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MC is a Trust Fund Kid

This is one of the politest and kindest requests I got and I am so sorry it took me so long to get to it. I wonder whether whoever requested this is still around…
I really love the first suggestion about MC being a Trust Fund Kid, because I’ve always wondered how Zen would react to that. Here goes nothing!

Hope you enjoy :3

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: None
Warnings: None
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Zen
Word count: 900 + chat images 

She’d planned on telling him many times over since they’d begun dating about two years ago. Not because it was an essential part of who she was – like it was with Jumin – but because she thought Zen deserved to know everything about her.

However, it just never came up. Macy didn’t flaunt her wealth and she worked just as hard at her career as Zen did on his own, so he never questioned her motivations and drive. It still hurt to see him degrade Jumin, worrying Macy how he’d react.

Once she tried sitting him down, having a heart to heart about the situation but the moment she asked Zen to talk he’d practically broken down with worry for her well-being. It had been as sweet as it had been infuriating. Being a Trust Fund Kid just wasn’t the same as stage three cancer…

Macy’s second strategy had been to fight the problem at its core; Jumin Han. If Zen came to like Jumin, Trust Fund Kid and all, he might be more open to the notion altogether. Needless to say Macy gave that strategy up fairly quickly. About a week into it, in fact, when Zen began wondering whether she was having an affair with Jumin for defending the pompous dick all the time.

Attempt number three was to drop subtle hints and let Zen figure it out by himself. Macy started small, always paying for their dates and buying Zen increasingly expensive gifts. It earned her nothing but raised eyebrows and a hurt male ego.

She then went on to covering all their bills, going so far to suggest they move into a new, more expensive place together saying that it was time they had a home that was theirs, not just Zen’s. Zen just told her that the place belonged to her as much as him, putting her name on the lease officially.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that a series of events changed the entire game-plan. Suddenly Macy lost the capability of choosing when and how she would tell Zen and all of it because of Mr. Chairman Han of all people…

Macy was restless, walking up and down the apartment as she waited for Zen to come home. There was no way for her to tell in what kind of mood he was exactly, but from his sudden departure in the chat it didn’t look like it was a good one.

About half an hour later she heard the telltale sound of Zen’s motorcycle purring into a halt and a mere minute later the door was being unlocked. Macy froze, staring at her boyfriend like a deer caught in the headlight.

“Hey”, she greeted, voice cracking. “Welcome home.” Zen didn’t say anything at first, a variety of emotions washing over his face until it finally melted into something gentle. Macy instantly relaxed, exhaling the breath she didn’t known she was holding.

“You could have told me, you know?” His words were sincere and it calmed Macy to know that apparently he wasn’t harboring any anger towards her. She couldn’t say the same about Jumin and his father, but that was a problem for another time.

Macy sighed, shoulders sagging. “I tried, Zen. So many times in so many different ways, but something always got in the way”, she explained truthfully. “Where did you think all the money came from I paid everything with? Dancers don’t earn that much, honey.”

Zen hummed, head tilting to the side as he seemed to mull that thought over. Macy could see the wheels spinning inside his head and then the moment when all her failed attempts of telling him finally seemed to catch up with him. “Oh my God, I’m such an idiot!”

They talked for a long time afterwards, Macy explaining how her family got the money they have now and how she had very little interest in inheriting her father’s company, instead pursuing a career in dancing much like Zen chose acting over being a teacher.

Once everything was said a silence fell over the kitchen, Macy nervously fiddling with her fingers that rested upon her lap. “I hope you don’t hate me now”, she mumbled. “Because I’m just like Jumin.” Zen didn’t miss a beat to reply.

“You’re nothing like Jumin Han, Macy. Nothing at all”, he assured her, lifting her face gently so their eyes could meet. “You’re not entitled and full of yourself. You don’t rely on that money. You didn’t base your entire existence about some inheritance.”

Zen smiled, thumb brushing over his girlfriends cheek. “You are you, Macy. With a will of steel and a heart of gold. You care more about others than you do about yourself and never miss an opportunity to spread happiness and positivity.”

It felt nice, hearing Zen say those things about her, being acknowledged as a person. Macy moved forward on the chair, wrapping her arms around Zen’s neck both of them only tumbling to the floor from where he’d been kneeling before her.

“I could never hate you”, he spoke into her ear, pressing a kiss to Macy’s cheek. Then the hug was abruptly broken, the woman’s eyes blinking open as she looked at Zen in confusion who was keeping her at arms length now. “I do, however, need to have a talk with that Mr. Chairman!”

“Zen, no!”

“Zen, yes!”

theprodigalrobot  asked:

Can you talk a little bit about your experience at design school? and working as a designer? I know this is kind of vague, but like. What was your program like? How did you get your current job? What do you do day-to-day? I'm currently in college and I'm trying to decide whether to stay a biology major or switch to an art or design program. I know I'd be good at the art thing, and I might like it better than biology, but. I've been scared away from pursuing art for a long time. thanks :)


I’m gonna break this answer into design school and working full time as a designer, since they’re kind of very different things, especially given my specific design job.


It’s cool because it doesn’t feel like school
This experience may vary from program to program, but in my design program they didn’t treat us like students. It was like the teachers were the art directors at a design firm and we were their designers. Homework didn’t feel like homework. It felt like a job. I haven’t felt like a student since I graduated high school, and that’s really good preparation for the professional world.

You really need to fend for yourself
Another thing that may vary between programs. In my design school, we’d have VERY open-ended assignments. For example, I’d get the assignment “design an interactive iPad magazine” and they’d basically give us a 30 minute tutorial on Digital Publishing Suite and be like “OKAY NOW GO MAKE IT.” The thing about working with design software is that they’re really complicated and powerful so it’s hard to actually sit down and teach an entire class how to use them, so we had to teach ourselves a lot of this stuff. I’m almost entirely self-taught when it comes to Adobe programs, as are a lot of people from my program. That’s a really good thing, in my opinion. Again, it’s very good preparation for the professional world.

You will not sleep
Design school was VERY HARD PHYSICALLY for me, but the intensity of a person’s experience in design school depends entirely on the program they enroll in. I went to a design school that’s infamous for the difficulty of the program. Junior and senior year I would be pulling all-nighters EVERY WEEK OF THE SEMESTER, FROM THE FIRST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER. This is no exaggeration. For two straight years, I needed to think of my days as 48-hour periods, rather than 24-hour periods, because the volume of work was just that intense. I lost 30 lbs in undergrad and was always sick and anxious and was in therapy twice a week because it’s very intense, but also I am OBSESSED with graphic design and loved every minute even though I also thought I was dying the entire time!!

Again, may vary depending on the program. But in my program we had to produce hand-made comps of all of our print work. Paper and printing is expensive as fuck, especially for ambitious one-off student stuff. A lot of us opted to buy our own large-format printers and keep them in our apartments to avoid paying out the nose for school printing. And if you don’t want to depend on school lab hours, you need a laptop (preferably a Mac), Adobe programs (I sprung for Creative Cloud), and, in my program, an iPad was an absolute requirement. It’s SO. EXPENSIVE. 

The difference between majoring in graphic design vs fine art
I originally went to art school for fine art before I discovered graphic design. I studied fine art in Rome. I love fine art. I just love graphic design A LOT MORE and that’s because the real purpose of graphic design is COMMUNICATION. Fine art is subjective, whereas graphic design is problem solving. It’s way more intellectually stimulating, in my opinion. Yes, there are always tons of different ways to solve a design problem, but there are also wrong answers to design problems. You don’t have the crutch of subjectivity to lean on with design. I LOVE THAT. 


How I got my job
I actually got really lucky. There were two major factors in me getting my job: timing and the kind of designer my current company was looking for.

  • TIMING: I graduated undergrad in the “off semester,” meaning my last semester was the fall semester. (I needed to take an extra semester because I was really sick my junior year and needed to drop a core course.) This served me really well, because the job market wasn’t saturated with a bunch of other recent design grads. Way less competition.
  • THE KIND OF DESIGNER MY COMPANY WAS LOOKING FOR: I work for a marketing firm that had never employed an in-house designer before they hired me. They’d always contracted out. Hiring me was the start of a new business structure for them after 30 years of only employing writers. Because this was a new situation for everyone, they were comfortable hiring a young and inexperienced (and therefore cheap) designer. They were comfortable with the idea of the company and the designer growing together. That’s a seriously rare set-up. I really lucked out that they happened to be looking for that kind of setup.
  • Also, of course, I was persistent about getting my resume out there. From the September of my final semester (I graduated in December) on, I was sending out my resume to every single job opening I could find – so at least 5 a day. I’ve been an AIGA member for years, and I used the hell out of their job boards, and that’s how I found the listing for my current job.

What I do day-to-day
I’m the in-house designer at a marketing firm. This means that I do all of our in-house branding, I do some client work, and I also project manage/act as company liaison to outside design firms that we partner with for big projects. (I love that part of my job because I’ve gotten to see the workflows and processes of so many other incredible designers all while working this one job!)

It’s pretty cool because I’m the only designer there – I’m the entire design department. As a result, I kind of need to figure out how to do a little bit of everything, often on the fly! It keeps me on my toes and I love that!

I’m just gonna list off a bunch of things I’ve done, since there isn’t a day-to-day schedule:

  • Designing in-house marketing materials for the firm. (A lot of what we do is sending proposals/reports to clients, because a lot of what we do is communications strategy. So it’s TONS of pages of text. I need to make all of that shit look interesting/readable so that clients actually take us seriously.) We also sponsor marketing industry conferences and stuff like that to promote ourselves, so I sometimes get to do large-scale signage for our firm, which is kind of an interesting departure.
  • Print publications for clients (I’ve done viewbooks, briefing papers, brochures, stuff like that)
  • Ads for clients (I just recently did an ad campaign for a client that involved digital ads on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and large-scale transit ads, and a Snapchat geofilter for an event the client was doing. That was SUPER FUN.)
  • Branding (I’ve done logos for capital campaigns for clients and even got to rebrand a client earlier this year, which is SUPER FUN and where a lot of the true creative/conceptual work comes in!)
  • Interactive iPad donor invitations for big name donors to raise funds for a certain new museum in DC that has been making noise at lately. (Obama spoke at the opening!!)
  • I often need to pinch-hit for our outside design firm partners, meaning sometimes they won’t have the time to do a part of a campaign of materials themselves, so I kind of parachute in and do the work. I LOVE doing this stuff because it means I need to mimic the styles of designers that I really admire.
    • For example, we’re doing a huge campaign for a private boarding school that involves both advertisements and admissions materials. The principal firm (art directed by a former professor of mine and one of my favorite designers!) doesn’t have time to handle the ads, so I do those using a design system that they came up with. Same for some of the minor admissions materials, like a student handbook. The principal firm came up with the color scheme and the type system and the general grid, and I did the book. It’s super fun to do, actually.
    • THE COOLEST PINCH HITTER JOB I EVER HAD TO DO: We recently partnered with another of my favorite design firms to do a viewbook for a certain well-known college that used to be women-only. We wanted the final spread to include a hand-drawn chalk mural. The partner design firm didn’t have the capabilities in-house to do the mural, and my firm didn’t want to pay an outside chalk artist to do it. So they had me design and execute the chalk mural. I’d never done that kind of project, but figured it out and now my chalk mural has a full spread in this beautiful viewbook designed by one of my favorite designers!!
  • One of my coworkers and I are working on a small promotional piece as a gift to a client to promote our motion graphics capabilities. Basically we’re gonna make a simple animated holiday card for them to send out to big name donors. (It’s just gonna be a gif embedded in an email but it’ll be beautiful!) 
  • I actually have a lot of down time at my job. Sometimes we just have slow weeks, because that’s how the work schedules are falling. (Sometimes all of my drafts will be in the clients’ hands waiting for comments so I’ll have nothing to do.) During that down time, I’m always teaching myself new skills using courses on I’m currently working on becoming a WordPress developer, and I’m also working on figuring out a strategy to do dynamic iPad design now that Adobe phased out DPS as part of the CC suite, since that’s currently the only way I know how to do iPad design!

TL;DR: Graphic design is a great industry that is growing rapidly right now. You can definitely make money in design. You can definitely find a job in design. That being said, IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO GRAPHIC DESIGN, IT REALLY HELPS TO BE OBSESSED. You just really need to be willing to not sleep for a few years during school, and you need to be a self-starter as a designer because you will never learn all of the necessary skills in school. I’m teaching myself new skills every day at work, and that just comes with the territory of the profession.

quiet-strength  asked:

Hi Chal, I'm a transmasc Christian and I'm considering converting, but tbh I'm really scared. I was raised in a lot of far right wing circles, including far right religious circles, and I'm having a hard time understanding this pull I'm feeling. I keep trying to talk myself into believing I don't feel it, but I do. Every time I learn/read about judaism I start weeping because it just feels so right. Did you have experiences like this as well? Do you have any advice?

Hi! I’m really sorry this took me 900 years to answer, but I hope you’ve been able to do some more searching and exploring in the meantime! 

While my church growing up was pretty middle-of-the-road liberal, I did leave Christianity basically as soon as I was on my own in college. 

I did actually try to talk myself out of converting - three times, in fact. :) I got myself to a place where I realized I believed in the moral teachings of Judaism and even the more spiritual parts of it, but kept telling myself that just because I thought something was right for me didn’t mean I had any business pursuing it.  

I finally gave up fighting it when I had my first true awareness of being in the presence of Hashem - hard to explain, but it was such a vivid experience that there wasn’t really any doubting it. After that, I knew that I needed to convert to be able to deepen my relationship with Hashem. 

I’m not sure where you’re at with things now, but you should know that there’s nothing stopping you from exploring this. The worst thing that can happen by reading up on Judaism is that you’ll have learned a lot about a small, marginalized community that can use all of the friendly, well-learned support it can get. Even if you start the conversion process, you’re not committed to it until you finish. Conversion is a very long process and is designed to make sure you’re making a truly informed choice. 

Follow your inclination, pray about it, engage with it, and regardless of what you decide, I can promise you that you’ll at least have a better understanding of yourself and your relationship to G-d on the other side of it, even if you choose another path. 

I wish you all the best!

Soft Kylux Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!  I have successfully survived this week, and I hope all of y’all survived yours too!  

Honestly, I was def on the struggle bus for much of this week, but it was delightful to find and read so many good Soft Kylux fics.  Here’s the list for the week!  They’re all so delightful! 

Something to Blame Me Forby thewightknight

Sleepy-time Kylux fluff always kicks my ass, and this fic was no different!  The slice-of-life, domestic feel to this fic is really nice, especially when Ren is teasing Hux and Hux is teasing/ insulting him right back.  That’s the fluffy Kylux dynamic I love and adore; and I adored this fic!  

Thoughts of the Future” by LittleMissDreamHeart

Everyone knows of my adoration for Established Kylux, and this fic is a great contributor to the tag!  I love how genuine Hux and Ren’s relationship is and how real it sounds when Ren reassures Hux (I love supportive bf Ren!).  But def my fav part of the fic was when Ren dropped a literal bombshell like it was no big deal; it was very Kylo! 

sleep analysis” by Skyzuki

Another amazing example of sleepy-times Kylux, though def leaning more towards the hurt/comfort side of Soft Kylux.  The combination of angst  and comfort only made the comfort even more effective!  I loved how the fic started off with a funny description of how Ren sleeps (the author called him “a disgusting sleeper”) but then slides into some really nice angst; a good read of you love hurt/comfort Kylux! 

yes and nothing less” by arcsinx

This fic destroyed my ass, and I love it for that!  The dialogue between Hux and Ren was so domestically perfect, especially Ren’s!  I feel so sorry for the bridge crew because if I was them and had to endure listening to the Soft Words being exchanged, I would not have survived.  And I loved the ending, with my boy Mitaka being called out haha Hux is not afraid of that @ button 

Sleep” by @fandomfix8

Yeah so I’ve been meaning to read this fic for like 900 years and I’m sorry it took me so long!  But after I read it I was just…in awe of how good and fluffy it was! This fic is another perfect example of sleepy-time Kylux, with Ren being the insomniac one.  I loved how irritated Hux was at caring about Ren and then how “non-nonchalantly” Hux tried to be when getting Ren to sleep haha you’re not fooling anyone my guy.  Just so good and fluffy!  

And the blog I want to rec this week is the first ever blog I followed for Soft Kylux: @smol-hux

Her “Fluff Headcanon Fridays” are just an absolute treat, and even then the Soft Kylux flows every day!  She’s a great person to follow if you love headcanons and cute little ficlets :D

Ok so that’s it for this Saturday!  I’ll see you next week when even more fluff and joy will be recommended!  I hope next week is a delight for all of you <3

Bleach characters, the Quincy say you have only 9 days to live! Your reactions?

As requested by station11. :)

A while back, Yhwach announced that the world will end in 9 days. Bleach characters, how do you feel about having only 9 days left?

Ichigo: …..nine days?

Ichigo: Nine days?

Ichigo: NINE days?


Ichigo: That’s just so much time!

Ichigo: This final battle is gonna take like 300 chapters.

Sentoki: Good thing you’re not in a hurry or anything.

Ichigo: Yeah! Turns out that was a good plan!

Kyoraku: Nine days. Twenty-six letters in the alphabet.

Nanao: So we need to kill about three Quincy a day.

Kyoraku: I think we’re ahead of schedule! 

Hitsugaya: Has anyone else noticed that the Quincy are obsessed with the number 9?

Hitsugaya: We should defeat them in 8 days, just to piss them off.

Yhwach: You all misunderstand.

Yhwach: The world *will* end in 9 days, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Renji: Yeah but villains always say things like that.

Renji: And I know how villains talk. 

Yhwach: The more Quincy you kill, the stronger I become.

Rukia: But Ichigo will still be able to take you!

Yhwach: Oh really? Because he couldn’t the last time we met.

Aizen: Don’t depend on that, dude.

Aizen: It will end badly for you.


Mizuiro: I just wonder what he means by ‘world.’

Mizuiro: Soul Society? The human world? All the realms?

Mizuiro: Because if the Quincy are trying to destroy the whole universe, that seems like a - bad plan. 

Tatsuki: Maybe he’s just talking about the current world. I mean, if you fundamentally changed the world order, you might claim the the “world” had ended.

Keigo: N-no way! That’s an asshole way of talking!

Tatsuki: Makes more sense than the Quincy blowing up the ship they’re standing on!

Soi Fon: The Quincy have been living in shadows for a century.

Soi Fon: We shouldn’t expect them to act in a reasonable way.

Orihime: The important thing is that we work together to stop them!

Orihime: Save the world, for everybody!

Kira: I just wonder what’s next.

Kira: Yhwach woke up after 900 years, regained his intellect after another 90, ate all those Quincy after another 9 years…and now we have a 9-day deadline.

Kira: After that, does the world only stay destroyed for 9 minutes?

Kira: Or perhaps Yhwach will only rule for 9 minutes?

Kira: I just feel like minutes are being left out here.

Bazz-B: Minutes aren’t being left out, dude.

Bazz-B: “Minutes” is how long it took to defeat you!

Bazz-B: Well, seconds really….


Kira: This nine-day war can’t end soon enough for me.

heavenlyswan  asked:

hiii!! if you are taking prompts: how about emma blushing every single time, like he would compliment her and she's red, and then a little kiss in the cheek and she's flushed and he notices it and finds it adorable and do it more just to make her blush (it's too late here and idk if this makes sense but i needed to get it out and you are one of the best writers! so yeah now i can sleep bye!) xxx

Josefina, this prompt was wonderful and I’m sorry it took me 900 years to finish!! <3 xoxox

He notices it the first time it happens and he loves it.

The crimson fills her cheeks and crawls up to her ears, threatening to drop to her neck. She bites at her lip and her eyelids flutter. If he knows any better, he’d say her stomach would be tossing and clenching, almost as his does near every time he looks at her.

So he does it again. And again. And again.

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