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Imagine Chris admitting you’re his celebrity crush.

A/N: This is a request from @unstainedlight and it took me forever to get to, I’m so sorry. But here it is, finally! It’s super cute and I’d a lot of fun writing it (as in I giggled a lot) Enjoy! X

You arrived on the ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ set shortly after your husband, Chris. The two of you came in separate cars because you’d come from your movie set, whereas he came from the hotel you were put up in while working in New York; he wasn’t due to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ until May. Both you and Chris had been invited by Jimmy Fallon to do your own respective interviews on your upcoming movies and pending projects, or so the both of you thought. As it turned out, those reasons were just bait given to your publicists to get both of you on his set at the same time without raising suspicion; the man had something cheeky planned.

Jimmy had interviewed Chris numerous times now- one could say that they were friends, so Jimmy knew about Chris’ crush on you. He’d said numerous times now, in most of his interviews, that you were a beautiful actress he admired, with values, morals, and ethics that made him think very highly of you; or in short, that you were his celebrity crush. The thing that Jimmy didn’t know, however, was that they two of you were actually married. You’d met Chris in 2014 while having lunch with your friends, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Chris was a good friend of John’s who thought the two of you would hit it off, and you did almost immediately.

After that day, the two of you starting secretly dating under the media’s radar because neither of you wanted the stress that came with having your relationship in the limelight. Both of you had been in the industry for a while now, so you knew what it was like when you started dating someone. The constant scrutiny, the tabloids and the rumors, the analyzing of everything you do and say, the haters and cynics calling the relationship a publicity stunt and waiting for it to blow up- you didn’t want to deal with that. Those were the things that usually ended a Hollywood relationship which was the last thing you and Chris wanted, so things between the two of you were kept under a tight lid.

Your friends and family knew about the relationship, but everyone did as you both asked and kept what they knew to themselves. During your time as boyfriend and girlfriend, you attended all red carpet events alone and took no photos together so you wouldn’t risk revealing your relationship to the world. It was unpractical, difficult, and occasionally lonely, but it worked out. Of course you weren’t going to keep it a secret forever, at some point you were going to want to reveal to the world that you were with the best person you’d ever met; vice versa. You’d both agreed to keep things hush until things were more solidified, and now that the two of you were happily married- the relationship was to be revealed at your movie premiere which was in a week’s time. But perhaps Jimmy’s cheeky little plan to embarrass Chris would move that announcement up.

“Hey stranger,” you called as you caught Chris in your dressing room mirror; he was up first and was walking towards the stage. He poked his head in and shot you a smile which you reciprocated. “Good luck out there, Captain America,” you gave him a two finger salute which made him laugh as he disappeared around the corner with the stage manager.

“Oh my God,” your makeup artist, Arizona, let out the breath she was holding in. “He is so freaking handsome,” she said then chuckled when you laughed. “I’m so glad I’m not the one doing his makeup, I wouldn’t be able to focus.” You said nothing in response as you closed your eyes to let her finish doing your eyeshadow. “Are the two of you friends?”

“I guess,” you shrugged nonchalantly.

“You know you’re his celebrity crush, right?” She was grinning excitedly when you opened your eyes. “As a fan of both you and Chris Evans, I can say that the two of you would make such a great couple.” You had to bite the inside of your cheek to stop from laughing. “You two should really make a movie together, 'cause that’d be amazing.”

“Yeah,” you nodded in agreement.

“Okay,” she sprayed your face with setting spray then tucked a stray hair in its place. “All done, Y/N. You look amazing as always,” she complimented with a sweet smile. “And as always, it’s been an honor to do your hair and makeup. If you ever need a permanent stylist, I’m your girl.”

“Thanks Arizona,” you smiled then saw the stage director enter the room through the mirror. “And that’s my cue,” you told her and rose to your feet. You followed the stage director towards the stage and watched the TV, waiting for Jimmy to introduce you and bring you out.

“So Chris, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the interview your buddy Sebastian did with James Cordon a while back.” Chris’ eyes narrowed slightly as he pondered; he watched most of the interviews his friends and cast mates did. “The one with his celebrity crush, Sharon Stone.” Jimmy reminded him; Chris laughed and nodded. “Well, taking a page out of Cordon’s book- I thought I’d bring your celebrity crush here tonight so you can have the same opportunity to try and win her over with your charm and good looks.”

“Oh God,” Chris laughed. “This is not going to end well, I can tell already.”

“Let’s give Y/N Y/L/N a hand,” Jimmy called and you walked out right on cue. Chris caught your eye and you both tried hard not to crack even though the smiles you had on your faces were enough to give your big secret away. “C'mon Chris,” Jimmy teased as he rose to his feet, joining the audience in giving you a standing ovation. “Get on your feet, give a good impression.”

“Right, sorry.” Chris jumped onto his feet and clapped for you until you got to his side. “Hi Y/N, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” He shook your hand then leaned forward to give your cheek a quick peck. “We’re going to blow this, aren’t we?” He whispered into your ear before pulling away; you subtly nodded in response.

“Hi everyone,” you waved at the audience and they cheered for you. “Oh wow,” you began addressing Jimmy as the three of you took your seats. “It is so good to be back here. How are you, Jimmy?” You asked and he laughed.

“I’m meant to be the interviewer here, Y/N,” he joked and you chuckled. “I’m great, and you look great too. The New York air must agree with you. You’ve been out here for a while now, right?” You nodded. “You’re filming your latest movie which takes place in Manhattan, are you having fun?”

“Crazy fun,” you nodded. “I love New York, it’s where I started my career and where some of my best friends live so- yeah, I’m having a lot of fun. New York’s basically like a third home to me,” you told him; beside you, Chris smiled because he knew you refer to LA- your hometown- as home and Boston- his hometown- as your second home.

“Third home?” Jimmy quizzed. “Isn’t the saying second home?” You nodded, chuckling softly. “Okay then, so if New York is your third home then- where’s your second home? I know LA is your hometown, so that’s number one. What’s number two?”

“Boston,” you answered, trying not to smile too widely as you glanced at Chris; he couldn’t hide his grin. “It’s um- it’s a place close to my heart, a lot of my friends are from Boston- like John Krasinski, and it’s also where I fell in-love actually, with a Bostonian.”

“You’re in-love?” Jimmy looked over at Chris and pressed his lips together. “Aw, that’s a bummer.” Both you and Chris laughed at that. “Here I was thinking I was going to set the two of you up 'cause you know, Chris- Captain America, is not shy about admitting who his celebrity crush is.” You chuckled softly as you nodded. “He’s from Boston too, so if you think he’s better than your current love- it wouldn’t be hard to jump ship. Right, Chris?”

“Well,” Chris winced, trying hard not to crack. “If she’s already in-love with someone else, y'know- I’m not going to interfere with that.” You bit the inside of your cheek, stifling your laughs. “If she were single, of course I’d go for it, but she’s in a relationship, man. I can’t do that to a brother,” he tried not to laugh as he said that.

“Think about this, Y/N,” Jimmy tried to sell your husband to you. “Chris is a fan of yours, he is practically in-love with you already.” You looked over at Chris and he nodded in agreement with Jimmy’s statement, holding a serious face that made you want to laugh. “And c'mon, how great can your current guy be compared to Captain America? I mean- the choice is simple, right? Right, guys?” He asked the audience and they cheered. “The two of you would be the new Brad and Angelina, minus the divorce 'cause you’re Chris’ celebrity crush and I doubt he’d do anything to risk losing you.”

“Oh, definitely not,” Chris agreed and you turned away, laughing. “I’d treasure you for the rest of my life, Y/N.” He took your left hand in his, lifting it into vision but hiding your wedding bands. “I’d love you in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do us part. But I think you already know that when we exchanged wedding vows,” he said and revealed the wedding bands; everyone gasped, including Jimmy. “Yeah,” Chris began as you both turned to a stunned Jimmy, chuckling. “I didn’t need your help 'cause I already married my celebrity crush.”

“Oh my God,” Jimmy’s jaw dropped. “How- when- are you guys even- Wait, what?” He laughed, bouncing excitedly in his chair. “When did this even happen? I didn’t even know that you guys knew each other, let alone dated! And you’re married? What the fu-” he cut himself off, his smile wide. “That is amazing, wow! Congratulations, you two! Wow!” The audience cheered and clapped when Jimmy did. “This is exclusive right? No one knew before this moment?”

“Our friends and family know,” you told him, chuckling. “But no one else did, so yes. This is an exclusive on your show. I’m married to Chris Evans,” you said and Chris brought your entwined hands to his lips, kissing the back of your hand.

“Yup,” Chris grinned at you then turned to the camera, “I’m married to my celebrity crush.”

gays on the roof

still working on mechanic AU but I will also hopefully be churning out a little gay af christmas fic in the next while and this ficlet is a bit of warm up for that.

set in the spring of 2017. mentions of bernie/serena, raf/fletch, jac/zosia. @mylittleredgirl probably like 80% of this is inspired by our convos and your amazing tags

this is also now on ao3

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I had a dream my boyfriend and my family we were all taking a ride on a train and my dad asked “so when are you kids getting married” and it was such an awkward moment in the dream I literally jumped off the moving train to walk home instead, but then I accidentally broke into someone’s home and the police where on me in a minute but I stole one of their cars, and drove it into a lake and it was one of those spy movie cars that drive underwater. So while they were draining the lake to get to me I found an underwater castle and by going into that I somehow ended up in this strange country, still on the run, and found an oil tanker to taker refuge on as it was just setting out to sea, and I was reunited with my husband khal drogo, who seemed to think the mother of his children was long dead, and that the only way to destroy these visions that were mocking him, by stabbing them in the heart. He took a lot of convincing (by which i mean i snapped all his knives his two). By then I was an entirely different person, but this strange new person had a whole backstory carried over from like 3 different dreams so yeah awkward moment avoided, good job dream kate.

Imagine meeting Jensen during a photoshoot and feeling instantly connected to each other. Only for that connection to keep getting stronger as you keep seeing each other... in and out of the set of Supernatural.

“Come on man, where the heck have you been?!” Jared exclaimed as Jensen rushed to get to him.

“Sorry, took me a while to wake up, even more to get a coffee and even even more to get past all that traffic.” he said, taking the last sip of his coffee and throwing it in the nearby bin as he passed it.

Jared rolled his eyes “Misha and Mark are already inside, they got tired of waiting for you to show up.”

“What? Did they start without us?” he frowned as he slowed down his pace and joined Jared.

“Obviously not.” Jared shrugged “They need photos of all of us for the posters. But our main guest star is already working on it.”

“Our main what now?” Jensen blinked as Jared only looked at him in disbelief.

“Dude really? Do you even read the scripts? Or no wait, where have you been all this time? In a world of your own or something? Our main guest tar for the season, and I don’t mean just Samantha.”

“The uh blonde, accent and ex-vampie?” he raised an eyebrow and Jared visibly rolled his eyes.

“No, the other. (Y/h/c) hair, (y/e/c) eyes. Cute and easy going? Dude seriously what’s wrong with you!?” he threw his arms in the air as they entered the studio.

“Uh the one supposed to play the new evil besides Men of Letters?” he blinked.

“Yes! The one they kept locked for centuries? Gosh” he groaned “Did you go drinking last night with Misha or something?”

“Shut up” Jensen grumbled “I’m still a little sleepy. And to answer your question, no I haven’t met her yet. Who is it even going to be?”

“(Y/n) of course! Isn’t that great?” Jared grinned like a child on Christmas but it soon fell once he saw the blank look on Jensen’s face “Man please tell me you know her.”

“Should I? I mean as an actress I haven’t-”

“Because she’s just an actress! Of course she’s done plenty of jobs like that but her main passion is singing! I asked her for an autograph when I first met her and she was so nice! And we took a selfie too! She was so nice, Gen kept asking me about her. She is a fan as well, but I mean how can she not be? (Y/n)’s first album hit number one on billboard within a week, and her seconds single was platinum and all that at the age of-”

“Alright, alright! Yeah I get it, (Y/n). Cool singer and person. Just control your fanboy Padalecki!” Jensen cut him off with a laugh and Jared scoffed.

“You’ll see for yourself. You’re gonna be obsessed with her music very soon.” he shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Sure thing.” Jensen mumbled with a huff but it seemed that Jared didn’t even listen to him as a grin spread on his lips the moment he saw you.

“There!” he had to keep himself from exclaiming because it would only draw in attention “That’s her!” he pointed at you, speaking in more hushed tone as Jensen’s eyes focused on you.

“So that’s (Y/n)” he whispered, mostly to himself because he knew that Jared was caught up fangirling, on the inside that was.

“Yeah, and she’ll be here for an entire season. Isn’t that amazing?”

“Amazing indeed” he breathed out, not being able to take his eyes off you.

You were standing still, or at least trying to. A make up artist was fixing some things on your make up before she pulled away and you got a serious expression again to look at the photographer’s camera. A look that almost sent chills down Jensen’s spine. You lifted your chin just slightly, turning three quarters as the small fan nearby fanned over you and made your dress fly back to reveal your legs. It was long but had a slit that showed just the right amount of skin. The crimson color was dark enough in a way that suited you perfectly.

You tilted your head to the side, your lips parting as you gave a look at the camera that could be described as both seductive and dangerous, like a glare. He almost felt a chill and he caught himself wondering that if you could be like this during a photoshoot, how would it be to really act as this new character?

“Just a second!” the photographer shouted and everybody relaxed as he got to work on changing a lens on his camera. He saw your shoulders slump down for a moment, a small breath left your lips. Some girls rushed to you, fixing some straps on the dress that only now he realized ran over your (other than them) bare back. Before he could realize it he found himself chucking as he saw a smile tug at your lips. You’re giggling and wiggling in their arms as they touch your sides. ‘Ticklish’ he noted to himself.

He heard a small but loud yelp leave your lips and then your loud giggles fill the room and he can’t stop himself either. He laughed along with you, feeling his heart go warm. But then it all stopped. As you were laughing hysterically and turning around for them to fix the dress your eyes lock. Your lips parted and so did his. A trembling breath left his lips and he almost felt his heart jump to his throat.

A small sheepish smile formed on your lips and he was sure his matched yours. Because he was nervous as hell for a reason he couldn’t even understand. Something that he couldn’t understand either was the disappointment he felt when he couldn’t look in your eyes as you turned to speak to one of them.

But it was all wiped away when he felt his heart soar. And then an unbelievable nervousness take over him as you approached them.

You were approaching him.

All I Wanna Do [Gray]

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Artist: Gray | Word Count: 1.996

Ayeee this was from a long time ago, sorry it took so long to finish:( Anyways, check out the video of Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio here, and you’ll get the idea of what the story is about;) Hope you’ll like it anon!<3


“Alright, everything’s set!” Jay cheered, “Let’s go home and get a few hours of sleep, and then meet me up at the 1Million Studio to shoot the dance practice.” Sunghwa nodded silently while Kiseok voiced out his fatigue by letting out a groan.

“Do Sunghwa and I have to be there?” Kiseok whined, “I’d like to catch up on a few nights sleep, if that’s alright.”

“I’d like to sleep a whole day too, if I can.” Sunghwa followed suit while letting out a yawn, stretching his hands up in the air.

“Come on guys, just a few hours, please?” Jay pleaded, “I don’t know anyone there, and I’d like to have you both accompany me, at least. I’ll treat you both to food after this, alright?” And of course, the two wouldn’t let down an offer for free food, and probably because the two didn’t have enough sleep to think thoroughly.

“Meet me up at seven there, got it?” Sunghwa and Kiseok agreed, and the three of them packed their bags to quickly get back home and get a wink of sleep.

“What time is it now?” Sunghwa asked when they got inside the elevator. Kiseok brought his left hand up to glance at his watch.

“Around five past thirty in the morning,” Kiseok said, “That means we get at least thirty minutes of sleep, I guess.”

“That’s for you both,” Sunghwa cried out, his right hand flying up to the bridge of his nose to pinch it gently, “My apartment is an hour away.”

“Get breakfast then,” Jay gave him a pat at the back in attempt to comfort the older, “Or hang out somewhere around Gangnam first.”

“Well, I’ll do that I guess.” The three arrived at the lobby and walked out of the elevator, and Sunghwa soon fished his phone out to call a certain person while the two CEOs waited for a taxi.

“Who are you calling?” Kiseok asked in curiosity, peering in from behind Sunghwa’s shoulders.

“(Name).” Sunghwa mouthed, and soon Jay and Kiseok heard your cracked voice from his phone.

Jay raised his eyebrows at how Sunghwa’s expression changed drastically the moment he heard your voice, while Kiseok was having thousands of guesses in his mind regarding the weird emotion painting his face. They both silently tuned in to Sunghwa’s expression.

At first, you wanted to throw your phone aside hearing the loud ringtone echo through your room. But then when you saw the name of the caller flashing at the screen of your phone, you had butterflies in your stomach and pressed the green phone symbol in no time, because this is Sunghwa. And if it weren’t because of the feelings you have for him, you wouldn’t have picked up the call in the first place. Maybe Sunghwa wanted to talk about the dance collaboration between Jay and 1Million Dance Studio, since you were one of the dancers in the collaboration.

“Sunghwa? Why did you call?” You asked, not even trying to hold the yawn from escaping.

“Let’s get breakfast, (Name). I can pick you up in ten minutes.” Raising your eyebrows in confusion, you slowly got out of bed and pushed your duvet away.

“What? It’s five in the morning, Sunghwa!”

“Please? Or if you want me to crash at your apartment, that’s fine as well.”

Kiseok and Jay shared a look with each other, knowing full well seeing the expression on the producer’s face. Sunghwa had a hopeful look in his eyes, yet there was warmness in it as well as something Kiseok and Jay identified as love. Jay knew now how Sunghwa had some sort of feelings towards you, who was a friend of Jay even before you knew Sunghwa.

“Just pick me up in ten minutes and let’s get breakfast near Han River.”

“Cool, see you there.” Sunghwa ended the call while he had a smile on his face now, as he then bid goodbye to the older two and got inside his car.

Meanwhile, Jay and Kiseok were trying hard not to cringe and burst out laughing at the even that unveiled just now. Now, everything seemed to make sense since the two of them would glance at each other with emotions shared only between you two, and how you and Sunghwa were always together. And it seemed it wasn’t unrequited at all, Jay concluded. It was all so obvious, yet you two couldn’t see it in each other’s eyes.

And with how long this was dragging on, Jay decided to help you out as your friend, with the extra help of Kiseok to end the cheesy and shy act and take it to a whole new level.

“They’re so foolish, it’s about time we help those lovebirds, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I can’t agree more Jay.”

An hour and a half of chatting and trying to keep Sunghwa awake, you finally arrived at the 1Million studio, and you surprisingly made it in one piece despite your black haired friend’s soul is partly wandering dreamland. But it was worth it seeing Sunghwa half asleep, as he looked like a sleepy child ready to hit the bed. He was whining about wanting to sleep so badly, but you managed to drag him to the studio anyways. Jay and Kiseok were already there as well, and the dancers are doing warms up already. So you pushed your bag to Sunghwa and joined them, since you were going to join the shooting.

“Okay, so now we are going to shoot the first team. Jay, Sori, May, and Mina, please come forward.” The cameraman instructed, while you and the other dancers stepped back and sat near the walls.

Sunghwa couldn’t seem to hear Kiseok’s voice explaining a few things, despite his boss being right beside him. His eyes were focused toward you, who were talking to another dancer, and he couldn’t help but smile a little seeing you laugh, and Sunghwa thought it was the cutest thing he saw today.

“Hey! What are you smiling at?” Kiseok’s voice suddenly entered his mind when the older nudged his rib, “Stop staring at (Name), I’m briefing a few things for you here.” Sunghwa’s eyes turned wide hearing what Kiseok had said, but he tried to think that his friend was only saying that jokingly.

“O-Oh, sorry about that, I spaced out,” Sunghwa laughed dryly, scratching the back of his head, “What were you saying?”

“There will be three teams to shoot the video, and each team consists of three pairs, which means six dancers in total.”

“Oh, alright, I got it.”

It didn’t take long before your team was up, which means it was the last team to perform. But the information that was revealed before the shooting was shocking, which caused confusion between the dancers.

“I don’t think Baram will be able to make it.” One of the dancers said, informing about your dance partner’s whereabouts.

“What? Is he still sick?” You asked, feeling concern wash over you.

“Yeah, his fever hasn’t gone down from last night,” He frowned, “I’m afraid we will have to pick a replacement for him.” You sighed, eyes glancing around the studio.

“Alright, any of you want to replace Baram?” But your question was met with silence from the other dancers, since they barely got any of the moves down.

Jay and Kiseok gave each other a smirk, knowing there was a chance to start their plan today. Kiseok then glanced towards Sunghwa, who looked just as confused as you are. He didn’t waste any moment to open his mouth and speak his plan with his deep voice booming through the room.

“Sunghwa wants to!” Kiseok yelled out loud, raising Sunghwa’s hand up. Meanwhile Sunghwa was frozen on his spot, as all the attention were on him.

“N-No! I don’t want to.”

“Oh, don’t be shy Gray! You said you memorized the moves just from watching them. And besides, if you messed up a little, the fans would still love you!”

At this point, Sunghwa was shooting daggers at Kiseok and Jay because the glints in their eyes say it all. They knew damn well about his crush for you and the two couldn’t seem to stay silent about it. And as much as Sunghwa doesn’t want to look like a wimp by backing down, he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you, everyone inside the room, and the public when the video is released. Before he knows it, a hand was lured in front of him, and you were waiting for Sunghwa to take your hand and let you help him up.

“Come on! It’s alright if you make mistakes,” You giggled, “Just follow my lead, Sunghwa, I’m sure you won’t do that bad.” Sunghwa didn’t know if it was because of the glowing smile you had, the crowd that cheered him on, or the adrenaline from his fast heartbeat, but he ended up taking your hand anyways.

You were sure he was way bad than the other dancers, but you tried to think that he won’t do that bad, right?

“Well, all is set then,” The cameraman said, sparing a glance towards Jay, “I want everyone in position and try to relax a little in this shoot, just to adjust with having Gray here.” Everyone nodded and got into position, and Sunghwa couldn’t help but panic a little inside his heart, knowing everyone’s attention was on him.

When the song started to play, Sunghwa thought to himself that he’s doing pretty great in the first few seconds, even though he would glance at the other dancers. And then the two male dancers joined and you shifted your position beside him, portraying May J Lee in the first team. And that was when Sunghwa almost lost it as his cheeks were dusted slightly in pink when you didn’t hesitate to touch him. It was a part of the choreography, but the way you were staring so deeply into him made his heart beat faster than the beat of the music.

And then before you shifted to his left and let the other female dancer to move beside him, you had to lean very close to Sunghwa, and it was as if Sunghwa was caught in the moment, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours, causing screams of joy and squeals to erupt through the whole room. But instead of pushing him away, you closed your eyes and leaned deeper, circling your arms on Sunghwa’s neck while he pulled you closer by your hips. The song was still playing in the background and the other dancers were still dancing, but that didn’t seem to stop the silent confession of love between you two.

As you parted away from Sunghwa, you were now gasping for air but you had a huge smile on your face. This all felt so surreal, and you were questioning what had just happened a few seconds ago. But judging by the looks everyone had, the kiss did happen, although you still find it hard to believe.

“What was that?” You asked, completely forgetting that you still had to dance. Sunghwa grinned widely and held your hands with his, with the feeling of happiness fill his heart.

“That was my love confession for you, (Name),” Sunghwa chuckled, eyes glancing down in shyness, “I love you for so long, and I guess your answer is that you would be mine as well?”

The studio was filled with awes and then people started to chant to accept his love and be his. And of course, you didn’t even need to think about the answer, as you gave him a short peck in a teasing way. The warmth and love was evident in Sunghwa’s eyes, and you felt like you’re on top of the world with your crush loving you back.

“Of course I do, you’re all that I wanna do, Sunghwa.”

You know it took me a while to remember that the bit of Yukine’s past that we saw in chapter 70 wasn’t the first we’d seen.

In chapter 5, when he finds the little girl who then gets eaten by the Ayakashi, Hiyori saves him after he passes out when the streetlight goes out.  When he wakes up, he sees a different person standing over him.

I wonder if that’s the same person we saw in chapter 70.

There’s also a slight possibility that we got the scene setting for something in his past.  Throughout almost the entire chapter, action scenes don’t get a proper background.  But then, when the little girl is begging him to help, we get a suddenly pretty vivid picture of the background, which doesn’t seem to fit into the street that they’re on.  I wonder if that was supposed to be a memory as well.

Just a thought.
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“My boy gets a birthday paddling....for my birthday! Using the @MrSLeather bench for something other than fucking for a change. :)”

While I don’t have a video of me being bred by Daddy in the sling to share, I do have this lovely video of me being paddled for Daddy’s birthday! It took us a while to get it all set up, and it did result in me crying for the first time in a scene, but every second was worth it.

In the midst of my McHanzo fic (I hope to have chapter 12 of The Words Are Gone, So They Must Be Too finished by tonight… had a lot going on in my life… 2 people quit at work and coming out as trans really took a lot out of me) but here’s an interesting thought I’m going to be using to write a fic with after I finish with TWAGSTMBT…

AU where young McCree (just newly in Blackwatch) is sent with Gabriel to the Shimada estate undercover as members of the Deadlock gang. Their job is to set up a deal with the Shimada clan to “strengthen” both groups since the Shimadas do not have dealings in the US just yet. While there, they are to be using their intel to find the corrupt members and relaying them back to Overwatch.

McCree’s job is to get in good with the brothers, be a guard for them, keep them safe… He becomes more.

Around a year later Overwatch does a sting operation at the Shimada palace, taking down corrupt individuals within the clan. Genji and Hanzo are evac’ed from the house with Jesse and Gabriel.

Genji ends up joining Overwatch, mentored by Jack himself. Hanzo joins Blackwatch with Jesse and Gabriel.

Hanzo and Genji never fight… Their brotherly connection is still there, that love still strong.

When the explosion comes around at the Swiss facility, taking Jesse’s arm and Hanzo’s legs as well as supposedly their lives, both show up as mercenaries with the mysterious Reaper, having become Deadeye and Dragon, a fearsome team of three.

Would anyone be interested in something like that? There’s definitely a hidden motive to it all, but I don’t want to spoil the fic by telling all it’s secrets…

dracox-serdriel  asked:

Karamel Prompt: After the whole mess with Cadmus/Jeremiah, Mon-El wants to surprise Kara with a romantic evening, but knowing little about earth customs, he uses romcoms as a guide.

ahh thank you for the prompt!! i hope you like it!! (also on ao3!!)  and sorry it took a while for me to get to it ahh

After Jeremiah turned out to be a CADMUS agent, and after the same organization almost managed to sent a ship out into space with Alex still in it, Mon-El figures that Kara could use a day off. 

(A week off, or a month, even, considering how hard she works.)

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Today, I fucked up by drinking juice.

I was home visiting my parents for the weekend. My parents went to bed early that night, but I decided to stay up for a bit longer to finish up some reports. At some point, I got thirsty and tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen to get some raspberry lemonade.

Now, I prefer to work on my laptop in the dark. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel more productive. Upon returning to my room, I took a couple drinks of the lemonade, set it on my nightstand, turned off the lights, and crawled into my old bed.

The lemonade had only been sitting out for 10 or so minutes untouched when I took another drink of it and noticed it tasted kind of… grapey. Weird, did my parents switch brands?

Thinking nothing of it, I returned to my work and repeated this a few times. Until I took a drink and felt a few very solid somethings go POP! in my mouth, followed by an explosion of very disgusting grape flavor.

Something was moving in my mouth.

I turned the lights back on to witness DOZENS of sugar ants in and around my cup, all of them on a one way path to salvation via throwing themselves in and drowning in sugary lemonade nirvana.

I reacted appropriately and projectile vomited onto the floor and onto my bed, all the while screaming WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS.

This is why I don’t visit my parents very often.

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I took my dog for a walk in the forest the other day and he was so happy. It made me happy to see him happy. This is probably the last silhouette I’ll be doing for a while, I feel like I’ve been getting too comfortable in this strange style where I’m an anonymous figure set against a spacious sky. It’s time to open new doors and challenge myself artistically.

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"find me where the wild things are," dos dragon rider au, shikaara??

Uh… dragon rider!AU… I had to go back in my catalogue and since they’re not tagged by anything in particular it took me a while to find them, but here are those posts.

So to stay compatible with those previous posts of dragon rider!AU, Team Seven is the crew of Pakkun–the Hatake clan’s middleweight dragon–and Gaara is the captain of a near-feral Shukaku who is Sand’s heavyweight.

Hrm… how do I get Shikaara from this set up?

It’s gotta be a Gelel thing, right?

Then again, minus Kakashi, Team Seven and Pakkun were canonically fighting Shukaku during the Konoha Chuunin Exam/Sand and Sound Invasion so it could be a situation in which middleweight Pakkun takes on heavyweight Shukaku without his captain, and… nah, that’s their first meeting how would I make that Shikaara? Unless it’s just an adaptation of canon Shikako and Gaara interactions into this dragon rider!AU, but that’s not very…

ARGH! I think I’ve been falling into a trap with these brainstorms of trying to stick too closely to canon or something I’ve already done, and that’s not fair at all!

So I’m going to disregard all that and go with what I would write in a sideways world without previous posts to hold me down:

find me where the wild things are

Beyond the forest,
over the mountains,
across the desert dry,
Is a land full of
adventure where both
humans and dragons fly.

Or, Shikako comes from a clan of ground walkers, but that’s not what will save her friends.

A little bit of the already established dragon rider!AU mixed with some fairy tale-esque vibes. I think this version of dragon rider!AU would draw more heavily from the How To Train Your Dragon mythos than Temeraire.

I like the idea that there is a different story going on between Naruto, Sasuke, the Kyuubi, and the Akatsuki madness which Shikako is trying to extricate them from but won’t actually be part of until, like, “book two” of this imaginary now-trilogy.

Book one is about Shikako traveling to Sand where she knows other dragon riders are in order to petition their help or something, and she meets Gaara not knowing he is both the prince and the rider of Sand’s strongest dragon until the time for her official royal audience which, because bureaucracy, is a few weeks away.

Possibly Gelel is a dragon that Shikako stumbles upon and bonds with–alternatively it’s some magical technique which can calm/heal/control dragons? Unsure. Whatever it is, she uses it on Shukaku to his and Sand’s benefit which bumps her up in the petition queue (understandably).

And then there’s the “reveal” when Gaara commits to helping her, and while she’s grateful for that she’s also somewhat hurt that he “lied” to her about his identity, etc. etc.

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Do you have any tips and/or ideas for worshipping and setting up an altar for Nyx? (It took me a while to find the right Goddess that fit me to worship and I want to do it right :))


Sorry, I get super excited when I hear others say they worship her. Nyx and I have a very close relationship, at least I’d like to think so. She’s a powerful and loving goddess, and me being the night owl I am, I was drawn to her.

When it comes to worshipping her, I’ve got a few things. As a college student with a job, it’s hard to find time in the day to do things to worship Nyx. I usually say a prayer at night, I incorporate moons and stars into my clothes, and I enjoy just talking to her when I’ve got the time.

For more detailed worship, I always try and do something special for her on the new and full moons. So twice a month you’ll catch me baking something like a spice cake, or even just some brownies. I place the finished dessert in an airtight tupperware container (considering I leave it out at night) and place it on my altar. I also say a prayer, thanking her for the good things in my life and asking her for nothing more than a good life.

My altar is small. My bedside table has a black cloth over it with a moonstone, my triple moon necklace, a scrying mirror, and a prayer to the goddess that I wrote. I have an athame that I haven’t yet used, but I prefer it over a wand.

This isn’t a set of rules to worshipping her, as we’re all different and connect to the gods and goddesses differently, but this is what I do. I’m not always strict about the guidelines I’ve set for myself, but Nyx and I seem to get on just fine anyway.

nocturnal wix

As Wix said there are no strict guidelines when it comes to worhshipping Nyx. Here is a link to an article I wrote a while back which has some information about her and some UPG when it comes to what I use in offerings. 


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Gone & Never Coming Back. (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

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Hi! Could you do a Jerome imagine based on the song Gone by Melanie Fiona?

I was picturing his face- an eighteen-year-old boy with fifties styled auburn hair and enthusiastic smile- when I picked up his coat.

I held my breath while holding onto the piece of clothing that Jerome once wore when he was set off to “visit” his father at his apartment. That visit took place almost many months ago and just thinking about it brought me to tears.

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Steel Your Nerves.

sidekickjoey said to justletmehugjoelheyman:Could I have a Joel H x Reader where it’s the last night of RTX, right before the day when the reader has to leave for home however far away, and Joel is all clingy and sad wishing for the reader not to leave :3

Pairing: Joel Heyman x Reader. 

Word Count: 861

A/N: I’m sorry that it took a while to get this out, my brother has me helping him out with moving into his new apartment and I’m trying to get things set for college. (I start in two weeks!) Enjoy!! 

You awoke with an arm tightly wrapped around you. Today was it, the last day of RTX, bittersweet but it had to happen. You turned around to face Joel who was lightly snoring.

“Morning.” You whispered sadly to his sleeping form. Leaning forward to wake him up with a peck on the lips, Joel caught you by surprise and grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours.

When you needed air he spoke.

“I love you,” He tucked his face into your neck, peppering your shoulder with kisses.

He kept mumbling everything he would miss about you over and over until his phone started ringing. He groaned and pulled you closer to him as he accepted the call.

“Heyman,” He started. A few ‘mhm’s and ‘yeah’s were made in the duration of the call. You could see Joel getting somewhat tense then nearly fall from the bed when he realized it was still RTX weekend.

The two of you got dressed in record time, heading out of the door and into the convention floor within thirty minutes of the phone call.

Joel would not leave your side for anything, there was an elephant in the room the size of the capitol building. He hugged you as often as possible, rarely ever letting go of your hand. He would mention how much he loved you after a fan would take pictures with him or just sign autographs.

Truth be told, you didn’t want to leave at all. Joel hated that you lived so far and had even invited you to stay with him during RTX. But at the end of the day, you had to go home, no matter how much it hurts.

You were sitting behind the stage for a panel Joel was about to do when you heard something you maybe should not have. It was Jack and Adam talking somewhat quietly.

“Yeah, he’s entirely beat up about it, he was extremely distant when I called him this morning. I think she was with him.” You heard Jack say.

“Hey, she’s probably feeling the same way right now-” Adam tried to reason.

“Joel is in the bathroom trying to rack up the courage to ask her.” Jack chuckled.

“What?” Adam nearly yelled.

“Shh. Only I was supposed to know. But yeah, it’s happening.” Jack and Adam turned the corner to see you sitting and pretending to be scrolling through your phone.  

“Hey, Y/N!” Adam smiled getting your attention.

“Hey, guys. Have you seen Joel around? He said he was just going to grab a coffee…” At the end of your sentence you looked up to see Adam biting at his lip rather harshly.

“I uh,” He tried until Jack elbowed him.  

“Burnie had to pull him aside for God knows what. But they’re seating for the panel if you wanna go sit there, Y/N.” Jack was a good friend and a better liar.

“Alright. If you see him before I do, can you tell him I might just have to take a cab to the airport. I just found out my flight leaves at eight and not ten.” You sighed out starting to walk over to the audience area.

The panel went on normally with the crazy banter and gifts from the audience. You kept thinking that Joel would pop a certain question during the panel. It didn’t happen…

Like you had told Adam and Jack, you called a cab and left to the airport at six. The drive wasn’t too terrible besides already missing Joel and being a bit down because he didn’t propose.

When you got to the airport, you paid your cab fare and headed inside to check your bags. Once you had your ticket you proceeded to go into the terminals when heard your name being called out from the intercom.

“Would a Y/N L/N please make their way to the Southwest Airlines doors.” It took you by surprise but you made your way there.

Your favorite song was playing and you heard a lot of cheers. That’s when you spotted him, Joel was on one knee holding up a red box with a ring.

Jack held a sign with the word 'Will’ Adam had a sign with “You”

Burnie’s said “Marry”

Matt’s was “Joel” with an arrow pointing to him.

“So I meant to do this during the panel then Jack told me that there was a possibility you may have found out so I called it off and as soon as that panel ended I dragged these guys with me here just so I could send you off in a way you won’t ever forget.” Joel held himself as long as he could on his knee until you walked up to him and grabbed his shoulders to stand him up.

“Joel, I-” You started, a little crowd was starting to surround you two. You got the courage to grab his shirt and whisper “It’s about time, you idiot.” and you kissed him.

There was a cheer from the little crowd after Adam yelled “SHE SAID YES.”

Needless to say, you were coming back to Austin sooner than you thought.

Title: Airport

Paring: Brohm

Word Count: 2688

Rating: T

A/N: Re-uploading because I was having some issues, but here ya go, my friend:p I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you like it:D It took me about a week because I was having some writer’s block and I didn’t want it to be rushed. But anyways, let’s get on with the story.


Bryce paced the area, his phone to his left on a chair as he chewed on his lip, nervous thoughts gnawing at his mind.

He had been waiting for 20 minutes now, and each second made it harder to comprehend what was happening.

Each step made him wonder if this was a good idea.

If he should really go through with this.

Sure, this had been set up for a while now, but Bryce never really thought they would go through with the plan.

He always thought something would come up, or one of them would get too scared or too busy.

Yet there he was, standing in the middle of the airport, overthinking like he usually did.

He took a deep breath, clearing his throat and looking out the window at the planes getting ready to take off, and his eyes landed on the ones letting people off.

He honed in on a certain plane, looking around for who he thought he was looking for.

But, without a picture to go by or much of a description, plus the darkness that was settling around the city, his searches were blind and pointless.

He sighed, his shoulders drooping as he stared at each person exiting the plane.

His being was filled with emotions, ready to explode out of him at any moment.

He was anxious, nervous, excited. Scared, confused, happy. He was a mix of good and bad, and he felt like he was going to throw up.

He needed a distraction. One that would last for as long as he needed it to.

But what could distract him at the moment? All his focus was on one thing-er-person:


And he was sure that he would continue to stress himself out until Ohm had arrived.

He couldn’t help it, really. It’s what he did. It was a nasty little habit that he made an effort to drop, but couldn’t.

Be stressed himself out over the smallest things. Sometimes it was so bad where he couldn’t even bring himself to order something at a restaurant, because he over thought things and began to worry if he was gonna have enough money or if he was pronouncing the name properly.

And even though he always had the right amount and always knew the name, he still stressed himself out over it, much like he was doing right now.

He sighed inwardly, setting himself down on a chair and grabbing his phone, scrolling through messages to try to distract himself.

But really, going through his messages with Ohm only made his stress level higher and his nervousness sky rocket through the roof.

He licked his lips absentmindedly (another habit of his), closing his eyes and taking in some calming breaths, urging himself to wait patiently and keep himself grounded.

Right now, Bryce wanted nothing more than to finally meet the love of his life. He wanted nothing more than to be able to hold him and make eye contact as they talked for hours.

But he also wanted to crawl in bed and forget about his whole thing, leave the nervous feelings behind and watch a movie.

But he was already at the airport, already waiting, already prepared (well, maybe not really prepared) for Ohm.

So he had to go through with this and he had to endure all of the emotions.

He didn’t have a choice anymore. It’s not like he could walk out now, he was already 90% through the whole thing.

A sudden voice interrupted his train of thought, and Bryce’s breath caught in his throat, the voice doing things to his mind, his soul.


He looked around, eyes darting from person to person, trying to figure out who the voice belonged to.

He couldn’t seem to find his own voice from the shock, excitement, and fear that was currently coursing through him, so he didn’t respond, only looked around foolishly as people stared and whispered.

“Bryce, over here!”

Bryce followed the voice, looking to his left and noticing someone waving in the distance. They were smiling a small, nervous smile and they had their luggage down to the right, free hand holding the case and tapping on the top of it.

Bryce’s eyes widened in excitement, and he shot up from his chair and rushed over, almost dropping his phone and completely forgetting about being calm, his emotions taking over.

The man before him had his arms outstretched, inviting Bryce in for the most bone-crushing hug he had ever had.

The 21 year old ran into the embrace, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist and swallowing harshly, keeping himself from crying.

Bryce didn’t mind the sudden contact, he welcomed it, really. Months. That’s how long he had been waiting to hug this man before him, to feel him in his arms.

The moment was surreal. Never had he thought it would feel as good as this, as amazing. His hands tightened against Ryan’s fabric and a small tear rolled down his cheek, but he smiled nonetheless.

Of course they were happy tears. He was ecstatic to finally get to see Ohm in real life. And he wanted this moment to last forever, or at least as long as possible.

Bryce let himself relax against Ohm, inhaling deeply, the scent of the calming cologne on the smaller man’s form.

The blonde smiled. Even after being in a plane for a couple hours he still smelled good.

He inhaled again, swallowing the small lump in his throat and sniffling softly, finally realizing that this was real. This was happening.

Bryce couldn’t bring himself to pull away. He was reveling in the moment as Ohm’s hands grasped at his back, softly roaming over the back of his blue shirt, leaving comforting touches on the blue eyed male’s body.

He was honestly surprised at how short the other male was, but he didn’t care. It felt so good to be able to hug him, to feel his body against his own.

He could feel another tear make its way down his face, and he sniffled, smiling against Ohm’s gray sweatshirt and using a finger to wipe away the random tear.

He felt Ohm pull back to look at him, a questioning look on his face as he spoke.

“Are you crying?”

Bryce wiped at his eyes, making sure there were no tears left and nodded, blushing a bit as he did so.

“I can’t help it. I get emotional sometimes. Don’t you?”

Ohm chuckled, looking down at his shoes before staring at Bryce, hazel eyes gleaming.

“Not like you. But you know what? It’s cute.”

“I-what?” Bryce stuttered, the pink hue on his face growing darker as Ohm laughed. He shoved his hands in his jeans’ pockets, coaxing the blush away.

Ohm watched on, his own hands now in his sweatshirt’s pockets as he continued to gaze up at Bryce.

“The whole ‘crying because you’re meeting me’ thing. It’s cute, Brycey.”

Bryce’s eyes widened a bit at the overly-used nickname, the blush not gone, but now down to a light pink.

He rolled his eyes, his voice light, keeping the tone soft and bubbly. Turning the conversation on the brunette.

“Are you gonna start calling me that outside of gaming now, too?”

Ohm shrugged, and it was then that Bryce noticed the bunny ears attached to the hood on his sweatshirt. He looked down at the unworn hood, not saying anything as Ohm talked.

“Maybe, maybe not. Depends on my mood.”

Bryce nodded, pointing out the ears and chuckling after his words.

“I didn’t know you were a furry.”

Ohm rolled his eyes, looking behind himself to the ears, his smile a little bigger than when he first got there.

“Oh, shut up Bryce. I’m not a furry, I just liked the way it looked.”

The soft blush tinted Ohm’s cheeks as Bryce stared down at him, his hands coming up to rest on the taller’ ships, tracing lazy circles on his clothed skin.

Bryce smiled softly, looking down at the other’s hands before pulling him close, planting a small kiss on Ohm’s forehead, earning himself a chuckle from the older male.

The laugh brought back memories, and Bryce couldn’t wait to bring Ohm to his apartment and make a video with him.

Of course, Ohm would be out of the frame, but it would still be just as fun. The brunette had agreed to it prior to the trip, and he wanted Bryce to be happy, so he would do it.

Bryce became distracted by Ohm’s height again, looking him up and down, not meaning to say anything about it, but not having much of a filter at the moment.

“I imagined you taller.” Bryce blurted, surprised at his own words. He smiled sheepishly and looked down at Ohm, who was practically pouting, faking a hurt expression.

“That was a deep cut, Brycey.” He said, his voice overly dramatic as he stepped out of Bryce’s grasp, turning away from him and crossing his arms over his chest.

Bryce giggled a bit, quickly covering his mouth, embarrassed by the sudden reaction. He could see Ohm holding in his own laughter, and decided it was the perfect time to become playful.

Bryce wrapped his arms around Ohm’s waist, lifting him up off the ground easily, listening to Ohm’s protests.

“Bryce! Bryce, put me down, now!” Bryce began to carry him towards the exit, feeling one of Ohm’s hands on his own, the other keeping a hold of the handle of his rolling suitcase, not caring about the tons of eyes that we’re currently on them, no doubt confused.

“Bryce McQuaid! Set me down before I-” He couldn’t finish, because Bryce’s fingers brushed against his rib cage and he burst out into a fit of laughter from the touch.

Bryce made a confused face before grinning evilly, purposely brushing against the area again, listening as Ohm laughed, his body jerking to get away from the stimulating touch.

Bryce set him down, waiting for Ohm to face him, his arms now crossed as he watched the smaller male.

“I didn’t know you were ticklish, Ohm.” He smiled, his finger poking at the hazel eyed male’s stomach in curiosity.

Ohm jerked back, a small blush covering his face, along with his hood, which he had pulled up, in hopes of covering up his embarrassment.

“Neither did I.” He admitted, one arm around his front, protecting his stomach from Bryce’s hands.

Bryce just laughed it off, looking around the airport, noticing the moon glowing outside one of the large windows and checking his watch.

10 PM.

He cursed under his breath, realizing they weren’t going to be able to get home until about midnight, and that was without the traffic. It was much more likes they would get there by 1 AM.

He cleared his throat, staring out at the moon again, his words soft as he spoke.

“We’re gonna have to leave soon if we wanna make it back before 3.”

Ohm nodded, lifting his arms up and stretching a bit, leaving Bryce with an opportunity to find his ribs and assault them with feathery touches

“Bryce!” Ohm jumped back, a few chuckles escaping his throat. He narrowed his eyes at the blonde, but couldn’t help the smile that creeped onto his features.

Bryce held his hands up in surrender, his eyes gleaming with happiness. Ohm huffed, rolling his eyes at the younger male but leaning forward so he could be a little closer.

The brunette lifted his head up a little bit and looked up into Bryce’s eyes, smiling a small smile that made Bryce’s heart weak.

He motioned for Bryce to lean down a little bit, but Bryce stood tall, teasing the shorter male with his height.

Ohm’s smile turned into an annoyed expression and he sighed, eyes narrowing a bit at the taller male.

“Lean down so I can kiss you, idiot.”

Bryce let out a small giggle, his eyes sparkling more than ever as he stared down at Ohm, eyebrows waggling as he wrapped an arm around the older’s waist, hand resting on the small of his back.

He felt Ohm place a hand on his shoulder softly, and he shivered beneath the touch, voice holding a teasing tone.

“You wanna kiss me, Ohm?”

Ohm rolled his eyes, done with games. Within seconds, his other hand was on the collar of Bryce’s shirt, pulling it, forcing the blonde to lean down and kiss him.

Bryce smiled against Ohm’s lips, noticing the gentle way he kissed him, as if he was afraid the taller would reject him.

He let his lips coax more intensity from Ohm’s, dragging the kiss out for a few extra seconds before pulling away smoothly, forehead pressing against the brunette’s, half lidded eyes staring back at him.

Bryce stayed quiet for a few moments as he caught his breath, listening to Ohm’s slightly labored breathing and noticing that the hood had fallen during the heated moment, He found himself smiling lightly at the observation.

Ohm swallowed, urging his voice to work, managing to get out a few words before going back to catching his breath and slowing his heart beat.

“I told you I wanted to kiss you.”

Bryce nodded against him, pulling his head away and looking at his watch, smiling.

They had wasted 10 minutes between talking, laughing and kissing.

“Yeah, you did tell me. It’s okay, I wanted to kiss you, too.”

“I know.”

He looked up from his watch to see Ohm smiling confidently, and he couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped from his mouth.

Bryce watched as Ohm stood still for a moment, obviously thinking about something.

He cleared his throat, deciding that it was time for them to head back to his place. He didn’t know if Ohm wanted to sleep in or not, but if he didn’t, then it would be good for him to get at least a couple hours of sleep.

He looked down at the suitcase for a moment before speaking softly, not wanted to disrupt the brunette’s thinking. “Are you ready to go, Ohm?”

They stood still for a minute or two, until Ohm finally spoke up, his voice somewhat small but still strong.

“It’s Ryan.”

“What?” Bryce asked, confusion flashing across his features before Ohm spoke again.

“My name. It’s Ryan.”

Bryce smiled. Ryan hadn’t told him his real name because he wanted to do it in person, and the blonde had to admit, he thought it was a tad bit sweet that he was willing to wait just to see his reaction in person.

“Okay, Ryan,” Bryce drawled out the syllables in his name, letting the name roll of his tongue seamlessly. “Are you ready to go?”

Ryan nodded, a small grin glued to his face as he listened to the way Bryce said his name, walking up next to the 21 year old, staying quiet while he thought about the days to come and how much fun the two of them would have.

Bryce had that smile still plastered on his face as they walked in a comfortable silence, and it only grew bigger when he felt fingers intertwining with his own, squeezing softly and roaming over his knuckles comfortably.

He glanced over at Ryan, noticing the content, relaxed look on his face and feeling his heart flutter a bit.

Here he was, not only had he got a kiss, but he was finally holding the love of his life.

Finally holding Ryan.

Finally holding Ohm.

And he was grateful for the opportunity. He never thought he would be walking out of an airport, hand in hand with Ryan, relationship strengthening as they continued moving.

He looked down at the brunette once again, lips placing a soft kiss on the top of his head, and he grinned as Ryan looked up, eyes sparkling and hand squeezing his own reassuringly.

This moment would stick with them for the rest of their lives, Bryce knew that, and by the look on Ohm’s face, he knew that, too.

guys what the fuck this brush took me like an hour to make and it’s literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen??????

So great, in fact, that I whipped up this doodle real quick and I’m even gonna share the brush with y’all, if you want it B)

I’ll probably wind up using this brush for some little comic strips I’ve got planned in between pages of that big comic I’m working on. Hope you guys find some use for it, too!

best things ive encountered in fo4 that im gonna draw eventually

  • setting an assaultron to cop mode and sitting outside a doorway and listening, undetected, while it took out an entire floor of gunners (the gunners literally never knew we were there)
  • hancock’s love confession to me which occurred IMMEDIATELY after i killed someone shitty. literally the second after. very romantic. 
  • every last Shenanigan i get up to with deacon
  • maggie’s Hoarding Problem
  • that time when mama murphy asked me to get her chems and hancock was with me and preston was watching from a distance aka the most stress ive ever been under