this took me like one hour to make


Aaaaaahhhh!! The twin’s outfits are here!! *jumps around* First, let me introduce them again. The one with dark blue scarf and green feathers is Herald of Death, the elder twin, and the one with light blue scarf and white feathers is Watcher of Souls the younger twin. ^_^ It took me about an hour and half to get both of them dressed, but they are going to wear this for a long time. Here are some random pics I took. I am planning to do some proper photoshoots sometime in the future when I gather some props and make the diorama or setup. I’m so touched!! Aaaah, they look so much like their character design! I’m so happy :’) The wait was worth it.

Sculpt: La Legende de Temps Red Dove

Faceup: Inverted Shades

Little Athlete: What time are you swimming?

Me: I don’t think I’m going to swim.

LA: Don’t be like that.  What have you done today?

Me: Nothing

LA: What did you do yesterday? Spin? That was one hour.  Sunday, you raced.  Saturday, you swam a very short distance. Friday, you took the day off.  It’s not time for a day off yet.

Dumbfounded…..or - someone wanted me out of the house ;)

It doesn’t matter what I write, one of you always finds the right thing to say.  All of you are always supportive and encouraging.  And when I need tough love….well you give it to me.

On my Tri Waco disappointment:

“I totally understand. This sport can make us easily draw comparisons with other people as to how they are doing and how much they are training , how they are performing. I do it a lot. But then I remind myself I just want to be better than I was yesterday. It takes the focus off other peopIe.  Also see lots of people make Iron Man their idol, their identity, their value. While it is something that gets us to push ourselves to our limits, it does not define us,We are so much bigger than that. “

On my Ex:

“What an asshat! But ‘you probably shouldnt’ isnt strong enough for us men, we’re dumb! 'Fuck off and leave me alone’ might work better … probably not, but worth a tri! “ I need to be firmer and more direct.  I don’t need to be nice to him anymore.  I don’t need to be mean either, but I should be able to say exactly how I feel.


In both cases, those words are true.  I am so much more than a race and sport. And I am so much bigger than the coward of a man I once called my husband.  As only @amft can say, I’ve gotta hulk smash him out of my life.  

@swimbikerundaddy, your words were perfect and needed.  Thank you.

I am constantly covered in other creatures’ drool. Tiny Strega Nona. Baby blobfish. The goddamn dogs are currently OBSESSED with licking the saltiness from my arms from all the summer sweat. This morning, I just let Kloe and Cosmo lick my arm while I fed baby blobfish because it is too annoying to tell them to stop ten times before using my serious angry voice and making them sad. And Kloe took the opportunity to migrate her licks to my hair so I felt like someone had sprayed the back of my head for the next hour.

Baby blobfish just barfed a full six ounces of formula on me because I didn’t get the bottle out of her mouth fast enough when she was done so she kept sucking on it.

More slimy drool, this time in formula form.

So I took a shower. It was glorious. I could have taken a longer one, but I didn’t need to. I just wanted to feel clean.

I open the shower curtain and before I can even reach for the towel that is RIGHT THERE next to the shower, Kloe is licking water off of my legs.



Hey guys! You may have noticed that I’m like, never over here anymore. That’s because I’m taking 3 summer courses this summer! Yep! I took one last month and I’m taking two at the same time this month.

Which brings me to my current issue.

I am broke af. Like, I-have-$.50-in-my-savings broke, because these summer courses are an hour away from home, so I drive about 120 miles a day, 5 days a week, for school alone. This makes at least 600 miles driven every week, and my gas tank only holds 15 gallons, and I get about 22 miles-per-gallon. That makes at least 28 gallons of gas every week, and with a gas price of about $2, that’s $56 a week. Without including any other cost, such as the two $160 textbooks I had to buy, or you know, food.

I need to pass these classes to keep the scholarships that are going to pay for rent and food this year, and if I don’t keep them this year, I can’t re-get them next year. Which means, I need to get to class. So, I need your help to keep me driving to class and back home each day.

UPDATE: So, the same day I started typing this up, I almost got stuck in the city I got to college in because I didn’t have the money to get enough gas to drive back home. It was not pleasant.

So, in an effort to prevent this from happening again, anyone who donates $5 to my paypal will get a small flower drawing, anyone who donates $10 will get a large flower drawing, similar to commissions. 

  • $5 for a small flower (such as a tulip or a freesia), +$3 for an additional small flower
  • $10 for a large flower (such as a zinnia or a rose like the one I’ve drawn in the link below), +$5 for a small flower as well, +$7 for an additional large flower
  • This is open for emergency gas funds until August 10. After that, anything donated will go to rebuilding my decimated savings account.

An example of my flower drawings can be found here

My PayPalMe link is here! Please message me once you’ve donated with what flower you want and if you have a preference on the palette. Thank you so much in advance! Even if you can’t donate, signal boosting means a lot to me!

[closed, thank you]

i had to go for a blood test and x ray today, and it took away up a little sum of the money i had saved up to help my mother with my fees

im.. im really exhausted

exhausted to the core

but im opening quick sketch commissions to make up for the amount lost (its nothing above $50 dont worry, but its still something that i really need)

offering quick sketch commissions with price cuts again, like the ones for my medicine bills last time. 

these can be done within 30 mins - 1 hour.  i know i still have orders to work on, trust me, i’ll get to them as quickly as i can this week

bust ($3)

 half-body ($6)

+$3 for simple coloring (either one of em)


  message @sai-shouart​ if interested

*first come first serve, serious buyers only please

i cant say enough how stressful it is for me to get messages on my art account about wanting to order something, only to have no response or payment from them for weeks when I couldve given the spot to someone else.

i’m trying to work to earn money to support myself and my family here. please dont make me wait for nothing. i am already skipping meals every day just to save enough.

let me just say that gif making is not just pretty colouring and staying inside the size limit, it’s also doing things like this:

anonymous asked:

what exactly is the story behind that picard meme you made? it's still one of the most fucking hilarious images I've seen even after like a year, but it's still completely incomprehensible to me

i was really tired at like midnight and this image popped up on my dash:

so i, being the Brilliant and Hilarious person that i am, took it into the meme function of GroupMe and made this:

I was happy with myself. I was content with my 12:28 am shitpost. But apparently somebody else wasn’t. He had to take it a step further and make this:

an hour after i made the original edit, this image made it to my dash. I couldn’t just let this guy one-up me. I needed to prove that I was the best at this specific terrible picard meme shitpost. It was 1:30 in the morning and I once again took the image to the GroupMe Meme Machine.

and that’s how i made this terrible post

potato-flour  asked:

Hey frank, how long does it usually take to make one of your videos?

Depends, the latest videos I’ve been pumping out take me a couple hours.
Longer ones like my history videos take me like several days.
Longest video was HOW TO BINARUAL BEATS, that took me 3 months.

I got tagged by @agithe​!! :D thank you!!

Rules: Tag 20 people you want to get to know better

Nicknames: Chrissy

Gender: female

Height: 5′6″ (but last doctor trip said 5′7″ which is now a conspiracy)

Hogwarts House: I swear I took a quiz thing before or somethin saying i belong in ravenclaw and just took another quiz and got ravenclaw, so that settles it xD
Favorite color: blueeeee (especially lighter shades)

Average hours of sleep: 7-9hrs

Lucky number: 13

Last thing I googled: discord bots heh

Favorite character: LINK! MARTH! Squid Sisters!! N! and many more….

How many blankets I sleep with: too many, i need all the blankets (like 1 rn cuz summer heat is killin me)

Favorite bands/artists: twenty one pilots, the killers, fall out boy

Dream trip: UK, France, or Japan

Dream job: something i enjoy and makes me happy

Outfit right now: my zelda pajammies

How many people I’m following: 379 (tho i want to find new blogs!)

How many posts I have: 

What I post: NINTENDO!!

Do I get asks on a daily basis: not usually 

When my blog was made: right before splatoon was released!!! aaa good times

Reason for my URL: i was very splatoon obsessed and wanted a splatoon themed url

and im not quite sure who to tag but anyone who would like to do this can go right on ahead and say I tagged them!! :D 

I’ve done some editing to the colors to make it a bit nicer. I’m really glad I was able to finish this for @therealjacksepticeye The Iron Giant has been one of my favorite movies for a long time and seeing jacks Iron Giant figure is awesome so I had to do this! This drawing actually took me longer than any I’ve worked on before I spent at least 3 hours on this! Hope you like it Jack!

bngtvn  asked:

#40!! (also every markson anon you get is proabably me in spirit)

  • 40: Talk about the end of something in your life. 

highschool!!!!!! okay so it was the last day and my class wanted to do something special so we all decided to go in costumes and i went as a deer (IF SOMEONE CALLS ME FURRY I SWEAR TOG GGOD) anyway i woke up at 5am to do that makeup and when i arrived the school everyone was shook (good it took me 3 hours to do that makeup) and then whole day was all about saying goodbye and make jokes and at some point, i think it was in the last class we had that day, my teacher decided to put names inside this box and make us go in front of everyone to talk about the person we got the name from the box (it was rly chill cause my classmates were literally like a family) nd then one of my best friends – we started talking only that year – got my name and he started saying things about me AND THEN HE STARTED CRYING WHEN HE SAID HE WANTED TO HAVE TALKED TO ME YEARS AGO AND I STARTED CRYING TOO FDHFHDFJHDFDF nd i dont know why we made such a drama since we were going to the same college???? but anyway!!! it meant a lot to me and some of my friends cried w us crying too hfdhjfdhfdhjdf its sad how that was the last day i saw everyone who i used to see since i was 5 lmao

ALSO JFDFHFHFHD I KNOW ROSE :// i love, respect and accept you as a markson shipper

it took me like 2 hours but I finally figured out how to record speed paints. no promises! I am simply informing that I do now have the ability to record my process. im gonna do a test run with the last of my yoongi selca painting just to see how it goes buuuut as far as doing one for an entire painting start to finish……… ahhh I dont know 😩

noodlesoap  asked:

Hey, im not sure if this issue sounds familiar to you or anyone for that matter but i was happily listening tot retrograde around 18 hours ago on spotify but now suddenly all the songs are gone except for two?? Idgi and im sad bc i wanted more listen

Yeah a friend of mine told me it’s on spotify but then all the songs went away. I think they uploaded it to spotify but took it down. Maybe they want people to buy it first to make more money off of it? It’s still not on youtube either. I’m waiting bc I don’t have the album and I’m like the only one who can’t listen to it.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Can I request scenario where Iwaizumi was told that his girlfriend might be cheating on him since she's be super close with both Kuroo and Kenma (who are visiting her on holiday) and he actually see them. But it turn out that they are her childhood friend and she think of them as brother (and she talk about Iwaizumi to them all the time that they recognize him before he introduced himself)

It;s probably bad that this took me hours to write.

Once again, I am so sorry this took me soooo long. Thank you for the request. I tried to make this one really long, for my first long imagine :-)

also, every time there’s a line between the paragraphs, its like, when the POV changes kind of okay thanks!! 

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