this took me forever to do omfg


“With you around, I’ll always be fine.”

oMFG, THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO FINISH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (actually, I started this and almost finished it yesterday, but it seemed like fOREVER)

I’m not a big fan of comics (at least, DOING the comic), but I had this ideia and I just HAD to do it. Maybe I’ll do some more? idk

Cross!Sans by @xtaleunderverse, Dream!Sans by @jokublog

  • Roommate: there are so many names that took me forever to know how to say. Like Sean? Seen. That's Seen.
  • Me: *points at Ianto in my torchwood poster*
  • Me: Ian-to?
  • Roommate: I-an-toe
  • Roommate: what does his name even mean??? Does it have to do with his character? Because it would be pretty cool if it meant like, space or something.
  • Me: it means God is gracious
  • Roommate: ...for that face
  • Me: 😂 sure? Yes, I'll agree with that
  • Roommate: I bet Jack does
  • Roommate: gracious for that facious
  • Me: ...go to bed oh my god
First Lines Meme


  • List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have).
  • See if there are any patterns.
  • Then, tag your favorite authors.

I was tagged by @dragon-temeraire (WHICH OMFG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING SO HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW A SMALL SHRIMP LIKE ME???) so thank you so much!!! ♥

1.  Derek had to leave. Not because Cora asked him to, but because if he stayed one more week in this town it was going to kill him. - To Build a Home (Of Sorts) [sterek] 

2.  So Stiles usually is not that bold. That being said Derek Hale from HR made him bold. - Derek Hale From HR [sterek]

3.  “Did you really need to smart mouth that witch?” - A Christmas Miracle (Musical?) [sterek] 

4.  Stiles wasn’t exactly a spontaneous risk taker. - I Promise You Won’t Fall [sterek] 

5. Stiles struggled against the restraints; the metal cuffs around his wrists were too tight for comfort and his hands were aching. The room was dark and cold, rather unusual from its typical warmth and glow. - Tangled (Up With You) [sterek]

6.  It was early in the morning when he rode into the town of Agua Fria, a small thumbtack compared to the capital a day’s ride away on horseback. - Big Iron [sterek]

7.  Witches were in town and that had the entire pack holding a meeting at the loft to try and figure out what the next logical move was. - Haven’t We Had Enough? [sterek]

8.  “That was a real shit thing to do at dinner Der.”  Derek furrowed his brow, looking over to Laura through the brush and moonlight. - Thankful [sterek/Hale-centric]

9.  “I love you,” Stiles rushed out before adding, “and it terrifies me.” - Frayed [sterek]

10.  “I love you,” he rushed out before adding, “and it terrifies me.” - Free [sterek]

11.  “There you go, let it out babe– jesus christ, that smells terrible,” Stiles said, all but gagging at the acidic smell of bile in the toilet. - Temperature [sterek]

12.  “I think I’m dying just watching you work out,” Stiles whined, his voice choppy and robotic sounding from the massive fan that was right in front of his face. - Too Hot, Hot Damn [sterek]

13. It was a Monday. Stiles fucking hated Mondays, they are always so slow. - Shut Up and Cuddle Me [sterek]

14.  There was a symphony of static, it’s vibrations sinking into the marrow of his bones. - That Dragon, Cancer [sterek/triggerwarning]

15.  John ran a hand through his hair, one hand gripping is dollar coffee from the cafeteria and the other shoved deep into his coat pocket. - It’s a Disease [stilinski-centric]

16.  Stiles walked down the tile path which was just alongside the pool. - You Killed Her [stilinski-centric]

17.  “You can’t touch that!” Stiles gasped rushing over to a boy with a crooked jaw. - The Sandbox [sciles (BROTP)]

18.  Okay checklist Scotty,“ Stiles said while using one hand to turn down the radio, "do we have burritos?” - Friday Was Supposed to be Bro-Night [sciles (BROTP)]

19.  The time of year you bark out a mucus filled, big nasty, coughs. When your ears a clogged from it, when your throat is so raw it burns when you swallow. And because he himself was a human he wasn’t immune to this hell, and with Stilinski luck he was fortunate enough to catch it. - A Spoon of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down [sterek]

20.  There was a dim light casting over him as the rest of the room was pitch black. It smelt -as far as his just human nose could detect- of rust, water, mold, and Derek’s body wash-wait what? - Good Move [sterek]

Observation: They are either weird ass dialogue or descriptive? 


I tag: @pale-silver-comb, @loveactually-rps, @stiles-and-the-sourwolf, and anyone else? I honestly have no idea who has done this? Knock yourselves out with this, it’s tedious! ♥

i will forever draw jim in beastie boys merch now 


make me choose: Oscar Isaac or Rami Malek (asked by roykhaan)

i was going through my google docs trying to find an old cover letter of mine when i came across this

and i was kinda like ?? what’s this? was this for an english class or something? and then i REMEMBERED

it was @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic i read for the hxh big bang last year and im!! yelling!!!

it was so good!!! i would read it again but it took me Literally Forever to do it lol but maybe one day bc!! i loved it!!! reminder that @the-smallest-kurapika is an incredible writer and i love their stuff!!

i had to put it in my own google doc so i could read it at school with it set to being able to work offline bc the class i read it in had no service at all omfg. man, good times reading this after finishing my class assignment in like 20 minutes. incredible

edit: here’s the ao3 link please go read it it’s super long but super worth it

When I saw this [x] I closed all skype and FB chats, disabled my wi-fi connection, turned my phone on airplane mode and started drawing this. I swear someday I’ll draw a decent background again sorey

They are looking at each other through the camera x.x



so, I love all my followers and the entire toonblr community, so I decided to give back! (This task literally took me forever omfg)

Here’s all you have to do to enter!

1. Make sure to follow my tumblr, biffladapompous!

2. Like/reblog! You can reblog as many times as you want. Winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday!

3. If you have a key, please don’t enter!! We are trying to spread the keys around to everyone :)

good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

I love you all ok 


Hey everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I reached a pretty amazing follower goal a couple of days ago. So I decided to make a new Follow Forever to celebrate. I never expected to gain so many of you wonderful people and it means so much to me that you actually took the time to look at my blog and follow omfg. I’m sorry for this crappy edit, I really tried to make this look good. anyway I hope you can appreciate it. (・ω・´)

Thank you all my followers and all the perfect blogs I follow. I meet really nice people and I’m glad I can talk with them! keep on being amazing and I wish you all tons of love & happiness! again thank you so much for making my Tumblr experience a truly an amazing and unforgettable one!

bolded = senpais.

italicized = fav blogs

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Hello Goodbye - Now (Arafes 2013) and Then (AAA 2008) 

Happy birthday to the loveliest sunshine of Arashi! May you always have a good health and happiness for so many years to come! I’ll be counting on you to keep making us happy with your oh-so-blinding smile again next year! XD

This gifset is dedicated to you, and also for stormpiece! You loves Aiba, right? And I think it’ll be best to make this gifset and posting it in the same time with Aiba’s birthday! Sorry for being so sooo late! This is the least I could do for you, and till I have nuff money to send you something, I hope this’ll do! 

I’ll go see you someday, Yoselin in a not creepy way okay.

I’ll go see you~

      Alright, so somehow, I’ve hit 800+ followers on this blog - a blog that I booted up back in mid-November, with low expectations, because it was just a character I’d made. Plus, he had no faceclaim, and was purely an original design, and I wasn’t too confident that anyone would come to enjoy him. Yet, here we are - it’s now June, and I’m over 800. I’m honestly speechless about the entire thing, for it’s still difficult for me to recognize that other people do, in fact, enjoy Lucian. I cannot express how honoured I am, either, that so many of you have come and decided to stay, especially with this recent rough patch I’ve gone through in my life. 

      If you are not on this list, please do not be upset. I love every single follower I have, and every single person I follow. You are all important to me, for you are the people who have kept me here when I wanted nothing more than to give up and admit that I cannot create anything worthwhile.

      Without further ado: here is Lasi’s 800+ Follow Forever.


vanagloria-superbia: Pretty sure everyone knew this shoutout was coming, haha. If any of you know of that one person who you trust with everything, no matter the weight of it, and know you could trust them with your life, then you understand the sheer enormity of my love for this gorgeous being. Rabbit has become my closest friend over the past five years, even though we met via deviantArt. She has done nothing but support me throughout all of my endeavours, and encourage me to continue doing what I love. Rabbit also makes some of the most well thought-out OCs I’ve EVER seen, Benjiman included! Not only that, but she designs them all herself, too - and then draws them, with her PERFECT art style! I look up to her work so much, no lie. She always listens to my dumb ideas, provides me feedback, and talks with me until the wee hours of the morning about anything and everything. This girl taught me to trust others again, by showing me that there truly are golden-hearted, perfect human beings out there in the world. Hell, she even writes and draws things for me randomly, just to make me smile, and I cannot even express my gratitude for such things! I love you, Rabbit, so very dearly - I can’t wait to see you again. ♥ You are, and forever will be, the Benjiman to my Lucian, and the Niall to my Bao. You’re my sister, and that will never, ever change. tl;dr: FOLLOW MY RABBIT BABY BECAUSE SHE IS THE CUTEST MOST PRECIOUS SWEETHEART ON THE PLANET.

dragneelsroar: At first, I was too scared to talk to, or even FOLLOW, this lovely lady - which is shocking, considering how much we have in common. Nicole is such a kind and approachable person, it’s insane: she’s up for talking about anything from the weather to hardcore ships. She always proves herself to be there for her friends, and takes time out of her day to remind people that she loves them, because she recognizes that sometimes, people need reassurance - and that it’s OKAY to. Not to mention her insane amount of talent - Nicole can write, man. Her replies and drabbles are always so eloquent and well done, it’s incredible. It’s obvious, too, from her amount of followers that her portrayal of Natsu is spot-on: she looks into all of the facets of his personality, rather than focusing her attention solely on one. Even though we’re close friends, I still look up to her, and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to meet her through the role-playing community! Love you, sweetie! 

broken-golden-heart: Okay, so this girl was someone I admired for a long time - from back when I had my Kanda blog, actually! She messaged me regarding an OOC post I’d made, and we gradually began talking after that. Now, we talk basically every single day, and I’m so, so ridiculously grateful that I’ve gotten to know her. Miki is, by far, one of the most kind-hearted and open people I’ve ever met, which is why she’s on this shoutout list. She may live 12 hours ahead of me, but that doesn’t stop us from pestering each other, haha!  Her dorky little pictures of Yvanya and Lucian being nerds always manage to lift my spirits and make me laugh. Her OC, Yvanya, is portrayed so wonderfully, retaining some semblance of innocence despite her ultimate job in life - to guide those who have died. She is a brilliant and amazingly talented girl, and I really think you should all give her a follow and see what I’m talking about! I love you, Mikibae!


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Kpop Tag

Tagged by: jiminobsessed

1. First kpop group? - EXO (I think I repeated this like a couple times in my tags. Lol)

2. First kpop song? - Wedding Dress by Tae Yang (that song is still my jam)

3. Favorite male group(s)? - BTS, B.A.P, & iKON are my top 3. Then, I also listen/like GOT7, Seventeen, Boyfriend, Infinite, Teen Top, C-Clown, Big Bang, Winner, 2PM, Nu’est, TVXQ, Super Junior, JYJ, B2ST, BTOB, VIXX, UKiss & I’m sure there’s a lot more, but I just can’t think of them right now. 

4. Favorite female group(s)? - 2NE1, AOA, & MAMAMOO

5.  Favorite solo artist? - ZION.T!!!!! AND CRUSH, OMFG!! AND SIMON D!! AND JAY PARK!! (AOMG & Amoeba Culture fan right here)

6. Favorite Kpop song? - How can you just have one favorite kpop song? How is that possible?


8. Favorite Kpop ballad? - Ummm… There’s quite a few, actually, but I don’t know if it would be considered as kpop. Love In The Ice by TVXQ (DBSK), 만약에 말야 by Jeon Woo Seong of 노을 (but i love hyunsik’s ver. better),  제발 by  김범수 (but omfg, i love  윤민수 & 신용재 ‘s version so much),  인연 by 이선희 (but i love hyorin’s ver as well), &  인연  by 윤민수&신용재.

9. Catchiest tune? - I don’t know. There’s a lot. Lol

10. Best male dancer? - Kim Jongin (have you not seen him dance?!)

11. Best female dancer? - Ummm… I really don’t know. Lol

12. Best male vocalist? - TOO HARD TO CHOOSE.

13. Best female vocalist? - Taeyeon!!!

14. Best male rapper? - I love GD, Zico, Rap Monster, & Bang Yongguk. I’m not choosing one.

15. Best female rapper? - CL, ma queen

16. Best male leader? - Hands down to Zico, man. I applaud him. I mean, I know that GD, Rap Monster, & Yongguk are all great leaders as well, but Zico is just one of the greatest leaders I know.

17. Best female leader? - Taeyeon

18. Current song you’re listening to?인연 by 윤민수&신용재 lol

19. Previous song you listened to?제발 by 윤민수 & 신용재   

20. Next song you’ll be listening to? - I don’t know. Maybe a B.A.P song.

21. Current Kpop addiction? - Obsessing over B.A.P & iKON at the moment cause B.A.P MIGHT HAVE A COMEBACK LATER THIS YEAR OR IN THE BEGINNING OF 2016 & IKON IS DEBUTING IN 13 DAYS!!!

22. Current Kpop song addiction?사이먼 도미닉 by Simon D

23. Female Kpop bias? - There’s too many! CL is ma queen. IU and Tiffany are my princesses & Nana is my goddess. LMAO

24. Male Kpop bias? - Hanbin is my ultimate bias if you guys didn’t know. I also very much love Jungkook & Daehyun. My other biases are Hoya, L.Joe, GD, Zico, Rome/Kangjun, Vernon/S.Coups, Mino, Taecyeon, JR from Nu’est, Changmin from TVXQ (not 2AM), Ryeowook, Junsu, Hyunseung, Hyunsik, Hyuk, & Eli.

25. Hottest male idol? - Bruhhhhhhh. Not gonna answer that. lol

26. Hottest female idol? - it’s a tie between CL, Hyuna, & Gain

27. Cutest male idol? - There’s too many cutie patooties!

28. Cutest female idol? - IU


30. MBC, KBS, or SBC? - KBS

31. Are you active on allkpop? - Nope.

32. Which fandoms are you a part of? - first 3 are ARMY, BABY, & whatever iKON’s fandom will be named. lol! Then there’s: VIP, BBC, Melody, B2UTY, I GOT7, whatever Seventeen’s fandom will be named lmao, Inner Circle, Crown, Kiss Me, Inspirit, Angel, ELF, Starlight,  L.O.Λ.E, andddddddd~ I think that’s it. I’m multifandom trash, okay?

33. Which kpop forum are you a part of? - None.

34. Favorite kdrama? - Queen Inhyun’s Man is my top #1. That drama is the saddest & it will make you bawl your eyes out. I also like My Love From Another Star & my current faves right now are I Remember You and Oh My Ghostess.

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To celebrate reaching a follower goal I never thought I would I decided to celebrate by doing my very first Follow Forever! It took a while but, here we are! (please excuse the shitty edit omfg) Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me this far <3 I love y’all so much you precious babes! 




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ok so here i am finally doing the selfie bias tag (sorry i took forever omfg) & i just want to thank these beautiful people: @dsouls @got7–af @pepi-jinyoungsgf & @mark2young2jae for tagging me 💕 (i think more have tagged me but i just forgot who, sorry TT)

i rly don’t know how to smile lmfao but here’s a selfie of me & my thirst for got7 :’) & also jaebum’s flawless self 💕 

i tag all my beautiful followers so pls don’t be afraid to @ me in your selfies bc i want to see all your gorgeous faces! 

im also going to tag some of these beautiful ppl im following as well: @whaaaalep @gotsichi7 @jackseun @softbeom @soft-jaebum @pettyjinyeong @jacksonsorganictea @markscutie @got7mademedoit @hi-chew97 @yugyeomish @imarkson @wild-and-sexy-wang-puppy @whyoungjae @lifeasaheartthrower 💕

*you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!*

                              YOU’VE BAMBOOZLED ME.

     when i made this blog in march, i never expected to stick with it. i’ve had a history of being on blogs for a max of a couple months, switching interests, and losing the will and muse. rinse/repeat. but here i am on jason, almost exactly seven months after i started, thrilled and excited to write this character i care so much about. writing jason had been something i’d wanted to do for a long time, and that paired with my poor mental + emotional state earlier this year pushed me to do something that would allow me to step out of my own situation and into jason todd’s (which, in all honesty, shouldn’t have helped considering). 

     i’ve met some amazing people and though i don’t have enough words to properly explain how much each of you mean to me, i’ll give it a shot. to those of you i haven’t written nor spoken with yet, let’s change that. thanks for making this an awesome experience, and i’m honestly touched to see that so many people care about my jason interpretation. 

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