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  • Jesse: So we were training today right? And so he tells me about this new deflect ability he has and I called bullshit and then he reflected a bullet so it shot off my belt buckle and knocked me on my ass! It was incredible!
  • Gabe: Jesse-
  • McCree: And THEN after that he was showing me some hand to hand combat and those leg knives of his? He activated one while going for what looked like a roundhouse kick but nearly sliced the dummies head off!
  • Gabe: Jesse please-
  • McCree: Afterwards we got together and he took his face-plate off in front of my for the first time. God, boss, he's so beautiful, I think I'm in love with-
  • Gabe: JESSE. As nice it is to hear you so happy IT IS THREE IN THE MORNING.
Perfect (Peter Parker x Reader)

Hey guys! I’m back for more. So, I had this one written up a while ago, but then it got deleted, and I kinda lost motivation to get it rewritten. That’s not an excuse for why it took so long, but it does explain the reason behind it a little. Anywho, this was requested by the wonderful, @phiauniverse​! Thank you so much for coming to me with the idea; I had so much fun writing it when I got back into the flow. It was an honor. I don’t know if it turned out how you wanted it, but hopefully you still like it! Welp, that’s it for tonight guys. Enjoy, Munchkins! (Requests are open, and i’ll be working in order of whichever ones inspire me the most! Send away!)

Peter knew it was wrong to judge. He’d been on the receiving end of judgements more often than not, so he knew how horrible it could feel. But for some reason, when it came to her, he just couldn’t help it. Not when she was making it so easy.

(Y/N) had been part of the team for all of three months, but even in that short time period, she’d made her presence known. But Peter supposed that was pretty easy when you were someone like her.

“Like her” consisted of hair that seemed to reject the idea of getting even a millimeter out of line, outfits that always had some shade of pink–powder pink, hot pink, pink that looked a little more fuchsia but was definitely still pink– whether it be her skirt or dress or shorts or shirt or heels, and makeup so calculated, you would’ve thought she was a statue.

Her personality was just as girly, giggling constantly, refusing to touch anything that could dirty her nails, and speaking with a voice so shrill, Peter often avoided interacting with her at all.

It seemed that everyone else felt the same.

Tony and Bruce were often busy with trying to make some sort of breakthrough in their fields, but they had still managed to find her presence unnerving. She didn’t just appear to be a slight air head, but she was also too….

Nat and Clint and even Sam were slightly more accepting having been impressed with how quick she picked up moves when they sparred, but even they couldn’t help but wince when her bottom lip jutted out in a pout at a broken nail or a scuff on her shoe. She was just so….

Steve and Bucky were the most polite, trying to make small talk and get to know her, a little more prone to the extreme femininity from their time, but there was only so much they could handle before they couldn’t deny the truth. She was far too….


Too innocent for a world that could throw an alien invasion at you one day and robots threatening to take over the world the very next. Too innocent for a world that emphasized how easily it was to suck the life out of anyone and everyone.

Only Wanda and Vision seemed to understand her, and they could often be found talking and laughing with (Y/N). Peter didn’t know exactly what about, but he did know that if he didn’t bring attention to his presence right away, he could swear her voice was less high pitched and her clothes had dark blues or greens rather than the very noticable pinks. The second they realized Peter–or anyone really–was in the room, however, the pinks reappeared in a flash, and her voice was just as high as he remembered, almost as if he had completely imagined it.

What really engraved itself in Peter’s mind, though, was how her face changed. When they realized he was in the room, her face changed into one of complete geniality. He would not have minded, as that was her normal expression, but having seen her two seconds prior, he couldn’t shake the image of serenity on her face. Now, her smile, about as large as her cheeks would allow, looked tense. Guarded. Had he not seen the look she wore only seconds before, Peter wouldn’t have noticed. That’s what disturbed him most. How much he wouldn’t have noticed.

That’s not to say she was horrible. Not by any means. She was nice and appreciative and reliable, but something about her had started to seem…Off? Well, more off than normal. Whatever it was, though, Peter couldn’t quite place.

Until today.

Today, the world had decided that the villains of choice were…. Mermaids? Real living, breathing mermaids. But as the Quinjet flew in the general area, Peter couldn’t help but notice how disturbing the army of fish people looked. Faces different shades of green with seaweed draped in ghastly ways over their body as means of clothing. Their eyes were deadly, darker than the depths of the sea, with teeth that resembled those of sharks. In their arms were what Peter could only assume were weapons.

He winced, adjusting the way his suit sat on his body.

They definitely weren't​ the mermaids he grew up thinking of.

Turning away from the window as they drew nearer, Peter’s gaze landed on (Y/N) who sat in the seat closest to the door, and around her, an atmosphere that clearly contradicted her normal happy-go-lucky attitude. Confused, Peter walked over.

“(Y/N)?” He started, his voice coming off as cautious. “This is your first mission, right? Are you nervous?”

She didn’t say anything, her gaze firmly on the floor of the jet, and for a second, Peter was certain he had seen her pale pink tank top flicker into something that looked like old stained cloth bandages. In a blink of an eye, it returned to the spotless pink garment, and he could only stare at it in amazement.

“I remember my first mission. I fought Scott. I was super nervous, too, but I couldn’t exactly say no to Tony, so I just did it, and I thought I did pretty well, so I’m sure you’ll do fine, too, for sure,” Peter rambled, the new vibe surrounding the girl making him slightly uncomfortable.

The jet shook suddenly, loud CRACKS! and BOOMS! sounding outside.

“Incoming!” Clint hissed, veering to the side to avoid anymore blows to the aircraft. “Is everyone ready?”

The team stood, ready for some action, but Peter only focused on (Y/N). She slowly stood, rolling her shoulders methodically, before her gaze finally met his. He felt his breathing falter.

Her lips were pulled back in a devious smirk. Not her usual, artificial smile. It was a genuine smirk, signs of excitement and mischief clear in it’s quirkiness. Peter was so astounded by the change that he almost didn’t notice the words that left her lips.

“Hold on tight, Spider Boy.”


He didn’t get a chance to finish his question before her hands had clasped onto his waist, and with a toothy grin, she dove out of the jet’s nearest open door, taking him along with her.

“What the f–!”

The roar of the wind drowned him out, but he continued to wriggle around in shock. From his spot beneath (Y/N), he was sure he looked like a fish out of water while she couldn’t have been more calm despite the fact that they were falling closer into the clutches of killer merpeople.

Finally, he jumped into action, his arms raising from his sides to be directed towards the jet, in hopes of maybe being able to get a string of webs to the bottom of it. His actions were quickly cut short by the feeling of something soft brushing against his arm. His brow furrowed before that something grew and suddenly, before his very eyes, a pair of large, golden wings sprouted out of nowhere​. Well, not really from nowhere.

They had sprouted from (Y/N)’s back.

Peter could only watch as the wings continued to grow, the rising sun shining pale pinks and deep purples and rich oranges on the sparkling gold feathers. Quickly, the brightly lit appendages grew to be too vibrant to look at, and he had to look away, his gaze landing on her once fashionable outfit.

The clothes had seemed to melt from her pink tank top and brown skinny jeans to cloth bandages, swaddling her in thin fading brown rags from her chest down to her mid thighs. At her waist was an array of knives, and had he not been mesmerized by the sudden transformation, he would have been getting as far as possible from the blades that looked like they could cut through flesh with a single twitch of her hips. Instead, he could only look on, mystified by what he had just seen.

Suddenly, a loud shriek broke his concentration, and the reality of the situation hit him again like a ton of bricks.

Killer merpeople. Right.

Only when the array of fish bone arrows flew in his direction did he notice the first genuine smile he had ever seen on her face.


The battle had taken 42 hours of nonstop fighting before the team had managed to beat them into damnation, or whatever that meant. As far as Peter could tell, Thor had managed to convince Loki to help Tony make some kind of portal, leading all of the merfolks to some planet that they could never escape from. Peter wasn’t exactly sure how that was possible, but it meant he could get back to the facility and finally confront a topic that had been bothering him since he fell out of the Quinjet.


But first, he decided that the team deserved sleep. 42 hours took a heck of a toll on people.

As soon as they had all rested for just over twenty-four hours, he found his way to the girl of the hour.

(Y/N) stood against the island in the kitchen, her hands wrapped delicately around a mug of what he could only assume to be a steaming cup of tea based on the subtle sweetness he could detect even from a few feet away. He watched in silence for a few minutes, but he quickly was broken from his haze by a soft voice.

“I never really liked the idea of being stared at. You can never tell what the person is thinking as they hone in on you,” she hummed, her voice soft and slow like dripping honey.

“I–well–sorry…,” Peter mumbled, his gaze dropping as he stepped further into the room. Subconsciously, he grabbed a bowl and a random box of cereal, eyes flickering between (Y/N) and his food.

Her smile was back in place, as subtly fake as ever.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Peter. It was rude of me to say,” she appeased, kindness radiating off of her features.

“Why are you pretending to be so perfect?” Peter blurted out, suddenly unable to hold his tongue despite the way out she had so eloquently allowed him.

(Y/N) spit out her mouthful of tea, her eyes wild as she met Peter’s curious ones. Immediately, she wiped her lips, hunching over the counter for a second, her face hiding behind her perfect hair. After a few beats, she turned, her face now emotionless.

“What do you mean?”

She didn’t even try to hide the dullness in her tone, but Peter didn’t care, focused solely on the way her hair now looked slightly frizzy, her pink pajamas flickering between a glowing orange and a vibrant pink, and her makeup showing signs of exhaustion. For once, she didn’t look faultless.

Peter liked it.

“Peter?” Her gentle voice asked, and Peter jolted, frowning at the sight of the pink returning.

“You turn into a warrior angel,” he blurted, pleased at the sight of her hair beginning to have tangles as she processed his second outburst of their encounter.

Her face was blank again. “So what?”

“So…,” Peter drawled as his nerves suddenly washed over the words he hesitantly spoke. “I guess I just wanted to know…to know why?”

His words were vague, but she knew what he meant. He wanted to know why she bothered pretending to be pristine when he had watched her laugh in the face of danger as if it were an old friend. He wanted to know why she had kept her abilities a secret from the team for the short time she had known them. He wanted to know how she could handle having two completely different personalities.

But most of all, he wanted to know why she felt the need to put on a facade at all.

But she didn’t want to answer. She wanted to pretend this hadn’t ever happened. Pretend he hadn’t asked her such a personal question. Pretend he hadn’t caught on to her secret. Of course that wasn’t how it was going to play out, but she had been pretending for so long, she just wanted to allow herself to believe she hadn’t ever stopped.

So for however long it was before she spoke, she let herself pretend she didn’t feel the anxiety eating at her insides, and she let herself pretend that everything was normal. That Peter was walking on eggshells because she was smiling too brightly and not because she might draw a knife on him. Like his eyes were staring at her perfectly applied makeup and not at the very edges of her soul seeping out from her eyes. Like he was going to walk out of the room not because she had scared him away as she had numerous other people, but because her personality was too bubbly for this time of day. Because she could handle people being put off by the facade she presented, but for people to walk away because of the truth behind the facade? That was unbearable.

“I killed my parents when I was only seven,” (Y/N) finally spoke, causing Peter to jump from his spot by the fridge. “I hadn’t meant to, of course, but that’s kind of hard to explain to a judge and jury when you can’t say that your wings suffocated them in your sleep. The only reason I was let off of the charges with a few months of probation was because they found feathers stuffed in their throats. We didn’t have feather pillows.”

Peter stayed silent, approaching her like she was a wild animal that he was afraid would flee if he moved too quickly.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at the attempt of kindness. All it really did was make her more irritated.

“I’m not gonna bite your head off if you walk up to me, you know,” she snapped, her pajamas seeming to flicker a brighter shade of orange.

Peter watched on with caution before finally standing to his full height and walking to the other side of the counter with only slight hesitation in his movements. She seemed to watch from her peripheral, and when she was pleased with where he stood, she continued.

“A family friend took me in and taught me how to control Protector–the angel warrior. Within a matter of months, she and I were on the same wavelength, and she saved me. From people that tried to take advantage of my powers and…and from myself. I–”

“But what does that have to do with why you pretend to be some innocent little girly girl?” Peter interrupted, his curiosity getting the best of him for the third time in a matter of minutes.

(Y/N) was not as amused by his intrigue.

“Would you rather be hunted for the rest of your life or change so drastically that they question whether you were even the girl they were looking for? Which one sounds easier to you?” She drawled, her voice dripping with sarcasm, eyes seeming to stare into his soul as they looked for a genuine answer.

Peter was speechless.

“Exactly,” she finally mused, hints of sadness clear in her tone. “It gets real old trying to escape death the twelfth or so time some mysterious ol’ bastard or creepy ass organization decides you are gonna be their next play thing. You manage to decide what is best to survive pretty fucking fast.”

With each word, innocence was quickly lost in Peter’s image of her, each curse slipping from her lips resulting in another strand of hair leaving her perfectly sculpted bun. As the f-bomb bit its way from her lips and a loose curl escaped the elastic and fell in her face, Peter couldn’t help but notice other changes that slowly washed over the perfect teen.

The mini Eiffel Towers, for instance, that had once occupied her bright pink pajamas shorts were replaced with poop Emojis, complimenting the orange now having washed over the fabric. Or the way her hair was now in a horribly messy bun, bed head finally catching up with the girl. Or the nail polish that had suddenly become chipped and in complete disarray. Or the freckles that he only just noticed she had from in between the patches of makeup that must have come off in her hours of sleep. Those unbelievably adorable freckles….

“What?” (Y/N) hissed, growing uncomfortable under Peter’s heavy gaze.

Peter blinked in shock, his mouth reacting before he had a chance to comprehend what was going on.

“You’re really pretty!”

Peter nearly choked on his words as they came flying out of his lips. Had he really just done that? What kind of idiot was he?! The rambling continued in his mind for what felt like ages, but a soft chuckle cut him off in a matter of seconds.

Looking up with caution, Peter’s gaze landed on an unexpected sight: (Y/N) smirking.

“Close your mouth, Spider Boy. You’ll catch flies,” she teased, pushing off of the counter. She placed her empty mug in the sink, her gaze landing on him from under her long eye lashes. “Unless you want me to be one of the flies…?”

And with a swish of her hips, she was gracefully exiting the room, not bringing any form of attention to the words that clearly had no real reason for being in their conversation, besides throwing him off. But of course, that was the point. And, who’s to say she didn’t want to actually flirt with him?

Peter watched in astonishment, his hands clenching at his sides. The subtle action resulted in a harsh burst of webbing to shoot from his wrists, sending the boy flying into the counters behind him. Groaning in pain, he quickly flung off the newly slimmed web shooters. Tony had insisted on making him a more suitable design–“You can’t walk around with these bulky cuffs under your clothes. What happens if you get attacked when you’re in your civilian form? At least a smaller model can be taken with you undetected.”

It appeared that he hadn’t been wrong; the poor boy had forgot he was even wearing them.

From down the hall, Peter heard a breathy laugh, and he didn’t need to look up to know it was (Y/N). Nonetheless, he looked up anyway, shocked to see her looking back at him. Upon seeing him notice her gaze, she quickly straightened her stance, rushing the rest of the way out of the hall. Peter grinned goofily, it never slipping from his face as he collected the webbing stuck to the floor. How could he?

After all, he’d never seen her blush like that when she was pretending to be perfect.

drabble 006

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so this was an idea that i accidentally came up with yesterday while i was at work and when i kept pestering laura with it, she convinced me to write it. it’s only tyler,, but i needed to use this gif because of certain things. enjoy.

You had been dating Tyler for nearly a year when he asked you to go on tour with him; you were hesitant at first, not excited about spending months in a cramped van with Tyler and his friends. It took a great deal of convincing from him to get you to say yes, but when you gave in, he practically jumped for joy, hugging you over and over while he told you that it was going to be fun.

It was two weeks into the tour, and you were out with Tyler, Josh, and Mark at a random bar in the town they had played in; it was after midnight, and were three beers deep, watching the boys playing pool nearby. You sit perched on the bar stool, watching the way the men jokingly fought with one another over who was the better pool player. The argument makes you laugh, Josh being clearly more intoxicated than Mark and Tyler.

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Song: ✧My R - Kurage-P ft. Hatsune Miku✧ (English Cover: rachie (YouTube) )


Thank you very much @thedailydelirious @circus–monster and @youranonymousartist for letting me use your Delirious designs~!

This took a long while to do but it was very fun using limited colors!!

I hope all of you love this as much as I do! ♡

•do not repost, thanks!•


i’ve always thought these things are amazing but I never had the patience to actually make one until now. it took quite a while and required that i have an actual plan for once but i’m very proud of it!

i’m probably gonna post some or all of the panels separately as still images. if you have any specific requests for reblogable panels let me know

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Jess, you've truly gone and done it again! While I was scrolling through your latest Tale of Three Sisters thread it took me a while to get it into my brain that it was only 1 person playing all 3 sisters - you play them so well and add such subtle characteristics and mannerisms that make them so unique! Even now, my brain refuses to believe that it's the same person playing each character - you really are an incredibly talented individual!

(( OOC: *is emotionally incapable of reacting to such lovely and meaningful compliments and therefore gesticulates wildly at you instead* ))


It’s Lesbian Visibility Day and instead of bombarding you with selfies, I wanted to talk about my experience as a lesbian dancer. The stereotype of the dance world is that all the guys are gay and all the women are straight. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and I have somehow found myself being a lesbian in an industry that, while very gay friendly, is not always girl-gay friendly. The sad reality is that often the job of a dancer is to appeal to the male gaze - you only have to watch any standard pop music video released in the past ten years to work that out. It took me longer than I would have liked to admit to myself that I was a lesbian because a lot of the expectations that were on me completely defied that. But, while we may be a tiny proportion, lesbians do exist in the dance world and I really hope to see more representation of that in our art in years to come.

I am currently not out to a single one of my dance friends. Although I’m yet to have a bad coming out experience, there are certain fears I have around dance friends and colleagues in particular. One being the unavoidable need to share changing rooms, and the knowledge that sadly the ‘she’s watching me getting changed!’ trope still exists. Another being the times when choreography demands that I make physical contact with other women. You and I both know that neither of these situations is in any way sexual, and that being a lesbian in no way means you are predatory. Unfortunately, however, we live in a world where homophobia still exists, and there are people out there who still believe lesbians to be a threat in these encounters. I dream of a day of total acceptance.

I used to think that my sexual orientation and my career are best kept entirely separate. Dancing is performing, so at work I can easily pretend to be somebody else who is straight, right? And when I’m going about my everyday life, I’ll better fit the lesbian stereotype if I leave the girly dancey stuff at work, yeah? I used to think it would make my life and my career so much easier if I detangled the two seemingly contradictory sides to me. Now I’m starting to feel that maybe that’s not the case. Maybe the reason I’m a physically strong dancer is because I’m not afraid to be a little bit butch every now and again? Maybe my emotional portrayal is more realistic when I dance a romantic duet if I imagine my partner is a woman? Maybe viewing the female body from a lesbian perspective allows me to create movement that other dancers don’t? My art and my sexual identity are intertwined whether I like it or not. I am a woman and I am a dancer and I am a lesbian in all parts equal. And that’s cool.

Happy lesbian visibility day!

wow its lesbian visibility so here i am. visible. it took me a while to use the word, because of past relationships and feelings, and me just not knowing if it was okay. so to those who feel like it’s the right label, but don’t know if you’re allowed to apply it, or those who don’t think you CAN, you’ll figure it out <3

jQuery Practise

This code right here. Took me a while as a beginner, but it feels so good that I was able fetch contents from different HTML pages and display them, based on the links that are being clicked. I am sure there are better and simpler ways of doing this.

A Birthday You’ll Never Forget

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Request: Hi! It’s me again, I was wondering if you could do a Mark x reader where it’s the readers birthday and Mark is really excited because they have been dating for a while and he proposes? It’s my birthday today so yeah, plus I need some fluff in my life! Thank you, mwah!

Summary: It’s Fem!Reader’s birthday and she doesn’t want any presents, of course boyfriend Mark doesn’t listen as always.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the little hiatus, I meant to write ahead over break to have something to post when I started school again ut my procrastinating ass barely got around to doing her homework, much less writing ahead. Also, you guys dont understand how long it took me to find this gif? Like 15 minutes of just me scrolling through different variations of the markiplir tag smh. Anyway, hope the wait is worth it! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1293, I restarted this like 3 times why is it not a million words long

Request some more chickadees! I love writing for you guys, even if it does take me a while sometimes.

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I keep forgetting to say this, but Thank You for your writing. I first loved your Sailor Moon fairy tales that I read years ago and while it took me a while to get to your Toby Daye books, I loved those too as well as Every Heart is a Doorway. I plan on reading all your other books as well, I just happen to have a giant to read pile. >.>

You are so welcome!

And believe me, I understand the giant TBR.  Mine weighs substantially more than I do, substantially more than me + my girlfriend, and substantially more than me + my girlfriend + my local PA.  I feel very accomplished: it used to weigh more than me + GF + BOTH my PAs.


Here I am again, after an awful amount of time. As requested by @uncharted-delight “Something about Cassie going on vacation with Uncle Sam? Her parents are worried Sam could possibly do illegal stuff with her. Sam and Cassie are going to make any Archeological search somewhere in the world. Maybe. Just saying.”

I’m really sorry it took me so long and I apologise if it didn’t turn out as you expected. Please tell me what do you think about it and how should I improve.

English is not my first language.

Pairing: Sam Drake x reader

Warnings: None

“You guys are sure about that?”

“Absolutely, stop worrying. We’re doing you and Elena a favor”

“Yeah well I’m not sure you’re doing us a favor”

“Nate c’mon, it’s not like I’m taking her to pull off a heist,”

You heard the two brothers discuss outside, in the small garden while you were sitting in the living room, helping Cassie with her homework. Sam wanted so bad to go on a vacation with you and he got the idea to ask Nate and Elena to let Cassie tag along. She grew up to be the exact combination of her parents. Smart and sweet, like Elena, meddling and lively like Nathan. She also started to develop an interest in history and ancient civilisations, which made Sam feel kind of proud. After all, she reminded him of his little brother and the fact that she was named after their mother made him easily grow fond of her. You found Sam’s behaviour with Cassie utterly adorable, how he narrates stories about his adventures without mentioning his or his brother’s names, how he gives her souvenirs of the sites you had visited and teaches her about the populations. It looked like Sam was trying to compensate for some kind of emptiness he couldn’t help feeling.

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it started off… pleasant. a warm fuzzy feeling. a blossom of a new friendship. like spring time - my favorite season.

the following fall and winter felt warm and our future as best friends, living for eachother, was for sure. but the future shook her head and changed her mind. or it was never meant to be like that in the first place.

as the weather got warmer you got colder, i introduced you to him and i was left in the dark, damp, and cold freezer in your heart, while i kept you warm in my heart. did i burn you? was my fire too much? i’m sorry.

like wax, my warmth melted the front you put up in front of me and you tried to freeze me, when all i wanted to be was warm - for YOU, and them too. you didn’t deserve it. you took my youth. you took my warmth. you took the love right out of my mind, body, and soul. your imprint has left a hole in my heart and left me a damaged heart similar to yours.

im wiser, but my fire has died because of you. everything feels like a threat and like ice and fire, we didn’t fit together. we never will, your true colors have been shown. i hope you become wiser like i have. you already lost three people who caref but you’re not don’t care. your icy tongue and cold, bleak mindset keeps you from loving anyone more than yourself. cherish those people who are even still with you to this point after all the wrong you’ve done to me. because you might end up hurting them too. you’ll be damned to the loneliness i have experienced the past 8 months.

stop pushing people away and help yourself by letting the people around you feel comfortable to talk to you so you can talk to them too. stop bottling everything up. the ice you bottle up in yourself spreads, and it shows. never do what you’ve done to me to anyone else ever again. don’t be the monster you were to me to anyone else.

More fun while watching Z play Starshine Legacy

Are these the power puff girls??

Party at Herman’s!

Lisa and Anne go out of the stable together and Lisa never makes it to the group

Z: “Where did Lisa go?”

We haven’t seen Josh at all in the game AND THERE HE IS FOR THE FINALE!!

Moved on to the fourth game

Alex using the soul strike on the goons and they make a loud grunting

Z: “It’s so loud like they’re sensationally whisper in my ear”

Alex is then running and a goon is behind her chasing after her

Z screams in terror XD

Found out that the portal on the Dark Core base leads to the ship under the sea that holds Garnok due to Mr. Sands saying “that girl and horse kicked me back into the ship” (Anne and Concorde kicking Mr. Sands and Jessica into the hell portal)

Mr. Sands in a wheelchair was stuck in a green pool of sludge and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be XD

Wook at his gwumpy wittle face

Stalker is the best stalker, he doesn’t blink or breath or move to give away his position

In Pandoria doing the seal breaking with Alex 

Z: “Where are my downward mushrooms?”


anonymous asked:

To 16y/o Anon: I'm turning 20 in a few days and the only thing on your list that I've done is drink, and it was casual drinking with friends in private. I still wonder what my first kiss is gonna be like. You're NOT a loser. Hell, you seem a lot more put together than I was at your age. I always thought I was ugly and that's why no one wanted to date me. Took me a while to realize I'm just myself around people and I hadn't met the right guy yet. Enjoy what you want to enjoy and just be happy!

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Hi could you do a Neymar imagine where today is my birthday (it really is my birthday I turn 21) where Ney and Rafa throw me a surprise birthday party with the whole Barca team with wives and kids. Then Neymar pops the question to me with the help of Davi

Happy belated birthday, love! I hope you had a great day I’m sorry this took me so long but there was a lot going on. So i hope you like this! 

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Forever - Neymar 

“what do you think of weddings momma?” I looked down at the little boy beside me who watched me cutting the apple in slices while randomly asking me this question.

“i would love to get married one day. i like the thought of promising to love each other forever” i told him and he nodded as he looked up at me.

“what makes you think about that?” I asked the little boy.

“oh uh one of my friends parents are getting married” he told me and i nodded.

“do you wanna marry someone someday?” i asked him and looked down at him.

“sii momma.”

“i wanna be just like you and daddy when i’m older” he told me and i couldn’t help the smile on my face as i stroked his hair.

“so i think we’re done with the apples wanna put them on the cake?” i asked him and he nodded eagerly.

We put the apple slices on the cake and decorated the rest of the cake so that it actually looked good. It was the second cake we already made today since today was my birthday me and Davi baked a few cakes people could eat tonight at my party. We could have easily just ordered a few cakes at the bakery beside my working place but me and Davi loved baking and cooking together so it really didn’t took us long and it was fun, i loved spending the time with him I got.

„There you are“

I quickly turned around to see Neymar walking in the room, Davi immediately run to his dad and jumped into his arms. Neymar pulled him up to whirl him around. I heard Davi laugh out and smiled at the sight of both of them. As Neymar let Davi down he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer to him and looked down at me as I looked up at him smiling.

„Hey babe“ i said and pecked his lips.

„Hey birthday girl“ he said smiling.

„Are y’all ready for tonight?“ he asked looking between me and Davi as Davi nodded eagerly.

„We got the cakes ready“ I told him and showed him the two cakes, Neymar congratulated us on the amazing cakes and told me to get ready because we had to leave earlier for the location.


I watched her as she walked out of the kitchen smiling and even through she had already left the kitchen I still watched after her. Today was her birthday and maybe for everyone else it was maybe just another birthday but for me it was my baby’s birthday. It was our fourth birthday that we were celebrating together, already. But today would be special, more special than the last ones already. Today would be different, of course we there her another birthday party and a lot of her friends and some of my team mates were coming by to celebrate her birthday but today I would actually ask her to marry me. I know it was crazy and everyone who knew me, knew that a few years even months ago marriage was nothing for me i would never even think of marrying someone hell even being in a relationship sounded wrong for me, but then then I met her and she changed my view on things, she changed my life and she made me happy, happier than anyone else ever could. So I couldn’t imagine living any day without her, I wanted to spend my life with her, I wanted to wake up beside her in the morning after falling asleep beside her. She was the one for me, I loved her, more than my own life. She was a second mum to my son, she was everything I could’ve asked for in a person and today I finally wanted to ask her to be mine, forever.

„daddy, daddy“ I looked down at my little boy tugging on my trainings sweats.

„I asked momma what she thought of marriage“ he said and I smiled down at him, after I told him I wanted to ask her to marry me. He got all excited and since then he couldn’t stop talking about it.

„What did she say?“ I asked him.

„I think she’s ready“ he told me and i nodded smiling at him.

„We need to get ready now, c’mon“ i told him and made him jump on my back so we could walk upstairs and actually get ready for the party tonight.

The next hour all of us spend getting ready and after I said down on the bed to wait for her to come out of the bathroom and be done, Davi came running in the bedroom and jumping on the bed beside me. I looked down at him and like always he wore that beautiful wide smile with his baby teeth. I smiled down at him and stroked his hair.

„You look good bubba“ I told him.

„You do too daddy“ he told me and smiled up at me.

The bathroom door opened and I turned my head to see my beautiful girl walking out of the bathroom, wearing her favorite black dress which length covered her legs until the knee. I liked the way it framed her body. She looked up and met my eyes as a small shy smile played on her lips, I got off of the bed and walked over to er as I wrapped one arm around her.

„You look beautiful“ I told her as I pressed a kiss to her forehead.

„Thank you, babe“ she said and smiled up at me.

„You don’t look too bad yourself“ she said a giggle leaving her lips as she walked over to the closet to put out a pair of shoes.

As soon as she was ready we all got our belongings and left our house to drive off to the location where the party was thrown at. We got out of the car and walked inside to see Rafa already talking to a guy as we approached her she screamed and hugged y/n to congratulate her. I told you she was perfect she was more than perfect, she not only got along with Davi but with my whole family, she was best friends with Rafa which made it even easier for us all. I smiled as I saw them and Rafa finally turned around to hug Davi and hug me as she stood beside me and y/n and Davi brought away the cake an other stuff.

„Are you nervous?“ she asked me referring to the proposal.

„You have no idea“ I told her as I sighed out.

„Naw you really don’t need to be. She’ll say yes we all know it“ she said and giggled at me.

After some time the party started and everyone begun dancing and drinking as the night went on, y/n was busy with talking to her friends and going from one group to another. I wanted to spend my time with her, especially since I was so nervous but I did understand that she wanted to spend her time with her friends. I just talked with one of my team mates as I saw her standing at the bar and excused myself from my friends to walk over to the bar. As I stood behind her and knew she didn’t notice me yet I wrapped my arms around her she nearly jumped but as soon as she realized it was she calmed down. and turned around in my embrace as she looked up at me a small smile playing on my lips.

“are you having fun?” i asked her and she nodded eagerly.

“i do” she told me a sweet smile playing on her lips.

“i need to go bring this drink to one of my friends” she said referring to the cup in her hands.

“i’ll be back okay?” she asked and after i nodded she turned around and walked towards a crowd. I sighed as I bit down on my lip and nodded towards Rafa who was standing beside the Dj on the stage, she was looking at me and smiled before she turned towards the DJ and talked with him. I sighed nervously as I saw Y/N walking towards me again. A smile was playing on her lips which got even wider as she recognized the first chords of the new song that was now playing.
She walked towards me and after she got to me I pulled her with me towards the dancing floor. We started dancing and I eventually started calming down but in the middle of the night I stopped dancing and just stood still trying to remember the words that I had practiced in my head so many times already. She looked up at me confused, her eyebrows furrowing together.

“y/n” i started.

“you know i love you”

“of course babe” she said a smile playing on her lips as she still didn’t know what was going on.

“we have been dating for years already. you moved in with me. you’re like a mother to my son and i-i just love you so much”

“you know when i first met you i knew you were the one for me. i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, now a good 4 years later that is still my wish. ” i told her and i could see her tear up at my words.

I got down on my knee as I looked up at her I saw her covering her mouth with one of her hands.

“so i want to ask you. would you marry me?” i asked her relieved that the question had finally left my lips.

I looked up at her waiting for her to answer and after she nodded and I saw the tears streaming down her face I waited for Davi who approached beside me and handed me the ring.

“thank you buddy” i whispered taking the ring from his hands and after I got it out of the box I put it on her finger and got up. She wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled her head in my neck as I wrapped my arms around her as well. I heard people applauding around us but i didn’t even care about that all I cared about was the girl in my arms, my girl.

“i love you” she whispered but i could still hear it.

“i love you” i whispered a smile on my lips, she was willing to be mine forever.