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studyblr icons !!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1K! I can’t believe I’ve reached my first milestone in such a short space of time, and I am so grateful for each and every one of my followers because it’s all thanks to you :-) 

I will now be tracking the tag #hittingthebooks - if you post anything to the tag, I’ll reblog it for my followers to see!

To say thank you for 1k, I made 4 icons that you can use for your studyblr (or anywhere really!). You don’t need to follow me to use these but please reblog if you’re using one!

Please please please give credit where it is due - I’ve abstained from putting watermarks on these because I recognise that it doesn’t make the design look as nice, but I put a lot of effort into these so I would really appreciate it if you didn’t steal them or claim them as your own. (like seriously omg the mildliner one has me in literal pain, it took forever and I made it from scratch LOOK AT ALL THE RECTANGLES) If you’d like me to tweak the design for you to match your theme (eg. change a colour, put more/less mildliners) then please let me know, and if you have any other questions, feel free to message me!

Thank you all again for 1k and I hope you enjoy using these! xxx


❛   we can make it together, but we can only make it together.  
❛   nice moves there, clint eastwood.  
❛   hey, are you alive in there ??   ❜
❛   the bright side: it’ll be the fall that kills us. i’m a glass-half-full kind of guy/girl.   ❜
❛   guess I’m an even bigger dumbass than you.  
❛   if bad ideas were an olympic event, this would take the gold.   
❛   have i mentioned that i really like your new haircut ?? you have a nice shaped head.  
❛   it’s sort of my thing, you know? i’m a loner.  
❛   no. no, i… i would never have sex…  
❛   are you trying to buy my silence with fruit ??   ❜ 
❛   but i suck at lying. i can’t even play poker. it’s too much like lying.    ❜ 
❛   crawl out of my butt && help me look, please.   ❜ 
❛   we’re friends, aren’t we ??   ❜ 
❛   you know, we still have eleven condoms.   ❜ 
❛   it wasn’t that bad, was it ??    ❜ 
❛   we’re gonna be all right, okay ?? we’ll be all right.   ❜ 
❛   i love you. ______, i love you. i should’ve said it a long time ago && it’s been true for a long time.    ❜ 
❛   the world’s gonna change, right ??   ❜ 
❛   didn’t need to know that, but cool.  
❛   this is the only picture I have of you.  
❛   sorry, i … hit you in the face.   ❜ 
❛   god, you are so beautiful.   ❜ 
❛   you honor the dead by going on. even when you’re scared. you live because they don’t get to.   ❜ 
❛   you’re not gonna pull the trigger.   ❜ 
❛   you point a gun at me && i’m the asshole ??   ❜ 
❛   we’re not supposed to let the world die.   ❜
❛   i was praying. i was trying to.   ❜
❛   you think… you think god exists ??   ❜ 
❛   s/he is one tough son of a bitch.  ❜
❛   oh, man, can’t we just have one good day ??   ❜
❛   i’m sick of secrets. secrets get you killed.   ❜
❛   good luck, dumbass.   ❜ 
❛   i’m going with you, you can’t do this on your own.   ❜ 
❛   admit it, you only came back to atlanta for the hat.   ❜ 
❛   dude, you are such a buzzkill, man.   ❜
❛   don’t ever, ever, ever let me drink again.   ❜
❛   being afraid is what’s kept us alive.   ❜ 
❛   yeah, pretty sure you got that backwards.   ❜ 
❛   no one’s impressed, man. walk away.   ❜
❛   i’m someone who knows who you are. i know what you did. && it’s not gonna happen again.   ❜
❛   i tried. i watched him die.   ❜
❛   this sucks. after everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold.   ❜
❛   they were counting on me && i … i only thought of myself.   ❜
❛   have you ever seen something that, um … afterwards, you … you didn’t want to sleep && you weren’t hungry because when you closed your eyes you could still see it. && when you try to eat…   ❜
❛   people you love … they made you who you are. they’re still part of you. if you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are… it’s gone.   ❜
❛   i didn’t want you to give up on this place, on these people, to be afraid.   ❜
❛   we’re five people walking with guns. no one’s coming up to say hello.   ❜
❛   when you gave me this … i didn’t fully understand what it meant. such a simple thing. i know what it means now. i know what it takes.   ❜ 
❛   he told me all i had to do was believe, && that’s what I’m gonna do.   ❜
❛   all i know is this chick rode out of nowhere like zorro on a horse && took lori.   ❜ 
❛   i could use a vacation. get away. just for a weekend.   ❜ 
❛   we don’t burn them !! we bury them.   ❜ 
❛   you fought to be here && you have to keep fighting.   ❜ 
❛   don’t worry about what’s gone wrong. figure out how to make this go right.   ❜
❛   i care about her more than i care about me.   ❜
❛   i don’t want you in danger, ever.   ❜
❛   my blood, my family, is standing right here.   ❜ 
❛   just keep looking at me.   ❜ 
❛   that was a hell of a chokehold.   ❜ 
❛   i will find you.   ❜ 

70+ Sense8 Icons

So I put up a poll on Twitter the other day where I asked if people would actually use the icons I made if I were to make a massive Sense8 icon pack and over 70% said YEAH!!! so here we are! I saved all of them in both Twitter icon sizes (400px x 400px) and Tumblr icon sizes (128px x 128px) for you. 

I spent a lot of time on these so please, please, please like/reblog if you plan on saving or using an icon. It would make me super happy and it motivates me to possibly make more in the future! 

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Sasha Lane Gif Pack

Under the cut you’ll find #215 gifs of Sasha Lane in the movie American Honey. Sasha is a 21 year old actress of African American, Māori, and Caucasian descent. All gifs are 250x150px, hq, and were made by me. Please do not redistribute, edit into gif icons without permission, or add to your own gif hunts. If you find these gifs helpful, a like or reblog would always be appreciated. 

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two times he cried and one time we kissed


Jared Kleinman couldn’t sleep. It was either too dark or too bright, too hot or too cold, and he was thirsty. Padding down the stairs to get a glass of water, he heard a hushed voice from the kitchen, and paused to make out the words.

“I just don’t know, Heidi. I know in the long run… Well, I’m sorry, but he wasn’t very good for Evan. But… This could make it worse…”

There was a pause. She must be on the phone.

“No, I know. I just- oh my goodness, that’s horrible! Are you sure he’ll be alright?”

Another pause.

“Look if Evan- … If you need anything, call me?”

“Ok, goodbye.”

And of course, Jared didn’t know what was happening. But his best friend was - well, he didn’t know exactly, but it must not be good. So, quiet as a mouse, he slipped back up the stairs and opened his window, grabbing a firm hold of the closest tree branch, and began climbing down. Dropping to the wet grass from a couple feet above the ground, he noticed a stuffed lamb lying on the sidewalk. Evan must’ve left it here when he stayed over last week, Jared thought, picking up the toy and beginning to run down the street. One, two, three houses down and one across, Jared was there. He had seen a truck outside today, but it was gone now. He put the chewed and worn lamb in his left hand and began scaling the tree to Evan’s window, pausing to see the stars at the very top before opening the window and climbing in. And what he saw scared him.

The room was, well, a mess. It wasn’t in the meticulous state of order Evan preferred, and Jared thought he could see why. Evan was lying in bed, curled around a pillow, and crying. Jared had seen something like this once before, when they had been in a restaurant that was really loud. Evan had to go outside, because his mom had said “He didn’t like the noises” in there. Jared hadn’t cared though, cause afterwards their moms had let them play on the swingset outside the restaurant, and they had felt the sun on their faces. But this seemed different. He wasn’t fidgeting like he had that one day, with his hands moving all around and everything, he was just sort of small and shaky. Like he was all out of energy and just wanted to cry.

“Evan?” Jared said quietly, noticing his friend start at the sound, and burrow deeper into

his blankets. However, he had stopped shaking as much, so Jared decided to continue.  

“I have your lamb,” he said, fingering the soft, chewed, ear and walking over to sit by Evan. “You left it in my yard, last time your mom had you come over for the night.” Jared slowly crawled into the covers next to Evan and handed him the toy. Suddenly, though, he decided to change tactics. He put his arms around Evan and did what his mom always did when he was sad. He started singing.

“Oh won’t you come with me

Where the moon is made of gold

And in the morning sun

We’ll be sailing

Oh won’t you come with me

Where the ocean meets the sky

And as the clouds roll by

We’ll sing the song of the sea”

Jared stopped singing when he felt Evan’s heartbeat slow and fall into a regular pattern. He smiled into Evan’s hair as he fell asleep.

And if his mom was worried when he wasn’t home, she must’ve called Heidi immediately. And if she did, Heidi obviously checked her son’s room, and didn’t think for a moment to wake the boys.


“Evan, I’m busy,” Jared muttered, hardly looking up from his phone. He was seven rounds into this tournament and wasn’t going to lose just to hear Evan talk about some girl for an hour. But, as he looked up to tell evan to beat it he noticed something. Evan was rocking back and forth on his toes and fidgeting, clear signs that things were getting overwhelming quickly. And Jared was nothing if not Evan’s friend - no matter how terrible he was at it. He quickly turned to his ‘friends’ and powered down his phone before speaking:

“I’m tapping out now, guys. You win.” He then immediately got up and put his hand on Evan’s arm, steering him towards the hallways as his tics got worse, contorting his face as he rapidly blinked his eyes.

“Hey, no, Evan?” Jared muttered, panic for his friend rising in his voice, “We’re almost here, ok?” He continued muttering words of encouragement as they hurried out of the cafeteria and tried to find a secluded area to sort this out.

Broom closet. Bingo.

God, this is so gay.

“Evan. Buddy?” Jared spoke up, trying to catch Evan in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sorry sorry sorry,” Evan murmured, falling against the barely closed door of the closet and closing his eyes.

Jared inwardly sighed. He thought this had been getting better. “No, shit, um, no. Evan? You don’t need to be sorry. Your d- he’s not here anymore. Ok?”

Silently cursing his inability to deal with the situation, Jared awkwardly stuttered around asking Evan if he needed anything, before looking down with a start. Soft, hiccupping gasps began resounding in the small closet as hot tears fell down the younger boy’s face, pooling on his chest.


“Shit, Evan?” Jared muttered, sitting cross-legged on the floor by his friend and moving his hand forward uncertainly. “Ok, no, I need you to breathe with me. Evan. Evan? I need you to breathe.”

And Jared did what he’d learned to do four years ago. Back when they’d been closer, in seventh grade. He pulled the younger boy’s head onto his chest, taking long deep breaths and stroking his friends hair.

“Shh, shh, it’ll be ok. Shh, I’m here, it’s only me. Shh.”

And you know what? It was ok.


It had been one week. One week since everything had gone to fucking hell and Jared had left Evan to pick up the pieces. One week since Evan had reportedly “remembered” what had happened that February. And on this one day, this one week, Jared was scrolling through his Tumblr when he heard a knock at the door. Shaking his head - someone else will get it - he settled back down to see who it was. Then he heard a voice.

“Jared, if you don’t answer that door and let him in, you’re losing your phone for a week!”

It was his mom.

Grumbling, Jared slowly made his way down his stairs and opened his front door. There were a lot of things he could have expected when he opened the door. Alana could be here. Pizza delivery. Mailman.

But there was one thing Jared most certainly didn’t expect as he pulled open the door and squinted into the sheets of rain falling.

And that thing was Evan Hansen.

Suddenly he understood what his mom meant.

“Jesus,” he muttered under his breath, then sized Evan up and sighed, “I’m only letting you in so my mom won’t take away my phone.”

As the door opened further, Evan flinched away from the light and walked slowly into Jared’s living room, fiddling with his cast and darting his eyes about the room. Sitting down on the couch, Jared came to another realization about the shrunken figure currently standing in his living room.

Evan was crying. Silent tears were streaming down his face, making his breath catch and his face turn red and blotchy.

“What wrong, Ev, fall out of another tree?”

Suddenly, Evan was still. His eyes widened and the tears stopped - but only for a moment. It was like a shield had gone up. Ice had frozen him.

And then the shield shattered.

The ice fucking melted.

Evan fell to the floor, sobbing. Loud gasps filled the once silent room, building up in the air and exploding like a thousand water balloons.

Shit, Jared thought, looking helplessly at the shaking figure on his floor. But before he could move, Evan spoke.

“Jared, I didn’t- I… I didn’t fall,” another gasp broke the silence before Evan continued.

“It’s… I… I jumped.”

And then he looked up. Blue eyes wet with tears met blue eyes closer to tears than Jared would care to admit.

And then Jared made a decision. He slowly climbed down off of the couch, crawling toward his friend. Slowly, deliberately, Jared lifted Evan’s chin and leaned in.

And it was electrifying. Their lips met, the soft and quiet before the music crescendoed. Hot, salty tears fell and mixed on their shirts, matching the steady thunder of rain on the roof. Hands in hair, hands clutching shirts, pulling, needing what was happening.

But a perfect moment can’t last forever. Thunder pulled the boys into the real world, jolting them apart. They looked at each other a beat, wet eyes meeting, before Jared broke out into apologies.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Evan. Shit, that wasn’t-”

But for once, Evan was the interrupter instead of the interrupted.

“No, it was… good. It was good.”

And it was good for a long time after that.

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Two weeks ago, I lost my dad forever. Little did I know, he had something big planned for me. Taylor follows me on a blog site called tumblr. She hands been following me since 2015. On October 15, 2017, after I received a direct message on tumblr from Taylor Nation (Taylor’s PR team) asking me if I wanted to attend a special event. Tonight, October 22,2017 I got to meet my idol of 11 years, Taylor Swift. I am 100% convinced my dad made this happen. Not only did I get to listen to her upcoming album “Reputation”, but I got to meet her and take pictures. You see, this is a dream I’ve had for 11 years and I never thought it would ever happen. I went from seeing her front stage at Ellen for the 1989 release party. Flash forward 3 years, I’m sitting in Taylor’s living room listening to her new album. Taylor has been following me on tumblr since 2015. I would get the occasional reblog or like from her but never any direct conversation. When my dad passed away, I put together a post on tumblr and I tagged Taylor hoping she would see it. Fast forward I’m next in line to meet her, I walk in she hugs me, grabs my hands and says “I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, Marisa. Please give my condolences to your family” needless to say, I cried. THEN I TOOK THE MOST AMAZING PICTURE WITH MY NEW FRIENDSSSS. @talk-turned-2-screams @teardropsonmyguitar These are the moments I will have forever. @taylorswift you are such an amazing human and I’m so blessed to now call you a friend and thank you for my new friendssss.

by clicking ( here ) you’ll find 500 gif icons of kendall jenner i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like including redistribution as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

A bunch of cool people did a great thing for the Tumblr app (new post forms! new text styles! you can finally add pics to reblogs on mobile!), but this blog is primarily about me, so let’s talk about me: I named that cursive font Lucille and it fucking stuck, went into production, and we gave birth to it. Lucille forever. 

It is the thing I am most pleased about in my 4+ years at Tumblr, and it was something that took me less than 5 seconds to do, start to finish. 

Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth Transparent Large Post 1


Hehe I love the last one xD

I am currently teaching myself how Photoshop works so I wanted to practice removing backgrounds. Miles Edgeworth is my forever favorite character so I used him as my guinea pig ^^

All art is from the official artbooks and owned by Capcom. I, atarashiishousetsuka, only removed backgrounds and if needed I added/edited certain parts (e.g. his fingers when playing the violin and his shirt when drinking tea).

It took me quite some time, so if you plan on using this please like or reblog. Please do not repost.

If you have any suggestions for ace attorney transparents, please let me know! :D

Enjoy! The second part will be up soon including more images of Miles (and also Phoenix)!

[Edit 1] It seems like during the uploading of the pictures on tumblr it somehow removed the transparent background grr I am looking into that now.

[Edit 2] The images are transparent, but it seems like the mobile tumblr app just displays them with a white background when you tap on them on your screen. So there was no problem :D

Stars Above

aahhh I dunno what to say about this, cept… it took forever and, man I really wish I could dance with Crona like this ;u;

Crona is agender and my headcanon Crona goes by she/her and he/him, I’m also agender and go by she/her, please respect our gender and pronouns
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!

Titled: Pitchy Greeting.

Pitchy greets enthusiastically.
Very, enthusiastically.

Did this digitally with Paint.Net with my computer mouse, felt like it took forever and I felt very limited.
(Stiff and less ability to play around) so I can’t wait to use my tablet that I’ll be allowed to use on my birthday, which will really allow me to add more flow and style I’m used to.

I do plan on drawing a traditional picture of Pitchy Black and with some Background Info on him, I’m really excited with my char!

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

The List

Yoongi x Reader

Fluff; suggestive (Rated T? PG13?)

Summary: Yoongi makes a not-so-innocent mistake interpreting Y/N’s wishlist


Yoongi walked into the apartment after work, ready for the weekend. He took off his shoes and wandered into the kitchen. He stopped at the sight of Y/N’s birthday wishlist, the production and release of which was long overdue, hanging on the fridge. Intrigued, he slid the magnet off of it and held it up to look it over.

“Y/N?” Yoongi called, holding the list closer to his face, trying to convince himself it didn’t say what he thought it said.

“Hmm?” Y/N’s muffled voice answered as she poked her head around the corner of the hallway, toothbrush in her mouth.

Yoongi widened his eyes at her, looking concerned. “Is this the same version of your wishlist you sent to your family?”

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&& ross butler gif icons.

under the cut you’ll find #50 gif icons of ross butler in the style r1 as requested by anonymous. ( i will be adding more to this gif hunt eventually. as a side note, i am so sorry these took forever ! ). these were all cropped & edited by yours truly, but credit for the original gifs goes to their makers. likes & reblogs are appreciated if you found this useful !

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