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Can I request DAI party banter with a zevran that romanced a warden who's still alive?

As you wish, my dear anon! I’m sorry this has taken me a while to get to! There are just – so many possibilities given the many Origin’s in DA:O and the many fate’s of the Warden, even if they live. I hope these satisfy. 


If the Warden is King or Queen via any means. 

Cassandra: You are the lover of a monarch?

Zevran: (laughs) Oh yes. Why? Does it bother you Seeker?

Cassandra: I – I don’t know. I can’t decide if it is romantic – or terrible. 

If the Warden married Alistair to be Queen

Zevran: If it makes you feel better we are all quite friendly and close to one another. 

Cassandra: Close? How do you mean, close exactly?

Zevran: My dear Cassandra! Tsk tsk tsk, and here I thought you were a woman of faith! Asking for all the sordid details!

Cassandra: You are a menace.

Zevran: *sighs*

Cassandra: Does something trouble you, Zevran?

Zevran: Only that it has been six month’s since I have seen my warden. You know last time we were apart this long they hunted me down in an Antivan whorehouse and yelled at me for ten entire minutes? 

Cassandra: Why do I have a feeling that I’m going to regret asking? 

Cassandra: Why were you in a brothel? 

Zevran: Why I was visiting family of course! 


Varric: So, tweety. What’s this I heard about you and the Hero of Ferelden? *laughing* How did you two even meet?

Zevran: Ah, now that is a good story in fact! A rather taciturn sallow-faced fellow named Loghain –

Varric: – Trust me tweety, I’ve known enough Ferelden’s to know who you’re talking about. 

Zevran: Oh, good! Well, he hired me to kill the Warden. And Alistair, of course.

Varric: I’m sorry, you met by trying to kill them?

Zevran: (laughs) Ah, yes. It was a wonderful battle! Well what I saw of it anyway. Knocked me unconscious two minutes in. Lucky for me I was too charming to kill.

Varric: And now the two of you are lovers? *under his breath* and I thought Hawke’s love affairs were strange… 

Zevran: I hear you’re writing a romance serial my clever friend. 

Varric: Don’t try to butter me up, Tweety. And especially not over that pile of nug shit. Who even told you about it, Cassandra? 

Zevran: Ah, sadly no. Well, unless you count how I stole the copy from her pack, but that’s our secret, hm? I was merely wondering if you might like a few – pointers, so to speak. 

Varric: I’m not sure I want to go airing the sexual escapades of the Hero of Ferelden in my books – I like being alive. 

Zevran: *sighs* too bad for you then. My warden and I are very interesting people you know. 

Varric: Trust me, I can do without the details. 


Awhile ago I saw @portentous-offerings make a post about how Marinette’s parents would react if they found out she was ladybug in response to an anon question, and she said something about her parents sending food with her on patrols to share with Chat Noir and it made me think about how touched he would be if parents who’ve never even met him were looking out for him when he barely even has one parent on his side at home. 

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I could use a little positivity, during the playoffs. do you have any blog recs?

sorry it took me so long to answer this anon, but sure i can recommend some!!

blackhawks blogs - @crowmygoodness @psharp @duncanjameskeith @troystecher @toes-eh @blackhawks-shuffle @captaingrumblypants @fruitsandcrap @panarinaf @aanisimovs @barcabiscotti @craawford @buchplease @toewsharpy @baezpanarin @bbickells @temipanarin
@saad-squad @centerice @keithsflow @kanertoews @19dylstromer @i-hate-hockey @bl4ckhawks @galchenyucks @trevorvanriemsdyk57 @hockeyhugs @nhlblackhawks

other good hockey blogs (some post hawks too) - @panic-at-the-goalline @hockeyismyreligon @bruise-brothers @catlady31 @crosbyfan87 @pierremcguire @raskattack @toewsaf @vanecek1996 @jamiebenntrash @joexsakic @habbygleek @ivanprovolone @justdrinkyourdiet-soda @jakegards-flow @nhlfucale @willynylanders

these are all blogs i really like and i don’t think any of them have a lot of negativity!! anyway sorry if i put you in like the wrong category or whatever it was kinda hard to distinguish haha


joon + tae calming u down when ur overwhelmed❗️
requested by anon ❣️(I’m so sorry this took forever bby hope u like)
requests open 💌
(sorry for the tumblr notif at the top but u can still see the text so it’s g 🙏🏻)

(also @yoongster @taehyxngs how wild that notif popped up im a diehard fan watch me lol also go follow if u don’t already their blogs are lit)

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Hi. I was the anon asking about possible requests for matching icons. Sasha (@teamperseus, who matches icons with me) was wondering if you could draw percabeth matching icons for us? She recommended your art to me and I have to say I absolutely love it. Would you mind doing that?

Anyone who wants to use them go for it, just be sure to credit please :)


sugamon rookie king moments. 👀


iv been asked forever to make a color tutorial but i never knew how to explain it so i just kept working on colors until i could describe my technique >_< thank you guys for being so patient and wonderful to me,,,,!! i hope i can help at all,,and i hope this isnt confusing…it took longer to make than i thought it would

im rlly sorry at all the people who asked me and i never replied to you : ( i didn’t know wht to say until now

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hi! I'm sorry I'm on anonymous despite what I'm going to tell you because I'm way too shy to approach anyone with my main haha but anyway I wanted to tell you that I love your ushioi fics so much !! and to thank you for writing them the way you do. you're the only author on ao3 whose fics ive really enjoyed and who characterises ushijima the way i love him and oikawa with the right balances n with respect too!!! i love them a lot ! but also because you treat ushioi with,, im not quite sure (1/2)

anon!!! I’m so sorry that it has taken me forever to respond to this ask, because receiving it in my inbox seriously made my day and I’m very happy that you took the time to give me such lovely positive feedback on my writing.

I honestly have no idea why anyone would be ashamed of shipping or writing ushioi. I realize that in this the year of our lord 2017 we’re apparently supposed to be ashamed of all things that are fun and that nothing is okay to write anymore but, seriously, the anti-ushioi attitude in HQ fandom has always been the most bizarre to me. It makes me sad that you’ve noticed other people acting like they feel guilty for liking it, because ushioi is far and away the most interesting pairing in the fandom to me and I have never seen any reason to feel guilty or weird about liking it. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with fandom as a whole these days that people are being made to feel bad for liking fiction about two teenagers who play on rival volleyball teams falling in love. 

I’m gonna stop now before this turns into a whole rant against bullshit purity politics in fandom, because I don’t want to take your very kind message and spiral into negativity (possibly I have…. already spiraled, oops). Thank you again for your encouraging ask, and I compliment you in return on your great taste in ships. <3!

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Hey I'm another 13 year old that you inspire a lot!!! I love you stile and blog and are wondering if we could be friends? I'll message you off anon if you say yes!!! <333

HAHSHJDJEDJJDKF wow y'all are so cute and small????,, BABIES.

SWE A T S i suCK at replying and making friends?? I’ve had the same friends for 2 years and even then it takes me hours to respond;;;;;; you can always message me if u wanna talk and I’ll try my best to respond!!

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This is literally the best portrayal of Claude that I perhaps have ever seen. Your expressive words and phrases leave me breathless and your writing is surprisingly addicting to read. I don't have an Alois blog, but I'd love to role play with you sometime, dear. Keep writing and being wonderful! <3 - Rose Anon

+ anonymous

This is such an incredible compliment, thank you so much! This means the world to me! I’m absolutely up for writing together- I roleplay on Skype, IMs here, through email, etc- I’m very flexible, and you not having a specific blog isn’t a big deal at all! Totally easy to work around- just shoot me a message and we can plan something! My inbox is also always open!

                  I hope you have a fantastic day, friend!

“Help Me Make a Heart” - Cedar & Briar (Art AU)

This was a request from an anon a long time ago!!!! I’m so sorry it took me forever to write this, ahhhhh!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE SINCE I LOVE BOTH THESE GALS SO MUCH

This was an AU from an ask meme, ‘you broke my heart! no really you broke the heart sculpture/model i was making for art class that’s due tomorrow KILL ME NOW! AU’!

Brief Summary: Cedar skirts around the truth about what happened to Briar’s art project.

Word Count: 491

Fic requests are open!!  -  Or you could ask me things from this writing meme!

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High School Clemmings **series**

Say you like how I feel

Keep on whispering in my ear, tell me all the things i wanna hear

So it’s gonna be forever (Or it’s gonna go down in flames)

Wonder How That Metal Would Feel

Sneaking Around

30,000 Feet in the Air

black is the colour (of my true love’s hair)

you send me reeling

do you want me (dead?)

you in your skinny jeans anyway

A long hard fuck, you say?

This Is A Song About Fucking -ot4

there ya go (this took me way too long and im so sorry)


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Omg can you please do a Luke imagine for "I heard you singing backstreet boys at 3am and decided to sing along oops"

masterlist // request 

The noise. Every night around 3:30 the dude upstairs always plays really loud music. This only started to happen around a month ago. You heard from your land-lady that the guy across from you is into the music business so he’s either gone all the time or comes home at unusual hours in the night.

You were surprised how you didn’t sleep through this being a heavy sleeper. “At least play something I know.” You mumbled into your sheets, talking to yourself.

You usually try to stay up and listen along to what he plays. Only getting frustrated when it’s songs you haven’t heard. He had a good selection of music, half the time you were tempted to go up and ask him his playlist instead of yell at him.

Tonight was different compared to the nights of listening to heavy guitars and some guys muffled screaming. Tonight you heard a familiar beat start up, then a someone begin to sing. You knew that song, the nostalgic feeling of your childhood hitting you.

You jumped out of your bed and ran outside to the hallway. You stood a few inches away from his door, becoming very silent trying to listen to see if it was the song you thought it was. And sure enough it was. Your neighbour was playing Backstreet Boys’ famous song ‘I Want It That Way’.

You stood there for a while just to listen to the song, hearing a few thuds and heavy breathing thinking that he was dancing along to it. The song was coming to an end and you started to slowly walk back to your door, but before you went inside you sang then ending part very loudly.

You don’t know why you did it. Probably due to the lack of sleep caused by him. But when you were sliding back into your house the music stopped, and his door flung open.

There standing and staring at you with a shocked expression was a guy around your age, tall, broad, clearly tired from the bags under his stunning blue eyes, and a beanie covering his hair that you could tell was blonde from the few strands that poked out of it.

“Were you singing just now?” He asked you.

You nodded your head, desperately wanting to go back into the safety of your home before you said something or did something stupid to embarrass yourself in front of him.

“Did I wake you up?” 

You nodded again, “But um… I’m kinda used to it now since you’ve been listening to music at the same time since you came home.”

“Shit oh my god. I’m so sorry.” He stepped outside of his apartment, holding the door so he wouldn’t get locked out. “I’ll turn it down from now on. I’m so sorry about that.”

You smiled softly, rubbing your eyes. “No, you’re fine. It’s quite comforting.” You crept back, stepping into the darkness almost closing the door when he started to speak again.

“Maybe in the morning you can join me for a Backstreet Boy’s karaoke thing? You sing along pretty great.“

You popped your head out, “I’m more of an N'sync person. But I mean–I do like karaoke. I’ll come around when I wake up.” You nodded your head, not waiting for a response when you finally went back inside.

You saw him smile before you shut your door. And you smiled as well thinking about the events that’ll soon follow. All because he played Backstreet Boys at 3 am and you wanted to join.