making you slip your hand out of his.

He was one of those, the young ones that were only interested in one thing. Sex. This wasn’t your first time dealing with them, you knew exactly how to handle them.

He winced as you removed your hand quickly before he chuckled deeply, “Hello y/n my name is Im Changkyun.” He ran his hands threw his hair as he continued to speak, “I want a new suit, something different that will make me stand out. Think you can help me sweet cheeks?”

Your cringed, you hated pet names, you hated them, even more, when your clients said them.

Nodding you took a step back to get a good look at him, thinking over what colors would work, what styles to stay away from.

A smirk grew across his face as he watched you taking in every inch of his body, your tongue darting out of your mouth as you nibbled on it for a moment before nodding.

He had to admit, you were very attractive but even more so than just your physical appearance something about you made him go wild.

“What colors do you prefer? Darker colors or lighter colors?” You said as you begin to scribble into your clipboard.

“Whatever you think would look the best sweetie.”

There it was again, you nodded before turning, “I will be back in a moment please take a seat”

You walked out of the room and rolled your eyes, what a pig you thought as you made your way down the hallway.

It was too bad because you did find him attractive, but his pet names and attitude was just the same as the others. Shallow. Dry.

You stepped into the back room that was littered with every color of suit, tie, and button down you could think of. Skimming through the racks you grabbed a few basic suits to try first when one caught your eye.

The jacket was a deep black velvet, the pants were black with a velvet stripe down each side. You stopped and looked at it for a moment.

You had passed it so many times, never glancing at it because it was something that no one would ever look good in, but for some reason you grabbed it anyways adding it to the pile and grabbing a few shirts including a deep purple silky v neck shirt. He didn’t seem like the tie type of guy so you took the risk of grabbing something different once again.

You made your way back into the room and hung up the suits and shirts. Setting the purple shirt and velvety suit off to the side, saving it as a last resort.

“Okay, go ahead and try this one on first,” you said as you handed him a grey suit and emerald green button down.

He looked down at you then over at the last resort before he shook his head. “I want to try that one on first.” He nodded towards the reject suit and you groaned as quietly as possible. He chuckled before looking back at you, “Is that going to he a problem?” he said as he took a step closer to you looking straight into your eyes.

You became flustered. The way his eyes locked into yours took every ounce of confidence you had and threw it out the window.

“No sir,” you whispered as you turned and handed him the suit he requested. Cursing yourself for not standing up to him.

“Good,” he smirked as he walked into the dressing room, sliding the curtain closed behind him.

You sat down on the chair across from the dressing room, trying to regain your confidences. You were not in the mood to be pushed around by some wanna be playboy.

The curtain opened and your jaw dropped, he smirked stepping out of the dressing room and onto the pedestal, looking at himself in the mirror, nodding in approval. “You did very well sweetie.”

You watched as the suit fit every one of his curves, only a few minor adjustments needed to be made to the suit. Standing up you walked over and adjusted the back of the jacket slightly, not looking at him eyeing you in the mirror.

“Are you always this quiet or are you just as shocked as I am?” he said in a quieter voice, looking over his shoulder at you as you finished fixing the back, moving around the front. His eyes seemed softer suddenly like he genuinely wanted to know what you thought.

You hummed quietly before moving to the front and adjusting the front of the jacket, making sure it would close without trouble. “I am more in shock that it actually looks good on someone,” you whisper quietly, trying not to boost his ego.

He furrowed his brow. “What do you mean?” He watched your fingers play with the button on his jacket, as you bit down on your lip trying to focus on your work.

You let go of your bottom lip as you buttoned the last button, smoothing your hands down the front of the jacket, stepping back to get a better look. “This is one of the suits I never pull out, because usually, it’s too flashy for most, and also because most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off.”

He smirked slightly as he felt your hands on his chest, watching as you take a step back your eyes darting all over his figure. “I am not like most people Y/n,” he says in a serious tone, his eyes looking you up and down again before he made eye contact with you.

You felt a chill run down your back as you made eye contact with him. “I have noticed,” you murmured as you turned to grab your pins to take in some of the sides of the jacket.

He chuckled slightly as he watched you approach his side as you started to pull at the fabric.

Now it was your turn to talk. “So, usually I recognise my client’s names, but you. I don’t know you. So please, let me ask. Who are you?”

He smirked again, “I am new to the area, and I don’t usually go by my real name.” He cocked his head to the side. “Why are you so interested in knowing about me sweetheart?”

You shrugged, “I am not interested, just like to know who my clients are and what they do is all. Also, I hate silence, so I try to create conversation.” Smirking you poke the pin through the fabric just enough to slightly prick the skin enough to make him jump.

“Yah!” he said and jumped back slightly. “Careful,” he said his brow furrowed and you tried not to laugh at his reaction.

He smirked when he realised you did it on purpose. “Well, if you are so interested in your client why not join him for dinner tonight,” he said bluntly, looking up at the mirror at himself, but also glancing at your reflection as well, wanting to see your body language.

There it was, the usually asking out trick. You have been asked out by many of your clients both old and young, and you saw this coming from a mile away with Im Changkyun. “No,” you said flatly as you stepped back, moving to the other side, showing no reaction to his request.

His eyes opened wide, his mouth opened a little before he shut it, staying quiet as you started to work on the other side of the jacket.

His reaction actually caught you off guard, usually, the men that ask you out get angry or continue to beg and plead til the end of the fitting, never had you see a man go quiet from being rejected.

You finished up the other side, taking a step back nodding before walking back to face him head on, looking at the length of it. “Do you prefer it longer or shorter.”

“This length is fine” he says quietly before he bit his lip as he watched you nod and place down your pins and walk one more time around him. “If you don’t mind me asking. Why did you say no?” he says quietly as he watches you make your way back to the front of him.

“I don’t date clients,” you say as you take off the jacket, making sure the silky shirt fits correctly. His collarbone peaked out from each sides of the low v neck, the muscles of the top of his chest peeking out from the bottom of the neckline. He looked really fit, you could tell he worked out just based on the little amount of his chest that was showing. The silky fabric hung to his body perfectly.

He nodded accepting your response as he watched your hands gently trace over the neckline on his shirt, the electricity of your touch giving him chills down his spine. He closed his eyes as you pulled your hand away, the loss of touch, making him feel numb.

“That should do it, how soon will you be needing this so we know if we need to rush it or not,” you said as you hung his jacket back up on the hanger, grabbing the paper to write down the adjustments that needed to be made.

“There is no rush,” he said as he stepped off the pedestal walking over to you. The look in his eyes making you realise what he was about to try.

“Alright, in that case we should have it done within a week or two. We will call you when it is ready.” You slide past him and back over to the other suits hanging up. “Go ahead and change, I will take these and be back momentarily,” you say as you grab them, not waiting for a reply as you left the room.

When you came back he was sitting on the sofa, still in the suit. You rolled your eyes, clearly, he wanted something else. “I said you were free to change back into your cloths Mr Changkyun,” you said sharply.  

He smirked as he stood up and looked at your irritated stance as you stopped a few feet from him, crossing your arms. “Yes, I am sorry I just had a phone call to make is all.” He slowly walks passed you, brushing himself up against you as he passed you, making his way to the changing room.

You huffed as soon as he closed the curtain, clearly, he was lying and he knew you could tell, but he really was a piece of work. Secretly you hoped he wouldn’t come back because out of all the clients you have ever had, He was the most annoying.

The whiplash of personalities from snarky to sweet bothered you. Why couldn’t he just pick one personality and stick with it?

Once he stepped back out in his own clothes, you grabbed the suit from him and hung it up. “Follow me,” you say as you take the suit out of the private fitting room and out to the main store floor. Walking over to Fawn at the front register.

He followed obediently, looking around the store, not saying a word before his gaze landed back on your backside. He smirked as his eyes wondered up your back and to the back of your head.

You stopped and hung the suit up on the hanger, Fawn’s eyes opened wide as she saw the velvety suit and looked at you excitedly before she turned to Changkyun.

After discussing the price of everything you rung him up and handed him the receipt. “There you go we will give you a call in a week or so when it is ready to be picked up.”

He took the receipt a smile spread across his face his eyes locking with yours once more. “I will be looking forward to it Ms Y/n.” He turned to Fawn, “If you don’t mind can I request to have your kind employ help me again.”

You bit your lip, trying to keep from saying a word as you watched Fawn light up. “Why of course she is the best tailor in the area, I can see why you would request her after today.” She smiled wide.

“Yes, she really is quite something isn’t she?” he said as he smirked looking your way, causing you to look away and roll your eyes.

Fawn and Changkyun talked a few minutes more as you helped another customer find something in the back.

When you came back up Fawn was gone but Changkyun was still there. Can’t you just go, you thought as you took a deep breath approaching him again. “Did you need any more help, Sir?”

He turned to face you, a sweet smile spread across his face. “Why yes there is.” He grabbed your arm softly and pulled you close to him, he reached down whispering in your ear. “Don’t think I will give up so easy, I will be back for you.” He let go of you and turned and walked out the door without another word, leaving you in shock.



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Could you write an imagine where you (the reader) is belle and Adams daughter and she was kidnapped not long after she was born and years later (when she is like 15 or 16) they somehow find her or something I don't really mind how it ends as long as it isn't sad😂 I would really appreciate it and if you don't that's fine😁

Pairing: Belle x Adam + Daugher!Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: a bad family situation 

A/N: omg I loved this prompt so so so much!!!!! it’s fantastic and kinda reminded me a bit of tangled so the beginning is very tangled-y lol. I hope you enjoyed this! <3 (also, since I didn’t know how to tag it, I’ll add general lists to my fandoms page, where all the prompts go in which the reader isn’t shipped with anyone!)


A child is the most precious thing a person can have.

Belle never understood the feeling, until she held you in her arms.

This little bundle of joy, with your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes, looking up to your parents and then flashing them a toothless smile.

Belle and Adam swore that this was the happiest moment of their lives.

And then, that moment ended.

It was about four weeks later, when Adam got up in the morning to check on you only to find your crib empty.

They searched and searched but couldn’t find you. Not in the castle, not in the gardens, not in the village.

Today would’ve been your 16th birthday and they still had no idea how you vanished. They didn’t even know if you were still alive.

Something changed back then.

The happiness they had only just found all those years ago disappeared once more and everyone knew that it wouldn’t come back this time. Both of the parents too heartbroken over the loss of their daughter.

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I heard you

Look. I get it when I get it. It’s never when I’d like and, in this case, it wasn’t when YOU would have liked. But it’s not in my control when my mind opens. I’d like to thank every single one of you who resisted the urge to use a blunt instrument to open a hole in my head so that you could pour The Message in and instead opted for patience. I finally got it.

I often say, “I’m old,” as an excuse. I’m not going to do that any more.

First, I didn’t see the responsibility I have to people who take things I say personally. I mean, I WANT you to. I’m being open and honest and real over here and it would suck if you thought every wound and feely moment was merely hypothetical. But that also means when I say shit like, “Meh, ignore me, I’m old,” that resonates with every single human being who has an age. Be it less than mine or more, I am casting aspersions on something that doesn’t matter at the least and should be venerated at the most. I assumed because I was insulting MYSELF that you wouldn’t feel it. So…. yeah. Sorry.

THEN I started thinking about words I would use to replace “old”. Those came easily. “Stupid”. “Lazy”. “Ignorant”. “Dumbass”. 

Detect a theme? I did. And I fortunately did not follow that particular rabbit down that particular hole for longer than it took driving out to my morning’s errand.

So, secondly, I’d like to set a better example for you than shitting on myself. Mostly for me, because I am not overly fond of fecal aroma, but also for you. 

Starting today, I’m going to use the following instead of saying, “I’m old.”

- I clearly have something to learn here.

- I choose not to make that a priority.

- Wow. That’s new to me.

- I don’t understand this.

- I’m scared I might not be able to do this.

- I’m amazed by brains that aren’t mine.

- Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Good Girl

Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x human!reader
Summary: Having the flu sucks, but getting an unexpected visitor might suck even more. Or maybe not.

(Y/N) woke up that morning with a slight headache. She came down to get something to drink, but feeling faint she couldn’t go back up the stairs. So she had no other choice as to stay on the couch in the living room, where she fell asleep only to get woken by some kind of noise some time later.

She tried to ignore it, but since her head felt like it would burst any moment, it was pretty much futile. Having the flu was the only time she hated being a human.

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the signs as chandler bing one liners
  • Aries: i’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love
  • Taurus: nice camouflage. for a minute i almost didn’t see you
  • Gemini: pants, like shorts, but longer
  • Cancer: i say more dumb things before 9am than most people say all day
  • Leo: i’m not great at the advice. can i interest you in a sarcastic comment?
  • Virgo: tell him to email me at www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com
  • Libra: you know, i think i don’t care
  • Scorpio: hi i’m chandler, i make jokes when i’m uncomfortable
  • Sagittarius: oh, that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest
  • Capricorn: i took the quiz and it turns out i do put career before men
  • Aquarius: why yes ross, pressing my third nipple opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of narnia
  • Pisces: step away from the duck

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Have you talked about Indra and getting bs yet? Just caught up and she's a dang good shot when she took out those ice Nation guards.

hello anon! no, i haven’t talked about indra and her actions in 4x08 yet. but it’s funny you ask me this, because i’ve been thinking about her behavior and decision to pick up monty’s gun (and later ask for all of them) a lot, so i would really love to delve into it now as i was also kinda expecting this since 4x01.

fair warning: this post got longer than i intended it to be.

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The thing about Slytherins

So I know there’s a massive stigma with Slytherin! We’re evil and mean spirited, and selfish. But can I ask you guys to think about something?
I’m Slytherin, totally and completely but when I was 7 years old and reading the HP books I always thought I would be ravenclaw because I loved reading so much and my grades were perfect or gryffindor because I wanted to be brave and I liked doing things like climbing the biggest trees or jumping off the swing when it was as high as it could go!
But things changed. That was about the same time I started getting bullied in school. I was a nerd because I was always walking around with a book. I was annoying because I was brave enough to speak my mind or I played loudly or dumb because I approached an big stray dog on the playground. By the time I was in high school I had changed because of the way people treated me. Instead of being the sweet little kid that got perfect grades and took chances I was the antisocial teen that was particularly talented at tricking others into doing what I wanted. I was the girl that, when taunted or made fun of, struck back with as much force as I could muster because at some point something inside had broken and I could no longer stand being bullied. I BECAME the bully in order to try to protect myself.
When I took the Pottermore quiz and got Slytherin I was genuinely confused at first. What was left over from when I was little expected Gryffindor or Ravenclaw but when I stopped to think about it I realized that the bullying I constantly endured turned me from a sweet little kid who wanted to read books and have fun into an adult who watched everyone like they posed a threat, the kind of person who no longer took the abuse, the kind of person who is motivated by ambition to prove to the kids that made fun of me that they aren’t any better than me.
A question I often wonder is did the bullying make me gain traits that I never had? Ambition? Cleverness? Resourcefulness? Or did it bring those traits to the forefront in order to keep myself safe?
Imagine being an eleven year old kid and being made fun of for being chosen for a house that people think is evil. Being made fun for something that you really can’t help. Imagine that the sorting hat saw those qualities hidden deep down and choosing Slytherin for that kid. Then the constant bullying from the rest of the school brought out those qualities that may not have ever really surfaced? What if the sorting hat yelling “Slytherin!” is some massive self fulfilling prophecy and that the reason that many (not all. There are family influences too– See Draco) Slytherins become the way the way they are is because they constantly hear people saying bad things about them so that they eventually harden up to protect themselves or even BELIEVE what other people say about themselves because “if ¾ths of the school believes I’m evil how can I not be?”
Something my Shakespeare teacher said really sticks with me when I think about this. “What is reputation? Do you create your reputation through your actions? Or does your reputation influence the way you act instead? If you constantly hear that you’re a bad person will you eventually become one because ‘why not be what they all say I am anyway?’” Kind of like Sirius trying to kill Peter. Why not be guilty of what I’ve been punished for years for?
Think about what kind of person is more likely to be mean, someone who is told from age 11 that they are a) brave, courageous, great b) smart, intelligent, clever c) kind, humble or d) evil, bad, in the same place that all bad people come from (because no one ever compliments slytherin a for being ambitious or cunning even though those aren’t terrible traits depending on how you use them)
Imagine being sorted into a house that 75 percent of people think is evil. Wouldn’t that make an eleven year old kid think that maybe they’re evil or bad? (Not the case for everyone. Umbridge and voldy were straight up evil)
And here’s the thing, I’m not evil but I AM mischievous, I’m not bad but I DO have a temper, I’m not a particularly selfish person but I’ve learned to put myself first then to focus on the problems of others because how can I help if I can’t focus? (Helping animals comes before me though, the fluffers AND the scaly ones)
At this point in my life I’m cunning, ambitious, and resourceful but I’m not evil or a horrible person (unless you mess with my bff who’s a hufflepuff because then I’ll end you) and I hate when people see my Slytherin shirt and go “oh those are the bad guys!” Yeah? Well so was Peter and Andromeda was a Slytherin and she gave birth to Tonks so sod off!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that as horrible as everyone seems to think Slytherins are, think about the fact that someone out there made them that way.

We’re Simply Meant To Be

Summary: You have decided to dress up as one of your favorite characters but don’t have a boyfriend to dress up with you. Bucky wants to change that and takes matters into his own hands.

Warnings: FLUFF, Swearing. I think that’s it….

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Photo shoot Ready: Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested: Tom and Reader are called to do a couples photo shoot and interview for Vogue. Tom is a bit nervous because he believes the photo shoot is a bit risque. 

You walked hand in hand with Tom on the set of the photo shoot. It was 3 in the morning and the shoot would last nearly all day. 

When Vogue called you two, you were a bit worried- You and Tom’s relationship had lasted for nearly 6 years because of how private you were. Both of you felt like a photoshoot of some sort was like bragging and that it made your relationship seem very staged. But after a long discussion with To and both of your teams, you all agreed. 

You saw your reflection in the dressing room mirror, “Yikes.” You had on one of Tom’s hats and you looked tired, very tired. Tom had his own separate dressing room along with all of the clothes he was to wear. 

You checked out the costumes and a few of the pieces, some were nearly just pieces of cloth. Tom was a bit anxious about the whole theme it was supposed to be modern day Bonnie & Clyde. He didn’t want everybody seeing you naked but he knew that was a part of the job. 

Haz was by his friends side looking through his clothes. “This leather jacket is sick!” Haz said taking it off the rack. “Yeah, I wonder what they have Y/N wearing?”

“Mate, it’s going to fine.” Haz laughed. His style team came walking through the door, “Alright T, you ready?” 


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Round One

A/N: An anon request where it’s Spencer’s first time, but not the reader’s and it’s fluffy and smutty and cute. Enjoy!


You could remember the conversation like it was yesterday. He was so candid, but very embarrassed. You understood why, but also didn’t. American society made people feel like if you weren’t having sex as a teenager you were weird. You didn’t think that way. Some people took longer than others. Because everyone was different. He was almost ashamed, but you assured him that none of that mattered to you.

“Y/N, do you mind if I told you something, something a bit embarrassing?” he asked shyly.

You were not one to stand on pretense, especially at this point in a relationship. You had been dating for nearly seven months. “Of course, Spence, what is it?”

He hesitated, “Are you sure? You sure I won’t make you uncomfortable?”

“Spence, I really like you. There is very little I can think of that would make me uncomfortable. It’s okay. I promise.”

He brushed his hair back out of his eyes and inhaled sharply, “I…I’ve never been with anyone before…sexually.”

You weren’t 100 percent sure, but you had figured as much and it didn’t bother you in the slightest. “That’s okay, Spence. I don’t mind.”

“Really?” he queried. He obviously imagined you would have the opposite reaction. “I know it’s a little unorthodox given my age, but I’ve just never found the right person - and, well, now I’m nervous because I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Just relax and let it flow, Spence. It’s me. You don’t have to try and impress me,” you said, reaching your hand across the table reassuringly. “If you feel the same way about me that I do about you, we’ll be more than fine.”

You’d had that conversation about six weeks ago and Spencer seemed to relax. You told him there was absolutely no pressure - you liked him a lot and it was worth the wait, so long as he was comfortable. He’d made you promise that you would tell him if he did something wrong, if he hurt you, if you weren’t satisfied. You’d laughed it off at first, but he insisted he didn’t want anyone taking pity on him - especially you. So, you relented and promised you’d tell him if anything was wrong or out of the ordinary when the time came.

His behavior had changed slightly. He was a little more touchy-feely out in public. His kisses seemed deeper - more desperate, and during your makeout sessions, his hands wandered more than they used to.

You were both free from work tonight, so he’d asked you out to a beautiful, fancy, French restaurant about fifteen minutes away. The waiters were fluent in French, so they loved it when people who were fluent walked in the door. You were dressed in a navy blue, sparkly, tea-length dress with long sleeves complemented by a long pearl necklace and wavy, shoulder-length hair. Spencer wore black dress pants and his signature dark purple, button-down shirt with a dark blue and purple sweater vest on top. 

It was an amazing night - your conversation flowingly effortlessly in French, talking about anything and everything from your parents and his mother to the merits of dream theory to who was the best Doctor and why. The night had started with you seated across from one another, but after excusing yourself to use the restroom, you returned and sat right next to him, easing into his embrace as you each had a glass of wine and split an enormous piece of chocolate cake.

You’d spent the night at each other’s houses many times before, but when he’d asked you over tonight, you knew something was different. For one, when he spent the night, it was normally at your place, as it was slightly bigger, and two, the car ride back to his apartment was especially quiet, as if his anxiety was skyrocketing.

On the way up the stairs to his apartment, he’d reached his hand back to grab yours, and you could tell this was what he wanted. After he unlocked the door and turned towards you, you reached your hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, figuring it would be easier on him if you made the first move.

Slowly, his hands moved to the back of your dress, sliding the zipper down as you combed your hands through his hair. His breathing picked up pace as you guided him back toward the bedroom, pulling his belt free of his pants as you went. You tripped on on the bed, almost falling backward, but he caught you, apologizing over and over again. You just laughed. “It’s okay, Spence, it happens. If you can’t laugh with someone you’re sleeping with once in a while, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping with them.”

He relaxed again, pulling your mouth to his for a more passionate kiss - his movements becoming more frenetic. Your dress dropped to the floor, leaving you standing there in matching navy blue lingerie while you undressed him. Standing there in nothing but his boxers, he seemed to shrink in on himself, “I know I probably don’t look like any of the other guys you’ve been with, but…”

You pushed your finger to his lips. “You’re not them, you’re you - and I’m very attracted to you. Do you want me to prove it to you? A biological sign that I want to jump your bones at this very moment?” He laughed, shaking his head in the affirmative. You ran your hand up the length of his arm, entwining your fingers with his and leading them to the edge of your lacy underwear. As you guided his hand to the wetness underneath, you heard a sharp intake of breath. “Just let it flow, okay?” you whispered.

He took a bit of a lead, guiding you both onto the bed, free of the remainder of your clothes. You melted into the bed as he ran his hands and lips over your entire body - leaving a trail of fire in his wake. He hovered above your sex and looked up, almost asking permission to go further. “Spencer, you are more than welcome to do what you want down there. I’ve been imagining it for months,” you laughed.

“Really?” he asked, kissing around the area, but never further, enjoying the frustrated look on your face when he didn’t go where he knew you wanted him.

“Absolutely,” you breathed, grabbing his hair and guiding him to where you wanted to start, “I figured you talk fast, so you’d be good with your tongue.” You snorted.

The next moments were a blur, as he proved how good he really was with that particular body part. He paid extra attention to your breathing and movements, pressing harder and moving faster when you arched off the bed - moaning and groaning. As you shook with the force of your release, you grasped his hair and didn’t notice until moments later that he had been staring at you. “What?” you asked, your body blushing.

“Nothing,” he said, gliding over you to look you in the eye, “you just look beautiful.”

Your face, which had been smiling, softened at his words and you arched up into him. “Please,” you begged. When he hesitated, you reassured him once more, “I promise I’ll let you know if anything’s wrong.” With those words, he placed himself at your entrance, pushing in slightly before sheathing himself inside you.

“Oh fuck,” you sighed into his neck as he picked up the pace. “Faster, please.” He picked up the pace as you asked and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you than you had though possible. Minutes later, he looked into your eyes, which was enough to send you both over the edge.

“I’m sorry,” he said, rolling to your side and trying to catch his breath.

You looked over confused, “Why are you sorry?” You rolled over to him, planting a kiss on his full, pink lips.

“That didn’t last very long,” he said sheepishly.

You hovered over him, grinding your pelvis down and shaking your bare chest in front of his face. “It was your first time, babe,” you muttered, laying flat against him. “It’s going to happen again…and again…and again. Right?” you asked, through peppered kisses.

“Absolutely,” he said, finally completely relaxed. “And that’s just tonight.”