this took me forever but was funny


Now everyone have big pet problems. 

Part 4 of 4

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this was quite fun to do <3 you’ve asked for the three papyruses? togethers for a while, so there you have it! Their first interaction. Mustard doesn’t understand what the hell they just do to his precious pet. Fellwolve!Papyrus by @sanspar / fox!papy by @keksbela 


INFP when praised:

person: Wow thanks for saving the world!!!

INFP: oh…thanks that was nothing rly..kbye….


INFP when blamed:

person: Hey I think you took my pen.

INFP: OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry about that! YES it’s my fault! What can I do to be forgiven? I will understand if you hate me I don’t deserve even talking to you I will go disappear forever…..

First digital painting ever ! i just finished it and i though it would be a great idea to start this tumblr account with it ! It took me a whole week to do but it was sooo funny ! 
It’s Lexa from the tv show “The100″ i wanted to draw her right after her conclave, with her fresh healing back tattoo, bruised and wounded. It’s hard to say if it’s finished or not, but yeah, i’ll continue to work with that graphic tablet to do even better ! 
Please feel free to share and comment ( idk how it works on tumblr x) ) 
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You shouldn’t have said anything.
With a sigh you looked at the library infront of you. This would take hours to sort.

Making your way through the shelves, you let your hand slide over the books, reading their titles and  getting lost in your own world.

You didn’t even hear Jace coming, until he called your name and you turned around.

“What did you do, (y/n)? Sorting the library mostly serves as a punishment.”
“I maybe told Hodge that the arrangment of the books was bad and that there are a lot of better ways”, you explained distorting your mouth.

Of course Jace laughed at that. You always spoke before you thought things through, getting you in trouble more times than you could count.

“That is not funny, Jace! This will take me forever to rearrange!”
“Well, it will go faster if I help you”, Jace said coming closer.
“You want to help me?”

He only smiled as answer and took one of the books, laying on the table beside you.
“How do you want to sort them?” 

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hope you like it

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Noel and Richard’s honeymoon trip to Copenhagen 


Okay,there’s a lot of things about this cute drawings I made.A few days ago I watched the full playlist of Cartoonz’s Gang beast game and they’re cute and funny at the same time.So why not draw them in chibi form?

It took me like 30 minutes to doodle this drawing and then 4 DAYS of colouring and I knew why it took forever…because of the background.

So my last result turned out to be this simple background of minimalist…It’s cute and fine by me.Poor @brycemcquaid being sat on by @ohmwrecker I had fun drawing these chibies:3

Now,Imma continue my comic!


Erf, this took forever.

This is a thing that actually happened when I was playing through X4 with bunny listening in. I’d just assumed I couldn’t do anything about the eyeball enemies since my shots had just tinked against the moving ones. Then I had the above eureka moment and bunny, who was playing GTA V at the time and thus not really paying attention, exploded at me. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t finish the stage. Imagine being able to shoot things in a game that’s all about jumpin’ and shootin’, huh?

‘sprolly just funny to me and no one else buuuuut meh. 

It must have been fate...

“Master, look!”

@carrotcouple Surprise!! I’m you’re valentine! Here’s a drawing of Kiun the sparky noodle trying to be cute <3

Sorry I took forever, I was busy all day! I really hope you like it! Takiun is adorable and gives me LIFE. It’s funny how we got each other for these events! Truly, the gods must have wanted this!

These events are really fun!!

P.S. I’ve started working on drawing the last scene from the fic you wrote for me! <3 I’m not sure when I’ll end up finishing it though because college is actively trying to murder me


Okay. It took FOREVER. To choose these pics because I wanted to use ones specifically to where he was smiling.

Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi… It seems like I’ve known you forever, which is funny because I don’t know you at all, but I know how much I love you and what you do.

Let’s do a thing…

Smile - Your smile is one thing that can bring me sudden happiness at the most random times. I can be in school and then see that smile in my mind and I’m suddenly better. I can be mad at my boyfriend or a friend and suddenly you’re posting on snapchat and you’re smiling and I’m just lifted out of that funk. Keep that smile forever Mitchie because it does wonders.

Voice - Holy… Your voice Mitch. Do you know that a lot of times, a lot of Pentaholics, don’t sing when your part of a song comes on because we feel its horribly rude to sing over our Queen? Because that’s a thing. Your voice is so… Pure… Like. Ugh. Your voice is special. So so special. It’s incredible just like youuuu.

Features/Looks - Dear Mitchell,
Your looks/hair/eyes/body/everything makes me feel unworthy but in a good way somehow. You are BEAU-TI-FUL! I am OBSESSED a with your look and h*nty if I could afford half that stuff i would own it, but SIS you go OFF with your style! I love it almost as much as I love you.

Personality - If I could choose who I’m most like, I’d say it’s you. I am so so sassy but I can also be like 5 years old at the same time… You are what I strive to be. You are so funny and so sweet. So kind to others and just so helpful. If I could be like you or just half of who you are, I would be winning at life.

Last but not least…

Happy Birthday!

I hope your birthday is incredibly fun and amazing! Make sure Scotty takes care of you so you don’t get too crazy😉. Just kidding! Have a blast and do your thing babe! Just please be careful! I can’t believe you’re 23… Gosh stop that!


I wrote all of this and you probably won’t see it but it’s okay because…

I love you! Happy Birthday Mitchie! its-sup3rfruit