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Now everyone have big pet problems. 

Part 4 of 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

this was quite fun to do <3 you’ve asked for the three papyruses? togethers for a while, so there you have it! Their first interaction. Mustard doesn’t understand what the hell they just do to his precious pet. Fellwolve!Papyrus by @sanspar / fox!papy by @keksbela 


Mattelektra week |  day 7  | free choice 

➜ Matt “you’re the most important” Murdock 



❛   we can make it together, but we can only make it together.  
❛   nice moves there, clint eastwood.  
❛   hey, are you alive in there ??   ❜
❛   the bright side: it’ll be the fall that kills us. i’m a glass-half-full kind of guy/girl.   ❜
❛   guess I’m an even bigger dumbass than you.  
❛   if bad ideas were an olympic event, this would take the gold.   
❛   have i mentioned that i really like your new haircut ?? you have a nice shaped head.  
❛   it’s sort of my thing, you know? i’m a loner.  
❛   no. no, i… i would never have sex…  
❛   are you trying to buy my silence with fruit ??   ❜ 
❛   but i suck at lying. i can’t even play poker. it’s too much like lying.    ❜ 
❛   crawl out of my butt && help me look, please.   ❜ 
❛   we’re friends, aren’t we ??   ❜ 
❛   you know, we still have eleven condoms.   ❜ 
❛   it wasn’t that bad, was it ??    ❜ 
❛   we’re gonna be all right, okay ?? we’ll be all right.   ❜ 
❛   i love you. ______, i love you. i should’ve said it a long time ago && it’s been true for a long time.    ❜ 
❛   the world’s gonna change, right ??   ❜ 
❛   didn’t need to know that, but cool.  
❛   this is the only picture I have of you.  
❛   sorry, i … hit you in the face.   ❜ 
❛   god, you are so beautiful.   ❜ 
❛   you honor the dead by going on. even when you’re scared. you live because they don’t get to.   ❜ 
❛   you’re not gonna pull the trigger.   ❜ 
❛   you point a gun at me && i’m the asshole ??   ❜ 
❛   we’re not supposed to let the world die.   ❜
❛   i was praying. i was trying to.   ❜
❛   you think… you think god exists ??   ❜ 
❛   s/he is one tough son of a bitch.  ❜
❛   oh, man, can’t we just have one good day ??   ❜
❛   i’m sick of secrets. secrets get you killed.   ❜
❛   good luck, dumbass.   ❜ 
❛   i’m going with you, you can’t do this on your own.   ❜ 
❛   admit it, you only came back to atlanta for the hat.   ❜ 
❛   dude, you are such a buzzkill, man.   ❜
❛   don’t ever, ever, ever let me drink again.   ❜
❛   being afraid is what’s kept us alive.   ❜ 
❛   yeah, pretty sure you got that backwards.   ❜ 
❛   no one’s impressed, man. walk away.   ❜
❛   i’m someone who knows who you are. i know what you did. && it’s not gonna happen again.   ❜
❛   i tried. i watched him die.   ❜
❛   this sucks. after everything, we just get taken out by a glorified cold.   ❜
❛   they were counting on me && i … i only thought of myself.   ❜
❛   have you ever seen something that, um … afterwards, you … you didn’t want to sleep && you weren’t hungry because when you closed your eyes you could still see it. && when you try to eat…   ❜
❛   people you love … they made you who you are. they’re still part of you. if you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are… it’s gone.   ❜
❛   i didn’t want you to give up on this place, on these people, to be afraid.   ❜
❛   we’re five people walking with guns. no one’s coming up to say hello.   ❜
❛   when you gave me this … i didn’t fully understand what it meant. such a simple thing. i know what it means now. i know what it takes.   ❜ 
❛   he told me all i had to do was believe, && that’s what I’m gonna do.   ❜
❛   all i know is this chick rode out of nowhere like zorro on a horse && took lori.   ❜ 
❛   i could use a vacation. get away. just for a weekend.   ❜ 
❛   we don’t burn them !! we bury them.   ❜ 
❛   you fought to be here && you have to keep fighting.   ❜ 
❛   don’t worry about what’s gone wrong. figure out how to make this go right.   ❜
❛   i care about her more than i care about me.   ❜
❛   i don’t want you in danger, ever.   ❜
❛   my blood, my family, is standing right here.   ❜ 
❛   just keep looking at me.   ❜ 
❛   that was a hell of a chokehold.   ❜ 
❛   i will find you.   ❜ 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you know any shows that have canon asexual characters?


One. I know of one canon asexual character. Lucky for us, she’s a goody. Voodoo, from the show Sirens. She’s tiny and cute and friendly until you annoy her, and she has incredibly morbid interests.

They have a whole episode looking at her asexuality in season one.

One of the dudes gets a crush on her, and the other guys as well as Voodoo herself basically tell him to give up now, because sex is not on the table.

Instead of losing interest, the guy does a bunch of research

And he decides he wants to be with her anyway

Seriously I can’t tell you how happy I was watching this there were probably tears

And while I’m here and harping on about Sirens, one of the main characters is a gay poc

And the show itself is really funny and unique.

So in summary, Sirens is awesome and Voodoo kicks ass.

Anger (Jace Herondale x reader)

@fan-of-many-bands requested:

Can you do #13 with Jace from Shadowhunters/mortal instruments

13. “I’m trying to be a better person but some people are testing me”

(Y/N)’s phone lit up. it was Magnus. the text he sent said:

Come and get you blonde friend in my apartment immediately.

Jace got in trouble. Again.

She should have known this would happen. She should have locked Jace in the institute basement until Alec came back from his mission. She should have kept him in chains so he wouldn’t get into any kind of trouble.

But Jace had managed to slip away from her grasp. (Y/n) swore to herself that this is the last time he would be out of her sight.

(Y/n) practically ran to Magnus’ apartment to find Jace having a conversation with the warlock. The subject Jace brought up must be annoying because Magnus looked beyond annoyed.

Jace’s face lit up when he saw (Y/n).

“Finally,” said Magnus with a grateful sigh, “help has arrived.”

“What happened?” asked (Y/N) inquisitively.

“Your companion here picked a fight with the werewolves in the pandemonium. I had to bring him here to stop him from hurting anymore of the moon’s children. You’re welcome,” explained Magnus.

“You should have never intervened,” Jace snapped at him, “I would have taken care of that filthy creature myself.”

Magnus looked bored and took a sip from his drink. “The only thing filthy is you.”
Jace raised his fist in anger, but (Y/n) caught it before he could do any harm. “Be nice,” she whispered harshly. She mouthed a thank you to Magnus and led Jace to the exit.

“I’m trying to be a better person but some people are testing me,” Jace muttered, glancing hatefully at Magnus.

(Y/n) laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jace furrowed his eyebrows.

(Y/n) kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “You’re cute when you’re angry.”

For the first time in forever, Jace blushed.



Skinny Love | Jungkook | Pt. 2

Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, 

Warnings: Mature Content—cursing, drinking, mentions rape.

This is a College!AU that takes place in the states, so use of English names will appear. There will now be four(?) parts to this. (I’m trying to get chapters out quicker so the shorter the chapters the quicker). Enjoy part two and please don’t forget to like this and give me feedback.


Chapter: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You haven’t spoken to Jungkook since Saturday, facing him would be a difficult challenge that you weren’t ready for. Avoiding him at all costs until you were rid of the embarrassment that ran all over you was the goal for the month, maybe even the year. It was stupid yes, as much as you bit your nails out of the fear of possibly running into him on campus, you knew that someday you were going to have to speak to him. After all, he is your best friend and communication means a lot to him.

He texted you more often than you’d like, at times just to tell you that he needed to talk to you, other were just to check on how you were holding up with a few funny memes just to make you laugh. See the thing you loved about Jungkook was his ability to understand people, especially you; he’s patient with you as he knows that opening up took time and he’d wait as long as he needs to. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t coax you into the water.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:38 pm

Respond back so I at least know you’re alive.

You 12:39 pm

I’m alive.

Kookie ⚠️🍪 12:40 pm

So do you want to talk now? I haven’t seen you in so long. You can’t avoid me forever.

If you really wanted to never have to face the embarrassment of seeing him and knowing that rejection would come; then yes you could, in fact, avoid him.But it was so hard to not want to see him, it was so hard and exhausting trying to hate him for something that wasn’t even his fault. You wanted to tell him that it wasn’t him you truly hated, but yourself. You were the one who fell for him and it hurt like hell having to watch him go through girls over the past few years. You did it to yourself, and you couldn’t punish him for not feeling the same way but everyone knows that if you were him, you’d want to be able to feel the way you felt freely without any guilt.

Really, you were going to text him back (you told yourself a million times) maybe a meme to try to cheer yourself up but your body wouldn’t allow it. The only thing it allowed you to do was curl up in bed, have your heart beat more quickly than it usually did and have your mind clog up with different ways to cope, one being almost impossible at the moment—to just stop loving him. You weren’t fucking ready to stop because even though loving someone who did not show mutual feelings was hard; in the process, it felt so unique and beautiful and you might never have the same experience again. You might never get to fall in love again. Especially with someone as special as Jungkook.  


It was spring so that meant the weather was getting warmer to the point where you could go outside with just a light jacket on, however you find yourself wearing the long sleeved shirt that Jungkook had given you as you walked with your cousin and her friend to one of the restaurants on campus. The likelihood of running into Jungkook was putting you on edge as the kid knocked on your apartment door twice a day, once before heading to lecture hall which was a few minutes away from your apartment and once after returning from the lecture hall. You weren’t answering your phone nor your door so it was safe to say that you were getting kidnapped by Jungkook the next time he sees you.

‘The Bar and Grill’ which was nicknamed ‘the bag’ by many was the go to place for you whenever you wanted to just feel inspired and write poetry or whatever it might be that day. Their WiFi service was excellent, the food was amazing and just by taking one step into the place meant that you were going to be treated like family.

Even in Spring the owners had the heat turned up to a degree where it was comfortable to eat and relax. You saw some people from your classes, many of whom you never took the time to speak to because their partying ways did not appeal to your reserved ways. You preferred to stay home and relax with friends instead of going to some random person’s house and mingling with strange people at strange hours. Jungkook was like this in a sense, only he loved going to the parties for the booze.

“Huh,’ Nina scoffed in disbelief, ‘this place is nicer than I expected.” 

“How do you go to school here and never even been to The BaG? Matter of fact how to you live with us and not see the inside of this place?” Most days you and Jungkook went here to chill as he practiced singing and you attempted to do homework which resulted in him pushing your binder away and telling you listen to this song with him. He would let you lean on his shoulder, and every now and then feed you one of his french fries, being careful not to get any sauce on his white t-shirt. 

You felt yourself being nudged a bit, your cousin telling you to stop daydreaming about Jungkook and to start ordering something before she made you pay for your own meal. But how could your mind get rid of Jungkook when you knew that he was waiting on a text back and that he was set on making you talk to him. Knowing Jungkook he would search this whole campus just so that his stubborn ass could find you. “Fuck my life,” the realization of something that was sending you into panic hit you. 

“What happened bubs?”

“We come here a lot, usually on Thursday’s too. I don’t know man I think he might come here.”

“I think it would be good if you speak to him. You can’t avoid him forever.”

Your cousin sounded like Jungkook so you tuned her out.

Your eyes ran through the various people here again, making sure that you did not see or hear anything Jungkook related. You set your attention back to your cousin, the things that she was saying getting lost in your head as you thought to yourself. Wait a fucking minute. You looked back to a table of four, three women and one man, smiling at one another, all was good besides the fact that she was girl Jungkook was fucking that night at the party. 

She probably sensed that someone was staring at her as her eyes met yours in what was the most awkward experience of your life. For a few seconds you both stared at one another, not wanting to give up dominance or the challenge for that matter. “Who the fuck are you looking at?” Renee asked you and tugged you by your arm making you sit back properly in the booth. While your cousin had saved you from looking like an idiot you also wanted to punch her for making you surrender to the female. 

“That’s the girl he slept with.”

Silence filled your table, the only sound being your vibrating phone. 

Kookie ⚠️🍪 5:30 pm

I can’t believe you went to the bag without me. I’m hurt 😭

“Guys he’s here,” Nina said looking past your head and towards the front of the restaurant. “I recommend you speak to him but if you want to duck you can do that.”

You looked at your cousin, your heart racing as Jungkook spotted you and made eye contact with you for about a second. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she got up from your side of the booth to give you room to leave and you quickly walked to the bathroom ignoring Jungkook’s calling out for you.

Being in the bathroom made your breathing slow down by your head was mess knowing that he was probably waiting for you right outside the door and you’d have nowhere else to go. Trust and believe that if there was a window in here you be the first to climb out of it. 

You went over to the sink, running water over your hands and eventually washing your face from the oil and hoping that the somewhat cold water would help cool you down. From your neck up everything was hot, your hands were still shaking and your head was spinning as your tried to steady yourself by grabbing the counter. You can do this, nothing bad is going to happen.

“I don’t know why you thought you could avoid me.”

Jungkook looked you up and down with a little smirk as your cousin and her friend both gave you apologetic looks. It really wasn’t their faults to begin with, Jungkook was going to sit there regardless and wait for you all night if he had to; he’s such a stubborn boy. Fine then, if he wanted to talk then you both could talk. You fixed the collar of the shirt, feeling more self conscious as he knew you were wearing his shirt, but you doubt he would mind as he gave it you. 

You frowned at seeing how tense your cousin looked. “We’re going to take a walk and then I’ll come back. You know what I want right?” She nodded and told you that it was fine and to take your time. “Are you coming?” You asked Jungkook as you walked off knowing that he would follow behind. 

Getting outside made things worse as you realized that you would essentially be alone with him and no one would be here to save you just like that night at the party. But if we wanted to get technical Jungkook did stop you from running off and into God knows where in your drunken state, so you could count that as saving you. “This is awkward,” you can’t possible hold your tongue back as you both walked along the sidewalk. This meeting was awkward and it wasn’t going anywhere. 

“Well you’re the one who wanted to take a walk so I’m assuming you wanted to say something to me.”

You couldn’t help but be annoyed by him, “I need you to stop stalking me.”

Jungkook shook his head, “I’m not stalking you. I just want to know where we stand because you’re doing a fucked up job of communicating with me.”

You wanted to say something, anything to retort his accusation (that was true) but you couldn’t because he was right and you were wrong. He had every right to be pissed off because you’ve basically been acting as if he didn’t exist, like he was just another person but he was so much more than that to you. “I’m sorry.” You really were and Jungkook knew this that’s why you were quickly forgiven. 

“You have to speak to me, that’s how we work.” He wrapped an arm around you and for the first time in days things felt normal between the two of you. Naturally you wrapped your arm around his waist and moved in closer to him as he squeezed your shoulder. 

“I know but you know how I get with things like this!”

He chuckled, “I know and that’s why I kept reaching for you. If you liked me you should have just told me.”

“And face rejection and probably losing our friendship. Makes sense.”

“How do you know I was going to say no? I would have said yes, and I’m not going to stop being your friend due to some minimal shit. We’ve been through so much that things like this is nothing.”

His words had comfort you, it brought certainty to your mind now as you knew that he wouldn’t let how you felt about him effect your friendship with him. Jungkook was always good with words when it came to you, he said something cheesy things here and there but they meant a lot to you because you knew he meant everything he said.

Your words were caught in your throats for a second but you managed to get them out. “Back to what you said about how we work, you’re right, us talking to each other makes us a good team.” You hadn’t noticed but Jungkook was staring at you as you spoke about how important it was to finally get everything off your chest. The night at that party, the years of loving him—it was like they were all kept wrapped around your heart, squeezing it tightly. But as your heart was about to burst it slowly unraveled, revealing things in a different light.

Jungkook smiled, you could see his two front teeth that resembled a bunny smile. “We make the best team. Can we sit my legs are getting tired.”

You hadn’t noticed how far you had walked until you looked back and saw that the restaurant was in the far distance up two blocks. “Yeah sure,” you sat on the nearest bench by this florist shop that was thankfully closed today. Wouldn’t need people telling Jungkook that he should buy flowers for the special lady in his life—you. Whenever you both hung out in the city he’d be on the same side of the sidewalk with his arm around you as he held you close, and you would have your arm around his waist to balance it out.

He was awfully close to you as he scratched his head like he always did when he was nervous.


Why does he look like he’s thinking about something deeply?

Why is he smiling at me?

Why is he leaning in?

It happened. The kiss. It was amazing in a weird way, here you were kissing the boy you’ve loved for so long in front of random people who were walking by. The kiss was sweet, his lips were soft, and his hands were warm as they caressed your cheek and your fingers were perfectly locked in his hair. This was happening.

He was the one to pull away, the charming smile he carried before still on his face. He was content, his heart was filled with happiness. You were a blushing mess, but like him you were content, and your heart was filled with more happiness than you thought was possible.

“I should have asked you first I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You were quick to answer so you sunk back in embarrassment, but Jungkook took your hand rubbing his thumb over yours.

He opened his mouth to say something but only a chuckle could be heard. “I wanna be with you. I don’t care about ruining something that’s too strong to break. I wanna be with you.” He looks at how your fingers were intertwined with each other, this was what he wanted to do everyday. He wanted this, he wanted you. And he didn’t need to think about it last night, in fact the feeling of wanting you, needing you, missing you although you were never truly apart from him only dawned on him when he was sat in that restaurant watching you walk out of the bathroom you were hiding in.

He retraced his feelings back to the ending of senior year where he was unsure of whether to ask you out or to let you be. He let you be from fear of rejection and fear of drifting apart. But now that you were here with him, he wasn’t going to let you walk from again, not after knowing that you felt the same way. He was not letting you slip through his fingers. Not today.

You never did give him a solid response. You simply said ‘me too’ but you were unsure of diving right into a relationship with him as you wanted him to clear his plate of women he had on his tail, and you also needed time to process how quickly your life was going to change. You were still going to be best friends no matter what, but actually dating him and being his. The thought was all sweet and steamy but the reality of it was much more than that.

“Oh my God just fucking go out with him.”

“You’re thinking about it too much just suck his dick and marry him.”

Okay so your cousin was definitely right but Nina not so much. Still though you were going to need to process this whole thing and that meant separating yourself from him for a while to look at the picture clearly.

“Y/N open up it’s me Jungkook!“

Well damn, so much for separating yourself from him.


I’m honestly surprised this isn’t talked about more in the Gorillaz fandom. I mean, Murdoc’s entusiasm was actually pretty infectious, he actually speaks French, and, honestly, I thought his outfit was kind of funny.

keshuasd  asked:

6+15 Jin fluff pleeease! Love your blog. Thanks in advance <3 ^^

Know It All, My Best Friend (Jin x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: After learning that Jin will be moving away for university, you accidentally confess to your best friend! Mortified, you try to avoid him. Luckily for you, Jin doesn’t give up easily.

Word count: 1.4k words

Originally posted by jjilljj

You waved cheerily at your best friend, Jin, who was leaning casually against your locker. He smiled at you goofily, quickly righting himself so that you could retrieve your belongings.

“Hey, Jin,” you greeted, spinning the combination of your lock. It clicked open, and you hurried to grab your binders and textbooks.

“How were your classes today?” Jin asked conversationally, sounding more fatherly than was appropriate for the slight age difference between you two. It was only one year.

“Well, I skipped the morning,” you replied with a shrug. You shut your locker and pulled your backpack over your shoulder. “To the library?”

“Y/N, you can’t be skipping classes!” Jin scolded, smacking you lightly on the shoulder. “Your grades are important.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed. “Besides, don’t you skip just as often as I do?”

“I’ve got chronic senioritis,” Jin explained as if that were a valid excuse. “And what’s your reason? You’re not graduating yet.”

“Do I really need one?” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just get out of here. Unlike you, I need to study.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Jin replied with a cocky grin. “I did get all early acceptances.”

“Whatever, nerd,” you said.

You and Jin quickly made your way to the foyer of the school, exiting the building. Outside, it was growing cold. It was early December, but no snow had fallen yet.

Jin wasn’t the smartest student, but he was incredibly hardworking so his grades were among the highest. He had applied to all life science programs despite your attempts to get him to attend culinary school.

“Have you decided where you’re going to go yet?” you asked. Since Jin had been accepted to all the programs he had applied to, his choices weren’t limited.

“Yeah,” Jin replied, a little sheepishly. “I accepted my offer to K University. They offered me a great scholarship, too.”

“No way! Awesome!” you cheered, patting Jin’s arm. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, I didn’t know how you’d react,” Jin explained, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “But I’m glad you’re happy. Thought you might be upset since K University is pretty much across the country.”

“Oh,” you replied quietly.

Jin turned to you, a gentle smile on his lips. “You forgot, didn’t you?” he laughed. He ruffled your hair. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit. There’s no need to be sad about that.”

“I guess,” you said, eyes downcast.

Of course you were going to be upset about your best friend moving away. But Jin was more than that–you had liked him since you met in middle school. Obviously, Jin had no idea, but he always treated you kindly, so you figured staying his friend would be fine.

But now that he was going to move away, you wondered if hiding your feelings was worth it in the first place. Now, it just hurt. Mortifyingly, your eyes began to water.

“Y/N, are you crying?” Jin asked suddenly, grabbing your cheeks in between his palms and forcibly lifting your head up.

“No,” you snivelled, tears running down your face. “Shut up!”

“So cute!” Jin squealed, pulling you into his arms in a tight embrace. Other students stared as they walked by, but Jin paid them no mind. “You’re so cute, Y/N!”

“Leave me alone!” you whined, your tears still refusing to stop. “I’m not crying!”

“I can hear you sniffling,” Jin laughed. Still, he stroked your hair soothingly. Jin continued in a more serious voice, “But seriously, Y/N, I promise I’ll come and visit. We can still talk every day.”

“It won’t be the same,” you mumbled. Eventually, you pulled yourself away from Jin’s arms, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “It’s my fault, I guess. I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”

Your heart stopped. Both you and Jin froze, your eyes meeting and widening. Jin was the first to regain his composure. 

“Uh, what?” he asked eloquently.

“Ha ha, sike!” you exclaimed weakly. You shot finger guns at Jin, trying to ignore the fiery blush that was spreading across your cheeks. “Got you bad, ha ha!”

“Wait, Y/N,” Jin interrupted, annoyed. “Stop that.”

“Well I’m just going to go home now,” you continued awkwardly, already beginning to back away. “I’ll catch you later, crocodile.”

“It’s alligator,” Jin corrected. “But that’s besides the point! Y/N, we need to talk about this.”

“About what?” you asked. Then you spun on your heel and sprinted away. “Bye, Jin!”

You heard him calling after you, but you kept running. Your shame fuelled you, and once you got home, you felt like crying all over again. This time, no one was there to comfort you. 

After sobbing into your pillow for around an hour, you sat up feeling calmer. Grabbing your phone, you turned on the screen to see dozens of missed calls and messages from Jin. You blushed again and quickly powered your phone off.

Deciding the best way to solve this problem was to pretend it never existed in the first place, you flopped onto your bed and let your eyes slip shut. Eventually, your mind cleared, and you were able to drift off into sleep.

After what only felt like a few minutes, you were woken by a banging sound. Shooting upright, you felt your heart pounding in your chest. The sun had already fallen, and your room was dim. The banging sound continued. Was someone trying to break in?

“Fuck!” someone swore from outside. You recognized the voice immediately–how could you not? Jin.

You deflated, sighing resignedly. There was no avoiding problems when it came to Jin. He never liked leaving conflict unsolved. You just hoped you would be able to salvage your pride–and your friendship–after this conversation.

Eventually, Jin’s body appeared through the window parallel to your bed. With shaky arms, he slid the window pane open and tumbled into your bedroom.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, feigning innocence.

“What do you think?” Jin snapped, brushing dirt off of his clothes. He turned to you, his gaze narrowing. “You ran away from me, ignored my calls and my texts, and didn’t answer the door. What else could I do but climb through your window?”

“I don’t know, wait until I was ready to talk about it?” you replied, just as sharply.

“Why would I do that?” Jin asked. “You finally confessed to me.”

“I didn’t con–wait, what do you mean, finally?” you spluttered.

“It was obvious, Y/N. Of course I noticed, I’m not an idiot,” Jin replied, crossing his arms. You blushed and looked away, biting your lip. You weren’t ready for Jin to move away, and you certainly weren’t ready to for him to reject you. “The only idiot here is you. I can’t believe you couldn’t tell. Obviously, I like you too.”

“What?” you demanded, spinning to look at Jin. Unable to formulate any coherent sentences, you just spluttered at your best friend who was looking at you judgementally. “What!?”

“So dumb,” Jin sighed, shaking his head. “I’ve liked you for so many years. But I knew you weren’t ready to accept your own feelings, so I waited it out. Too bad it took you so damn long.”

“Rewind! Rewind!” you yelled. “You like me? You like me?“

“Yes, I like you!” Jin laughed, walking closer to you. He stopped once he was standing directly in front of you, forcing him to look up at him. “How could I not? You’re kind, pretty, funny, and honest–usually.”

“Seriously, you mean it?” you asked. “This isn’t some elaborate prank? A big ‘fuck you’ before you leave forever?”

“What? No,” Jin said, a little offended. “I really do like you, Y/N. I’m going to be moving away, but that won’t change my feelings for you. I’ve liked you for years, even during your emo phase.”

“Aw, don’t bring that up now,” you whined. You peered up at Jin, your gaze unwavering. “You’re really not just saying that because you feel bad for me?”

Jin rolled his eyes dramatically. Then, he leaned down and cupped your face, holding it in place. He closed the distance between the two of you, his lips brushing softly over yours.

“I’m not making anything up,” Jin whispered, his breath ghosting over your lips. “Do you believe me now?”

“Fine,” you replied breathlessly. “But no take backs!”

You flung your arms around Jin’s neck, smashing your mouths together. Jin laughed agains your lips before returning the kiss wholeheartedly. You seriously regretted not confessing your feelings earlier.

But better late than never, you guessed.

- Girl in Luv

BBMAs guys!!! BTS is out there making history. I’m so proud!!! Also…they slayed! They all looked so good. The foreheads were showing! Everything was great! Wish they performed, but it was nice to see them at the show. I wonder if they’re turning up now ;) Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!!! 💛