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Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)


I lost my mother, my country, my birthright.
Niflheim was the only life left to me.

for my dearest ravus lover, @ravusnoxfleurett.

Mr. Jealous || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: 2,21 with jughead jones please

“If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

“Jealousy isn’t cute on you.”

The reader has been spending a lot of time with Archie working on a project and Jughead gets jealous.

A/N: For some reason, this took me 4 hours to write. Don’t know why.

Gif: @winchestheart


Jughead Jones always saw Archie Andrews as a threat. Everyone loved him. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Kevin. Meanwhile Jughead was a loner. People were afraid to approach him. Archie on the other hand, people flocked to. You had been best friends with the both of them for years, but the incident between the two of them forced you to pick sides. After what Archie did, you know you couldn’t forgive him, not yet. If Jughead was wary of Archie, you were beyond paranoid. You knew exactly what went down and didn’t trust Archie one bit. Imagine your frustration when your history teacher paired you up with Archie for the end of the semester project. Joy. You wished you were paired up with Jughead but because he was in a different class, there was no chance of that happening. You decided not to tell him about you and Archie being paired up. Jughead was Jughead and you knew he would be stressed out by it. Despite you attempting to keep it a secret, your boyfriend of ten months found out anyway.

One night, Jughead was walking to your house, preparing to surprise you. He had wanted to hang out with you that night, but you had texted him saying you had too much homework. Jughead, having nothing to do that Thursday night, thought he would come over anyway and try to help you with the geometry you hated so much. What he saw through the living room window boiled his blood instead. He saw you with Archie, the two of you sitting close together, talking about something. Even laughing together. He had to restrain himself from marching right up to your door and beating Archie up (like that could happen.) He left instead, deciding to go to Pop’s, fuming all the way.

The next day at school, you couldn’t find Jughead anywhere. He seemed to have disappeared. Until your off period that is. You were opening your locker, preparing to put your textbooks away when you heard,

“What were you doing with Archie last night?”

You rose your eyebrows at your boyfriend’s jealous tone.

“How’d you know about that?” You asked, turning to him. “Were you stalking me? Because jealousy isn’t cute on you, Jug.”

He shook his head.

“No. You said you had a lot of homework, and I know how you can get when you’re overloaded with work so I decided to come over. Try and help you out. Then I saw you and Archie laughing through your window, and well…” he trailed off, realizing how he actually sounded, cringing at his words.

“Oh, seriously?” you asked, annoyed. “You really think we would do that, Jughead? That I would do that?”

Jughead looked down and you scoffed, putting your books into your locker.

“No, I just—it’s just that—“

“We were working on a history project together. Then we began catching up. He was telling me about football and his music. That’s it.” you said.

Jughead’s eyes popped open.

“We had a history project?” he asked.

You burst out laughing and closed your locker.

“Wow. You were so busy focusing on me and Archie that you didn’t realize we had a project due today worth 25% of your grade. Typical Jughead. Do you even know who your partner is?” you asked, feeling pity for the poor guy or girl saddled with your boyfriend.

He shook his head and said,

“Okay, but I had a valid excuse, I was worried about—“

If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to make you shut up,” you said, as you reached out to hold his hand, the two of you walking down the hall.

Jughead grinned slyly at you before you finished your sentence,

“First by helping you with that project! Come on, you have three periods until history. I’m sure there’s some supplies from the art room we can use to pull this thing together!” you called as you ran down the hallway.

Jughead sighed before running to catch up with you. What had he done to deserve such an awesome girlfriend like you?


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 and It Is Done! :D The sewing, pattern, framing, photos– every bit! 

I began work on this sampler at the same time as the space one, but it took a lot longer for it to come together. I’m very happy with what it ended up becoming; I think it says all the things I hoped it would.

If you’d like to make your own, I’ve got the pattern up on my Etsy now. :)

Seen - Chapter 2

Prologue Chapter 1

Sorry this has taken me longer than I said it would!

    “I’ll be back in an hour,” Kiseok called over his shoulder as he walked out of the AOMG studio. It was a bit longer than he usually took for lunch, but he had started early that morning and he wanted to make sure he had plenty of time to talk to his new friend. He connected his earbuds to his phone as he stepped out of the building and sent you a text as he walked down the street toward the restaurant he had in mind. can I call you in 10 minutes?

    He’d just reached the restaurant when he got your reply. Sounds good!

    He sat down at an empty table and browsed through his menu, wishing time would pass faster so he could just call you. He gave the waitress his order when she returned and then opened your contact card in his phone, clicking the call button.

    You were sitting on your couch when your phone rang and you paused, your heart suddenly speeding up with nervousness, and picked up. “Hello?”

    Kiseok cleared his throat and then said awkwardly, “Hi. It’s Kiseok.”

    His voice was deep and pleasant, and his English was heavily accented but still understandable.

    “Um…” You hesitated, not sure what to say. You continued in Korean. “How are you?”

    Kiseok quickly considered whether he should answer in English or Korean, slightly distracted by the realization that your voice was quite pleasant and it seemed to match your personality, or at least what he’d learned of it through text. Finally he answered in English. “I’m well. And you?”

    “Me too,” you replied in Korean, cringing at your bad pronunciation. Damn nerves… “Work…” You paused, struggling to think of how to word what you wanted to say. “How is it?”

    “Work is good,” he replied haltingly. “Yours?”

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First kiss with Astro

Masterlist: x


You two had been dating for a week or so and it was the third or forth date when he made his move. The kiss happened when your eyes wandered to his phone that had lit up since he got a text message.

“What is it?” You whispered, leaning in to see the display on his phone. He looked at his phone, replying to the message, then back up to you when your eyes met. The theater was really dark but you could still see the reflection of the movie in his eyes. He looked from your right eye then to your left eye and leaned in, tilting his head left. You leaned in as well and your lips crashed onto each others.

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Things about the OiYama 50 First Dates AU because I’ve been thinking about it A Lot:

- Karasuno first years were all roommates at uni before the accident

- Yamaguchi was visiting home for the weekend and got into a car accident with his mother on the way to the store

- He was in a coma for 2 months before waking up. The doctors kept him for monitoring for a few more weeks. After having to explain why he was in the hospital every single day without fail they discovered he had severe damage to his temporal lobe and can’t process any new memories. (He loses all his memory of the day when he sleeps but he can remember everything leading up to the day of the accident)

- His parents take him home and live every day over and over and Yamaguchi is none the wiser, thinking he’s just on break from uni

- This goes on for over a year

- Seijoh third years and Kuroo and Bokuto are all close friends and typical party boys and enjoy sleeping around a lot

- Oikawa has issues with commitment and constantly has one night stands with promised phone calls that never happen

- He sees Yamaguchi in a cafe one day and immediately wants to Tap That

- Suga and Daichi own the cafe and are very aware of Yamaguchi’s situation

- Oikawa comes back every day for a week and Yamaguchi is always there eating his french fries and reading a book (it’s the same book every day but Oikawa just figures the boy must really like that book)

- Finally he gets up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the boy and they get along great and he reacts well to his flirtatious advances

- He asks Yamaguchi if he wants to go back to his place with a wink and Yamaguchi is just like ???? No? And he gets indignant and offended because he doesn’t put out on the first date

- And Oikawa is just like, well can I take you out again then? Because damn if this boy isn’t intriguing and hot

- Yamaguchi eventually agrees to meet Oikawa at the cafe again the next day at the same time

- When Oikawa shows up the next day and sits by Yamaguchi asking jokingly if he was ready to sleep with him yet, Yamaguchi looks at him terrified before shakily asking him to leave or he’ll call the cops

- Oikawa is stunned before Daichi is grabbing him and dragging him out of the cafe

- Suga angrily explains everything to Oikawa and warns him to stay away from Yamaguchi

- Cue Oikawa coming back again every now and then and starting random conversations with Yamaguchi, much to Suga and Daichi’s annoyance

- At first Oikawa only does it because it annoys Suga and Daichi and he can flirt with Yamaguchi all day with no strings attached

- But oh no Oikawa catches feelings and that is not good because Yamaguchi will never know who he is

- He attempts though and eventually Suga and Daichi see he’s serious and help him out

- Through videos and journals he explains every day about Yamaguchi’s accident and they start a very shaky relationship that Yamaguchi has to be told about every single day

- Lots of angst and bittersweetness ensue of course

God someone kick me so I actually write this instead of just thinking about it and making myself angry


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.


Kara: So what about Maggie? What’s she like? 

Alex: I… I just like her so much. You know, she’s smart and she’s tough and she’s just beautiful. She’s so beautiful

Kara: So are you.

Supergirl 2x06//2x08 Alex Danvers.


D a t e   N i g h t   w i t h   S h o w n u   M o o d b o a r d  

“We could stare until we both are blinded
We could fall ‘til gravity gets tired
We could lose our love just to re-find it
But I’m just happy here
Happy standing beside you

'Til the suns and planets disappear
I could stay in your arms all year
Even if that means infinity through
If being productive is being with you
Then baby I don’t want to waste another day”

- Waste Another Day By Brooke Fraser

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You guys!! I made an actual fanvid! It took me like 5 hours to make even though it’s less than 2 minutes long and for some reason the quality is terrible on youtube even though it looks okay on my computer, and I know the concept’s not very creative and it’s nothing like those majestic fanvids people make…

But still!!!

15//9 heard that i’m too pretentious on here. gonna try to keep it real, but not too negative! like….i took 2.5 hours to do my art homework, so that’s 2.5 hours wasted(hahahha no, i’m just keeping it real), but like honestly, the real me is positive and optimistic! so i am keeping it real! I am not pretentious i just like to make my audience feel happy and make them think positively! So yeah. Have a great day :)