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pls expand on your ridiculous experiences during one semester at a fake college

okay I got a few asks about this so let me see what I can remember right now. These might not all be in chronological order

- At orientation, they were talking about the reservation near campus and all these pretty sites and this kid in the back of the auditorium goes “So uhh…heard this place might be built over a Native American burial ground?”

- The speaker: “…Let’s not think about that, okay?”

- The freshman were on campus alone for like a week and a half (other than the RA’s) before the other students and I just. The parties. Were out of control. An ambulance was called basically every night.

- I walked into the bathroom the first night there to find a girl literally dying because someone slipped something in her drink and she was having a Very Bad Reaction

- Sting- you know, the singer- ‘s son lived in my residence hall. This boy almost accidentally killed me on three separate occasions (while I was just trying to do my laundry)

- I told my family about this at Thanksgiving. Everyone in the room advised me to seduce him

- I ate breakfast in the dining hall exactly once. I got scrambled eggs. I noticed no one had brought out ketchup with the condiments and politely asked about it. I received glares from at least ten different people. Apparently people there don’t believe in ketchup on eggs.

- There were these two boys in my English class known as “The Lumbard Guys”. They didn’t live in my residence hall, but they would come over almost every night, start a party, and destroy part of the basement.

- At orientation this one kid got mad and set his shoe on fire to prove a point

- Also at orientation like??? My roommate disappeared???? And I never saw her again???

- Listen like…this campus just looked like the perfect setting for a horror film, but none of the people from the area got that. They all thought I was crazy until some comic from Comedy Central did a stand up act and said “Why the hell is this campus so creepy? I feel like I’m gonna leave here with someone else wearing my face!”. I felt way too validated.


- My “math” class was actually a disguised home ec. course???? All we had were word problems that were incredibly detailed recipes or instructions on how to fix things. The teacher, who I swear to GOD was actually my Mr-Rogers-Wannabe guidance counselor from high school in disguise, spent more time trying to come up with names and backstories for the models in the text book than actually trying to teach

- I had to take a class called “first year seminar” because neither of my parents went to college. It was supposed to be teaching you about how the school works and stuff but SUPRISE BITCH WE’RE JUST GONNA YELL ABOUT RACISM AND PRIVELGE FOR AN HOUR.

- Literally that’s all we did. Just the whole class bonding over all these struggles we had gone through and getting fired up. Like, it was great, but I also ended up knowing very little about campus and school stuff bc that was the class that was supposed to be teaching me lmao

- My Psych teacher was fucking hysterical for the first few classes but then he just. Vanished. I had to drop the class

- My Fine Arts teacher just. Couldn’t stick to a teaching plan. Her entire wardrobe was scarves. She was very passionate about African masks. She had a flapper haircut. She spoke quietly, but with a marvelously forced tone of voice that I’m certain was her trying to sound impressive and hide a Boston accent. She didn’t seem to understand the year was 2014. She took us into the city to go to the Art Museum and we lost her in there, never to be seen again

- I’m not even kidding

- My “writing” teacher was my absolute fav omfg. She was this long grey haired hippie lady who worked as a nurse for the Grateful Dead and was still stuck there. She may or may not have hooked up with my uncle. I was her favorite student because one day I came in wearing a “HAIR” shirt. She wanted to take the class to England for the sole purpose of going on a Beatles tour

- But like…she did not teach a writing class omfg. She taught a social justice class. All we did was have informed debates about The Issues and listen to music and occasionally watch the Breakfast Club. Every time there was a big paper due on the syllabus, she’d just sit on her desk and go “I mean, I don’t have to cover anything, right? You guys know how to write!” Like I genuinely don’t think she knew what class she was teaching

- There was a boy who sat next to me in that class. He was deaf in one ear and used that as an excuse when he got caught blatantly not paying attention. It worked every time. But I was right next to him. I saw him playing Yu-Gi-Oh on some website on his phone under the table. One time we started talking about model cars and he pre-cummed.

- There was a boy who roamed the campus in a long black trench coat and a weird hat. I never saw his body and started to suspect he might not have one, just the theory of one. He took interest in me because I was the only person in class who ever got his Doctor Who jokes. He’d come up to me at dinner and blast quiz me on various nerd culture before running off and disappearing into the shadows. Just as I was starting to grudgingly accept I was probably going to have to eventually hook up with him for the greater good, I apparently offended him by saying I like Picard more than Kirk. He didn’t stick around to listen to my reasoning. Whenever I saw him after that he would loudly start talking about how great his girlfriend was. Everyone knew he was lying. I wonder if Kirk ever sucked his theoretical dick as well as I would have.

- I gave a football player a shout out on Yik Yak. He really appreciated it, and gave me some fries laced with weed as a thanks. That was such A Night ™ , I watched the Lorax and left the dimension.

- Every time we had dances, this creepy guy named Horace would find me and use my obvious discomfort to make me dance with him. He’d hold my wrists and shove his crotch on mine while vaguely swaying to the beat. I had to escape to the bathroom every few minutes. Finally the security just banned him from the events altogether. I can still see his face clearly in my mind.

- One night, I walked into the bathroom to find a perfect, untouched pizza laying on the floor…but not in a box. Someone literally just took it out of the box and laid it down. I’m still fuming.

- One time I was in the mostly empty library when I smelled something. I walked down the rows of shelves before rounding the corner, and found the President of the college hidden there, sitting on the floor, smoking, a bottle of vodka in his hands. We held eye contact for a solid minute. He slowly shook his head at me. I said “Sir, your house is like…literally across the street.” He shook his head more vigorously. I left the library.

- One night, I heard screaming. I looked out the window to find a girl in a giraffe costume scaling my building. People were throwing water bottles at her. I was concerned. I didn’t know who to talk to for answers.

- I was in line trying to pay for dinner. One of the lunch ladies climbed on top of the ice cream machine and refused to come down. Her friend came over and they started recreating the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Very few people acknowledged it.

- Someone jacked up the soda dispenser so it was only dispensing beer. None of the staff cared enough to fix it.

- I caught my RA in the middle of a drug deal so she gave me a coupon for free ice cream

- Also side note: The soft served ice cream machine on campus was actually a frozen yogurt machine. I had no problem with that, but like, advertise correctly, you know? Nobody else seemed to understand my confusion. Nobody else seemed to understand that froyo and ice cream are two different things. What the hell.

- There were just…so many moths all over the campus. A terrifying amount. When it started getting colder I was like, finally, I won’t be attacked by moths anymore! Only for even more moths to appear. I asked a local about it. “Oh, those are the winter moths!” What the fuck are winter moths? What the fuck, Massachusetts? My friend back home grew convinced that Mothman was in the area. I was inclined to believe her. Sometimes I close my eyes and all I can see are moths everywhere, waiting for the moment to strike.

-  I’ve encountered deer many times in my life. I know how they act around people. But the deer on this campus were just weird. They’d run out at people all the time. One almost shoved me into traffic.

- My roommate gave my phone number out to literally anyone she found who mentioned they liked to read or liked Doctor Who. She was concerned I had no friends. No one ever called.

- I met a small Greek girl in my Fine Arts class. Our first day of talking, she made me climb a mountain with her so she could get to tutoring, even though I had no reason to be in that building. Her roommates kept mysteriously disappearing. She was late to everything. She’d call me randomly to get food at 1 in the morning. She kept somehow breaking phones and tvs and other electronics. When I asked her how they kept breaking, she waved it off with “Oh, I have OCD. You wouldn’t understand”. I have OCD, and I still don’t understand. One time she invited me out with her friends from high school. I waited outside her building for two hours, while the other friends waited in the parking lot for two hours, because we didn’t know how to find each other. She eventually came outside at 10:30 pm. We went to Friendly’s. She made us stop at her house so she could grab something. We pulled up a long, winding driveway and stopped in a parking lot. At the end of the parking lot were stone stairs that lead up to a mansion on a hill. She ran inside and the rest of us stayed in the car, listening to High School Musical and talking about Supernatural. When she came out 40 minutes later we decided to try and prank her. It went wrong. We almost ran over her friend’s sister with the car. They invited me to a pumpkin patch. When I started complaining about my roommate, she asked me to move in with her. I thought about the other three girls who had seemingly gone missing. I politely declined. Six months after I left the school, I received a text from her asking for notes for an exam, and radio silence after that. I can’t find her on facebook. I fear she might have gone missing too.

- One night, as I was standing outside huddled in the cold, a boy came up and offered me a cigarette to help me stay warm. I turned it down, but he stood around talking to me for a few minutes afterwards. I felt absolutely no awkwardness at all. He was a musician from Colorado. He sang a bit of one of his songs. He was dropping out of school to go to California the next week. He told me I had beautiful eyes, but his were the most alive eyes I’ve ever seen so I couldn’t believe the compliment. We talked for about ten minutes and I fell a little bit in love. He had to rush off to a club meeting, but he told me he’d rather keep talking. He gave me the sweetest smile before he left. I didn’t get his last name or number and I never saw him again.

- There was a dance on Halloween. I couldn’t think of a sufficiently slutty yet classy costume, so I just went as Osgood from Doctor Who. When I got there there was a huge crowd, but people quickly grew bored and started leaving. There ended up being six people left (myself included). We stayed because we could see the upset faces of everyone who had planned the event, but actually had one of the most fun nights of my life. We- myself, the girl from across the hall, Trench Coat Boy, his tiny friend who never spoke, and a boy and girl I didn’t know who seemed to be professional dancers- danced nonstop for almost three hours. The strobe lights and poppy music solidified an unspoken bond. I had never and to this day haven’t felt as free as I did that night. The tiny quiet boy’s smile could have lit up a city. It’s etched into my mind. We all left the dance talking about the surreal feeling in the air, as if something had shifted. None of us ever mentioned the dance again. It’s still one of my fondest memories.

- For a solid month, there was someone in a gorilla costume running around campus.

- There was a rash of sexual assaults on campus. A gang of boys kept jumping girls in the woods. The only thing the school board did was give out free rape whistles at lunch one day. I missed that day, making me one of the only students on campus without a whistle. Later that night when I ordered pizza, the delivery guy tried to start up a conversation with me about all the assaults. He blamed the girls. I took back my tip.

- Sometimes the showers just…filled up with black sludge. No one knew why.

- The girls in the room next to me were very bizarre. They always shot me odd looks and whispered to each other constantly. I couldn’t figure out if they were sleeping together or not. They never washed their hands when we were in the bathroom.

- The doors to each dorm were thick and heavy and required effort to push them open. My roommate and I made sure to lock ours every night, and would triple check it. It swung open by itself almost every night. The channels on the tv would change with the remote equidistance away from us. Sometimes I heard humming in the showers when I was the only one in there.

- My roommate…deserves a whole separate post dedicated to her, honestly.

- She would call her mother and have her do her homework for her. She blasted music constantly, and it was either country or hard rap, nothing in between. She sexiled me constantly. I once walked in on anal. She’d meet guys on Tinder, fall in love with them after a couple of days, and then bring them into the school and into our room like it was no big deal. One of them made it clear he was a budding serial killer. She was in a new drama every week. One time someone called her a dilf on Yik Yak. She was firmly convinced her cousin was blonde because her aunt dyed her hair when she was pregnant. She tried her hardest to get me laid by a football player. She was the loudest drunk I’ve ever encountered. Honestly there’s just too much about her for this omfg

- John Zaffis, the famous paranormal researcher, came to the school on my birthday. I went because I’m a loser who’s been watching shows with him since I was a kid, and I was having a bad day so I decided it could be a treat. I sat in the front row. He held an uncomfortable amount of eye contact with me the entire presentation. He was impressed with my questions. He lamented about the fact he’s always cut out of movies or replaced by priests that look like him. He apparently came to the school every year around Halloween to do a ghost tour around the campus for the students. A girl allegedly killed herself in my floor’s bathroom. He apparently always got a lot of activity around the campus. Everyone in the freshman class started wondering if the rumors about the Native American burial ground were true.

- One time in “writing” class the teacher gave us a number and then whatever song came up as that when we put our music on shuffle we had to play for the class. I ended up with “Touch Me” from Spring Awakening. Midway through the song, the teacher from another class came to complain that they could hear everything. My teacher tried to defend that all music has an important message. “Molly, dear, tell her the message in this song!” I looked around the room and at the other teacher. “It’s about sex,” I said quietly. She stormed out of the room while the class started laughing.

- There was this girl that just had the natural ability to make anything boring. I feel bad saying that, because she’s such a sweet girl, and she’s smart, and she’s gorgeous, and she’s talented, but just…every time she says anything, it’s boring. I’m still friends with her on facebook, the talent transcends to writing as well. You could be having a fun, lively conversation and she could say something completely relevant to the point and yet it would still just be boring. It’s a baffling talent, I still don’t understand how she does it.

- There was a boy who’d come into my room. He lusted over my s’mores poptarts. He kept trying to hit the high notes in Broadway songs. He didn’t understand my sense of humor at all, so we both were constantly worried we were offending each other. He cried about Selena Gomez a lot.

- The dining hall only offered horrendous food. I had pasta almost every night because it was the only thing remotely edible. If you wanted good food, you had to go to Late Night, which was between like 10:30 and 1 I think??? They set it up specifically for stoners and people leaving parties. I was frequently the only sober person there. Except for the moths.

- The chief at the pasta place found out I like theater and got like…weirdly passionate about it. He kept telling me about different theater groups in the area and wanted to know if I was in the school musical. He asked me every time I went up for food.

- There was a disproportionate amount of large black birds to trees. It wasn’t hard to figure out why we so rarely saw smaller animals

- When I told my advisor I was thinking about leaving (mostly for financial reasons but also the fake classes were preventing me from getting an education I wanted, you know?), this little old man looked around his office as if checking for people listening in, then put his hand on top of mine, leaned in close, and whispered “Oh, you sweet little girl. Run as fast as you can.”

There’s definitely more but listen. This school was weird and fake and vaguely surreal and off-kilter. I am fully afraid that one day, years from now, I’m going to be driving through the back roads and pass the place where the campus should be, only I won’t find anything there at all, and won’t be able to find any trace of it ever existing. I won’t be able to find any record of it. I won’t be able to find a record of any of the people. Every time I think about this place I just get a weird feeling, like I somehow managed to escape the Twilight Zone but left a part of me behind in the process. Be careful when applying to college, kids.

Thoughts while reading Acowar.

Mind the swearing and spoilers kids.

-2 years before the wall? Wait is this like a baby bat Rhys POV?
-oh God this field isn’t a nice place. Kinda like it tho.
- omfg 6 High Fae… 6, to defeat one Illyrian… damn.
- Rhys is so protective if his brothers it’s killing me.
-Yes Feyre, burn this shit.
-Already thinking about that wingspan Feyre? Can’t blame ya.
- Ugh Tamlin no can you not enter this moment just yet. Ugh Lucian I’m fucking watching you.
-Oh for Fuck sake I gotta read about Ianthe soon to?
-ugh I just want some smut and it’s only page nine.
-Feyre you can roll your eyes. God knows I am.
- Oh hey Ianthe, go Fuck yourself Ianthe.
-You definitely revived something from Rhys hands Feyre, but it was far more pleasurable than torture.
-Lucian I won’t ship you and Elaine. But please, for the love of God, kill Ianthe.
-Oh hell fucking ni, Jurian, go fucking Fuck yourself and stay the Fuck away.
-Oh snap, Nesta and Elaine already so powerful they can drain the cauldron.
-Oh snap, Feyre laying down these facts. Also that’s how I spell Miryaim’s name.
-Feyre you savage.
-Jurian, talk about Elaine like that again and I will kill you.
-Oh Fuck off Ianthe, I’ve read enough of you.
-Okay Lucian, my heart is softening towards you.
-God I missed you Alis.
-Damn summer solstice is giving me goosebumps.
-Rhys you are giving me life.
-Uh Oh, Tamlin’s getting jealous of friendship.
-Ahhh Feyre you also cringing about Elaine being fucked by a fire blooded male?? Let me introduce to Azriel. He’s far better in my opinion.
-All these painting titles… we’re they like, working title for Acowar.
-Rhysand you get that tongue to work.
-Also Tam you prick.
-God Alis, my bae.
-Feyre slit her throat.
-Yes Feyre Fuck this bitch up.
-Oh these twins. Can you fucking not.
- Go Lucian Go.
-Bring on Part Two.
-“He can get in line,” Feyre getting a list of people who wanna kill her to rivals Aelins.
-Oh for Fuck sake, everything was going so well, until Lucian’s brothers showed up.
-“There’s no such thing as a High Lady,” bitch excuse me.
-Cassian you melt my stone cold heart.
-Mor my darling.
-Amren, boo. Hru?
-Lucian being called a girl, I’m dying
-“Go find somewhere else to be,” I know what that means.
-The smut was worth it.
-Oh I missed the banter of my baby bats.
-And Rhys’ swearing begins.
-Cassian sunning his wings. I wonder if a certain Nesta sees.
-Cassian trying to be chill around Nesta is my new aesthetic.
-Nesta reads romance. Hell Yes.
-“You come between a male and his mate, Nesta Archeron, and you’re going to learn about the consequences the hard way.” Trying to foreshadow something there Cassian? I Ship.
-No is mentioning the sorrow and longing in Cassian eyes, Feyre, for the same reason no one mentioned it when Rhys looked at you all those months ago.
-Reading about Elaine is painful.
-I’m relating to Elaine and all those open curtains too much… shit.
-Cassian you’re to precious.
-I missed the Amren/Cassian banter so much.
-Shit Mor is getting pissed.
-Feyre keeps calling Rhys mate and I’m feeling bad for the Australian readers.
-“Because I can’t stay away” well Fuck me if they ain’t mates.
-Nesta looking as Cassian like he’s the only one in the room.
-Damn right there was a reason Lucian wore a fox mask.
-Idk what to write but the nessian at pg.203. gahhhhhhh.
-“Surely Nesta wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle,” omfg Feyre, it’s hilarious of you to think that.
-Feyre were you not there for Acomaf. He was very clearly, cocky then.
-Library sex? I’m in.
-oh, so no library sex.
-To the Bone Carver we go. RIP.
-Oh so, the Carver, and the Wearer are- I’d be shocked only I read that spoiler.
-Oh so the Carver is a mirror type of perosn? What even is a mirror person? Is it his kink?
-Oh Nesta having death powers.
-Feyre constantly calling Rhys mate tho.
-Tbh all I wanna know is who or what the carver appeared to Cassian.
-Everyone in this book be complementing Rhys good taste.
-Ah Az and Elaine be starting. Az be carrying his ship.
-Poor Cassian. Nesta will come around, I promise, I read the spoiler.
-You know, I wrote a fanfiction about Az and Elaine in a garden and her calling his scars pretty. They kissed in it.
-“Azriel isn’t the ravishing type,” Rhys you should read the fanfic I wrote about him. He loves to ravish.
-omg Cassian calming Nesta- ugh how many more pages until this kiss?
-Az, sunning your wings for Elaine? How scandalous.
-“Why not make them mates?” Feyre babe I’m asking the same question.
-FEYRE YOU SHIP ELRIEL TOO? Oh sweetie I love you more than Cassian rn.
-Rhysand, let Feyre play matchmaker.
-I was about to bash Kier for insulting Az, but Az got this shit.
-Oh not this fucking Eris bitch again.
-Rhys the Fuck you playing at?
-Okay, ngl I know Mor is gay but those Eris know? Ffs.
-Okay everyone is fighting and I’m more intrigued than I should be.
-D'as Nessian.
-Double d'aw Elriel.
-Pg.303 and back to sassy Az.
-Sassy Az KS giving me life.
-It was at page 306 that I realised I was in love with Az.
-Nephelle’s be giving me goosebumps.
-Yes bathtub scent with Rhys.
-Oh it’s actually a massage scene? I’m in.
-Feyre are you trying to start a war? Cassian flying with Nesta. Dammit who am I kidding I wanna see that.
-Yes Az, help Elaine in the garden. I am sailing this ship.
-Nesta watching Cassian lick his fingers and I’m like, now imagine that kissing elsewhere.
-Nes? I ship.
-Some shit happening in the library.
-ohhhh so we finally reached the part where people wonder if Elaine is a seer.
-Yes Feyre, put Elaine’s riddles together.
-Okay that scene was intense but Nessian at the end was calming.
-“Amren on the hunt,” a novel by sjm.
-Damn Az, took you awhile but bravo, she’s a seer. God it couldn’t be any easier to love you.
-Lucian I swear to God if you die, looking for this sixth queen, I will kill you.
-Also where is my Suriel.
-Shit Alis don’t die.
-oh FFS, look, “king” of Hybren, old buddy. If you’d kindly fuck off. Only it’s late, I don’t need these plot twists.
-Look, “King,” I’d pay good money to see you try and take Feyre.
-Rhys if you could destroy my upcoming exams the way you did those ships, I’d be grateful.
-pg.379, more smut, hell yes.
-pg.381, Nesta all concerned.
-The amount of sex feysand are having. That wingspan must be truly impress you Feyre darling.
-So Cassian is terrible at complements.
-Ah yes boys, bringing up that wingspan again.
-This Nessian tho.
-“she threatened to freeze my balls off,” Kallias, Viviane, welcome to my heart.
-I’m in love with Viviane.
-God sake, Tamlin Fuck off.
-Tamlin, let me tell you, Rhys and Feyre have fucked so much I’m sure he could recount every noise she is capable of making.
-Fucking shut up Tamlin.
-Eris if you’d kindly shut the Fuck up too, it’d be a pleasure.
-Pg.438, Nesta, damn, *blows kisses.*
-nvm of 439, Go Feyre. Slay.
-Helion…. wait… look I can’t go around loving all these people. It makes me look like I have a heart.
-You know I’d be surprised at Lucian being a whole, some air of dawn court, but I already read that spoiler.
-Okay mor is gay why is- you know what, never mind, I give up.
-Oh. Oh Fuck.
-lol, I’m so tired, whenever I hear the wall mentioned all I can think of is humpty dumpty.
-“Don’t even start,” Nesta, sweetie, we’ve been shipping this since the last book.
-Part three here I come.
-btw this is still the same day for me. I’ve read up to part three in a few hours. It’s two in the morning. Never underestimate a fangirl deprived of her smut.
-Jurian just has to show up, doesn’t he.
-idk who I am to believe anymore.
-I wanna say Fuck this shit I’m out. But I am so in.
-So am I meant to trust Jurian or not.
-Damn Tarquin.
-Nessian will kill me quicker than these plot twists.
-Ayyy more shut, god I love you Sarah.
-Yes, the Suriel is coming into play bitches. I’d been surprised by what happens only I’ve seen this spoiler too.
-Okay first thing first, Ianthe please Fuck off Secondly rip Suriel 2K17.
-Cassian what happened. Nesta please. I know the ending and shit but tf happened.
-Feyre be joining up these dots about which way Mor floats.
-This, Varian, Amren thing, yeah I’d like another five books of it.
-Awww, Az, you’re to sweet and selfless.
-I’m so tired IDK how to feel anymore.
-Oh greatttt, Feyre got hit with an arrow. Any more plot twists.
-Wait Tamlin? Fuck, ugh.
-d'aw, Elaine kissed his cheek.
-it’s four in the morning. I have less than one hundred pages left.
-Fucking hell Elaine stab them bastard.
-Also Nessian hell yes.
-Also…wait what’s happening.
-Rhysand you fucking bastard it’s five in the morning don’t do this to me. I know you live god dammit don’t fucking do this.
-oh thank fuck that’s all settled.
-This book. These plot twists. These ships. It’s all so heart wrenching and shit.
-Wait is she flying over Velaris in her lingerie.
-Fuck it’s half five in the morning. I read this book in under 24 hours. I need to sleep.
*hours later*
-omfg I need to read this shit again. It was so good. The High Lords, the banter, the near death experiences. The romance. The sass. Sarah you queen.
-if the at least the novellas don’t have nessian or Elriel tho I may be tempted to cry.

And that, my friends, is a snippet of the roller coaster if thoughts and emotions I went through. I was too tired to cry during it but my heart was successfully ripped out a few times.

“The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.” soulmateAU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title: “The tattoo of the snowflake with stars.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (FEM) Reader

 Requested by: @12-kay-kit-kat  asked: #10 Bucky x reader please :3”

 Prompts: #10 “Soulmates aren’t real” (mine) AND Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts. Both of the soulmate prompts are from that amazing blog that I’ve linked you to.


Warnings: THIS IS REALLY LONG. Swearing and swearing and fluff???? But just a little bit.

A/N: I combined my own prompt with two that I found about soulmates, because it’s been a while since I wanted to write about it and those two seemed cool. BUT OMFG I REALLY EJOYED WRITING IT AND GOT CARRIED AWAY AND WELL WELL. I really hope that you guys (and you beautiful person that requested)

Pietro’s Part || Steve’s Part. || MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Bucky or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

“We all born with a colorless tattoo with a particular design that will only get color if you meet your soulmate, before that you’re available to talk with your soulmate through your thoughts. It’s a bond that will never be broken.”  Y/N read out loud, looking at his friend eyes.

They were at the public library doing some research for an essay. And of course her friend had to choose a topic as silly as Soulmates: real life or just a state of mind?” Seriously it as awful.

“Continue please” he said smiling kindly at her.

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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - “How about the reader figuring out she’s pregnant (because of Ethan of course) and having to tell him, and also they accidentally reveal the pregnancy over livestream? :D”
Words - still don’t know how to count.
Warnings - ???? No?????
Extras - ?? Nah


“holy shit holy shit.” You whispered while sitting on the toilet seat, “Should I take another one? I mean.. it could be wrong.”
Yeah, maybe take another one, I mean, pregnancy tests are sometimes wrong. But, most of the time, they’re not.
You sighed; taking another test, and awaiting the results.
Ethan was out with Mark and Tyler, just hanging out, probably at laser tag or something. Ethan insisted on staying with you, because you didn’t feel well, but, you reassured him that you were fine.
But, oh boy, as soon as he left you rushed to the bathroom taking out the pregnancy tests that you hid.
Your leg shakes uncontrollably, waiting for the result on a new test.
After a moment, you looked down.
“Shit- shit two lines.”
Freaking out, you threw away the tests, standing up, and looking in the bathroom mirror. You gently rubbed your belly.
“Really? Me? Pregnant?? With the most adorable human on this planet??”
You groaned.
“Shit! What’s he gonna do? Well.. he probably won’t kick me out?” Instead of a statement, it came out as a question more.
“I mean, he loves me too much,, right?”
You sighed heavily,
You exited the bathroom, going into yours and his room.
“Ok, alright, just gotta tell Ethan.” You
Mumbled, grabbing a good sized cardboard from one of the boxes under the bed. You rummaged through to find a sharpie that was sorta worn out, but oh well, it’ll have to do.
You quickly scribbled in big letters on the front;
’S U R P R I S E!’
And I’m the back, you put;
‘Guess what! I’m pregnant!’
You looked at it for a moment before nodding.
“This is chill, I got this.”


To: Blue Boy<3
“/babe, are you coming home soon?/”

From: Blue Boy<3
“/yeah almost home, is something wrong?/”

To: Blue Boy<3
“/no, i just missed you/”

From: Blue Boy<3
“/aww, I’m almost home :) /”


You sighed shakily, you pocketed your phone and slowly raised the sign so it was under your chin. You smiled to yourself, and waited.
And it wasn’t too long till you heard the door unlock.
Suddenly; you quickly regretted your decision, but, no turning back now.
Ethan walked in with a smile on his face, but it soon turned to confusion as he saw the sign.
“What’s this?”
“A surprise.” You softly said, now flipping the cardboard over; butterflies in your stomach. (But not really because you had a child growing in your uterus-)
Ethan read the sign, then looked up at you.
You gently smiled,
“Yeah.” You said, looking down at your own sign.
He simply looked back down then back up at you.
“I'm–? I'll–?” He started, then slowly walked towards you, looking you dead in the eyes.
“You’re serious?” He questioned.
“Yeah, I uh.. I took a test a few hours ago an-”
“Oh my god!” He shouted; taking the sign out of you hands, tossing it to the side, then hugging you tightly.
“I’m a dad!— well, gonna be a dad, but— holy shit!” He smiled his big dopey, goofy grin, tightly hugging you.
“Holy shit. A dad, and god!– Y/N you’ll be such a great mother!”
“You think?”
“Hell yeah!”


“Your sure?”
“Yes, Ethan, I’m okay enough to stream with you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Ethan! I’m fine, really, let’s just stream, hang out, and play some games, yeah?” You smiled, quickly kissing his cheek.
“Alright.” He nodded, and started the stream.
When a few people came in; he dopely* smiled, and shouted;
“Hi.” You smiled, holding back a laugh from Ethan’s intro.
Ethan looked at you and tilted his head.
“Are you laughing at me?”
“Psh! No! I was laughing at how cute you were making your intro to this stream.”
Ethan grinned and looked back at the webcam, then at the livechat.
This ended in you bursting out laughing reading the chats.
“Honestly, your fan base is literally the best thing, like, ever.”
“Hell yeah it is; and it’s not a fanbase, it’s my Cranky Crew.”
You laughed once more,
“You’re right.”

A few minutes went by, you and Ethan were answering some chats, and just hanging out.
“Pff! Oh my god! Yes! That was the best story ever.” You laughed, hugging your stomach.
Ethan whines; “sttttoopppp laughingggg.”
“It’s so funny!”
“I’ll show you funny!”
Ethan ended up tackling you; but instead of you laughing, you shrieked;
“Right! Right sorry.” Ethan grinned and apologized, kissing your cheek, pulling you back up.
“Wanna read a few more comments before we play a game?” You asked.
“Sure.” He nods.
You both looked at the chat to see much spam.

You guys immediately looked at each other with;
“Oh shit.”


Hah! I really like how this came out!! Thank you for requesting!!!~
I had much fun writing this :))

Dopey* - I’m not sure if that’s a word???? Oh well.
Request from; @nandrii

Baby Sitters (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

WOAH. omfg okay so I finally finished this. It took me forever but I finally did it. Now I can finish my other fics lol. Okay, so I hope you all enjoy this, it took me so long. As always send in requests if you have them. 

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Word Count: 5482

Summary: Reader is left in charge of babysitting Nala, Anthony and Jasmine’s puppy, for a week and Daveed comes to “help”.

Warnings: Cursing, smut, Nala (puppies should always be warnings)


“Yip! Yip!” Jasmine and Anthony’s new puppy, Nala, chirped as you walked into Jasmine’s apartment.

You bent down and Nala ran towards you, slipping on the hardwood floor. “Oh my god!” You picked the dog up when she was close to you. “Hi there, baby!” You said using a ‘baby’ voice. Nala kept yipping, and you almost started crying because of how adorable she was. “Who’s a good little girl? Who is it? It’s you!”

Anthony sat on the couch, laughing as you immersed yourself into a conversation with the dog, asking her how her day went and if her daddy was being nice to her.

“Daddy was being nice to someone.” Anthony mumbled into the glass of water in his hand, a huge smirk evident on his face.

“Oh, gross. The baby can hear you, ass-wipe.” You chastised.

“She’s a puppy.” Anthony argued. “She doesn’t understand what we’re saying yet.”

Both you and Jasmine gave Anthony a dirty look.

“My baby will not be learning your nasty language.” Jasmine said.

“But she can’t talk!”

“But she can understand! We will not be using inappropriate language as of today.”

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So….it was my friend’s 21st birthday party last night…

- I got there and Raychel was immediately like “Molly are you planning on drinking?” and I was like “Yes duh” and she, deep-voiced, goes “Good. You deserve it. You deserve the world and I deserve to see you get it”

- I forgot that I hate chocolate vodka and got a spiked milkshake at the restaurant

- People were just. screaming about anime. Everyone else in the place must have hated us

- “the asshole is my enemy and needs to be punished.”

- “So…my girlfriend like, bought chloroform?” “Have fun with that.”

- I literally forgot to get her a present whoops

- birthday girl, on her third drink: “Listen I know we’re going  back to my house to drink after this but don’t worry!!! I’m not gonna get that drunk tonight, it won’t be bad”

- l m a o

- we get to her house, immediately start doing shots. I hadn’t touched anything yet bc there was a bottle of electric blue shit and I knew damn well that was going into my body but I was told to wait until people got back with sodas for mixers

- but this guy Patrick who I went all thru grade school with goes “Molly, you’re a real man”, hands me a bottle of whiskey and was like “I feel like my entire childhood was leading up to drinking whiskey with you” and honestly I couldn’t argue??? I felt that way too

- a wholesome experience I’m sure all of our old teachers would be so proud to see us finally bonding and getting along lmao

- Jacqui wanted some whiskey and we’re like “you had two margarita’s at the restaurant maybe not” but she didn’t listen and after she took a shot I had to hide the bottle from her to stop her from having any more lol

- Jacqui, drunk “Mollllly you’re my wiiiiife!”

- Raychel (bd girl) also drunk, across the room “But she’s my alpha husband what the fuck!!!!”

- I was not fucking looking when Raychel’s drink was mixed but it was like. Emerald fucking green. I know it had the sour apple shit vodka in it but idk what else. And then they added food dye and cake glitter so it turned into a galaxy drink holy shit

- Jacqui mixed the blue stuff with sprite and I took a sip and it tasted amazing??? So then I poured my own and I don’t know if I used too much alcohol or too much soda but it tasted like draino I literally had a brief Heather Chandler moment

- Kept drinking it but that’s besides the point

- Now, we need to talk about my alcohol tolerance. It’s high. It’s strong.

- So almost everyone else was drunk out of their asses and I’m sitting there like???? What the fuck???? I want to be intoxicated???? This is hell???? Like at this point I had to have had??? A total six or so shots of vodka and the whiskey and I was FINE and mad about that lmao

- That’s my thing it takes me forever to get drunk and then I get really drunk and blessedly never have hangovers so I can’t really complain I guess?

- But when this happens the logical next step is to drink more lmao Raychel started insisting I share her ridiculous drink with her

- That thing….tasted like everything Jesus died to save us from.

- Also I think I ended up drinking more of it than she did lmao

- Pocket full of sunshine started playing and half the room got turnt while the other half watched in confusion

- I kept trying to take selfies with Raychel and in ever one??? She looks inhumanely gorgeous???? And I look like a goblin???? What the fuck

- At this point I was finally getting drunk so Raychel gave me her phone going “you have my favorite face in the world take so many selfies for me!!!” and….bitch I did. I had that phone for about three hours, barely put it down, loved every single one of my angles for the first time in my life, and I honestly do not know how many selfies of me she’s going to find later lmao

- “I once made an art piece out of my pubic hair but like I lost it in someone’s apartment”

- Garrett, who’s apparently never drank before, whisper-yelling in horror “I took a lot of shots….On purpose!!!! ….I’m sorry,”

- He got very wasted very fast and then went upstairs to sleep lmao

- Raychel started crying telling me I was pretty and I was like “Thanks but you do this when you’re sober so I don’t believe you??” and then her friend who barely talks to me comes over and is like “Honey listen I’m the least drunk person her and you’re gorgeous” and it eventually spiraled into “Molly, CHRISTINA AGUILERA thinks she’s ugly. Lady GaGa- BRITTNEY SPEARS CLEARLY HAS SELF ESTEEM ISSUES EVEN THO SHES A FUCKING SEX ICON. So you’re- OH my God!!! Adam Lambert probably thinks he’s the ugliest fucker in the world!!!!! So you’re beautiful!!!!” and like honestly? Feeling good rn

- To counter this I spent like half the night telling Patrick’s shy and quiet girlfriend Maura that she was the prettiest person I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t leave this poor girl alone she was adorable omfg

- Raychel, the one who ‘wasn’t going to get that drunk’: *spinning wildly, holding 13 conversations at once, constantly yelling about the pubic bone and the vulva, crying about plastic babies in a glitter tube*

- UPDATE AS IM TYPING THIS: Raychel has announced that she found a total of 438 pictures and videos on her phone OH MY GOD @PAST ME

- And that’s only on her phone I got a lot on my phone too and other people had cameras out lord knows how many were taken

- So when I’m drunk I feel a little lightheaded but ultimately fine until I like move a limb and it’s like ‘holy shit my head isn’t connect to my body’ like. so fucking dizzy. At one point I stood and was like ‘who wants to bet I can’t walk to the bathroom’ and someone decided to walk me there lmao

- Someone made glitter bombs out of eggs and we threw them in the street while angrily screaming things like “I LOVE MY FAMILY!” and “WHY DOES EVERY ACTUALLY NICE GUY I MEET HAVE A SMALL DICK!”

- Raychel gave me a tiny ball of clay and I really treasured it but then it broke apart I was so sad

- “Burt Macklin is a fucking bitch!” “Don’t talk to the kitten that way he’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever seen!”

- Jacqui got a slice of cake and then remembered she cannot eat when she’s drunk so I ended up eating. just a lot of cake

- My Little Pony songs were playing on the tv???? I’m still not sure how that got started

- Screaming about Alaska Thunderfuck

- I bet Patrick he’d be the first to puke but he left and I think I threw up in the bathroom???? I’m not 100% positive I did but the fact that I have doubt means he wins unfortunately

- There was one guy there I don’t think I actually got his name but he gave me a great hug when he was leaving. You know when like a bird lands on you and you feel like you’re special and have been chosen???? That’s what the hug felt like lmao

- Someone pulled buffalo chicken dip out of thin air which is my weakness and she told me to have some but like. I put one dipped chip in my mouth and knew it was a mistake. I felt it in my stomach. I hadn’t even fucking swallowed yet it was literally just in my mouth and my body was like ‘bitch can you take a break and let me live!’ omfg

- Since Raychel finally dumped her boyfriend I had no qualms about telling her I didn’t like him and she asked why and I was like “he tried to mansplain Greek mythology to me and he wasn’t even right!!!” and for some reason that made at least five people loose it.

- At the stroke of midnight, Raychel, pointing to the crucifix in the living room. “JESUS….HE’S HERE. HE’S ALIVE.”

- At some point I apparently started drunk texting a few of my friend’s that weren’t there w h o o p s

- Me, trying to explain myself to them this morning “You know, that Easter wine just really gets to me”

- I was stuck in the ‘coming down’ stage for like a million years. Like, still clearly drunk but Not As Bad

- And I was trying to get better before I texted my mother for a ride so like. I spent so long chugging water. I literally don’t think I’ve ever had that much water in my entire life. Raychel’s father and sister kept getting it for me as I continuously told them they were life savers. But it barely helped omfg

- Was definitely still a little wobbly when I woke up for water at like 6:30 but all good now and the hangover skipped over my soul @my genetic makeup bless you

- Fun night though!!! But now I’m off to an Easter family party so…we’ll see how that goes lol

Doubts [Keith x Reader]

A/N: Holy ass I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with requests. I have a full course load, a short attention span and lots to do because I’m graduating early, BUT I WILL GET TO THEM ONE BY ONE!  

Warning: This is a steaming bag of garbage I’m sorry I’m so trash. I promised cute but I lost my touch and inspiration for this, I am so sorry. Let me make it up to you in a couple months when I finally get my shit together to write something better for you, mousy. I’M SO SORRY!

Y/N = your name

  • There was a brief pause in his words before he cleared his throat a little, recomposing himself as he looked anywhere but your eyes. “I…Uh… I-I like you.” 
  • Your initial reaction? 
  • Furrowing your eyebrows as you looked at Keith. 
  • His eyes finally coming up to look at you in question as silence bestowed upon the two of you.
  •  Your mouth parted slightly to speak, but nothing came out and suddenly, it was your turn to look away. 
  • But why? Was all you could ask yourself in your head, as your thoughts ran miles at a time to think of the possibilities for the situation in front of you. You racked your brain of all the memory cabinets as you jumped from crevice to crevice trying to find the answer. 
  • Of all people, why did he like you? You were pretty plain in your own eyes
  • You were not a mean person in any way, but you had your moments. Despite how quiet you could be at first, your relaxed personality became quick comebacks and witty remarks in no time. 
  • All of that amped up a couple notches when your stubbornness took over whenever disputes happened on the ship
  • Like the time Lance said you had oily skin even though you knew you had combination skin
  • Or when Shiro told you Keith liked you and you fully denied such a thing and even went as far as claiming Keith probably hates your talkative-tendencies.
  • You slouched once in a while
  • Your only talents included catching multiple cheerios in your mouth at once and picking things up with your toes (or so you think)
  • Above all of that, you-
  • “Nevermind, forget I said anything.” Keith waved his hands in dismissal as he turned to leave your room. 
  • Dammit, you’re taking too long. 
  • “No, wait!” Your hand reached out to touch the red paladin’s shoulder before he could exit. 
  • He stops at the door before slowly turning around to face you. Keith looked at you with expectant eyes but once again, your mouth closed as your words got stuck in your throat at the sight of him.
  •  “You l-like me?” Was all you could muster as your hand slipped over his shoulder. 
  • Keith furrowed his eyebrows before giving a slightly annoyed sigh, “Yes.” 
  • He was getting impatient with the lack of response from you as you took your time to register everything. “But why?” 
  • “Because I do?” Keith shrugged as his face contorted into a look of distaste. 
  • “Um, there’s plenty to like!”
  • “Like what?”
  • “Like…” 
  • Keith: *lists off everything he likes about you*
  • “And since when did you like me?” 
  • Keith scratched the back of his head
  • “A while?”
  • “But why?”
  • The both of you sit in silence for a while
  • “So you like me.”
  • *sighs* 
  • “No, I just listed everything I liked about you because Lance told me to do so.”
  • “Wait you did?”
  • “NO, OMFG Y/N!”
  • Keith taking a deep breath before explaining to you (again) why he liked you
  • Also, assures you he does in fact like you and it wasn’t Lance’s doing
  • Your crooked eyebrow of confusion is now permanent
  • He thinks you’re confused because your skull is as dense as a rock (sometimes) but really, you’re waiting for him to ask you out officially.
  • “I can’t this is taking too long.” and with that, he walks out. 
  • Comes back a couple hours later to ask you out
  • Your clearly say no yes


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Complimentary tag: @redhoodismysquishy (sorry you said I could tag you in anything but I’m not sure if that included Voltron?)

Internet Famous: Part 6

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Internet Famous Masterlist

After going through Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Haunted Mansion, your stomach was grumbling. Poe laughed when he heard your stomach, “Want a churro or corndog or both?”

“Both! I can’t choose between them so definitely, both!”

“Right away, your Highness!” You linked your arm with Poe’s and you made your way to the churro station right outside of the Haunted Mansion entrance. Then you made your way to The Stage Door in Frontierland for a corndog. Poe pulled out the vlogging camera again.

“And here is the beautiful Princess Y/N ready for the royal feast.” 

You bit into the churro, “Dessert before lunch because why not? I’m adult! I do what I want!”

Poe then took the churro from your hand and bit into it, “Mmmm. That’s a good churro.”

“Heeeeey!” You grabbed it back. Poe set the vlogging camera, still on, onto the table. You giggled and began to wipe sugar off his face, “And you say I’m a mess.”

Poe smiled, “You are. A hot mess.”

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Girl's Night

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: I noticed that you don’t have any Kathryn x reader things and I was thinking about like her having a girls night sleepover thing with Amy where they gossip and do face masks and such but then male readers like “yo can I join?” Not in a weird way but like boys can enjoy that stuff too and you also haven’t written much with male readers so yeah sorry it’s not specific or just Kathryn x reader I just thought it’d be cute

Summary: Male!Reader wants to hang with Kathryn and Amy while they’re having a girls night.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m so sorry for my little hiatus I went on these past 2 weeks :( As you all probably know by now, my cousin got married! Then when I got back home I had finals! It was awful and I’m v sorry but I’m here now ready to not be a shitty person. Also I’m actually typing this all up on my phone in the tumblr app (yay for manually inputting the code 🙃) so pls bear with me if the formatting is a little off from how it usually is. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this v short fic!

Wordcount: 333, this is probably my shortest fic ever IM SORRY

Requests are closed for now, very sorry friends!

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The Answer

Pairing: YoungK X Reader

Genre: angst & fluff

Word Count: 1,746

Request: HIII OMFG I LOVE YOU WORKS AHHHH can i request a youngk from day6, an angsty and fluff thing about where he’s in a music rut and cant write lyrics and well something like that i hope thats okay??? thank you! - anonymous

Blank. Both his head and the page of his notebook were blank. It would’ve been better if there were a few scribbles on the paper - a sentence, a melody, a word - anything.

YoungK tightened the strings of his hoodie. The air conditioner running in the recording room dropped the temperature down a few degrees from its usual warm air. With none of the other members present, YoungK was left with his own thoughts to gather and create another amazing song.

A yawn escaped the tired man’s mouth. He tried to wipe the fatigue from his eyes before pressing on the home button of his phone to check the time. His home screen lit up, displaying a photo of him together with his members and his girlfriend on the first day of Day6′s concert tour in Seoul. It was almost 11:30 in the evening.

He usually didn’t feel much stress when it came to writing because the company gave his band enough time before preparing for their next comeback, but this time was different. YoungK was asked to write a special song to give to his labelmates, Park Jimin and Baek Ayeon, for their upcoming duo debut album. He didn’t mind. In fact, it was an honor. He just wished he wasn’t given only a week. Well, it was five days now. Reminded of his deadline, YoungK sighed heavily before reaching for his iced Americano and taking another sip of the half-empty cup.

The dose of caffeine was bought by his girlfriend who stopped by a few hours ago to check in on him. Before, the cup was filled to the top with whole ice cubes. The cup now had condensed water all around the outside, and there was not a single ice cube left. He wanted to go outside, but a part of him knew he could get distracted and that he had to get the song done as soon as possible. “I really don’t know what to do…” he groaned, picking up his pencil.

Actually, he wondered what his members were up to. Were any of them still at the company building or did they already return to the dorm? No, he shouldn’t worry about them. He should worry about the song! YoungK looked at his notebook again. What kind of song would work best to be included in the girls’ album? Pop? Ballad? What should it be about? Friendship? Love?

As he was in his thoughts, he heard a sound from his phone. The screen lit up to show the message you had sent him.

(Y/N) [11:34 PM]

Thanks for leaving me on read the last two texts ;; I know you’re busy tho. Did u leave that studio even once today???

(Y/N) [11:35 PM]

If u haven’t gotten anything done since you were assigned the project, I doubt you’ll get it done by just isolating urself in there… inspiration isn’t found like that

You were sitting in the living room after a shower, watching your favorite variety show on TV. Even though you stopped by to give your boyfriend coffee today, you noticed how exhausted and a little frustrated he looked. You’d go crazy if you were given a sudden deadline for work, too. When you texted the other members, they told you that your boyfriend refused to receive any help on the song. He wanted to please his company so bad, so he asked his own members as well as some of the producers to give him some space which led him to barely eating and leaving that very room he basically kept himself in.

The two texts that he ignored previously was of you asking him to go out and get dinner with you. How could anyone think without any brain food? You thought he’d at least grab some food with you since he loved to eat, especially since you offered to treat him to fried chicken in Sinsadong.

You watched your phone, seeing if he’d respond to your texts, but instead of finding three ellipses popping up, there was a word under your text: read.

Maybe he was really working and you were bothering him. Perhaps an idea finally hit him. You chose to send him the last text for the night.

(Y/N) [11:41 PM]

About to go to bed. Get some rest & pls eat. Will check in tomorrow. Night! :)

The next day, after your classes, you decided to drop by your boyfriend’s company. You received texts from Jae that YoungK needed to get some fresh air, and Jae suggested strongly that you be the one to take him out. I don’t want to go in the recording room again and then end up finding a body, Jae had joked over the phone.

“Knock knock,” you said as you knocked and opened the door to the recording room that you boyfriend was cooped in.

“What are you doing here?” YoungK mumbled when he heard your voice. Instead of looking over at you, he was crossing something off of his paper.

You continued to stand by the door. “Come on. Let’s go. Jae asked me to help you get a little break.”

“I don’t need you here though. I have no idea why Jae needed to call you. Besides, I already took a little break.”

“Yeah, Brian. Um. Bathroom breaks aren’t long enough. Come on. Let’s go get you a change of scenery, some food and some exercise from walking.”

“No thanks.”

Hearing his stubborn refusal, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. You walked into the room and kicked his rolling chair. YoungK shot you a look. “Stop! What was that even for? (Y/N), please just go home,” YoungK sighed.

“I will. After you go out with me. Brian, honestly, it’s not going to hurt you.”

“You’re not the one who has half a week to write a song, okay, (Y/N)?! I don’t know if I’m even going to get this done in time. I need to spend all this time in here writing!”

“You haven’t written a single thing yet!” you exclaimed, gesturing to his notebook full of crossed out words. “I’m trying to help you, and you’re being such a jerk about it!”

“Because you keep pushing it!” YoungK countered, voice starting to raise as well. He stood up from his chair which forced you to look up due to his taller height. “I didn’t ask for your help. I didn’t ask for Jae to get you to help.”

You bit your tongue back, trying to calm down. The door was still open, and anyone walking by could hear. That would be embarrassing on the behalf of both of you. You needed to reason with him. Reaching your hands out, you slid them down your boyfriend’s own hands. His cold hands touched your warm ones. “Babe,” you said, “I know how much you want to accomplish this on your own because it’s a big project, and you don’t want to let Jimin or Ayeon down. But tell me. Did all of the songs you’ve written always take more than a week?”

YoungK gripped your hands in his. He sighed. “No, some did take longer, but there were one or two that took me a few days.”

“And did you always stay in this room to write the lyrics?”

“No, sometimes I get an idea in other places. I write anywhere music starts coming to me.”

“Right? So why are you treating this song any different? Honestly, you should getting all the inspiration you can from outside. This room isn’t going to do anything for you. You don’t know what kind of song to do? Watch a movie, read, listen to some other songs, talk to people. That’s what you do.”

Your boyfriend stayed quiet, but you took it as him agreeing with you. Letting go of one hand and keeping the other intertwined, you lead finally led YoungK out of the cold, dark lair with a smile. “You can just come with me this time. After this, I leave it up to you on how you’ll get the song done.”

Watching your boyfriend right across from you under bright lights in a restaurant was way better than under dim lights in a studio. “Eat lots,” you told him as soon as the server placed down the tray of fried chicken. YoungK nodded his head and dived in right away.

After eating, the both of you walked around the Han River for some time, enjoying each other’s company. You didn’t bring up his work, and it felt like the two of you were on a date.

“Did you know that Don asked out Sohye?” you mentioned during your walk.

YoungK let out a laugh. “Wait, really? Don asked Sohye out? Since when?”

“Like…two days ago? I think. Yeah, they’re going out now.”

“That’s good for them. They look good together. Not like us though.”

“Obviously,” you joked while flipping your hair.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you a while ago,” YoungK apologized. “I was stressing myself out even more. Shouldn’t have taken it out on anyone.”

“It’s okay. We all have our days.”

You took a look at your watch and unwrapped your arm from YoungK’s.

“Oops. It’s already four? I gotta get to work now,” you said.

Your boyfriend nodded his head. “Yeah, I probably need to get back to the company. Thanks for today.”

“Oh, wait.” You stopped him and started to reach into your bag. When you finally found what you were looking for, you pulled the item out and showed it to YoungK. “Ta-da! Sohye got me a ticket to go to that new exhibit at the art museum. I can’t go because I work, but I took it because I thought that you could maybe use it.”

You handed him the ticket and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Walking to the curb, you waved for a taxi. As a taxi started to approach, you quickly turned back to YoungK and waved at him. “Let me know how it goes! Love you.”

“Love you too,” YoungK replied and waved at you until you got into your taxi and rode off. Alone, he scanned the art museum ticket. He couldn’t help but smile. He turned in the direction to where the art museum was and began to walk. Like how he felt when he was with you, he had a good feeling that the song would be a great one.

“Dear Diary,

We’ve been in college for almost two years now and things are going great! Brittany made me get the lyrics to Fergalicious tattooed on my back. Love it.”

“Jojo is challenging himself both intellectually-”

-HA. Another win for me, Jojo the Great.

-Ugh can I go now? You said 5 bucks for one game.

“And emotionally.”

-How could you not like my apology gift?


-But I stole it from the lab just for you!

“And Gunther.. Well, we don’t see him that much ever since he accidentally entered into a committed relationship with Blue Meatballs. Another person we don’t see often.. Purple-Shirt-Braids. No one knows what happened to her.”

“At first I didn’t really care about that man-whore’s fate, since a) he’s the worst and b) with him out of the picture Jojo would be all mine. But then I witnessed something that shocked me more than my mother acknowledging my existence…Gunther.. TURNING DOWN A GIRL.”

“Sometimes we face challenges so grave that no earthly means will do. That’s when we turn to the skies and wonder..”

“..who will save us?”

Welcome to the Unions, Post-Finals-Breakdown Edition! Well, it’s about to get real. We’ve fucked around long enough and it’s time to get to work, finding spouses, getting into the secret society, and most importantly-

GETTING RID OF THIS BITCH. That’s right, Blue Meatballs has managed to completely take over Gunther’s life and the results are deeply concerning. I had the dramatic realization that she’s the same girl from this post that Gunther was previously disgusted by. How the fuck we ended up here I don’t even know. Meatballs wormed her way to Gunther’s slutty heart by letting him woohoo other girls in front of her and somehow this has resulted in him.. autonomously being loyal? A genius play tbh but THIS ENDS NOW. 


-I’m here to chew gum and win back Gunther.. and I’m all out of gum.

Work. it. With 3 bolts and your hot new look, fucking Hot-Topic-reject Meatballs doesn’t stand a chance! Let’s get you registered, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

-A mad scientist!

Lmao, I know who you might hit it off with..

-Sooo this is kinda awkward..

-Awkward? Why?

-Well, because of me and your father.. And our torrid romantic history.

-I don’t want you to think of me as a regular dad. I’m like a cool dad. The kind you can get a beer with. Well, not actually beer because it’s disgusting, but you know, some other drink. A non-prole drink. 

-There’s a penis next to my food and somehow that’s not the grossest thing in this cafeteria. 

Welcome to the Unions, baby!

-SO as I was saying, Empty Chair, the first time I woohooed Gunther was A-MA-ZING. We went at it for like 2 hours and he said I was the best he ever EVER had, especially compared to girls in high school! He was all like, “Melody who?”

Stfu Blue Meatballs, your days are numbered. Is Gunther’s class ever gonna end?

OH he’s back but now Melody has to go to class! The game making a real meal out of this. They look so good together <3

And Melody stops to heartfart over him! TRUE LOVE.

Also heartfarting over him and ruining the moment, Gross Hippy Dude. 

And, of course, Blue Meatballs! Jfc this kid can’t take 5 steps without spreading boners. 

Once Gunther steps inside, the predictable unthinkable happens, aka Wyatt ALSO HAS THE HOTS FOR HIM. This is the 3rd time that someone Jojo has his sights on is into Gunther, I’m surprised it hasn’t lead to some trust issues-

-Oh my, Wyatt, what a beautiful neck you have. It’d be a shame if I had to [redacted] it.

-Did you just say “redacted”?


-Well what does it mean?

-Fuck my brother and find out.

IT’S GOING DOWN. Everyone is here and Meatballs is perfectly positioned to catch Gunther cheating!! MAKE YOUR MOVE MEL



………………………………………………………………….WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN.


I’m gonna jump out the fucking window, how is this possible YOU HAVE 3 BOLTS + ARE BFFS

- :((((((((((


AND IT HAPPENS AGAIN. OMFG. This is not me btw, this is fucking ACR breaking Mel’s heart </3

-Ugh please, she broke her own heart the minute she decided to go up against ME. This is it, bitch, it’s done. Just accept me as Gunther’s bride and let’s move on with our lives.

NEVER. I hate you and Komei has fucked our genetics enough without your toad-mug chiming in. 

-Whatever, it’s your funeral then.


GOD. I legit cannot with this, let’s focus on something else.. crazy-in-love Wyatt here who spends his days thinking about Jojo/ following Jojo around/ waiting for Jojo to return from class. Depicted here is the happy couple after Wyatt literally ran to the door to kiss Jojo as soon as he got back. Just as I was warming up to this pairing I took a look at Jojo’s panel and saw that cold-ass bitch doesn’t even have a crush on Wyatt, JFC.

-I don’t care, I will melt Jojό’s tiny, frozen heart! 

Lol, good luck with that!

Meanwhile we have the important business of harassing the secret society members to attend to. Shockingly, my cunning plan of basing this entire enterprise solely on Jojo’s social abilities is not going well. We finally befriended the blond after hanging out with her 200 times-

-and moved on the redhead, aka girl who slapped Gunther. This girl is almost as big of a bitch as Jojo, I mean seasons literally change outside the window and we’re still stuck at 40 points. Thankfully their rooms are tiny so they can’t escape!

Meanwhile, walls down reveal that Gunther and Meatballs are literally GOING AROUND THE ROOM HOLDING HANDS. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT WILL THIS NIGHTMARE EVER END

Finally, demeaning ourselves enough to do a school cheer does the trick and we never have to talk to those assholes again! Let’s gtfo, time for drinks, the 3rd society member and -super hopefully- Jojo’s potential spouse, that we can’t seem to meet to save our lives.

We go to our beloved Wasteland and are faced with the most useless assortment of people ever. First up, Ti-Ning!


Get out so someone that doesn’t live with us can get in, that’s whaddup.

Secondly, crazy redhead slapper!

-Back off bitch, I saw him first.

-LOL whatever girl, I’m his first love, I have seniority.

-God he sucks at drumming.

-Tell me about it.

And thirdly… FUCKING MAX FLEXOR. I was legit thinking ‘the only person missing now is Max’ and WHAT DO YOU KNOW. God.

Mel is getting desperate and I share her sentiments. I don’t know who I hate more at this point, Meatballs or Gunther? It’s a coin toss.

We gtfo, Beatles style, in search of non-lame pastures. I want Jojo to meet the 3rd member asap because his friendships with the other two are at a dangerous 52 points threshold and the thought of befriending them again gives me hives.

IMMEDIATE SCORE. THANK YOU CACTI CAFE. But the real revelation is about to happen outside…


-Ugh, are you that charity person that keeps pestering me? I don’t owe you anything, my parents worked HARD for our money-

Yea yea whatever. Are you ready to meet your maybe-soulmate??



-Frances J. Worthington III. My name isn’t the longest thing about me.

-Are you talking about the line of zeroes in your trust fund?

-I am.

-Jojo Union, charmed. I love your sweater.

-Ah, thank you, I knitted it myself.

-Oh really, you knit?

-I’m just pulling your leg dear chap, what am I, a serf?


YES. MAN I LOVE BEING RIGHT. Can this night get any better????

YES IT CAN. GOD IS REAL. Meet my new favorite pic of all time. I don’t think I have related to anything in my life more than I do to Dan’s face here.

And at last I see the light,
and it’s like the fog has lifted,
and at last I see the light,
and it’s like the sky is new,
and it’s warm and real and bright,
and the world has somehow shifted 💕


And look who’s here now LMAO. I would love nothing more than watch Wyatt and Frances try to strangle each other with their silk ties over Jojo, but tragically we have to leave..

..because thanks to someone the lot is lagging like crazy. Literally whenever we’re on a community lot and things get interesting you can count on this sparkly cockblock to show up. Anyway, let’s get down to business..




-We were what?


-Once we were what?

-Ugh, this is hilarious but highly uncomfortable.

Don’t worry Mel, you CAN change him once you’re married. I think.

-But goddamn if you’re still not hot as fuck!!

……………………Meatballs seriously. Get help.

-Is it still a break-up if you don’t acknowledge it whatsoever? 

Wtf is this, the new ‘if a tree falls in a forest’? GTFO

Jfc, Gunther’s dick is tearing this dorm apart.

Not gonna lie, I’m very worried that Gunther is gonna cheat on Mel and just the thought of going on an apology tour is killing me. After this close call with first-woohoo-girl I have to place him under constant surveillance- 

-aka chained to the easel! If he’s drawing he’s not cheating. What a lucky girl Mel is.

-This is a forest.. representing what I’m missing by looking at the tree.

Is the tree..Mel?


And the forest is other chicks? 


Drop out.

That scary little window appears and I’m like NOOOO CAUGHT CHEATING but turns out it’s the opposite! Gunther is saved from aspiration failure and will hopefully shut up for now. OR ELSE

Meanwhile Jojo almost misses his fucking finals because he’s on his 10thousandth call with the 3rd society girl- the final frontier. The clock is ticking, Jo’s relationships with the other 2 are falling and we have no time to let this friendship develop naturally, so harassment it is!

-A restraining order?? HA, get in line bitch. 

-No, I’m being literal, there’s an actual line in the court for orders against me. Bring a sandwich.

Daniel heads to his finals in this amazing ensemble, I assume from the Stalin line of outwear.

-Correct! He was buried in this. 

And the semester is over with a bang! Not to brag but the kids are killing it in academia, talk about laser-sharp focus..

..I mean last semester has barely ended before Gunther sits down, rolls up his sleeves and saddles his ex with his term paper. 

-I know it’s early in the semester but I’m so worried about my grade, babe, do you think you could you get started now?

-Oh Gunther, you’re so diligent! 

ABOUT TIME. Dorian wtf are you doing here?

-What do you mean, I’m a college student, I just have a mature look. 

Yeah well Jojo likes them middle-aged so STAY AWAY

-Jojo Union, you’re under arrest-

-I’m innocent! It wasn’t me who stole the frogs! His name is Ti-Ning Trimble, he’s a monster, officer, he said he hates frogs and won’t rest till they’re extinct-


-These are not the circumstances under which I want to hear that! DANIEL

-Fuck the police. 




-AH it was you guys, wow! I’m deeply honored to be here- wait, where did that cop go? Did he leave? Goddammit, I wanted him to see how cool I’d look killing you all and stealing your possessions, can something work out for once..Oh well, no use crying over spilled cop I guess.. Let’s spill some blood.

-Man, I am loving the view from up here.. All that’s missing is someone to share it with.. Someone to be my co-king.. No, that’s actually too much power. Someone to be my steward. 


-What’s the rush? They can compete to win my heart, winner takes all. Losers.. well, I didn’t kill 14 people to get this thing just to lounge on it.

Did you kill 14 people to find God anytime soon cause that’s what you need to do.

-That doesn’t even make sense.


Best Friend Series; Junhui

- you and junhui have been best friends since childhood
- basically you were six years old and you were making a sandcastle at the park
- you were really happy with how it turned out in the end it took you like an hour to make it and it’s beautiful and everything
- when suddenly you hear “I GOT IT!!”
- you look up to see a baseball heading in your direction and this kid is running after it not paying attention to where he’s going
- and he jumps super high and successfully catches the baseball but HE LANDS ON YOUR SANDCASTLE DESTROYING IT
- you just stare at it with the most shocked expression ever and you glare at the kid who’s scrambling to his feet
- and by glare i mean glare like if looks could kill this kid would be dead
- so you scream “HEY YOU DESTROYED MY SANDCASTLE YOU STUPID HEAD” and after dusting himself off, he goes like “WHO ARE YOU CALLING A STUPID HEAD??”
- you both end up arguing and you’re like “APOLOGIZE” and he’s like “NOPE”
- before you know it you’re dragged into the baseball game and the boy says “IF YOU WIN I’LL APOLOGIZE, BUT IF YOU LOSE, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY UNTIL IT’S TIME TO GO HOME”
- you’re like WHAT THAT’S HARDLY FAIR but you play anyway, you’ve played baseball before with a friend so you’re just staring at the kid like GET READY TO LOSE
- all the boys’ friends are like woahhh that kid is so cool they’re better than YOU jun!!
- and jun’s pride is hurt because he never lost a baseball game in his LIFE
- you’re expecting him to get all angry and mean again
- but he just smirks and approaches you
- he says “i like you. come to the park more often and play baseball with us!! we’re 13 people so sometimes someone’s left out while we play 6 vs 6 but with you it’ll be equal”
- you’re like “ok cool but WHERE’S MY APOLOGY”
- and he just laughs and says “i’ll apologize to you if you win five games. i’m junhui btw, but you can call me jun.”
- and you’re like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME oh forget it just keep the apology” but every time you go to the park JUN IS ALWAYS THERE
- sometimes he’s playing baseball with his friends but other times he’s practicing wushu and taekwondo and you’re like…… ok that’s kinda cool i guess……
- one day while he was practicing wushu with a tree branch, he catches you staring and he runs up to you and you’re like omfg just great
- he’s like “HEY!! you haven’t played baseball with us since last time!!” and you’re like “not this again” and jun’s like “oh yeah what’s your name btw??” you give him your name and he just says it over and over while grinning
- the next time you go to the park the boys are playing baseball and jun runs up to you and says “(name) join us!!” you say “no” but he drags you to the field anyway
- you end up playing and this time you LOSE
- you’re like NO WAY and jun is just laughing at your reaction
- long story short, you end up playing baseball with them a few more times and when jun finds out that you live nearby he walks you home
- you actually do end up winning five games first but then jun goes like “did i say five?? i meant EIGHT” and he keeps increasing the number just to spite you but in the end you guys decided on seventeen games
- and he’s stuck to you ever since
- since you guys went to different elementary schools, you only ever saw him whenever you went to the park
- but then you guys ended up going to the same high school and uni and i present to you the GREASE
- he waits for you after class so you can eat lunch and walk back together
- sometimes he throws his arm over your shoulders while winking and making kissy faces and you’re like ew jun stop while pushing his face away
- makes every hangout with you sound like a date and says it loud enough for the people around you to hear
- makes everything you guys do together sound inappropriate just to see your reactions
- after school, you guys always go back to the park and play baseball together
- well actually it’s more like catch because you guys are only two people but wtvr
- deep talks while playing catch
- he lends you his varsities and hoodies
- whenever you wear them, jun says “you look much better in them than i do” wink wink and you just take the varsity/hoodie off and throw it in his face like ugh nvm jun i think i can survive this cold until we get home
- never has money so he always begs you to buy stuff for him
- to make up for all those times you treated him, he gets you the most amazing and expensive birthday gifts
- “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WANTED THIS?? THANK YOU SO MUCH JUN” “i think i deserve a little kiss for it don’t you think? ;)” “don’t push it”
- you always go to his wushu competitions to cheer him on and you’re always front seat!!
- everyone always complains how he takes FOREVER to answer his text messages
- but you’re just like what…. he answers mine within a minute
- cooks for you when you’re sad
- probably taught you a few self-defense tricks/martial arts so he won’t get worried about you
- jun is popular with the girls so he always gets confessions or gets asked out on dates but he always declines them (probably used you as a scapegoat a few times by saying you’re his s/o lmao)
- you’re always like “jun why don’t you just say yes to one of them”
- but he’s like “i can’t because if i do…… you’d be alone”
- and jun just smirks like OOOKAY
- but one day he actually does go on a date with someone and you’re like…… oh
- it’s so lonely because he’s not outside waiting for you in front of the school like always and he isn’t there to make fun of you or annoy you
- you hate to admit it but you miss the grease
- later that day he calls you and he’s like “let’s eat out i’m starving” and you get so happy and you two eat out while he tells you about his date
- he notices your face light up when he says he didn’t enjoy it and he just smirks
- “you missed me didn’t you?? come on just admit it” “i’m leaving”
- after dinner, you guys go back to the baseball field and grin when you see you and jun’s old childhood friends playing a round of baseball
- they’re down to play baseball again with you guys for old time’s sake and you and jun just look at each other with grins
- you’re like “we’re both tied at sixteen right??” and he just grins and nods
- “you still owe me that apology”
- “like you’re going to get it”
- jun ends up winning the game and as punishment he has to stay with you forever
- you just roll your eyes and say “how could a person be this greasy”
- but jun just laughs and ruffles your hair and well guess you’re stuck with him (but is that really a bad thing??)

As the Radio Plays - Part 3

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: You regret going home.

Warnings: Cursing, because we all know I have a potty mouth.


A/N: I don’t even know what this is anymore, what I actual fuck Cass why. This took me longer than usual (lol work kicked my ass for a bit jfc my bad). ANYWAY Becca is responsible for my descent into insanity and I LOVE HER FOR IT so shout-out to my murderer for influencing me so much (if you find the ref, kudos to you my darlings!!) Also, shout-out to y'all because you guys are the reason why I’m still writing. Thank you for your support and love. My heart swells at the thought of you guys. I love you all endlessly.


So you let the cat out of the bag.

It earned you a sleepless night spent drowning in an ocean of your tears, a scratchy throat from sobbing so hard for so long, and drenched bedsheets because you couldn’t help but fall apart.

And rightfully so.

It was your biggest nightmare, coming across the man who’d left you on what was supposed to be the best day of your life. Not only that, but you told him the one thing you didn’t want to bring back. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to say it, but telling him about the one part of him that you were carrying and nurturing was gone only made it even more of a reality– a reality with which you didn’t want to come to terms.

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Time Transcending

Ichabod Crane x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: none 

Summary: What are you, Ichabod’s past lover from the 18th century, doing here in modern time Sleepy Hollow?  

A/N: A big thank you to @bovaria for helping me with this and looking it over for me when I finished and another thank you to both @elyshakate and @bovaria for continually encouraging me to do this :) Love you girls loads!! :* Feedback would be very helpful in deciding if I should do a part 2 or not!!

Originally posted by tonight-you-are-my-little-bitch

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George Washington x Reader: What Can You Do? Pt. 1

Fair warning: Not historically accurate whatsoever. Also, the prompt will come into play the next part. I just felt bad because I’ve been taking a long time with this one, so the next part will be out soon!! 

Being the daughter of King George III, things were complicated. With everything happening in the colonies, he was going crazy. First, he harassed all of the rebels. He tried to beat them down thinking that, eventually, they would just give up. 

Well, he gave up on that plan. Now, he’s sending his eldest daughter, (Y/n) Frederick, to the colonies as a sort of peace treaty. The smartest idea, really, now that the colonies were at war with Britain. 

But she went nonetheless. With one guard to keep her safe. As angry as she was that she had to leave the safety of her home and enter hostile territory, she was somewhat excited to see what had happened to those who had betrayed the king. She couldn’t deny that she was interested in the colonies. (Y/n) could never tell her father this. People had been jailed - or even killed - for less.

However, this journey was more violent than she had expected. The rebels soon found out that she was the King’s daughter and began to harass her. Men, women, and even children shouted obscene things at her and threw things. She had received death threats and could hardly leave her home without being punished by both the colonists and her guard.

“Miss, you cannot leave the house. You could die. That would benefit no one.” Her guard spoke one day.

“I took a walk in the garden. I never left the property.” She spoke calmly.


“At what point did I ask you to continue scolding me?” Her voice filled with spite, she smiled and walked into her study. Her white nightgown provided a harsh contrast to the dark room. Quickly lighting a candle, she took out a quill and parchment. She was going to get out.

Mr. Washington,

I have heard stories of your success even in my little corner of the colonies. I have no doubt that you have heard of me. I shall introduce myself, properly this time, so that there is no doubt of my identity.

I am (Y/n) Frederick. Daughter of King George WIlliam Frederick III. He has sent me to the colonies and I must confess that I fear for my life. I have but one guard to keep me safe, yet everywhere I go there is another threat on my life. What I am about to write may sound like a plan for sabotage, but I mean every word.

I wish to help in the war. I learned the basics of nursing and health while still at my home, and I believe that, with my skills, I could provide great amounts of help. I have but one condition for my help. Where I am, currently, I receive death threats daily. I need reassurance that no attempts will be made on my life.

I am also writing to tell you that I will be visiting the camp next Tuesday, the 14th, regardless of your answer on the previous topic. 

I look forward to meeting you.

(Y/n) Frederick

Blowing on the ink, she reached into her drawer to pull out the wax and the seal of the royal family.  “I should probably tell Carson that we’re going to see Mr. Washington.” She mumbled as she melted the wax. That guard is incapable of understanding, I wonder how he’ll take it.

As soon as the ink was dry, she folded the letter and stamped it, hid it in a drawer, and blew out her candle before she scampered off to her bed.

The next day, she passed the letter to one of the maids and she sent it off. Well, now I just have to tell Carson that we’re leaving the day after tomorrow for the camp…We’ll see how well that’ll go over.

As expected, he yelled and got frustrated before (Y/n) ordered him to take her. She was used to it, it happened every time she wanted to do anything. But Carson wouldn’t stop her. No one could. Once she set her mind to something, nothing could stop her. So, she spent the next day packing. If she was being honest, even if the general declined her request, she was staying.


“Honestly, Miss Frederick.” Carson sighed as she looked out of the carriage window excitedly. “I don’t understand why we have to go see the front lines.” They had been traveling for hours on end and they were finally reaching the camp. (Y/n) had dressed in a blue gown for the occasion. 

“It’s a little late to say that, isn’t it, Carson?” She smiled and turned back to the window, watching the hills go by.

“I’ve been saying it since you ‘requested’ that I take you out here.” He sighed and sat back in his chair.

“Tell him to stop the car.” She said suddenly.


“Just do it.” She grabbed the black hat that she had brought with her and prepared to opened the door as soon as the carriage stopped.

“Miss Frederick!” Carson cried.

“I’ll walk from here.” (Y/n) insisted, looking at the camp in the distance.

“Nonsense! Get back into this carriage this very instant!” His face had gone red with anger. “It is too far for us to walk-”

“For me to walk, Carson. You will not be joining me. And it is a perfectly reasonable distance for me to walk, thank you.” 

Smirking at the look of rage on Carson’s face, she set off. Her blue gown was dragging in the mud a bit, but she didn’t care. She was a woman on a mission.

A Tale of Much Madsness: My Adventure Meeting Mads!

Okay, okay, everyone has been asking for deets, and I’m sorry I’ve been slow, but there was the Hanniversary to see through and there was the fact my fingers were ice and then there was work, but finally here I am ;) 

It was pretty crazy, honestly. So @docnickie and I are on our way to brunch, which is an hour bus ride away, and we’re about 50 min in, just sitting in this sleepy sunlight, and suddenly @wiith-my-hands (Nic) texts (she is already at the restaurant where we are meant to be having brunch), and she’s like OMG, HE’S HERE, ARE WE CANCELLING BRUNCH?!?! And sends us a pic of Mads filming that someone took. So in a frantic rush, we cancel brunch (Nic tells them we gotta gooo), get off the bus, get in a cab and are like GET US THERE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. And incidentally, they were filming right outside my office, so I’d already seen the signs and knew exactly where it was and the area. We’re going nuts.

But we finally get off and people tell us a thousand different things, “he’s already left” and “he’s done for the day” and “he was never here” and “who is that?” and we’re just running around like 4 blocks and three avenues, (which if any of you know NYC, this is kind of a lot) going around and around, and finally this one nice PA sort of confirms for Nic that he’s still around, and another nice one points me at where to go to get a closer look at the scene, and one more person tells me where the trailers are. So I get closer to the scene being shot and I see HIS STUNT DOUBLE, and it’s just like ugh, SO CLOSE. So we continue racing around, and the truth is because I am a ball of adrenaline, I know the area like the back of my hand, and I am just so CRAZY AT THIS POINT, I sort of just take off on my own, and I see Chiwetel Ejiofor near his trailer, AGAIN SO CLOSE, and I see Benedict from a distance, lol that costume, but nothing. And it’s almost time to go to the Hanniversary meetup, and we’re like okay, guess that’s that. But Nickie has to go to the bathroom and Nic is sitting, and I’m like OKAY. I’ll go back one more time to where I saw his stunt double, just in case…

So I run the avenue plus street run around, becuase the straight shot down is blocked, and suddenly OMG THERE HE IS.

And so I’m waving like a mad person at him. and he sees me and you can tell that he’s pretty confused, like waving slowly back as though, who is this person, uhhh, kayyy, but then I like point to the flower crown (frantically!) and you can physically see the understanding come over him and he just like OHHH!!s and he grins and blows me a kiss and I blow him one back. (Could this be it?  At this point, I’m mentally and emotionally ready for that to be that. But BEFORE I KNEW IT, HE’S GOT HIS HANDLER AND HE’S WALKING OVER…

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Fools on Parade - Part 3 (Trixya) - Tiffany

AN: Hi angels! Here’s part 3 of fools on parade, I’m so sorry it took so long but I essentially had to rewrite it to fit the story (and also I’m incredibly lazy oops). This is kinda a filler chapter but it’s quite necessary and it’s still super cute, plus we meet Brian’s roommates Ben (Trannika) and Kim. I really hope you all enjoy and I promise the next chapter won’t take so long 😊 - Tiff ❤️‍ (ps thanks again to Vixen for being both my soulmate and my enemy, love you a bit)

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stcriescfourlives  asked:

Riarkle, brief, 11th grade, break up, headcannon? Please?

omfg remember when I offhandedly said they briefly break up in 11th grade bc that just realistically feels like something the writers would do and then I got a boatload of asks wanting to expand on that??? Now we get to see if I still have my Amazing Bullshit Writing Skills that helped me to graduate school when I always did all my work the night and/or the hour before it was due. LESSGO

  • Okay so they break up for a really fucking stupid reason
  • I’m talking Corpanga’s “I just like…Know you so well? We should break up while we still like each other so we don’t hate each other one day.” breakup stupid here
  • It was mostly ~communication issues~ or some shit like come on you know how insecure Riley is. She probably saw him hanging out with Smackle and thought he was cheating and flipped or something
  • So they break up and it was initially going to be one of those ‘never talk to me again’ shindigs but then Maya made a really snarky comment like “ I already had to deal with one ugly divorce you two are not allowed to do this”
  • Cue Zay on his knees in a bad British accent “Think of the children!”
  • (Maya and Zay are acting like this because from the second they saw them fighting/breaking up, they already started plotting how to get them back together omfg)
  •  So they decide to be “civil” which just means: REALLY FUCKING AWKWARD WHILE PRETENDING NOTHING HAS CHANGED
  • And Farkle’s hella confused because he doesn’t even fully understand how this happened omfg but he’s not making any explicit move to win her back because he figured this is what she wanted
  • That very much annoys Maya lemme tell you
  • Okay so then Riley becomes a Serial Dater, like a different guy every single week omfg
  • Mostly because she’s bored/trying to fill the hole in her heart but also lowkey trying to make Farkle jealous enough to try and win her back right
  • Like she was always hella jealous over Farkle and now she’s like ‘Let him suffer" so she starts going out with guys she knows he hates and whatnot ya feel
  • It’s petty but hey Riley’s almost never petty so we can allow her this I think
  • Anyway they keep up the awkward forced friendship thing but they legitimately are trying to act like nothing ever happened??? As if they never dated and aren’t lowkey angry with each other??? It’s nothing but forced laughter, fake smiles and longing looks when the other isn’t paying attention
  • Lucas just doesn’t notice lmao
  • Maya and Zay are plotting to the max but all of their schemes are failing omfg
  • They like try to trick them into hanging out, lock them in closets, pay teachers into making them sit next to each other and be partners, all the cliché wacky schemes you can possibly think of, they try
  • At some point Zay is like “hear me out, Maya. We pay a guy to hit you with his car and leave them alone together at your hospital bedside while you’re still unconscious-”
  • And Maya’s like “you’re fired from this partnership and I’m gonna block you from the group chat”
  • And she does
  • It’s like a week and a half before anyone notices and adds him back in lmao
  • So Maya’s new tactic is to Blatantly Not Give A Shit when they come to her with their problems
  • Like Riley will be trying to have a Bay Window talk about all the conflicting emotions she's feeling for Farkle and Maya’s like “yeah nice. What’re we doing for dinner?”
  • And Farkle will call her at like 2 in the morning feeling emotional and she’s like “Why call me why not just head over to your private theater and cry into your fucking Vicuña blanket because I say money can buy happiness you piece of shit” and Farkle’s like “I know this is our loving dynamic but W O W”
  • So now both Riley and Farkle are lowkey mad at Maya too and she’s like “well that didn’t fucking work um” and gives up and goes to Cory for help
  • Let me tell you the parents in this situation are distressed
  • Cory’s highkey trying to figure out if Farkle is still allowed to be his favorite student if his daughter is throwing darts at his picture back at home.
  • His heart says yes but his wife says “fail him out of spite”
  • Luckily he doesn’t always listen to Topanga omfg
  • Stuart and Jen can honestly not figure out what to do in the situation because Farkle WILL NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING OMFG IT TOOK THEM A WEEK TO EVEN FIND OUT THEY BROKE UP
  • “Hey it’s Sunday isn’t Riley coming over for your movie marathon?” “No we broke up” “Excuse me????”
  • So anyway when Maya asks Cory for help he’s like “we’ve all been scheming ourselves NOTHING IS WORKING WE NEED A GODDAMN PROFESSIONAL HERE”
  • And Maya’s like “what does that mean” but before the sentence is even fully out of her mouth the door is kicked open and Shawn Patrick Hunter runs in
  • Now, poor Maya has no idea that her step father is the Shipper Extraordinaire, but boy is she about to fucking learn 
  • So Shawn, once hearing the full detailed account of everything that happens, starts doing everything he possibly can to get these two back together omfg
  • But even he’s having a very hard time and all his ideas go from sensible to ridiculously desperate oh my God
  • Like he starts off “Hey favorite goddaughter I’m gonna take you out for a special girls day and buy you way too much stuff and we’re gonna cry over chocolate and talk about feelings!!!!!!” and eventually gets to a point where he, Cory, Topanga, and Maya are staring at a fucking board with strings all over it connecting theories and plans mumbling to himself “Maybe we should just revive Veronica to see if the weirdness of the situation bonds them together”
  • They do eventually give up and try that. A lot of laughter and confusion (and realizing they should have informed Katy of the plan), but no, it doesn’t reunite Riley and Farkle
  • Shawn does have the basic idea though: Riley and Farkle used to feel like they could tell each other everything and anything, and now they don’t. They need to get them communicating again
  • But no one is able to fucking get them to do that and everyone’s hope slowly starts to die
  • Zay makes a show of openly weeping in front of them every day
  • Okay so anyway someone throws this party
  • Probably Missy or Charlie or some character they need to bring back I don’t fucking know
  • So Riley opts out because Josh had already promised to take her to a Knick’s game, but Maya, Zay, and Lucas wanna go so Farkle tags along to be the designated driver
  • Except at some point he’s like “I’m depressed and still in love with my ex girlfriend and I can just call my personal driver SOMEONE GET ME SMASHED”
  • It’s one of those parties where you know you were having fun at the time but now you just wanna bleach it from your memory omfg
  • Farkle and Maya wake up in bed together holy shit
  • They just wake up, turn to each other, and sigh in complete resignation
  • Maya just says “Wow guess what we’re never fucking telling Riley about”
  • And now that they’re up and getting dressed Farkle’s starting to freak out because he barely remembers last night and he’s super worried he took advantage of Maya and ruined their friendship but she’s like “No stop chill I’m at least glad it was you instead of some creep with std’s” but he will not chill
  • And she’s like “Do you see how casual I’m being right now??? I’m dressing in front of you. That’s because this is chill and we don’t care and I need you to shut up before your parents hear you please give me this”
  • Omfg the second they’re fully clothed Minkus walks into the room and is like “Oh hi Maya I didn’t know you slept over do you want some breakfast?”
  • Luckily she doesn’t say that last part out loud so Minkus isn’t suspicious lmaooooo
  • Okay so Farkle is still like “We need to TALK ABOUT THIS” and she just will not
  • Not because she’s upset or anything just because her and Farkle are like brother and sister and she’s like “yiiikes I wanna never think of this again”
  • Also she keeps insisting they never tell Riley and Farkle’s like “that doesn’t seem fair???”
  • But like Maya is so insistent and she’s like “Farkle come on she still has feelings for you she cannot find out this happened” and he’s like “that’s why she should find out this happened tho????”
  • So Farkle eventually heads over to Riley’s house to talk to her about it
  • And Riley’s upset obviously but she’s touched that Farkle didn’t want tot hide it from her
  • Especially since they only broke up because she thought he was sneaking around with other girls
  • So clearly they do not get back together in this very moment because holy shit but it is an important stepping stone in fixing their communication issues
  • They start to fall back into their old pattern and groove and whatnot and no one wants to say anything lest the ruin the progress
  • Everyone is treating them like freshly blown glass
  • Even when they start, not like making out, but little pecks on the cheeks/lips kissing again no one says anything
  • And then one day Riley and Farkle are quietly doing their math homework together and Riley’s just like “Hey are we dating again?” and Farkle just says “Yeah I guess” and she’s like “Cool”
  • And then they drop the books and make out omg
  • So yes that is the drama of the brief breakup stint the end???