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Thanksgiving with the Hollands (Tom Holland Headcanon)

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Summary: A look at what Thanksgiving is like for you and Tom’s family.

Authors Note: So I sort of modified this request and sorry it took forever but I wanted it to be out on Thanksgiving. I love this a lot and think it’s adorable and makes me long for Thanksgiving while having a family with Tom. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for all of your love and support and don’t know what I’d do without you guys.

Requested: “Can you do a tom x reader thanksgiving headcanons? Like how current and future thanksgiving would go? Thanks!! I was going to do Halloween but that passed lol”


Word Count: 1799


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  • By the time you started your own family you and Tom had become masters of the holiday.
  • Now you, Tom and your children were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time at your home.
    • Your son Tom jr aka TJ was basically a tiny clone of his dad, including personality which made him a handful for you. He just turned 5 and loved Thanksgiving.
    • Your daughter, Chloe was the princess of the house. At 1 year old, she had everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers. 
  • Living in L.A. the weather wasn’t “ideally fall” but you made it work.
  • You decorated the whole place with warm yellows, rich browns, and pumpkin orange.
  • The kitchen had gourds decorating the table.
  • On the fridge, you had the kid’s turkey handprints that you helped them make
    • It was probably a mistake dipping a babies hand in paint because she got a little excited and reached her orange hand straight to your hair.
  • Tom insisted on making “Thanksgiving cards”
    • You told him that wasn’t a thing but he loved family photos to look at when he was away filming.
      • Now that TJ was in school you didn’t feel comfortable dragging him to set with his father. 
      • Both of you agreed to let him have routine and normalcy was better even though it made Tom even sadder when he knew he had to be away months for filming and couldn’t get random visits from his babies.
    • You took the pictures in your backyard (away from the pool)
      • You added some fall colored leaves and had a variety of pumpkins.
    • The whole crew put on sweaters (WHICH WAS NOT COMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU WERE ROASTING UNDER THE CALIFORNIA SUN) but they looked cute so you committed to the look.
    • Your favorite picture was of Tom, holding the kids in his lap. TJ looked up admirably at his dad, with a large smile showing his missing tooth while Chloe kissed her daddy’s cheek.
    • Tom’s favorite was of you, holding Chloe nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes.
      • He put it on his Instagram captioning “My girls are natural models.”
  • You constantly had fall scented candles burning, to bring good energy around the house.
    • Fig, pumpkin, cinnamon, berry, etc.
      • Tom’s favorite smelt like rum and vanilla.
  • You were surprised Tom wanted to host this year but he was so insistent.
    • He actually wanted to host last year but Chloe was so tiny and he didn’t want to stress you out.
  • He invited both sides of the family (to give his parents the Thanksgiving experience) as well as friends (aka Harrison).
  • While Tom went to pick up his family from the airport the night before you went to the grocery store to gather supplies.
    • He took the kids with him so you could focus.
    • As soon as TJ saw his grandparents he booked it through the airport almost giving Tom a heart attack.
      • But TJ would just shrug and hug his grandpa harder.
      • “He just loves his family, don’t blame him, Thomas.”
      • Tom would relax, but still, be annoyed TJ thought that was okay. 
        • Also his outburst drew a bit of a crowd.
      • Getting into the car Chloe couldn’t stop giggling at her uncles as they played peek-a-boo.
        • “Where’s Chloe?” Sam would coo while Harry put her blanket over her head.
        • Chloe’s tiny legs would kick as she squealed happily.
        • “There she is!” Sam said, removing the blanket.
        • Chloe thinks this is the funniest shit, her baby giggles filling the whole car.
        • Tom smiled from the driver’s seat, loving when all of his family was together
  • Your family early Thanksgiving morning, but you were already up cooking.
    • “You made it! Feel go to your rooms they’re all made up…or you can help me.”
      • They left you to go sleep.
  • You hummed to yourself as you cooked the feast. 
    • The aroma woke up your husband, making him sleepily come downstairs in plaid pajama pants and no shirt.
      • “Smells amazing darling.”
      • “You can’t get any food yet, Holland.”
      • “Mmm, not even a tiny bite?”
      • “Nope, you have to wait.”
      • “Fine, I know something that tastes even better.”
        • Then he pulls you into a kiss, leaning you on the counter.
        • Quickly it got heated with your shirt almost being tossed into the turkey.
  • Tom’s job was to entertain everyone while you cooked because you did not want him in the kitchen and you also couldn’t focus if the kids were constantly at your feet.
  • The first baby to wake up was Chloe, you heard her over the baby monitor and instructed Tom to get the princess.
    • He returned with a sleepy little one in a turkey onesie.
      • “What have you done to my child?”
      • “What do you mean it’s festive?”
      • “She’s a freaking turkey.”
      • “A cute turkey!”
    • You dropped the argument for now and directed Tom to set up her highchair and feed her breakfast.
      • He attempted to help Chloe feed herself but was met with a firm “No!”
      • She was going through her no phase so she wanted to do everything herself.
        • “Princess, let me help feed you!”
        • “No!”
        • “It’s easier if I help”
        • “No dada no!”
      • Her festive pumpkin baby mush was flung all across the counter and in her little curls.
        • “You should have fed her yourself.”
        • “She told me no!”
        • “You let yourself be bossed around by a baby Thomas, a baby.”
  • Tom grumbled profanities under his breath and took his little turkey upstairs to the bathroom.
  • He saw his mini, was also now up and decided to give them both ready.
  • The day was mostly spent with your two families lounging on the couch, watching movies and football while talking about what’s happening in their lives.
    • “When Y/N was little she smashed her hand in the middle of the pie. Everyone was annoyed but she was so cute we couldn’t get mad at her. She tried to offer some of the pie from her tiny hands.”
  • Tom didn’t have to do much entertaining for the kids because the uncles had taken care of that situation.
  • Chloe hung off Sam as if he was her best friend. 
    • He had a gentleness with her that she loved.
    • He would tickle her sides, give her little cheek kisses, or play with her curls.
  • She loved the twins together because they would play little games with her.
    • Got your nose was a real hit especially when the twins pretended to throw her nose back and forth, driving her crazy.
  • TJ liked spending time with his Uncle Paddy because Paddy still remembered what it was like to be that age.
    • He played Nerf with him, the two running around in the backyard shooting foam at each other.
    • Paddy went gentle on TJ, but the little boy was out for blood and aimed at the face 99% of the time.
  • TJ talked to Uncle Harry about superheroes a lot.
    • “Did you know my daddy is Spiderman?”
    • “What that’s crazy?”
    • “I know! I’m gonna be Spiderman too!”
    • “Do you protect the city with him?”
    • “No, he says I’m too little but he says when he’s gone I can protect Chloe and mama!”
    • “I’m sure you’re terrifying to bad guys.”
    • “Yeah, I am.”
  • Harrison was their cool godfather, but they saw him all the time so they didn’t fawn over him as much.
    • “Gaw-fader,” Chloe attempted to say.
  • The Uncles and the godfather teamed up to play a badass game of hide and seek.
    • Harrison picked up Chloe since the little one wasn’t the most talented in walking.
      • “Chlo, we’re gonna win because we’re the best and most attractive and you’re my goddaughter so that means you’re better than your uncles. I’m your favorite Chloe, remember that.”
      • “Can you stop rambling div and just count!” Harry shouts.
      • “Div! Div! Div!” TJ joins in.
      • “Harry, don’t teach him how to say div, Tom is gonna lose his shit!” Harrison shouted back.
      • “Shitty shit!” TJ laughed.
        • The two had to begin bribing TJ with toys to not repeat either of those things to his parents.
  • Eventually, the kids got tired out and went down for a nap allowing all the guys to have a “bonding” session
  • Harrison bought bourbon and cigars which the brothers and Harrison went onto the back porch to indulge in since you didn’t want the smell lingering around the kids.
  • Tom sighed out a plume of smoke looking out in his gorgeous backyard, thinking about how it was possible he had this life.
    • “Damn I’m lucky.”
    • “No need to rub it in,” Harry joked back.
    • Tom laughed taking another puff of his cigar. “Don’t be jealous you’ll have it soon enough.”
    • “Do you think you’ll have more kids?” Harrison asked.
    • “I want a whole football team, an army of Hollands.”
    • “Sounds like Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s nightmare,” Sam joked.
    • They all laughed.
    • “Can’t help that Holland’s are kickass, it’s in our genes.
  • A couple of hours later, you had the table set and prepared for the dinner.
  • You changed into a fitted purple dress with your hair flat iron.
    • Your ears sparkled with diamonds given to you as an anniversary present form your husband as well as the large rock gracing your left ring fingers.
  • TJ wore an adorable little black sweater while Chloe wore a dress similar to yours. His hair was slicked back like his father’s (because ever since he found out his daddy wore hair gel he had to have some himself) and her’s was accompanied with a lovely white bow.
  • Tom wore dark was jeans and a loose fitting sweater. He wore his normal chain around his neck and even had in his earring.
    • “Ah the pirate is back.”
    • “Oh don’t you start, you know you love the piercing.
    • “Mmm, I always had a thing for Captain Hook.”
    • “Seriously!?”
    • “No you idiot, but I do like the piercing it’s sort of cute.”
  • You put the finishing touches on everything, making sure everything was presentable before calling everyone in for dinner.
  • The whole crew stampeded in, making plates while you stood back and admired your work.
    • Tom came up to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you in close.
    • He placed tiny kisses on your nose.
      • “You’re so talented, darling. Thank you for doing this.”
      • “Of course, babe. I love having everyone together.”
      • “Does this mean hosting Christmas is on the table!?”
      • “Oh boy.”

perimmaster  asked:

Hey can I get a #100 from the angst/fluff prompt list for Ignis and Reader please? Thanks in advance!

IT TOOK ME A MILLION YEARS BUT I FINALLY DID IT! This request has been mocking me, taunting me but I finished it! I’m not too proud of the ending but I really hope you enjoy it!

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Word Count: 2,477

Warnings: Mild NSFW, mild blood mention, unprotected sex, fem!reader

Love was a somewhat foreign concept for Ignis.

Life for the to-be King’s Advisor was hectic at best. Meetings, paperwork, tending to the prince took up most of Ignis’ time, leaving the man with little to no time for romance. When he needed a bit of release his hand was just as good, much to his embarrassment. Sex and love was the furthest thing on his mind.

When news first broke out that Noct was to marry Lady Lunafreya, Ignis briefly wondered if it was time for him to try the dating scene. Seeing Noctis dump out a whole head of lettuce in the garbage quickly halted that train of thinking. He simply didn’t have any time for love.

Then Insomnia fell.

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Through Rose-Colored Lenses

A Bixanna AU commissioned by @smartcookie727! Sorry this took me so long! And also, what are endings???? This was way more difficult to end than I thought it would be lmao

I really hope you enjoy it though!

Title: Through Rose-Colored Lenses

Pairing: Bixanna

Words: ~4K+

Summary: Soulmates are a tricky thing, especially when you see the world through their eyes. More specifically, the color of their eyes. Bixlow really hates the color blue. Or does he?

Lisanna Strauss has always believed in soulmates. She loves the idea of being destined to find someone, even if she’s never meant to love them. She loves the idea of forever, of being bound to someone, even though they both have the option to walk away. She loves the idea of being loved by someone despite her flaws, even though she knows the prospect of finding them may be harder than anything else she’s ever had to do. Soulmates aren’t found easily, practically ghosts, wanderers, and Lisanna can only pray she finds her match someday, even if it takes years. She seems to be the only one that hasn’t found hers yet, and that’s more disappointing than she’d care to admit.

She’s been told she’s living life looking through rose-colored lenses, but people don’t know how true that is. Her life is a mix of reds and pinks as she looks through the eyes of her soulmate, the tint of color the only thing she’s been able to see for as long as she can remember.

No one knows why or how it happened, but years ago people starting seeing less and less color, all others disappearing until their soulmate is found. They called it a phenomenon once, a curiosity, but it’s more of a curse than anything else. Seeing only a handful of colors is a pain, making life difficult for those who haven’t found their matches and sometimes even dangerous. She’s heard stories of people walking into traffic, unable to tell what color the lights were.

For Lisanna it’s more annoying than anything else. As a baker and cake decorator, it’s always been a pain in her ass to have to ask one of her coworkers at the Bakery what color frosting she’s using, or if it’s the right kind of sprinkles. She’s gotten into trouble with customers before because they specifically wanted orange frosting and she used yellow frosting. She’s gotten better at recognizing tints, but it’s always a gamble.

Lisanna doesn’t have the faintest idea who her soulmate might be, only knowing that she sees things in red and they must see things in blue, her own eye color. In a way, she hates it, the not knowing and the muted tones surrounding her. She wants to see things how they truly are, all the colors and shades, not just red. And she wants to be angry about the entire situation and how unfair it all is, but she knows things could be worse.

She could not have a soulmate at all, like her friend Cana. The girl sees nothing but shades of gray, and for the longest time she hoped it was simply her matches eye-color, but then it came out that people seeing in black and white never had a soulmate at all, and were never destined to find anyone. Lisanna never once saw Cana cry before the day she learned she was never meant for anyone, and she’ll never be able to forget the way Cana looked at herself in the mirror like a part of her was broken.

Cana has a girlfriend now, but even after all this time Lisanna knows she’s still bitter on the bad days, though there seems to be less and less of them with every passing month.

She could also be stuck with an unattractive color. Her oldest friend, Natsu, can only see in shades of brown, something he’s always lamented, the world dark and, though beautiful at times, always muted. He admitted to her once that in just the right lighting everything would turn gold, and that’s what’s always kept him searching for his match. He figures that her eyes must turn that same shade, and Natsu thinks he could get lost in it.

Things could be worse, she reasons with herself. Sure, she’s beginning to hate the color pink, which is a shame because it was always her favorite. Not that she had a lot of options to choose from, considering it’s all she’s ever been able to see. Rose-colored lenses indeed. Lisanna may be a romantic and find the idea of destiny more passionate than anything else, but she’s also finding it to be very inconvenient.

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Courtesy of episodes 5 & 6 of Evil Within 2. I hope you and everyone else who sees this gets a kick out of it!  This took forever to make but it was totally worth it; if it made me laugh even after all the work, I assume it’s good lmao.

Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha


“You want to hang with me, that’s cool, but my world, my rules. You do what I say.”

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9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


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