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freddykrueger!au pt. 2 [final]

((A/n: this is my first attempt at this suspense???? I’m so worried it sounds really rushed to me but I wanted to share and I… Shdjskdn idk pls be patient with me while I figure out this genre)

warnings: mentions of suicide, mental illness, murder, gore pls proceed with caution and mind the tw!




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Ponds || Tom Holland

| Tom Holland Imagine| 



“You know, if you get any closer to that duck, you’ll fall in the pond,” I heard a soft chuckle from behind me. I turned around to face Tom. He stood with his arms crossed, looking at me with a smile. I took a small step back, but the muddy ground prevented me from stepping any further back, I felt myself slipping and soon enough I felt the cold impact. Water splashed everywhere, a few ducks cleared the space around me. 

“Told you so.” 

I sent a glare as I tried to get out of the water, failing miserably. I looked up at him and let out a huff as I saw him stood, doubled over laughing. He walked towards me and helped me out, still laughing at my misfortune. I trudged past him, shivering as the air began to get colder around me, I was freezing cold. I shook, trying to dry myself off. 

“Can we go? Please?” I asked, still shivering. Tom took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders before pulling me into him. I warmed up a bit, but not enough. Burying my face into his shoulder, I wrapped my arms around his torso, holding him tight. He chuckled and kissed my wet hair as we began to leave. 

I had a few strange looks off of strangers as we passed them, I couldn’t help but feel awkward as a few stared down at me. Finally, we reached Tom’s house, only to find his brothers standing in the garden, watching as we approached them, me still shivering. 

“What in the world happened to you? You look like you just went swimming in the pond!” Harry stated with a chuckle making me roll my eyes as the three boys began laughing, Tom chucking along with his brothers, he soon stopped when I slapped his chest. 

“You got the pond part right, although she didn’t go swimming… She actually fell into the pond,” the boys erupted into more laughter, catching the attention of their mom, she exited the house. Her eyes widened as she took in my appearance, rushing to my side almost immediately.

She rubbed my arms in attempt to warm me up, “what happened? Tom?! You was supposed to look after her. What did you do?” Tom raised his hands up in defense. 

“I didn’t do anything! She got too close to the pond and fell in. I did warn her!” He defended himself, his mom send him a glare as she took me from him and into her arms, I was about to say something about her clothing getting wet, but she had already rushed me into the house. From outside, I could hear the laughter start up again. 


“Are you mad at me?” 



Still no reply. 

“Okay, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed at you and I should have told my brothers to stop, lesson learnt! Please forgive me, I love you so much. Pleaseeeeeee?” Tom kissed all over my face, landing onto my lips. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. 

I pulled away and smirked, “we’re going to the park again tomorrow.” 


I smiled, “no reason, but I’ll give you a warning, stay far away from that pond. You might slip or someone might accidentally push you in, just a tip.” I stated before kissing his lips once again. 

Tomorrow will be a fun day. 

Like legit, I do love BATIM for what it is, but… that post (link here) really did an excellent job pointing out the lost potential in it.

That being said, hmm.  The way the game’s story seems to be going, it makes sense why the enemies aren’t as cartoony as all that.  It’s like the story is about the attempt to bring cartoons to life, and the utter failure in doing so.  The horror doesn’t come from the cartooniness, it comes from the thought of “what on Earth were these people thinking, turning to Satanic demon worship?”

Unfortunately, the upshot of that… is that you could achieve that same horror without cartoons.  You could replace the cartoons in the story with practically anything else, and it would only change minimally.  If you’re gonna use cartoons, you should really take advantage of what cartoons are.

It’s almost making me realize that the current story of Bendy and the Ink Machine… shouldn’t be a horror game at all.  It should be an action/fighting/exploration game, with mildly creepy elements…

…like Epic Mickey.

Every way you turn on this matter, there’s really a game out there that did it better.  FNAF did the whole “meant to be innocent and goofy, actually horrific” vibe spectacularly.  Epic Mickey took the notion of cartoon characters being created and forgotten fantastically.  And Cuphead just nails the whole 1930s style down pat.

BATIM, in an attempt to be all three, falls short on every front.

Augh.  I do love this game and its concept, though.


I made Angelic Pretty’s Fresh-picked Strawberries for Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Feel completely free to use this, it took me like three hours and nothing would make me happier than knowing others are actually getting use from it :’D

If you’d like another colorway of this dress, shoot me a message and I’ll change the base color for you~

I’m still fairly new to turning clothes into designs on acnl but if you have a request lemme know and if I feel like it, I’ll make an attempt!

Puppy Love - Part 7

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Puppy Love

“Tell me, Sandra. Do you think she’ll pull through?”
“I don’t know. I wish I could say yes.” The intern nurse, Sandra, replied. “You have to realize though, that even if she does come out of her coma…I mean…You saw the scans. The long term memory damage would be so severe and we don’t know what else could be wrong if she wakes up-”
“Don’t say if. There can’t be ifs.” Luhan looked at her. “Whatever ends up happening, we can fix it. I know we can.”
“Then what will we do?”
“When she wakes up, she’ll be in danger.” Luhan thought of Jinwoo. He couldn’t ever let Jinwoo find her. “She’ll have to live out in the world like everyone else. It’s what’s best for her.”
“How will you do that?”
“By cutting off any trace that leads back to Jinwoo, or our pack, her wolf side, even me. If it’s erased from her memory then it must stay erased from her memory. Her mom in America gave her an English name. She can start going by that instead.”
“If it helps, you can transfer her to my university so I can help too.”
“You’d be willing to do that? You’ve done more than enough already.”
“I’m in too deep to just walk away now, aren’t I?” Sandra giggled awkwardly. Luhan placed his hand briefly on her shoulder.
“Thank you for everything you’ve done. I don’t think she’d be here right now if it weren’t for you.” Luhan looked back at Miyoung. “Our pack will have to keep their distance from now on.”
“Where does that leave you?”
“Me? I will do my best keeping an eye on her just in case all of this isn’t enough. She could remember everything one day, she also might not. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if she never remembers, I’ll still be there to befriend her all over again. Never again will I leave her side. Ever…”

Marianne had already went back to her apartment to change into clothes more appropriate for work. Deciding on her dark blue blouse that she tucked into her black jeans with matching dark blue heels, she made her way down the street with Chanyeol of course right by her side.
“So where’s that Luhan?” Chanyeol’s deep voice broke the silence between them as they walked together.
“I’m not sure. Last I saw, he was with your family. He’s talking with them somewhere now I guess.”
Chanyeol nodded, “Okay. He better not keep them too long though. I don’t want to get bored sitting in your coffee place all day.”
“Hey, you’re the one who wouldn’t stop whining about being left alone at the apartment.”
“I’m sorry I can’t help it. Every time you leave I get sad. I would always think you would be gone forever.”
“That’s just your two dimensional dog way of thinking.” Marianne nudged his side to wipe the frown off his face. “I’ll never be gone forever.”
“You promise?” He looked at her with hope and joy in his lit up eyes.
“Of course.” She smiled up at his tall figure.
He smiled his thousand watt smile in content at her words. Passing by them, he noticed a boy and girl walking together like he and Marianne were. They were smiling like he and Marianne were, too. The only difference was that the boy and girl who passed them had their hands together with their fingers entwined. Chanyeol turned his head to follow his gaze at the two in his curiosity at what they were doing and why. His gaze shifted from the couple down to Marianne’s hand that was ever so close to his own. He cocked his head to the side as the idea came to his mind, thinking about whether or not he should do it.
“What are you doing?” Marianne looked down at the feeling of Chanyeol taking her hand in his, entwining their fingers like the couple he saw. Looking up at him, she saw him make a small half smile at her, his eyes holding so much affection behind them.
“Seemed like the thing to do.” He shrugged, his simple words making her heart flutter.
Luhan wasn’t there when Marianne and Chanyeol arrived at the coffee shop. She hoped he wouldn’t be too late coming in because she knew how big a fit Kyungsoo would have if he did.
“Hey, Kyungsoo?” Marianne called out to her boss who was just finishing handing coffee to a customer. “I have a friend here who is going to be here while I’m on my shift. He’ll just be sitting in the corner over there, is that okay?”
“This is a coffee shop, what the hell do I care?” Kyungsoo grumpily replied, as he usually would, before retreating back into the kitchen.
“Okay then,” Marianne took Chanyeol to the table in the corner by the window and sat him down, “You’re going to sit here for today. The bathroom is right over there just in case, and snacks are on me. And just to make sure you don’t get bored, you can have this.”
Marianne handed Chanyeol a tablet with headphones already plugged in.
“What’s this?” He looked at the device in confusion.
“It’s my iPad. You can watch whatever you want on it. Youtube videos, movies, dramas, anything. And you wear these so only you can hear it.” Marianne grabbed the headphones and put them on his ears.
“I don’t think this will keep me occupied all day, Marianne.” Chanyeol said in disbelief while looking at the list of drama shows in disinterest.
“How you doing there, Yeolie?” Marianne asked, a few hours into her shift.
“Shh.” Chanyeol shushed her, not taking his bloodshot eyes off the drama playing on the tablet.
“And kdramas have claimed yet another soul.” Marianne giggled to herself while going back to work. “Maybe they’ll teach him to behave like an actual human.”
“I’m here!” Luhan burst through the cafe door.
“Damn it, Luhan! What kept you all this time?” Kyungsoo made sure to raise his voice at his friend.
“I’m sorry. I got held up.” Luhan gave Kyungsoo a certain look, letting him know it wasn’t something he could just say aloud. It was about talking to Suho and Yixing more about Jinwoo after all.
“Don’t let it happen again.” Kyungsoo grumbled. His expression suddenly changed when he looked out the window and saw a few familiar faces, “Look out. Visitors.”
“What visitors?” Luhan scoffed before turning around to see just who the visitors were.
“Hey, Luhan!” Kai waved happily.
“What’s up?” Sehun waved with him.
Luhan’s jaw dropped in shock at seeing them. Why were they here? They knew they had to keep their distance from Marianne. Why would they come when Marianne was clearly here?
“What-What are you guys doing here?” Luhan asked, attempting to keep his tone nonchalant.
“We’re here for coffee, of course.” Minseok grinned mischievously, letting Luhan know they definitely came with different intentions. They came to see Marianne.
“Oh no, you have to leave.” Luhan attempted to usher them to the door, “You know you can’t be here.”
“What’s the problem, Lu?” Marianne approached with a happy expression, “It’s okay, you guys. You don’t have to leave.”
“See? The lady said we can stay.” Sehun smirked at Luhan, making Luhan want to growl at him.
“You guys can sit right here!” Marianne gestured to the booth table and they gladly sat. “What would you like?”
Minseok raised his hand, “I would like a large hot coffee, light and sweet please.”
“Just a small hot coffee for me.” Kai raised his hand next, “You can surprise me with how you make it.”
“Okay, and for you?” Marianne looked at Sehun who was sitting at the end of the booth.
“A medium iced french vanilla swirl latte with whole milk and exactly four packets of sugar with whipped cream on top.”
“Wow, you’re just as fancy and picky as my friend Sandra.” Marianne laughed as she tried to keep up with writing it all down. “Now if you could just give me all your names I can go ahead and get started.”
All three of their expressions fell at her words. What else were they planning to expect anyway? She was speaking formally to them. She treated them like strangers since they walked through the door. Why should one of their closest friends not knowing their names hurt? But before she could notice something was wrong, the three gave her their names and she smiled sweetly, going off to make what they asked for. Once she was gone, Luhan took the opportunity to sit with them.
“She seems to be doing well.” Kai attempted to sound optimistic, but still couldn’t help but feel sad.
“She is. She’s doing very well.” Luhan replied, folding his hands on the table.
“Has her memory improved at all?” Minseok asked. Luhan shook his head.
“Not that I know of. And don’t feel bad, guys. She doesn’t recognize Kyungsoo either.”
“Yeah, that makes it better.” Sehun rolled his eyes sarcastically. “We thought-No. We hoped after all this time there would’ve been some improvement. That’s why we’re here.”
“I was hoping for the same thing but-” Luhan immediately cut himself off when he spotted Marianne coming back over with three cups of coffee.
“Here you are, boys.” She set the tray down and handed the three their desired coffees. “Is it okay?”
“Great!” Kai made sure to give her a thumbs up.
Sehun smirked to himself as he sipped his latte, thinking of a clever idea. He looked up at Marianne then across at Luhan, putting that idea into action and speaking Chinese. “Hey, Luhan. This is really good. I should come here more often.”
“Really? Thank you! I tried my best to try making sure I got everything right since you were so picky, and…” Marianne replied instead. Pausing her rambling, she noticed she was replying in flawless Chinese. She had no idea she knew Chinese.

“Okay, one more time.” She broke the Chinese phrase down, “This-is-really-good.”
“This is, really good.” Sehun repeated after her. “How was that?”
“Perfect! You even said all your tones correctly.” She grinned happily at the pup.

Marianne noticed all the boys looking up at her while she was drifted off in deep thought. Was that a memory? What exactly just happened?
“Marianne?” She heard Luhan’s voice, “Are you okay?”
“I’m…” Marianne struggled to come back to reality. She couldn’t stop thinking about the memory she just had. She looked down at Sehun and the rest, suddenly feeling herself become extremely uncomfortable. Did she actually know them? Was she supposed to know them? Why should she know them? Uncomfortable and confused, she retreated to the kitchen. “Excuse me.”
“Oh good going, genius.” Kyungsoo scolded Sehun, coming over from the coffee machine where he was eavesdropping from, “What did you have to go and pull a stunt like that for, huh?”
“What?” Sehun shrugged innocently, “I was just trying to help.”
“You know very well her regaining her memory is something we can’t let happen.” Luhan pointed his finger at him.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry.” Sehun frowned, “We just can’t take staying away anymore. We miss Miyoung. We miss you two being with us as a pack like the good old days.”
Kyungsoo nodded shamefully, “You think keeping up this act isn’t hard for me or Luhan, too? It’s not easy, but it’s something we all have to do for Miyoung’s sake.”
“You’re right.” Minseok nodded back.
“You mean you being a grumpy bossy dill hole is an act?” Kai smirked at Kyungsoo, managing to make the others laugh, Kyungsoo giggling back in the most sarcastic way possible.

“I hope you’re not stupid.”
“Because falling in love with me is a very stupid thing to do.”
“Well, then I will. Because I’m just that stupid.”

Chanyeol watched the drama with anticipation. He noticed he could relate a lot to the male lead’s feelings. He watched as the male lead expressed his feelings for the girl in various ways, making Chanyeol watch in curiosity. The man bought the female lead flowers. He took her out to eat food. He helped her out with little things like tying her shoe, fixing her hair, and getting things off the top shelf for her since she wasn’t tall enough to reach. Were these all things he should do as well to properly express his affection like a normal human?
Eagerly watching what could possibly happen next, he was left dumbfounded when the male and female lead put their lips together. What in the world was this action? He tilted his head to the side and pouted his lip in curiosity and confusion. In that moment, Marianne came out from the kitchen, looking like she was feeling better than she was before. Chanyeol looked away from the scene and up at Marianne who currently wasn’t paying any mind to him as she was focused on working. He gazed after her, feeling that familiar something in his heart. He looked back at the drama couple finishing their kiss then back at Marianne, realizing he really did want to do the same thing.
Marianne finished making a caramel latte for a customer and assured Kyungsoo she was feeling just fine now. While in the kitchen, she had assured herself that she was simply overthinking the incident that occurred with Sehun. She knew she had forgotten many things from that accident which already felt like so long ago. Maybe Chinese was one of those things. Was that truly a big deal? She assured herself it wasn’t.
Seeing the sugar packet container empty, she went to the shelves where they kept their supplies and reached to grab a new box of sugar packets. The only problem at the moment was the shelf the box was on, was the top shelf. On her tippy toes, she reached her arm up as far as it could go, which only had her fingertips just barely being able to touch the edge of the shelf.
Feeling someone approaching her, she turned her head and saw Chanyeol appear next to her. He easily and swiftly reached up and grabbed the box, not taking his eyes off of Marianne as he did so. Smiling sweetly and confidently, he handed her the box, not saying a word.
Marianne didn’t know if she was blushing from embarrassment or the fact that Chanyeol seemed to have a habit of staring through her. Not able to keep eye contact with him, and also to hide her pink cheeks, she took the box from his hands, “Thank you.”
She peeked up at him when he still didn’t say anything. He really did have a habit of staring through her, didn’t he? She blushed more and giggled nervously.
“Why do you keep doing that?” She asked. He didn’t answer. Instead, his fingers gently took a loose strand of her hair and tucked it behind her ear, just like the male lead in the drama had done.
“Marianne?” Chanyeol’s deep voice finally spoke. He was so nervous all of a sudden and he couldn’t understand why. All he was trying to do was ask her to go out with him like he was supposed to. He didn’t think it would be this difficult. The guy in the drama made it look so easy. Taking a deep breath, he decided to just go for it. “Would-Would you, I mean, do you want to go-”
“Afternoon coffee crew!” Sandra burst through the door in her nurse scrubs, “Where’s my usual?”
“Got it. Just on time.” Luhan looked at the stop watch on his phone. “How do you do it, Sandra?”
“I’d tell you, Lu Lu, but then I’d have to kill you.” Sandra smirked at him. “Now get me my usual.”
“Yeah, get going,” Sehun snickered with Kai, “Lu Lu.”
Luhan couldn’t hold back a growl this time, being sure to keep it hushed enough so only the three stooges at the table could hear it.
“Half regular and half decaffeinated?” Sandra asked as Luhan stood from his seat and got Sandra her already prepared coffee.
“Three packets of sugar?”
“Soy milk?”
“Inch of foam?”
“Melted mocha on the bottom and caramel on top?”
“Wait,” Luhan pretended to panic, quickly inspecting the coffee to purposely tick off Sandra. “Yes.”
“Okay, perfect.” Sandra took the coffee cup from him and sipped it. “It’s a little cold.”
“Hey, at least I didn’t neglect to put in that third pack of sugar. Now either throw it out or drop an ice cube in it and be on your way.”
“Now, Lu Lu. Is that any way to talk to a lady?” Sandra batted her eyelashes teasingly at him.
“No, it’s not. Why else do you think I said it?”
“Oh snap!” Sehun and Kai gasped in unison.
Luhan’s comeback had Sandra fuming, making him want to laugh. She sharply turned to the two who were snickering in their seat, being sure to look directly at Sehun.
“Shut up you wimpy little puppy.” Sandra scoffed before stomping out with her coffee.
“Yeah. I like her.” Minseok grinned, patting Sehun’s shoulder since he was sitting in between him and Kai.
“I’ll have her know that I am full grown, thank you very much.” Sehun grumbled, adjusting his leg crossed over the other.
“I’ll never understand why they’re always like that to each other.” Marianne couldn’t help but laugh, shaking her head. “Anyways, Chanyeol, what were you trying to say before?”
“Oh, I uh-” Chanyeol quickly tried thinking of the words again. What was he saying before Sandra interrupted him? Why was this so difficult to ask of her? “-I was going to ask you if you would, I don’t know, maybe want to go out somewhere. You know, with me. Sometime.”
“Okay.” Marianne happily replied, making Chanyeol’s thousand watt smile make it up to his eyes as he nearly jumped up and down on the spot in excitement.
“Yeah. Why not?” She couldn’t believe it. Did she really beyond seriously just accept going on a date with Chanyeol? Was it a date? Did he want it to be a date? Did she? Those dramas had to be getting too much into his head.
“What’s going on with Miyoung over there?” Kai whispered, trying to discreetly point over to Marianne with Chanyeol.
“What do you mean?” Sehun sipped his latte.
“That giant dog thing with the big ears just asked Miyoung on a date, dude! Are you deaf?”
“Oh.” Sehun raised his eyebrows at the realization, “Oh! Oh…That means…”
The three looked over at Luhan who had also obviously overhead the conversation. They never saw Luhan look so heartbroken. Of course they all knew how Luhan had always felt about her. They were beginning to believe Luhan really did see her as his mate and he had made them swear not to say a word about it. Now what was he to do?
“Poor Luhan.” Minseok and the rest frowned in sympathy for their friend.
Outside the cafe, Jinwoo stood across the street, observing the scene in front of him. There was no doubt in his mind now. The entire pack being there and hearing what they said was enough to confirm it.
“Yeah, I’m sure of it now.” Jinwoo grinned slyly, brushing his free hand over the scars on his face, his other hand holding his phone to his ear. “Miyoung’s alive. And I think I know exactly how to trap her.”
Jinwoo shifted his gaze from Luhan over to Chanyeol who was helping Marianne take something else down from the top shelf. He chuckled to himself at how easy it was going to be.
“I’m going to use her mate.”

anonymous asked:

Those cosplayers were so rude, lemme at em (ง •̀_•́)ง I bet you looked amazing!! I wanna see!!!!! ( you don't actually have to tho! I just love seeing people's cosplay because I just love it all so much! >.<)

Let’s take them down together anonny!!! We’ll take down the rude haters by showing them just how awesome our cosplay is!! But, uh, I mean do you really want to see my cosplay??? It’s pretty rough but I want to promote cosplay positivity so I’ll show you my dumb attempt at me cosplaying as Seven!!


Please ignore the fact that this was taken in my bathroom since my apartment lighting sucks and also ignore my very awkward pose. But yes I hand-sewed all of those freaking yellow pieces that took me like three months. Like Seven, get an easier jacket for cosplaying! But I want to share this to show everyone that you should cosplay as whoever you want to no matter what you look like because individuality is what makes us special!! So cosplay away my friends!! :3

Dammit I just realized that I don’t have my orange headphones on oops


You were the weird girl in high school, the 5 year reunion was a disaster, and now it’s your ten year high school reunion. You planned on not going, but Pietro, your best friend, isn’t going to let you miss it and surprise your former classmates. At first he was just going to be your date, but now you’re pretending you’re happily married and have a kid, and you’re both enjoying your classmate’s dumbfounded faces. Only problem is, now you wish it were true.

Warning: sexual references/situations, language

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words:  4,116

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Hostage part 9: Finale

Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst (ish), violence, swearing

This is the last part, sorry if it seems rushed; but I had to put an end to it. This thing was becoming a monster in my head. 

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Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis

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haisley  asked:

I love your writing! Especially the angsty ironpanther ones. If your taking prompts, could you do more of the secretly married ironpanther AU? Maybe the Avengers find out that T'Challa is married but don't know who?

Anonymous said: I love your secretly married ‘verse. Can we pretty please have more? Maybe the others finding out they are married? Or anything else really. You dragged me into rare pair hell ;) 

Anonymous said: Omg? Like now i really need the avengers reaction when they found out tony is married to T'challa? And T'challa and everyone in wakanda being really mean to Steve because of what he did to tony?

Anonymous said: please please please, would you write the team finding out about Tony and T'Challa for your secretly married verse??? (Or theorise about how it would go down??)) <3 

Okay by obviously popular demand, I give you more of the Secretly Married IronPanther verse. (Last drabble for it here.)


T’Challa remained perfectly polite to the Secret Avengers upon returning. If they noticed something was off, none of them dared confront him about it.

Shuri had no such compunctions.

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Transgender woman who groped girl, 15, spared jail

Judge allows a transgender woman, 57, who groped a 15-year-old girl’s breasts in a motorway traffic jam to start a new life 100 miles away            

  • Dawn Love from Lightwater, Surrey, tried to put her hand down her victim’s shorts while driving down the M3 in March this year
  • She then offered the teenager money to accompany her to see Mrs Brown’s Boys
  • Judge says crime justified imprisonment but only gave Love a community order
  • Love has a previous conviction for having horse pornography on her phone
  • ‘Bullied and depressed’ Love is thinking about moving to Dorset 'to start again’

A transgender woman who groped the breasts of a 15-year-old girl in a motorway traffic jam before later offering to take to her to see a performance of Mrs Brown’s Boys was today allowed to start a new life 100 miles away.

Dawn Love, 57, arrived at the victim’s home and offered to take her out for the day before trying to put her hands down the child’s shorts and top on the M3.

The victim got into the car because she thought another family member was coming with her, but was only followed out of the house by Love, Guildford Crown Court was told.

A judge told Love that her crime justified a prison sentence, but only handed her a two-year community order and told her that moving to Dorset might be in her 'best interests’.

Prosecutor Richard Elliot described the assault from . He said: 'She found herself in a position of being driven by Ms Love against her will.’

Mr Elliot said Love from Lightwater, Surrey, sexually assaulted her victim while driving on the motorway.

He said: 'She was trying to place her hands down the complainant’s shorts, close to the top of her knickers, but got no further. She then put her hands close to the complainant’s breasts and then started to touch the top of them.’

Love sent a text message to the girl a few days later which read: 'Do you like Mrs Brown’s Boys? Do you want to come with me to watch it? I will pay you.’

After the three-day trial, a jury took five hours and 51 minutes to unanimously find Love guilty of one count of sexual assault.

At an earlier hearing the court heard that Love was assigned male at birth but underwent a gender reassignment operation in 2003.

Sentencing Judge Jonathan Black today said: 'You placed your hands on her breasts and then attempted to get your hand underneath her shorts.

'I do make the point that the car was stationary, you were in a traffic jam, and you would have been surrounded on all sides by others cars.’

Love, who used a zimmer frame to walk into court, was acquitted of two further counts of sexual assault on the same victim.

The court heard that Love, who was handed a suspended sentence for having horse pornography on her phone in March 2015, had an appointment to view sheltered accommodation on the south coast and was planning to leave her Surrey home.

Judge Black added: 'I understand that you are seeking to leave the area and move to Dorset and that seems to me to be something in your best interests.’

Defending James Bloomer told the court that Love, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was reported to pose a high risk of suicide.

He said: 'We are dealing with a 57-year-old disabled woman with no history of this type of offending and who now has a chance to move away from the bullying and depression she is now facing and move to Dorset to start again.’

A five-year restraining order was also put in place, prohibiting her from contacting the victim, and she was ordered to pay £1,500 in costs plus a £60 victim surcharge.

As part of her community order Love from Lightwater, Surrey, was ordered to undergo two years of supervision with the probation service.

The Accident. (Gadreel Imagine)

Author: datfamilybusiness

Editors Note: Please go follow this lovely and talented person! Her blog is amazing and so is this story, I hope you all enjoy! -Mishanarry

Trigger Warning: Mentions of blood, car accident, graphic descriptions of gore, cursing, death

Summary: You and Gadreel get into a nasty fight right before you two get into a fatal car accident.

Darkness. The smell of blood. The muffled screaming of steam from the engine. A sharp stabbing pain bounced between my left shoulder blade and chest.

I tried to open my eyes, but they felt like anchors. I took a deep breath, but as I inhaled the stench of something burning, my lungs gave out, sending me into a coughing fit. With every cough, there was pain rippling through my numb body. Then I tasted it…the blood dripping from my teeth and through my parted lips. I could feel the crimson liquid pouring down my face. 

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Regarding Abigail - Part 15 (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss, In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better,Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order   FLASHBACKS IN ITALICS

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Regarding Abigail

Three days.

Three torturous, endless, agonizing days.

I stewed and beat myself up for leaving the girl, the shy actress that I’d been indulging my every sexual desire with for nearly six months. When Luke called and asked me down to the pub to toast a successful 2011, I jumped at the opportunity to get her out of my head after acting the jerk.

“What the fuck crawled up your arse and died, man?” Luke asked as a greeting. He placed a cold pint in front of me as I practically collapsed into the chair opposite him. He signaled to the barmaid for two more after taking one look at the state of me, anticipating a long night. “You’ve been a shit mood for two days.”

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prompt: Troye hasn’t been okay since the show in Sweden. His sleep schedule is far too messed up, and things aren’t looking too good.

A/N: this was an idea I just kinda had?? I hope y'all like it!!
Exhaustion. Pure exhaustion. Troye hadn’t slept properly in about three days, and it was getting to him fast. Bags were forming under his eyes from lack of sleep. His head ached and it felt like someone was repeatedly banging his head against a brick wall. It was almost three in the morning where he was, and he knew he shouldn’t be calling someone so late.

2:54 a.m.: babe call me, tell me what’s going on

He took a deep breath, slowly sighing out before he pressed the call button on Skype. It’s not like it was late for the other side of the call, it was almost eleven in the morning the day before over there, but he knew all too well that he should be making attempts at sleeping. The call was quickly answered and Troye was met with a clearly concerned blonde.

“What’s up? You gonna tell me why you’re awake this late?” Tyler knew just how late it really was in Perth for him, and Troye knew all too well that the blonde was ready to interrogate him. “Or why you’ve been so weird lately?”

Their Skype messages about thirty minutes before the call had been suspicious to Tyler before he had told the younger boy to call him.

2:29 a.m.: Troye boy care to tell me why you’re up so late in Perth?

2:31 a.m: i’m fine, i promise, don’t start worrying

2:38 a.m.: by now i know when you’re lying to me, Troye

2:49 a.m: lots of shit is happening, Tilly. don’t freak out

That was when he received the message to call him. Troye knew the minute he said all that Tyler would get suspicious and insist on knowing what was going on like any good friend would do.

“You said a lot of shit was happening. Tell me about it. Is it you and Connor?”

“Ty, Connor and I are perfectly fine. I mean, you know I’d like to see him more often, but other than that it’s nothing with him.”

“T, you gotta talk about what’s bugging you. You’ve been acting weird lately, even Con’s asking me about it because you aren’t telling him things.” Tyler crossed his arms over his chest.

Troye bit his lip, looking away from the screen as he took a minute to try and think his words through. The headache was only getting worse, his head was pounding. “I haven’t slept properly in almost three days,” he blurted out, his exhaustion causing him to be completely blunt when he wanted to avoid it right now.

Tyler’s expression softened, his eyes wider and his mouth open with a gasp, and Troye knew he wasn’t getting out of the older boy’s questions now. “Troye, what do you mean ‘properly’?”

“I…my sleep schedule is more fucked up than ever. I get like…a few hours and then I’m awake for what feels like forever, then I have to do something so I can’t try to go back to sleep. Everything is really stressful, especially now with the album out and the tour about to start, and I’m lucky that there’s a gap between shows right now. The shows here in Australia are next month, so I mean a gap is good right now. I’ve been running on empty for a while, Ty.”

“It started recently? Or has it been bothering you?”

Troye nodded, running a hand through his messy curls. “Sleeping has only been a problem lately, but since I got back from Sweden things got stressful fast.”

“You haven’t mentioned this to Connor, have you?” Tyler watched Troye let out a long sigh and shake his head. “Babe, you have to tell him what you told me. We’re all worried about you. You can’t let yourself go on like this, especially with your tour.”

“I know. I know, I know, I know. I hate worrying you all.”

“Troye, babe, you were worrying all of us more by not telling anyone you were so exhausted. Listen, I have to get going, Korey and I have some plans. Try to get some sleep. Promise me you’ll talk to Connor and get back to me?”

Troye nodded, tangling his fingers in his curls. “I’ll try.”

Tyler smiled wide. “Bye, Troye. Hope you sort things out tonight and get some sleep.” The call came to an end and Troye fell back onto his bed, tugging on his hair in frustration. The familiar ringing sound came from his laptop a few minutes later; another Skype call.

I swear, if this is Tyler again. Troye sat back up and answered the call, not bothering to check who it was. He was shocked to see a pair of green eyes and a breathtaking smile staring back at him in that very familiar place he called home, something that made him smile brightly. “Connor.”

“Hey, Troye boy, you okay? It’s really late, why are you even online?”

The smile faded a bit from Troye’s face and he simply shrugged. “Lots of things are happening, Con. I’m a very busy boy.”

“Tyler texted me and said you talked to him about some stuff going on. Is everything alright? I’m worried, Tro.” The look in Connor’s eyes told Troye everything; they expressed his concern, the questions he clearly had as Troye shrugged in response. Troye watched as his eyebrows furrowed, and he was obviously thinking. Troye could read Connor like a book, and he knew the questions he was about to ask.

“Babe, what’s going on? Why didn’t you tell me things weren’t okay?” They were exactly what Troye had expected.

“I didn’t want you worrying over me. You had things going on the past few days.”

“I got worried when you didn’t tell me what was going on with you. You seemed so out of it lately. Tell me what’s happening.”

“I haven’t exactly…had a normal sleeping schedule the past few days. I’ve been working my ass off with no energy, and I haven’t gotten more than a few hours of sleep a night.”

Connor smiled, nodding along to what he was saying. “I get it. Tro, I wish I was there with you right now, maybe it’d help.”

“It would. You’ve always been good for me, babe.” Troye smiled, yawning. At least he was starting to feel tired. He took in the older boy on the screen for a moment before tilting his head in confusion. “Con? You going somewhere? You look like you’re about to leave, should I get off?”

Connor’s smile only widened as he shook his head. “I’m going somewhere, yeah. Coming to see you, silly.”

Troye broke out into a grin, laughing softly. “You can’t be serious. I thought that-”

“I moved my flight. I’m gonna be in Australia before you know it. Tyler texted me after he was finished talking to you earlier, and I had decided to move my flight up about a week ago when you started acting weird. Clearly I made the right choice.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Connor hummed softly, shrugging as he picked up his bags. “It’s for you. We had New Years plans anyway, they’ll just start earlier. Let me go, okay? You try and get some sleep, I’ll text you my landing time.”

“Text me when you make it here safe. I’ll see you soon, babe.” Troye smiled and blew him a kiss, the older boy sharing the smile as he ended the call. He shut his laptop down and closed it, laying back on his bed. Connor was coming to Australia sooner and soon Troye would have his beautiful boyfriend staying with him. He shut his eyes and yawned, stretching out his body. He couldn’t explain it, but he finally felt tired, like he could actually get a full night’s rest. He knew it wouldn’t actually happen until Connor was there next to him, but feeling this way was a start.
Troye rolled over in his bed the next morning, attempting to rub the sleep out of his eyes as he grabbed his phone to check the time and what he had missed while he was asleep. He had slept on and off throughout the night, actually falling asleep at almost four in the morning before he kept waking up. 11:00 am and notifications from Twitter were most of what he missed, along with three texts. One that was clearly a wrong number (Troye didn’t recognize the number, and it was far too early for him to reply to figure it out), another from Blessing, and one that instantly warmed his heart and made him smile.

From: Con da Bon

4:30 a.m.: 20 hours 💜

Connor would be there in Perth, next to him, in less than a day. The thought alone made Troye jump out of bed and rush to go tell his family Connor was coming sooner than they expected. He’d be in Perth at midnight.

“Why so giddy all of a sudden?” Troye turned to see his mother smiling at him. “Let me guess! Connor?”

Troye’s smile only widened, and he knew he probably looked crazy with the smile he had on. “Connor’s gonna be in Perth by midnight.”

Laurelle’s expression brightened significantly at the news; she absolutely adored Connor, as did the rest of the Mellet family. “I thought he was supposed to be here closer to New Years.”

“So did I. But he changed his flight. For me. I can’t believe he did it.”

“Well, he knows he’s always welcome here. I can’t wait to see him!” Laurelle smiled over at her son before poking her head into another room. “Connor is going to be here around midnight!”

Following Laurelle’s announcement, there were a chorus of excited responses from the rest of Troye’s family.

Connor would be in Perth soon. The whole Mellet family was ecstatic.
Troye didn’t have much trouble staying up to wait for Connor to land. When it was after midnight, he had gotten in the car and headed to the airport. It would still be a bit before Connor’s flight landed, but Troye was willing to wait and wanted to be there when Connor landed. His phone vibrated, letting him know he had a message.

From: Con da Bon

1:13 a.m.: Just landed. I’m expecting one of those cheesy romance movie scenes with the flowers when we reunite! :P

Troye laughed softly and rolled his eyes fondly at the text. He stood back up and stretched out his legs, watching people file out through the gate from Connor’s flight. His eyes almost immediately fell on the oh-so-familiar boy with green eyes and the grey beanie they shared.

Connor headed straight over to Troye, hugging the younger boy hello with a wide grin. “Hey Troye boy. Missed you.”

“Missed you too, Con.” Troye pulled back from the hug and couldn’t hide his absolutely dorky grin. “Come on. Let’s head out.”
It was 2:38 in the morning, Troye and Connor laying in Troye’s room in a tangled mess but neither of them seemed to mind. They were catching up, Troye resting his head on Connor’s chest as they did.

“Tour’s been really great. I love it. It’s like, exhilarating.”

Connor hummed softly, nodding along to what Troye said. “You deserve it. You’re just…so good at what you do.”

Troye let out a soft laugh, closing his eyes and yawning. “You’re my biggest fan, and I absolutely love it. I love you.”

“Yeah? I love it too, and you. Love you tons. Get some sleep. We can talk more in the morning.”

Troye didn’t argue. Connor was there next to him, the stress was fading and he couldn’t help but let sleep take over.
Troye woke up to an empty bed, having rolled over and felt no Connor there next to him. He sat up and ran his hand through his hair. Had he been so delusional that he imagined all of that? Did he have to wait a real day this time?

He pushed himself to stand up, his hands inside the sleeves (making sweater paws) of the red Undefeatable hoodie he and Connor shared. He headed out of his room and into the kitchen, prepared for disappointment. However, what he was faced with instead filled him with relief. Connor was in the kitchen with Laurelle and Tyde, coffee in hand and a wide smile on his face. He was still in the beanie from when Troye had picked him up from the airport.

“Troye’s up!” He heard, turning to see all three of them smiling over at him. His mother had been the one to announce his precense.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Big shocker.” Troye laughed and walked over to Connor’s side, kissing his cheek. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Laurelle ‘aw’ and felt an elbow in his side; Tyde. He rolled his eyes and rested his head on Connor’s shoulder, yawning. Laurelle smiled knowingly and grabbed Tyde, leaving them alone in the kitchen.

Troye smiled up at Connor before lifting his head up, kissing him gently. “I thought I was delusional before. When you weren’t there I thought I imagined our reunion and had to wait for real.”

Connor smiled, resting their foreheads together. “Well, I’m really, really here.”

“I know.” Troye let out a small hum, kissing him quickly before speaking up again. “I’m so happy you’re home again.”

“I’m happy I’m home too, Troye.”

Jack Gilinsky



             *cough cough cough* you hated being sick. It was the absolute worse feeling ever cause you never got sick so whenever you did it hit you like a bus. You and the rest of the Magcon boys had stopped in New Jersey, but as soon as you got off the plane you told your boyfriend to share a room with jack Jonson mean they grew up together so it wasn’t some crazy stretch them having to share but you did miss your boyfriend. You had shut off all the lights your phone even the hotel cord was disconnected and it has been that way for the past three days. The only one who came in was Bart telling you not to worry you were missing this stop but you might want to consider going to the hospital… hhhmm see you would if you actually had enough strength to get up out of bed. You heard loud banging sound outside. You were feeling worse in comparison to three days ago but still not good and people banging on the door want helping. You ignored it they couldn’t last all day. Eventually it did stop Thank God. You closed your eyes to get more sleep you hadn’t even thought of the fact that maybe the boys had try to check up on you like it complete slipped your mind , eh it couldn’t have been that big of  deal right. You felt yourself rifting to sleep which was cut very very short in your opinion. You soon heard a rushing of feet come through the door but you physically couldn’t get yourself to turn around, thinking about it maybe the hospital was the best choice. “(Y/N) babe re you ok please wake up “You heard a very very familiar voice it was Jacks quite comforting actually. “Hey love are you ok we have all sent you text and calls and we didn’t get an answer” Shawn said rubbing your back you could tell all the boys where there because of the amount of hands rubbing your back. “Baby can you please turn around” Jack said voice getting a little shaky. “Can she even turn around” Cameron whispered. I shook my head no, even that drained the energy out of you.  “Guys she can’t move help her dammit” Hayes said. The flipped you over you winced at the sudden exposure to light. “Umm guy tell Bart imp going to get her cleaned up and to a hospital” Jack says. They all shuffled out of the room. “Baby imp so sorry I should have checked on you earlier.” He said very apologetically. “I got an idea I remember when I was sick or at least when I was little my mom take me a shower” He said very very proud of his idea. He picked you up bridal style placing you on the bathroom counter filling the tub. “ You don’t have to “ you cracked. “ don’t be silly I love you and id do anything to get you better , I hope you know imp not leaving you once we get back “ he said honestly you had struck gold he was the perfect boyfriend. He placed you gently in a full tub the warm water sent waves a relief though your body. He began washing your hair and having a bit more fun than he should. He started giggling making different shapes. He even earned a laugh from you. He probably spent a full half an hour just making shapes with you hair. Once you were done wrapped you up really tight. Giving you’re a pair of sweats to wear. Honestly your actually did feel a little bit better and cleaner for sure! He told the boys that you guys were leaving but they said were ready too. You both stared in utter confusion “Um hello she is like our little sister too you think were going to let her go to the hospital without us” Jack J stated pretty matter erectly you smiled and kept moving slowly. You ended up going to the hospital with a party of 10 joining you. Turns out you were really sick you had phuenmonia, so that meant you stayed there for like three days. Darning this time all the boys took shifts but jack stayed with you at night attempting to cuddle you to sleep. “Hey babe when we get back maybe I can give you a shower as a thank you” you wink. He blushed a deep red “id enjoy that but I bet you can’t make more shapes than me “he laughed oh he was truly perfect.


Romancedy is a matchmaking pony whose blog is well-drawn and updates at breakneck speed. If it had a few more punchlines, it’d be perfect.

I hate colour and colour hates me. Just like last time, I decided to couple this follower pic with an attempt at something new. Unfortunately, despite its minimalistic (and lazy) style, making that background took roughly three times as long as sketching, inking, colouring and shading the ponies themselves altogether.

I’m approaching 200 followers (which is around 200 more than I expected for this niche within a niche within a niche of a blog!), at which point I’ll roll some dice to see who gets a cameo. I wanna make sure it’s all people who’re actually gonna see it, however, so if I don’t see any activity on/from your account in the last month or so, I’ll probably skip you.