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Can I request RFA + saeran reacting to a MC self harming like how they would find out and react (sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and you don't want to this) I'm currently almost a year clean!

Well done, anon! That’s a brilliant achievement ^^. I’m over 2 years clean now and currently feel really positive in myself. I really hope I wrote these alright because everyone self-harms for different reasons and feels differently about it. I tried to sort of generalise it and I’ll put a trigger warning here that there are mentions of self harm and blood (Not detailed, though) ~H x

RFA with an MC that self harms


-He saw it by accident one day at school
-You were both in science, doing an experiment involving water
-The water had splashed on your sleeve and Yoosung had kindly offered to dry it off
-You didn’t expect him to pull your sleeve up, though
-He saw the scars on your arm and gasped in shock, quickly pulling the sleeve back down so that no-one else sees
-You looked down in shame
-Yoosung was never meant to see that
-“I’m… sorry,” you apologised.
-“You’re coming to mine after school, right? I really want to talk to you. Why are you sorry?” Yoosung responded.
-“I thought you’d be upset with me. Or disappointed,” you explained.
-Instead of answering, Yoosung pulls you into a big hug as you try not to cry
-At Yoosung’s after school he asks you when it started and why it started
-You’re reluctant to tell him but he eventually has you in tears, spilling out the full story of when you started with depression
-All throughout, Yoosung hugs you close to him, rocking you and stroking your hair
-“You’ve been through so much, MC,” Yoosung said after you’ve finished, “I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been. But please- it breaks my heart to think that the most wonderful, most beautiful person I know would harm herself because she thinks she isn’t good enough.”
-You nod. You understand how he feels and you wish it was as simple to stop
-But Yoosung went through a rough enough time after hearing that Rika was mentally ill
-So now that he knows what you’ve been suffering with, he’s not letting the same thing happen to his precious girlfriend. He wants to get you professional help.
-And if you think he’ll be too shy and won’t
-Think again
-Because this boy loves you


-After a while of dating, he noticed that you always wore long sleeved tops
-One day, it was absolutely boiling outside but you wouldn’t take your jumper off
-Even though you feel like you’re going to be fried alive
-“Babe, just take your jumper off! You look like you’re boiling,” Zen tried to persuade you.
-Your sudden, “NO!” is all it takes for him to confirm the worry he’s had for a while
-“MC, please will you show me your arms,” he asked seriously as he reached across the table to you and held your wrists.
-You squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head
-Not today. You can’t let him see. He’ll think you’re a failure
-“MC,” he said so sternly that you jump in shock
-As you jump, his hands accidentally slide up your arms and scrape a recent cut
-You yelp in surprise
-And he doesn’t allow you to pull your sleeve back down
-When you face him, you’re expecting some sort of emotion but you didn’t know what
-What you certainly didn’t expect was tears
-“How long?” he asked quietly, maintaining eye contact and making you want to shrivel up in yourself
-“A while. Since before I knew you,” you responded, making him know that he had nothing to do with the mental illness you’d be struggling with for ages.
-“Does anyone know?” Zen asked.
-You shook your head.
-“MC, I want you to look into my eyes and tell me that you want to hurt me in the same way you hurt yourself,” he said sternly.
-“But I can’t- I don’t- I love you!” you argued, wondering how he could suggest such a thing.
-“The fact that I now know you did this gives me exactly that pain. Imagine how I feel to know that you would suffer through this alone, without telling anyone, hurting yourself in such a way,” Zen sighed, holding your hands tightly.
-You don’t know what to say. You’re not good enough. Surely he knows this
-“Please- we already lost Rika- we can’t lose you. I can’t lose you. Not after everything we’ve been through,” Zen cried, now fully letting tears stream down his face.
-“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I’m disappointing you.”
-“No!” Zen immediately interrupts, “I’m just worried about you because I want you to be well. Please let me take you to see someone. They can help you.”
-You didn’t want to see anyone- that’s why you hadn’t
-But if Zen was hurting, you’d at least give it a go
-“Ok,” you agreed as Zen pulled you into his chest.
-At least you had something to live for- your wonderful boyfriend
-Did anyone notice the quote I kind of took from Phil? It’s so beautiful


-Mama Baehee sees and knows all
-She realised practically immediately
-Because she literally forced you to take your jacket off when you came to her house
-You were really worried how she’d react and if she’d realise you weren’t the support she needed and ditch you
-Instead, she ordered you to sit and talk
-“You can say what you like to try and get out of it, MC, but you aren’t leaving until I have the truth,” she insisted.
-So you cried and told Jaehee everything
-“What I think you need is someone there to promise you that they’ll always be with you and help you to believe in yourself,” Jaehee seemed to analyse.
-But then she shuffled closer to you and hugged you
-“MC, will you let me be that friend? Can I help you?” she asked, to your surprise.
-You were already crying too much so you just nodded
-So Jaehee smiled and started to cry too
-She looked so cute crying but you didn’t deserve her
-In fact, you wondered how many times you’d drawn a line of your own blood because you were ashamed of your sexuality
-But with Jaehee hugging you so tightly and promising to be there for you, you allowed yourself to imagine what a world with good things in for you could be like
-What if Jaehee did like you back?
-Oh if only you knew
-If only you knew how much it broke her heart to see that you’d caused yourself pain
-Jaehee wondered if it was her fault for not being a good enough friend
-It’s not, Baehee, you’re perfect and we love you


-It was whilst you were still ‘trapped’ in his penthouse that he found out
-He thought you were about to leave
-So he grabbed your arm to stop you escaping
-You know the Visual Novel I’m on about, right?
-And you accidentally let out a yelp of pain
-He let go go your arm and saw blood seeping through the fabric
-Forget whatever he was about to tell you- you were injured
-“MC, what happened? I didn’t- I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jumin panicked.
-“No- it’s not you. I’m fine,” you lied.
-He wasn’t about to let you pretend you weren’t hurt
-So he rolled your sleeves up
-And saw the lines on your arms
-And broke down
-“MC- I- Why- Why would you do this to yourself?” he asked, practically in tears.
-You just hung your head, not answering
-“It’s not me, is it?” Jumin asked with his eyes wide, “Am I trapping you? Is that why? Please- I’ll let you go immediately.”
-At this point you’re pretty sure he’d leaked a few tears
-“No,” you said calmly, “It was way before I met you that I started.”
-“How could someone as kind and beautiful and perfect as you do something like that to your body?” he asked.
-“I’m not perfect or beautiful in any way. I’m messed up. Really messed up. I just wanted to try and help you,” you explained.
-“And you are doing. So now I need to help you,” Jumin said sternly.
-You looked up at him
-And started crying
-So he cried too
-Jumin decided to envelope you in a hug
-So you just cried into his chest, feeling safe
-Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to stay at his penthouse forever
-When Elizabeth was around, Jumin promised himself that he’d force you to see the best counsellor in the world


-He found out just after you’d started living in his house
-He’d told you he had something to fix on his computer but you were having a really bad day
-So to you, that just seemed like an excuse to not spend time with you
-He loves you though, please never think that! People love you and sometimes they actually just have to do stuff
-For once, he didn’t put his headphones on
-So he heard crying and decided to come and check it out
-Only to find you with blood coating your arm in a pile of tears
-He panicked
-And just runs towards you and hugs you close to his chest, not caring if he’s getting blood all over him
-You cry into his shoulder for a while whilst he just rocks and shushes you
-He knows the feeling
-Whilst he never self harmed, he was very depressed for so long
-And he knew what it was like to feel like you shouldn’t even exist anymore
-But without you
-He couldn’t exist
-Deciding it was best to tell you this, he starts to
-“MC, I love you. I couldn’t live without you. You mean so much to me. You helped me with my depression and now I want to help you. Please, let me save you like you saved me,” he begged.
-He’s going to do absolutely anything he can to help you


-I feel like he’d know the signs
-Because I’m pretty sure he’d self harmed too
-So he just asks you
-“MC, do you self harm?”
-“What makes you think that?” you answered sceptically.
-“Because I did for a while. You were what made me stop. Please don’t lie to me and show me your arms,” Saeran ordered with clear concern in his eyes.
-You show him your arms- it’s pointless hiding it
-“You’re going to come and see my counsellor with me,” Saeran said immediately.
-“No, Saeran! I don’t want to see a counsellor,” you begged.
-He grabbed you by the shoulder and leant down to look you directly in the eyes
-“I don’t care if you want to go or not. I’m not going to allow the person that saved and healed me to suffer herself. I love you too much to lose you. My life is nothing without you,” he told you.
-You hug him really tight
-And just wonder how you’re both messes
-Saeran was not going to allow you to help him as much as you had without him helping you in return
-He loved you too much to lose you


-You were constantly thinking that you were nothing compared to Rika
-Sure, she’d been crazy, but V had loved her
-Probably more than he loved you
-V found out you self harmed when he accidentally walked into the bathroom whilst you’d just finished showering
-You had a towel wrapped around you but your arms were exposed
-And bleeding
-“I’m sorry- wait, MC, your arms!” V started to apologise before seeing the lines and blood on your forearms.
-You hung your head
-He was going to tell you that you were nothing compared to Rika- that you were weak- that you were weird for harming yourself
-But he didn’t
-Instead, he runs towards you, gently takes your arm and kisses all your scars
-“I made a mistake last time- I didn’t help her. I’m not going to make that mistake again because I love you so much that I will force you to see a therapist,” V told you.
-“But I don’t want to-“ you started to protest
-“I know. Last time I made the mistake of thinking love would be enough. I’m not blind anymore and I can see that despite me loving you, you need proper help. I don’t want to lose you. You mean far more to me, MC,” V said.  
-I’m sorry for the blind joke, really I am
-It suddenly registered in your mind what he was saying
-V loved you
-He loved you more than he’d loved Rika
-And he wanted to help you
-Finally- someone did
-And you loved him

Of Course Pt. 3 (Kim Seokjin)

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“You should know we’ve been fucking horrible.”

Word Count: 1,299

Genre: Angst


Sorry, this took so long, I hope you enjoy this <3

|Part 1|~|Part 2|~|Part 3|~|Part 4|~|Part 5|~|Part 6|~|Part 7|~|Part 8|~|Part 9|~|Part 10|~|Part 11|~|Part 12|

“The saddest thing is that we fell apart so suddenly even though we did everything right.”  

“Hyung please!” Jungkook screamed at Jin.

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I'm not seeing more of your work, so here I am. I WANT TO SEE MORE OK. Okay, so can I have just a scenario with Genji confessing to s/o in a summer festival? I'm trash for that kind of scenes... So, please make me go dokidoki and stuff. Thank you! ❤️




also feel free to crit me if I screw something up because I’m not an expert on Japanese traditions :3

I’m going to try to make this the fluffiest thing I’ve written to date so let’s see how I do

the story behind the festival is really beautiful and I’d be willing to write it between s/o and genji if someone requests it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

can you tell I’m excited?? and I got a bit carried away eheh

I wrote this at 2 AM so I’m sorry if there are a crap ton of mistakes oh man

//I updated this almost 24 hours after I posted it, so there are some minor changes cc:

Genji handed you a piece of tanzaku paper and a marker, “Here, write down your wish.” The paper was flimsy but held it’s purpose true and with honor. The streets were covered wall to wall and stone to stone in this paper. All with writing of a hopeful wanderer. 

It was a tradition during the Tanabata festival to write down a wish and hang it on a decorated bamboo rod. The very same that hung from every windowsill and balcony in the city. Despite being summer, the decorations took a beating in Japan’s common rain and storms. But if they can survive that, they can surely deliver a message to the spirits. 

His metal fingers brushed yours as you took the paper and tingles ran up and down your arm. “Are there any boundaries to making a wish?” You asked. Coming up with a ridiculous wish was the only thing that came to mind and you didn’t want to accidentally offend anyone.

“There are no limits to your heart’s desires. Write what you please.” You could tell from Genji’s tone that he was smiling and the tingles spread to your chest in waves. Singlehandedly tightening the kimono Genji bought you earlier, around your waist, you tried to think of a rational wish. The soft silk rubbing against your skin distracted you momentarily but not for long.

Deciding to go simple, you wrote how you wanted good weather with lots of sun. Genji idly tapped the rods of bamboo against his thigh and nodded thankfully when you gave the marker back. “So what do you want most at this moment?” He questioned while threading string through the paper and tying it to one of the bamboo sticks.

Genji already wrote down his wish and hung it up on his bamboo stick. However, he never let you see what he wrote down. He kept it rolled up and covered the writing with his hand. You didn’t understand why he was so stubborn about it but you didn’t want to pry in case it was really personal.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what you wrote on yours and I’ll consider telling you mine,” a smirk took shape on your mouth and a small puff of steam whistled from his mask. Genji thanked the lord you couldn’t see how red his cheeks were. Just seeing you in that kimono was driving him absolutely insane. And that little smirk you gave him?? He’s done. Genji down. Someone call Mercy because this man is having a bad case of the butterflies.

“Not a chance. Now tell me what your little heart desires,” His voice was oddly an octave lower and his hands fidgetted by his sides. The behavior was very unlike him but you dismissed it as something in the wind.

“Just for the rain to let up for a little while, I don’t like the humidity too much,” You said truthfully. It was very sticky outside and all the crowds only added to your discomfort.

The cyborg laughed and bobbed his head in agreement, “I can see why. I mean, just look at your hair.”

Your eye twitched and a deep blush coated your cheeks, “H-huh?! What’s wrong with my hair?” Hands flying to comb out and flatten your frizzy hair, you huffed and muttered a sarcastic, thanks for telling me earlier.

Genji stopped your frantic behavior by running his fingers through your hair and tilting his head to the side. It was cute. Cuter than you’d like to admit.

His cool fingers continued to brush the little knots out for more than what was considered appropriate for just friends. He didn’t seem to care. Or maybe he was too caught up in your eyes to notice. You would never know with his helmet on. Perhaps that’s why he never took it off around you anymore.

You had seen his eyes before. Though the encounters were quite scarce, you treasured them in your fondest memories. It wasn’t every day you got to see those perfect galaxies in his warm brown eyes. Infinite clusters of stars circled his pupil and floated off in his dark chocolate irises. How you wished to see those beautiful brown eyes once more.

You snapped him out of his trance and smiled sweetly, “Thanks for the help… But don’t you think it’s about time to hang those up?”

Genji reluctantly retracted his hand and gave a big sigh.

It was time.

He found a hook and left your wish to sway in the gentle breeze that swept through the city and your bamboo rod to clank against the stone wall. His body language told you he was uncertain and uncomfortable with what he was planning to do next so you put your hand on his shoulder. “Hey Genji, if you’re really that concerned, I don’t have to look at what you wrote down.”

Genji turned to you and cupped your face in his palms with such affection that you were physically taken aback. “That won’t be a problem. I… I want to do this… And I want you to see what I want most.”

He took your hand in yours. His cold, metal hand in your warm, soft one and placed it over his heart. “…I want you to see my heart’s desire.”

Time stood still as Genji unraveled his paper and hung it next to yours.

The universe stopped and your heart skipped a beat.

My wish is to have my feelings returned by the one I love the most. This was written in his messy yet elegant handwriting.

Who was he referring to? You? There was no way! He couldn’t see you like that. How could he? You were just… you… and Genji was like your God standing on the highest pedestal.

He was your everything and to see him with someone else would kill you. After what you two had been through, how could he love another?

Tears welled up in your eyes in confusion and doubt, “I-I don’t understand. Genji?”

He took your hand in his once more and took off his mask with a small hiss of air escaping as he did so.

And there were those beautiful brown eyes. Still shining like the day you first saw them.

“Won’t you return my feelings for you?”

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Hello~ I'm a new follower and I really like you're writing! If you have time, can I request a scenario where Jumin, Zen, and 707 are passing by when they see MC hugging and laughing with another man and get jealous, but it turns out to be their dad??

~Welcome! Come in, have a seat. Enjoy my writing! Thank you kindly! I hope I can make you happy with this!~


He came home after a long day at work and sighed. He sat through so many meetings that day that he was ready to just lay in your lap and sleep. He put his bag on the floor and stepped into the living room.

He stopped as he saw another man in the room laughing with you. You seemed to be enjoying time with him. Jumin’s eyes widened as he saw you lean over and kiss the man’s cheek.


Both of you looked up and he saw your eyes light up with joy.


“Can I speak to you MC? Alone.”


You got up and waved to the man with a big grin on your face as Jumin took your hand and brought you into the kitchen.

There he pushed you against the wall.


“Shhhh” He placed a finger to your lips. “I ask the questions.”

You gave a confused expression but nodded anyways.

“Who is he?”

“Who is who?”

“Who. Is. The. Man. On. The. Couch?”

“Oh! I wanted you to meet him, I’m sure you’ll love him a lot! He’s my-”

“I want him out of my house.”

“But Jumin-”

“No buts. We’ll talk about this later.”

“…But I really wanted you to meet him…”

He sighed at your sad expression.

“Why? Why would I want to meet him?”

“Because he’s my father.”

“He’s your what?!”

“My father. I thought you’ve wanted to meet him.”

“No, wait, I do want to meet him. I just thought-”

“You don’t trust me?”

“MC I’m sorry I-”

“No. It’s fine we’ll talk about this later…”


“For now, let’s just meet my father.”

You took Jumin’s hand and walked into the living room.

“Dad? This is my boyfriend Jumin.”

Your father stood up and shook Jumin’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you sir. I trust you’re keeping my child happy?”

Jumin smiled and wrapped an arm around your waist. “Yes I am.”


He was walking home when he saw you. You had you arm linked with another mans arm and you had a huge grin on your face. He said something to you and you laughed a genuine laugh.

His jealous and possessive side came out and he marched to the two of you. 

He tapped the man on the shoulder. The both of you turned around and your eyes lit up. 

“Zen!!!! He’s my boyfriend, and I love him so much!” You said in your adorable voice.

“I love you too sweetheart.” he said before getting in the mans face. “Who are you and what are you doing with MC?” 

The man’s eyes widened. “You see Zen-” 

“Don’t dare say my name. It’s sir to you.” 

Your face looked horrified. “Zen…”

“You see sir I’m MC’s father.”

Zen’s eyes widened and you could see the horror in his eyes.


Your father chuckled. “The jealous type huh?” 

“Oh you have no idea.” You said with a small laugh. 

“H-How about you come over to our place and I’ll cook dinner for you as an apology?” 

“As long as it’s actually edible I will.” 

You laughed and now your dad always teases Zen whenever he comes over. 


You walked in with a man beside you giggling. Seven came out of his office to greet you. He completely ignored the man beside you and gave you a big hug, even lifting you off the ground. 

You laughed. “Seven! You can put me down now!” 

He held you there for another second almost like he was asserting his dominance to the other man in an affectionate manner. 

He put you down and kissed your forehead. 

“I have so much to tell you!” you said happily. 

He laughed. “Ok, let’s talk on the couch.” He took your hand and led you to the couch. The man followed you. You sat down next to the man and Seven slung an arm over your shoulder. 

You all made small talk and there was a lot of laughter and cheesy jokes from Seven. 

“Oh yeah! I didn’t introduce myself! I’m 707 MC’s lovely boyfriend.” 

You laughed. “I wouldn’t call you lovely.” 

“Pretend they didn’t say that.” 

The man laughed and offered his hand. “I’m MC’s father.” 

Seven’s eyes lit up and he gave him a highfive instead of a handshake. “I’m so glad to meet the person who made my bundle of joy!” 

You blushed. “Seven!!” 

“Whaaaat? It’s true!” 

Your father simply laughed. “It’s nice to meet the person who keeps my baby happy.”

“I try.” Seven said pulling you closer and kissing your cheek. 

Your father loves visiting Seven and you and actually find Seven’s jokes funny. I don’t know how…but he does. 

What's wrong with you? Pt2 (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Hey unicorns! Part 1

The next week Luke was a little bit more calm but he still wasn’t the same old Luke. He still was not talking much, he still wasn’t eating good enough and he still was spending all his free time laying on his bunk.

One day the boys would play on Toronto so it was a busy day. At the morning they went to a interview and after the lunch they had a mini free time before soundchek.

In the free time after lunch the boys and you were all together just running around and making jokes, well Luke was just laying on his chair watching to the others having fun.

‘So Y/N how was your first kiss?’ Calum asked and raised an eyebrow while a evil smirk was appearing on his face. 'Excuse Me?’ you put an unbelievable expression. 'Oh c'mon we all want to know!! We have been best friends since elementary school and we don’t know how was your first kiss!’ Ashton said smiling and you sighed. 'I’m not going to tell you assholes. You’re such a curious old lady’ you spoke and rolled your eyes.

There was no way you would tell them how you kissed for first time to your best friend, which was Luke. Both Luke and you agree to never tell anybody how and with who had been their own first kiss.
'Whatever you say, coward’ you heard Michael and looked at his smile.

'Let’s better talk of Luke’s first kiss then…’ You spoke as you watched him get a little nervous. 'That’s not gonna happen’ Luke immediately changed his humor and his face turned in a don’t-even-look-at-me one. 'Hey now you mention it, I don’t remember Luke telling me how was his first kiss…’ Ashton said. 'Because I never told you. And I never will.’ Luke spoke dryly 'Actually I never told anybody’. Boys began to tease on Luke and you knew nothing good would get out of that. But when you were going to interpose it was too late and the boys were all arguing.

'Ok ok it’s enough! We can talk of something else. We don’t have to fight’ you tried to light up the situation but then all got worse. 'Shut the fuck up. This is all your fault. You started this stupid conversation!’ Luke shouted you and Michael said something but you were too angry to pay attention. 'No it’s not! I didn’t start the subject, idiot’ you answered and he walked towards you as Michael repeated something again but Luke spoke over him 'Yes you did! You always ruin everything. You’re always in the way. I don’t even know why the hell are you in OUR tour! You’re not in the band and you don’t work in the team neither! You’re just a obstacle m-’ 'I SAID ENOUGH! Go away and watch your lenguage idiot! Nothing it’s her fault. Stop talking bullshit asshole! Go get yourself back together Luke!’ Michael shouted angrily with his face red.

Luke looked at you and turned around walking to the bus as he was swearing in low voice. You and the boys continued talking calmly but soon after that you went to the bus because you wanted to talk with Luke.

You went inside of the bus and you found Luke on the kitchen resting against the counter with his arms crossed and a thoughtful expression on his face. When he saw you he let out a sigh ‘What do you want? You can’t stop bothering me?’ his voice was deep and rough ‘I came to talk ok?’ ‘No, it’s not ok. I don’t wan to talk to you. Leave me alone! Go back home and stop being so annoying, God!’ he cried hysterically. ‘What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? You changed, you’re not the same, what happened? Let me h-’ ‘I don’t want your fucking help, ok? I don’t want anyones help. Can everybody stop being such a overprotective bitches? It bothers, really’ you ignored what he said and just tried again ‘Luke I’m asking again, what’s wrong? What’s happenning? Why are you treating so bad to everyones? We didn’t do anything to you’ he sighed, he was frustrated now ‘Why this why that, God! SHUT UP! STOP! Go away! We don’t want you here, why don’t you get it? Go home! I’m tired of pretending I like you’ that hurts, it really really hurts… ‘Fine, sorry, ok? I didn’t know I was so awful.’ You went to lock yourself on the bathroom and tried to calm yourself down, because your breaths were heavy and your chest was in pain, as you heard more voices on the bus.

When you went out of the toilet a minutes later the boys had gone to the stage, so you took your chance and your suitcase and began to take your clothes to put them on the suitcase. You couldn’t take it anymore and tears began to roll down your cheeks. You took your phone and texted to a friend you had there on Canada.

[From: Me To: Canadian boy] Hey boy! I know it’s been a while since we talked but I’m in Canada and I was wondering if I could spend some days in your house?

When you finished packing you received an answer from your friend.

[From: Canadian boy To: Me] Hey girl! You had forgotten me! And it would be a pleasure having you here lady. Where are you? Do you want me picking you up?

[From: Me To: Candian boy] I’m in the Rogers Centre and yes please =/