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Whatever U Want

Summary: When Y/N finally has a few hours to herself, she decides to use her time wisely. By wisely that  means calling her favorite phone sex line  Whatever U Want.  After several different session with the sexy Ryan, she begins to think it might be her best friend Dean.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Annie (OFC)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, dirty talk, female masturbation, sex toys, boners

Rated M

Word Count: 1,651

A/N: This was my submission for @notnaturalanahi Crack Challenge! Thank you again for giving me an extension.Thanks again to @impala-dreamer for beta reading my stuff!  Feedback is always welcomed I hope you enjoy!

Part Two

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“Dean?” You called out from your room down the hall in the bunker. You turned your head slightly, waiting to hear if he would respond to you. After you didn’t get a response from Dean you looked towards Sam’s room, the door shut. “Hey Sam!” You went silent again waiting for any kind of answer.

Letting out the breath you had been holding in, you shut your bedroom door. The two of them must have finally gone on that supply run they were bickering about this morning. Which meant you had an hour or two of alone time all for yourself! Seeing how the three of you had been crammed in a motel room for a good week, you needed a break from the testosterone. You needed some personal playtime with yourself more than ever.

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Saving Kittens Thing

Bleeding heart James Potter does his level best to save seven cats from a terrible fate, but Lily Evans, his heartless monster fiancée, tries to thwart him at every turn.

week one.

Lily Evans to James Potter: no

James Potter: i haven’t asked a question.

Lily Potter: and yet

James Potter: but how did u know???

Lily Potter: your 762 cat pictures uploaded to the cloud james

James Potter: right.

James Potter: it’s just, hes been hanging around the office for the last two weeks…
Lily Evans: you don’t even like cats??

James Potter: but he likes me. maybe I never liked them bc they were all assholes?

James Potter: chicken or egg, u know?

Lily Evans: amazing

Lily Evans: see u in a few

Lily Evans: no to cat. yes to takeout for stressing me out

James Potter: ur stressed? im marrying an unsupportive woman in 7 weeks??

Lily Evans: *kiss emoji* eggrolls.

James Potter: yessir

James Potter to Lily Evans: but look at how CUTE he is

Lily Evans: no

James Potter: he likes milk

Lily Evans: impeachment song voice: no. no. no. no. no. nono. nononono.

James Potter: killjoy!

Lily Evans: remember the squirrel

James Potter: that was one. time.

Lily Evans: and yet, i have veto power

James Potter: will u always have veto power? like for the next sixty years?

Lily Evans: we had to call professionals in??? almost got kicked out??? our lease specifically and unequivocally forbids pets of any kind???

James Potter: technicality, yes, but as mum owns the building, pretty sure i could sway her w/ wedding leverage

Lily Evans: we are NOT having swans, geese, ducks, or other fowl at our wedding. so no leverage for u.

James Potter: killjoy!!!!!

week two.

James Potter to Lily Evans: he is a SHE

Lily Evans: …?

James Potter: THE CAT

Lily Evans: how do u

Lily Evans: nvnmd

James Potter: check ur snaps!!!

Lily Evans to James Potter: james. when u get home we need to talk abt appropriate things to snapchat.

Lily Evans: example: cats giving birth? not appropriate!!

Lily Evans: also, are u under the bushes in front of your work?


James Potter: except cats!

James Potter: and six of them.

James Potter: seven including boots.

Lily Evans: boots?

James Potter: have u seen HER feet? boots.

James Potter: the Miracle of Life. im transformed.                                             

Lily Evans: oh boy

Lily Evans to James Potter: babe. ur going to get fired for sending too many snapchats on work hours.

James Potter: my dad is the boss?

Lily Evans: he asked me to text sense into u. or to bribe u.

James Potter: rude.

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Prepare for Trouble (Yoongi x Reader)


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: Yoongi helps you escape detention so you can spend Valentine’s Day together.

Word count: 983 words 

You let your head hit the desk as you slumped forward in your seat. The bell rang shrilly in the background, signalling the end of the school day.

Unfortunately for you, you were stuck serving another detention. Something about not adhering to the school’s dress code (it might of had something to do with the fact that you were wearing a “school ruined my life” hoodie on a day that wasn’t Casual Friday).

Normally, a detention wouldn’t bother you much. But today was different. It was Valentine’s Day, and your boyfriend Yoongi had promised you would spend the day together.

You and Yoongi had been together for almost a year but didn’t see each other very frequently. Over the last spring break, you had met at a music workshop. You performed as a duo, affectionately dubbing yourselves “Team Trouble.”

Yoongi lived two hours away by train. The majority of your communication took place over text or Skype, but somehow, you made it work.

Groaning, you pulled out your phone and hid it underneath the desk. You tapped a quick message to Yoongi.

SENT 3:35 PM

srry babe im in detention


dude wtf the one day…

SENT 3:36 PM

i didnt choose the thug life, it chose me 💔


dont worry. im gonna get you outta there.

You stifled a laugh, butterflies forming in your stomach. Truthfully, you were dying to see Yoongi again. Your last date was two weeks ago, and meetings were becoming fewer and father in between.

“Y/N!” your teacher barked, making you jump. Your phone slipped out of your fingers and landed on the ground with a loud thud. You picked up, cursing once you realized the spiderweb of cracks had grown farther. “Put that phone away.”

Rolling your eyes, you tucked your phone into your back pocket. Stretching over the desk yet again, you let your eyelids flutter shut. Soon enough, you felt the familiar pulls of sleep and surrendered to them.

Tap. Tap Tap.

Your eyes shot open as you registered the sharp sound of something colliding against the window beside you. Looking over your shoulder, you spotted a blond boy whipping stones from two storeys below.

This boy, of course, was Yoongi. Your boyfriend. The James to your Jessie.

With wide eyes, you retrieved your phone. You then realized you had several unread messages from Yoongi. You opted to ignore them.

SENT 4:25 PM


You watched as Yoongi stopped throwing pebbles and took out his phone.


thank god its you…i can’t really see from here

SENT 4:26 PM

ok but that doesn’t answer my question


you werent answering my texts so


anyways just jump

SENT 4:27 PM



relax, you wont. besides ill catch u

Sure, Yoongi would catch you. More like his crushed, broken body would once you landed on him. But you saw him looking up at you expectantly, a gummy smile on his face. And damn, a broken ankle would be worth the fall.

You turned and began to open the window.

The teacher looked up at you suspiciously. “Y/N,” he demanded, his eyes narrowing. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Just opening the window,” you replied breezily. “It’s kinda stuffy in here, don’t you think?”

Using your entire body, you pushed the heavy window open completely. It didn’t open as wide as you had hoped, but you could probably fit through the opening.

You glanced back up at the teacher, noting that he had gone back to grading papers. Unceremoniously, you chucked your backpack out of the window and watched delightedly as Yoongi stumbled to catch it.

Quickly, you stood up and swung your legs over the window sill. The teacher shot up from his seat, a threat forming on his lips.

“Y/N, don’t you dare–” he shouted, but the rest of his message was lost as you pushed yourself through the small opening.

The drop was only a second in duration, but time slowed as you tumbled to the ground. You could feel a wild smile stretching over your face. Yoongi’s body appeared closer and closer with each passing moment. His arms were outstretched, and, squeezing your eyes shut, you reached out for him and prepared for the impact.

The adrenaline numbed the pain from the initial impact. When you opened your eyes, you were sprawled over Yoongi’s chest. Quickly, you scrambled upright and lifted your weight off of Yoongi.

“Oh my god!” you shrieked as Yoongi remained motionless. “Yoongi? Are you okay!?”

His eyelids fluttered open as he struggled to inhale. “Fine,” he wheezed, thumping his chest. “Winded.”

You stood up and pulled Yoongi to his feet, satisfied to see he was still capable of holding himself upright. You grabbed your backpack from the grass and peered upwards.

Your teacher’s upper body was leaning out of the windowsill. He was screaming incoherently, veins popping out of his neck and redness spreading over his entire face.

“Sorry, sir,” Yoongi called. He grabbed your hand and held it up for the teacher to see. “I’m going to be borrowing this one for awhile.”

You and Yoongi sprinted off of school property, your carefree laughter carried away by the wind. The cold February air nipped at your cheeks, and neither of you were dressed warmly enough to be outside. Yet, in that moment, everything was perfect. It was with absolute certainty that you knew you were happiest with Yoongi’s hand in yours.

That evening, Yoongi took you out to dinner and presented you with a stuffed Meowth. “For old time’s sake,” he said.

With a laugh, you accept the gift and wrapped your arms around Yoongi’s waist. “Prepare for trouble,” you began with a smile.

“Make it double,” he finished, pressing a soft kiss on your lips.

- Girl in Luv

A/N: Why did I reference Pokémon AGAIN? The world will never know…Anyways, hope you enjoyed Young and Pure Yoongi™ 

Why I Stayed || Part 1

Wooh second fanfic and I’m still trash. I really hope you guys like it, tbh this is so much better than my first one so like I’m glad but at the same time I wanna cry, ya know? Anyways, happy reading (or happy cringing if I’m right)

tags : @birkinvibes

request : Could u do a peter Parker x reader where he rlly likes Liz but the reader has been his friend for a while and she gets hurt over and over until she just gets mad?? Idk I think I just really like angst♥️♥️ thank u

Y/N = Your Name

words : 2007

Part 2



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“Did Liz get a new top?” Peter sighed dreamily.

“No, just never worn it with that skirt.” Ned replied just as dazed.

“Don’t you think you guys are being a bit creepy?” You questioned the boys sitting across from you.

Ned’s head shot over in your direction before he responded with, “We’re not creepy, we’re just admiring from afar.”

“Mhm, okay creepy.” You laughed.

Your attention turned to Peter, who was still gazing over at the most popular girl in school, Liz Allan. He’s always had a huge thing for her, and you wished that wasn’t the case. For years and years you’ve been holding feelings for your best friend, hoping he’d returned them, until the beginning of high school when he confessed to you about his infatuation with her. It crushed you.

“Hey, earth to Peter,” You waved your hand in front of his face, “You done gawking?”

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bad days: a drabble

evan hansen x depressed!girlfriend

i love using that exclamation point bc depressed! just cracks me up anyways y'all my depression is hitting me with some major intensity today so i hope this utter FLUFF will comfort u as much as it’s comforting me 2 write bc i have been majorly Sad lately ((i promise a high school sweethearts fic update soon i just had to get this one out of my head and down into real words ily))

summary: ur having a bad day i love u 
warnings: depression!!!!!!!!!!! sickening fluff!!!!!!! being cold!!!!!!!!! my terrible writing!!!!!!!! shower time !!!! too many fucking commas ahhhh!!!!!!!
word count: 4K I LITERALLY H8 MYSELF

You couldn’t get up.

Well, it’s not that you couldn’t get up. Maybe it’s just that you didn’t want to?

That wasn’t right, either. You wanted to be up and to have showered and to be maybe wearing pants and to look pretty and to feel good and to maybe be holding hands with your boyfriend in the sunshine in a park somewhere.

Instead, you were here. In bed. Hiding beneath your blankets from the sunlight that managed to slip between your curtained windows.


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Self Conclusion

This is slightly AU in that Jughead and Betty don’t talk in high school. They aren’t dating and never have. They don’t talk to one another. All incidents with Betty’s family (Polly being pregnant, etc) and Jughead’s Dad (being in jail) have happened. Inspired by Self Conclusion by The Spill Canvas, Liability by Lorde and Intertwined by Dodie.

Warnings for dark thoughts, depression, talk of suicide.

Chapter One

In between the towns of Riverdale and Greendale, just beyond Sweetwater River, is a bank of cliffs. The further you climb, the higher they get. There’s even a fence to deter people from going to the top. 

Betty had been coming here for months. She climbed under the fence, the setting sun and heavy mist sending a shiver down her spine. She slowly dropped down to the ground, scooting her legs over the edge. The dirt and gravel stuck to her clammy palms, but she barely noticed. She was here almost every day, the same thoughts racing through her mind - j u m p.

Betty sighed to herself and reached behind her back, feeling for a rock. She felt a flat, smooth stone in her palm. She felt the weight, tossing it in her palm before winding up and throwing it with all her might over the precipice. 

She heard footsteps against gravel in the distance, getting louder and louder with each passing moment. Her heart hammered in her chest as she scooted away from the edge of the cliff.

She was dusting the dirt from her jeans as she came face-to-face with Jughead Jones. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her. He held her gaze for a moment before widening his eyes, trying to make her uncomfortable.

“What are you doing here?” He blurted.

“Just looking at the view,” Betty shrugged.

“What view? It’s foggy as fuck.” As if to make Jughead’s point, fat drops of rain started to fall, making the stone darker where it landed. “I have definitive plans here and just because you’re here doesn’t mean I’m going to change them.”

It took Betty a moment before she realized what he meant - he was here for the same reason as she, except he seemed set on following through with his plan. 

He was dressed simply, jeans and a t-shirt with an S emblazoned on it, a jean jacket and a pair of converse. She realized, looking at him, that his usual beanie and suspenders were missing. Whenever she saw him in the halls, he was never without them.

“You’re in my way, blondie.”

“I’m not moving. Y-you can’t jump.” Betty steeled herself as best she could against the chilly, damp air. She needed to stand her ground just in case he did anything.

Jughead scoffed and rolled his eyes. She could see him eyeing the cliff behind her, the rocks, the mist and fog surrounding them. 

“What do you care? You don’t even know me.” He said, looking her dead in the eye. It was a challenge.

“I know, but I’d like to change that. Give me a chance to change that?” Betty cocked an eyebrow.

Jughead shook his head. “Just like that, huh? Are you trying to take on a project? You’ll walk down the cliffs until we’re on solid ground and turn tail and run just like everyone else. Just let me get this over with.”

“No, it’s not like that. I used to see you with Archie. I… I heard about your dad. I’d truly like to get to know you, Jughead.”

Jughead stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

 “I mean, won’t you miss…” She trailed off. How was she supposed to list reasons why he should stay alive when moments before he arrived, she was contemplating the same thing he was about to do? “Won’t you miss milkshakes and french fries and sunrises? That feeling you get when you watch a new movie for the first time and you just feel how great it is deep in your soul? When you wake up from an amazing night’s sleep? Biting into a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie?”

“Wow,” Jughead laughed. It was a humorless, empty sound. “You make it sound so easy to be alive, Betty, but let me save you the trouble - I’m already dead inside. None of those things are worth staying for.”

Betty bit her lip. She couldn’t let this happen. “Trust me, I know how badly you want to do this. But… but what if instead of jumping, you stay with me. Stay here with me, we won’t go our separate ways once we walk down to solid ground.”

“What do you mean?” Jughead’s eyebrows knit in conclusion.

“My family’s gone for the weekend. Come and stay with me and I’ll prove to you why it’s not worth doing this.” What the hell was she saying? How was she going to prove it to him?

“You make it sound so easy. It’s not like I’ll spend a few hours with you and I’ll be cured.” Jughead shoved his hands deeper into his jean pockets. The rain was picking up, making him wish more than anything he hadn’t left his hat at home.

“I know you won’t be cured. But, if we can get you to re-think this, there’s hope. We can get help. Get-get you help.” Betty dug at the gravel with the toe of her shoe. She only looked down for a second - her eyes snapped back to Jughead as soon as he made the slightest of movements. “Plus, it’ll be for more than a few hours. Give me a few days.”

Jughead sighed. “Look, this really isn’t -”

“Give me seventy-two hours, Jughead.”

He snorted. “Twenty-four.”


“Look, I could stand here and try and convince you, or you could come home with me and we could get warm. Give me forty-eight hours, Jughead.”

“Okay, fine, I’ll play along. I’ll give you forty-eight hours to try and convince me, but Christ, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ll come back and fucking fling myself off this cliff, and -”

Betty steeled herself against the rain, pounding down against them now. She was facing Jughead, her back toward the edge of the cliff. Fog hung thickly around them.

“Why are you doing this, anyway? Why do you care? You could pretend you were never up here.”

“Because I know what you’re going through.” Betty crossed her arms tightly against her chest. “Minutes before you got here, I was going to jump, too.”

Jughead’s hardened exterior softened, his tight-knit eyebrows and permanent frown changing into something almost sympathetic. He didn’t say a word.

She extended her hand toward him, rain rolling down her cheek. “What do you say, Jughead? My house?”

He nodded ever so slightly, taking her hand and leading her away from the cliff’s edge. 

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 10/?)

AAAAAND here it is long lost part 10!

I know it’s been ages and I know it’s not as good as I promised it to be and grammar probably is awful and smut part is terrible but hey at least it’s long lol

PART 1     PART 2    PART 3     PART 4    PART 5     PART 6     PART 7       PART 8    PART 9

“Can you do it for me?”, me and all of my friends were sitting at the cafeteria when I basically threw my Spanish book in front of Montgomery.

“What is it?”

“My Spanish homework and it’s fucking stupid”, I said taking a bite of my lunch.

“Give me that”, he sighed and took my pen.

What I’ve been struggling with for last fifteen minutes for Monty what easy peasy and took him like five.

“Thank you”, I smiled.

“You’re welcome”, he smiled back.

“Ookaaaay”, Justin said. “What is going on between you two?”, he asked pointing at me and Montgomery.

“What?”, he chuckled.

“Your weird smile for each other, mumbles under the breaths that only you two understand, looks you to give each other… What is it about?”

“Okay…”, I took a deep breath. I was prepared for it for a very long time. “We’re fuck buddies”, I said looking Justin straight in the eyes.

Jessica snorted, Monty started coughing, everyone else were looking at me and Justin.

“You and Montgomery? About him I’d believe that. But you? School’s sweetheart? Yeah, right”, Justin chuckled and nodded his head.

“If you don’t want to get stupid answers, don’t ask stupid questions. There is nothing between me and Monty other than those fucking chemistry projects”, I said and looked down at my book to read whatever Montgomery wrote.


“Okay, I have an idea”, he said when we were leaving chemistry. “I’ve been thinking about that for whole class.”

“Instead of taking notes”, I interrupted. “What’s the idea?”

“Idea how to get rid of suspicious Justin.”

I looked at him waiting for him to continue.

“One of us has to go on a date with someone”, he said clearly proud of himself. “It can be me, I can do it.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I can go on a date too.”

“And I’m pretty sure it takes a while before someone grow balls to ask you out”.

“Excuse me?”, I stopped in place. “I can be nice or friendly or whatever… And I can go on a date”, I said and walked past him.

The opportunity of a date showed up sooner than I thought. Next day I was walking down the hall, looking at my phone and, of course, I walked into someone. Causing our books to fall on the ground.

“Shit, I’m sorry”, I said and looked up to see who I actually bumped into. “Hi, Marcus”, I smiled at him and I reached down to grab my books.

“Hi, Y/N”, he helped me picking up my things. “So, umm, how is it going?”

“Good, thanks”, I smiled when he handed me my books. “And how are you?”

“You know”, he sighed. “Trying to keep up with this C average or above bullshit.”

“Right”, I nodded my head. “Speaking of that, I have Math, so I have to go. See you around”, I waved at him and went towards class.

“Hey, listen”, he ran up to me. “So, umm… Would you like to go to Monet’s or Rosie’s sometime? Or Cresmont I don’t know?”

I stood there a little shocked.

“Were you talking to Monty?”, I asked. Now Marcus was shocked and confused. “Look, sorry, he just told me this week on chemistry I was undateable, whatever”, I shrugged off.

“Wow, he’s stupid”, he laughed a little.

“But yeah, I would like to go to Monet’s. Or Rosie’s. Or Cresmont.”

“Sooo… Let’s say Rosie’s tomorrow at 7?”

“Perfect”, I smiled.

“Good, see ya”.

I went to the Math thinking about this whole situation. It was kinda weird but dates were unusual for me in general ans suddenly after months and months of nothing Marcus asked me out right after I tried to convince Monty (and me) that I can actually get asked for a date.

Whatever, I’m not marrying him, I’m going for a free shake, I thought to myself.

“So you’re going out with Marcus?”, next day I jumped when I heard Monty talking to me because he showed up from nowhere.

“Jeez, you scared me. He already told all the jocks?”, I asked looking for a book in my locker.

“No, his friend did. So you are going out with him?”

“What are you, jealous?”, I shut locker’s door.

“You wish. I mean… Marcus?”

“Well, he’s kinda dumb and thinks world spins around him, but…” I shrugged. “I don’t even have to listen to him if it turn out he’s dumber than I think.”

“Wow, you set your standards high”, he said with sarcasm in his voice.

“Look who’s talking”, I literally looked at him. “You think girls don’t talk? Really Monty, freshman that just got in to cheerleaders team? Could you even try any less?”

“Big boobs”, he said shortly.

“Wow, you set your standards high”, I mimic his voice.

“Whatever”, Monty rolled his eyes. “Where are you and Marcus going?”

“Oh, you want me to tell you so you can show up there with your Ms big boobs? No way”, I shook my head.

“You’re afraid I’m gonna have better time?”

“You’re ridiculous. Good talk, Monty”, I patted his chest and walked into class.


I came to Rosie’s fashionable five minutes late. Marcus however was more fashionable than me - he arrived twenty five minutes late.

“Wow, you’re a classy date”, I said crossing my arms when he sat in front of me.

“I’m so sorry something stopped me”, he said. “But I’m so glad you didn’t just leave”, he gave me a little smile. “So chocolate-walnut shake? It’s the best, I swear.”

“I’m allergic to nuts. Strawberry will be okay.”

Marcus ordered our shakes, I took a deep breath. Just be nice, I told myself. Maybe he really got stopped by something important, you still can have a nice talk. Maybe it could still be nice if bunch of the jocks didn’t come in before we even got our drinks. Bryce, Troy, Zach and few others.

“Really, Dempsey?”, I mouthed at Zach. “Seriously? They came to keep an eye on your date?”, I asked Marcus.

“I swear I didn’t know they are coming. But I mean, it’s Rosie’s, everyone sits here all the time.”

“Yeah, you probably right, sorry”, I sighed.

The conversation with Marcus was off, felt pushed most of the times. Every few minutes there was either awkward silence or me having logorrhea in order to avoid that silence. He tried to do some little, subtle moves but I was so done that I successfully ignored them.
After two long hours I decided it’s time to go home. I told Marcus I had bus, he didn’t offer to walk me home and I was actually relieved, because I really didn’t know what else I could talk about. He walked off with his army od assholes I sat on the bus stop. Suddenly red Mustang stopped by.

“Hi, Tony”, I smiled when he opened window.

“Why are you here at this time alone?”, he asked.

“Ugh.. You know…”, I shrugged.

“Date went bad?”

“Something like that”, I nodded.

“Come in, I’ll drive you home”, Tony leaned and open passenger’s door for me.

“It’s okay, I don’t wanna be a problem, I have bus in like… Twenty minutes.”

“In twenty minutes you’ll be home, come in”, he insisted.

“Okay”, I agreed and got inside.

“So Marcus wasn’t the perfect date?”, Tony asked while driving.

“How do you…”

“It’s Liberty, please”, he rolled his eyes.

“Right”, I nodded. “Good thing I wasn’t really into it in the first place, so whatever”.

“Why did you go then?”

I thought about seriously for a second and decided to be honest not only with Tony but also with myself.

“I guess… I wanted to piss someone off… Or something”, I shrugged.

That was the truth. I wanted to make Monty jealous. It was stupid and naive because feelings were needed to cause jealousy and Montgomery had no feelings towards me.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just talk to that person instead of that?”

“Nooo”, I shook my head. “Not with… Not with him.”

“Communication is the key, you’ll remember my words”, Tony said and stopped his car in front of my house.

“Thank you”, I smiled. “For the drive and wisdom of the day even though I’m probably not gonna use it.”

“I’m aware of that”, he nodded.

“Bye, Tony”, I said and left his car.

He waited until I got inside and drove away.
I talked to my parents, went to my room to leave my bag and took pyjamas and went to the bathroom. I came back from the shower and saw one new message and missed call from Zach.

Zach: U got home safe?

Y/N: Wow, now you care

Zach: ??? I separated from guys, went to my car and drove to the bus stop but you weren’t there

Y/N: well, Tony Padilla was faster and drove me home

Y/N: and after today you’re definitely my fav out of all my friends.

Me and Zach were never super close as friends but until today if I thought about it I’d say me and him were closer than him and Marcus.

Next day I met Monty at the parking, we arrived at the same time.

“How was your date?”, he asked.

“Very good. Marcus is actually super nice and funny”, I lied. “How was yours?”

“Good, we were at Cresmont”, he said looking down at the ground. “So are you going out with him again?”

“Maybe… Probably yes”, I will definitely go to hell for all those lies but seeing Monty’s jaw clenching was definitely worth it.

We separated when we walked inside. Montgomery went to talk to jocks, I went to my locker.

“Hi”, Marcus stood next to me, it took a lot of inner strength to not roll my eyes at him. But Monty’s was watching us, so I had to look as happy as I could.

“Hi”, I smiled.

“So, I know it’s probably too fast, cause we’ve been out just yesterday but today there is a party after game…”

“I don’t party on a week days”, I interrupted.

“I know”, he touched my arm. “But still I want to ask if maybe you’d like to go there… like with me. I’ll drive you home and everything.”

Every cell of my body wanted to tell “no”, but I quickly looked at Monty and saw his whole body clenched.

“I guess one party won’t kill me”, I said with a fake smile.

“Great. It starts right after game so I’ll just wait for you in my car after the game.”

“Okay, see ya”, I grabbed my things and went for PE.

I was walking behind the bleachers when I heard someone running towards me. I turned around and saw Monty.

“You really are going to party with Marcus?”, he asked angrily.

“Well, you clearly overheard everything, why are you asking?”

“This guy is an asshole!”

“So are you”, I crossed my arms at my chest. “And why do you even care? Why do you care, Montgomery?!”, I looked at him with my eyes wide open waiting for him to say something. Anything.

“ Because…”, he started looking everywhere but not at me. “Because you deserved better than him!”

“Right”, I slowly nodded my head looking down and bit my lower lip. “And I think that you’re afraid you’re gonna lose your regular banging”, I said and moved a little toward him.

He was looking me straight in the eyes, then grabbed my waist, pulled me closer and aggressively kissed my lips. He dominated this kiss like if he wanted to show who’s in charge. I moved away from him.

“I’m not you property”, I said and walked to PE.

I quickly changed and started warming up when Sheri stood next to me.

“I think you got something to tell me about”, he said, clearly pissed.

“Oh, yeah, I was at Rosie’s with Marcus, don’t ask”, I shook my head.

“I’m not talking about that”, she quickly looked around to check if someone can hear us. “I saw you and Monty behind the bleachers”, she said quietly.

I frozed for a moment. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out, I just didn’t know what to say. Sheri was my friend for so long and I was lying to her for months.

“PE is starting but then we’re skipping Peer Communication and going for a talk”, she said and all I could do was nodding my head.


“So?”, she asked when we sat behind the bleachers. “He kissed you, I saw it”

“Yes, I’m not gonna deny it. Okay, Sheri”, I took a deep breath. “You can’t tell anyone about that. Anyone. I mean it.”

“Okay, okay. I swear. I won’t even tell Jess.”

“Especially Jess! She would run straight to Justin and then everyone would know…”

“Okay, just start talking”, Sheri rushed me.

“Okay… I’ll just go straight to the point”, once again I took a deep breath. “Me and Monty have this kinda friends with benefits thing”, I said quickly.

She looked at me for a moment.

“You… Monty… what?”

“Please, don’t make me say that out loud again”, I rolled my eyes.

“I won’t… I’m just… Processing…”, she mumbled. “How did it started?”

“Kind of at that pool party at Bryce’s, kind of at Jessica’s party… I mean, he started at hot tub, I teased him, then he teased me, then we hooked up and then we hooked up again and just”, I shrugged.

“I shocked. I mean I’d never thought you’d ever be into hooking up. Especially with Monty”, she looked at me with eyes wide open. “I thought you almost hate him.”

“I don’t hate him. I just didn’t want people to connect me with him.”

“Past tense?”, she asked with a smirk.

“Not the point, Sheri”, I sighed.

We spent whole period hidden behind bleachers, I told her everything, maybe beside the fact that I probably started having some feelings towards him, but I wasn’t ready to admit that to myself not to mention admitting to someone else.

I spend the rest of the day avoiding Montgomery, Marcus and Zach who suddenly felt like he needed to talk to me, but he caught me warming up before opening basketball game.

“Y/N, listen”, he started.

“You have a game in ten minutes, warm up”, I said.

“About yesterday…”

“You are his friend, you went to check how thing were going, fine”, I shrugged.

“You’re my friend too.”

“Then you’re closer with him than with me, it’s fine”, I said and did double handspring to got away from him and also because I knew Montgomery was watching and he was a sucker for this.


Me and Marcus got to the party, he brought me a beer, paid a lot of attention to me, at least for first 45 minutes. After that time he was mostly focused on putting his hand somewhere on me - my shoulder, my back, my knee even though everytime I was gently moving his hand away.
I spotted Montgomery with his hands and jaw clenched while Zach was whispering something to him and then stopped him from going somewhere.
As party for going Marcus and I were sitting on the couch and he was becoming more and more annoying.

“Marcus, can you stop?”, I asked when I smacked his hand of my knee again.

“Come on, why don’t we have some fun?”, he said, his hand went on my thigh and his head got closer to my neck.

“Marcus, stop”, I said through my clenched teeth, I didn’t really want to make a scene.

Suddenly Montgomery showed up in front of us. He pushed Marcus, took my hand and pulled me up from the couch.

“What the hell, man?”

“Sorry Marcus, you’re not winning your bet”, he said and left the room making me go with him as he was still holding my hand.

“Bet? What bet?”, I asked.

“He had a bet that he’ll have sex with you”, Monty said with rage in his voice. “I should’ve come back there and beat the shit out of him.”

“No, you shouldn’t. Did you know about that? The bet?”

“Jeez, of course I didn’t. I got to know at the party. Get in the car”, he opened door for me.

“Don’t talk to me like that”, I said.

“Please, just get in the fucking car”, he said looking me angrily into eyes.

I got inside and slammed the door.

“I’m grateful you took me away from him but  don’t you ever dare to talk to me like this”, I repeated when he got into the car and start driving.

“He was having his hands all over you and your biggest problem is the way I talk to you right now?!”

“You don’t own me, Montgomery”, I said looking him in the face but he was looking straight on the road, avoiding meeting my eyes. “Where are we going?”, I sighed. No response. “Monty, you’re scaring me”, I said quietly. Still no response. “Fine”, I chuckled and crossed my arms on my chest.

Few minutes later he stopped car in the area of old warehouses.

“What are we doing here?”, I asked.

“Marcus was the one who was trying to fuck you and I feel like you’re mad at me.”

“I am mad at you for treating me like I’m yours. I’m not”, I said not looking at him.

He put his fingers on my chin and turned my face towards him.

“I know you’re not. But I won’t let anyone treat you like a mattress”, he said with his face close to me.

“Right, I’m too busy being your mattress”, I said looking at his lips.

His lips crashed mine. Our tongues were fighting. I was so mad at him, but he affected me in way I didn’t know before and I just didn’t want him to stop. His hand started rubbing me through my jeans, a little moan escaped my mouth.

“I’m still mad at you”, I mumbled under my breath when his lip moved down my neck leaving wet kisses.

“Backseat”, he ordered.

I crawled to the back, took of my shirt before Monty got on top of me. I tangled me fingers into his hair when he kissed crook of my neck and unzipped my jeans.

“Fucking skinny jeans”, he mumbled when moved away from me trying to slide them down my legs.

I reached his belt and started undoing it when without a word of warning he slided two fingers into me.

“Oh fuck”, I moaned.

„You may be mad but you’re wetter than ever”, he said pumping in and out.

“Monty…”, I whispered palming him through his boxers, “I want you to fuck me.”

“As you wish”, he said and leaned to give me a deep kiss.

Second later I felt him thrusting in and out fast and hard. Montgomery pinned my hips down before I even lift them.

“Babe”, he growled in the crook of my neck.

His hand found mine and our fingers tangled together,

“You feel so good”, he groaned thrusting in me faster and faster.

“Fuck, Monty…”, I digged my nails in his shoulder.

“I know, baby, come on”, his hand went down and he started rubbing my clit with his thumb.

“Oh, God, don’t stop…”, I moaned under my heavy breath and then I lost it.

“Fuck”, he howled.

Car was full of our breathless moans, Monty rode out our high and rest his forehead on mine, I played with his hair for a moment.

“I should go home”, I said quietly.

“Can you drive or should I give you a ride home?”, he asked giving me my long lost shirt.

“I can drive, that one beer I drunk got sweated out well”, I patted his shoulder. “My car is at school so if you could… Shit”, I sighed as I was crawling back to the passenger’s seat.


“My bag is at Bryce’s.”

“So we’re going to Bryce and the to the school”, he said and give me kiss on a temple.

What the actual fuck, I thought.

I couldn’t even be mad at him for playing with my feelings because he didn’t know they were any. I was mad at myself and I hated the way this kiss felt. And I hated the way my heart skipped a bit when he rubbed my knee during drive.

That moment it was clear to me that I was falling for him, even though it was the most stupid thing any girl could do – fall for Montgomery de la Cruz and if there was anything I knew I could do about this it was one thing – stop whatever was going on between us.

soft-smoll  asked:

What would the RFA dress up as for Halloween?

° a|n: i’m going to say what they’d dress up as + what they’d do heh
+++ have a happy spoopy halloweeeen  (*≧∇≦)°


° Yoosung

  • Halloween is is favourite time of the year because he can go dressed out as whatever he wants!!
  • but most importantly
  • HE CAN FINALLY PROVE HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND [no one believes him]
  • he wants to show his ‘manliness[okay qt] so he dresses up as a LOLOL warrior - buuuut he doesn’t buy his costume no
  • apart from him being broke - he wants to make the costume at home
  • asking you for help you both spend weEKS on the costume making sure everything is perfect down to the T
  • all the SMALLEST details are covered, he even asks you to plan his hairstyle for the day
  • ….you guys are co-ordinated as fUCK
  • “Yoosung.. you have’t done any of your college work..”
  • so when the college Halloween party actually arrives he flips the fuck out and he’s ready to show you off to the world \ (•◡•) /
  • stays by your side the WHOLE time telling everyone you’re his girlfriend
  • and we’re totally partners in LOLOL too who’s jealous??
  • “…nO Yoosung we can’t fight the other people no matter how much stronger we are together seriously for the last tIME”
  • “but does he know that we’re actually dating anD OW OKAY DON’T PINCH ME” [tough warrior my ass]
  • after he’s proven to everyone he has a girlfriend he gets bored
  • so you both end stealing sweets from the bar countertop and shoving them in your pockets - you need SOME candy right??
  • escape the hall with a trail of sweets falling out behind you
  • end up changing out of your outfits and going home to change into my comfortable clothes and playing games while munching sweets
  • he freaks out despite saying he’s okay - but you know better
  • so you suggest video games and that was the end to the perfect night

° Zen

  • Beauty and the Beast but the hella sexy version
  • he wanted to showcase his good looks and you got to also be by his side wearing a sexy outfit [goals]
  • originally you were supposed to wear a cute dress as the beauty
  • buuuut seeing Zen wear an unbuttoned shirt made you think twice
  • the second he sees you in a sexy revealing dress his heart drops out his ass
  • and holy fuck why do you have a whip what kinda princess-
  • “what.. you look um I uh”
  • he’s speechless?? [srsly well done he’s never speechless]
  • you’re usually quite conservative but christ you’ve got it going on tonight?? can halloween be every day I can offer you my soul
  • takes muscle in his body to actually leave the house without taking you there and then - just wait for later
  • you know that one couple that just kinda does their own thing in the corner - yeah thats you guys he’s super protective
  • LOTS of couple mirror selfies at the venue and its super cute as you have literally 1000 photos of him kissing your cheek 
  • he totally didn’t to that on purpose to feel ur ass cheeky bastard
  • but mf almost turned into an acTUAL BEAST WHEN SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU 
  • “yeah.. he better be, eyes off her legs” UHH ZEN??
  • he can’t take his eyes off you even when you try get a drink - he’s walked into 4 people and knocked their drinks over
  • wanting to take advantage of his flustered self you make sure he has a clear view of you dancing while he’s talking to his friends
  • splutters on his beer what the hELL ARE YOU DOING??
  • lol ur screwed when u get home literally
  • he gets up grabs your arm making you follow him outside
  • you already know where this is going you wanted this

° Jaehee

  • pooooor bubba - almost had a heart attack when you scared her as she woke up on Halloween
  • refuses to go out to a party and don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating hell no what no waY??
  • BUT she really can’t resist your pouty face and agrees to dress up with you as LONG as no one else sees [ can always take secret pics??]
  • so you both dress up as the main leads in Zen’s movie - and one of them so happens to be a maid
  • she helps you decorate the house a bit so that when people coming knocking on your door later she has enough to give to everyone
  • seriously - she’s stressed out she doesn’t have enough
  • “…we have 27 tubs of sweets.. that’s more than enough Jaehee”
  • she can’t help but glance at herself in the mirror a few times in her cute lil outfit - why didn’t she do this before?
  • even makes Halloween themed pastries to give out to the children at the door and spends hOURS decorating them 
  • so by the end of the night you’re piled around tubs of sweets and pastries - nice work mum
  • she was expecting them to be super annoying and cruel but she can’t help but smile giving out candy to children with you
  • can’t help but frown when she sees a cat though
  • when night falls and everyone’s gone home you have a few leftover sweets 
  • so she makes both of you some pumpkin flavoured drinks [she’s really into halloween now?? wahEY]
  • that night you took a million pictures of Jaehee serving children at your front door and in her costume and sent it to eVERYONE
  • ZEN WAS SO HAPPY [back off boi]
  • but Jaehee was also super happy and but wouldn’t admit it - she was already planning next year’s outfit and treats 
  • (◕‿◕✿)

° Jumin

  • you know him, he’s willing to try what you want to try 
  • so when you explain Halloween to him he’s super confused since he’s never really understood the concept of it before
  • but he willingly accepts to do the ‘traditions’ with you
  • “…But why do they carve pumpkins?”
  • “It’s scary”
  • “No.. it just looks tacky and why do they” LISTEN M8 IDK!!!
  • but he agrees to help out because this was a day he could wear his cat ears and collar that was in his cupboard without being judged
  • YES
  • decorating the house he goes above and beyond - why are you putting up fake spiderwebs, we can just get rea- 
  • explaining ‘trick or treat’ to him would be so funny because he wouldn’t understand why you’d ask other people for sweets??
  • “can’t people just buy and keep their own sweets this is giving me a headache”
  • you DRAG him to a house to do trick or treat and he gets so red and embarrassed he literally runs home - nope not doing this again evER
  • next stage: eating sweets
  • you give him some the single sweet he managed to collect from the house and it’s a ‘sour ball’ HIS! FACE! IS! SO! F U N N Y
  • he’s starting to think Halloween is just torture
  •  why do commoners do this I’m going insane why am I dating MC
  • last part of the day is you watching scary movies together
  • BUT  his mind is blown at the fact you want to torture yourself like this you don’t even like scary movies what is this??
  • he doesn’t even flinch at the horror movies but ends up pulling you to his chest when you jump in fear and reassures you its a film
  • such a tiring day??
  • but it was all worth it when you Jumin and Elly took a ‘family’ selfie with kitten ears [not him, you did or else i’d be blurry af]
  • “.. so does this Halloween occur every year?”
  • bonus: Zen dying at the video of Jumin saying trick or treat in a mono-tonal voice and the person at the door laughing at his costume poor bby


  • the devout catholic wants to dress up as an angel 
  • you bicker about who would be a cuter angel [he would]
  • so he decides to make a costume one last minute and keeps it a surprise from you and reveals it in the evening
  • its a 2D car made out of cardboard with two cutouts so that you both could see and while walking 
  • such fuCKING DORKS - you’re wearing a onesie underneath too jesus
  • tbh I don’t think you’ll ever see Saeyoung happier than he is now?
  • you’re the oldest people who are outside knocking on other people’s door but you’re also the happiest
  • you have b u c k e t s of sweets and you ignore all the weird ass looks everyone else is giving you [kids envy you]
  • at one point some kid tries takes one of Saeyoung’s buckets and he was about to go crazy
  • you had to calm him down before he actually chased the kid but he was pouty for the rest of the night - besides you had about 8 buckets
  • the car outfit was a great idea but it had a few ..problems?
  • .. and that was the first time you ever walked into the mens toilet but you were t r a u m a t i z ed 
  • you’re the last ones out giggling on the streets until you’ve literally covered the whole neighbourhood
  • another struggle of the car was actually getting through the door and you’re both pressed up against each other trying to get though
  • eventually you just break the cardboard car and tip the sweets on to the floor settling down to watch a movie
  • don’t get me wrong you’re both REALLY scared of horror movies so you both end up not sleeping 
  • you just scream at every stupid jumpscare until dawn while eating a l l the sweets you collected until dawn
  • “I’m never.. eating sweets again”
Sequence [iv]

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sequence masterlist


chanyeol x reader
genre: angst
word count: 8.5k



You woke up burning, the feeling deep within your bones as the figure beside you felt foreign. The places he touched you singed your skin, leaving behind a metaphorical black ash. It was as if the person lying with you was a stranger, a body you had yet to be accustomed to. The space that usually occupied a cold, stale air now lingered with a thick, heavy weight that dragged you into the mattress- like quicksand trying to suffocate you. His arm, wrapped tightly around your body, felt claustrophobic, his face buried into your neck as his hot breath cascaded across your skin.

In the past, this breath would ignite the fire flickering in your chest, set ablaze to your skin and leave you starving for more as the embers sparked wildly within you. But now, after months of fasting, a thick dull grey consuming your life without his light, the breathing on your neck felt stifling, like it was sucking the life straight out of the veins in your jugular. You squirmed beneath him, desperate to peel your body from his grasp and take a breath of fresh air, feeling as if your lungs would collapse in on themselves if you didn’t escape his clammy touch.

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Night confessions - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Do you mind writing a young Sirius x reader, where he cheats on her and break up and he’s so depressed, and wakes up crying (it was a dream) and goes to her at like 2 am to cuddle and confess all his love???💛💛 
Warnings: It’s the first time I am writing from a guy’s Pov so go easy on me! Also, the word ‘fuck’ and my English! 
Gif isn’t mine/ Credits to its original owner. 

Her lips were finally on mine. Her beautiful, elegant hands were wrapped around my neck. I pulled her closer-as close as humanly possible. She tasted like heaven and that heaven was finally mine.
The first time I saw her was the first time I felt alive, like really alive. She was an entirely different world for me. She was kind and sweet and caring but she was brave and stubborn, bold and courageous. She was nothing like the girls I used to ’befriend’. She was the only one that never fell for the cheesy pickup lines. She was too good for me -too out of my league. And she probably deserved someone better, someone, who wouldn’t have slept around, someone who would treat her better than I could ever. But I was selfish and I wanted her to be mine. She was adored at Hogwarts; she was flawless and envied by every other girl and-unfortunately- made the guys swoon over her every day. And yet, somehow, she was here, kissing me. Again.
If the guys ever saw me like this, I would never hear the end of it and I knew it. But I couldn’t help it. She was worth everything and more. She was causing goosebumps. Even if we were together for quite a while now, I never got used to it. Being with her. She was the only person I needed in my life-except the lads; they were my brothers. But she… she was the sun, the only light and heaven I would ever find.
The kiss didn’t last long-she pulled away when a strange noise was heard. I turned to see what had-
“Y/N?”. Wait. If my girlfriend was standing there, who was I kissing? Confused and utterly puzzled I faced another girl standing there. Marlene?
My head snapped towards Y/N. Fuck, I was more than drunk.
“Baby, wait. It’s not what you think”. The moment those words left my mouth, I flinched. It was the exact same thing that someone who had cheated would say. I cheated on her. And it didn’t matter that I was drunk. I had fucked up.
“We’re done” she whispered and left.
What have I done?

My eyes shot open, realizing that it was a dream. Trying to regulate my breath, I sat up and leaned my back against the headboard. 
Of course, it was a dream. She would never be with me and that was for the best since even in my sleep I had cheated on her. I didn’t want to. She didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I was so wrong for her. So wrong. 
I left our dorm and crept inside hers. We had found a way with the guys to go past the staircase that would turn into a slide-and it was convenient. 
I tried to be as quiet as possible but she heard me. I really didn’t know why I was here. But she was everything.
“Sirius?” she questioned. Her voice, deep and husky from sleep, was doing things to me that I couldn’t help. 
“It’s me” I said sheepishly. She patted the space right next to her. On her bed. Under the sheets. Next to her body. I swallowed hard and slowly climbed onto her bed. The moment I laid on my back next to her, I felt her body radiating heat and I noticed she was only wearing a shirt. Her long legs were exposed and I couldn’t help but stare at her shape. Everything about her was perfect. She moved her arm and wrapped it around me, placing her head on my chest, her shirt riding up, revealing even more of her perfect thighs, more than I could handle. I stopped breathing, something that she noticed. She chuckled lightly as she looked up, piercing my eyes with her captivating gaze. 
“You can breathe, you know” she whispered softly with a hint of amusement in her voice. I let out a small embarrassed laugh and then I noticed that the shirt she was wearing, was mine. 
I could have sworn that my heart skipped several beats. 
“Is that my shirt?” I asked in a small voice, half shocked, half excited. She blushed and even in the dark, it was visible. 
“Maybe” she answered and hid her face in the crook of my neck. Merlin, I got drunk on her scent. Sugar and spice, she was a combination that never failed to amaze me. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. I could feel her heart beating a tad faster.
“I like it better on you” I whispered. After a few silent seconds, she slipped away from my touch and I felt empty at the sudden loss of her warmth.
“Sirius, what are you doing here? It’s two am. Sure, your shirt could wait a few more hours” she asked confused. She wasn’t angry at me because I had kind of woken her up in the middle of the night. Her eyes were fixed on mine and I couldn’t do anything but stare back at her.
“I guess you’re right” I murmured in an attempt not to reveal the actual reason and get away without telling her what I needed to. I got out of the bed. At least, that was my intention. Her hands had me pinned down against the mattress in a matter of seconds. 
“I know. You, however, haven’t answered” she said, her voice firm but kind. Her body was almost on top of me. She was literally all over my senses. I could try and talk to her-say all those things that had kept me up all those nights. I wanted to, but I was not good with words. 
I took a deep breath, recollected my thoughts and wrapped my arms around her middle. I flipped us over, trapping her underneath my body. She didn’t move. Was I too bold? Of course, you moron. She doesn’t like me like that! And why would she? I’m no good for her. She needs someone pure, not… me. 
Her big, bright eyes were staring at me, her rosy cheeks and her plump lips, provoking me.I leaned down and placed my lips on hers. I wouldn’t call it a kiss-it wasn’t like anything I had experienced before. It was so pure and innocent and simple, yet the fire was already burning inside of me. Her lips moved after a while-she.. was she responding? Was she kissing me back? Her mouth opened a bit-did she really want this? I broke away, reluctantly. Her eyes shot me an almost judging look.
“I like you. More than like. I-I’m sorry if I over-” but I was cut off by her. Her hands had a strong grip on my shirt, pulling me down to her, crashing her sweet lips to mine. She cupped my face with her small, elegant hands. 
“Finally” she breathed out against my lips. And then I just froze. What if I cheated on her? What if I- I wasn’t good enough?
“What is it?” she whispered tenderly, while her slender fingers played with my hair. I felt guilty. Had I just destroyed the chances of my best friend to find a better man? 
I brought a hand to her cheek, caressing her soft and delicate skin. 
“I’m not good enough for you, love” I admitted. She just leaned to my touch and slowly brought her lips to mine, never breaking the eye contact we held. Like, she was telling me ‘how can this not be good enough?’ And it was more than just good.

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Freezing Rain

For @voltronwhumpweek2017!

Day Two: Hypothermia 

Summery: Lance couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jump around in the rain again, despite it being a little on the cold side. He should’ve checked with Pidge about it, first.

Ship: Klance

Word Count:1890

Extra Note:f For this story I made up a planet! The planet is named Lackto (Lack- toy) and the inhabitants are Lacktoians (Lack-toy-an-s) That’s it, enjoy! :^)

Is that what I think it is??” Lance all but yelled through the com waves as he, Keith and Shiro Hunk and Pidge entered the orbit of yet another planet sending out distress signals. As the five lions approached the ground, Lance felt something all too familiar begin to lightly pelt Blue. Lance swore if he wasn’t needed for the most important duty of being (arguably the best) paladin of Voltron and chasing Galra away from this planet to free its inhabitants, he would’ve cried.

Rain. God, Lance had missed rain so much.

“Pidge, this is actual water, right? Not some kind of acid or poisonous mystery liquid, right?” Lance asked, hoping her lion would be able to give them some information on what was falling from the sky (besides them, obviously.)

“.. My scanners are telling me it’s plain old H2O Lance.”

“Are you serious?? Really?? Thank you, Lackto!” Lance shouted, practically jumping up and down in his seat.

“Stay focused Lance,” Shiro’s booming voice brought Lance back to reality, though Lance was sure he could hear the smile in his voice. “We can play in the rain once we free this planet of the Galra.”

..Did Shiro just say …Play? In the rain??

Lance was going to make quick work of this mission. There was so much more at stake here, so much more than Lance had anticipated. I wanna play again..

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a Study in Red

Find this chapter here on Ao3.
Unbeknownst to Tim, Jason falls unexpectedly hard for a college kid that lives off brie.
The slow-build Stolen Kisses prompt wherein Jason needs a tutor and Tim miraculously finds the time to pencil him in. 
Author’s note: You know, my entry for the Feb JayTimWeek that turned into 25K+ words (and still going??). 
The biggest hug to @tanekore​ who is the most patient and supportive being on this planet, who did an art for this and has been holding onto it for an eternity. I still have a few chapters left to write, but in terms of posting…it was time.

Chapter 1:

“What’s the what?” Tim asked, propping his phone between his shoulder and chin. The class was packed and he struggled squeezing behind other students to get to an empty seat.

“If I’m on a building that’s thirty feet tall and the width of the street below is twenty feet wide–”

“What?” Tim interrupted again, just before bumping into a girl by accident. The hall was pure chaos, and Tim barely had a chance to offer her an apologetic smile before scrambling to claim an empty chair a few feet away. “Where are you?” he asked against the cool screen of his smartphone. “I mean – thirty feet tall? In Gotham?”

“Tim, ix-nay on the erd-nay – it’s a simple question. If the building is thirty feet tall–”

“Uh,” Tim interrupted, rifling through his pack in an effort to find his pencil bag. “I hate to break it to you, but no building in Gotham is thirty feet tall,” he countered, his voice nearly lost to the dull roar of the lecture hall – the place was a boisterous haze of mid-semester dread. “It’s an architectural thing. Each floor does have, like, a ten foot standard but you’ve got to calculate the interstitial space, and—”

“Tim,” Jason said, half-serious. “Timbo-yo-himbo. Timbo-Slice . You’re making this way too complicated.”

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sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

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Make Me Forget (Grayson) Part 1

Summary: Certain moments in life and certain people are worth forgetting. Forget the pain, and forget the ones who hurt you. But sometimes you need a little help to forget. Can he make her forget? Or will she forget him?

Word Count: 2966

Warnings: Some cursing.

A/N: Hey lovelies! This is our first ever mini series!! Angie, and I were talking one day, and I just had this crazy idea to write a little story. Angie was against it at first, because we never done any writing on our blog before, so we didn’t know if we would be any good at it, but after some convincing, she gave in! We threw around some ideas for a story line, and well here we are! We never really written anything before, so feedback from you guys would be great! That way we can get an idea of whether or not you guys like it, or if you guys hate it! Seriously don’t be afraid to tell us we suck! We love you guys! Hope you guys enjoy Make Me Forget ♥

- Quick s/o to @dolan-twin-trash for pushing us to do this! Thanks babe, love you! ♥  

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“Two years! Two fucking years, and he breaks up with me over a damn text message?” I screamed to myself, as I pace around my apartment searching for my car keys. I managed to find them, and walked over to the kitchen island to grab my purse, before making my way out the door of my apartment, and towards my car.

 My make up was half done, my hair was still in curlers, I was in my sweats, and house shoes. I honestly look like a fucking train wreck. I was in the middle of getting ready for my date with my boyfriend Trey, until he texted me and pretty much broke up with me an hour before our date. I picked up my phone to call my best friend Cristina, to let her know that I’m on my way over. I called her about three times, and just my luck no answer! I suddenly realized that she was probably over at her boyfriend Ethan’s apartment. I quickly made a u-turn and started heading that way. 

The whole drive there, all I could think about was why Trey could’ve wanted to break up with me. He didn’t even bother to call me! I mean seriously breaking up with someone over a text message is probably the most cowardly thing to do! I didn’t even care about the date at this point. He ended a two year relationship over a 4 word text message! I was so deep in thought that I didn’t realize I had already pulled up in front of the apartment complex. 

Before getting out the car I grabbed the hoodie that was in the passenger seat and threw it on because I was only wearing a Nike sports bra. I pulled out my phone to call Cristina one more time, before heading upstairs. Still no answer. “What the hell is this girl doing?” I whispered to myself, rather annoyed. I understand she’s with Ethan, but she always answers my calls. Hell she even answers the phone when their having sex!  I quickly brushed away the thought, and started heading up to the second floor. 

“2110, 2111, 2112 …” I counted as I passed the apartments making sure I didn’t pass it up. “2116.” I whispered, as I approached the apartment door. I raised my hand getting ready to knock, but the door swung open revealing Ethan’s twin brother Grayson. He wasn’t in his usual sweats or shorts, instead he was wearing black ripped skinny’s, a black t-shirt, his typical Vans, and he had his hair hidden under his red beanie. He looked like he was getting ready to head out somewhere, then I noticed the camera in his hand, so I assumed he was on his way out to record some stuff for their YouTube channel. His voice broke me out of my thoughts.

“Y/N? You look… Uh what’s up?” Grayson asked looking a little confused at my appearence. He was starring at me as if I had a second head sticking out of my neck. 

“Is… Is Cristina here?” I replied, my voice a little shaky. I can feel myself wanting to cry, but I tried my hardest to hold it in, not wanting to cry in front of Grayson.  

“Um no, her and Ethan have been gone all day. They should be back in a little bit.” “Are you okay?” he asks, examining my face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I spoke almost at a whisper, with my eyes locked on the ground. Feeling a tear crept its way onto my cheek. I tried to wipe it away as quickly as I can without Grayson noticing.

His eyes widened at the sight of me crying. For as long as we’ve known each other, he has never seen me cry. To be honest nobody has, other then Cristina. “Oh my god, Y/N you’re crying! What’s wrong?” Grayson asked, as he walked towards me with his arms open, ready to embrace me into a hug. As much as I could use a hug right now, I didn’t let him hug me. I knew that the moment he hugged me I would just start bawling like a baby. I took a small step to the side, and his eyebrows furrowed together. 

“You have stuff to do.” I said glancing down at his camera. “I don’t want to keep you. I’ll just see Cristina later.” I turned around to leave, but before I could even take a step, I felt Grayson grab on to my wrist causing me to turn around.

“I can film later…” he paused, giving my hand a light squeeze before speaking again “We’re friends, you know you can talk to me about whatever. But if you don’t want to talk to me, then you can stay here, and wait until Cristina comes back. I just don’t want you to leave upset, ok?” My eyes finally left the ground, and I looked up at him. “Ok… Thanks.” was all I said. His hazel eyes that were once filled with worry, now have a hint of relief in them. His pink lips curled up into a small smile, revealing the dimples in his cheeks. 

I stepped inside the apartment, and immediately I noticed how clean it was. 

“Wow, I can actually see the floor in here this time.” I chuckled a little, thinking about how there’s usually clothes all over the place, dishes piled up in the sink, and their beds never made.

“Ethan spent all night cleaning, because Cristina was coming over today. He even cleaned my room. Not that I’m complaining!” he said, as he was putting his camera away. 

I made my way to the living room, and plopped myself on the couch. I pulled out my phone deciding to text Cristina to let her know I was at the boys’ apartment, but I ended up clicking on Trey’s messages instead. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn’t help it …

Trey: Hey, we’re breaking up. 

Y/N: What?

Y/N: Did you seriously just break up with me over a text message??

Y/N: And literally an hour before our date? Wtf Trey?

Trey: Can’t talk rn. 

Y/N: Fuck you asshole!

He broke up with me just like that. No reason, no explanation, nothing. It was as if the two years meant nothing to him. I can’t help but wonder if it was something I did. I honestly didn’t understand. 

“Y/N? Hello?” I could here Grayson calling me from the kitchen, but I couldn’t find the words to say anything. I could feel the lump growing in my throat, and I could feel the tears blurring my vision. Next thing I know I’m sobbing on Grayson’s couch. 

I felt someone take my phone out of my hand, and I figured it was Grayson since he was the only other person there. After a few seconds I felt his strong arms wrapped around me, as he gently pushed my head into his broad chest.

“Fuck Trey! He’s an idiot!” Grayson whisper into my ear, making me realized that he had read the text messages. Which I don’t mind. I mean Grayson and I have been friends for a while now. I met him when Ethan, and Cristina first started dating a year ago, and we’ve been close friends ever since. He knew about Trey, we all would hang out together from time to time, but you can tell him, and Trey never really had a liking for one another. I never knew why though.

Grayson and I just sat there on the couch, his arms still wrapped tightly around me. He didn’t say anything, he just moved his hands up and down the middle of my back. It was comforting, making me calm down a bit. I picked my head up to rest it on his shoulder.

“Nice hoodie, by the way.” he spoke, breaking the silence in the room. I looked down at the hoodie not remembering what kind of hoodie I was wearing. Then I realized it was Grayson’s hoodie. “Thanks, some idiot left it in my car!” I rolled my eyes causing him to let out a laugh as he playfully pulled the hood over my head. After our fit of laughter, the room quickly broke back into a silence. My head was still resting on Grayson’s shoulder, as I fiddle with the sleeves of my hoodie.  

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, causing me to dart my attention towards him. I was about to say something, when Grayson’s phone went off signaling that he had just received a text message.

“It’s Ethan. He forgot the apartment key.” Grayson rolls his eyes, as he gets up to go open the front door. 

“Y/N? What are you doing here? I thought you and Trey had a date today?” Cristina asked. “And why do you look like that?” Ethan asked clearly amused at my appearance. Causing him to receive a slap from Grayson. 

“Have you been crying?” Cristina asked, clearly noticing the puffiness of my eyes. She walked towards the couch and takes a seat next to me. “What’s wrong?” she asked. I could feel all three sets of eyes on me. Great I guess everyone gets to see me cry like a fucking baby today.

 I let out a sigh before I started to speak.

“Trey… Trey broke up with me.” I spoke almost at a whisper. “He texted me while I was getting ready for our date…” I paused and looked at my best friend who had a sympathetic look on her face. “He broke up with me over a fucking text message! Who the fuck does that?” I was pretty much screaming at her. I hid my face in my hands, and as if on queue the tears just started rolling down my cheeks.

Cristina was comforting me, talking shit about Trey, and saying things to make me feel better. What any girl would do when their best friend is going thru a break up. Ethan and Grayson would occasionally do something stupid trying to make me laugh. It was sweet, I’m glad Grayson convinced me to stay, because I probably would’ve been at home curled up in my bed, listening to sad break up songs, feeling a lot worse.

“I think I’m gonna head home.” I said which caused Cristina to untangle herself from Ethan so she could get up to check her phone, that was on the coffee table. “But it’s only 9. Stay!” she said trying to give me her little puppy dog face. “It’s been a long day, and I just want my bed.” I said, as I was getting up off the couch. 

Grayson wanted to walk me to my car, which I thought was sweet of him. All day he kept asking me if I was ok, doing everything he could to try and get a smile out of me. He honestly was the sweetest, and I’m lucky to have a friend like him.

“I’LL CALL YOU LATER!” I heard Cristina yell from the living room. Grayson and I chuckled a bit hearing Ethan telling her to shut up. 

We got to my car, and Grayson placed an arm on my shoulder pulling me close, wrapping both of his arms around me. His embrace was warm, and his strong, muscular arms felt like a protective shield around my body.  

“No more crying ok?” Grayson said, as he pulled away from our hug. “I’m serious Y/N! Call me if you start to feel sad, or wanna cry, or whatever!” he said in a more serious tone. His eyes met mine, as I finally looked up at him. “I will.” was all I said before turning away to get into my car. I drove out of the parking lot, and started making my way back home.

When I got home, I decided to take a long hot shower. I turned on the water, and quickly went in, letting the hot water hit my body. I had just started conditioning my hair when I heard a knock at my front door. “Seriously?” I said rather annoyed. I got out of the shower, grabbing a clean towel from the towel rack, and dried myself off. I grabbed the bathrobe that was hanging on the back of my bathroom door, and quickly put it on, so I could so see who it was at the door. I figured it would be Cristina, since I never had anyone come over my apartment besides for the twins, and Trey. 

“I’m coming!” I yelled from my bathroom so that whoever was at the door could here me. Apparently they didn’t, which caused them to knock on the door harder. “I said I’m co….” I paused when I opened the door, surprised by who was standing outside my apartment.

“…. Grayson, what are you doing here?” I asked a little confused. 

“I just wanted to come by and make sure you were ok. Did I interrupt your shower?” he asked noticed the conditioner that was still left in my hair. “I mean you did, but its okay. You had a good reason.” I smiled, causing him to laugh.

I let Grayson come inside, and he walked into the kitchen and placed a shopping bag on the counter. “What’s that?” I asked rather curious. “I bought you some candy, and ice cream. I also got you a movie. Well I got a few actually, I didn’t know what you wanted to watch, so I got you 5 so you can pick from. If you don’t like none of them then I can go get some more I mean I ….”

“Grayson!” I cut him off. “I like all of them actually. Thank you, this was sweet of you.” I said. “Thank god!” he said sounding relived. “You can pick a movie, we can watch it when I finish washing this conditioner out my hair.” I said before walking off into my bathroom. I finished washing off my hair, and grabbed a towel wrapping up my wet hair. I cursed myself as I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom with me. I walked into my closet, which happened to be connected with my bathroom since I had a master bedroom. I grabbed a pair of pajama shorts, and a 4OU shirt I got when the guys went on tour last year. 

I walked into the living room, finding Grayson on his phone. He looked up from his phone, when he heard me enter the room. I plopped down next to him on the couch, resting my feet up on the ottoman in front of me. “So what movie are we watching?” I asked reaching for the bag of sour patches Grayson got me. I smiled, realizing he knew what my favorite candy was. 

“We’re gonna watch Frozen because I know that’s your favorite movie.” he said getting up to put in the dvd. “But I thought you hate that movie.” I asked as I put a piece of candy in my mouth. “I do, but since I’m such a great friend, I’ll watch it with you. Just this one time though!” 

We watched the movie, and had a few conversations here and there. It was nice to have Grayson here. He kept making me laugh, with his corny jokes, and his awful singing whenever he tried to sing along to the songs. I enjoyed his company, I really did, but I sort of wish that it was Trey that was here with me right now instead of Grayson. I missed him, I wish I knew why he broke up with me. The more I thought about it the more angry I became. I started going thru my phone and started deleting all of our pictures. I came across a picture of us at our two year anniversary dinner. We looked so happy. 

“He didn’t deserve you.” Grayson’s raspy voice brought me back from my thoughts. “He’s a douchebag, who didn’t know what he had. He’s gonna be the one that hurts in the end, because he let you go. You deserve so much more then that piece of shit.” Grayson’s voice sounded angry but soft at the same time. 

I laid myself out on the couch, putting my head in Grayson’s lap. “Thank you Gray…” I paused when I felt his hands running through the ends of my hair. “For being there for me today, and for being here right now.” I said, feeling my eyelids get heavy. 

“I’ll always be here for you. I promise.” he spoke at a whisper, but loud enough for me to hear. I laid there with my head in Grayson’s chest watching the movie that was playing on the tv, as he continued to play with the ends of my hair, as I drifted to sleep.

❧ j.ww | assassin!au

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pairing; seventeen wonwoo x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!wonwoo, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

tags; @lunarjihoon

  • wonwoo
  • you’d think
  • the calm assassin?
  • nOPE
  • ok maybe a little 
  • every mission
  • he plans out exactly of what should be done
  • super careful and detailed
  • so
  • when you, just a random ,,, office worker,,,
  • kept getting in the team’s way on an important mission
  • >:((((
  • sorry but that person has to be dead !!
  • before tomorrow !!!
  • but no that didn’t happen
  • the murder mission kept being pushed back
  • he slowly lost his shit 
  • “wonwoo? you okay?”
  • "NO I’M NOT”
  • "wow”
  • honestly
  • his teammates never saw him like this before
  • so they were like
  • ??
  • who were you and what did you do to their wonwoo lol
  • he was always a calm and peaceful guy
  • ironic to describe an assassin like this but really
  • he can stab someone a couple of times with a straight face
  • he’s pretty scary lol
  • but this time n oPE
  • it has always been his ,,,, goal ,,, to do his job and missions cleanly
  • aka without any other person getting injured
  • or involved
  • or whatever
  • but aha 
  • ahahaha
  • ahHAHAHA
  • your oblivious ass kept getting in the way
  • he tried doing his job both at night and in the afternoon
  • also nope
  • you would be working all the time
  • bc you lived down the frickin street
  • and your boss liked you lmao
  • so he always called you back for overnight shifts
  • and you didn’t mind bc the pay was really good
  • but wonwoo is irritated
  • like
  • this whole time, all the team needed to do was to take out your boss
  • he’d done some,,, shady things
  • so
  • he needed to pay the price
  • but every time wonwoo’s team was close to accomplishing the mission
  • f inALLY?
  • NO
  • you came walking in
  • asking your boss something that? wasn’t clear or something?
  • and
  • wonwoo was getting
  • no matter when he would go,,,
  • you’d always be there
  • it was like you could sense these things ffs
  • meanwhile you were just like
  • "wow the boss is sure getting a lot of visits lately”
  • aka dense as hell
  • your boss noticed
  • that you always came walking in when he was just about to get killed
  • yes, he started recognizing the assassins
  • and he started having ideas of using you as his little protection
  • he knew wonwoo’s team wouldn’t kill any innocent person
  • and no matter how important your own work was
  • you’d get super curious
  • who were all these handsome men???
  • so every time you’d come up with some excuse to go over
  • like you were young and dreamy ok
  • ok
  • your boss was internally so gleeful like oh y/n you’re here!
  • anyways
  • he had a visitor today too
  • standing in front of his desk
  • and,,,
  • he was so cUTE
  • wearing a deep blue suit with…  a beanie?
  • weird combination
  • but it somehow made him even more attractive
  • andd it was your first time seeing him
  • bc the previous times, wonwoo’s other teammates were the ones doing the actions ,,, and failed
  • so
  • normal routine :D
  • “hey sir? my printer broke, is it okay if i use yours this once?”
  • he nods, a little too eager to be normal
  • you thanked him and frowned a little once your back was facing him
  • like um why are you excited for me to use your printer
  • but suddenly you just felt a shadow over you
  • and you turned around
  • and faced the handsome stranger
  • and???
  • he looked so irritated?
  • like
  • what did i do wrong ??
  • is it forbidden to look at you?
  • it kinda was
  • because
  • that would mean you’d remember his face
  • and
  • wonwoo was planning to end the mission today
  • that automatically meant an end to your boss’s life as well
  • but 
  • you
  • were 
  • still
  • what you didn’t know tho
  • is that woozi hacked the cameras in the building
  • and all of wonwoo’s team were laughing their butts off
  • because
  • wonwoo? angry?
  • they could literally see his shoulders going up and down with his deep breathing
  • and
  • wonwoo was so askfhsdkfh
  • he almost took out his gun to shoot you instead of your boss like oH M Y GO D
  • no wonwoo,,, calm down,,,
  • she’s not worth that
  • besides
  • she’s 
  • kinda innocent??
  • no but you kept mesSING UP HIS PLANS
    wonwoo was having an internal conflict with himself lmao
  • he couldn’t take it anymore nd just
  • “sorry, but i think it would be best if you leave this office.” 
  • you looked at him like ???? why ?? i need the printer tho?
  • and your boss just interrupted
  • “y/n, go ahead and use the printer” 
  • and your boss pulled out his own gun from his own suit pocket and pointed it @ the stranger like yOU HO LD THE FUC UP TOO
  • “i told you to leave.” 
  • you were literally standing behind the stranger,,,, who was holding a gun,,,,,
  • you were gonna faint
  • and your boss suddenly just changes his gun’s direction to aim it @ you ????
  • you froze
  • and your boss was staring so hard @ the stranger
  • “put your gun down or i’ll kill her" 
  • ??? me?????
  • like omg boss are you stupid or are you stupid 
  • the stranger doesnt know me whY ARE YOU USING ME AS HOSTAGE
  • but yo
  • yoyoyo
  • he does
  • wonwoo lowers his gun
  • and your boss slowly does too
  • but sIKE wonwoo suddenly raises his gun again & shoots your boss
  • who collapses
  • of course
  • and you scream
  • and wonwoo just covers your mouth like shuT UP
  • you were just fucking shaking
  • your legs already gave out lmao
  • wonwoo was literally holding u up while his hand was over your mouth
  • i thought this was business related?
  • what have all these handsome men been doing here then?
  • all to fucking murder your boss?
  • wonwoo slowly removes his hand from your mouth
  • “calm down, i’m not the bad guy” 
  • you were gonna scream in his f aCE
  • but no you saw the bloody mess in front of you and just burst out crying
  • and you passed out 
  • in his fucking arms
  • yay
  • .
  • .
  • when you woke up, you were ,,,
  • ?? home
  • okay what 
  • you jolted upright and started checking your arms for blood stains for some reason
  • it wasn’t like u were the one who murdered someone omg 
  • you noticed a little post-it on your nightstand
  • with a number 
  • and a “i’ll explain. everything’s settled. you’re not involved.”
  • you felt so disgusted like omg you just witnessed a murder
  • do i report it
  • but the note says that everything’s settled 
  • does that mean that they escaped the police
  • or does that mean they discarded the body ,,,,,,
  • you shivered just thinking about it
  • and you suddenly remembered
  • ??? why am i home??
  • you ?? fainted ?? in front of the stranger??
  • how did you get here??
  • does he know where u live ??
  • how ????????????
  • ok you were gonna cry
  • and suddenly there was a knock on your door
  • nOT your main door
  • you meant your BEDROOM door
  • you were this close to passing out again bc YOU LIVED ALONE
  • the door opens by itself before you could even do anything and you squeeze your eyes shut and pressed your palms against your ear
  • “what are you doing?” 
  • eh
  • that voice is familiar
  • you open your eyes and saw the stranger murderer
  • you closed your eyes again like no omg im seeing things
  • “oi.” “y/n.” 
  • he got your name ofc
  • “get out.” 
  • “i’m trying to explain—” 
  • “you don’t have to! i’m not involved! you said it yourself!”
  • wonwoo was shocked at ur outburst like wow
  •  ,,,,, you seemed meek
  • “okay, fine, i won’t talk about it. but are you okay?” 
  • you didn’t speak bc no you were not
  • “look, no one’s gonna hurt you. i won’t, either. i’ll stay outside till you can talk.” 
  • and hell yes he did stay outside
  • like he wasnt usually like this
  • but you were just ,,, so smol,,,,
  • need to protec
  • so that happened
  • you weren’t really upset about your boss’ passing or anything tbh
  • i mean, he did point his gun at you
  • and you two weren’t v close too 
  • and like a few hours later (you slept), you slowly went outside
  • and wonwoo had to stop a smile from spreading on his lips
  • “you better?” 
  • you nod slightly and told him that u didn’t wanna hear whatever happened
  • and wonwoo understood 
  • but he wanted to like
  • make you feel okay
  • bc he knew you were still pretty damn traumatized
  • he basically followed you everywhere
  • bc you were scared that someone was just gonna whip out a gun and start a mass shooting
  • and he just ,,,,
  • stays by your side ,,,,,,,,,
  • yep
Set Up // Lip Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif
Summary: Lip and you like each other and not one of you knows that except for Ian. Ian sets the both of you up on a surprise date at the Alibi Room so that the two of you could get to know more and hopefully confess your love for Lip and Lip would do the same. 
A/N: This one is requested by an anonymous, and somewhere near the end of the story will have some dancing part. and you could choose any song you like! x Requests are still open so feel free! 

“Hey Ian, what does Y/N likes?” Lip asked. “Well, she likes listening to bands and she likes to drink shit tonnes of beer. She’s Y/N, Lip. She’s a simple girl.” Ian said getting up on his bed. “Are you sure? She doesn’t like flowers or take long walks at the beach?” Lip asked once again.

Ian rolled his eyes, putting on his shirt. “Yes, Lip. She loves having picnics too and listen to Justin Bieber on her car, squealing happily. No, Lip! Of course, she doesn’t like flowers and takes long walks at the beach!” Ian said. 

“Come on, man! Y/N’s your best friend, is there anything else she likes besides beers and listening to bands?” Lip asked. 

“Lip! Again! She’s a simple girl! give her beer and CDs of her favourite band, she’ll be really happy!” Ian said.  “Why can’t you just tell her you like her, Lip? I mean its simple, call her up and tell her you like her. And I bet you 50 bucks if she said that she likes you back!” 

“What if she said she likes me. BUT as a friend.” Lip said, looking up the ceiling. “Jesus Christ, Lip. I don’t care anymore, you’re on your own, Pal.” Ian said, going out of his room. Lip watched Ian leave the door and sighed. 

Ian walked down the stairs and saw his siblings eating their breakfast as Fiona makes the last breakfast for Lip and Ian. “Ian! Come eat breakfast!” Fiona smiled, gesturing Ian to the seat so he could eat. “Oh, sorry, Fi. I can’t today I have to go to work, Kash won’t be in. He and his wife are fighting again, so I have to take over.” Ian said, giving Fiona a kiss on the cheek before he heads out the door. “Bye, guys!” Ian said, leaving the house. 

“Bye!” everyone said. 

Ian arrived at the store to see Y/N reading a magazine. “Hey, Y/N,” Ian said going behind the counter. “Hey, Gallagher! How’s Lip? I never heard anything from him anymore? Is everything alright for him?” Y/N asked. “Yeah, he’s just busy with school stuff,” Ian said. “So anyway, how’s it going with Kash and Linda?” Ian asked. 

“Oh, Kash just left a minute ago. Actually, when he left , you came in.” Y/N said, putting down the magazine on her hand and started to stock some food on the shelves. “Let me do that for you and you work at the counter,” Ian said, walking towards Y/N, and he felt his phone vibrated in his pocket. He reached for his phone and saw he got a message from Lip. 

Hey, mind asking Y/N what kind of bands she likes to listen? I owe you big time, Ian. 

Ian sighed, putting back his phone in his pocket. He started to place all the food on the shelf, as he watched Y/N walked to the counter. Ian stopped working as he thought of a good idea for Y/N and Lip to be together but he started to have second thoughts that the idea of his won’t work. “fuck it.” Ian whispered. 

“Hey, Y/N. What are your favourite bands?” Ian asked Y/N as he started to put back the food on the shelf again. “Hmm, there’s a lot. I can’t think of any. They’re all good.” Y/N laughed. “Come on, there’s got to be that one band you really love,” Ian said. “Okay, Nirvana is my favourite. “ Y/N said. “Why’d you ask?” 

“I just need new songs on my phone, I’m starting to hate the music on my phone.” He laughed. “Oh, by the way, there’s this Hawaiian themed party at the Alibi tonight. Do you wanna come?” He asked Y/N, hoping she will say yes. 

“Sure! Will Lip be there?” Y/N asked. “Sure.” Ian smiled. “Cool.” Y/N smiled back at Ian, as she continued reading her magazine. Ian looked away and took out his phone texting Kevin. 

Ian: Hey, Kev, could you please set up a romantic table for Lip and Y/N later tonight at the Alibi. Probably cover the table with white cloth and put some flowers on the table and candles. And also put a sign that says ‘Hawaiian themed party inside” outside the Alibi. 

Kevin: yeah, sure will pal! 

Ian smiled, “yes!” he whispered to himself. He now then texted Fiona. 

Ian: Hey, Fi, can you cook a romantic meal today? And go to the Alibi, tell Kevin I sent it. I’m setting up Lip and Y/N on a date. They don’t know about it. So, please? 

Fiona: How sweet, sure! I’ll make spaghetti and some mashed potatoes! 

Ian turned off his phone, putting it back in his pocket and started to work.

h o u r s l a t e r

 The door opened at the store making Y/N and Ian look. “Hey, Kash, what’s wrong?” Y/N said. “Linda and I are good now. I settled everything, so you two can go home now and have some rest!” Kash said. 

“Cool, Let’s go Y/N, we’ve got a party to attend to!” Ian laughed, grabbing Y/N with him out the store. 

Once Ian arrived home he was greeted by Debbie when he came in.  “Hey, Ian,” Debbie said, carrying Liam. Ian greeted back as he went upstairs just to see Lip still in bed. “Damn, Lip. I’ve been out for like hours, and your still there.” Ian said, taking off his shoes and hopping to bed. “Yeah, cause I can’t think of anything that I can impress Y/N,” Lip said. “Well her favourite band is Nirvana. And there’ll be a Hawaiian themed party at the Alibi later.” Ian said. 

“Nope, not going today!” Lip said sitting back up in bed. “Y/N will be there.” Ian smiled. “What time is the party?” Lip asked. “Later, so you got 20 minutes to get ready!” Ian said. “Shit.” Lip jumped down his bed and ran to the bathroom for a quick shower. “Do you know what time Y/N will be there?” Lip shouted from the bathroom. “No, but I know she’ll be early,” Ian shouted back. 

Lip quickly dried himself inside the bathroom and went straight to the room and started to pick some clothes that could make Y/N be attracted to him. “Do you think Y/N will like this?” Lip asked. “Just wear it and go,” Ian said. 
“You’re not coming?” Lip asked. “I will. But I’ll go catch up.” Ian said.  Lip just nodded, “I can’t believe I’m going to see Y/N tonight!” Lip said running downstairs.

“Where are you going?” Carl asked him. “A party,” Lip said, opening the door. “Can I come?“ 

"Nope.” Lip slammed the door and headed to the Alibi Room. 

As Lip was near the Alibi Room, he then sees Y/N arriving, walking towards him. Y/N stopped right in front of Lip. “Hey. Are you here for the drinks too?” Y/N smiled at Lip. “Yeah, free drinks.” Lip laughed. 

Y/N smiled and looked down as Lip stared at her. Y/N cleared her throat. Lip snapped out of it, “Right! Let’s go in.” Lip opened the door and let Y/N enter first. Lip and Y/N saw the table, well prepared with candles and flowers. Kevin came out from the storage room for the beer and saw the two. “Great, you guys are here,” Kevin said, with a smile, placing the beer down on their table. “Come sit!" 

"Where’s the party?” Lip asked. “Oh, Ian set you guys up. He wanted the two of you to get to know each other.” Kevin said. Y/N smiled, “Well he did a pretty good didn’t he?” Y/N walked towards the table and sat down. “Aren’t you going to sit with me?” Y/N looked back at him. “Y-yeah. Sure.” Lip said, walking towards the table. 

Kevin went and get the food that was well prepared for the two. “For tonight’s menu is spaghetti with mashed potato. Made by the one and only Fiona Gallagher.” Kevin said. “And before I leave, a date will never be complete without a romantic music.” Kevin started to play some songs. “Well, Lip its all on you, man,” Kevin said, giving Lip a pat on the shoulder before heading out. 

“Ian’s dead when I get home,” Lip said, drinking beer. “It’s alright, I mean we do need to know more about one another, you know.” Y/N said as she started to eat her food. Lip smiled at her, “I like your shirt.” Lip said. Y/N looked down at her shirt, “Oh, it was just 10 dollar at a thrift store so I had to get it.” Y/N smiled. “Worth it,” Lip said. 

They went on and ate their dinner, happily and laughing at funny stories they’re talking about. “God, Lip. You’re a funny guy!” Y/N said. Y/N’s favourite song started to play and wiped her mouth with the towel that was placed on the table. “This is my favourite song! Come on dance with me!” Y/N stood up and offered Lip a hand. He took her hand and danced. Y/N placed her head on Lip’s chest. “I like you, Y/N,” Lip said. Y/N looked back up at him, “I like y-” she got interrupted by Lip. “As a friend? I knew that, fuck, I’m dumb. Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that. I knew you’ll say tha-" 

Y/N gave Lip a passionate kiss, making him hold her face. Lip broke the kiss and smiled. "You didn’t even let me finish.” Y/N said, wrapping her arms around Lip’s neck. “Well, I think I know what you’ll say anyway,” Lip said, kissing Y/N again. Y/N pushed Lip away and laughed as Lip continued to kiss her everywhere. 

Lip and Y/N spent their whole night dancing and getting drunk together until morning. “I love you, Ms. Y/L/N!” Lip shouted. Y/N laughed and shouted the same. “I love you too, Mr. Gallagher!" 

Forbidden // 2

Request: this is part two to Forbidden because I NEEDED a part two goodnight, I hope u enjoy it

Warnings: none i don’t think!! A little fluff at the end!

Notes: hope u enjoy it :)

“I’ll see you later, mom. I’m going to be late for work!” You secured your bag straps and walked toward the elevator, grabbing your keys on the way. You heard your mom shout out a ‘bye’ from the other side of the complex as the doors closed. You scrolled through your playlist, trying to find a song to fit your mood when the doors finally opened and you walked to the front door of the complex. You sighed as you saw today’s newspaper on the floor, reminding you of the date. It’s been about a month and a half since Peter broke up with you and you couldn’t say that it didn’t affect you. You couldn’t help but think that Peter hadn’t been telling you everything – especially considering you always caught him looking at you at school, not to mention you had found him following you home to make sure you got there safe once or twice. You tried calling him, texting him, hell, you even tried emailing him, but he never answered so you began to choose the fate of it being completely over.

What you failed to notice, however, was the infamous Spider-Man following you home at night, curving every mugger or potential threat to you. Peter had been miserable, not that he could tell anyone about it. He had tried to convince Tony to talk to Natasha, but that was no help. Tony was a first-hand witness of what being involved with a non-avenger could do to someone – he didn’t want you to be Peter’s Pepper, so instead he offered him his fatherly advice, a pat on the shoulder and a sympathetic smile.

“Peter, can I talk to you for a second?” Peter had been training at the tower for the past two hours, pausing only this once to look at the captain. He requested F.R.I.D.A.Y. to turn the music off as he took off his boxing gloves. He nodded at Steve and headed over to sit on one of the benches, Steve following him. “How are you doing?” Peter shrugged, not really knowing what to say – Steve and Natasha were pretty close, and Peter didn’t know how the captain was reacting to Natasha’s decision to keep Peter away from you. “I mean, how are you doing about (Y/N)? You’ve been in here almost everyday the past month.”

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.”

“Why do you think there’s something you’re supposed to feel?” Peter shrugged again, sighing.

“I don’t know. I just assume since it wasn’t my decision to end things, I don’t really know how to react. I’m sad, I guess? It’s hard, you know? It’s like she was ripped away from me, yet she’s never too far. Which just hurts more. It just…”

“Sucks?” Peter chuckled a little, looking up to see Steve giving him a comforting smile.

“For lack of better words, yes. It sucks.” Steve nodded, putting his hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“Is she worth it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on, Peter. You and me both know that if worse comes to worst, you wouldn’t let anything happen to (Y/N). So, why not fight it? Natasha knows it, too. Having a mom as an avenger isn’t too great, either.” Peter looked at him in confusion. “There are plenty of people who hate Natasha, no offense to her, but that’s just a fact. All I’m saying is it wouldn’t be horrible for (Y/N) to have two people who are willing to do anything to keep her out of trouble.”

“Won’t Natasha be mad at you for telling me how to get her daughter back?” Steve laughed, his head hanging down as he shook it. He lifted his head again, shrugging with a wide smile.

“Like most things, she’ll thank me for it later. Now, go get her, Parker.”

“Peter? What are you doing here?” Peter had pulled his suit on in a hurry, slinging his way to your apartment building. He pushed his way past Natasha, noting that he would probably regret that in the very near future.

“I need to talk to (Y/N).”

“What? Peter you’re still in your suit, also we had a deal-”

“Natasha, I can’t do it.”

“Peter?” He and Natasha both looked toward where your voice was coming from, seeing you there with a blank expression on your face. “Can’t do what? What are you doing here?” It wasn’t until now that you registered what he was wearing. “Are you dressed like Spider-Man for a reason?” Peter walked up to you, ignoring the daggers that Nat was giving him as he took your hands, you hesitated before letting him hold your hands tightly in his.

“(Y/N), I need to tell you something.”

“Peter.” He looked at Natasha, a warning look on her face. It almost made him back down, but his mind drifted back to Steve and he held his head high. “I should have told you this a long time ago, but I was trying to protect you. This is who I am, and me being Spider-Man was the reason I had to break up with you, your mom was trying to protect you-”

“My mom?” Your hands retreated from his, looking behind him to see your mom standing there, stiffly. “You told Peter to break up with me?”


“It wasn’t her fault,” Peter interrupted her, another thing he’d regret later, “she wanted to protect you, I did, too. That’s why I didn’t fight it, but god, I miss you. And no matter whether we’re together or not, I am always going to protect you.” You smiled softly at Peter, him returning it. Not that either of you had noticed, but Natasha smiled at you both too. Feeling slightly guilty that she hadn’t realized how much you both cared for each other.

“I’m glad that you came over tonight.” Your voice wavered a little bit, causing Peter to subconsciously reach his hand up to caress your cheek. “I really miss you.” Peter smiled widely, slowly leaning down to kiss you, before you could however, you heard your mother clear her throat.

“I just,” Nat shook her head, mumbling ‘I can’t believe I’m saying this’, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” You looked at your mom shocked, knowing how hard it was for your mom to admit defeat. “It would be nice knowing that if I’m ever unavailable to you, that Peter will be there.” You smiled slightly, until realization hit you.

“Wait, does that mean you knew each other before I introduced you two?” Peter and Natasha both nodded, giving you a sheepish look. You laughed a little, “I’d be mad if I wasn’t so happy that Peter’s here.” You blushed lightly when Peter winked at you, leaning down and giving you a soft peck. “You owe me so much more, it’s been a hell of a month and a half.” Peter laughed and pecked you again.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll repay my debt.”

starryiedd  asked:

Jeanmarco bakery au "You come in every day and buy the same thing but today we're out of it and your pouty face is so cute WHAT can I get you instead, my number maybe"

i am. very sorry this took so long to finish holy FUCK but i really really enjoyed this prompt i love u for sending it THANK YOU

Jean leaned on the counter, his palms flat on the fake wooden surface, his neck straining as he stared down the street. He kept throwing the occasional glance at the last chocolate chip muffin in the display case, just to make sure it hadn’t disappeared.

“You waiting for your boyfriend, Jean?” Reiner’s voice cut through the low hum of the store, booming over the quiet conversations, much to Jean’s chagrin. He stiffened, turning to glare at his bulky coworker.

“He’s not my boyfriend, asshole.” Jean hissed. “I just want to make sure he gets his muffin. There’s only one left, and he’s been getting them every day since I started working here. I don’t want to throw his daily routine off, or whatever.”

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Ooh ooh Keith and reader's wedding with fem pronouns if possible?!

Yes yes yes yesyesyesyes I love weddings oml!!

Also I am so sorry for the wait??? I wanted to make it good. ;u; And I’m still not entirely happy with it.


Tap, tap tap, tap, tap tap…

A quick, one-two staccato, slowly increasing in pace as the seconds dragged on, virtually unnoticeable over the music. Keith’s fingers beat a similar rhythm on his thigh, just slightly out of sync with his foot.

Tap tap, tap tap tap, tap tap…

“Mullet, I swear, you’re making me nervous,” Lance hissed at his side, lightly shoving their shoulders together. “Stop tapping!”

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Kinda angsty hc. Michelle is in the middle of a terror attack and gets injured svang a child from something. Peter is freaking out. You can sork with this How ever you want

OH MAN OH MAN DO I HAVE IDEAS FOR THIS NONSENSE…and also, YAS for MJ not getting kidnapped or some nonsense (although I kind of love that trope, too)…I love the idea of Michelle getting hurt because she is being badass and taking no shit

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