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I don't mind small talks with customers But when they start asking questions about my life or job, it's a bit much. Had this lady who started asking stuff like how long it took for me to get my job? How many hours do I get? How much do I get paid? I really don't see why I have to share that information. I just changed the subject right then. Am I overreacting? It's weird for customers to ask things like that, right? Am I the only one to feel that way? I can't be.

It’s weird.

I’ve had customers ask that because they want a job or their kids want a job and they are doing research. I’ve also had weird stalkers ask just to get more personal info from me.

If you’re uncomfortable answering then don’t answer.


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Name: Hex Agon Fourhundredthirtyone

Nickname: hex

Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Height: 6′

Ethnicity: polygon

Orientation: straight

Favorite Fruit: this one’s hard, but probably huckleberries

Favorite Season: winter/fall

Favorite Book: fahrenheit 451

Favorite Flowers: …purple ones? (i know jack shit about flowers lol)

Favorite Scent: a tie between lavender and rain

Favorite Color: grey

Favorite Animal: cats c:

Favorite Drink/Beverage: 

Average Hours of Sleep: i dunno lol

Favorite Fictional Character: i have too many to choose just one, but one of my current favorites is lobco from wadanohara and the great blue sea

(i also really like chaika) 

Number of Blankets: just one

Date of Blog Creation: sometime in 2013 i think

Number of Followers:  just a few

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๐Ÿ˜‚ Candece Campbell (the rl woman who inspired the owner of Imperium in "The Stripper") tweeted she had never went to a strip club before and the answers are hilarious! My favorites were: "What about Imperium?""But why did you kill Sinu?""Bitch you own one!""But you know Karla Estrabao" I've been laughing for an hour straight at the comments ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ at first she was so confused responding "Excuse me?" to everyone but someone explained and she actually took it with humor

I swear to god this fandom

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how did the whole skussy thing even start what the fuck?? i wasnt here for that please fill me in on this

ok so like the story is, essentially, one of my friends brought up an old joke, which is, obviously, 2d getting fucked in the skull. after joking about it for a few hours, somebody sent me unironic porn of 2D getting skullfucked, which officially had the name of “skucking” and his eyesockets were dubbed “skussies” Next day, my IRL friend whomstvell doesn’t have a tumblr blog but stalks it like prey (hi chloe) saw the art and offered to give me a dollar if I changed my header image to that specific piece of art, which I absolutely took the offer for. I got a million anons asking for the full image, which I eventually caved into, and it led to the peak of skussy humor which I eventually had to put a muzzle on. It just came back by itself and now we’re here.

Artist Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

i was recced by @wibuwibirb - thank you so much <333

this took me ages bc 1. looking at old art is distressing 2. i wanted to try and get a good variety of stuff instead of posting every scenery piece i’ve ever drawn lol. i’m gonna post them in chronological order so i don’t also have to stress myself out by trying to rank them x_x

1. claire novak’s leg scars

i’m actually thumbnailing this one since technically it’s a nude drawing which is nsfw so pls be aware if you click! this was probably the best i’ll ever get w/ human anatomy and half of it was dumb luck lmao. anyway i love claire from @cambionverse with all my heart, so whenever i did practice with female anatomy i always wound up making my women into her no matter their body type - truth be told she’s more rail-thin than curvy, but that was what i was working on that day, so.

2. pride

looking through old art is hard but i still love this one! my heart is so happy this game is so inclusive. this one was a lotta firsts for me. it was the first time i ever did a Real Art Stream (you can still see it on my twitch highlights!), and the first time i ever attempted a Real Background because i was determined to have them be queer and happy and in the sunshine. so it holds a special place in my heart :’)

3. refuse poster

i did this one on a stream too and i’ll always remember vividly i had a migraine in the middle and had to stop lol. maybe my first one idr. im using the poster version that i use as bg art for my twitch so as not to make a long post even longer with a big vertical, it’s kinda small, but yeah. i had sooo much fun with the weird creepy red light in this one :’)

4. snowdin mist

a bg from @undertale-refuse! for this: i taught myself how to draw fir trees! or, not quite firs but. i tried. this was the first real artwork that i did real trees in! i had so much fun working with the snow and mist and light. :’)

5. surface sunrise

another comic bg! this actually didn’t start out as a sunrise pic, but i think i decided on it bc of some detail like the angle of the mountains or the detail of the time of day, and i’m so glad i did because i think it came out really well! the blues and purples in the shadows were fun to add - i did lots of color layers over the non-dawn one to get it juuust right. the color scheme makes me so happy :’)


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Name: Pascale
Nickname: (i don’t really have one but) pass, pascalou and i have this one friend who calls me passou
Zodiac sign: libra
Height: 157 cm // almost 5′2
Orientation: straight
Nationality: canadienne / québécoise
Favourite fruit: raspberry
Favourite season: autumn
Favourite book: the book thief // anna and the french kiss
Favourite flower: ??? i don’t know
Favourite scent: hmm lilac?
Favourite colour: grey // orange // dark blue
Favourite animal: cat
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
Average sleep hours: 8
Cat or dog person: cat!!!!!!
Favourite fictional character: oh that’s a good one… probably étienne st.clair because i love him with all my heart
Number of blankets: 4
Dream trip: norway
Blog created: january 2017
Number of followers: 570

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I’m soooo glad I self-quarantined because this intestinal chaos has sent my mental health into a fucking tailspin & I’m just so glad I removed myself from everyone before I took it out on people I care about. Aside from some shitty posts here in private, I’m not snapping on anyone, which is such a relief. I would hate myself if this hurt anyone, unwarranted. Ive had a racing heart for the last 13 hours & I can’t sleep more than 30 mins at a time. I can physically feel the veins in my neck surging, & my mind is racing in destructive circles. I’m going to the mental health clinic as soon as they’re open. I need a hug. I’m so tired.

okay so i need some help...

okay so I got myself a boyfriend (yay me) but we’re having a bit of a struggle. His mom is a bitch. We’re long distance, him living in Ohio, and me living in Northern Britain so obviously our only way of communication is through social media. but his mom decided he was being too ‘distant’ and decided to go on his laptop and read our skype conversation (granted it’s about a month old now) but she flipped and he got into a lot of trouble. she took his phone from him so he’s been discreetly messaging me from an old tablet he had hidden. he’s not been in a good place mentally for the past few days and he told me yesterday that he was sitting on the sofa with his eyes red from crying and his mom came up and yelled at him.

We had a small discussion about how he could live with his dad instead but his dad lives 2-3 hours away, meaning he cant see his friends or work very easily. He also mentioned that if he brought it up to his mom, she’d start crying. 

Long story short, we both dont want him around his mom for the sake of his mental health but theres not much i can do, being about 3000 miles away.

 Any help/advice would be appreciate!

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Are you going to upload the vid you mentioned about interviewing a witness from the other day, the world awaits

Screenshot from the vid I took. At this point he was feeling extremely uncomfortable as he realized he had given false statements to the thai police that contradicted the video statement he uploaded on youtube just a few hours prior and that again contradicted the statements he gave in my 21 min video.

He called me a ‘washed up 40 year old who gets around in an old shirt with old shorts’. The irony was he was wearing the EXACT same shirt and when I said ‘who inspired you to wear that shirt’ he said ‘you did’.

I dont know where the fuck these confused kids come from but Im sick of dealing with their bullshit. I aint their daddy!


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do you know that (8/8) : bts edition