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Now everyone have big pet problems. 

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this was quite fun to do <3 you’ve asked for the three papyruses? togethers for a while, so there you have it! Their first interaction. Mustard doesn’t understand what the hell they just do to his precious pet. Fellwolve!Papyrus by @sanspar / fox!papy by @keksbela 

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Hi, I've seen RFA reacting to mc listening to kpop. So how about MC finding RFA+Saeran+V listening to kpop? I know since theyre Korean, it's regular music. But it's funny to see which groups they listen to:3 thank you so much for everything. ahaha sae-yoongi-buns x'D

LOL, that’s so true…hope you enjoy these hcs! Sorry it took forever~


  • You were out doing a quick grocery run
  • But ended up coming home earlier than you thought
  • When you open the door, Zen was cleaning and vacuuming
  • Me Gustas Tu by Gfriend was blasting on his speakers
  • He was doing the dance moves and everything
  • So you just watch and purposely accidentally takes a video
  • When Zen spins around and sees you, he’s tripping over everything trying to turn it off
  • “It’s for a show,” he tries to explain.
  • “Uh-Huh, Sure.”
  • For the next week, you use the video for blackmail
  • “Aww, babe, I don’t wanna take out the garbage again!”
  • The video begins to play and he’s out the door like lightning
  • After awhile, you find yourself humming along
  • It’s not long before you’re jamming together


  • You had come to visit him since he had been locking himself up to study lately
  • He left his window open and you can hear Bad by Infinite coming through
  • You giggle and ring the doorbell
  • He thinks it’s just the mailman, so he leaves the music on
  • When he opens the door and sees you standing there, his eyes go wide
  • He didn’t expect you..and the music was still going
  • “O-oh! Haha…the music…it’s just on some weird shuffle. Must’ve added this by accident.”
  • You almost believe him until the next song comes on
  • The Eye by Infinite blasts from him room
  • He’s so embarrassed, he can’t look you in the eye for half an hour
  • You feel bad, so you just say, “I bet your bias is Sungjong.”
  • He looks very offended
  • “I’ll have you know…It’s Sunggyu.”


  • She brought home some extra paperwork
  • So, you didn’t want to bother her
  • She put in her headphones and set to work
  • After a few hours, you brought her a cup of coffee
  • Your presence startled her and she jerked awkwardly, making her headphones unplug from her phone
  • Beautiful by Monsta X blasted into the open air
  • You two stare at each other for a few long moments
  • Jaehee just quietly says, “There’s a reason I have headphones on.”
  • Finally pulling yourself together, you manage, “Jaehee, what are you listening to?!”
  • She gathers her headphones off the ground
  • “Beautiful melodies….Stan Monsta X, MC. Stan talent.”


  • He asked you to help test out a new stereo system he bought for his place
  • He says to play something off his phone
  • You find a playlist named, “Jammin’ Han”
  • You don’t know what to think so you just click it
  • Eyes, Nose, and Lips by Taeyang starts blasting throughout his home
  • He was upstairs when it started, and you expected him to rush down to turn it off
  • Instead, he casually comes down and is humming it
  • He’s fixing a wire and smiles up at you, “I didn’t know you enjoyed this song as well.”
  • “Actually…I just played it off of one of your playlists…”
  • His eyes grow wide and he gets really flustered
  • You think it’s because his playlist actually has a lot more mainstream and trot songs than you would’ve expected him to listen to
  • But no…he’s mortified that you found out what he named his playlist
  • What a dork


  • You guys wanted some snacks, so he says to hop on his car
  • Only, he forgot the bluetooth on his phone was still connected to that particular car
  • Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet starts blasting
  • After you get over your initial heart attack and lower the volume, you just stare at him
  • He doesn’t say anything
  • He’s just looking out the window in utter shame and embarrassment
  • There’s just a long awkward silence before you start giggling
  • “Do you know the dance moves too?”
  • “Maybe…”
  • “Well, turn it up, fam!” you say as you jump out of the car and start doing the dance in the garage
  • Cue him blasting it and dancing with you
  • You both are horrible, but who cares
  • Saeran walks in to check what’s up with the noise
  • He sees you both and slowly backs away before he ends up being dragged into something stupid


  • You stop by his house unexpectedly one day
  • He was still in the shower, and unbeknownst to him, you can hear his speakers blasting
  • The faint echoes of Not Today by BTS comes from the bathroom
  • You almost want to scream when you hear him yell, “Chong! Jojun! Balsa!” in a high pitched voice
  • You’re nice enough not to record him
  • But you do sit close to the door and listen as he finishes the song
  • He trips over you on his way out
  • Thankfully he’s already dressed not seeing any of that…not today
  • You grin, “I didn’t know you had a hidden talent of rapping….NOT.”
  • He jumps up and starts running after you
  • You run from him so long, you two end up being wiped on the couch
  • He finally grabs your phone, thinking you had recorded him
  • When he finds no video, he just screams in a pillow
  • So much for that shower


  • He’s editing his photos in the dining room one day
  • He usually listened to Mozart or classical jazz most of the time
  • So you were quite surprised when you heard a familiar tune coming through the speakers
  • You turn it up so you could hear it better, and you recognized it as Prism by Shinee
  • V said he started listening to them when you mentioned of their music
  • You remember only vaguely talking about them, and you didn’t think he would get so into them
  • You start scrolling through his playlist and see songs from EXO, f(x), Super Junior, amongst others
  • You realize you accidentally turned him into a kpop stan

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❛   we can make it together, but we can only make it together.  
❛   nice moves there, clint eastwood.  
❛   hey, are you alive in there ??   ❜
❛   the bright side: it’ll be the fall that kills us. i’m a glass-half-full kind of guy/girl.   ❜
❛   guess I’m an even bigger dumbass than you.  
❛   if bad ideas were an olympic event, this would take the gold.   
❛   have i mentioned that i really like your new haircut ?? you have a nice shaped head.  
❛   it’s sort of my thing, you know? i’m a loner.  
❛   no. no, i… i would never have sex…  
❛   are you trying to buy my silence with fruit ??   ❜ 
❛   but i suck at lying. i can’t even play poker. it’s too much like lying.    ❜ 
❛   crawl out of my butt && help me look, please.   ❜ 
❛   we’re friends, aren’t we ??   ❜ 
❛   you know, we still have eleven condoms.   ❜ 
❛   it wasn’t that bad, was it ??    ❜ 
❛   we’re gonna be all right, okay ?? we’ll be all right.   ❜ 
❛   i love you. ______, i love you. i should’ve said it a long time ago && it’s been true for a long time.    ❜ 
❛   the world’s gonna change, right ??   ❜ 
❛   didn’t need to know that, but cool.  
❛   this is the only picture I have of you.  
❛   sorry, i … hit you in the face.   ❜ 
❛   god, you are so beautiful.   ❜ 
❛   you honor the dead by going on. even when you’re scared. you live because they don’t get to.   ❜ 
❛   you’re not gonna pull the trigger.   ❜ 
❛   you point a gun at me && i’m the asshole ??   ❜ 
❛   we’re not supposed to let the world die.   ❜
❛   i was praying. i was trying to.   ❜
❛   you think… you think god exists ??   ❜ 
❛   s/he is one tough son of a bitch.  ❜
❛   oh, man, can’t we just have one good day ??   ❜
❛   i’m sick of secrets. secrets get you killed.   ❜
❛   good luck, dumbass.   ❜ 
❛   i’m going with you, you can’t do this on your own.   ❜ 
❛   admit it, you only came back to atlanta for the hat.   ❜ 
❛   dude, you are such a buzzkill, man.   ❜
❛   don’t ever, ever, ever let me drink again.   ❜
❛   being afraid is what’s kept us alive.   ❜ 
❛   yeah, pretty sure you got that backwards.   ❜ 
❛   no one’s impressed, man. walk away.   ❜
❛   i’m someone who knows who you are. i know what you did. && it’s not gonna happen again.   ❜
❛   i tried. i watched him die.   ❜
❛   this sucks. after everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold.   ❜
❛   they were counting on me && i … i only thought of myself.   ❜
❛   have you ever seen something that, um … afterwards, you … you didn’t want to sleep && you weren’t hungry because when you closed your eyes you could still see it. && when you try to eat…   ❜
❛   people you love … they made you who you are. they’re still part of you. if you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are… it’s gone.   ❜
❛   i didn’t want you to give up on this place, on these people, to be afraid.   ❜
❛   we’re five people walking with guns. no one’s coming up to say hello.   ❜
❛   when you gave me this … i didn’t fully understand what it meant. such a simple thing. i know what it means now. i know what it takes.   ❜ 
❛   he told me all i had to do was believe, && that’s what I’m gonna do.   ❜
❛   all i know is this chick rode out of nowhere like zorro on a horse && took lori.   ❜ 
❛   i could use a vacation. get away. just for a weekend.   ❜ 
❛   we don’t burn them !! we bury them.   ❜ 
❛   you fought to be here && you have to keep fighting.   ❜ 
❛   don’t worry about what’s gone wrong. figure out how to make this go right.   ❜
❛   i care about her more than i care about me.   ❜
❛   i don’t want you in danger, ever.   ❜
❛   my blood, my family, is standing right here.   ❜ 
❛   just keep looking at me.   ❜ 
❛   that was a hell of a chokehold.   ❜ 
❛   i will find you.   ❜ 

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6+15 Jin fluff pleeease! Love your blog. Thanks in advance <3 ^^

Know It All, My Best Friend (Jin x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: After learning that Jin will be moving away for university, you accidentally confess to your best friend! Mortified, you try to avoid him. Luckily for you, Jin doesn’t give up easily.

Word count: 1.4k words

Originally posted by jjilljj

You waved cheerily at your best friend, Jin, who was leaning casually against your locker. He smiled at you goofily, quickly righting himself so that you could retrieve your belongings.

“Hey, Jin,” you greeted, spinning the combination of your lock. It clicked open, and you hurried to grab your binders and textbooks.

“How were your classes today?” Jin asked conversationally, sounding more fatherly than was appropriate for the slight age difference between you two. It was only one year.

“Well, I skipped the morning,” you replied with a shrug. You shut your locker and pulled your backpack over your shoulder. “To the library?”

“Y/N, you can’t be skipping classes!” Jin scolded, smacking you lightly on the shoulder. “Your grades are important.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed. “Besides, don’t you skip just as often as I do?”

“I’ve got chronic senioritis,” Jin explained as if that were a valid excuse. “And what’s your reason? You’re not graduating yet.”

“Do I really need one?” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just get out of here. Unlike you, I need to study.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Jin replied with a cocky grin. “I did get all early acceptances.”

“Whatever, nerd,” you said.

You and Jin quickly made your way to the foyer of the school, exiting the building. Outside, it was growing cold. It was early December, but no snow had fallen yet.

Jin wasn’t the smartest student, but he was incredibly hardworking so his grades were among the highest. He had applied to all life science programs despite your attempts to get him to attend culinary school.

“Have you decided where you’re going to go yet?” you asked. Since Jin had been accepted to all the programs he had applied to, his choices weren’t limited.

“Yeah,” Jin replied, a little sheepishly. “I accepted my offer to K University. They offered me a great scholarship, too.”

“No way! Awesome!” you cheered, patting Jin’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, I didn’t know how you’d react,” Jin explained, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “But I’m glad you’re happy. Thought you might be upset since K University is pretty much across the country.”

“Oh,” you replied quietly.

Jin turned to you, a gentle smile on his lips. “You forgot, didn’t you?” he laughed. He ruffled your hair. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit. There’s no need to be sad about that.”

“I guess,” you said, eyes downcast.

Of course you were going to be upset about your best friend moving away. But Jin was more than that–you had liked him since you met in middle school. Obviously, Jin had no idea, but he always treated you kindly, so you figured staying his friend would be fine.

But now that he was going to move away, you wondered if hiding your feelings was worth it in the first place. Now, it just hurt. Mortifyingly, your eyes began to water.

“Y/N, are you crying?” Jin asked suddenly, grabbing your cheeks in between his palms and forcibly lifting your head up.

“No,” you snivelled, tears running down your face. “Shut up!”

“So cute!” Jin squealed, pulling you into his arms in a tight embrace. Other students stared as they walked by, but Jin paid them no mind. “You’re so cute, Y/N!”

“Leave me alone!” you whined, your tears still refusing to stop. “I’m not crying!”

“I can hear you sniffling,” Jin laughed. Still, he stroked your hair soothingly. Jin continued in a more serious voice, “But seriously, Y/N, I promise I’ll come and visit. We can still talk every day.”

“It won’t be the same,” you mumbled. Eventually, you pulled yourself away from Jin’s arms, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “It’s my fault, I guess. I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”

Your heart stopped. Both you and Jin froze, your eyes meeting and widening. Jin was the first to regain his composure. 

“Uh, what?” he asked eloquently.

“Ha ha, sike!” you exclaimed weakly. You shot finger guns at Jin, trying to ignore the fiery blush that was spreading across your cheeks. “Got you bad, ha ha!”

“Wait, Y/N,” Jin interrupted, annoyed. “Stop that.”

“Well I’m just going to go home now,” you continued awkwardly, already beginning to back away. “I’ll catch you later, crocodile.”

“It’s alligator,” Jin corrected. “But that’s besides the point! Y/N, we need to talk about this.”

“About what?” you asked. Then you spun on your heel and sprinted away. “Bye, Jin!”

You heard him calling after you, but you kept running. Your shame fuelled you, and once you got home, you felt like crying all over again. This time, no one was there to comfort you. 

After sobbing into your pillow for around an hour, you sat up feeling calmer. Grabbing your phone, you turned on the screen to see dozens of missed calls and messages from Jin. You blushed again and quickly powered your phone off.

Deciding the best way to solve this problem was to pretend it never existed in the first place, you flopped onto your bed and let your eyes slip shut. Eventually, your mind cleared, and you were able to drift off into sleep.

After what only felt like a few minutes, you were woken by a banging sound. Shooting upright, you felt your heart pounding in your chest. The sun had already fallen, and your room was dim. The banging sound continued. Was someone trying to break in?

“Fuck!” someone swore from outside. You recognized the voice immediately–how could you not? Jin.

You deflated, sighing resignedly. There was no avoiding problems when it came to Jin. He never liked leaving conflict unsolved. You just hoped you would be able to salvage your pride–and your friendship–after this conversation.

Eventually, Jin’s body appeared through the window parallel to your bed. With shaky arms, he slid the window pane open and tumbled into your bedroom.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, feigning innocence.

“What do you think?” Jin snapped, brushing dirt off of his clothes. He turned to you, his gaze narrowing. “You ran away from me, ignored my calls and my texts, and didn’t answer the door. What else could I do but climb through your window?”

“I don’t know, wait until I was ready to talk about it?” you replied, just as sharply.

“Why would I do that?” Jin asked. “You finally confessed to me.”

“I didn’t con–wait, what do you mean, finally?” you spluttered.

“It was obvious, Y/N. Of course I noticed, I’m not an idiot,” Jin replied, crossing his arms. You blushed and looked away, biting your lip. You weren’t ready for Jin to move away, and you certainly weren’t ready to for him to reject you. “The only idiot here is you. I can’t believe you couldn’t tell. Obviously, I like you too.”

“What?” you demanded, spinning to look at Jin. Unable to formulate any coherent sentences, you just spluttered at your best friend who was looking at you judgementally. “What!?”

“So dumb,” Jin sighed, shaking his head. “I’ve liked you for so many years. But I knew you weren’t ready to accept your own feelings, so I waited it out. Too bad it took you so damn long.”

“Rewind! Rewind!” you yelled. “You like me? You like me?“

“Yes, I like you!” Jin laughed, walking closer to you. He stopped once he was standing directly in front of you, forcing him to look up at him. “How could I not? You’re kind, pretty, funny, and honest–usually.”

“Seriously, you mean it?” you asked. “This isn’t some elaborate prank? A big ‘fuck you’ before you leave forever?”

“What? No,” Jin said, a little offended. “I really do like you, Y/N. I’m going to be moving away, but that won’t change my feelings for you. I’ve liked you for years, even during your emo phase.”

“Aw, don’t bring that up now,” you whined. You peered up at Jin, your gaze unwavering. “You’re really not just saying that because you feel bad for me?”

Jin rolled his eyes dramatically. Then, he leaned down and cupped your face, holding it in place. He closed the distance between the two of you, his lips brushing softly over yours.

“I’m not making anything up,” Jin whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips. “Do you believe me now?”

“Fine,” you replied breathlessly. “But no take backs!”

You flung your arms around Jin’s neck, smashing your mouths together. Jin laughed agains your lips before returning the kiss wholeheartedly. You seriously regretted not confessing your feelings earlier.

But better late than never, you guessed.

- Girl in Luv

BBMAs guys!!! BTS is out there making history. I’m so proud!!! Also…they slayed! They all looked so good. The foreheads were showing! Everything was great! Wish they performed, but it was nice to see them at the show. I wonder if they’re turning up now ;) Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!!! 💛

A Secret pt.1-Jack Maynard

     “Y/N, I swear if  you don’t turn your music down, I’m kicking you out of my house!” I heard, my brother, Joe yell from downstairs. 

     “Whatever!” I yelled back. I turned my stereo down to a reasonable level that normal humans would listen to it at and then sat down on my bed. Technically it’s my brother’s guest bed, but I’ve claimed it for now. This year at uni really took a toll on me, so I’m taking a break year. That means I get kicked out of my dorm. Luckily, Joe was nice enough to offer a place to stay while I get me crap together. My sister, Zoe, offered me a place, too, but she has a boyfriend and a dog. I’d get practically no alone time. Although it’s not like I get much here either. Joe always has his friends around. They’re nice. I’ve met them a few times. Caspar’s really sweet, Oli’s loud and extremely nice, Josh is a lot like Caspar, except quieter, I can hear Mikey from my literal room, Conor and is super cheerful and stuff. Then there’s Jack, Conor’s brother. He doesn’t speak much, at least not when I’m around. He seem’s nice though.

     As much as I don’t want to, with all of Joe’s friends here, I’m hungry and need food. I get up and turn my music off completely. I run my hands through my hair, before walking down the stairs. 

      When I walk into the living room, I’m met with my brother, Conor, Mikey, Josh, and Jack fighting over a game of FIFA. I loved playing FIFA. I was always able to kick Joe’s ass at it, but I don’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends. Maybe one day I should. I smiled at the thought as I walked pass them into the kitchen. It was all open, so they could still see me.

     “Y/N, make me some food,” Joe said, eyes still attached to the TV. 

     “Do I look like a maid to you?” I asked with my eyebrows raised.

     “No, but you do look like a person who could at least bring us a bowl of crisps, and remember, I’m letting you live here for for free,” he said making me roll my eyes.

     “Big deal,” I said, “If you kick me out, I’ll go live with Zoe or mom or dad or someone.” I still reluctantly got there bowl of crisps. I it in the table in front of them. I stood there  for about a second longer then normal waiting for a thank you. I sighed and turned to leave.

     “Thanks, Y/N.” I turned around to see Jack smiling at me. 

    “You’re welcome. I’m glad to see that someone around here appreciates what I do,” I laughed at my own comment, “I sound like a mum.”

     “You do, a little,” Jack said, still in a small voice.

      I smiled at him. I then turned around, and went back to the kitchen to finish preparing my own snacks. I got a few things together, after I mentally decided tonight would be the night I binge watch Sherlock for the tenth time. I got a bowl of crisps together, two cans of coke, and the other half of my pizza from last night. The total being: there is no way I’m caring all of this in one trip. It’s probably not impossible, but I’m just  thinking ahead. I’d rather take two trips than spend forever cleaning up something I split.

      So I took the pizza in one hand and the crisps in the other. I started to make my way out of the kitchen when I felt a presence almost run into me. “Whoa!” It was Jack. “I’m so sorry,” he said as he helped me pick up the spilt crisps on the floor, which is kind of funny considering that was the one thing I was trying to avoid. 

    “No, it’s fine. I’ll just get more,” I said. I put the bowl on to the counter and got the bag of crisps back out.

     “Are you going to be able to carry all this?” he asked, looking at the stuff I had out.

     “Yeah,” I answered as I poured more crisps into the bowl that I’m pretty sure has a dent now. “I was just going to take two trips.”

     He had a look on his face that made me think he was thinking about something.“Here,” Jack said picking up the pizza, “Let me help.”

     Now I wasn’t one to pass someone up on getting me closer to a Sherlock marathon, so I said, “Okay.” I picked up the bowl and and two cokes and watched as Jack followed me up the stairs. Once we made to my “room” he opened the door since he was  the one with a free hand. We made our way in. I sat my cokes on my bed along with crisps and motioned for him to set the pizza there, as well.

      “Thanks,” I said smiling at him. 

     “You’re welcome,” he answered. He stood there a minute, just looking at his feet. “What are you watching?” he asked after seeing me set up Netflix. The look on his face was kind of cute. I always thought Jack was the hottest of the group. It also helps that he’s the most close to my age. I’m 21 and he’s 22. 

     “Sherlock,” I answered. He just nodded. “Have you ever seen it?” I asked him. He shook his head. “Wanna watch it with me, if you’re not to busy with FIFA of course?”

     “Sure,” he answered with words this time. This made me very happy since I kind of like him. I’ve never been very good with emotion/relationship/liking/fluff stuff, but I’ve always wanted it for myself.

      I got up on the bed and patted the place next to me. I dormed with a few guys, so this wasn’t anything new for me. Jack, however, looked a bit hesitant. “I’m not going to bit,” l said giggling softly.

     Jack laughed, too, but said, “Joe might,”

     I stopped laughing and looked at him dead serious. “My brother is not going to hurt you just because I invited you to watch Sherlock with me,” I said rolling my eyes.

     “That’s not how he put it,” Jack mumbled.

     “And just how did he put it?” 

     “He told all of us when you moved in here to not get involved with you,” he said quietly. Of course, my brother would do something like that.

     “Too bad,” I frowned.     

     “What do you mean ‘too bad,’” he asked.

     I took a deep breath and look at him to face in front of each other. “I like you,” I said and smiled when he started smiling.

    “Do you know, the only reason I asked t help you was just so I could be near you?” he asked me. I shook my head at him. “Or that it’s maybe possible that I like you, too?” I could feel his breath ghost over my lips.

     I bit my lip to try and contain my smile. As he was talking, we somehow had gotten closer to each other. It reminded me of the movies. The girl leans in and it surprises the boy, but he leans into, and then their lips touch. That’s sort of what I felt like happened here. His lips were soft, but still rough enough that you could tell they were boy lips. He put he hands to my waist, and I ran mine through his hair, tugging slightly, earning a small moan from. I smiled into the kiss which he ended up doing, too, causing us to stop. Our heads were forehead to forehead as we still smiled at each other, trying to regain our breath.

     “Jack!” we heard Conor yell from downstairs making both of us jump.

    “I’ve got to go,” he said, “but,” he went over to a piece of paper and pen that I had out, “here’s my number.” He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and dashed out of my room and down the stairs.I could faintly hear him say, “I was helping Y/N with her food.”

     I heard the door close a few seconds later, and I smiled to myself as I sat on my bed. I knew I couldn’t tell Joe about this, but this is going to be fun.


Imagine Sam being surprised when Dean tells him you have a crush on him

“Do you think Y/N will be at the bunker when we get back?” Sam looked over at Dean as he climbed into the impala, his body relaxing with the relief of knowing another case was done with.

“Why wouldn’t she be? She does live with us.” Dean snorted at his brothers question, eyebrows furrowing in utter confusion.

“Maybe she’ll be out with a friend or something…” Sam drew out his sentence, eyes looking anywhere but at Dean as he shrugged.

“Okay, cut the crap.” With one hand firmly in the steering wheel, Dean turned to Sam, a knowing smirk on his lips. “What are you asking here?”

“Is Y/N seeing anyone?” Sam’s curiosity was straight forward despite the growing blush on his cheeks. He recalled the last few weeks, remembering the way you’d distanced yourself and seemed rather quiet when ever he was in the room. If anyone knew the reason why, it would be Dean. “I mean she’s been acting weird lately.”

“Sammy you are so dumb.” Dean’s body shook with laughter, his head shaking in amusement.

“I don’t get it?” Now it was Sam’s turn to be confused, was he missing a joke here?

“Sam she’s not seeing anyone else.” Out of the corner of his eye, Dean saw Sam visibly sigh in relief, only confirming the feelings he thought his brother had for you. “She’s got a huge stupid crush on you.”

“That’s not funny Dean.” He frowned in annoyance, this wasn’t a situation to be laughed at.

“Does it look like I’m laughing?” Dean took his eyes before or the road to turn to Sam again, a seriousness evident on his face. “Talk to her when we get back, just don’t say I said anything or she’ll kill me.”

Sam settled back down into his seat, a smiling growing on his lips as the excitement of getting home over took him.

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How Elena and Stefan could possibly be endgame in the finale, aka my “sired soul” theory...

Elena in 4x01 spent her last dying breaths as a human to tell Stefan that she loves him and how he is the best choice she ever made. 

So how does one go from saying all of that and simply fall out of love so quick? (Without having to say it was due to bad writing or fan servicing, because if I was a DE fan I would be pretty pissed off at the way they brought them together.) 
Be warned this is kinda long! 

Well what if when Elena was transitioning into a vampire (during the first few episodes of season 4), her human soul was slowly being replaced by a new vampire one created by the sire bond and this new soul is basically a reflection of the desires of the soul to whom she was sired to aka Damon. She still appeared to be in love with Stefan the first few episodes but it also seemed like her old self was slowly fading away along with her feelings, (basically all her good qualities which made her who she was). What if the sired soul made her more like Damon and obviously made her do Damon-like things? Because let’s face it Elena from season 4 on wards was a completely new character/person. 

The reason why this could have happened was because firstly Elena never wanted to be a vampire and also maybe and probably more likely because when she died at the end of season 2 John gave Elena his soul, a soul that replaced Elena’s so that when she woke up it would be as a human and not a vampire (as that was what John had wanted). So when she died at the end of season 3, her soul which John gave her didn’t want to accept the transition into a vampire hence a new vampire sired soul was born, giving her basically new and all the annoying qualities that Damon had.  

This could explain how her feelings for Stefan never got heightened, because deep down in Damon’s soul he didn’t want Elena to be in love with Stefan. He wanted Elena to love him instead. Elena said she still loved Stefan, but she was not actually in love with him. Wouldn’t that be basically just how Damon feels about his own brother, right? 

Otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense from a story pov, not a shipper’s but a story pov how Elena just kinda forgot this strong built relationship she had with Stefan.

Now here is my opinion on the only way I see Stelena possibly as endgame based on all of this because I wouldn’t want the vampire Elena to get back with Stefan, especially after all the shit she put him through (that would be so selfish and Stefan deserves much better).

When Elena took the cure, she didn’t appear to have any significant changes to her character she was just a human again right (although she did kinda flirt with Stefan at the wedding)? However Elena was only a human for a few days/weeks (few episodes, just like in the beginning of season 4) before Kai cast the Sleeping Beauty type spell on her. 

So what if after all these years while Elena was in that coffin (cause we have no idea what happened in her mind during all this time), her human soul slowly came back, the same soul which was very much in love with Stefan even after testing the waters with Damon (who I personally saw as a metaphor for temptation/being greedy)? 

 And when she wakes up the last thing she remembers clearly is telling Stefan that she chose him (whilst she was transitioning) but her memories of them as a couple as they were slowly breaking up are fuzzy/blurred because that wasn’t actually her. 

Then Stefan realises that Elena 2.0 was never the girl he fell in love with but just a walking reminder of her and that his Elena from seasons 1-3 would never hurt him/break his heart like new vampire Elena did. 

After this Stelena then have one of their epic reunion hugs and just stare at each other like they can’t believe they are in each others arms again and they finally kiss and slowly slip back into their old feelings/lives. Oh and Stefan takes the cure and is human again too.

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And basically Damon all along had never been with Elena but has been in a weirdly twisted relationship with a version of himself essentially in the vessel/meat suit (had to use the spn references) of old Elena. It’s kinda disturbing but that’s kinda the only explanation I have for ‘who the hell was Damon dating then if it weren’t Elena?’. Plus his reaction could be funny!?

As for SC to not be a thing anymore, I hope Klaus comes back for Caroline and reminds her of this moment and boom no more sc wedding or a divorce.

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But yeah that’s mainly my opinion/theory for a human Stelena endgame if I could write it! :)

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INFP when praised:

person: Wow thanks for saving the world!!!

INFP: oh…thanks that was nothing rly..kbye….


INFP when blamed:

person: Hey I think you took my pen.

INFP: OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry about that! YES it’s my fault! What can I do to be forgiven? I will understand if you hate me I don’t deserve even talking to you I will go disappear forever…..

Anger (Jace Herondale x reader)

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Can you do #13 with Jace from Shadowhunters/mortal instruments

13. “I’m trying to be a better person but some people are testing me”

(Y/N)’s phone lit up. it was Magnus. the text he sent said:

Come and get you blonde friend in my apartment immediately.

Jace got in trouble. Again.

She should have known this would happen. She should have locked Jace in the institute basement until Alec came back from his mission. She should have kept him in chains so he wouldn’t get into any kind of trouble.

But Jace had managed to slip away from her grasp. (Y/n) swore to herself that this is the last time he would be out of her sight.

(Y/n) practically ran to Magnus’ apartment to find Jace having a conversation with the warlock. The subject Jace brought up must be annoying because Magnus looked beyond annoyed.

Jace’s face lit up when he saw (Y/n).

“Finally,” said Magnus with a grateful sigh, “help has arrived.”

“What happened?” asked (Y/N) inquisitively.

“Your companion here picked a fight with the werewolves in the pandemonium. I had to bring him here to stop him from hurting anymore of the moon’s children. You’re welcome,” explained Magnus.

“You should have never intervened,” Jace snapped at him, “I would have taken care of that filthy creature myself.”

Magnus looked bored and took a sip from his drink. “The only thing filthy is you.”
Jace raised his fist in anger, but (Y/n) caught it before he could do any harm. “Be nice,” she whispered harshly. She mouthed a thank you to Magnus and led Jace to the exit.

“I’m trying to be a better person but some people are testing me,” Jace muttered, glancing hatefully at Magnus.

(Y/n) laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jace furrowed his eyebrows.

(Y/n) kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “You’re cute when you’re angry.”

For the first time in forever, Jace blushed.



Relax (Steve x Reader)

ALRIGHT, THIS TOOK FOREVER AND I’M NOT SURE HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT (I THINK I LIKE IT? I LIKE THE JOKES AT LEAST BC I THINK I’M FUNNY) AND IT’S REALLY LONG AND SMUTTY, BUT ENJOY? (also i know there’s a lot of typos in this fic but idk, i just can’t read this bc i personally will hate it lmao) 

Please let me know what you think and let me know if I should stop writing forever :) 

request: @itscoolayout​ (i shortened and changed it a bit but hey, you get the smut ;) )  (the request is a bit too long to list so this is going to a be surprise lol) 

word count: 6614 (god damn)

warnings: cursing (of course), very detailed sex (i think?), oral sex, fingering, captain kink (lol?)

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Noel and Richard’s honeymoon trip to Copenhagen