this took me days to make

‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars
The fear of falling apart
And truth be told, I never was yours
The fear, the fear of falling apart

Sorry for being unactive for a few days recently, I was on a short trip :p, also, revisiting some old songs, and this one hit me in the 2doc feelsie so 

Again, took part in phase 3 because it’s my life aha

No text and some 2doc headcanon under the cut

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How did you become so popular?? Did it just randomly happen while posting art one day ?

haha, no not really? ive been on this site for 5 years, it actually took me 3 years to get my first thousand, then after that i started to get followers a lot more steadily,

i guess jsut post original content and post it often? and try to keep your content semi hq, like dont post doodles that you took a bad photo of on your phone without adjusting the contrast and stuff. 

setting up a queue is really smart to do as well, do a ton of art on a high day and put it in your queue, and jsut make a habit of putting stuff in the queue first, that way youre always posting even on days you dont do anything!!! same with aesthetic posters tbh, set up a queue and mix your og posts in, just so people remember you on their dash

Announcement of Prompts!

Drumroll please! Sorry that this took me a day or two since the initial announcement, but without further ado:

Day 1 (August 6th): Roses

Starting the week off with something a lil’ more soft! Roses can be incorporated any way you like (or not at all! You don’t even have to follow the prompts if you don’t want to!)

Random inspiration ideas: Flower crowns, bouquets, gardens, thorns

Day 2 (August 7th): Time

Make of this prompt as you wish! Let it be in different time periods or a young Chris or improvement over time or anything else you come up with.

Random inspiration ideas: Family, juniors competitions, futuristic Switzerland, the 90s 

Day 3 (August 8th): Relationships

Let your imagination run wild with ships! No judgement on my part! And nothing even has to be romantic either! (reminder to tag any nsfw, please!)

Random inspiration ideas: his family, friendships, that weird acquaintance/friend relationship with that one cafeteria worker at his rink

Day 4 (August 9th): Free Day

Let’s see what you come up with! Whenever, whatever, wherever, I want you to share it!

Random inspiration ideas: crossovers, mafia au, shopping, rinkmates

Day 5 (August 10th): Intoxicated

This was intended to be based off the short program, but by all means, let the absolutely smashed Chris fanworks be shown off!

Random inspiration ideas: picking the program’s outfit, bars, choreography

Day 6 (August 11th): Social Media

Let it be twitter edits, ig posts, reading his own fanfic, let’s see it!

Random inspiration ideas: More of those pool pictures, the “blackmail” photos, arguments over gif vs. jif

Day 7 (August 12th): Smile

You’ve made it through the week! I’m so proud! Show me everything, smiling through tears, selfies, smiling during made it through the week! I’m so proud!

Random inspiration ideas: Podium, media photos, bad jokes

Remember: you do not have to follow the prompts whatsoever (I did a poor job of coming up with them anyway!) Please help me boost this if you can, since I want as many people to participate as possible!

This is in honor of Peter Cullen. Being that today is his birthday, and the fact it has been 10 years of of being his fan, I felt that I should draw the very version of Optimus that made me a fan in the first place. 

I have never forgotten the first time hearing the voice, clear as day. The first movie released when I was 13. It began with a narrative from a deep voice. I tried to find out who it was the entire film, but I had to wait till later to learn who it was. During the showing, I learned the voice came from Optimus Prime. The way he transformed was breathtaking and beautiful to watch. It only took Optimus to save Sam and say, “You risked your life to protect the cube” to make me fall in love with him. It was then I suddenly wanted Optimus to stay alive. Seeing him get kicked in the face made me want to jump in the screen to aid him. I was relieved to see him come out alive after that battle. I know it is an odd way to say that’s how I came to love a character, but it’s true. The fact that he was willing to fight so hard to protect humanity and what he stood for, he became my role model from the get go. To think I was a hardcore Yoda fan at the time. Optimus Prime changed my life.

I had to look up who voiced Optimus a while later after the showing. That, of course, was Peter Cullen. Who was not only the original voice of G1 Optimus, but turns out he had been in my childhood as Eeyore (the first film I heard his voice in my life respectively was The Search for Christopher Robin). Learning that made me realize he has been a small part of my life mostly as Eeyore since then. Now, it has grown big after watching Optimus Prime in the first film. I have been a fan of Optimus since then and my love for him had never stopped, regardless how bad the films had gotten (course it is subjective, I actually enjoyed the films for what they were). I mean, the only reason I watched the films was ONLY for Optimus. Whenever he was on screen, I get excited.
Peter Cullen’s voice has always resonated with me every time I hear it. I loved the actor and the character that much, I was able to catch the opportunity of finally meeting him at 2015 Texas Comicon. It was incredibly surreal that I got a chance to hear his voice in person. Guys, I mean it when I say that, it was unbelievable that I heard it so close. What you hear in the films and shows is EXACTLY what you’d hear from him in person. I was also honored to have him see one of the many pieces of artwork and he was impressed with it. I even gave him a pillow I made with Optimus’s face and a quote, “Hold on to your dreams. The future is built on dreams.” He was so humble he thought he had to sign it. I told him otherwise saying that it is for him. And he said that was so sweet. The next day I met him again, I had to cry and pour my heart out saying how much he meant to me….as he held my hand with both of his. This is no exaggeration when I say this, his hands are LITERALLY strong but gentle and he has amazing blue eyes. Looking at Peter, he really IS Optimus Prime. Also the fact he said (as Optimus) “NO SHE’S MINE!” to Frank Welker (Megatron) was an absolute gem I would never forget even after the end of time. I will also never forget the wonderful short hugs I had with him.

Optimus Prime is my Sora [of Kingdom Hearts], my Superman, my Batman, etc. He is my hero and light of my life. His presence alone makes me feel safe and happy. 

Peter, if you are reading this, I want to let you know how EXTREMELY grateful  I am for you bringing Optimus to life with your incredible voice. It got me through tough times regardless how big or small. Or whenever I wanted to see any Optimus scene with your voice for the fun of it, it makes me smile every time. I also want you to know that regardless how Optimus is written recently, please know that I still enjoy your performance and it made the film/show enjoyable when Optimus shows up. I always participate the films and shows just to watch Optimus and hear your performance. 

I want to thank you so much for taking the role as Optimus in the live action films. I wouldn’t know who I would look up to without Optimus showing up in the films. Hope it didn’t sound weird in any way. But I mean it when I say Optimus is really important and your voice made him just that to this day.

So, hope it is a decent enough to say for your birthday. This is just my way of saying Thank You. Also, I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Optimus Prime © Transformers © Paramount and Hasbro

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Serious question because I totally missed out on it and I keep seeing references to it: what the actual fuck was the clone-fuckers debacle

it started with the flash finale where savitar was going on about how he gets off to watching barry grovel and i was like. woah there. woah there now. this scene is going to haunt my dreams for years to come, and it still does this very day mind you. anyway. i logged on to tumblr dot com and made a single joke about it. i was like “this is really weird guys why did they have a lot of unnecessary sexual tension it made me physically ill but it makes a funny joke so haha savitar wants to fuck barry, he took ‘go fuck yourself a little seriously’” and then a bunch of nasties started coming to me and laying their clone fucking kinks before me, saying they’d honestly genuinely enjoy watching barry fuck his pizza faced doppelganger, and that they too would like to make out with pizza face. this went on for weeks. there were children crying in the streets. clone fuckers manifested in my home and pushed me down the stairs. i opened my fridge to find leftover pizza and all i could see was savitar’s deformed face. at one point i was getting over a hundred asks a day, and all of them were about clone fucking. there was a blog made dedicated to this phenomenon were all the nasties started congregating to and finally, finally, left me alone after i put my foot down and said i wouldnt be answering any more clone fucking asks. those who were around and witnessed it all first hand tell stories of clonegate in hushed whispers, in fear that if They hear it, They Will Come, and clonegate 2.0 will happen once more. 

It’s that time again, dudes! The time I give props to all of my lovely friends on here. It’s been almost 4 years since I started RPing as the guys, and I just want to thank all of you, honestly, from the bottom of my soul for following me and sticking around. Your staying means more to me than the follower count. And the fact that you took time out of your day to observe the way I portray these four lean, green ninjas that I’ve deeply adored for most of my life. I’m so eternally grateful to all of you, and I look forward to making more friendships here, as well as keeping the old ones.

The Fandom.

@bushidobound -  Athena coming into the TMNT community was one of the best things to happen. And when I heard it was because of me, I felt so touched; She’s kind, very talented with her muses, and is an overall amazing friend to have. Her Usagi portrayal is so amazing, it feels like she’s broken the surface, and Usagi is there writing with her. I’m so glad I can share my love of such a legendary franchise with her.

@duzmachines95 - Armin is a very sweet and honestly wholesome person, and he’s been following me ever since I started. It always makes me happy to see him send me stuff in my inbox, and watching his Donnie blog is always a delight. Thank you for being so awesome, dude!

@tenderborn - Miles is a very sweet person, and their Mikey blog is to die for. I adore every version they play, and their writing skills are spectacular to the max. Keep up the great work, friend!

@raphtheolderredbastard - This person here has been with me since the beginning, and I’m always happy to hear from them. They have such a firm grasp on Raph’s personality, and the way he’s portrayed is so unique. Stay amazing, dear!

@killingmoonlight - The Mun of this blog is truly incredible. So many colorful muses (Including the 2k7 Turts, wow, that is SUPER impressive.), the writing is always captivating, and they’re so nice. Always a treat to chat/thread with them. Love you lots!

@gearhead-supreme - Marvelous blog, and the admin is super nice and sweet and their Donnie is just the cutest thing on this Earth. We haven’t known each other long, but I highly recommend them as both a RP partner and a friend.

@donatello-technobabbles/@bushido-bunny - Serenity’s been my friend in the TMNT community for a really long time, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for her. Her kindness and care for others is so inspiring, and I’ll always have her back. Love you lots, family!

@accioturtur/@2014barabrothers - Shadow and I have known each other super duper long, and god, she is just a ray of sunshine. I love her so much, and she’s incredibly crazy talented with RPing the four baras. You’re always in my thoughts, dearie!

@trxculent, @redxhulk@maniacal-shxllxd-genius, @dutyvshonor, @honorxble-turtle - Ain’t gonna lie; I miss you guys like heck. But just know you guys are always in my heart and on my mind. I love you!

@dxmnmxtal - The best Casey Jones RPer I’ve seen, and super nice and friendly. I’m so blessed to know you friend, and you’re always a joy to talk to!

@boficionado - Coon is an amazing writer and Donnie RPer, and I never fail to get a smile on my face as I read her posts in Rob Paulsen’s voice. You’re doing him proud, dearie! Keep it up!

@blueeyedleader - One of the best Leo RPers here, and always such a delight to talk to! Their characterization is spot-on, and I love them to death! You’re fabulous, just fabulous, and thank you for all you do.

Outside The Fandom.

@wabbitseezon - Oh Willow, where do I begin with you? You’re so funny and witty with your writing for Daffy, it makes me work that much harder to try and make Mikey seem the same. You always get a big laugh from me whenever I see what you have in store for that duck every other day, and you’re just a barrel of fun yourself. You’re super energetic, so sweet, and I’m so glad to know you. 

@hoopsheartthrob - Katie never ceases to amaze me with her portrayal of Lola; She’s super friendly and kind and funny, and I’m so happy to have known her this long in my years of RPing. Whenever I come to hang out on her blog, and she delivers her talent to her character time and time again! She’s also helped me a long time back when I had been called by some phony acting agency, and I thank her for everything she’s done. You’re a wonderful friend, and I love you!

@youngestwarnersib/@impenetrableshiield - Hayley, your enthusiasm for your muses is so contagious, and I just love how passionate you are about Dot and Morty! Some days I think that they’re there with you, that it’s all coming from their mouths, and your writing astounds me to no end. Your happy-go lucky nature is such an endearing quality. I love you so much!!

@blowthehousedown - Ai is such an amazing Mun and writer, and her friendship means so much to me. Whether it’s Pepe or Zeke, it’s always wonderful to see her on my dash. It brightens up my day! Thanks for all you do, and I love you lots!

@the-littlest-inkblot - Faith is such a great person, and a fierce and trusting friend. Her OC is absolutely precious, and I’m always excited to see what goes on next on her blog. Lily is so well-thought out, and Faith’s art for her is superb. Hugs and kisses, my friend! 

@middlekidsyndrcme/@lilxgirlxblue - L has been one of my best friends on here, and her portrayal of Gosalyn and Wakko is so accurate! I can hear their voices in my head with everything she writes, and all of her muses are so unique and colorful!

@lets-get-dxngerous/@expurpledragon/@blatheringblatherskite - Deb, all of your blogs are truly sensational; Not only was Darkwing Duck my absolute favorite Disney Toons show as a child, Gizmo Duck from Ducktales had a special place there too, and the way you play them both is something to behold. Love you lots, and keep it up!

@krupnick - Red is an absolute doll, and her portrayal of Jessica is even better; Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite movies as a child (And possibly the most impressionable pfft.), and I always loved Jessica’s part in the club where she sings! I can hear her voice with all you write, and you’re just so amazing with her! I seriously need to get to our thread between her and Donnie, and get the others to meet her, too!

@hotemperament - Can I just say how adorable your portrayal of Donald is? I just love it when he and Daffy get into little scraps together, and I laugh so hard I end up wheezing. You’re wonderful at playing that mad mallard dear. And you are just a peach. ‘Nuff said.

@igothxmewcrk - THIS GUY. Amazing Spider-Man, super friendly and kind Mun, and always a joy to see on my dash every chance I get. Thank you for being so awesome, seriously. Never stop. 

@pickanosis - Ruben has been my friend for almost a year now, and already we’ve created a bond that nothing could ever sever. He’s a purely, honest to goodness human being, and he brought a character and franchise that had been very close to my heart right back to my attention. Osmosis Jones ignited my love for science in middle school, and Ruben…SPIT. He does one heck of a job portraying that adorable white blood cell. He’s also been a friend to me when I’ve needed one most, and I can’t thank him enough for all he does. I love you dude. With all I have, and then some.

@tmxmory - Maya, Mos is such an interesting character, and your art for her is just mind-blowing and beautiful! And you yourself are just absolutely sweet and nice and I always love talking to you whenever I can! Thank you, seriously. I love you so much!

@deputydakota - Blue has been such an spectacular friend to me since we met, and her muses are so completely awesome and well-written! I love you lots my friend, and I look forward to threading more with the boys and Dakota!

@the-oc-nebula - Sky’s been my friend for as long as I can remember since I started on Tumblr to begin with, and he’s always had my back no matter what. Thank you so much for all you do. Without you, I probably wouldn’t be where I am with myself right now. 

@lccnatic - Frecher is one of my closest friends here, and I just love her muses, her art, and everything about her. She’s so kind and nice and fun and she got me into the Loonatics Unleashed fandom! You’re always in my heart, family!

@jose-carioca - You’ve been super super nice and we haven’t even interacted yet! That must be fixed immediately! You’re a great writer for Jose, and I’d love to get to know you better so the guys can hang with him!

@valieente - Such an amazing, kind, and sweet Mun, and such a swashbuckling, adorable muse. Always happy to hear from you, dear. You’re awesome!

More Tubular Blogs.

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TMNT Blogs We Love!

@asexualdonnie @tmntcest @isitdonproof @larytello @boohboohghost @raphies @tmnt2003

I love you all, even those I have not mentioned in this post. Thank you all so much for getting me so far here. I’d be nothing without you!

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God the amount of Kik requests I would get on omegle... And when I gave them the benefit of the doubt and added them they were so?? Obtuse?? "Uh sorry dude I'm a lesbian" "oh what really :(( that's so sad :(( can't you make an exception for me please please -crying emoji-" and when you say no they drop your chat like it's a hot potato... I miss when omegle at least had less bots asking for kik. It's just so boring now :/

Sometimes I go on the video chat section and because I’m fairly androgynous a lot of people will ask me for nudes and it took forever to figure out how to make them fuck off. What works is telling them when they’re going to die. “You’re going to have a stroke in 6 days” or something like that. I also started reading people’s natal charts for them and explaining them in detail and they put up with me because they’re so desperate. It was funny because I could just see how long they’d do it, and it was usually >15 minutes.

The video chat has fewer bots but still some. Sucks really because chat roulette sites are a really interesting concept imo.


Welp, this took a very long time to make, and I’m in the middle of moving so I didn’t get to put as much time into it as I would have liked, but I think it turned out okay. If I had any experience whatsoever with any kind of animation I’d probably feel worse about it, but at the moment I’m pretty proud of it, if for no other reason than that it took me a full day and a half just to make Carm and Laura and I’m proud of my effort.

@ariabauer You are one of my favorite authors. Your stories have been there for me exactly when I needed them. Every single one is spectacular, and so easy to get lost in. I’m hoping I can give you at least half the happiness with this as I get every time I see you’ve updated. - Person (Also, I’m gonna get back to rereading your fics, just to let you know. I got busy with school and then I didn’t want to start again until I was sure I’d have time)

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Hi Dia, we've never interacted, but I want to thank you for being you. Your honesty and your vibrant personality is one of the most amazing things about you. I just want to take a moment and just say how many smiles you've brought me when my days felt bad. Your writing and your posts, no matter how crazed or insane, make me glad that I've lived this long to have found you. Thank you, for all you do. Keep being you, it's beautiful.

I apologize that this took so long for me to answer, but oh my god, you are impossibly sweet to me anon.  If my general foolishness brightens someone’s day, hey, that makes it all fucking worth it.  I’m kind of glad I saved this for today, because my feelings have been all over the damn place, and it’s nice to have a small pick me up.  Thank you.

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suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.