this took me about 30 seconds

I just had two rly good games at kings row!

when defending, I managed to hold the first point until our team came back from a wipe, which was, at least 30 seconds. our hanzo ulted and we managed to push em back but it was super intense and I was worried I had wasted my emp! Also there was an enemy sombra so I was worried she’d put play me. At the end of the game I kept my gold elims and this pharah whose barrage I stopped like three times kept harping in the chat about how I translocated to my death (it was cos their junkrat was there and I panicked. Not my highest moment)

Then when we attacked which took a bit because 5 people from the enemy team bailed) we had someone on our team who was like “I’m practicing zarya so I might suck” and she was. So fucking good. Idk if it was because the enemy team was bad or what, but she also listened to me when it came to combining ultis. She got potg and was like “I didn’t think I’d do that well” and it was rly pleasant! Also the enemy soldier whispered at me to kms because I killed him like 3 times, even when he’d try to solo ult me so… success?


We ended our workout with some intense One Minute sprints and of course posing practice. One minute sprints might sound like nothing but on your 5 th set your legs feel so pumped ! I can say that I feel great about my conditioning. It’s literally taking me all workout to break as sweat , I feel like I can workout all day sometimes. Try 20/30 second sprints if you are a beginner and work your way up to one minute sprints with 30 second rest in between ❤️ #PrincessofFitness #TeamChulaFitness #NayFit -#WORKFORIT #CHALLENGE #teamnatural #quadzilla #webuilditNOTbuyit #squatsnoshots #sprinterforlife #UGA #therealthingbaby 💁🏽And no we didn’t workout in these outfits. We took photos and made this video before we changed 😜 don’t get too excited ! The shoot was private. Only friends and photographer were present. Get your panties out of a twist. Don’t waste your time with negative comments. I block people for fun!

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 I just called Paul Ryan. I’m vouching for the number and the survey.

IMPORTANT: If you call and the mailbox is full, hang up and call again. I got that message my first time also. When you call back, you’ll probably have about a minute and 30 seconds of total silence.

DO NOT HANG UP. You’ll finally hear a recording which will ask you which survey you’d like to participate in. More instructions are below, including the phone number.

If you are concerned about Americans’ access to healthcare insurance and the changes proposed by the Republican party, please call Paul Ryan. It took me only a few minutes and it literally is life and death for so many people. Paul Ryan is conducting a phone poll on the ACA (Obamacare), hoping to hear overwhelming popular opposition to it.

If you would like to express your support for the Affordable Care Act, call 202-225-3031. [Some have had better luck with the number 202-225-0600.]

Press 2 to weigh in on the issue. You’ll hear a brief recording about HR-3762, Paul Ryan’s proposal to gut the ACA, and President Obama’s use of his veto power to stop it.

Then you will have a chance to indicate your opinion with the press of a button. Press 1 if you support Obamacare, 2 if you oppose it.

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The Wings Tour - 19/03/2017 - São Paulo, Brasil

So I went to the BTS concert here in Brasil…. I was going to make a whole text about it and stuff but I decided that my own self freaking out to my friend on twitter right after I came back from the concert was a more accurate description of my experience over there. So I decided to just copy and paste everything I sent to her, with all the grammar mistakes, caps and misspelling:

“So first of all I’m dead… like come to my funeral tomorrow cause I’m fucking dead. 

Second of all it’s now almost four am, the concert ended about 22:30 and just now after I took a shower I managed to stop shaking and crying.  

Third of all my body hurts like I’ve been run over by a truck but it’s okay.

So let me tell you about the concert.







On the end of spring day that is the last song we sang the oh oh oh from the MV and they got so moved, like they were holding back tears or even crying and UGH I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH


Then I sent her some shitty pics with some captions such as: “Seokjin slaying my entire existence with awake like damn son”

And started to freak out again: “Then they started to talk in fUCKING PORTUGUESE LIKE PROS so I decided to record it” 

And then I send her the videos of the boys talking in portuguese (all the bold parts is me translating to her what they said in portuguese btw and i’ll link the videos I posted on my Instagram if anyone wants to see it), again with captions such as: He said that thanks to us he feels better LIKE OMG JIN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES US FEEL BETTER OMG I LOVE HIM” or “Hope to see you more times” “now im really happy” MY SON ITS TOO CUTE GOD BLESS HIM” about Jungkook and then: “The time passed too fast, I wish it didn’t end here” CAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING BECAUSE I BET YOI CAN!!! KIM TAEHYUNG WAMTS TO SEE ME DEAD I SWEAR! HIS PORTUGUESE IS SO CUTE HIM SAYING THAT IS MY NEW RELIGION GODDAMMIT I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF HIM I’m okay I’m okay~~~” about Taehyung and I think you can all guess from me freaking out about him to her that he is my ultimate bias… and “Are you gonna miss us” NAH JOONIE WHY WOULD I- YES OF COURSE I WILL PLS DONT LEAVE ME” or “ “Brazil always leaves me with good memories” HE KILLED ME. HE JUST KILLED ME.” about Yoongi and then “I got emotional” ME TOO JIMINIE ME TOO” and to end with a huge bang: “You are our wings that’s why we can fly high, let’s fly higher together” HOSEOK ENDED ME WOTH THIS! HOW DARE HIM! HOW CAN HE EVEN KNOW HOW TO SAY SUCH THINGS IN PORTUGUESE DAMMIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHHHH”

You can all see from that mess that it was an amazing concert. The day after I woke up crying and I couldn’t stop crying because after the adrenaline kicked off, all my emotions exploded. I was completely wrecked.

I never loved any group or band as much as I love BTS. They really do mean everything to me and I never knew I could love a group this much because I loved some others in the past and my feelings fro them were big and deep but with BTS is a feeling that I can’t even begin to describe. I love each and every single one of them with all my heart and nothing makes me happier than knowing that I made them happy in this concert. 

It was nice to see that in the concert on the day after Namjoon changed his lyrics after we chanted “we love you” to him. Hear him singing “yes I do love myself” messed up with my emotions in a way I don’t know how to describe. I feel very lucky to have been part of the reason why this happened and I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow b-armys that made these two concerts unforgettable nights not only for BTS but for us armys as well. 

Now all my pics are shit because I couldn’t stop shaking but I’ll leave this one here because this one is probably the only one that is not shaken and it is my bias and my bias wrecker… plus Yoongi’s face is funny lol… <333

btw thanks @ochisu for hearing me freaking out about this, I love youuuuu.

an incomplete list of really annoying adhd symptoms

- Losing your phone and/or keys at least once a day, usually multiple times. (Especially my phone. If my phone is not in my hand I probably have no idea where it is.)  

- Looking like an asshole 24/7 even though you’re actually a really considerate person at heart because you constantly forget to reply to texts and messages, RSVP to events, tip waiters, etc. It took me about two weeks to realize I hadn’t yet donated to my friend’s Kickstarter. 

- Driving is just. You know. Fun. 

- Completely forgetting what you were going to say in the middle of probably 30% of your sentences. 

- Constantly burning food, leaving detergent on too long, etc. because you step out of the room for two seconds and end up distracted by something else.

- Fighting back tears when you need to clean a space but there are too many Items and u need to move them all and sort them out….somehow…kill me

- Needing clean, clear spaces in your home in order to think straight, but everything is constantly a mess because executive dysfunction. 

- That persistent feeling, even when you’re calm and feeling mostly fine, that you’ve probably forgotten something of dire importance and your life is about to come crashing down around you. 

- Getting super flustered when someone gives you instructions to follow that aren’t written down. 

- Being actually really fucking smart but having nothing to show for it because you struggle to follow instructions, remember key components of simple tasks, and you get confused by half of what people say to you.

- Being really hardworking and taking your work really seriously but getting no credit for it because you can’t perform half as well as employees who care half as much.

- Not understanding jokes. Not understanding jokes. Not understanding jokes.  N o t  u n d e r s t a n d i n g  j o k e s   

- Thought of a good song lyric, melody, or description? You better write that shit down NOW because it’s gonna be gone in 20 seconds. 

- Not knowing how to respond to various things people say so you just end up saying the most accidentally rude or awkward thing you possibly could. 

- Literally not even being able to focus on things that you love to do. Having to structure time to do things that are fulfilling to you. *bangs head against wall repeatedly*

- Checking and re-checking any work you do because who the hell knows what glaringly obvious idiotic mistake you might have made.

- Realizing that absolutely everything you know how to do halfway competently is a combination of Google and winging it because your brain just does not process information the way it’s normally presented and “common sense” is not a thing with you. 

- Having to set an unsettling amount of alarms on your phone if you actually want to remember the things you need to do. 

- Pretty much never making any recipe that involves more than 4 ingredients because anything past that gets overwhelming. 

- Making to-do lists and forgetting you made them. 


Well, what if I get water in my mouth and I can’t breathe?

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit. They also say it takes 30 days to break one. I’ve learned that both of these statements are wildly untrue.

It took seconds for you to become a habit of mine; a dirty routine that drained both my heart and soul.

And it took months on end for me to break free of the grip you had over my heart. You were a habit that time itself could barely break.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #104 // old habits die hard is quite the understatement

Didn’t do nails- sold the decision to myself as being about gender equality but really I was just too tired to go. Worked on train, but will chillax on way home. Need much more coffee. Awful circles under my eyes. Not bothering to deal with makeup until right before interview. Shoes are killing me, might write a complaint letter about these shoes. M got her second wind and wouldn’t go to bed last night until a time that i’m embarrassed to even type. I was scared I’d sleep through alarm, woke up every half hour, finally gave in and took shower at 4:30. We’ll get through the day though. Sorry for all the stress blogging!

Okay Lucy. If you want to be a paid freelance writer, it’s time to be SMART about it and put all you’ve learnt to good use, if you want to make sure you do actually get paid.

I’m asking my new employer if we can both sign a contract that ensures I’ll get paid. Jobs out in the “real world” generally all have contracts that you need to sign. It took me 30 seconds to find a website that you can create a contract on for PENCE, and sign it online too. I’m taking no chances. There’s no way I’m going to knuckle down and churn out reports like there’s no tomorrow when I don’t have a guarantee I’ll see money at the end of the month. it’s fine doing the odd one or two voluntarily but as soon as money gets involved, serious, ADULT Lucy needs to step in. 

Fingers crossed he’ll agree to this contract. It’s a piece of mind and a piece of law. I refuse to be taken advantage of. Chances are, this is all COMPLETELY legitimate. But personally, I need that reassurance in the form of a legally binding contract before I undertake any task that will potentially be a form of income.

Sexy As Hell



Thursday 1:15 PM.

Brett’s POV

I woke up at 7:30 AM, took a long shower so I would look my best for my consultation at 1:30 PM. I haven’t drink since my last appointment at the clinic. Some how I couldn’t take (Y/N) out of my head, the ways she pronounced every word with her big round lips and the way she smiled when I told her about me. I still couldn’t comprehend why I couldn’t use all of my werewolf powers with her and how I didn’t affect her at all. This woman was starting to drive me Insane. I ate breakfast with Theo and told him all about (Y/N). It was raining in beacon hills today so I was wearing black jeans, black tank top and a black leather jacket. My hair was in its best messy way and I had my aviators on. My mom was working today so I drove myself to the clinic fast. And I’m here waiting inside my car because I was way to anxious to wait till the right time to drive up here. But I also don’t want to look desperate to see her and go in way too early. So I’m sitting here like an idiot holding a big caramel ice latte because she told me that was her favorite drink and I don’t even know why I brought her one but I did.
It was 1:25 PM when I finally decided it was a good time to go into the building. The same older woman greeted me and said that the doctor was already waiting for me in the same room from last time. She was grabbing her jacket so I guess she was ready to take her lunch break. I walked the small hallway and knocked on the door hearing the same sweet voice telling me to come in. I opened the door and I saw her sitting at her desk. She was sexier today. Wearing a white v neck shirt letting me see her boobs a little better this time, white ripped jeans, a black leather jacket and black heels. Her hair was falling over her face in long straight layers, she wore big square glasses today. Which made her eyes look even more welcoming.
She smiled at me when she saw that I was standing there awkwardly holding the coffee in my hands and I thought I saw her checking me out and biting her lips afterwards. But her heartbeat was still steady so I must be imagining things. “Hey Brett, how are you today?” She asked and I realized I was staring at her boobs. I cleaned my throat and smirked at her “you know, the usual. I bought you some coffee” I said stretching my arm out so she could reach the beverage in my hands. “Thank you. I really needed some” she said with a little laugh. Sexy as hell. “Well shall we start?” “Yeah sure, i don’t have any choice anyway” I said shrugging my shoulders and sitting down on the couch. She got up from the table with her notebook and she walked slowly, she was still a lot shorter than me with heels on. But they made her look so fucking sexy I was already getting turned on. “Now, how was your week? Did you talk to Susan at all? Did you go out for drinks? Smoke? Hung out with your friends? Fill me in” she said sitting down next to me “It was ok. I didn’t talk to Susan and no I didn’t do much. Just stayed at home, ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies” “Sounds like fun” she said and I giggled. “Yeah but I really need to start working out again, I’m getting out of shape” “I think you’re perfectly fine” she said biting the top of the pen and looking me up and down. Fuck I was starting to get a boner and she was close enough that I could smell her perfume all over me, her chest was going up and down with her respiratory movement and I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs. I would love to be biting them right now. “So you think I’m hot” I said smirking “well if we are being honest. Yes you are pretty hot and in shape. Now that doesn’t mean I was to sleep with you” she smirked a bit sarcastic and that only made her sexier. “Are you sure?” I asked cheekily. She smiled not saying anything so I moved closer and closer, and she didn’t move one muscle nor pushed me away. When I was inches away from her neck I whispered “are you sure you don’t want me to show you a good time? You looked stressed and I really don’t have anything new to talk about for one hour, maybe we should try another method of therapy huh?” She sighed and looked at me “Brett, we have to be professional. Your mom hired me to take care of your problems. And that’s all I’m going to do” frankly I didn’t pay much attention to what she said. I was too busy staring at her lips “You could start by taking care of this problem” I said grabbing her hand and putting it on top of the bulge in my pants, she looked at me in a warning way and sighed closing her eyes. But she didn’t move her hands. Her heartbeat was still steady. So either she was really professional or she was very hard to turn on. When she opened her eyes they were glowing. Deep purple. I was taken back in shock and my mouth fell open “your eyes…” I began and she got up quickly and walked to her desk standing with her back turned towards me. “ it’s the lighting in here ” she tried to play it off with a pretty lame excuse and I walked over to her trapping her between me and the table “look at me” I asked softly and she shook her head “please back off. You’re too close” she whispered and I closed even more our gap “look at me (Y/N)” I said demanding and she did as I told, staring at me with her big brown eyes. I shined my bright yellow eyes at her and she looked as surprise as me when I saw her real eyes a couple of seconds ago. “What are you?” She asked cupping my cheek “a werewolf” I said bringing my eyes back to the turquoise color “what are you? I’ve never seen eyes like that before” I whispered just inches away from her lips “ A witch” she said moving her nose with mine and I looked at her. Aren’t witches supposed to be ugly and old and all that bullshit? I really didn’t care right now. All I wanted to do was kiss her and fuck her senseless “I’m not a monster” she said with pain in her voice “of course not, you’re not a monster. Neither am I. We are supernatural creatures. That doesn’t mean we are bad or murderers” I said laughing a bit and she smiled looking down and blushing “that explains why I couldn’t pick up your heart beat rate” I said letting her free and she took her leather jacket off. “Yours was going crazy every time you saw me. I guess I really turned you on huh?” She said taking two beers out of the mini bar and I blushed “not fair, you’re drop dead gorgeous, you would turn everyone on” I said getting one of the beers and taking a sip, she walked up to me and smirked reaching for my leather jacket taking it off with a fast move.
Her hands trailed up my arms causing me goose bumps and my heart beat was starting to speed up, my free hand instantly gripped her hips and I pulled her close “can you hear my heartbeat now?” She whispered and bit my earlobe afterwards. I listened carefully and I could hear her heart pounding in her chest like she just finished running a mile long. “Why can I hear it now?” I asked with hoarse voice and she looked at me, putting her arms around my neck “because you know what I am, because I’m letting you in, because I’m not protecting my true form around you anymore” she said and my hand slid down to her butt gripping it firmly “human or witch. You’re fucking up my head, so if you’re not going to let me tear you apart stop teasing me” I said kissing her neck and setting the beer down on the table so I could touch her everywhere while I still had the chance. “This is wrong…” She said moving her head so I could have better access to her neck “why does it feel so right? I want you, you want me. We are both single adults. What’s wrong with that baby girl?” I asked turning us around so she was trapped between me and the desk, for the second time this afternoon. “Someone could find out and I’m your therapist” she said playing with my hair “so fucking what? Tell me that you don’t want this and I’ll stop” I said not believing my own words while I slowly pulled her shirt up. “Brett…. Oh fuck it” she said grabbing me by the neck and kissing me.
Her lips were soft and she tasted like coffee, I pressed her body against mine trying to feel every single little piece of her. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip and I slowly opened up my lips playing with her tongue with my own. The kiss was slow but the moment she pulled a bit of my hair and scratched the back of my neck I didn’t hesitate in kissing her with more pressure. I just wanted to be rough with her. I just wanted to make her scream my name. And beg for me to let her cum.
She pulled away and looked up at me with her glowing purple eyes and I was pretty sure I could of came right there. She was so beautiful, her hand caressed my cheek again but this time long black claws lightly scratched my face. “I’m not pretty when I’m like this” she whispered looking down. “I think you look even prettier like that” I said and she smiled and I smiled back noticing my fangs “I like the werewolf look on you” she said winking at me and I bit her lip drowning blood from it. Somehow she seemed to like that. She stepped away from me and guided me to the couch. Making me sit down. I pulled her making her sit on top of my lap so she could feel how much she was turning me on. She kissed me again managing to mess up even more my messy hair. My hand were on her butt moving her slightly trying to cause us both some relief. I could smell her arousal and it was driving me insane it was almost like I could feel every single little touch she gave me times ten. It was making my dick throb inside my boxers that was already wet with pre cum. We broke the kiss gasping for air and I quickly began kissing her neck, finding one of her sweet spots right below her earlobe sucking and biting on it making sure to leave a mark. The sound that came out of her mouth made me lose all of the rest of self control I had left. My claws quickly tore her shit in half and I could see her white lace bra. A low growl left my lips and I ripped her bra apart too, not having time to take it off. Her boobs were even better than what I pictured. Perky round and hard. I looked up at her and she bit her lips making me press her hips down on mine, another one of her moans filled my ear and my mouth automatically started kissing and liking her left boob while my hand took care of the other. Her nipples were hard and I quickly put one inside my mouth circling my tongue around it, biting and sucking on the skin, switching between both of her boobs giving them the attention they deserved. Meanwhile she was a moaning mess on tops of me, pulling my hair, scratching my neck and bringing my face even closer to her skin. I was starting to sweat so I quickly took off my tank top letting go of her boobs for a moment.
When I looked at them again they were full of purple and red marks, some of the marks had bite marks and her nipples were even harder now, dripping saliva. I sucked them dry for a little while before she pulled me away earning a low growl of disapproval from my part. Her hands went down my chest, scratching my pecs and abs and she started kissing my neck. She made me numb like no other woman had ever made me, I could feel her sucking on my skin and kissing her way down to the hem of my pants. I was already in pain and my dick needed attention. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down with my boxers setting me free. I winced when cold air hit my head and when her lips touched it my eyes rolled back. God she was going to kill me. Her hand grabbed my dick firmly and she starting moving her hand up and down slowly teasing me. My lips were already bleeding because of how hard I was biting it with my fangs. Her claws were scratching my thigh while she circled her tongue around my head. “God you’re beautiful” I said making a ponytail with her long dark hair and she hummed with her mouth around my cock and I twitched. I wasn’t going to last long “you’re going to make me cum” I said and she bobbed her head faster, she tried to take more of me in but she couldn’t take it all the way, which she took care with her hands. She let my head go with a pop and licked my dick up and down putting it back in her mouth. My hand moved her head faster and when I realized I was trusting in her mouth ready to release. She didn’t complain. She looked at me and then down focusing on making me cum “fuck I’m coming” I growled releasing inside her mouth. She swallowed and liked me clean.
I was panting and sweating like crazy and I couldn’t wait to taste her. She got up from her knees and I grabbed her throwing her in the couch next to me. I kissed her again and unbuttoned her skinny jeans taking them off of her body fast. She was wearing a mini thong that barely covered anything. I looked up at her and she smirked at me “naughty girl” I growled against her neck biting down and she moaned scratching my shoulders. I opened her legs and started massaging her clit through the thin fabric of her panties. She was soaking wet and she couldn’t keep her moans in. I ripped her panties apart throwing it over my shoulder and got down between her legs. She looked at me sleepily and I began liking her labia, she closed her eyes immediately “look at me babe” I demanded and she opened her eyes watching while I slowly opened her lips and liked her clit causing her to pull my hair, I sucked her clit inside my mouth and nibbled on it a couple of times and all I could hear was her heavy sighs and her low moans. I slid one finger inside of her pussy and my dick throbbed when I realized how tight she was. She buried my head between her legs and I ate her faster making sure I was moving my finger up and out of her in the same speed. “I’m going to.. Ooh Brett” my name coming out of her lips made me work even harder.
Her lips parted and her mouth fell into a O, her head fell back and she arched moving herself against my face I closed my eyes and hummed around her clit sending her over the edge. I could feel her toes curling against my back and the loud moan that came out of her mouth made me not want to stop. But she was too sensible and I didn’t want to hurt her. I liked her cleaned and made my ways up her body. She still had her eyes closed and a relaxed expression was present on her face. “How are you feeling now?” I whispered trailing her arms with my fingertips. “Much better” she said with a low voice and I giggled.
She hugged me and started kissing me slowly again. She was perfection. I hear a pound knock on the door and we both looked at each other in panic. She got up and answered “yes? I’m still in section” “oh I’m sorry Dr. (Y/L/N) but your next patient it’s already here” I heard her receptionist voice and I growled frustrated. (Y/N) looked at me and started to put her jeans back on, since I ripped her underwear, bra and shirt I looked at her with a question look “how are you going to talk to q patient with your boobs out?” “ I have another shirt in that drawer in the table, and I’ll just put my jacket on so my nipples won’t peek through the material” she said pointing at the drawer. I nodded and put my clothes on watching her do the same. After we were both dressed she looked at me a little embarrassed “I’m sorry about this” she said scratching her neck and I smiled grabbing her hips and kissing her lips fast “ it’s ok, can I make another appointment tomorrow so we can finish this? ” I asked putting my forehead against hers. “How about I give you my number, and you can come over later?” She said and I smiled big “I would love that, so can I take you on a date or are you just using my sexy body?” I said and she laughed kissing me “maybe”

Third part ?

Started a new Schoolism class this week! The self-taught ‘Designing with Colour and Light’ with Nathan Fowkes. 

Same first assignment as for his Enviro Design class. I’d say this is one of my favourite exercises and it’s also one that has helped me so much with my understanding of colour. Every study took about 20-30 minutes, except for the third one on the second column, that one took me close to an hour I believe. But the colours were so hard to see and understand, because like half the image is reflections and translucency. So happy I did it tho! Brought me way out of the comfort zone. 

IUD Infornation

2 hours after getting the Skyla inserted, i’ve had two episodes of brief, yet severe cramping. probably because i got in the car to go out for taco tuesday 😂 but now i’m going to go lay on the couch and play video games.

the insertion was extremely painful, but only lasted about 30-45 seconds and then it wasn’t so bad. i took 600 mg ibuprofen before the appointment. had meditation music playing during the procedure and was doing my best to practice deep breathing. it helped as best as it could. i honestly thought i was going to pass out and my body felt tingly, but after about 5 minutes of meditation i got up and felt fine. i love my doctor. she was encouraging and supportive the entire time and told me to take as much time afterwards that i needed to center myself.

if there are any people thinking about getting an IUD, i’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Save Me - Chapter 54

The conversation during breakfast was light and fun as soon as I dropped my offer to have my assistant handle everything. I had no plans to mention that again. Really, most of what we talked about was family… Jared talked about Shannon and it was so endearing how close they were. It reminded me of my brother Aaron and myself.

“Shannon says hello, by the way.” Jared said as he took another bite of toast.

“So, he obviously knows you stayed to have dinner with me last night?” I asked. I wondered how much everyone knew. It made me feel better knowing the people closest to Jared knew about me. It has to say something that I wasn’t some dirty little secret, right?

“He does…and he keeps teasing me about it too.” Jared laughed, “He really likes you, ya know.”

“I liked him too. After I got over being completely embarrassed by him.” I said rolling my eyes and chuckling at the memory.

“When was this?” Jared asked curiously.

“The girls and I passed him on our way to the meet and greet after you made me miss his backstage tour. I didn’t realize until then it was a total set up. Shannon was going towards your dressing room, he made a comment like ‘hope you guys had a nice, umm, talk’ and I knew he knew…” I told him shaking my head.

“Oh, then! ” Jared said laughing recalling exactly how that all went down. “Well, in his defense, he knew I needed reinforcements, especially since I thought you weren’t going to show. He knew I needed some alone time with you if by some miracle you ended up coming.”

“I can’t believe you set me up! All you had to do was ask, ya know, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble.” I said, totally not shocked but slapping his arm playfully anyway.

“Actually, I can’t take any credit, we didn’t really talk specifics. He came up with that backstage tour idea all on his own. He just knew I needed a few minutes. After the tour thing was brought up, I knew with Lily’s little obsession with him, it would be a good distraction and I just went with it.” Jared explained with a smile.

What stinkers! I’ll have to give Shannon a big hug and kiss on the cheek for coming up with that little diversion though. It gave us the time we needed together. I don’t think Jared and I would be sitting here right now if he hadn’t.

“Does he think you’re crazy?” I asked, my turn to be curious…

Because, when you really think about it, it is kinda crazy…what Jared and I were doing. I’m sure when I tell Aaron I’m changing my work travel to spend the week here with Jared, he’s going to think I’m crazy too. This was supposed to just be a weekend fling. Who knew it would turn into so much more?

“No, he doesn’t think it’s crazy. He’s my brother and he supports me unconditionally just like I support him. If the tables were turned, I’d encourage him to follow his heart and his gut. Growing up we really just had each other, ya know…” Jared said as he looked away. “he’s my best friend, my confidant.” Jared turned his eyes towards me then continued with a small shy smile, “Besides, he likes you….Thinks you’re funny and sweet. He gets it.” Jared said as he tried to lightened the mood.

I think talking about himself, even talking about Shannon was something he doesn’t do very much. At least, not in a honest way. I’m sure they get asked tons of questions during interviews about their childhood and upbringing but I think it’s pretty safe to assume Jared keeps everything that’s personal very private. I was so touched that he gave me a little insight and felt comfortable enough to be that open.

The first time I had a panic attack I was sitting in my friend’s house, and I thought the house was burning down. I called my mom and she brought me home, and for the next three years it just would not stop.I would go to the nurse at lunch most days and just wring my hands. I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to be, then ask again 30 seconds later. I just needed to know that no one was going to die and nothing was going to change.” - her parents took her to see a therapist, but soon after learned that participating in shows at the local youth theater was the real remedy. - “There’s something about the immediacy of acting, you can’t afford to think about a million other things. You have to think about the task at hand. Acting forces me to sort of be like a Zen master: What is happening right in this moment?– Emma Stone. 

Name: Brian Keele          

City: Atlanta

Instrument: 1999 Gibson Custom & Historic 1961/1962 Les Paul (SG) Custom

My wife and I didn’t get married until a few weeks before I turned 40.  She was well worth the wait.  Similarly, it took me decades to find my musical soulmate…

I’ve played guitar for about 30 years, several of them as a gigging and recording professional.  I’ve owned 5 Les Pauls, 4 Strats, a Tele (briefly), a few hollowbodies, 3 acoustics, a 12-string, a lap steel, 4 basses, and at least one pointy product of the late 80s of which I’m not proud.  Through it all, I’d never given a second glance to an SG.  That changed last year when I attended both shows of an amazing 2-night stand by HoneyHoney at Eddie’s Attic, and spent the better part of both nights mesmerized by the sound and look of guitarist Ben Jaffe’s glorious reissue ’61 LP/SG Custom.  (note: they were known as Les Pauls in 1961 & 1962, until Les had Gibson pull his name and replace it with SG, for “Standard Guitar”)  I spent the next few weeks dreaming of SGs, occasionally browsing listings online, all while telling myself that I did not need another guitar, and that it was just a crush that I’d soon get over.  And then one night I stumbled across a listing on that literally gave me chills – Classic White, triple-pickup Custom model with a Maestro Vibrola unit and very rare stock nickel hardware (which I greatly prefer over the usual gold).  Against my better judgement, and after a few days of questions and negotiation with the seller, I nervously pulled the trigger…

I was nervous because I wasn’t at all sure what I was getting.  I had never spent time playing any SG – for all I knew, I might hate the way they felt.  I also preferred to put hands on an instrument before buying it, and as such had rarely purchased guitars online.  Sure enough, upon its arrival I thought I’d made a mistake.  The neck was wide and flat and a little chunky in the back - not at all like the thin, narrow “slim taper” LP or “thin C” Strat necks I was used to playing.  To make matters worse, the balance of the guitar seemed all wonky, and it looked funny when I played it slung low like a Les Paul.  What the hell had I done?

Within 2 days I was completely hooked.  I shortened my strap by almost a foot and found that the guitar was incredibly comfortable and well-balanced.  It was much lighter than my back-breaking LPs, and most importantly, sounded amazing through everything from a dead clean Fender Deluxe Reverb to a cranked Friedman Dirty Shirley.  The neck profile that I was so worried about ended up being far more comfortable for my large-ish hands than those of my other guitars.  My playing became cleaner, I had less hand fatigue, and I was able to pull off licks that I was never able to previously.

As the seller noted in his listing, the guitar itself has undeniable “mojo”.  It was originally owned by a noted blind blues player in New Orleans named Bryan Lee – a cool coincidence given that my first and middle names are Brian Lee.  Despite only being 18 years old, the guitar has been PLAYED, and has the battle scars to prove it.  It’s like something you’d expect to see leaning in the corner of a Louisiana roadhouse, which is to say that it’s nice and broken-in.  It features plenty of finish checking/cracking, numerous scratches and dings, yellowed patches, hardware patina, some random areas of mismatched white touch-up paint, and an odd little raised “nubbin” on the back of the neck around the 15th fret.  (I think this was installed as a tactile position marker for the original owner, and was carefully located where it doesn’t affect playability)  The original pickups were at some point replaced with Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers, which sound great to my ear.  Since buying it, I’ve lowered the action slightly, changed out the Vibrola bar, replaced the original Klusons with aged milk-bottle style Grover tuners, added straplocks and a custom strap, and housed it in a new plush, white-lined Gibson case to replace the ill-fitting Gibson Nighthawk case that it came to me in.

A year later, this is the only guitar I reach for, and it’s ushered in a very happy and productive period for me both as a player and as a songwriter.  It truly is the guitar of my dreams and my musical soulmate – it just took me 30 years to find it…

I’ve come to the hospital to visit my grandad and the place is like a fucking maze. It is so badly sign posted. I’ve walked around for 30 minutes trying to find his ward and I nearly cried at one point because no one was texting me back and I was just lost in this fucking hospital. So thankfully I tried his bed side number which took one minute and 18 seconds of pre-recorded bollocks about pestering patients until it connected. He answered and said hello and hung up. I was on the verge of a breakdown. There’s no reception anywhere on this floor and nobody around to ask so I just kept walking and finally I found it and visiting doesn’t start until 2. Everyone told me 1. I’m currently sat on the floor of a hospital corridor trying not to have a meltdown. I just cba. I’m exhausted, in pain and pregnant. I’ve also got 29 million things to do and people can’t even tell me the right time when it is on a massive fucking poster outside the ward.

Some people on overwatch are ridiculous.
Like theres a person who is going “i need healing” every five seconds then running off to health packs before i can get around the corner and to them. Like walking away constantly, not even to fight.
So i healed as much asi could, but near the end of the play everyone was high health except that one person. So i went offensive instead. I took down a bynch of people and kept them off the payload with about 30% help from my team.
So after the game we won, i say “good job everyone.” Someone commends me on my job as mercy. Then the person who goes running off constantly after asking for healing goes “but she didnt do anything.”
Needless to say they got bitched out and had to find a new healer. Like fuck yourself. Just go fuck yourself. Dont assume im not doing shit all when im sitting there healing and damage boosting and shooting and trying not to fucking die so i can save your asses as much as possible.
Also its sad when the tanks wont get down and dirty because they dont want to die but the healer will go in and take the chance because you fucking wont.