this took me forever because i just cant



I allowed a certain trifling hoe, who I won’t name, into my home.


So, we planned to go out on a Friday night for a girls night. She wanted me to do her makeup so I invited her over. As soon as she steps into my room she’s asking if she can wear one of my designer bags, talking about how little my clothes are and that if we were the same size that she’d definitely be wearing my stuff, all in my fragrances and makeup kits, looking at my newly dedazzled liquor bottles that I planned to bring with us (cause I’m an extra hoe..🤗).

Ok I think nothing of it. I’m like “you can’t wear my bags because I’M not even wearing a purse”, “No you can’t have my fragrances cause I like having variety, but feel free to wear one”, “No you cant have my makeup cause it took me forever to build”…etc etc.


Last night I was gonna go out and I was doing my makeup. I can’t find my color corrector. I ask her about it. She “SAYS” she doesn’t have it. No biggie. I’ll just get some L.A girl real quick.

Then this morning I get out the shower and something ain’t right. Got a whole fragrance line missing. My first thought is “she has it”. But I’m like let me double check because I will really feel like shit if I accuse this girl of stealing twice in 24 hrs. It’s nowhere to be found and how did I lose a whole line of shit anyway. I call her up again…not only does she have it, she tells me “yea you left it…”. Left it where?! Exposed to you?!?! I am livid.

At this point I do a room sweep. LMAFOOOOOOOO ya’ll! This bitch done went shopping like it was the damn mall up in here 😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💀.

And she flew out back home Sunday morning. She dipped ya’ll. Straight jugged me and dipped. ICONIC!

I have come across some truly shitty men and some fake ass women. The biggest lesson I learned is that everybody out here for themselves and people -never- ride for you the way you THINK they do. Not the first time this has happened to me but bitch, it will be the last.

Niall in 2016

lets be honset. 2016 SUUUCKED. but niall made it a little better so lets take a second so we can talk about our irish prince!

warning:this post is loooong

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