this took me forever ok

today may not be a good time to post this and im sorry for blowing up ur notifs but what the fuck !!!! i hit 1.1k followers !!!! i usually do my follow forever posts at end of the year but i didn’t do this last year bc i was waiting to hit 1k ! now here i am !

i made this blog on april 21, 2014 and had my first post in may 1st of the same year then abandoned this blog and officially came back after a year and now this blog has been running since july 2015 lmao it took me 2 yrs to get 1k rip me

anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

of course @ everyone thank you thank you thank you thank you all for making my tumblr experience great! i still don’t even understand why y'all still follow my lame ass trash of a blog but i couldn’t ask for more lol i love y'all for still keeping up

NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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requested: root and shaw + their endless list of skills (▰˘◡˘▰)

★ Underswap Brothers! ★

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『You are fanatical like a demon.』


was tagged by @kishou @kirschtein @erwiins and @cieled to post 8 characters I relate to + a picture of me! this as surprisingly difficult cause i feel like i can’t relate to 70% of anime characters tbh. lol this list might be even more surprising ahaha. 

i tag-eth: @kofee @kvet @natszume @dicennio @ekubou @akirakurussu @akechisgoro @schinji @monstrux @jolynne @fortaine @kishibe @ryuzakki @doumekism @wakata @sakurazukamouri and whoever that wants to do it~


I was tagged by @nctreacting a few times for the bias selfie tag, i think that’s what its called? But yes thank you Flo for tagging me, and sorry it took me so long to do this bc i’m a shy bean. I mean idk, i guess this is my face? I can’t choose one bias because i’m a hoe like that, so i’d like to take this opportunity to sandwich myself in between my two biases Jaehyun and Ten. 

I’d like to tag my other hoe @cremethorns, Sheep aka @chipsandwaffles (if you don’t take the opportunity to post a picture of an actual sheep then i’ll delete you. Or you can post yourself ofc ☺️) @chani-babe, @yoonohsdimples@frxggi, @inseong-youngbin-hwiyoung-dawon and anyone else who wants to do this. Its optional of course!


❛   we can make it together, but we can only make it together.  
❛   nice moves there, clint eastwood.  
❛   hey, are you alive in there ??   ❜
❛   the bright side: it’ll be the fall that kills us. i’m a glass-half-full kind of guy/girl.   ❜
❛   guess I’m an even bigger dumbass than you.  
❛   if bad ideas were an olympic event, this would take the gold.   
❛   have i mentioned that i really like your new haircut ?? you have a nice shaped head.  
❛   it’s sort of my thing, you know? i’m a loner.  
❛   no. no, i… i would never have sex…  
❛   are you trying to buy my silence with fruit ??   ❜ 
❛   but i suck at lying. i can’t even play poker. it’s too much like lying.    ❜ 
❛   crawl out of my butt && help me look, please.   ❜ 
❛   we’re friends, aren’t we ??   ❜ 
❛   you know, we still have eleven condoms.   ❜ 
❛   it wasn’t that bad, was it ??    ❜ 
❛   we’re gonna be all right, okay ?? we’ll be all right.   ❜ 
❛   i love you. ______, i love you. i should’ve said it a long time ago && it’s been true for a long time.    ❜ 
❛   the world’s gonna change, right ??   ❜ 
❛   didn’t need to know that, but cool.  
❛   this is the only picture I have of you.  
❛   sorry, i … hit you in the face.   ❜ 
❛   god, you are so beautiful.   ❜ 
❛   you honor the dead by going on. even when you’re scared. you live because they don’t get to.   ❜ 
❛   you’re not gonna pull the trigger.   ❜ 
❛   you point a gun at me && i’m the asshole ??   ❜ 
❛   we’re not supposed to let the world die.   ❜
❛   i was praying. i was trying to.   ❜
❛   you think… you think god exists ??   ❜ 
❛   s/he is one tough son of a bitch.  ❜
❛   oh, man, can’t we just have one good day ??   ❜
❛   i’m sick of secrets. secrets get you killed.   ❜
❛   good luck, dumbass.   ❜ 
❛   i’m going with you, you can’t do this on your own.   ❜ 
❛   admit it, you only came back to atlanta for the hat.   ❜ 
❛   dude, you are such a buzzkill, man.   ❜
❛   don’t ever, ever, ever let me drink again.   ❜
❛   being afraid is what’s kept us alive.   ❜ 
❛   yeah, pretty sure you got that backwards.   ❜ 
❛   no one’s impressed, man. walk away.   ❜
❛   i’m someone who knows who you are. i know what you did. && it’s not gonna happen again.   ❜
❛   i tried. i watched him die.   ❜
❛   this sucks. after everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold.   ❜
❛   they were counting on me && i … i only thought of myself.   ❜
❛   have you ever seen something that, um … afterwards, you … you didn’t want to sleep && you weren’t hungry because when you closed your eyes you could still see it. && when you try to eat…   ❜
❛   people you love … they made you who you are. they’re still part of you. if you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are… it’s gone.   ❜
❛   i didn’t want you to give up on this place, on these people, to be afraid.   ❜
❛   we’re five people walking with guns. no one’s coming up to say hello.   ❜
❛   when you gave me this … i didn’t fully understand what it meant. such a simple thing. i know what it means now. i know what it takes.   ❜ 
❛   he told me all i had to do was believe, && that’s what I’m gonna do.   ❜
❛   all i know is this chick rode out of nowhere like zorro on a horse && took lori.   ❜ 
❛   i could use a vacation. get away. just for a weekend.   ❜ 
❛   we don’t burn them !! we bury them.   ❜ 
❛   you fought to be here && you have to keep fighting.   ❜ 
❛   don’t worry about what’s gone wrong. figure out how to make this go right.   ❜
❛   i care about her more than i care about me.   ❜
❛   i don’t want you in danger, ever.   ❜
❛   my blood, my family, is standing right here.   ❜ 
❛   just keep looking at me.   ❜ 
❛   that was a hell of a chokehold.   ❜ 
❛   i will find you.   ❜ 


basically just taylor being gay


@danisnotonfire & @amazingphil

you’ve done so much this year and we are all so proud of you

you make us all so happy

thanks for making 2016 less shit

im so emotional ok bye 


Anonymous requested: Melinoe

She drives mortals to madness with her airy phantoms,
As she appears in weird shapes and forms,
Now plain to the eye, now shadowy, now shining in the darkness,
And all this in hostile encounters in the gloom of night.

Model: Melinoe Immortal / Photographer: Allan Jenkins