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hey! so what kind of music do you think the guys would listen to???

i actually had to do a lil bit of research on this because i have no idea what kind of music is popular in japan lol. i’m not going to mention (very) many specifics because it would take me like 4+ hours and a wikiwalk to look into everything but i can kinda give u the basics here (& maybe mention some american music i think they’d like)


  • probably just leaves the radio on a popular station on low when he’s studying or something like that??
  • doesn’t have a preference for anything tho u know he’s a fan of risette always
  • got a poster of her and everything
  • got a fondness for instrumentals and jazz tho. smooth and soft, something that fades in and out of the background at leisure
  • (may or may not be inspired by the fact that i’ve kept beneath the mask’s instrumental on repeat for the past three weeks)
  • secret weakness for technoswing
  • aftertherain has been rly popular lately and also perfume so


  • probably a sucker for hip hip
  • like a bit more american hip hop than japanese honestly but he loves hip hop artists from japan too
  • probably some classic dabo, some rhymster, and he might or might not have a poster of hime
  • if he learned any english outside of the classroom u can bet it was from like jay z or something like that
  • actually probably he has the best pronunciation out of most of his friends because of listening to hip hop bc it’s less formal and ms. chouno’s accent is prolly atrocious
  • he also shamelessly listens to theme music from video games


  • hoo boy
  • this hipster ass dumpster fire here will tell u he really loves shinto music…….
  • and honestly he really does lbr here he’s not a hipster for the sake of being a hipster
  • he puts it on when he’s painting so he can get in that ~~mood~~ for some good traditional artwork.
  • also probably a fan of jazz music like akira
  • almost never listens to things with lyrics as he finds it distracting


  • p much all he listens to are anime themes and game music i stg
  • as he runs on the treadmill he’s got final fantasy music blasting in his ears and when he goes rock climbing it’s the title theme from shingeki no kyojin
  • he’s a fan of jjba also so that got him into some classic american rock and pop music
  • but yeah this boy totally picks his favorite bands based on who did the credit music for X anime or game.
  • and i mean??? who wouldn’t they’re p fuckin great???
  • JAM Project and masato shimon 👌👌👌


  • this keklord is one of those idol fanboys
  • so risette, obv
  • but also momoiro clover z, AKB48, morning musume
  • basically if she’s cute and can sing decently mishima probably has her music on his ipod
  • ok this is kpop but basically:

anonymous asked:

could you possibly do a request where naruto is really stressed about hid hokage duties and one night he just breaks down crying because everyone expects do much of him and sasuke cheers him up? A lot of fluff if possible! And thanks! <3


Naruto opened his tired eyes to see Sasuke staring at him lovingly.


Naruto started waking up, stretching out his stiff muscles from falling asleep yet again on his table.

“Naruto get up or you will be late for work.”

Naruto jolted up in haste to Sasuke’s comment.

“What time is it?”

“7 am.”

Naruto immediately ran to the bathroom washed his face and teeth, quickly changing into his clothes at the same time and ran out the door. He didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Sasuke who was standing by the door looking at him run furiously back to the Hokage tower.

Naruto was surviving on such little hours of sleep lately, not like his normal hours were spectacular but at least he got more than 6 hours of sleep. Naruto would be lucky if he got more than 2 hours per night this week.

Everything had been piling up, the chunin exams were around the corner and so much crap had happened recently that his mind was literally about to implode from the amount of stress it was undertaking.


Naruto jumped through the window, he had no time to waste he walked over to a pile of urgent papers stacked in the corner of his room and started speed writing. He felt like his hand was working triple the speed, until a moment occurred and the words on his paper started to blur due to the velocity of Naruto’s eyes moving back, forward and across the paper to keep up with his hands.

“Hey Naruto, did you not get any sleep again tonight? Because you look like shit again.”

Naruto looked up to Kakashi with a very sarcastic face that said ‘no shit’.

“What do you think?”

“Most definitely no if you look like this pile of shit.”

Naruto irritatingly brushed off Kakashi’s comments and refocused on the papers which laid before him.

“Naruto please don’t kill the messenger, but we have a situation.”

Naruto dug his nails into the wooden desk which had suffered enough from Naruto’s stress this week, the wood looked bashed and tattered from the amount of times Naruto had clawed, punched and kicked it out of frustration.

Naruto was ready to receive another thing on top of everything that he already had.

“For fuck sake, what else could go wrong?”

“Shikamaru has reported strange activity in the forest west from here, it seems like a couple of rouge ninja have found their way to Konoha but we should be able to handle them on our own.”

Naruto rubbed his temples to find some form of release to his throbbing migraine.

“Fuck okay, um… Go round up a team of elite shinobi and back up Shikamaru.”

“On it.”

Kakashi was gone in a quick blink leaving a trail of clouds after him.

Naruto looked at his papers which all had red marks saying urgent on them and turned around to see the beautiful sunny day. He let out a deep sigh, wishing so desperately he could be out there again, doing missions, venturing the road less traveled. But his Hokage duties were constant and at times brutal. The amount of time and dedication being Hokage demanded was something he was never prepared for, or at least forewarned about.

The hours were heavy, his social life was slowly crumbling around him, he saw people close to him slowly back away to give him space so he could focus. But that meant losing valuable relationships in his life, losing time for friends and fun and ultimately losing time to be with Sasuke. Naruto was worried, extremely worried that Sasuke was going to say he didn’t want to be with Naruto anymore because all he did was work, he had that terrifying thought in the back of his mind for a while now and it haunted him everyday.

Naruto needed to stop thinking about everything but work, he needed to focus, he had a job, actually a responsibility to be the best Hokage there ever was. And now that he was here he would have to show them that they choose the right guy.

Naruto furiously started to write and read the urgent documents, signing and finalizing various papers which would heavily impact the upcoming year in Konoha. He only wished that the decisions he made today were the correct ones and that his choices wouldn’t come back to bite him in the butt later on.


“Naruto, have you finished the papers on the expansion?”

Naruto frantically started thinking about the 50 trillion papers he had signed off today.

“Uh…. Fuck Kiba, I did. But it’s in this giant ass pile. Can you possibly look for it because I have to keep going?”

“God Naruto how hard do they have you working that you can’t find a paper?”

“You have no fucking idea Kiba.”

Naruto kept writing the next lot of papers, looking through the fine print for water access into the village and the new proposition for lowering water demands in the village. He tried to wrap his head around the massive figures and statistics on the paper but ultimately it made no sense to him, as much as he re-read it nothing clicked in his brain.

“You look like your struggling there?”

“Fuck I need Shikamaru. Any chance you can find him and tell him to come in?”

“What am I your errand boy now?”

“Oh, please Kiba I’lle make it up to you?”

“Fuck fine, only because I don’t want you to assign me shit jobs.”

“Wise decision, thanks Kiba.”


Kiba left the Hokage tower feeling annoyed Naruto had him running his errands but secretly deep down he knew Naruto could use all the help he could get, he looked like he was about to have a mental break down from lack of sleep and raging amount of stress. If it wasn’t evident enough by the amount of papers piled in his room, his sagging eyes which screamed lack of sleep were also big indicators.

Kiba walked down the streets, kicking the rocks on the road out of his way.

He heard a very familiar voice talking around the corner, it sounded like Sasuke.

Kiba thought he had enough time to complain to the Hokage’s boyfriend about how annoying Naruto was for sending him on some annoying errands so he decided to turn the corner and find were Sasuke was hiding.


“Do you think these are nice?”

“Oh, yer they are beautiful, just like you.”

“Hm… they sure are pretty.”

Kiba was shocked by what he was hearing. He sneakily looked around the corner, peering so he could only see a slither of Sasuke talking to a very attractive man at the flower shop.

Was he cheating on Naruto? What was he going to say? He couldn’t stay quiet, but Naruto would be heart broken.

“I’lle get these” Sasuke pointed at a bunch of yellow flowers.

“Great choice handsome.”

“Hm., yer if I do so say myself they are really pretty.”

Kiba turned away, hastily running away from the scene. He was panting and over analysing everything he just saw.


Naruto had been sitting down writing, reading and signing for nearly 11 hours straight at this point, he didn’t even know what time it was or even if it was a different day but he didn’t care he just had to keep working. The elders expected his presentation to be ready for tomorrow, the design and curriculum of the new ninja academy was given to him and he was going to do everything in his power to do his best.

Naruto heard a faint knock on his door and slightly got irritated by it.

“Come in.”

Kiba walked in with slump shoulders.

“Hey Naruto.”

“Kiba, great did you speak to Shikamaru?”

“Yep, he said he can be over in 20 minutes he is just finishing helping Kakashi.”

Naruto could sense something was wrong with Kiba he seemed off, he didn’t have time to waste, but he also wasn’t a shit friend and didn’t want to brush Kiba off if something was bothering him.

Naruto needed to figure out how to be a decent human being and be good at his job without compromising anything.

“Is something bothering you?”

“Uh, nothing don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, come on Kiba, tell me, I know something is up.”

Kiba hesitated but ultimately decided to spill his secrets.

“Naruto, I might be over analysing or saw something that isn’t true, but I just thought you ought to know.”

Naruto’s mind was now fully fixated on Kiba, he anxiously waited the words which would come out of Kiba’s mouth, scared it might be something he didndt want to hear, or something he couldn’t deal with right now.

“I saw Sasuke with another guy…”

Naruto’s heart stopped the room became quite the air suddenly dropped a thousand degrees. He couldn’t focus on anything his head felt fogged with a thousand emotions.

“I don’t know what I saw but he seemed really close to him and the guy was obviously flirting with Sasuke, and he didn’t say anything he just casually went along with his flirting, I really hope I’m wrong I just thought you should know.”

Naruto gulped down harshly, feeling his throat close in response. He felt as though he was struggling to breathe, like someone was holding his lungs shut.

“Oh, don’t worry Kiba it properly was his friend, thank you for looking out for me though, if that Is all I have to continue.”

“Oh okay, I’lle leave you be.”

“Thank you Kiba, really that was very nice of you.”

Kiba sent a friendly wave to Naruto and left through his front door.


Naruto started to focus on the papers again, trying his hardest to focus on the words in front of him, but all he saw was Sasuke with another guy, they looked close, flirting. He tried to highlight a sentence but his hands were shaking furiously.

He tried to push through, but tears started to fall onto the paper and his vision was no more than blurred clouds of salty tears.

Naruto flung the papers aside harshly, slamming his pen down at the same time. He stood up abruptly and went to the corner or his room. Looking out to the village through the large windows, he saw his reflection, his dark sagged eyes filled to the brim with hot tears. His weak physic and his pathetic self, looking back at him, just looking.

If he was better at this, better at being Hokage, better at numbers and figures and just fucking better at his job maybe Sasuke wouldn’t be trying to find another guy right now? Maybe this was all his fault?

He was so fucking down, the tears kept rolling down his cheeks, falling one by one creating a small stream of pain, sadness, stress and ultimately failure.


“Naruto, you called for me?”

Naruto quickly wiped away his tears and turned around to face Shikamaru

“Are you okay Naruto?”

Naruto nodded quickly and brought Shikamaru forward.

“Yer I’m just tired, can you look at this please and try to explain what the fuck they are trying to say, the statistics on this paper just makes zero  sense to me.”

Shikamaru looked at the paper with an inquisitive face scanning everything with fine detail like most geniuses did.

“Wow, this is quite detailed. Are you sure you want me to go over all of it, it’s quite detailed it might take me a while to go through all of it?”

“Yer go on, it’s not like I am in a rush to get home or anything.”

Shikauramaru looked at Naruto with a confused look.

“Sasuke won’t be waiting for you?”

“Nope his out with a mate.”

“Oh okay, well then, let’s start from the beginning.”


3 am

Naruto closed his door and walked out the Hokage tower, he was in no rush to face Sasuke right now. He was too tired to fight and too emotionally unstable to hear that he was leaving him. He thought if he slept on the couch and left in an hour or two, Sasuke wouldnt even wake up and hear Naruto coming in or out.


Naruto quietly opened his house, trying his best not to wake Sasuke to avoid any fights that would properly be coming soon.

His house was lit with tiny candles everywhere, soft violin was playing in the back ground and beautiful yellow flowers where in a vase which had sticky note on them. He went forward to read the note that had a beautiful message from Sasuke.

-These flowers are for you, let them brighten your day just like you brighten mine, my beautiful sunshine.-

Naruto picked up the most beautiful sunflowers he had ever seen in his life, they were bunched together with a soft yellow ribbion which tied the 10 flowers together.

“Funny story about those flowers, the guy at the shop was hell trying to flirt with me so I would buy more but I was pretty set on those, because they remind me of you.”

Naruto turned around to see Sasuke standing in the midst of dimly lit candles. Suddenly his head ache, anger and tiredness had all vanished.

“Sasuke, what is all of this?”

“Well let’s just say I pulled a few strings and got you the day off tomorrow, so… if you would like to follow me?”

Naruto’s heart was pounding loudly within his chest and his skin vibrated when it came into contact with Sasuke hand as if each cell on his hand wanted to be closer and closer, until two became one.


Naruto was being dragged by Sasuke to the  bathroom, as soon as he was in the bathroom his eyes were met with a sight of pure bliss. The bathroom was lit with twinkling fairy lights which were placed all around the place. The bath was full of bouncing bubbles which were accompanied by warm water and drizzled with rose petals scattered on top of this scenic view There were candles by the window and a towel freshely pressed on the towel holder.

“Okay, either I’lle rip your clothes off or you can. Though not going to lie I would rather do it.”

Naruto chuckled lightly looking happily into Sasuke’s eyes.

“Sasuke, I can’t believe you…”

“Uh… no words just change.”

Naruto looked at Sasuke cheekily and walked closer to his partener so their bodies were no longer separated.  He slowly kissed Sasukes neck, tickling him in the process.

“Naruto, you know I’m ticklish.”

Sasuke started to laugh but quickly pushed him away.

“Naruto get changed or I will attack you.”

“Hm I guess you will have to do it your self.”

Sasuke looked up with lustful eyes, his fingers lingered on Naruto’s cheeks furiously fighting back the temptation to not remove all of Naruto’s clothes and take him into the bedroom.

“You are torturing me, but today is for you to relax and as much as sex sounds like heaven to me, its not going to relax you at all.”


Naruto started to kiss Sasukes cheeks, moving down to bite his lower lip. Sasuke started pulling up Naruto’s shirt to reveal an extremely ripped body. He slowly pulled down his pants and boxers so he was left bare.

“Fuck this is difficult, here take ya dam rope and get in the bath.”

Naruto chuckled but did as he was told and as much as tempting Sasuke was fun a bath actually sounded like heaven for his aching body and mind.


As soon as Naruto touched the water his skin leapt in happiness. His muscles relaxed soothing into the warm sensation that was the bubble bath warm silky water.

His mind entered a state of absolute relaxation, he could felt the enormous pile of stress built in every corner of his body release. He opened his eyes and Sasuke was staring lovingly at him, watching Naruto like he was the most important person that mattered in his universe.

“So Naruto don’t laugh…but I may have learnt something for you.”

Naruto curiously looked at Sasuke whilst playing with the bubbles which floated around his knees.

“Uh, what is it?”

“Give me two secs.”

Sasuke left quickly and went off to the bedroom, Naruto heard shuffing and banging. He was superbly curious about what the hell Sasuke was on about.

Sasuke walked in with a classical guitar looking enormously shy.

“Holy shit you learnt to play the guitar?”

“Shut up usuratonkachi.”

Sasuke walked over to the bath and sat on the edge, he carefully placed his slender hands on the cords and looked up to            Naruto.

“Well, this is the most humiliating thing you will ever see, so… if you laugh at me I swear I will chidori your ass to the ground.”

Naruto chuckled a little then smiled cheekily.

“Go on Sasuke I wont laugh, or at least I’lle try.”

Sasuke raised his eyebrow in slight annoyance but decided not to already destory Naruto with his guitar.

“Okay here goes nothing.”

Sasuke started playing a beautiful tune that melted into the steamy air, each cord played sounded like heaven had touched Narutos ears. The soft tune played softly caressing every fiber in Naruto’s body. The rose petals floating on top of the waters surface seemed to dance in tune with guitar.

Naruto was in total ecstasy, his body and mind were being transported to the hills of spain. As he laid there in his hammock brushed by the silky fabric of water he lost all recollection that he was actually at home and in the bath tub.


Sasuke tapped Naruto gently, brushing away damp hair which dangled closely around his eyes.

“Babe you feel asleep.”

Naruto looked around, sad that his dream of spain and sweet classical guitar had ended.

He was astonished by how quickly he had been cradled to sleep by the soft tunes of Sasuke’s playing, what shocked him more is how Sasuke had learnt to play so beautifully without him noticing, was he that busy at work that he hadn’t noticed it?

“Sasuke, how did you learn to play so beautifully, you literally serenaded me to sleep?”

Sasuke brought over a towel for Naruto and helped him out of the tub.

“Well to be honest I only started last month, you have been so busy and stressed lately that I thought I would try do something nice for you.”

Naruto looked at this man, actually at this angel, even better yet at this god amongst men. Not only was he able to pick up an instrument and play it like an expert in one month, he was also the most caring and beautiful person on this planet.

“Hm, did you know I love you Sasuke?”

Sasuke had a small smirk on his face, his cheeks turned a soft pink, “I may be aware.”

Naruto was so blissfully happy in this moment with his partner, he didn’t want to waste a minute longer not fully appreciating every muscle, fiber and cell of Sasuke.

Naruto took Sasuke’s hand and dragged him to the bedroom. He through Sasuke onto the bed with enough force to not actually hurt the man.

“Wooh, Naruto your tired, its okay go to bed we can continue this tomorrow.”

Naruto cheekily smirked, he looked at his phone which was on the cabinet next to him, the time shined in the dark room, iluminating 12.30 am.

“It is tomorrow.”

Naruto let go off his towel and dimmed the light down, enough to still see the curves and dips of Sasukes body.



“It was nice seeing her again. She looked truly lovely this evening. I haven’t seen her in anything but her school uniform for a very long time, and tonight she wore this enchanting dress, a pale, spring green. It had all these airy layers of chiffon that floated around her, and she had her hair up.” Eriol sighed softly. “That girl has the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen, slim and pale and…”

“Yeah, you’ve got it bad,” Spinel told him.

A Capella - Kit Spooner


Bambee and Johnathan Throwback Storytime: Our Wedding Story

Where do I begin….Johnathan and I got married in the Fall in a garden at a park. It actually took us forever to figure out if we wanted to get married at a church or outside. We went with outside when we drove past this beautiful park. We parked the car and walked around….right then and there I knew this was where I wanted to get married. 

On my wedding day I was not nervous, I was more nervous the night before. But on our wedding day, the butterflies went away. I did my makeup and hair (lol couldn’t afford a hairstylist then). My besties Emani and Rachael @destinysplayhouse helped me with my dress. We get to the venue and everyone lines up. My music starts playing, K-Ci and Jojo “All My Life”. My dad walks me down the aisle and Johnathan is standing their with tears in his eyes. He started to make me tear up. My father gives me away and the pastor begins. I cried saying my vows but Johnathan didn’t (lol them tears dried up). Everyone cheers as we leave as husband and wife. J and I had a moment to be alone. We just held each other, I never felt so happy in my life. J kept looking at me in my dress and spins me around. “You look so pretty.” he kept saying as he smiles. I was blushing as he kept kissing my cheek. We took pictures with the bridal party. Then of course have the reception where it was open bar, we had Korean and West Indian food, the music was on point. We just had a good ol time. 

8 years of marriage, 10 years together (as a couple) and 11 years of pure love and friendship later and still strong. I love this man with all my heart. I know he loves me because he shows me. Not with the money, but with the time he spends with me and effort he puts into keeping me happy. I was happy eating 50 cent ramen noodles on the couch with him in his studio apartment and I’m happy to eat them in our mansion with him in L.A. lol.


Poor Kuro, you didn’t even notice your own heart breaking for two seconds. OKAY GOOD LORD. It took me forever to introduce Sakuya for multiple reasons. 

1.) I had to figure out how to draw his freaking hair. YIKES. I’m still trying to figure out how to draw some characters that’s why they haven’t made it into age/human au yet.

2.) I also was like what personality would he have in this au?? :0 (he went from a class clown to kinda psycho in the actual series. jeez)

???? Kinda both I suppose. But I guess he won’t ACTUALLY be yandere since this is family oriented au. His role is probably more overly protective best friend lol the chaos. He’s also figured out that Kuro is slightly intimidated by him, and that’s the reason he does the “yandere” face. haaha

Welp. I’m off to answer some more requests in my inbox~

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Accent Challenge
i hope i sound okay

oooookay so I did it! I was tagged by @arohawe (hi jamie~) and I am honestly sorry this took me so long jesus. welp without further ado, my voice. 

Also, for the record I’m not tagging anyone because this takes some work. Like I did it on my phone but then I couldn’t remember how to convert it so then I tried audacity but that gave me a weird robot voice that I did not want anyone ever listening to so yeah. I figured it out eventually, but it took a lot lol. 


Super weird find from the beach today. Took me forever to figure out what the heck it was.

This is the brain case of a skate or a ray fish. It has the most unusual texture. Almost like a thick hard rubber/plastic. It’s not bone, but rather very dense cartilage. For a while I was convinced it must be some sort of rubber plastic car part. ….does anyone want it? Lol I don’t really want it since I have so little room for my collection. I’ll take trades for other vulture culture stuff. I’ll probably get rid of it in a week if nobody wants it.

flaminganakin  asked:

Re: the body-swap AU, can we please have the Padme finding out and her and Obi-Wan comforting Anakin about it goodness?

The body-swap AU in question: here. This turned out to have way less of Obi-Wan than I originally figured and went a little different than i originally planned, but I do like how this turned out. Sorry it took me FOREVER AND AN HOUR to write though, lol. (Also paging @suzukiblu since this AU started because of her in the first place.)

It takes a full rotation of the planet for Padme to admit to herself that she’s not only being selfish but that she no longer cares. She should be concentrating on unraveling the damage that Palpatine – Darth Sidious, a kriffing Sith Lord by all the grace of the first mother – did to the Republic, be analyzing the bills passed to see what can be kept and what needs to be repealed last week, but she’s not.

Instead she’s going over the statements from the Jedi Council, reading the lines over and over until the words blur together. They’ve done a good job of protecting Anakin’s identity from the public, but everyone in the senate knows who they’re talking about. Anakin’s been in and out of the building since before she was permanently here; everyone knows he and Palpatine were close. Honestly, Anakin had more friendly acquaintances in the senate then he did in the Order, it didn’t take a genius to work out who the reports were talking about.

She knows that he’s in therapy now, which she is honestly happy about, but it’s with the Temple’s mind healers rather than a psychiatrist. And because of that, he’s being watched like a misbehaving child or a faulty cooking droid. He can’t sneak out to see her and she can’t show up to visit him as much as she wants to.

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♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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Two days ago, I reached 500 followers!

I…don’t even know what to say. It was only a short while ago I was making my first follow-forever post; now I have over twice as many followers.  When I made the decision to join this website, I never imagined I would make so many friends. I can’t thank you all enough; If you gave me a small amount of money for every time I checked my notifications and gaped because that someone had followed me, I would have enough money for another ticket to the BIGBANG concert. Thank you. Thank you so very much.

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madisam - Madiiii! We’re never online at the same time, now. TT_TT Your job, my revision, and the time difference seems against us lol… I’m not great at keeping in touch but if you don’t mind I’ll send you more messages so we don’t break contact. *hugs*

bigbangersball - BRO. You’re very nearly as crazy as I am (actually your subconscious probably is crazier) but you’re amazing and I love us spamming each other and random times of day. You will also forever be fav-anon to me, too. Brooooooooooooooo *squishes* *bro-fists* *dances*

seungri-yay - Yo. You were one of the first blogs I followed, back when you were still quirkydorky6 (I still can’t believe it took me two days to figure out you changed your url). You’re amazing and deserve many hugs.

thirstyfortaeyang - When you reblog my stuff and compliment it, it makes me grin like an idiot. Thank you for putting up with my crappy edits and randomly replying to your posts. You’re probably one of the biggest fans of my tessellation series, and I appreciate that.

One thing I’ve discovered about having more mutuals and followers is that it’s sometimes very difficult to keep up with messages and tag posts and stuff. I love you all so I feel guilty at times for not responding quickly - or even missing a tag or post. Sorry about this - I shall try to respond to all of you as quickly as possible, because all of you deserve it.

Oh, and one last thing - I can’t do a giveaway, but I want to do something for you. So I will be writing a fanfic for a prompt - send them to me and I’ll use a website to randomly pick one, and write it. I don’t write ship fics, but I write OT5 fanfic and any genre, and any AU. Feel free to mix - I’m good at mixing genres. Humour and angst is a favourite of mine.

I haven’t written many examples of kpop fanfic, but you can look at my usual fanfic profile here

Example(s) of bigbang fic here (I’m writing the second chapter at the moment)

And to all my followers: thank you. I love you.