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Work Comes Home - Part 9

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution.

Words: 11K+ (I genuinely wasn’t planning on writing this much, it just happened.)

Author’s Note: I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER. But thank you for being so amazing and patient with me while I wrote this and dealt with all my life things that have been happening recently. 

SPECIAL THANKS to the people who helped me get through this and read through the rough drafts of my ramblings: @secretschuylersister, @ourforgottenboleros, @letsgiggletogether, @adothoe, and @iwrotemywayto-revolution. This wouldn’t be here without you. 

Disclaimer: Artistic liberties taken regarding the publishing world and timeline. I’ve put the warnings below and tagged them as well just in case. As always, let me know if there are any glaring mistakes. I always love feedback!

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Alcohol

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anonymous asked:

Not to mention that touka let nishki, that became the known serpent, stay in re: when he was the one who said he would leave forever after the anteiku raid. This is probably touka's new habit of picking up 'stray cats'(something she said yoshimora is known of in the tg jail when he took in rio). Do you ever just stop to think about the beautiful things touka did by building re, and how it explains nishki's loyalty to her? It just kinda reminds me of yoshimora with koma and irimi.

i totally agree! i think touka had that same effect on nishiki, the one yoshimura had over koma&irimi, and i think it’s beautiful, i really really love their friendship and it slowly improved to become what it is now. 

anonymous asked:

how do you add a navigation page?

hi love! sorry it took me forever to answer this, i always think i’m terrible at explaining things. 

anyways, go to your blog and click “edit theme” in the upper right-hand corner. once the settings pop up on the left, scroll down to the bottom to where it says “add a page” and click on it. next click on “standard layout” and select “custom layout” instead. there you can enter in a url for your nav page and if you want a link to appear on your blog, i would select something simple like /nav or /navigate and then click to show the link. 

the blank space at the bottom is where you paste your navigation theme code. i use this navigation page by @acuite (their themes are the best!) on the post i just sent you, click on the link that says “code: pastebin”. copy all of the code from there and paste it into your navigation page. after that, click “update preview” and you can see what it looks like!

several “preview” sections will be there, if you scroll down in the code you will be able to find them. it does take very basic html to be able to customize your navigation page to your liking, but acuite makes it very easy for you. copy/paste each preview box as many times as you like to get the desired number of sections, and then just enter in all your links and hit “save”!

i hope this was helpful, as i said, i think i’m pretty bad at explaining things >_< if you need me to, i’m happy to make a full tutorial with images and coding to help you out! thanks for asking :)

daisyxsims  asked:

8 15 37 48 for /bloob\ 🖤im his biggest fan sorrs

8. Is there a meaning to their name?
Sort of. His mom just really loved classical music and named him after Wolfgang Amadeus.

15. Where do they live? Are they wealthy? Poor? Middle-Class?
As of right now he is living in his nice apartment in Brooklyn, New York living that wealthy life. 

37.Do/Did they have bullies in school?
Nope. Wolfie was always one of the bigger kids all through school so other kids never picked on him, but they did make fun of his name a bit during middle school. 

48)   What do they do when they get angry, stressed, or upset?
When he gets angry or upset he tends to shut everyone out from his life and throw his phone into the ocean. He always needs his alone time when he’s angry because he tends to say really hurtful things without really thinking it through. When he's stressed he just drinks a lot of whisky and talks about it in his personal podcast(its like his diary)

he loves his fans. he will write you a fancy formal dry thank you note. tyty<3

50 OC Questions

I really loved the panning scene at the beginning of Off Colors. 

It took forever but I edited it together in this one really, really, really long image. There camera was zooming as well as panning so it’s not perfect and that really bothers me but it’s all breathtaking nonetheless!


9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


Pocahontas Live Action Fancast

Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas

Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum

Gil Birmingham as Chief Powhatan

Zahn McClarnon as Kekata

Tayana Beatty as Nakoma

Meryl Streep as Grandmother Willow (voice)

Sam Claflin as John Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Thomas

Kevin Spacey as Governor Ratcliffe

Gerard Butler and Iain Glen as Ben & Lon

Matthew Gray Gubler as Wiggins




all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.