this took me like 4 years to make

Vault || 4.36 || Round-off, flic-flac on -stretched salto bwd with 3/1 twist off || 6.20

Had a little bit of fun with this one. Just like it took Hong 4 years to show this vault, it took me 4 years to finally make a good edit of this vault. Not bad right!

SIDE NOTE: I’ll be taking what do you guys want to see next? or do you guys want me to stop? I’m open to any suggestions 

DISCLAIMER: This vault is currently not listed in the 2017 - 2020 Code of Points so all of the written information (Vault Number, Description, Start Value, and Short -Hand Character) was made up by me 


“Ah, summer break; a time for leisure, recreation, and taking ‘er easy… unless you’re me.”

So 4 years ago, this little show called Gravity Falls premiered, and it took over my life.

title: i hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old
word count: 3,038
pairing: narcissa black/lily evans
for: @ginnys (im sorry it took me like 4 yrs and this isnt a canon au)
summary: zombie apocalypse au.

Lucius doesn’t show up to their date. He sends a quick, stuck at the office, sorry babe over text, and Narcissa almost feels upset. It feels more like she’s trying to convince herself she’s upset.

She texts back, should i wait for you?

He responds, no.

Well then, she thinks.

She orders the most disgusting, expensive thing on the menu just to spite him, something he’d frown at and say, Narcissa, darling, don’t you want to watch your figure, or, just as likely, don’t you want something cheaper?

Cheapskate Malfoys. She can’t believe she’s dating him.

The waiter stands there, a smile plastered on his face, as she scans over their alcoholic beverages. “What’s good?” she asks, though she already knows exactly what she wants.

He opens his mouth to respond, and then the glass front door shatters.


And then:

Narcissa is underneath a table with a redhead. She’s not sure whether or not to be angry with her, since she was just dragged under a table. Then again, she’s also pretty sure her server just got eaten, so.

Maybe manners aren’t the most important thing right now.

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Jupiter: It’s true Oscar. I love you. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it, but I do. You’ve been the only person in my life to always make me smile no matter how sad I was. You’re the only one that has made me feel like a normal girl. Every single day I thank the universe that they sent me someone like you. I don’t know how I went through all those years without you, but now I know I want to spend every one with you by my side. Even if you’re just a friend, I’m content. As long as you’re there.. with me. 

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Gonna dive into KNK and need to know members names and some info bc I wanna love them too and some songs you guys like of theirs - pls roomies send me some help ily all xox

*cracks fingers* MY TIME HAS COME!

So KNK is a 5 Member group that debuted at the beginning of this year but it seems like its been years because they immediately took off after debut.

They’ve had a comeback and are already planning another which makes me mad because they should be resting. My fave song is Day N Night. Favorite Choreo is Knock, My fave V app is Water Fight and my Fave KNK tvs are 10, 11, and 51.

But anyways! Here are the members:

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Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)


I’d rate this video an Anti out of Joy! ;D 

Screenshots from I’m Sick!! :D

Well I guess we all can say that Seán’s officially back from Pax East now. :P
I love these kind of vlogs where he just shares and talks about his experiences on this these trips. He seemed like he had a lot of fun last weekend and he was super giddy in this video despite being sick and loosing some of his voice for the time being. xD But I feel like he’s reinvigorated and inspired now that he’s met new people and spent time with his friends and took a few days away from recording videos and I’m very happy to see that. It makes me happy to see him so happy and giddy. :) 
Honestly guys I’m so happy for and proud of Seán. He’s come so far in the last few years and it’s very inspiring to think that like 4 years ago he was just making videos in a cabin in the woods and now is able to do so many things and meet so many amazing people and has made a huge impact on so many peoples lives around the world. He gets to live his dream and passion every single day with so much support for it too and not that many people can say that about their lives, he’s so incredibly lucky. I know for sure that he doesn’t take anything that he’s gained for granted. He constantly shows sincere genuine appreciation for all of us and all of this even on the days where he feels like he doesn’t deserve any of it. He does all of this by following his heart, hard work and spreading all that positive energy he has built up inside of him. He makes so many people happy every single day just by being who he genuinely is and I’m seriously so incredibly happy for him and proud of him. I’m incredibly happy for my silly green haired friend of mine for being lucky enough to live and have a life that’s worth living. I’ll always believe in him and believe that he can do anything he sets his mind to and that’s never ever because he’s Jacksepticeye the “popular loud Youtuber.” It’s because he’s Seán, the real person who’s on the other side of the screen that gives us all these videos everyday. He’s come so far in these 4 years he’s been doing youtube, he’s changed and grown as a content creator and as a person and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that he’s going to go even farther then he already has. I know that he’s going to do more incredible things and impact even more peoples lives just by being who genuinely is. Like I said before I am sincerely so incredibly happy for him and proud of him. ^_^

Seán if you actually end of seeing and reading this, please know that I and so many other people believe in you. You seriously can do anything that you set your mind to! 
I know I say this a lot but you always have always will do me proud. Keep being you Seán no matter what life throws at you. :) 


Hey Rosemary… it’s your sister, Daisy. You’re probably wondering how I found your address, well it took me about a year to figure out. I really miss you Rose… like I really miss you. You were my best friend, how could you just leave me like that… like I meant nothing to you. That really fucking hurt Rose, it still does. For the past 4 years I’ve tried so hard to hate you but nothing I do could ever make me hate you. You basically raised me and even though we didn’t have the same mother you still treated me better than dad did… Speaking of dad he died last year from liver failure, your mom wanted you to come to the funeral but I knew you wouldn’t want to. Your mom really misses you Rosemary, I know you probably never want to see her again, which is understandable.. but she’s changed a lot since dad died. This is gonna sound odd but I think his death freed some part of her, she’s so much happier. She misses him a lot,  but we all know he wasn’t a good person. But if you happen to read this and don’t just throw it away when you receive it your mom and I would really like to see you. Since dad died your mom adopted me and we moved to a small house in Willow Creek. I really hope you read this because I just want to see my sister again…



“I’m Sorry”  ~  Draco x reader

“lol that one ask where they said that you should make an imagine where Draco dates pansy to make the reader jealous sounds really good” ~Anon


So sorry it took me 4.6 billion years to compose this. I’ve been so busy with school and theatre, it’s a miracle I get sleep. I’m also going through a bit of a writers block where i’m not able to write as much, and it’s honestly killing me. Finishing this up at 3AM doesn’t help either😂

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this once some ideas came to my head, and I hope you like it!!😊😘💕


The scent of coffee filled the Slytherin common room as 7th years all studied for their NEWTs. Y/n found it quite fascinating, watching them all work together, even if they weren’t taking the same classes. Through the whispers, y/n heard the door creak open. She looked over to see none other than Pansy Parkinson, hand in hand with her ex, Draco. She eyed the two of them for a moment before returning to her textbook. Unfortunately, they took a seat beside her on the sofa and continued their conversation on their holiday plans. Quickly, y/n left to her room.

The silky sheets on y/n’s bed were filled with comfort. It would be a miracle if she could get any studying done; being this comfortable, tired, and not to mention the thoughts roaming around in her head: what Draco was talking about with Pansy, their break up, the way his lips tasted after a heated kiss. Trying to shake it all out of her mind, she went back to her reading.

Their relationship hadn’t ended well. There were a lot of things left unsaid. Occasionally, she’d think back on those moments and try to tell herself it was all a dream. But, every time she’d see him, Pansy was there, being ‘little miss perfect’. She’d tried to change herself, hoping it wouldn’t go unnoticed by the blonde boy. She wanted him to see that she still had feelings for him, but then again, she didn’t. She wanted him to see that she could get by without him. She wanted him to realize what he’d left.

She wanted him back.

Time passed, as did the previous pages in y/n’s Advanced Potions textbook. Memories kept floating back to her mind, and she finally had enough of it. Slamming her book down on her desk, she got herself ready for bed.

She woke up in a sweat. She didn’t know why, having a dreamless night. Pulling the sheets over her head, she laid there unable to fall back asleep.

7:00 AM arrived quickly. Getting up for classes was already hard enough for y/n. With only three hours of sleep, she didn’t know how she’d hold up. Groaning, she rolled out of bed, bringing the covers with her to keep her warm. She got dressed as quick as she possibly could. Somehow she still ended up being late for class. Realizing she left her bag in her dorm, she didn’t even bother entering the room. Her bed was far more interesting anyway.

She crawled into bed without changing back into her pajamas. Realizing that her skirt was far too uncomfortable to sleep in, she got up and changed into a t-shirt. For once, she was glad to be skipping class. Everything had been emotionally draining her lately. Even just talking to her friends at the table during meals. She closed her eyes and thought of her happy place, still unable to sleep.

Dinner that night was horrific. Pansy was all over Draco, as usual, and spent the entirety of the time complaining about the grade she made on her History essay. Y/n rolled her eyes as she tiredly ate her food.

“You’ll do better next time.” Draco assured her.

Pansy gave him a cheesy smile. “Maybe you could help me…”

Y/n couldn’t take anymore of this. Jabbing her fork into her steak, she got up and left the table.

“Maybe you could help me…” she mimicked, pacing through the hallways. “Ugh!” She entered the common room, headed to her dorm, and threw herself on her bed. Was he even worth trying to get?

Tears flooded y/n’s eyes as soon as her head hit the pillows. Nothing she did was ever going to win back Draco. She sat up and clutched her pillow to her chest, pressing her face into it. The door opened, but at this point, she didn’t care. Why not get it all out in the open?

There was a tug at her pillow. Y/n tightened her grip.

Another tug.

Y/n felt someone sit down beside her and place their hand on her back. It was a familiar feeling. One that made her even more upset.

“Are you okay?”

Y/n looked up at the blonde boy. The whites of her eyes had turned red from the crying. “Why do you even care?”

“Because I do.”

Y/n scoffed at his words. “Yeah right…”



The anger in her voice stunned Draco. He didn’t realize how much he’d actually hurt her. He stared at her, unable to speak.

“Exactly.” she continued. “Nothing. You’re an idiot, Draco Malfoy. And how I manage to still have feelings for you? I don’t know. Just leave me alo-”

A soft pair of lips crashed into hers. Draco’s hands gripped her sides, pulling her closer and closer with every movement.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, pulling away. “I didn’t mean to make you this upset. I just…” He paused. “I missed you. And, I thought you had moved on, so I wanted to make you jealous with Pansy, because I know how much you hate her.”

“How do I know you’re not trying to make a fool of me?”

“Because I know better than that.”

Draco pulled y/n close, her head resting on his chest. He rubbed her back soothingly. “I don’t know what I was thinking, really. Pansy’s an arse, and she’ll never compare to you.”

Y/n stayed silent.

“I’m really, really sorry, y/n.” His voice cracked. “I shouldn’t have done that. I was being stupid, and I regret it deeply.”

Still, no words came from y/n.


Draco looked down at her and smiled. She had finally fallen asleep. Gently, he laid her down and pulled the covers over her, sliding in next to her just afterwards.

Y/n slowly opened her eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t get any sleep last night.”

“Don’t apologize.” he said, pressing himself to her.

“But I-”


Wrapped up in Draco’s embrace, she quickly fell back asleep. Draco kissed her forehead and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on y/n. He was never going to let her go.

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Am I a valid little if it took me 4 years of not knowing that I have little tendencys and no age of regression? I only just learned though a huge debate on my main blog about this part of the community. My friends seen me as this tough girl and would make fun of me for liking feminine things. The more I enjoyed cute things the more I got insulted by them. My sister would use my name as a threat to make people leave her alone. I was an angry person and now I just don't know if I belong.

Sweetie, of course you’re valid. I used to be the “tough girl” who used to beat up boys and I would NEVER like pink and basically your typical tomboy. Now I just don’t care and I like what I like. You can have a tomboy side to you and still have a girly and childish side who loves bubbles and pink things. Siblings can be mean when you guys are young so just wait it out. Theres not much you can do because shes your sister, but she will eventually come around and you guys will have an unbreakable bond. Trust me…Let time pass and your world will show you exactly where you need to be. I hope you feel better soon♥ Sorry for the late reply:/


Dear Seungwan, our beautiful Wendy, you are always so kind, so considerate in everything you do, for everyone you know. You always put others’ needs before yours and sometimes it makes me sad that you almost never show your pains, in fact you always try to hide it. Always remember, that you’re absolutely wonderful.  #HappyWendyDay ♥


That moment when you finally draw Percy Jackson as you imagine him after years of failed attempts! 

Took me about 4 ½ hours to complete but here he finally is! I want to draw some more PJO characters like this as well but let’s see if I end up getting the time to… 

“Do you have a ride of choice? I’m normally a Mentats kind of ghoul myself, makes me feel all intellectual.” Hancock says.
“Jet,” you say after a moment’s hesitation. The word is heavy with two hundred years that, to you, had only been an instant. You remember the first hit you took and how the seconds seemed to drag on into eternity. The vapor filled your lungs and then the world was moving at a pace that gave you time to think. “It makes me feel like I’m holding infinity in the palm of my hand.”
It seems like after that he tends to slip you inhalers of jet more often than syringes of psycho or mentat pills. But neither of you acknowledge it.
“No one like me should be this lucky. You, you’re the best thing I got.”
In the distance the test round of heavy artillery fired by the castle explodes in a bright blast. He laughs, and you kiss him hard. The inside of his mouth tastes chalky and sweet, the remnants of Mentats clinging to his gums. You wonder if he can taste the bitter tang of Jet in your own mouth and your lips curl up in a small smile. He’s rough in the places where you are soft, skin and sinew and sweat, but his hands on your hips are gentle.

You’re always quick to tend to his injuries, even in the middle of a firefight. You’ve probably used more stimpacks on him than you have yourself.

You’re at your fiercest when he is by your side. As a team you cut down swaths of raiders and supermutants with ease. Making the Commonwealth a better place, one bullet at a time.

‘Fuck those assholes,’ you think to yourself. His hand is in yours and that is all that matters. Your feet beet steady time across the broken pavement. Gunfire echoes somewhere in the distance. 'I’ll show them fucking feral.’

It bothers you, how easily Hancock brushed off their comments. His nonchalant attitude in the face of all that hate really hit you hard. He has to deal with such ignorance all the time. Looking back, it’s no wonder he didn’t believe you were really interested in him.

The Brotherhood of Steel has lost any chance of you siding with them.

Weapons loosely held, you watch incredulously as the raiders that were firing at you from the overpass above fall in slow motion to their deaths. They splatter against the pavement in front of you, one by one.

You look at Hancock and burst into peels of laughter. Soon he’s joining you in heavy chuckles. You both laugh until neither of you remembers what was so funny.

He’s smaller than he seems. He is charismatic, larger than life. So when he stands beside you and you have to lean down to kiss him, it takes you by suprise.

Hancock cries that night, heavy wet sobs escaping his throat, after you discover what happened to his brother. His face is pressed tight to your shoulder, but you can feel how his entire body tenses and shakes.

“How the fuck didn’t I know? This whole time?” He keeps mumbling.

“It’s okay Hancock, it’s okay. We’ll find them, and make them pay.” You  rub his back in slow circles and hold him. Inside you, fire burns.

Oh, power armor is a slight to behold yes, but you’ve never seen a pack of raiders freak out worse than when you and Hancock rushed that one group naked and armed with knives.

You make a home of Covenant out of sheer spite. Hancock keeps coolers filled with chems on the porch, and you turn the general store into a bar.

You grind up against him, his weight a comforting press against your hips. His black eyes stare down at you as he leans over you.

“I’m a sixty minute man,” he croons against the shell of your ear, and you swat him playfully.

“Good morning, sunshine.”

You never thought you could love someone like this. Sure you loved your spouse, but not like you love him. Hancock makes you feel like someone set an atom bomb off in your chest.

You tell him as much, slipping the ring that matches your own on his finger. It sits there perfectly.

You’re finally running towards something other than heartbreak.

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i have 0 confidence in my art lately do you have any way to help me with that ?

Confidence in art fluctuates! I know that for a fact! Even big popular artists n stuff feel bad about their art sometimes! But honestly, the only thing that makes art, GOOD art is heart. Like, if youve put passion and enthusiasm into your art, it really shows and radiates and even if it may not get a lotta traction, the doesnt mean its bad or ‘cringey’ or any of those other things, it just means that people havent noticed ya talent yet! It took me like 4 years before things started picking up for my art in terms of people seein an likin it!

If you hit a brick wall or feel ENTIRELY demotivated artisitcally, i think a good thing to try is imitate a cute style ya like! ((NOT stealin just havin a shot!)) I found that really helped me! I incorperated different styles and tryed lil twists and experimented until i found a solid style i liked and stuck to! I think losing confidence in ya art can have some lil benefits because it encourages expanding and movin around! So dont lose hope- I believe in you and personally, i love ya art x I love it to bits x

11 facts about me

I was tagged by the lovely @seoulraindrops who makes the most beautiful aesthetics

  1. I can’t cook to save my life
  2. My hair grows quickly and lowkey hate it
  3. I’m not a very talkative person
  4. I’m very forgetful which is way it takes me like a million years to reply back
  5. I’m going to move out soon and I’m extremely terrified
  6. Minghao over anyone (yes a bitch is whipped)
  7. It took me three months to finally get down Jin and Jimin’s name (I always mixed their names up lmaoo)
  8. I always get mistaken for a freshman in high school or on fabulous occasions a middle schooler :))))
  9. I have two dogs who own my heart I would die 4 them :’’’)
  10. Taehyung in headbands make me want slam my head into a brick wall
  11. (i’m obviously joking) I h8 maknaes minus Hyuk @sgtlarry

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Hi! How long did it take you to get relatively good at drawing? Your art inspires me to try and draw my WoW characters but I suck and I don't really have the patience for it..^^' Thank you!

OMG it’s really hard to tell! TBH I’m not satisfied with my art at all, but it only makes me want to practice more x_x

I had a very long break from drawing. I used to be super good when I was 17 (learned how to draw pretty well in about 3 years, I suppose?), and then stopped drawing for something like almost 8 years :(. I guess I thought I sucked so I gave it up entirely. But then I received a tablet as a birthday gift and went back to it. I had to relearn everything from literally a scratch. And it took me ~4 years to get where I am now. So yeah, as you may think I have a lot of regrets that I stopped drawing. Maybe now I would be an awesome artist, but I’m just like blah… It’s not bad, but could be much better. I’m happy you guys like it, though! It motivates me to try harder and experiment with every drawing. 

So just PLEASE don’t make my mistakes and just DRAW. There is no such thing as talent. Getting better at art takes a lot of patience and self-motivation. And don’t compare yourself to others - only to yourself and how you progress <3

the signs as sounds
  • aries: cracking knuckles
  • taurus: drumming fingers on church pews
  • gemini: underwater
  • cancer: the crowd before a movie starts
  • leo: typing on a keyboard
  • virgo: announcements over a high school PA system
  • libra: ambulance sirens very far away
  • scorpio: refrigerator hum
  • sagittarius: something on fire
  • capricorn: talking through a yawn
  • aquarius: slamming a car door
  • pisces: the suburbs at night in august