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Thanksgiving with the Hollands (Tom Holland Headcanon)

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Summary: A look at what Thanksgiving is like for you and Tom’s family.

Authors Note: So I sort of modified this request and sorry it took forever but I wanted it to be out on Thanksgiving. I love this a lot and think it’s adorable and makes me long for Thanksgiving while having a family with Tom. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for all of your love and support and don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Requested: “Can you do a tom x reader thanksgiving headcanons? Like how current and future thanksgiving would go? Thanks!! I was going to do Halloween but that passed lol”


Word Count: 1799


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  • By the time you started your own family you and Tom had become masters of the holiday.
  • Now you, Tom and your children were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your home.
    • Your son Tom jr aka TJ was basically a tiny clone of his dad, including personality which made him a handful for you. He just turned 5 and loved Thanksgiving.
    • Your daughter, Chloe was the princess of the house. At 1 year old, she had everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. 
  • Living in L.A. the weather wasn’t “ideally fall” but you made it work.
  • You decorated the whole place with warm yellows, rich browns, and pumpkin orange.
  • The kitchen had gourds decorating the table.
  • On the fridge, you had the kid’s turkey handprints that you helped them make
    • It was probably a mistake dipping a babies hand in paint because she got a little excited and reached her orange hand straight to your hair.
  • Tom insisted on making “Thanksgiving cards”
    • You told him that wasn’t a thing but he loved family photos to look at when he was away filming.
      • Now that TJ was in school you didn’t feel comfortable dragging him to set with his father. 
      • Both of you agreed to let him have routine and normalcy was better even though it made Tom even sadder when he knew he had to be away months for filming and couldn’t get random visits from his babies.
    • You took the pictures in your backyard (away from the pool)
      • You added some fall colored leaves and had a variety of pumpkins.
    • The whole crew put on sweaters (WHICH WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU WERE ROASTING UNDER THE CALIFORNIA SUN) but they looked cute so you committed to the look.
    • Your favorite picture was of Tom, holding the kids in his lap. TJ looked up admirably at his dad, with a large smile showing his missing tooth while Chloe kissed her daddy’s cheek.
    • Tom’s favorite was of you, holding Chloe nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes.
      • He put it on his Instagram captioning “My girls are natural models.”
  • You constantly had fall scented candles burning, to bring good energy around the house.
    • Fig, pumpkin, cinnamon, berry, etc.
      • Tom’s favorite smelt like rum and vanilla.
  • You were surprised Tom wanted to host this year but he was so insistent.
    • He actually wanted to host last year but Chloe was so tiny and he didn’t want to stress you out.
  • He invited both sides of the family (to give his parents the Thanksgiving experience) as well as friends (aka Harrison).
  • While Tom went to pick up his family from the airport the night before you went to the grocery store to gather supplies.
    • He took the kids with him so you could focus.
    • As soon as TJ saw his grandparents he booked it through the airport almost giving Tom a heart attack.
      • But TJ would just shrug and hug his grandpa harder.
      • “He just loves his family, don’t blame him, Thomas.”
      • Tom would relax, but still, be annoyed TJ thought that was okay. 
        • Also his outburst drew a bit of a crowd.
      • Getting into the car Chloe couldn’t stop giggling at her uncles as they played peek-a-boo.
        • “Where’s Chloe?” Sam would coo while Harry put her blanket over her head.
        • Chloe’s tiny legs would kick as she squealed happily.
        • “There she is!” Sam said, removing the blanket.
        • Chloe thinks this is the funniest shit, her baby giggles filling the whole car.
        • Tom smiled from the driver’s seat, loving when all of his family was together
  • Your family early Thanksgiving morning, but you were already up cooking.
    • “You made it! Feel go to your rooms they’re all made up…or you can help me.”
      • They left you to go sleep.
  • You hummed to yourself as you cooked the feast. 
    • The aroma woke up your husband, making him sleepily come downstairs in plaid pajama pants and no shirt.
      • “Smells amazing darling.”
      • “You can’t get any food yet, Holland.”
      • “Mmm, not even a tiny bite?”
      • “Nope, you have to wait.”
      • “Fine, I know something that tastes even better.”
        • Then he pulls you into a kiss, leaning you on the counter.
        • Quickly it got heated with your shirt almost being tossed into the turkey.
  • Tom’s job was to entertain everyone while you cooked because you did not want him in the kitchen and you also couldn’t focus if the kids were constantly at your feet.
  • The first baby to wake up was Chloe, you heard her over the baby monitor and instructed Tom to get the princess.
    • He returned with a sleepy little one in a turkey onesie.
      • “What have you done to my child?”
      • “What do you mean it’s festive?”
      • “She’s a freaking turkey.”
      • “A cute turkey!”
    • You dropped the argument for now and directed Tom to set up her highchair and feed her breakfast.
      • He attempted to help Chloe feed herself but was met with a firm “No!”
      • She was going through her no phase so she wanted to do everything herself.
        • “Princess, let me help feed you!”
        • “No!”
        • “It’s easier if I help”
        • “No dada no!”
      • Her festive pumpkin baby mush was flung all across the counter and in her little curls.
        • “You should have fed her yourself.”
        • “She told me no!”
        • “You let yourself be bossed around by a baby Thomas, a baby.”
  • Tom grumbled profanities under his breath and took his little turkey upstairs to the bathroom.
  • He saw his mini, was also now up and decided to give them both ready.
  • The day was mostly spent with your two families lounging on the couch, watching movies and football while talking about what’s happening in their lives.
    • “When Y/N was little she smashed her hand in the middle of the pie. Everyone was annoyed but she was so cute we couldn’t get mad at her. She tried to offer some of the pie from her tiny hands.”
  • Tom didn’t have to do much entertaining for the kids because the uncles had taken care of that situation.
  • Chloe hung off Sam as if he was her best friend. 
    • He had a gentleness with her that she loved.
    • He would tickle her sides, give her little cheek kisses, or play with her curls.
  • She loved the twins together because they would play little games with her.
    • Got your nose was a real hit especially when the twins pretended to throw her nose back and forth, driving her crazy.
  • TJ liked spending time with his Uncle Paddy because Paddy still remembered what it was like to be that age.
    • He played Nerf with him, the two running around in the backyard shooting foam at each other.
    • Paddy went gentle on TJ, but the little boy was out for blood and aimed at the face 99% of the time.
  • TJ talked to Uncle Harry about superheroes a lot.
    • “Did you know my daddy is Spiderman?”
    • “What that’s crazy?”
    • “I know! I’m gonna be Spiderman too!”
    • “Do you protect the city with him?”
    • “No, he says I’m too little but he says when he’s gone I can protect Chloe and mama!”
    • “I’m sure you’re terrifying to bad guys.”
    • “Yeah, I am.”
  • Harrison was their cool godfather, but they saw him all the time so they didn’t fawn over him as much.
    • “Gaw-fader,” Chloe attempted to say.
  • The Uncles and the godfather teamed up to play a badass game of hide and seek.
    • Harrison picked up Chloe since the little one wasn’t the most talented in walking.
      • “Chlo, we’re gonna win because we’re the best and most attractive and you’re my goddaughter so that means you’re better than your uncles. I’m your favorite Chloe, remember that.”
      • “Can you stop rambling div and just count!” Harry shouts.
      • “Div! Div! Div!” TJ joins in.
      • “Harry, don’t teach him how to say div, Tom is gonna lose his shit!” Harrison shouted back.
      • “Shitty shit!” TJ laughed.
        • The two had to begin bribing TJ with toys to not repeat either of those things to his parents.
  • Eventually, the kids got tired out and went down for a nap allowing all the guys to have a “bonding” session
  • Harrison bought bourbon and cigars which the brothers and Harrison went onto the back porch to indulge in since you didn’t want the smell lingering around the kids.
  • Tom sighed out a plume of smoke looking out in his gorgeous backyard, thinking about how it was possible he had this life.
    • “Damn I’m lucky.”
    • “No need to rub it in,” Harry joked back.
    • Tom laughed taking another puff of his cigar. “Don’t be jealous you’ll have it soon enough.”
    • “Do you think you’ll have more kids?” Harrison asked.
    • “I want a whole football team, an army of Hollands.”
    • “Sounds like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nightmare,” Sam joked.
    • They all laughed.
    • “Can’t help that Holland’s are kickass, it’s in our genes.
  • A couple of hours later, you had the table set and prepared for the dinner.
  • You changed into a fitted purple dress with your hair flat iron.
    • Your ears sparkled with diamonds given to you as an anniversary present form your husband as well as the large rock gracing your left ring fingers.
  • TJ wore an adorable little black sweater while Chloe wore a dress similar to yours. His hair was slicked back like his father’s (because ever since he found out his daddy wore hair gel he had to have some himself) and her’s was accompanied with a lovely white bow.
  • Tom wore dark was jeans and a loose fitting sweater. He wore his normal chain around his neck and even had in his earring.
    • “Ah the pirate is back.”
    • “Oh don’t you start, you know you love the piercing.
    • “Mmm, I always had a thing for Captain Hook.”
    • “Seriously!?”
    • “No you idiot, but I do like the piercing it’s sort of cute.”
  • You put the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything was presentable before calling everyone in for dinner.
  • The whole crew stampeded in, making plates while you stood back and admired your work.
    • Tom came up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you in close.
    • He placed tiny kisses on your nose.
      • “You’re so talented, darling. Thank you for doing this.”
      • “Of course, babe. I love having everyone together.”
      • “Does this mean hosting Christmas is on the table!?”
      • “Oh boy.”


some translation (sorry for my english)
1. - *Viiy all in his thoughts*
 - *crackle*
2. - * CRUNCH*
4. - *sigh*
- God damn, f*cking creature.
5. - *DASH*
- *skraboom*
6. - *Zzing*
7. - *CRACK*
8.  - *Smash*
9. - Is that everything you can? Do you think that you won, eredar?
- I am draenei.
10.  - well, coward, came back? we need to teach you fighting. 
-  Snowdrift, stop eating me. I’m sorry, but we need to came back to Dalaran as soon as we can.

Women vs Men

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Word Count: 1,804

Warnings: this is fluffy comedy goodness

Request by @carriemichelle2012: Can you do a story where Sam and Dean and Cas all have a spell cast on them that turns them into women?

Summary: Dean and Sam are turned into women and you are loving every moment of it. You try and mess with them but you don’t know of the older Winchester’s feelings for you. 

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long to be out. If you want to be a Bean or a Queen, pop me an ask!

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You jumped awake, getting out of your bed, grabbing your gun before checking that it was loaded. You didn’t care who it was or what was going on but you needed to protect yourself. You rushed out in the hallway, the scream coming from Sam’s room. You rushed down the hall and to his room, busting in with your gun only to lower it.

You gasped and put your hand over your mouth at what you saw. Sam was staring into the mirror on his wall, turning to you in horror. Well, it was Sam, you knew it was Sam because this was his room and he walked into it last night but that’s not who was standing in front of you.

Another scream erupted from Dean’s room two hallways over and you sighed, leaving Sam’s room to rush over to Dean’s room. You busted in to find the same thing that happened to Sam, happened to Dean.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Dean yelled out, pushing past you to go to the bathroom. Sam jogged next to you and despite what happened to them, he was still tall. It was normal for women to be tall but this was Sam so of course he would be abnormal.

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sweetheartsandsweetdreams  asked:

Prompt: Bellarke roommates AU where Bellamy’s babysitting his nephew and dresses himself as rudolf/dresses his nephew as Santa and Clarke dies of emotions. Hopefully a best friends to lovers situation?

Bellamy: I know you have some class stuff to do but what if you blew it off and came and took pictures of me and Carter for Christmas cards

Clarke blinks at her phone, trying to make sense of the words on the screen. She’s been trying to edit her photo project for long enough that her brain feels like it’s starting to melt, but once she figures out what he’s asking, she has to smile. Octavia and Lincoln are out doing Christmas shopping, so Bellamy is watching his nephew. Clarke was sad to be missing out, but this needed to get done.

And now it mostly is, so she can definitely go home, take pictures of Bellamy and Carter, and relax for the rest of the day. It’s not the most academically sensible decision she’s ever made, but it does sound like a huge improvement over what she’s actually doing.

And Bellamy clearly needs backup.

Me: If I’m home in like half an hour is that soon enough, or do you need me to leave now?

Bellamy: Half an hour should be fine
I just want this documented

It’s a somewhat confusing statement, but Clarke doesn’t dwell on it as she finishes up and locks the lab behind her. She assumes that once she gets home and sees him, everything will become clear.

And it does, but not quite instantly, because she opens the door and there he is in the kitchen, wearing a lot of soft brown material with a red dot on his nose, and that’s just kind of a lot to take in. It’s hard to process what she’s seeing, let alone make sense of it.

When she spots the antler headband, though, it clicks.

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YUSSSS REQUESTS mod pasta. give me more of that villain!aizawa please. I have dreams about it and I need much more. Gives us some neat villain aizawa bdsm smut? let us see the dom in you, mod pasta.

I’ll fucking do this. Don’t care how long it took, but it’S DONE! You didn’t specify who was the top, soooooo I assumed Aizawa was. *Ignores the fact that I could have just asked you*

-Mod Pasta 🍜 🍝

“This just in, heroes have flooded the scene of a crime! There are three confirmed dead, all small, local pro heroes. No villains have been found as of now, and the work seems to be done by the same villain who did the other…” You sighed, shaking your head and turning away from the TV. They would never suspect your boyfriend to be the one enacting the large scale killings so quickly. Him and his group were made for speed and accuracy, each taking out only a couple of targets so that they could flee the scene quickly.

You hummed to yourself as you closed your laptop, pushing off of Shouta’s couch and then making your way to his kitchen. You knew he would be hungry after such a large escapade, and your had the time to do it from your stay-at-home job. Your cooking began to make the apartment smell heavenly, and when the front door opened, you heard a small moan of satisfaction erupt from your boyfriend.

“You spoil me,” His voice drifted from the hallway as he removed a few weapons from himself, and he entered the kitchen with just his clothes and scarf on. The usual small gadgets were gone, allowing him to approach you and slip his hands around your waist. You set your spoon down, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Welcome home, Shouta,” You took in his calm expression. In all reality, this expression was much more excited than usual; he almost always had bags under his eyes with slumped shoulders, but now he seemed much more awake.

“I don’t think that’s how you should refer to me tonight, (F/N),” He purred, catching you off guard. Your eyes widened; after all that killing, he was in the mood for sex? You swallowed, nodding and turning away from him as your cheeks lit up in a blush.

“Sorry, Sir,” You quickly corrected yourself, pulling back from his hands to stir the food you had made and add a little more of a certain spice. It likely didn’t need to be fixed, but this allowed you a little time to breathe. Shouta chuckled to himself, starting to walk off to remove his tattered clothes, but you found that your skirt had sustained some blood on it from his hands.

“I don’t care what I call you, but you better apologize for getting blood on my skirt!” You shouted, and you heard a muffled “shit” from the hallway as Shouta hid himself in the bathroom for a shower.


Dinner was nice, but the moment everything was cleaned and put away, Shouta, grabbed your wrist and caught your attention.

“Remove your clothes,” He ordered, and you furrowed your eyebrows as your heart skipped a beat. Right here?

“But-” You knew you shouldn’t have asked, but it was almost involuntary. His next action was one you entirely knew would happen.

His scarf burst into action, wrapping around your wrists and restraining you to the counter of the kitchen. You yelped, spewing apologies.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I’m sorry for questioning y-!”

“I thought I taught you not to question me, (F/N),” His voice edged on terrifying; he was a villain, after all, and he had perfected the voice of absolute dominance. It was low, rough, and held authority like you knew nothing of what would happen to you.

“I know, I’m sorry Sir,” You didn’t even attempt to pull away. Shouta stared into you with intensely red eyes for a few seconds before nodding. You felt the restraining bonds loosen, and you sighed in relief as he situated them on himself. Just seconds after being freed, you worked on removing your clothes, somehow thinking that you had to have some sort of timer. Shouta almost laughed at your scared movements.

“Good,” Hyped on adrenaline, you were almost frightened by his voice as you slipped your underwear off, feeling a little chilly now. Your head snapped up to see Shouta with his arms crossed, and you bit your bottom lip with the sense of disappointment radiating off of him, “But you can do better.”

“Yessir,” You wanted to ask what he meant, but questions always lead to punishment. You held your tongue, and he turned around and started to walk slowly to your shared room. You followed like a duck, hoping to redeem yourself somehow. Once he opened the door to the bedroom, he moved to the side to allow you in first. Once you took the bait with a short smile, you jolted as you felt familiar silk wrap around your eyes, and your vision was blocked by a blindfold.

“You’re lucky to be alive, (F/N), do you understand me?” He growled from much closer than you thought he was. The door locked, sending a jolt of excitement and fear down your back.

“Yessir, thank you for letting me live,” You simpered, and you allowed his hand to grab the small of your back and guide you. Instead of feeling something hit your legs, you felt his scarf wrap around your legs and pull you to the front of the bed. You stumbled, falling over and landing face-first on the sheets

“And now (F/N), you’re going to experience why dating a villain was a risky choice.”


You groaned, fingernails digging into the bedsheets, drool leaking from the side of your mouth as his dick thrust mercilessly in and out of you. Each time he pulled back, you winced from the roughness. His hips knew you like a book, though, and each movement was sending you into a daze as he hit you just right. The blindfold was much too well-knotted for you to ever get it off.

“Sometimes I like to think I’m playing with your life, (F/N),” He panted, and you felt his fingers ghost from your neck to the small of your back, the stroke like a phantom. You gasped, biting into the sheets as another orgasm clutched your body.

“Y-You’re insane, Sir,” You moaned, and his fingernails dug into your ass to grip it better. You whimpered from the pain, but you weren’t allowed to stop him.

“Only a bit,” He snickered, sighing and thrusting one last time into you. He held himself like this, coming into the condom for a few seconds before slowly pulling out of you, “now, I want you to tell me who you belong to, (F/N),” He demanded with venom, and you panted out a hasty response.

“You, Sir, I b-belong to you.”

“And what happens when your owner finds out that you went outside when they didn’t authorize it?” His voice caused your blood to run cold. How did he know?

“I-It was just the trash, Sir, it needed to be taken out,” He didn’t respond, causing you to feel fear since you couldn’t look back and see his expression, “I’m sorry, I should have left it by the door, I’m sor-”

“No, but you will be,” You grit your teeth, whimpering as you felt something with a point graze over your ass cheeks. It trailed to your asshole, and you squinted and relaxed yourself, knowing what was coming next, “but you will be.”

“Yessir,” You whined and cried out as he pushed the buttplug into you, the lubricant masking some of the pain. He stopped for no pleas or whimpers. You felt it sheath inside of you entirely, your knuckles turning white from how hard you held the sheets.

“But, since you’ve been so good to me today, you can beg for redemption,” You gasped when you felt his scarf slide around your neck. It began to tighten, and you spluttered out a response as your fingers shot to your neck to claw at the weapon.

“I’m so sorry for disobeying you, Sir, that was absolutely out of line. I’ll never do it again, I swear, please, S-Sir-” You gagged, your body spasming as you felt air become unable to enter your lungs. The pressure was that of a brick on your chest, “S-S-ir-”

“When I let go, I want to see you fondle yourself the entire time I’m fucking you. If you even think about stopping, I will choke you again,” He growled, and your leg restraints loosened for a second as he grabbed your waist and turned you over, effectively staining the bedsheets with the blood from his nails in your ass.

“Yessir,” You barely could choke, and you gasped in relief as his scarf released from your neck. You felt energy surge to your head, and your hands went quickly to your breasts. You cupped them, pinching your nipple and allowing him a show as you felt him grab you and pull you closer to him, causing your knees to part around his body. His tip pressed back into your entrance, and one of his hands went to your clit whilst the other to your hip.

“Where were we, again?”


Requested By Anonymous

Hello, little sister” You took a step forward taunting your sister. “Long time no see” Natasha was frozen in her step to scare to do anything. 

“Y/n its been awhile, what are you doing here” The building started to shake as you came closer. 

“I wanted to see my baby sister and I want to kill her” Natasha jumped out of the way as debris fell from the roof. You threw ricks towards her, her dodging every single one of the hits. 

“Why are you doing this”You threw another rock hitting her knee. 

“Because you made me this way. You left me there abandoned me and didn’t even look twice” 

“You know that’s not true” Your eyes flamed eyeing Natasha. You lifted another rock throwing it at her. You heard a whistle coming from behind you. You turned around seeing a man in a red suit. 

“Hi yoohoo yea I was having a very fun night downstairs but your constant throwing is not helping” You looked at him confused for a second. “The names Deadpool”

Request Are Open 

note: i’m so sorry it took me this long to finish drawing the pizza event prize drawing for nicolle. I decided to put the story together with the picture, to give context.

drawing by me.

story by @baaikha

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My Sincerest Apologies & Vote + Sneak Peek

So, as you can tell, I have been away for an obscenely long amount of time. To make up for that, I have a new imagine set to come out sometime tomorrow! It’s pretty long, so it should be a good read, and it is my first Bucky imagine! I am really proud of this one and I hope you all like it as much as I do.

Originally posted by 400facts

Also, I haven’t been getting the reactions I expected from the Peter Parker series that I had hoped for. Please let me know whether you want me to keep it going or put it on hold for now.

And finally, to make up for the time that I’ve been away, here is a sneak peek of the new imagine!

Atlas: Heart - Bucky Barnes

Bucky was always on the run. After Washington, nowhere was safe as long as he was in reach of HYDRA.

He took a plane to Munich, Germany, but didn’t stay there long, as the memories from the War were taunting him. Slowly but surely,he made his way to Bucharest, Romania, where he finally felt okay. Not safe, he was almost certain that he’d never feel safe again, but he felt okay, which was the best he would get after Hydra.

He found a small apartment in the city and laid low for as long as possible, only going out when he needed groceries, and occasionally he would take a stroll through the market, buying fresh plums and when he had a sweet tooth, some tarts.

He hadn’t truly taken in his surroundings in Bucharest. Sure, he’d walked the streets and gazed up at the architecture and visited the a few parks, but he didn’t know anyone.

Sometimes when he was in public he would pick up on names of others, but only by what the people with them called them. He knew the man that always sold him plums as Mr. Ciora.

His next-door neighbour was Mrs. Henderson, who was an elderly Englishwoman whose apartment always made the halls of the complex smell like cookies.

Other than that, there wasn’t really anyone else that he knew- not that he really knew them anyway.

It was a Wednesday morning when he finally made contact with someone besides the friendly smiles he sent to those who greeted him. He was headed out for his weekly trip to the market when he was shoved backwards by a large box, carried by two legs beneath them.

“Sorry!” The box chirped, lowering to the ground to reveal a woman’s face. She gave him a crooked grin as she made met his eyes.

Bucky felt lost for words. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at him and her skin practically glowed. His breath caught in his throat, and his heart began beating faster.

“It’s- uh, it’s okay,” he muttered, keeping his gaze low.

“I’m just moving in, I’m just upstairs.” She told him, motioning to the rather heavy looking box.

Bucky only nodded in response.

“I’ll just be on my way then,” she excused herself, no longer able to stand the awkward tension. She heaved the box into her arms and slowly struggled up a few steps.

He considered continuing on with his journey to the market, but there was something pulling him towards the woman.

“Wait,” he called after her. “Let me carry that for you.”

She turned and looked at him as he pulled the box from her grasp. “Oh, thank you!”

The walk up the stairs was silent until the two began up the second flight.

“I’m (Y/N), by the way.” She moved to shake his hand, only to pull back after she realized that his hands were full.

Bucky considered giving you a fake name, but he felt a connection towards you. He almost told you his nickname, the name he’d gone by for his whole life, but he wanted a fresh start. He made a quick decision.

“James,” he smiled.



Okay so this really was sooooo long ago and I apologize profoundly to @justletmeloveyouillegirl and @forexcapism that it took so long for me to so it. I swear I love to get tagged and do these, I just keep forgetting them… 😳 but thank you as always for thinking of me, it means a lot ❤

It’s supposed to me artsy and stuff. I don’t know, you tell me. But I like it I think.

I tag @stillgotmydignitae @artificialskyway @yeol-stole-my-soul @the-princejinyoung @soocouldbemyonlystar and @tiffanystherapeutics

Happy Birthday- Sanha

prompt-”hi~~ it’s my birthday today and I was wondering if you could do a fluffy cuddly boyfriend scenario with Sanha for me! Don’t worry about timing, I know you’re busy:) thank you sm! ❤️”

Yoon sanha 


a/n- im sorry this took so long but happy very very very very late birthday 






“Wake up!” Sanha’s voice was loud and obnoxious, something that was a blessing and a curse at eight am. 

“It’s your birthday you need to wake up!” He ripped the covers off of you, making you groan and curl up into a ball as the cold morning air hit your body. 

“Sanha, it’s so early and it’s my birthday, please let me sleep.” Your voice came out raspy as you tried to reason with the giant that was standing over you. 

“No can do, we have plans.” He pulled you up by your arms and slowly made sure you were standing by yourself before he pushed you towards your bedroom door. 

When you walked into your family living room balloons and presents littered the area. You let out a laugh as you saw the rest of Astro and your family members with party hats on , looking just upset as you that they were up at eight am on a weekend. 

Sanha pushed you down between your mom and MJ and then placed a plate of waffles with a candle in front of you. He slowly started clapping his hands, encouraging the others to join, and soon enough he was screaming the happy birthday song while the others groaned along. When the song was over he stared intently at you until you blew out the candles. 

When you blew out the candles you dug into your food, as did everyone else, who you failed to notice even had food. Soon enough you were opening gifts, Sanha’s last, which he insisted. 

When you opened the gift you let out a small gasp. He had gotten you a beautiful necklace that was in the shape of a circle, tiny diamonds outlined it, and his name was written in cursive on the back. You smiled so wide you swore you cheeks would crack, but you didn’t care. Your obnoxious boyfriend always knew when to be sweet, and that’s what you loved most about him. 

When every one left the room to clean and take their dishes to the sink, Sanha came up to you and took the necklace from your hands. He gently turned you by your shoulder and moved your hair to one side. His fingers brushed against the nape of your neck and he snapped the necklace together. When he was done he turned you back to him and smiled down at you. 

“There, now you’ll always have me with you.” You laughed a little, he knew how much you missed him when he was gone. You pulled him down a little by his shoulders and gently kissed his cheek, you saw the blush rush across his face and you laughed. 

“Thank you Sanha, now I’ll always have you with me.”

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Ah don't worry, me'n the Haunter are cool. Well, I'm cool with him. He's still psychotic. I might have got a little bit mutilated, slightly crucified and somewhat flayed, but I got better. One of the perks of being really, REALLY good at biomantic shape-shifting is being able to turn off your nerves and grow back lost skin. And lost tongues. Anyway, I'm down for a threesome if you are, the problem is getting HIM to agree. Until then, I'm off shopping for something sexy and yellow. Thanks!!!

“Oh anon, tell me about it.” Fuuko fans herself. “Do you know how long it took me to get him to calm down and make love, not war?” 

“Wait you don’t want me to answer that.” she pauses. “Also thankfully I’m good friends with the Apothecaries.”

“I did tell him one time I was trying to seduce him in my black, fuzzy, furry teddy…damn did that thing itch...I’m here to get laid, not flayed!” she laughs hysterically before taking another swig. “Surprisingly that worked. He may have been having a seizure fit at the time too. I can’t always tell.”

“Good luck with getting to Rogal.” she smiles as she pops an olive into her mouth. “You may have to have a laspistol duel with Celina before you can jump her husband, but I suspect that may be part of their foreplay. They’re kinkier than they might admit. Also, she has toys that you may want to use. Don’t ask me how I know.”

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Sorry if this is a weird question...but how do you write your pieces? Like, how do you plan them out? I love your writing! <3

Not a weird question at all. Thank you for asking~!

I start by thinking about the scenario for what’s usually between 30 minutes and an hour. Although it’s sometimes less depending on how inspired I am/how comfortable I am with the character’s I’m working with. I look at the characters and the ways that I believe they would behave and react in the scenario that’s been given to me.

Then I move on to putting everything into a sort of list. Every piece of dialogue, every action, every little scene change. All of it goes into the list in the order I think it should happen. This is a very brief list that gives me the outline of the plot.

Once this is done I go back and flesh everything out. Every little point I made gets sentences added to and around it. Some get combined together. Others get moved around or removed completely.

In case none of that makes sense, here’s a visual example of what I mean. I’m going to put it under a cut for two reasons. 1. the images have made this super long. 2. it’s a warning for soft nsfw themes within the images.

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DROP THE MAMBO (ft. Lance)  ► animation meme ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

mambo was created in cuba
lance is cuban
and his hips never lie

Here, have a thing


Magnus Bane + tossing things around

Les Chevaliers…