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↳ Cowboy Bebop|Favorite Episodes|Brain Scratch 

↳ “Tell me, why do you think people believe in God? Because they want to. It’s not easy living in such an ugly and corrupt world. There is no certainty and nothing to hope for. People are lost, so they reach out, don’t you get it? 

God didn’t create humans, no it’s humans that created God.

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❝  the  Many  Faced  God  can  have  the  rest,  but  he  can’t  have  this.  ❞

❝  where  there  is  a  way  in,  there  is  a  way  out.  and  fear  cuts  deeper  than  swords. .❞

❝  you  should  have  saved  my  Mother.  ❞

❝  she wanted to hit them. she wanted to hurt them. she wanted to cry.  ❞    she  does  none  of  those  &  instead  gives water  to  dying  assholes.  water  /  mercy  is  a  huge  theme.

❝  that  was  the  best  part;  the  dreaming.  ❞   /    ❝  had  she  only  dreamed  Arya  Stark?  ❞

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papyrus is searching desperately everywhere for his orange tabby cat pasta... just as he begins to fear he's lost his pet forever, he realizes she's been balancing on his head the whole time

pasta’s been meowing incessantly the whole time but it just confused pap more

omfg I hate that it took so long for me to get to this- I wasn’t supposed to do anything today but things def happened and now I have flapper hair and am very blonde wow


Mark would be shocked when, in the middle of a conversation you two were having, a GOT7 song started blaring. He would look around the area where you were to try and find the source of the music, but when he saw you scrambling for your phone, his heart would start racing. He’d watch as you took your call with a small smile on his face and when you hung up, he’d teasingly remark on how much you obviously loved his music he’s dying inside help him


Jaebum would chuckle when he realized you had one of his songs as your ringtone, a little smirk etching across his face. When you finished your call, he’d definitely tease you about your perfect music taste. He wouldn’t let the conversation stray far from it and would constantly bring it up again just to rub it in lmfao. He’d be very smiley and happy for the rest of the day and it’d be very cute jaebum is ruining me help


Jackson would be shocked and very happy that you, his crush, had a GOT7 song as a ringtone, but if he didn’t hear his voice in the music, he’d try to make you change it to a different song little shit because obviously, he should be your favorite member. “Aren’t I your favorite member? Why would you want to listen to Yugyeom every time you got a call? You should want to listen to me.” 


I have a theory that Jinyoung is really, really reserved around the person he likes, so when he heard your GOT7 ringtone, he’d freeze. His heart would start racing because omg if you like his music do you like him too?? His eyes would shoot to you and he’d be shook for a second or two before smiling. I think this would encourage him to talk to you more, and he’d probably tease you a little. 


Youngjae is usually so shy and awkward around you that he finds it hard to talk to you, but when he realized that a GOT7 song was your ringtone, he’d try to start up a conversation about that. He’d smile a lot more and ask what your favorite GOT7 songs were and which concept was your favorite. He’d probably blurt out at one point that he felt so happy you liked his group enough to have them as a ringtone and then would blush and awh youngjae 


Oh my god. BamBam thinks he’s slick so he’d start to give an impromptu performance of the song when your phone rang, continuing even after you shut the phone off or took the call. He’d try to act really sexy to impress you but it would inevitably fail and be very dorky. He’d definitely tease you for YEARS about this, ok. I think he’d be a lot like Jackson, too, and assume he was your favorite member and recommend you change the song if you couldn’t hear his voice. 


Yugyeom would also give an impromptu performance of the song, but through dance. He’s usually really shy around you, so he feels like he doesn’t get the chance to impress you, but hey it’s a golden opportunity and he might as well take it. If you started dating later, he’d tease you, but for now he’s too shy so he just blushes and smiles and says he didn’t know you listened to his music, what’s your favorite song? Whichever song you said would instantly become his favorite song to perform and he’d be all smiles while on stage 

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I have a friend and she won't take up my recommendation of watching Criminal Minds because she doesn't trust me or my taste because I'm rather weird, do you think you could respond to this convincing her that Criminal Minds is definitely worth watching? Also you are probably my favourite blog on tumblr and I love everything you do and say 💕


Dear (insert friends name here), I believe that you should start watching the riveting show Criminal Minds based on its ability to capture an audience through its storylines. For example, recently in season 12, the Spencer Reid (I will get into characters later) storyline consisted of amazing plots in that one given storyline. As well as that, Criminal Minds has a vast audience and to cater to their needs I believe that the relationships between the characters are vital to the success of the show. I guarantee once I explain the characters in detail you will completely fall in love with every single one.

Aaron Hotchner: Or more commonly known as ‘Hotch’ was the esteemed Unit Chief of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) for over a decade, before he had to step down in 2016. He is also a father to a boy named Jack. His story is definitely heartbreaking. His wife was targeted by a serial killer that tortured him for several weeks before… well, I’ll let you watch that for yourself. He can seem cold at times but I assure you, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his team.

Derek Morgan: Frankly he is one of the best agents the BAU has ever had. If he wasn’t kicking down doors he was slamming his hand on a desk whilst interrogating an UnSub (Unknown Subject). He fights for what he wants and usually succeeds. His relationship with a gorgeous blonde named Penelope Garcia is probably one of the best dynamics in a show you’ll ever see and I’m not just saying that from bias. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, once you get to know him, he’s a sweetheart.

Spencer Reid: Personally one of my favourite characters in the show. He is a doctor, who has bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology, PhD’s in Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry. He’s arguably a genius, with an iQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute. Honestly, when you start watching in season one you may not consider him attractive (I don’t know how you couldn’t?) but when it hits around season 4 or season 5. You’re about to witness God’s work, my friend. He possibly is the most all rounded person, his friendships with everyone are just amazing and so special.

Penelope Garcia: She is known as the technical analyst for the BAU. She may not be the one to catch the bad guys in action but without her, the team would never find the UnSubs. She’s a very important member of the team and CANNOT be replaced. She’s probably the sweetest, kindest soul you will ever meet. She’s  different to the rest of the team in that she gets incredibly upset by the cases they deal with and so to cope she wears bright clothes and decorates her office with soothing ornaments just to remind her of everything good in the world. Derek Morgan, as mentioned above, is her best friend in the whole world and their relationship with each other is excruciatingly beautiful. She cares for everyone on the team and is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet.

Jennifer Jareau: Or more commonly known as ‘JJ’. She’s a gorgeous blonde who’s probably the kindest person you’ll ever meet. But, when you peel off that kind persona, you reveal a seriously badass agent. Honestly, when her family or team is put in jeopardy, she seriously changes in a way that’s so admirable that you can’t not like her. She’s such an integral part of the team and she’s worked her ass off to get where she is. She’s gone from being a communications liaison to a talented SSA (Supervisory Special Agent).

Elle Greenaway: You’ll first meet her in season one, and honestly, she’s probably one of the most confident women you will ever encounter. Yes, she goes through a lot of trauma and some heartache but, she’s one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She honestly deserved so much better, and you’ll see why later on in the show.

Emily Prentiss: This wonderful agent joins the team mid-way through season 2, and she demonstrated how talented she is quite early on and she such an asset to the team. She has had quite the life. Honestly, once you find out about her background you’ll absolutely fall in love with her. She’s one of the most caring people and would protect her team at all costs, shown in season 6. She recently took over from Hotch as the new unit chief and I honestly can’t think of someone more right for that position. She’s been through so much, yet she manages to bring happiness everywhere she goes.  

David Rossi: He originally was supposed to be retired, but he decided to come back to the Bureau which enabled him to solve a 20-year-old case that he was being taunted by. He can seem controlling at the beginning but truly, once you see him interact with the team in the coming seasons he will feel like such a father figure to the team. He rarely shows emotion but when he does its heart breaking, he becomes this beacon of light in everything dark and he’s one of the best agents the BAU has ever seen.

Alex Blake: This angel, joined in season 8 after Emily Prentiss departs for reasons I will let you find out on your own. I believe her character development is an important part of her personality. She begins to become close with every single member of the team, especially Spencer Reid. We see her shine through as a mother figure throughout the two seasons she’s on the show. She has this quality about her that makes her so likeable. She is a pure example of how much the team cares for each other, even if they haven’t been on the team for that long.

Kate Calahan: She has been through a lot. She lost her sister in 9/11 and she took in her sister’s daughter as her own. If this doesn’t show you how kind of a person she is, I don’t know what will. She has been through so many struggles and yet she brings this incredible sense of humour that almost masks the dark acts that these people experience on a daily basis. You see first hand her develop on the show and it’s a beautiful experience. You watch her grow as a person, dealing with traumatic things in her past that she reveals in the beginning of season 10. She has this energy that makes you want to smile all the time which is something incredibly rare.

Luke Alvez: A new addition to the team could not have been better introduced or portrayed. His relationships with everyone are so clearly shown and developed in such a way that it makes you feel like he’s been on the team forever. He’s a member of their family already. We get an insight into his life and his past which is something so interesting. We see him as a normal person with a dog who goes running, and it almost makes you forget about the horror he probably dealt with whilst serving in Iraq. He’s one of the funniest human beings, literally his interactions with Penelope Garcia honestly what make season 12 amazing.

Stephen Walker: Moving on to this wonderful man. Not only is his voice deep and it soothes every ounce of my being but he is so intriguing. We see him as a family man, someone who values and cherishes the time with his wife and children. This is what makes him one of the greatest people. He is definitely underrated, but I honestly don’t know how. He is one of the most caring people you could ever meet. He’d only known the team for a short period of time and he was already willing to give up anything to protect them. He considers them his family. That’s what you call noble.

In conclusion, I know I’ve left out masses of information on these characters but I honestly want you to watch for yourself and see the dynamics unfold with your own eyes. It’s incredibly powerful first hand. If this isn’t enough to get you to start watching the show, I don’t know what is. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

A Prank Gone Wrong, Pt. 2

Summary: Reader and Grayson are determined to get the actress who helped them prank Reader - Rachel - to stop texting Grayson. How will they do it? I suck at summaries.

Warnings: Uh. You got me. If you find anything worth being warned about, let me know.

A/N: PART TWO IS FINALLY HERE! Sorry it took me so long - I had a random hospital stay last night and this has been a bitch to edit. I also couldn’t think of a good non-malicious prank so this is the best I could do. Don’t hate me for not being meaner. Requested by @clubgoingupwiththedolans ♡ Hope you like it!

It had been a little over a month since Grayson and Ethan had pulled their little “prank” on me. Needless to say, Ethan was still sore from the beating I gave him after the whole event. I had to put him in a half-nelson just to get him to promise never to pull that stupid a prank on me ever again.

Grayson felt ridiculously guilty for the first week. He practically wouldn’t let me lift a finger to do anything and while it was nice at first, it got old fast.

“Grayson, you literally cannot do this for me.”
“Baby, I can do everything for you.”
“Really? You can pee for me?”
“Well…no, but I can carry you there!”

But as the weeks wore on, things weren’t getting back to normal like I thought they would. Grayson was jumpy around me, and he looked mildly uncomfortable, almost as if he was hiding something from me. I knew now that Gray would never cheat on me, but something still wasn’t right.

We were eating pizza when it finally came out.

It had been a long day for both of us. The boys had been shooting videos all week and doing some pretty athletic stuff - skateboarding, flips, and more - and they were both exhausted. I’d worked about 65 hours that week to keep myself busy and wound up working myself ragged.

Grayson and I were sitting at the small granite slab between the living room and the kitchen, sharing pizza. He fidgeted with his paper plate as he tried to eat and I watched him carefully until he finally spoke.

“(Y/N), I have to tell you something, but you have to promise not to freak out.” I froze, pizza halfway into my wide-open mouth.

‘Okay…” I said, putting it back down on my plate, sounding and looking apprehensive. Grayson took a deep breath and braced himself against the kitchen counter.

“So, you know that girl that we hired to help us prank you?” I cocked an eyebrow and my eyes widened a little. This was going exactly where I didn’t want it to go.

“Yes…Rachel, right? What about her?” I asked, trying to keep my cool. Gray rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and sighed, handing me his phone.

“She’s been texting me, non-stop, for weeks now. She keeps sending me all these dirty messages and keeps asking me to actually cheat on you with her and I don’t know how to handle it.” I read through the texts, feeling the heat rising up my neck, over my ears and to the top of my head. “I thought if I’d just ignore her, she’d stop but she hasn’t…”

I looked up from the phone and at my guilt-ridden boyfriend. Was I angry at her? Sure. Who wouldn’t be? But seeing how distraught Gray was about it immediately made me want to comfort him. I reached out for his hand, putting his phone aside. My expression must’ve looked different than I thought it did, because he became frantic as he grabbed back at my hands.

“But I always put her off and told her no, (Y/N), I swear!” I got off my barstool and walked to him and he pulled me into his chest tightly. I hugged him just as fiercely, scratching his back.

“I know, bup. I trust you.” I felt him let out a heavy sigh of relief and his grip on me loosened a little. He ran his fingers through my hair as I tried to think of a solution. Not only was this girl screwing with my life, but she was upsetting my Grayson, and I couldn’t have that.

The next morning, I had to be at work pretty early, so I put a note for Grayson on the bedside table and left quietly. I was the first one to the coffee shop and tied my hair up as I unlocked the doors at 5:30. As soon as I went back behind the counter, there was a person at my register.

“Morning, what can I-”

I stopped in my tracks when I turned to look at Rachel. This girl who had been harassing my boyfriend for over a month now was standing in my coffee shop. The two of us stared at each other for a minute, her smirking, me…not so much.

“What’re you doing here?” I finally asked, crossing my arms over my chest. She was wearing a very expensive yoga outfit and had on even more expensive Nikes. Her long blonde hair was tied up into a curly, fluffy, bouncy ponytail and it looked like she wasn’t wearing makeup. I knew better.

“I can’t get a cup of coffee?” She taunted me. I raised an eyebrow.

“At 5:30 in the morning? In my coffee shop?” I asked, unimpressed. Rachel shrugged one shoulder as she looked around.

“It’s near my yoga studio. Listen, I gotta tell you, Grayson’s not interested in you anymore. He’s been texting me for like, a month now.” She said, lazily picking up a packet of sugar and flicking it with her finger.

I gave her the most bored expression I could muster. I wasn’t bored, after all. I wanted to punch her. But there were cameras everywhere and her broken nose wouldn’t be worth it, even if she had to pay another two grand to get it repaired.

“Really? Is that so? Because he told me last night in our apartment that we share that you’ve been harassing him. Coupled with following his girlfriend to work, I’d call that stalking what do you think?” She frowned, putting both her hands on the surface.

“Listen, sweetie,” she started, anger flaring. I smiled, knowing how I’d irked her. “Grayson is mine for the taking and theres is no way someone like you is going to stop me, so I’d say my goodbyes now before he turns and runs straight into my arms.”

I mirrored her shrug.

“I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen, princess, but you keep trying, m’kay?”

I came home from work that day livid, furious, ready to punch a hole through a wall. I called Grayson as soon as I saw he wasn’t at the apartment.

“Hey babe, how was work?” He was obviously feeling better now that I knew about what she was doing.

“Rachel showed up at the coffee shop when I opened this morning,” I answered, sitting down at the marble countertop on a barstool.

“You’re kidding. Please tell me you’re kidding,” he sounded a little panicked.

“I wish. Listen, Gray, what she’s doing is borderline illegal. We should get a restraining order or something.” There was a moment of silence. “Gray?”

“I think I have a better idea…”

I went down to the warehouse as Grayson requested, rushing, as he also requested. When I got there, Ethan was on a ladder, rigging a new camera fixture on the wall and Grayson was spotting him in case he fell.

“Guys?” I called, announcing myself, not wanting to startle either of them. “Babe? I’m here. What’s with the hurry.” Grayson smiled excitedly at me and looked up at Ethan, who waved him off, reading his mind.

“What’s so important that I couldn’t even take a shower?” I asked through a chuckle. He beamed at me, very clearly proud of herself.

“We’re gonna prank Rachel.” My eyebrows went up.

“Oh? What’s the plan? Nothing malicious, I hope.” Grayson shook his head.

“No, no, no. Just silly string and some eggs and maybe some slime? We haven’t finished figuring it out yet. We just have to figure out how to get her down here.”

“Well that’s the easy part, isn’t it? Call her, tell her you broke up with me, you’re desperate to see her, and she comes running.” The twins looked at each other, nodding in agreement. “Although…”

“What?” Grayson asked, now frowning.

“Silly string? Eggs? Come on, babe. What are we? 9-years-old? I think we can do better than that.” Grayson put his hands in his pockets and sighed.

“Well, I’m open to suggestions.”

A devilish grin crept over my face.

“I think I’ve got it…”

Three days later, when all the cameras were in place, Grayson called Rachel. It took a lot of prep work for him to make that call. He kept stuttering when we practiced, and kept calling me by my name, instead of hers.

“Babe, as thrilled as I am that you can’t get me out of your head, we need this to be believable,” I said, a weak smile on my face as I gently reached out to touch his face. My fingertips grazed his cheek lightly and he leaned into my touch.

“I know, (Y/N). I just love you,” he whispered back to me, pulling me into a sweet, tender kiss before he tried again.


“Well, we’ve been at it for an hour already. If you’re not getting it now, you’re just not gettin’ it. Better call her, Gray.”

Ethan urged his twin as he stared nervously at his cell phone. He gulped a breath down before looking up at the two of us. I smiled encouragingly at him, but knew I wouldn’t be able to listen to him talk to her the way he talks to me.

“I’m gonna go grab us all some water, okay? Call her.”

I left the room as she answered the call.

“Rachel? Yeah it’s Grayson…”

Most of the lights in the warehouse were off and Ethan and I were sitting in the foam pit waiting for Grayson to finish setting the last camera up.

“Hey Ethan, can I ask you something?” He looked back at me and nodded, brow furrowed.

“Of course. What’s up?” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

“You don’t think this girl could ever actually…” I faltered. Ethan put both hands on my shoulders as my throat ached from the lump forming.

“No, (Y/N), I don’t. My brother loves you more than anything in the universe. He loves you more than he loves me, and I don’t mean to be cocky, but that’s saying something.” My eyes widened. Grayson had never said anything like that, but he had bailed on Ethan quite a lot to be with me in our relationship.

“You’ve become a huge part of both our lives. He would never leave you for some girl that’s just sex on legs.” I rolled my eyes and gave Ethan a faint smile. He chuckled and corrected himself. “You know what I mean. You’re more than that, and that’s what he loves about you. This girl may be sexy but you’re sexy plus everything else.”

Ethan tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and hugged me. I closed my eyes as I relaxed a little in his grip, my mind calming a little as I wrapped my arms around him.

Grayson jogged over to the foam pit and smiled at us.


“Hello? Grayson?”

A familiar, unpleasant voice rang through the warehouse, the echoes bouncing off the walls. I had to contain an angry growl just at the sensation of her presence. A comforting hand on my shoulder and a warm smile reminded me that I had to be quiet.

He hopped down from the foam pit and stood in front of it.

“Over here,” his voice called. They were in perfect view of the camera as she strutted over. I could hear the smugness in her voice.

“You finally ditched that pathetic little field mouse?” Her hands were on him before he could even react. I had to close my eyes to keep from seeing red.

“I guess…” he said quietly, his voice was deep and enticing. I couldn’t do anything to block out their conversation and it ate at me. I reminded myself to do all manner of unspeakably filthy things to Grayson as soon as we got home.

“Good. She wasn’t worth it, Grayson. She never could’ve handled you the way I can,” she hardly had to try to sound sultry. I felt a twinge of envy. She was beautiful and I was jealous but I held strong.

“You think so?” Grayson responded. He reached out and held her hips, pulling him close to her. She giggled, delighted.

“I do,” she cooed, pulling him down to her and catching his lips with hers. I gagged, along with Ethan and Grayson as the three of us popped up from the foam pit, remotely turning on the lights.

Rachel jumped when she heard us all making disgusted sounds and looked up to see the actual Grayson with his arm slung around my shoulders.

“Hi, Rachel!” I said, a wide grin plastered on my face. “Meet our friend Eric. He looks a lot like the twins, doesn’t he?”

The guy we hired to play Grayson waved at her with an awkward smile. He did look like the twins, just not quite the same.

“Oh, by the way, Rach,” Ethan began as he climbed out of the foam pit, landing on his feet. He pointed at the cameras in every corner of the room. “Say hi. We’re streaming live.” Her jaw dropped open and her eyes looked like they might fall out of her head.

“This isn’t fair!” She stamped her foot like a child and the three of us looked at each other. We knew we shouldn’t, but we couldn’t resist. We started stamping our feet and mimicking her, mocking her voice. She made a frustrated, high-pitched noise that only dogs and whales were capable of hearing and stormed back toward the door.

Grayson and I stood in front of a camera and Ethan and Eric got another.

“Well, that does it for our first live-stream,” Ethan said, putting his arm around Eric’s neck. “Thanks for helping us out, buddy.” He shrugged.

“Hey, no problem. It was my pleasure.”

“Might’ve been hers too, huh?” Ethan grinned and he and Eric devolved into wrestling as Grayson and I finished the outro.

“Thanks for all your support recently, you guys. (Y/N) and I are stronger than ever and nothing will ever tear us apart.” Grayson put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him, kissing the top of my head as I spoke.

“Yeah, and anyone who tries is not gonna be happy when I get to them,” I joked.

“ETHAN!” Grayson yelled, trying to get his twin’s attention. He tried a few more times before he dove into the wrestling match himself. I rolled my eyes and picked up the remote for all the cameras.

“Thanks for joining me you guys. Couldn’t have done any of this without you.”

PLL showing what matters

This was sweet…

S: “Oh no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes… Congratulations.”
C: “Thanks”

So was this…

M: Goodbye spencer.
S: Goodbye.
S: Be careful.
M: I will, you too.

Do you know how many people loved this moment?

E: “Ali, look it took me so long to finally get here with you. Okay I didn’t come all that way to lose everything now… I promise you, I won’t let them hurt you.”

Something the powers that be in TV land need to understand, sometimes the most memorable times are when we see our characters show what it’s like to be real. Whether it be friends, family or lovers, when you can portray that moment, we will eat it up and probably turn it into a million different montages.



but here you go, better late than never ;-;

my Q&A video, as promissed. 

And if you guys like it, let me know! I would love to do the goth on a budget video because I have all these packages here lying around for the video, that I haven’t opened yet and the temptation of opening them up is getting real atm.

youtube channel: HERE

Lock Screen - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can you do an imagine where justin is meeting fans and they see that y/n is his lock screen and he’s all cute talking about her

Warnings: none

A/N: sorry i took so long

Justin Bieber POV

I was going for a jog in the park in my town when I heard someone scream my name. My instincts told me not to turn around and pretend that I didn’t hear that but, I’d look like an ass for not seeing who it was. I took an ear bud out and turned around, looking for who called me.

“Oh my gosh it is him! Justin, we love you! Can we get a picture? Please?”

As bad as I wanted to say no, it was the least I could do. People already hated me as is and I didn’t need anymore death threats in my mentions. “Sure,” i responded half-heartedly, walking over to where they stood. They took their phones out and began snapping away. One girl decided to go live on Instagram and shoved her phone in my face.

“You all will not believe who I ran into!!! Justin freaking Bieber! I love you Justin!”

“Love you too,” i replied, slightly annoyed with the fact she had her phone shoved in my face. I didn’t mind taking pictures with fans but, the moment they shove their phones in my face, I get annoyed. Pretty soon, a whole group of people came over to where I was, wanting to get a picture.

“Guys, guys! I’d love to take pictures with all of you, but I would really appreciate if you respect my personal space and stop shoving your phones in my face!” I sad aloud, getting everyone’s attention which caused them to pipe down. “I don’t just want to take pictures so why don’t we go and sit down and talk? Wouldn’t that be better?”

The group of people agreed and moved over to where there was more space and sat down. Everyone gave me the little space I needed and I got comfortable with them as if they were my best friends. 

“I know you guys have lots of questions because I’ve been touring this entire year so, raise your hands if you’ve been to any of the shows.” I watched as almost ¾ of the group put their hands up. “Alright, now any questions? And one by on please.”

I saw a girl in front of me raise her hand so I decided to answer her question first.

“Okay wow h-holy cow. I’m so nervous.” She said. I smiled at her making her feel a little better. “All I really wanted to say is that I love you so much and I was wondering when you’ll stop paying me dust on Instagram.”

Her comment caused the group to erupt out in laughter. I chuckled to myself, shaking my head. “I don’t pay anyone dust. What the hell does that even mean?”

The girl continued, “Like when you ignore someone, that’s when you’re paying them dust.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” 

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(A/N: we all needed that gif, okay. anyways, back to the imagine..)

The questions cam rolling in, one after the other and it was starting to get a little dark out. “Okay guys, it’s getting late and I don’t want your parents to think I’m holding you guys hostage so, I have time for one last question.” Hands shot up and as much as I wanted to answer every question, I had no time to do so. “How about the girl all the way in the back with the hot pink sweater. What’s your question sweetheart?”

“Who’s your lockscreen bro?” She yelled all the way from the back. “Don’t lie to us Bieber!”

My cheeks turned red and I began laughing to myself. “Well it’s actually funny you ask,” I began taking my phone out of my pocket. “I actually just changed it yesterday. It’s a picture of {Y/N}.” I turned the screen on for everyone who was close enough to see. 

I heard some awe’s and how cute’s being said amongst the group. 

“I miss her, everyday but, my lockscreen makes me feel a little better. She’s so cute right? She actually didn’t want me to take this picture but, I still did. Shh, don’t tell her I made this picture the lockscreen or she’ll kill me. I know you guys have some next level editing skills, better than mine, so someone edit my phone and make it seem like a different picture is the lockscreen.” 

“That’s all the time I have today so maybe tomorrow I’ll come back for a part two. You guys were so lovely and beautiful today. I love you guys!” I got up from where I sat and began walking back to where the car was parked. I uncloked it and hopped in and I was caught off guard when I saw {Y/N} sitting in the passengers seat.

“Holy — when did you get here?” I questioned, clutching at my heart that was beating faster than ever.

“Don’t know. Care to explain this Mr. Bieber?” She continued, showing me a video on her phone from me and some fans a few moments ago. 

“Uh, that was photo shopped.” I lied, turning my head away from her phone. “It’s fake {Y/N}. That’s someone who’s acting like me.”

“Oh really? Then why do they have the same exact pop socket as you? Not only that, but the same iPhone and tattoos and outfit?!” She raised her voice at the end of the sentence.

“Someone’s stealing my identity! I swear, that’s not me!”

“Justin, I was literally at the meet and greet you just had! I just disguised myself.”

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“Oh.. well.. you got me there.” I wagged my finger at {Y/N}. “You’re a smart gal babe, that’s how I knew you were the one for me.”

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Hi Im a Big fan!! Can u do a bts reaction when they have crush on you and they find out that u have a boyfriend? Thank u😘

Hello, Anon! Thanks for your request! Sorry it took so long! (5/100) 

                                          *DISCLAIMER: REQUEST BOX IS NOW CLOSED


“That’s him? Eh. At least, I’m still better looking. She’ll come around.” 


“That’s fine. She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.” *fabulous hair flip* 


*thinking* “Is this pose sexy enough? Is she looking? Look, (Y/N)! Look at me!” 


“What’s so great about her, anyways? Just cause she got them legs and that hair and that a–” *can’t stop checking you out but denies his feelings*


*mopes through his broken smile* “I’m fine, guys.. really..”


*has no boundaries and shamelessly hits on you without even trying*


*thinking* “How can i make them break up? I mean, what’s so great about her boyfriend?” 

Good Boy, Stevie // Steve Rogers x Reader P2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, 
Word Count: 2.7k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut, Sub!Steve, Dominant Reader, spanking, domination
Summary: Steve finally gets to experience giving up control.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long but I’m not sorry you got a cool Sam Series out of me while you waited. The next chapters are going to be shorter to take some of the stress and pressure off of me. Thanks for sticking around!!

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Previously on Good boy, Stevie // Part 3 

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Omg!! Please!! Use all the voltron characters and 28 from that prompt thingy!

28: “ I thought we were family!”

Sorry this took so long! 

I hope you like it! 

Lance stared at the boy standing in front of him wide eyed. He couldn’t wrap his head around what he just heard. “What do you mean you’re leaving?” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper. 

He wasn’t sure if he was talking quietly because he was unsure what he heard or the fact he thought if he was loud he would scare the raven hair boy away. 

“I’m sorry Lance I know you’re probably upset with me but I have to do this.” Keith stared at the boy who was sitting on the couch in disbelief. He shifted uncomfortably as he watched the tan boy process what he just told everyone. 

It was just after dinner and Keith knew he had to tell his team his plans tonight or else he may never leave. 

Shiro shook his head and placed his human hand on Keith’s shoulder. “Keith…why do you want to leave? We’re a team.” Shiro sounded broken and confused, no one expected that Keith out of all people (after the trouble he gave Pidge) would want to leave the team. 

Keith squeezed his eyes shut and push Shiro’s arm off his shoulder. “I know, but I need to go with the blade. I need to learn about my mother and why what happened, well happened.” 

“Keith, do you really need to leave for that? Can’t you just ask the members that are already here?” Hunk gave the Red paladin a sad look, he wanted to find a solution so Keith didn’t leave. 

Keith shook his head no, then Pidge stood from her spot on the couch. “You told me I couldn’t leave when I wanted to. Why do you think you can just leave? Are you entitled to something that we’re not?” 

“Pidge, enough.” Allura cut the younger paladin off and face Keith, her eyes filled with sympathy. “Do you really feel like this is necessary Keith?”

Keith gave Allura a hesitant nod. If Keith was being 100% honest he didn’t even know if what he was doing was the right thing to do, but he needed answers and he wasn’t getting any being tied down with Voltron. 

Everyone was silent, they knew they couldn’t change Keith’s mind and Coran handed Keith a small device. “It’s a beacon. If you find yourself in trouble, activate this and we can come and save you. I wish you luck in your travels.” 

Everyone was shocked by how quickly Coran accepted Keith’s decision and soon everyone was mumbling goodbye to their friend. First it was Allura, then Hunk, then Pidge and Shiro.

He was the hardest to watch say goodbye to Keith. Shiro didn’t cry but everyone could tell he was fighting back tears and the urge to tell Keith that he needed to stay. After all you can’t have a productive team when people are forced to be a part of it. 

After hugging Shiro for a few minutes Keith turned to Lance, who was still sitting on the couch, his eyes drilling holes in the floor. 

Keith took a hesitant step towards the boy, he slowly reached his hand down and touched his shoulder. “Lance?” 

“Don’t touch me.” Lance slapped Keith’s hand away, stood from the couch and started walking towards the door. 

Keith stared at his hand and quickly turned toward the boy that was walking away from him. “This is your goodbye for me? You want me to remember this when I leave?” Keith attempted to keep anger out of his voice, but he was hurt. Even after all of their bonding moments and training Lance was just going to walk away from him. 

Lance stopped where he was walking and stood still as a statue. Nobody moved and Lance kept his head cast down. “I thought we we’re family.” 

Keith felt like he was just punched in the gut, “what do you mean? We’re still family.” 

Lance let out a tied laugh and face the raven hair boy, tears streaking his face. “Family doesn’t leave family. Family stays together through everything. Family tells people how they are feeling and what they want to accomplish so everyone can help them reach their goal. Not just leave because they weren’t learning what they wanted. That’s was family is and if you leave this team tonight, you leave this family.” 

Everyone was speechless, Shiro opened his mouth to stop Lance from saying any more but Keith put his hand up to silence him. “You’re right Lance.” 

Lance gave Keith a confused look and wiped his eyes. Nobody would have thought that Keith would have agreed with Lance. 

“You’re so right and I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave this family, this is the best family I’ve ever had.” Keith swallowed around the lump that started to form in his throat. “I’m sorry for being selfish, I just got caught up in the idea of learning about my mom. I’m so sorry.” Keith wanted to keep apologizing but he was hugged by the Blue paladin. 

“Hey, don’t cry it’s okay, we’re all stressed. We all want to learn about something, we understand.” Lance hugged Keith tighter and Keith wiped his eyes with his free hand. He was crying and soon the entire team was surrounding him. Some crying, other on the verge of tears. 

Keith hugged his family and kept apologizing long into the night. 

Cliche ending I know but I hope you like it!!!! 

I’m sorry it took so long! 

Thank you!!!!! 

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Sam, you might want to talk to your doctor. I think you've got a problem with your heart, there.

LOL it took me so long to work out that you meant because my Heart Rate on the treadmill screen this morning was Zero. :D I do have a very low resting heart rate (52 BPM, according to the FitBit) but not that low…


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Theodore had gotten his coffee and Audrey had taken down her espresso in a single shot (something Stefan painstakingly tried to teach her not to do). Sitting out on the bench in Magnolia Promenade, they sat in silence until Audrey finally spoke up.

“What happened to you before? Why wouldn’t you see me?” she needed to know.

Theodore took a long sip of his coffee. “You wouldn’t understand. It’s a long story.”

Audrey rolled her eyes. “I have all day.”

“I’m not going there, Audrey. We can talk about this another time, but I was sick. I wasn’t feeling well. That’s that.”



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I’m going to answer these under the cut but if you’re on mobile… eeeek. … on second thought, I don’t think these will be too long. Hurray for your data plans!

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do u have any voltron/klance allergy headcanons youd be willing to share :0

Oh boy do I!!!!! 

Pidge canonically talked about being allergic to everything outside. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a rough time in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and in the fall and summer when the pollen count is high. Typically, Pidge is very careful when it comes to their allergies. They check the pollen count everyday and refuse to go outside unless it’s necessary, because they think the symptoms are so annoying. Pidge also gets overcome really easily and really fast, and once they start rubbing their eyes or nose they can’t stop. Once this starts happening, Pidge calls it and straight up announces that they’re leaving. Hunk or Lance will go with them just to make sure they’re okay, and they’ll always suggest that Pidge not rub so much, because it’ll only make things worse. Having allergic reactions also makes Pidge super irritable. They’ll rub their eyes the whole way back anyways and get really snappy until they’re inside and their symptoms calm down. Then, puffy eyed and with an allergic flush blooming on their cheeks, they’ll apologize.

 ALSO. When Pidge rubs their eyes, they life their glasses up and use their whole fist.

Hunk is allergic to very certain, very specific flowers. He’s the kind of person who will walk into someone’s house and instantly be bothered if there’s something he’s allergic to in the centerpiece. Hunk is always very polite about it though, and never makes a big deal out of it. He just stifles all his sneezes and waves off concerns because he doesn’t think it’s worth imposing over. Hunk also has a heightened sensitivity to some spices he cooks with. He finds out right away, because he tests out new spices by tasting them and smelling them. Obviously, getting a noseful of any spice is a sneezing fit waiting to happen (mostly happens to Lance when he’s helping in the kitchen and Hunk asks him to smell something for him, because Lance doesn’t have the delicate practice of wafting spices down to a science like Hunk does. If it’s Keith it’ll happen without fail), but some spices are just too strong. Not wanting to miss out on (or make others miss out on) good flavors Hunk will cook with them anyways if they taste good. He’ll slip gloves on and pinch his nose shut as he adds the spices, and then try to hold his breath until it’s more tolerable.

Shiro is really allergic to cats, but as soon as one walks up to him, he has to pet it. He draws the line at picking them up, but he’ll let them sit in his lap, and he’ll smile if they rub against him. Once he starts sniffling, Shiro will mentally remind himself that he needs to stop soon. After the first sneeze (or sometimes the second or the fifth, depending on how affectionate the cat is) he’ll gently usher them away, usually saying something like ‘Sorry, little guy, but I think that’s enough for me.’ for the cat’s sake, and his own. He’ll wash his hands soon after, but the cat hair on his clothes will bother him for a few hours after. A few sneezes here and there, the lingering feelings of irritation behind his eyes. It’s annoying, but not enough for him to prioritize getting rid of.  If he forgets to change out of them before he goes to bed, he’ll wake himself up sneezing.

Keith has dust allergies (house kind, not desert kind), and he’s sensitive to certain, perfumy scents. He prefers not to experience any allergy symptoms at all, so he cleans meticulously and frequently so that dust doesn’t have a chance to build up. When he is exposed to it, he feels it in his eyes first. They start to water, then they start to burn and the itch travels down to his nose. Keith will swipe at his eyes and nose very slightly when he’s alone, or not at all around other people. Either way, it eventually becomes unbearable, and then he itches them non-stop until he’s miserable, self control completely gone. The sneezing gradually gets worse and harder to control, until he’s completely overcome, a total mess. Everyone found out about Keith’s dust allergies because he was, A. Too proud to admit he had them and B. Sure he could handle it, and ended up making a huge scene while helping someone clean a dusty room.

Lance has had terrible hayfever all his life, and he’s experienced when it comes to dealing with them. He carries eyedrops, tissues, and extra antihistamines on him at all times, and always checks the pollen counts so he can prepare accordingly. If Lance forgets his antihistamines, he gets overcome fast and hard. Eyes so itchy and watery he can’t leave them alone for more than a few seconds, and a tingly feeling constantly settled in the bridge of his nose, always making him feel like he’s on the edge of a sneeze. His fall allergies are worse than his spring allergies, and it varies in the summer. Lance also takes sunglasses with him on high pollen count days to hide how puffy his eyes will get. No matter what Lance does, he can’t stop his allergies from affecting him in some way, but he doesn’t let that stop him from going outside. Everyone is well aware of Lance’s allergies because he sneezes at least once any time they’re outdoors. Lance typically likes to whine and joke about his allergies if he’s puffy or sneezy, but the worse it gets the more self conscious he gets and if he stops talking about it lightly, it means he’s getting tired and miserable. He’s also the kind of person who’s prone to really ticklish, rapid fire allergic fits. In the fall, he spends a lot of days exhausted from his allergies keeping him awake at night.

Klance specifically:

- Lance will dust for Keith if he notices it needs to be done. Because of this, Keith relaxes a little on cleaning once Lance moves in.

- Lance had to teach Keith how to care for him on really bad allergy days. If it’s a bad day for Lance, Keith knows to close all the windows. He prepares warm compresses for Lance to set on his eyes once he’s out of the shower, and if he’s got time, and sometimes even if he doesn’t, he’ll run his fingers through Lance’s hair to help him feel better.

- The first time Lance figured out Keith had dust allergies, he thought it would be really funny to tease him about it until he figured out how bad they were. Then he just felt like a dick :/

- If Lance wakes up in the middle of the night because of his allergies, chances are, Keith will wake up too. At first, Lance was a little ashamed of it, but Keith never minded. It’s not routine, but it happens enough so that Keith only half wakes up if he hears Lance shifting around at 2 in the morning. Keith will let Lance decide how he wants to be held (usually it’s curled into Keith’s chest) and he’ll rub his back, half asleep, while Lance muffles tired sniffles and sneezes into his shirt until he falls asleep again.

- Lance will gladly suffer through his allergies to go on outdoor dates with Keith.

Jon Snow - Jealous

Words count: 1231

Warning: NONE


Requested by anonymous: 

7, 8 &19 with Jon Snow please?

Living in Winterfell is very peaceful. Your family sent you to live with the Starks in hopes of Robb Stark liking , and wanting to marry you. Unknown to them that Robb only sees you as a sister and a very close friend. Also unknown to them you are smitten with the Stark bastard 

Jon Snow and yourself have been courting for a long time, though little people do know about that Lord Eddard Stark does know, or that is what you and Jon believe from the approving looks and smiles he send the two of you, whenever you’re together or stealing glanced at each other. Other than that Robb, Arya and Bran know, but the promised to keep it a secret. No one else knows. That gave you an advantage; your parents wouldn’t approve and you know that Lady Stark would also disapprove and you think she’ll treat Jon worse than she already does. The disadvantage is that a lot of men try and bed you and are very smitten with you.

One day you were in the barn with Jon, it was one of the only times you had alone and in peace. Everyone was busy and you decided to keep Jon company as he worked.

“I made you something.” You told Job with a shy smile on your face. You bite your lip as Jon stopped what he was doing and looked at you.

“What is it?” He asked you curious, he knows how good you are at needling. You got the fabric that was wrapped around his present and gave it to him. You watched him in anticipation as he opened it. You were worried that he wouldn’t like it. It was a leather vest with two wolf’s howling on the chest area. It was a warm and comfy l, which was needed in the weather in Winter Fell. Besides Jon’s clothes are a bit tattered and over used. 

“(Y/N) this is amazing.” Jon said with a smile of love and appreciation. You snapped out of your thoughts and a grin broke onto your face.

“I’m so glad you like it.” You told him. “I hope I got the size right.”

“I’m sure it’ll fit me just fine.” Jon said and then his smile fell in realization. “Lady Stark wouldn’t like me wearing this, I’m not a Stark.”

You frowned at his words, your hatred for the woman growing every time you see the pain she causes Job. You don’t understand how can she be so cruel to him all the time, it’s as if her heart is just cold. But you knew she can be so kind.

“I don’t care, you need this.” You told him and took his face in your hands. “just tell her I gave it to you.”

“I’ll wear it but I won’t tell her and cause you any trouble.” Jon said and you gave him a sincere smile.

“You are too kind, my love.” You said and kissed the corner of his lips lightly. You pulled back and started to father your things. “I have to go back inside.”

“I’ll see you at dinner.” Jon said as you two walked to the door of the barn. “I’ll see you.” You said with one last look at Jon, who kept watching you. He frowned when he saw Theon walking past you. It’s no secret that Theon wanted to f@ck anything that had a pulse and a beating heart. Unfortunately you being included. 

“Nice ass!” Theon called after you. You just ignored him and kept walking. Jon was angry at Theon’s words, his fists were balled by his side and a frown drawn on his face. He saw you walk inside and decided to go back to work. Once he was alone his thoughts took a negative turn. He was worried that you’d leave him one day. He was jealous of Theon who showed you his feelings in public and wasn’t judged, even if they were sickening. A Greyjoy is better that a Snow, at least in Jon’s mind that is.

Jon couldn’t focus on anything as the day went on. Robb could sense that his brother was worried. So he took him to the God’s woods to talk to him in privacy.

“What’s worrying you Job?” Robb asked Jon who was playing with leaf to distract himself from his thoughts.

“Nothing.” Jon said and shrugged.

“Is it (y/n)?” Robb asked knowing that the only thing that would ever bother him this much is something that concerns you.

“No-no.” Jon hesitation when he answered Robb’s questions. It’s indeed you who bothered Hob, he just doesn’t know if it is something you did or not.

“Now you have to tell me.” Robb insisted, he hated seeing his half-brother this sad. “Did she do something? Did someone find out about the two of you? Or was it one of the guards? Please don’t tell me Theon did something.”

Jon shifted slightly at the last sentence. And realization dawned on Robb making him smile ever so slightly. He now knew what is wrong with Jon.
“Jon Snow, are you jealous?” Robb teased his brother.

“No! I’m  so not jealous, I mean why would I be?” Jon said quickly and defensively.

“You know you shouldn’t be jealous, (y/n) cares so much for you.” Robb said and laid a hand on Jon’s shoulder. “Come on let’s head back, it’s almost time for dinner.”

Jon and Robb left the God’s woods. They made it back just in time for the food to be served. Robb decided to sit beside you and tell you about Jon. Jon who saw you and Robb felt even worse. He wished he would be able to talk to you in front of everyone. Jon stood up out of the below. He was frowning deeply and looking at the table. The hall fell silent and everyone turned to look at Jon, who stormed out of the hall. Your eyes opened wide. You didn’t know what to do, but one look at Lord Stark told you to follow him, and follow him you did. You ignored Lady Stark’s glare and everyone’s looks. You didn’t really care at that moment.

You rushed to the gates where you knew Jon was heading. You caught up to him at the edge of the woods.

“Jon.” You panted, running in long and heavy dresses is harder than it looks. You pulled Jon’s arm back making him turn and face you. “Jon, you know I care about you.” You looked at his face, his eyes didn’t meet yours. He was truly sad, and it broke your heart to see him like this. “I love you Jon. You. I don’t care about anyone else, and I’ll proudly tell all of Westeros and the world. I don’t care about whose son you are. I want you and only you.”

You gave him a sweet smile telling him you meant every word.

“I love you too.” Jon said and a smile broke on his face. “I just fear that you’d find someone better and leave me.”

“Don’t be silly- you’re my one and only.” With that you and Jon kissed. The kiss was sweet and slow yet so full of love. It wasn’t just a kiss it was an action confirming that you love and will always love each other and no one else.