this took me a while so

At the store this evening, I learned something new:

I totally don’t get all these new super-specific greeting card themes.

They all seem like such rare circumstances to me.

Friendship Romantic Cheer Get Well cards: 

For when you’ve got a sick friend you kinda want to ask out, but think they’ll need further cheering up if you try.

Milestone Sweetheart Teen cards: 

For when your teenager just took up distance running with their boyfriend/girlfriend, which obviously warrants a greeting card.

Cheer Get Well Miss You Romantic cards: 

For when things didn’t go so well in the relationship, and you need to imply you miss them while under the pretense of just cheering them up.

Wife Grandmother Niece Cousin Aunt and Wife/Husband Grandparents Niece/Nephew Aunt/Uncle Cousin cards: 

For when you have an event and need to send cards to every single family member possible, and want to ensure no one feels left out.

And, most-importantly, 

Wedding Baby Anniversary Thank You Sympathy cards:

For when someone is celebrating the anniversary of them marrying a hyperintelligent baby, and you need to appreciatively congratulate them while simultaneously expressing your condolences that said marriage happened in the first place.

I mean, I’m all for being specific, but it feels like that situation wouldn’t come up that often. 

The Wedding Planner (Part 5)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Word Count: 1,302.

A/N: Finally a new part! Sorry this took a while to post, went through a slight hiatus but not anymore. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Planner Masterlist

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So I know we winteriron shippers are familiar with the “Tony goes back in time and meets Bucky (usually before the accident [TM])” story line, but what about a crack fic that starts off as these fics tend to–Bucky and Tony falling in love, all the while Tony (and depending on plot points, sometimes Bucky) aware that he will soon have to leave Bucky. Tony eventually returns to his timeline, and Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier and they meet again.  

So what if when they meet again, Bucky instantly remembers Tony. He doesn’t remember everything about Tony, but he 200% knows Tony is someone from his past and someone he cared for. 

So Bucky leaves Hydra, goes through lots of therapy, and eventually joins the team. Somewhere along the way though Tony asks, “How did you remember me instantly, but it took you so long to remember Steve?”

Bucky flushes and mumbles something. 

Tony is instantly intrigued and asks again. 

Bucky takes a deep breath and braces himself. “You know how people joke about how sex with someone can be so good they’ll never forget it?” 

Tony’s jaw drops at the implication.

Bucky stalks off, red in the face. 

Once Tony recovers from his shock, with a huge grin he chases after Bucky and when he finally catches up to Bucky he hugs him and plants a big, sloppy kiss on Bucky’s cheek. He tells Bucky how adorable he thinks Bucky is and how much he loves him. 

Bucky grumbles and blushes through most of the attention, but he’s smiling too, so Tony takes that for a win.  

  • your wrist always had this cute tattoo on it from the moment you were born
  • it was a very innocent and childish sentence so your parents imagined you might meet your soulmate when you were a small kid
  • so of course they explained from early on that if someone said “Excuse me, that’s my friend!” you had to tell them immediately
  • one day you were playing in the park while your parents were eating something on a bench not far from you
  • you met two little boys who seemed to know each other and you got along with one of them surprisingly well
  • but one of them was a little shy and barely talked, probably because he didn’t know you that well
  • you had made a new friend and you were so happy, took his hand and said “let’s go down the slide together!”
  • then the shy kid stood up and took his friend’s hand back 
  • “Excuse me, that’s my friend!”
  • your eyes shot right open “You’re my super best friend now!”
  • you could just say that last sentence before his mom called him to go home immediately, no excuses
  • you ran to your parents telling them what happened
  • after that you visited the park often 
  • but you never saw your soulmate there again
  • you were heartbroken as a little kid who just found their soulmate but also lost him after a few minutes of knowing him
  • your parents did remember the exact words you said to him so if you’d ever encounter him again she’d be sure by looking at his wrist
  • *fast forward a lot of years*
  • you still went to the park often hoping you’d see your soulmate again
  • it was sad honestly because like what’s the chance that after so many years he’d come here again?
  • this week though something changed
  • there’s been a guy who comes to read here for an hour or something for a few days in a row
  • it seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered so you left him alone
  • you two had a little in common you noticed because one day you were reading the same book 
  • when you noticed you smiled and waited for him to notice you because this was the funniest coincidence in a while
  • after a few chapters he looked up and when he saw you, you laughed and motioned to your book
  • at first he was smiling as well until he noticed something 
  • he came over to you (which tbh you didnt expect because he looked so shy and stuff)
  • “I can’t believe it wow. Look, my tattoo!” and then 
  • OHHH
  • you saw the exact words you’ve been hoping to see for a long time 
    “You’re my super best friend now!”
  • but instead of being happy you hit him on the shoulder, almost shoving him of the bench
  • “What? You’re supposed to be happy?! After maybe years of having lost you?”
  • you then explained how you’ve been to this park for about every week
  • your soulmate started smiling “I’ve been doing the same, but I guess we always went on another day…”
  • but on vacations you were there the whole week so you were confused how you could’ve missed him
  • apparently his stupid ass always went on vacation or had other plans
  • after talking for a few hours he realised he never told you his name
  • “Oh by the way let me introduce myself, I’m Wonwoo.”
  • “Hi Wonwoo, I’m your soulmate Y/n”


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GIVE ME SOME ROUGE HEADCANONS I CRAVE SOME (stop giving us feelings while you're at it thanks)

I shall never stop!  Never!

And I’m so thrilled to share some of my headcanons! 

Rouge loves to sing!  She sings while cooking, bathing, gardening.  Rouge never sang much in front of people but after nights together, Roger would wake up to her humming to herself while combing her fingers through his hair.

She’s a florist, she makes her way through life selling flowers.  Hibiscus are her favorites but she love all flowers.  It’s nothing fancy and she can’t afford a lot but she makes it by.

Also, along with the flowers she grows she makes herbal teas and sells those as well.  (And gives them away to people who need them.)

During her first encounter with Roger, she kicked him in the face.

Her dream was to someday be married and have two kids with Roger, though she never expected him to settle down away from the sea.  She sometimes dreamed of sailing off and starting a family with him on the open sea.

Before Roger she wore a yellow hibiscus on her right side but switched it to a red on her left after her and Roger declared their affections.  (I adopted the symbolism from Hawaiian culture where single women wore the flower on their right and ‘taken’ woman wore it on their left.  Don’t quote me on that though, it was ages ago when I read it.)

Rouge is fiercely protective.  You mess with her people, you’ll see that her sweet smiles and calm voice hide a mean bite.

Being a Woman is Exhausting

So, I haven’t ranted in awhile, and I think it’s high time I do, don’t you?  I thought about not saying anything, but fuck that.  That’s boring and, while I have my faults, boring isn’t one of them.  

Okay, so while enjoying the sun after a long winter, and after about 2 seconds of thought, I spontaneously snapped a selfie.  After, I looked at said selfie, thought- that’s not too bad- and posted it.  The entire process took me less than a minute. That’s it.  There was no social statement I was trying to make, no in depth analysis, no nothing.  It was the equivalent of a very shallow:  It’s warm, I’m looking kind of awesome for not seeing the light of day in 7 months, let’s ride.  

Apparently, I’ve committed a mortal sin by not filtering myself or strategically posing to hide my flaws and *GASP* dared to show-OH MY GOD-some stretch marks.  

Luckily, this is Tumblr, so someone kindly came along to point them out.  I could have not posted the message, but fuck that. I don’t know if they meant it positive or negative, and to me it didn’t matter because that’s their business not mine.  I decided to take it as well intended and posted it right on top of said selfie.  

I see now this was a mistake.  

Now I’m flooded with very well intentioned, consolatory messages about my bravery for daring to show something so hard.  To which I just have to roll my fucking eyes.  Before I continue my rant, please understand, I do appreciate your messages. This isn’t about that. I get it. You’re being helpful and want to be supportive of me, and I’m thankful for that. 

But, honestly, it’s kind of exhausting. It reminds me of all the ways being a woman is exhausting.  And how much pressure there is to be perfect all the damn time. So perfect, that you show a few marks on your belly and people are shocked at your bravery.  

And to that I say, what the fuck?  

Bravery is going off to fight in war you didn’t choose, help a sick child, or rescue a puppy.  It’s not taking an unfiltered selfie. Do people not see how fucked up it is that a woman is so unable to be authentic that taking a PICTURE is considered an act of heroics?  It’s ridiculous. They’re stretch marks, something like 80 percent of human beings have. Get over it.  


Kanan: And so have I. We all have. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I have anything left to teach you.
Ezra: No, that can’t be true.
Kanan: My own Jedi training was limited.
Ezra: I don’t mean about the Force. I mean about life, about being a good person. That’s what you taught me.

While Zero Hour was an action packed season finale, this was one of my favorite moments. Kanan and Ezra are my favorite master-padawan relationship in all of Star Wars. Hera had tried to get Kanan to embrace his Jedi past and care about the bigger picture of the rebellion. But it took meeting Ezra for that to fully happen. Teaching Ezra helped Kanan to develop wisdom that he had missed from never having been fully trained. For Ezra, he has gained so much more than just Jedi training from Kanan. And we’ve seen many times when Kanan was there to provide emotional support for Ezra when he needed it the most.

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So this is based off a personal experience... as a Christmas/birthday present a few years back a friend took me to a male dance/club... and my favorite dancer... The Sarge! I can imagine Nat or Wanda doing the same thing to Y/N and they casually call Bucky sarge whenever he's around Y/N. Imagine when he finally catches on?

“How about you have a go with the real Sarge” he says, pulling out a chair for you to sit in while he turns on the speaker in his room. 

Sinful Sunday™



fun fact for the new peeps: i never really got an actual haircut until a few years ago so used to have… Really Long Hair 

my boy can you even hold a camera

granted the 3DS is different but still it is a known fact i cant hold cameras


the only expression i can make when taking pictures of my face because i can’t stare directly at the camera for some reason and also im bad at Smile 

I don’t know why I took this picture but I love it 

a crime scene

Allahs Messenger (ﷺ) said “While I was sleeping, two angels came to me, held my upper arms, and took me to a rocky mountain.

They said, "Climb.” I said, “I cannot climb it.”

They said, “We will make it easy for you.”

He ﷺ continued:

“So I ascended until I reached a high place in the mountain. I heard fierce cries and asked, "What are those cries?” They replied, “That is the howling of the people of the Fire.”

He ﷺ continued:

“We moved on until I saw people who were suspended from their Achilles’ tendons, their cheeks cut and gushing blood. I asked, "Who are these?” They replied, “These are the ones who break their fast before it is permissible.”

He ﷺ continued:

“We moved on until I saw people who were awfully swollen, and had the most foul stench and the most hideous appearance. I asked, "Who are these?” They replied, “These are the disbelievers who died (on the battlefield).”

He ﷺ continued:

“We moved on until I saw people who were awfully swollen, and had the most foul stench - their stench was like that of gutters. I asked, "Who are these?” They replied, “These are the male and female adulterers.”

He ﷺ continued:

“We moved on until I saw women with snakes biting at their breasts. I asked, "What is wrong with these?” They replied, “These are the women who deny their children their milk.”

He ﷺ continued;

“We moved on until I saw boys playing between two rivers. I asked, "Who are these?” They replied, “These are the believers’ offspring (who die before puberty).”

Ibn Khuzaymah (no. 1986)
Authenticated by Shaykh Albani

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How was your day?

Hey anon, it was great. I went out with some friends to this new skate park but I couldn’t really do anything because I am still with the cast so I had time to check this blog and my main. Later I went to my sister’s house to have lunch and spend some time with my older niece (I will call her E so I don’t have to keep saying my niece) while my sister took my little niece to some birthday party so right now I am eating chips and chocolate with E and watching movies. Btw E knows everything about A and this blog and she says hi to everyone.
Anyways that is enough of me, how is everyone’s day?

Went to see Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers today with former crush and friends AND IT WAS AMAZING.


man watching movies has never been this fun before, until I went with my friends. I need to do this more often.

Welp, gonna go listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack now, because fucking Evermore.

EDIT: I thought more about it, and I just REALLY love Billy in the Power Rangers movie (whenever he did his little clap, I clapped too because I just couldn’t help it) and also, best part about it while I was watching the movie is that throughout it, I was hearing someone clapping and it took me some time, but it turned out the clapping was coming from a little boy who was sitting by us and JUST…

it was SO cute, like it was offputting at first because I didn’t know where it was coming from, but after I discovered the source, it made a lot of sense. The clapping certainly happened whenever I started shaking and felt like flapping because the movie was JUST SO GREAT (he was likely stimming). And what was even better is that his clapping caused the rest of the audience to clap a few times with him.

Just, it was a great movie experience.

When I was a mere 12 sweep old, I was often defensive a8out my age when used as an insult. Took me a while to realise 8eing young isn’t synonym with 8eing unwise, foolish and naive. 

I recollect as many rivalling fleets made a mockery when they heard I was t8king leadership of a fleet.  Though to undergo the title as Captain as young as I was, meant I was fit enough to guide hundreds of trolls, some even a8ove my own hue as I held enough intelligence and the most important rank to guide lives under my hand.

Many youngsters have I employed are innovative, see the world with a fresh perspective. As old trolls sit, swilling their wine reminiscing and devaluing the achievements we hold under our 8elts thinking they have done 8etter.

Many elderly I have encountered are unwavering in their thoughts. A terri8le mist8ke to m8ke regardless. If you wish to survive you have to 8e on your toes and with the youngsters m8king  innov8ting news assaults and ways to attack you have to 8e flexi8le in your understanding of them at least if you do not agree with them.

I do not advoc8te for equality, nor do I care. Though a damn fool I’d 8e for dismissing a younger gener8tion that will one day 8e your guards, your crew, and even 8e the one to wipe your old, salty ass when you’re too frail to wipe yourself.

8eing old isn’t an achievement, what you do in that time is. Some people have amounted to more in their first twenty sweeps that a centenarian has accomplished. 8esides, many old have I met are 8itter and are plagued with their past. 

They are envious that we still run free, trou8les left aside while they are damned with realis8tion that their hair thins, their hands grow wrinkly and their last part of holding dignity is kicking youth down 8efore they surpass them in their achievements and they die knowing they were overt8ken 8y those they deemed weaklings and out of control.


And it was all thanks to Effie…


Effie was my first 5* unit but it took me a while to actually power-level her on account of the fact that armour knights in this game are utterly crippled compared to every other unit when it comes to movement. Thanks to her, however, we were able to funnel everyone towards Stupid Sexy Klein’s brave bow-fired arrows.

Eventually, Michalis must have been like, “Fuck this shit…” because he saw that his men were being utterly butchered by this woman, so he tried to sneak around and hit us from behind.

That was, in retrospect, a mistake on his part.


So now I have both a 3* and 4* Michalis.  yey <3

I was gonna harvest Iote’s Shield from one of them for Camilla buuuuuuuut that would take up the same slot as Darting Blow, which I am not giving up for a second.  Maybe I’ll take one of their Threaten DEFs and give it to Effie or something?  That would be hilarious.  NO WAIT!  I could harvest Lon’qu and twin Threaten DEF with Vantage.  That would be hilarious.

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Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I say Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Probably Slytherin. As a Slytherin I what you a to be one- the one who wrote an essay on twice and their houses

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I think you are in Slytherin or Ravenclaw

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: Hufflepuff!!

I honestly wasn’t expecting so many different answers, but you guys seem really divided here. Ok so I’ve taken the test 3 times with three different results

When Pottermore first came out, I took the original sorting hat quiz and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

A long while later, someone complied every single question in the quiz, because on the offical pottermore site they never have all the possible questions, it just randomly chooses a few. In that quiz with all the questions I was sorted into Slytherin

Then when the Pottemore site was changed and the quiz was updated, I took the quiz again and was sorted into Gryffindor.

So in a way, everyone who said Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Slytherin is correct. One thing for sure is that I’m definitely not a Ravenclaw. But overall I consider myself a Hufflepuff.