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(Don’t) Touch Me Like That: A Rowaelin Short Story

So here’s the first winner of the survey many of you guys took. ***Warning: Does contain mature content*** in case you weren’t aware. I spent 3 MOTHER FRICKING DAYS ON THIS. I gave up sleep, put aside my homework, everything. So I hope you all like it!

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Aelin again read over the letter she had received just yesterday. She had read it so many times that she had now memorized the words. And yet, it felt as if she still couldn’t comprehend them.

“Aelin?” Aedion asked quietly.

She didn’t turn to him as she said, “Rowan and I will set out for Fenharrow tonight. I want you and Lysandra to stay here and watch over the apartment. We don’t want Lorcan to pay an unexpected visit.” It was silent for a few moments, and Aelin could feel Aedion’s annoyance at not being chosen to accompany her rolling off him in waves, but even he was wise enough to not push Aelin at this time.

As much as she didn’t want to, she knew choosing Rowan to go with her was the wiser choice. She would much rather pick Aedion.

When the Queen of Terrasen finally turned to her cousin, he read all that and more in her eyes.

Aedion nodded, eyes somber as he murmured, “As you will it.”


Aelin stuffed an extra cloak, a few pairs of pants, shirts, boots, and sweaters to keep out the winter chill into her pack before clasping it. She didn’t need to pack too much as she and Rowan shouldn’t be gone long and she certainly did not want the extra weight on her as they traveled.

Just as she was finishing strapping on her knives, blades, and other deadly weapons, she felt Rowan’s presence behind her. But she didn’t pause, instead choosing to grab a few more daggers and sheath them at her thighs.

“Are you ready to go?” His voice was cold, stilted.

Finally turning to him, Aelin couldn’t look him in the eyes as she said, “Let’s go.”


They had been travelling for three days, and Aelin had still not spoken a word to him. She hadn’t really looked at him, spoken to him, or acknowledged his existence ever since—Ever since that day. When he had pushed her away.

“Don’t do that. Don’t—touch me like that.”

Rowan shook his head as if to rid his mind of all the thoughts racing about in there. He hadn’t been able to stop replaying those moments before he had rejected her. How her eyes had seemed to glow with want, the warmth of her hand as she had caressed his tattoo…

And then the moments after. Hurt had flashed, unabashed and unexpected, on her face. He had hurt her. And then she had covered it up, made it seem like it was nothing but…He knew she was angry. He knew he had emotionally wounded her.

He knew all this…And yet he had yet to apologize for it.

“We’ll set camp here for the night.” Her voice cut through his thoughts. Rowan looked up, coming to the sudden realization that the sky was dark and now showcased thousands of stars winking down at them.

Rowan watched as Aelin hopped off her horse in one graceful, fluid motion before tying up the snow white mare as close to the peaceful river as she could. She stroked the horse as it drank deeply, and only left once she was certain the gentle beast was well taken care of.

The two of them silently set up their tents, and Aelin started a fire with no more than half a thought before she spoke to him again while she was rummaging through her pack. “I’m going to go freshen up in the river.”

And then she was gone again.

Rowan stared after her, only averting his gaze once he realized he could still see her as she began stripping off her clothes. He had not torn his gaze away fast enough to miss the maddening sight of the curve of her breasts as she had rid herself of her shirt.

His blood thrummed in his veins, forcing himself to close his eyes and take a few steadying breaths.

Gods, if he didn’t do something productive now, he’d end up joining her in that river.

And then lose his balls by her hand by doing so.

So the Fae Prince decided he’d go hunting so that they’d be able to eat something other than days old cheese and molding apples.

With his sheath strapped to his back and knives on every visible and invisible inch on him, Rowan set out.


Insufferable bastard.

Rutting pain in my ass.

Aelin mentally swore at Rowan, cursing his very name to the pits.

It’s been days—days—since they last spoke to each other. And Rowan was so rutting proud, he wouldn’t even acknowledge her.

Granted, she was also paying as much attention to him as she would a spot of dirt on the street, but she couldn’t bring herself to so much as look at him while the aching in her chest was a constant companion.

No matter how many times she told herself that if he wasn’t interested in her like that, that it was his prerogative, she couldn’t help that feeling of rejection. Besides, Aelin thought as she rinsed her hair for the third time, how can I expect him to move on after losing his mate for gods’ sake? Aelin sighed. Of course she couldn’t expect him to move on so soon—if ever—from Lyria’s death. And it was selfish of her to do so.

A wave of guilt came crashing over her.

She’d apologize to him tonight. Make sure he knew that she understood, that she felt awful for blaming him for her misguided feelings. It was just that, for the first time since Sam, Aelin thought she had finally found someone who accepted her, who saw all her flaws and the monster she was, and cared for her despite it.

Perhaps Rowan did care for her, just not in the way she wished he did.

Aelin finished bathing and heaved herself out of the river.


Once Aelin had finished dressing, she came to the camp to find that Rowan was ladling stew into a few bowls. She sniffed the air, swearing she could smell—Was that fresh bread?

She stopped at the edge of the camp, leaning against a nearby tree, arms crossed over her chest. “Well,” she said, being sure to sound mildly amused, “Who would have thought Rowan Whitethorn, famous Fae Prince Warrior, Death on Swift Wings, was also a chef?”

For a moment, Aelin was afraid he wasn’t going to respond to her. She was afraid that he was going to completely ignore her. And she knew that if he did that, if he were to truly not want anything to do with her anymore, then she’d endure it and put on a brave face, but—

But Rowan merely chuckled once and said, “Well are you good for anything other than running that mouth of yours?”

If things were like they used to be, she might have made some slightly inappropriate retort, but they were just now beginning to test the waters, and she did not want to screw up redeeming herself, so she only smiled slightly and came to sit across from him.

He passed her a bowl of the mouth-watering stew, still steaming, along with a piece of the fresh bread he had somehow gotten his hands on, and the two ate in comfortable silence for a while.

Finally, when her emotions were eating her up inside and she could no longer repress the words, she blurted out, “I’m sorry.”

Rowan stopped mid-bite. “For what?” He still wouldn’t look her in her eyes.

Aelin swallowed, but forced herself to continue. “For pushing your boundaries,” she said. “For crossing a line I didn’t mean to. And then blaming you for it. I shouldn’t have—I didn’t mean to—” she swallowed again. “I’m sorry.”

Rowan didn’t respond. He didn’t turn towards her, he didn’t speak, rutting hells—Aelin wasn’t even sure he was breathing.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, Rowan turned towards her. Aelin was embarrassed at the way her pulse thrummed when he finally, finally, met her gaze. She was sure he could hear the pounding of her heart, the shallowness of her breathing.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” he breathed. “I should have…handled it better. It just took me off guard.”

She didn’t know when it had started, but Aelin suddenly realized that tears were pooling in her eyes. Rowan, too, seemed to notice, and at the sight of them, he only opened his arms, beckoning her, and murmured, “Come here.”

She dropped her empty bowl with shaking hands before making her way over to him. Aelin had planned on sitting beside him, but Rowan scooped her up in his arms and set her down on his lap. So close, she could distinctly smell the pine and snow scent that was him.

Aelin rested her head on his shoulder, and Rowan pulled her closer, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“I’m sorry,” she breathed again. “I’m so sorry, Rowan.”

A few heartbeats passed, and Rowan’s only response was, “I missed you, Fireheart.”

She refused to allow him to see how much those words affected her, so she laughed and retorted, “You mean you miss all of our comedic and playful banter?”

“Banter? Is that what you call it? I’d say arguing was a better fit.”

“And I’d say that me always being right and you being wrong whilst refusing to acknowledge it is an even better fit.”

And so they sat that way for a good remainder of the night, until Rowan complained that his legs were beginning to fall asleep due to Aelin’s heaviness—she had smacked him, playfully of course—and they had bid each other good night before retreating to their tents.

Aelin slept better that night than she had nights previous, but her tent still seemed to be too cold without her Fae Prince at her side


Two more days of riding, and though things were still a bit tense between the two of them, Aelin and Rowan were talking to each other again. It was at the end of the second day that they had stumbled upon a small village. The village was welcoming and inviting, with red brick buildings and local shops, friendly people.

And most importantly, an inn.

“We can lodge here for the night,” Aelin said. She didn’t mind travelling, but she was tired of sleeping on the hard ground and bathing in creeks and rivers and eating nothing but cheese, apples, bread, and whatever game she and Rowan had hunted.The thought of sleeping in a bed was so appealing, she had to restrain herself from making her horse go faster just to reach the inn.

The inn was cozy and warm, with a tavern off to the right and teeming with people. Boisterous laughter and the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon greeted them upon arriving, and Rowan and Aelin quickly scanned the space before Rowan said, “I’m going to go check things out. You see about getting us a room to stay in for the night.” Before Aelin could protest, he was off.

Aelin strutted to the innkeeper’s desk, ringing the little bell there and feeling eyes on her coming from every which way. Her hand strayed to a knife hidden beneath her cloak, but she made sure that the silver gleamed menacingly and in plain view. If anyone dared to be a bit bold and try to steal from her, they were going to find themselves missing a few fingers—Or perhaps a whole rutting hand.

The innkeeper, a small, plump woman with dark hair and light eyes bustled out, wiping her hands on her skirt before cheerfully greeting Aelin.

“I’d like a room for the night please,” Aelin said. “And, with two beds,” she added as an afterthought. As much as she and Rowan were beginning to mend their relationship, she guessed he’d prefer to have a bed of his own.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” the innkeeper breathed, and Aelin steeled herself for the words she was sure to say next. “All of our two bed rooms are full. But, there is one room available. Mind you, it does only have one bed, but—”

Seeing that the woman was getting quite flustered, and perhaps a bit frightened at the sight of Aelin’s hand on her knife, Aelin politely interrupted, “It’s fine. We’ll take whatever you can offer us.” The woman nodded.

Upon paying the kind innkeeper and receiving the key from her, Aelin walked back to the tavern in search of Rowan.

Good gods, there were so many people! Aelin had to push her way through, scouting for the Fae Prince. It took her all of five minutes before she found him in the more dimly lit part of the tavern, his back to her.

A pretty, curly-haired woman was pressed against the wall, big brown eyes just gobbling up the sight of the muscular warrior. Aelin could not hear what they were saying over the roaring in her ears, but she watched on in silent horror as Rowan lowered his lips to her ear, eyes straying to her considerable-sized breasts. The woman’s eyes seemed to darken with lust, and her hand went to his chest, feeling the hard, corded muscle underneath his tunic.

Rowan flashed her a lazy smile, one so few people were graced to see, and when the woman nodded upon him whispering something else in her ear, Aelin could take no more of it.

Just as she was preparing to leave the tavern, her gaze met with that of the beautiful woman. She nodded in Aelin’s direction, and Rowan looked over his shoulder, making direct eye contact with her.

Aelin wasn’t sure what would happen next, didn’t know if Rowan would simply dismiss her or go after her, but she didn’t care to stick around and find out.

Faster than a bat out of hell, she rushed out of the tavern, up the stairs, and found the room they were to be staying in for the remainder of the night.

The room was small, but cozy. There was a small wardrobe tucked into the farthest right corner, a door that led to the bathing chambers, a small fireplace, and a table. A considerable sized bed with fresh linen took up much of the space, if you sat on it and looked out, you could view the beautiful violet snow-capped mountains that seemed to go on for an eternity.

Ten minutes passed, and Aelin could do nothing but stare out that window. That is, until the door opened, and pine and snow overtook the room. The air was instantly stale, and the mixture of awkwardness and anger was a tangible thing.

“There’s only one bed,” he said.

Aelin scoffed and faced him. He looked for all the world like he had done absolutely nothing wrong and had no idea why she was behaving like a lunatic. “I told them we needed two beds, you insufferable bastard. This is the only room they had available.” Swiftly, she began ridding herself of her weapons, her freezing cloak. “If you’ve got a problem with it, you’re welcome to sleep on the floor. Or even better, you can change into your hawk form and find a nice nest for lodging.”

Rowan was still stood in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest as he said, “That actually doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.”

Aelin shrugged, feigning nonchalance. “Then by all means, go do it. Apparently, I’m such an detestable pain in your ass that you’d rather go warm some other harlot’s bed than share one with me for a night.”

And there it was.

Almost immediately, Aelin regretted the words, but there was nothing she could do about it now.

Rowan’s brows furrowed and he took a step closer. “Aelin—” She held up a hand, ceasing whatever words were about to come out of his mouth.

“It’s none of my business, Rowan, whom you decide to have relations with, I know. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Rowan was silent as she finished stripping off her weapons, setting them on the small, wooden bedside table before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her.


Rowan was an idiot.

A ginormous, gods-damned rutting idiot.

He should have known, should have thought about how the sight of him flirting with another woman, no matter what the initiative, would have affected Aelin. Especially, especially considering what he’d told her just weeks before.

“Rowan,” she had breathed and slid her fingers down the side of his tattooed cheek and—

Impossibly fast, Rowan grabbed one wrist and then the other, yanking them away from his face and snarling softly.

He dropped her hands as if they were on fire, stepping away.

“Don’t do that. Don’t—touch me like that.”

He had known, as soon as he had said the words, that he had hurt her in some foolish, unspeakable way.

And now…He could only imagine how it looked. That he would rather some random woman’s hands run all over him, rather share her bed, than be with Aelin for just one night.

The line between them had become so blurred once he had come to join her in Adarlan. It  was completely different between them in Wendlyn. They had fought and cried and laughed together. She had slept in his bed every night after she had nearly burnt herself out. And Rowan had not realized just how lonely he was until he would wake up in the middle of the night, hands searching for a girl who was not there. A girl who was half way across the continent, and had taken pieces of him with her.


As Aelin bathed, she could not stop replaying all that she had seen just moments previous. The way Rowan leaned into that woman, how he seemed to want—crave—her touch. The way his eyes had freely roamed over her body, how her eyes had seemed to darken in response.

“Don’t do that. Don’t—touch me like that.”

Aelin came to the sudden, crippling realization that perhaps—Perhaps those words were not a general statement. Maybe they had been intended for her only. Was it not possible that just because Rowan did not want her hands roaming over his body, he would not mind the hands of another on him? That he did not feel for her in that way?

She finished bathing, wrapping herself in a towel before exiting the bathroom to find that there was food on the bed. Still warm, though not scorching hot so it had to have been sitting there for a little bit. Rowan, however, was absent. Fine, she thought, but Aelin could not deny that little twinge of hurt and disgust that was taking place in her heart.

She sat, still wrapped in her towel and began eating the meal without tasting it at all. She was so wrapped in her thoughts that everything around her seemed like a type of dream. Blurred and hazy around the edges with only one thing astoundingly clear.

It was moments later that Rowan came back, hands full with two cups filled with something that smelled distinctly like chocolate and a small tray that had to hold something sweet, as she could smell the cinnamon and pumpkin she had scented upon first arriving at the inn.

He set the goodies on the bed. “I went back down to get some hot chocolate and pumpkin spice tarts. The cook says they’re the best in all of Erilea.”

If this was his attempt at an apology, he was doing a shit job at it.

But she could never resist sweets, especially chocolate, so Aelin took a cup and a tart and began enjoying them without so much as a thank you. Rowan sat down on the bed, keeping a healthy distance before he delved into his meal. She took a sip of the hot chocolate—Gods, it was heavenly. And the tart was even better.

Somewhere in the middle of enjoying her third tart and second cup of hot chocolate, Rowan retreated to the bathing chambers. He was gone for no more than ten minutes, and Aelin had just slipped on a long-sleeved red button-down shirt when he emerged, dressed in nothing but a pair of paints slung low on his hips and his hair dripping wet, but tied back in a bun atop his head.

Aelin climbed into bed, forcing her eyes away from his half-naked form, and blew out the bedside candle with a murmured, “Goodnight, Rowan.”

She could tell that he was just standing there in the middle of the bedroom, staring down at her. But it was moments before his deep voice disturbed the silence of the room as he said, “I was gathering information from her.” He needn’t specify who. “She was a common city whore from the brothel down the street, Aelin. Nothing more.”

Lies. There was absolutely nothing ‘common’ about that woman. From her full, sinful lips and deep brown skin, to the full swell of her breasts and petite build.

“It’s none of my business, Rowan. It doesn’t matter.”

“But it does,” he said. “It does matter, because it obviously upset you. And I must say that I am sorry Aelin, for having hurt you. It was never my intention.”

It was silent for a few moments, the only sounds being the high-pitched whistling of the wind and snow swirling about outside, people preparing for bed, candles being blown out, before the entire inn seemed to grow completely silent.

“Good night, Rowan,” she said again. A few heartbeats passed before Aelin felt the bed dip on the opposite side, Rowan coming to join her.

Gods damn her, she couldn’t seem to even consider sleep when he was right there, when he was so close and yet so far away. So Aelin lay with her back to him, staring at the wall while hoping and praying for sleep to come and take her away.


“Please tell me what you’re thinking.” Aelin knew it had to be well past ten, but it did not surprise her when Rowan’s voice disturbed the stillness in the room.

“Only if you return the favor.” He seemed to hesitate, but eventually agreed. “But you first,” she added quickly. Rowan groaned, and Aelin couldn’t help a small smile as he grumbled, “Fine.”

She heard him take a deep breath, as if preparing himself for a fight, noticed that he subtly cleared his throat before speaking.

“I’m thinking that Lysandra and Aedion are probably showing great strength in restraining themselves from tearing each other’s throats out. I’m thinking that the small innkeeper should back away from the door and go mind her own business.” At this, Aelin indeed heard a quiet gasp and then shuffling as someone hurried down the stairs. Her smile grew. “I’m thinking that not talking to you for that amount of time was starting to drive me mad, and I missed you like hell. I’m thinking that I’m one of the biggest fools that ever lived from having hurt you. And I would sooner cut off my own arm than make that mistake again.”

Aelin wasn’t sure she was breathing. Of all the things she had expected him to say, that certainly wasn’t it. So she turned around to face him, searching his eyes for any hint of insincerity…And found none.

She had so many things she longed to tell him. Things and feelings she had kept on a tight leash. A leash, Aelin realized, that had been loosening ever since she had seen him in that alley.

So she, too, took a deep breath, knowing that once she said the words she had been wanting to say for so long now, there’d be no undoing it. “I’m thinking that you’re an idiot, Rowan Whitethorn,” she replied. “And I’m an even bigger idiot for having fallen in love with you.” His eyes seemed to darken in the sliver of moonlight coming through the window. Aelin breathed, “Now you have to tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I’m thinking,” his voice had taken on a dangerous quality. So low and guttural as he said, “That I want to kiss you, Aelin Galathynius. I want to touch you, I want to find out how your lips would feel on mine. How your hands would feel in my hair, roaming over my body, touching me.” His gaze went to her lips. He growled. “I want to take you on this bed. I’m thinking that I want to fuck you over that table, and on the walls, and in the tub. Over and over again until that sneaky little innkeeper is forced to kick us out due to noise complaints. Because I can guarantee, Fireheart, that you’ll be moaning—screaming my name at the top of your lungs. And you won’t be able to help it.”

Rutting hell’s.

Rutting hell’s. 

Aelin did not know when she and Rowan had inched closer, as if by some invisible force, but she realized that he was now close enough that she could reach out and touch him if she wished. Realized that their breaths mingled.

His words had her nearly gasping for breath, sent her heart galloping, her pulse roaring through her veins and pooling at her core. She could scent his want, his lust-filled eyes finally meeting hers again.

“Are you all talk, Rowan? Or can your actions actually back up your words?” He grinned, canines gleaming wickedly.

“Turn around,” he quietly instructed. She obeyed, wondering just what in all the gods’ names he could possibly do that—

Her thoughts cut off abruptly as his lips met her neck. His breath fanned over where her shoulder and neck met, kissing where her pulse thrummed. Aelin’s body stiffened.

His hands soon joined his lips, one grazing her bare thigh, the other slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Aelin’s eyes screwed shut. Just a whisper of his thumb caressing the inside of her thighs had her grinding against him, silently begging for more.

In one swift movement, he had her on her back. Rowan hovered over her, their bodies so close that his warmth seeped into her. His lips kissed, followed by a brief, sharp pain that was his canines biting her, claiming her, before his tongue—gods damn her his tongue—caressing the spot he had just bit her.

And he continued this slow, pleasuring torture all the way down her throat, until his mouth hovered over her breasts, peaked despite the lack of chill in the room. 

And then he took her right breast into his mouth, licking and biting as his hand massaged her other breast. Aelin moaned, grasping the sheets as waves of pleasure tore through her.

His name was a breathy whisper on her lips. Just when she thought she would find release, he stopped, instead continuing his torturous assault of leaving a trail like purple-pink flowers blooming upon her pale skin.

Rowan eased himself off the bed, kneeling before it, before her. His hands wrapped around Aelin’s ankles, pulling her towards him. Evidence of where he touched were left on the sensitive skin inside her thighs. He was going to drive her to the brink of insanity with those gods damned teeth of his. Aelin didn’t think he could pleasure her any more than what he already was.

But then his mouth hovered over what was between her thighs, and she felt his breath on her. And she could have sworn he moaned before his fingers began to pleasure her.


Feeling her wetness for him, scenting her wanton desires nearly undid him. Her golden hair sprawled out on the pillows, her hands grasping the sheets, eyes fluttering and chest heaving as he pleasured her. The way she tended to bite down on her lower lip to contain the moans she so desperately wanted to release. She was so beautiful. 

Aelin was aware of the fact, and yet still held insecurities. Rowan had noticed how her eyes had flashed with hurt and despair at the sight of him flirting with that other woman. He had noticed how her eyes roamed over the whore’s body, immediately comparing it to her own and wondering if he perhaps preferred those type of women.

He planned on eliminating every once of self-doubt she had.

Aelin’s hips bucked off the bed, craving more of his touch but he used his other hand to pin her to the bed. “None of that,” he crooned.

“You little—” Her sentence was cut off as she gasped at one of Rowan’s fingers entering her. “Shit,” she breathed as he slowly began to pump his finger inside her, his mouth caressing her thighs. He added a finger, feeling her clench around him as he began to move faster, faster. Her chest was heaving, and his name sounded like that of a gods when she finally found her release, her hips wanting to buck off the bed but being stayed by his hand. 

She was barely able to come down from the last waves of pleasure before his tongue darted out, tasting her. He had imagined how she would taste, but his imagination paled in comparison to the real thing. 

One of her hands went to his hair, holding him to her as she writhed and moaned. His hands and mouth took turns, tasting her, pleasuring her. 

“Aelin,” he breathed against her. And at that, she lost it once more. Her back arched off the bed, toes curling as she was taken again.

Her eyes opened, meeting his as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked her pleasure off them. Aelin’s body shuddered, riding out the last waves.

But when Rowan rose, making as if to join her on the bed, she held up a finger, stopping him as she raised herself to her knees. 


Of all the things that had come out of Rowan’s mouth, wit matched with a sharp tongue, she had never imagined that he could have her nearly begging for release with nothing more than his teeth, hands, and tongue.

She held up a finger, stopping him. And he did so with a mixture of amusement and lust shining in his eyes. Her hands reached toward his naked chest, keeping his gaze every step of the way so that he knew, so that he could stop her at any moment should he wish.

“Get on with it, Fireheart.”

That was all the encouragement she needed before was on him. Pleasuring him as he did her. Her lips and breath on his neck, peppering kisses along his torso and leaving her mark on him. 

Rowan’s eyes had fluttered closed, nostrils flaring as she moved farther south, until her mouth was right above the waistband of his pants. She popped the button free—

So fast she hadn’t anticipated it, Rowan’s hands lashed out; One gripped both her hands, ceasing her advance, and the other lightly gripped her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze.

For a moment she was afraid that she had gone too far. That kissing and marking his skin was fine, but him exposing himself in that way was off -limits. 

But then he lowered his lips to hers, and it was the answer to a thousand-year old riddle. It was the beginning and end of the universe and her body heated. It was hot—too hot—

An icy breeze swept through the room, blowing out the fireplace and kissing her heated cheeks. A hand slipped around her waist, and Rowan set her on the bed with a gentleness that made her heart stutter.

Aelin wrapped a leg around his waist, pulling him down towards her, causing him to be flush against her body. She could feel the hard length of him through his pants and suddenly wanted him insider her now.

Again her hands went to the waistband of his pants, and this time, when she slowly began to peel them off him, he only growled that she go faster and stop teasing him. 

His pants joined her shirt on the floor, and Aelin’s mouth went dry at the sight of him–Fully naked before her. He was beautiful; every bit the Fae warrior underneath his clothes as she had imagined he’d be.

Their eyes met, Rowan lowering his head so that their brows met. He smelled of pine and snow and sweat, but her scent was there as well. Crackling embers and lavender wrapped around each other like the notes to a sweet melody.

Rowan nudged at her entrance, and Aelin bit her lip to stop the moan that had been about to pass from her lips.

“Get on with it, you bastard.” Rowan only chuckled, a sound she felt reverberate in her core before he entered her. Her nails raked down his bag, raising angry red lines as he pushed in, and in. And in.

He stilled, allowing her to adjust to his considerable length. 

Aelin closed her eyes, focusing on his breath coming out in hot, short spurts on her neck, his scent, the hard muscles of his back, his hands on her thighs, on how he seemed to fill every inch of her.

She breathed his name, and that was all it took before he slid out, then pushed back in. Slowly, at first. He worshiped her body, kissing her deeply as he moved inside her.

But Aelin didn’t want slow. 


Her hips lifted to meet his and he stilled, snarling softly in her ear. “Aelin,” he said, almost as a reprimand. When he didn’t move, she lifted her hips again. “Open your eyes,” he softly encouraged. She complied, and when he pulled out before slamming into her, her mouth formed a perfect O, a strangled gasp leaving from her lips as he slammed into her again. And again. And again.

His mouth met hers, swallowing her sounds of pleasure as he lifted her in his arms, their bodies still connected. Her back hit the wall, her arms snaking around his neck, his gripping her thighs as fucked her, hard and fast against the wall as he’d promised.

“Rowan,” she said his name between moans and sighs.

“You’re mine,” he growled against her throat. “You are mine, Aelin Galathynius. And I’m yours. To whatever end.”

He pounded into her, so rough that the few pictures decorating the walls fell of, so viciously she swore the window threatened to shatter.

She could feel her release coming for her again, but she needed to say it. Wanted to say it. “I’m yours, Rowan Whitethorn,” she breathed. “And you are mine. To whatever end.”

“I love you,” he said, and those whispered words were her undoing. She shattered completely around him, screaming his name and not caring who heard. He continued to pound into her as torrents of pleasure tore through her, until he, too found his release and her name off his lips sounded like a man worshiping a goddess.

And when she could finally find her voice, she reciprocating the words she had held in her heart for all this time.


Rowan and Aelin got little sleep that night. 

He had fucked her, hard and rough against the wall again, bent her over the table and had his name leaving her lips the entire time. 

Then she had taken over, pleasuring him with her mouth, with her hands, with her teeth, and the sight of him coming undone at her doing was one she was sure would haunt her in her dreams for all time.

But then Rowan had lain her on the bed and made slow, sweet love to her. Hands roaming as he kissed her tenderly, the entire time telling her how he loved her.

But they had both grown so exhausted that finally, at nearly three in the morning, the two feel asleep, wrapped in each others arms. 



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some general tips for people with executive dysfunction

1. invest in a can of dry shampoo!!! they’re not particularly expensive (mine is batiste brand, i got it for $8).  showering a lot can suck for low energy people, esp people who are trying to get their hair to adjust to getting washed less offten (hair gets oily very quickly after long periods of being washed every day) and this can save lot of time while also making you feel clean!! 

2. BANANAS ARE A GODSEND. i get very sick in the morning, and im also perpetually low on energy, which usually makes me opt out of breakfast. but bananas are quick, easy, filling, and (fun fact) make you less nauseous somehow? idk. they’re great. if you never eat breakfast like me, try to start buying bananas more often as its a really good backup 

(this one’s kind of big so ill break it down so its easier to read) 

3. clean stuff as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to build up. it doesn’t have to be huge, time consuming tasks. just small steps to save yourself from some stress in the future. 

  • pick up clothes from the floor the second you take it off and put it in the washing machine. you don’t have to turn it on or do the washing now, but now its off your floor which is great!
  • throw stuff in the trash can the first time around instead of having it pile up. take empty cups/plates into the kitchen right away (you can go around the house, or even just your room and pick up dishes whenever you need to take a break from working or studying)
  • quickly do your bed first thing!! it doesn’t have to be extremely neat, honestly just dust off your covers, fold it at the foot of your bed and fluff your pillows a bit!! it took a minute but now your room looks a lot cleaner!

4. break up everything into small tasks/create routines that are very specific! my example will be showering.

  • when i shower, i break it up into very very specific parts. the first thing, probably the hardest, is getting myself in the shower. focusing on how showering is not a stressful activity, how it feels good and how good you feel after can definitely minimize the amount of time i spend psyching myself to get up, as overtime the idea of showering becomes an intrinsic part of your day rather than a task or chore. 
  • after i get myself in, the hardest part’s done, and i can relax. i do my routine, which at this point, has become a no brainer. my routine is: shampoo, conditioner (but i dont wash it out), body wash/soap, face wash, brushing my teeth (yes i brush my teeth in the shower fuck off two birds with one stone), and then finally i wash the conditioner out! this is weird but if im done extra quickly, i’ll let myself just stand there until the water runs cold bc idk i really like showering?? 

starting a new routine is always difficult but just stick with it. you can start introducing a routine one task at a time, you can remember to just wash your hair and then get out if thats all the energy you have today. and dont be ashamed about music in the shower!!! i played music on my phone in the shower every day for a year maybe? ive stopped now bc my last phone’s headphone port broke bc of water damage but anyway thats not relevant 

5. keeping a calendar and planner is great in feeling good and organized. you dont have to get a super expensive bullet journal, just start small. i got my current calendar as a christmas gift (theres food puns every month i love it) and my school provides planners. dont feel obligated to use it EVERY DAY and constantly have the best handwriting. just keep it on your desk in class and at home for whenever you need it

6. music and podcasts are good for any time. waking up but feeling super anxious and you dont want to get up? music/podcasts drown out your thoughts and can help you start your day in a nice way. studying and feeling really bored and annoyed?? listen to your favorite songs. trying to go to sleep but your annoying brain wont shut up? nice chill podcasts, or even just longish youtube videos help. 

  • music (especially instrumental music) is best for when you need to think and focus on a task. podcasts are good for menial tasks that dont require you to think that much, as podcasts are more engaging and have you focus on something so you feel less bored/procrastinatey!!! 
  • my favorite songs to listen to when studying are actually playlists ive made! (here and here) and my podcast/video recommendations are off topic and grumpcasts/long game grumps videos, but i understand that this isnt for everyone (cw: lots of swearing, dark humor, stupid casual racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism but its just something i put up with bc i really like michael jones)

i can’t really think of anything else right now!! these are just all the things i do that actually do help a lot

i see lots of sentiment in the studyblr community that basically says “your future self wont be pleased with your pathetic excuses right now :)” and stuff like that and just…please remember that executive dysfunction is never “just an excuse”, it is a legitimate reason for not being able to complete tasks. feeling frustrated with yourself is normal, but you should never be made to feel guilty for not being able to do something, no matter how menial or how crucial. you’re great and you can do this <3

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mad-li  asked:

#28 for those prompts you reblogged? mileven please (st blog is hawwkins) love your blog and your writing! it's some of the best... getting me through to season two one small fic at a time. i thank you.

40 Prompts List #28: “Keep your eyes on me”
Thank you for the request! And for being so incredibly lovely! I really appreciate your kind words and hope you’ll enjoy this. Sorry it took so long! 💕 💕 

“And that’s Orion,” Mike said in a soft whisper, pointing to the southwest, “And that big, bright star is Rigel—it’s a blue-white supergiant.”

“Orion?” El echoed, her eyes following Mike’s fingers across the inky blue sky as they traced the constellation for her. She knew comparatively little about space, but the vastness of the universe fascinated her and Mike was a good teacher; El enjoyed listening to him talk, especially when he got excited about the things he was telling her.

“Yeah,” Mike paused in his drawing and turned his head so that he was looking at her, sprawled out on the plaid blanket next to him, wrapped in his favourite sweater, curls cascading out behind her head. “He’s a hunter. From Greek mythology—remember Lucas was telling you about Artemis and Athena last week?—and he could walk on water.”

“Cool,” El smiled and nodded, fondly remembering the stories of powerful goddesses Lucas had shared with her while they had been stargazing six days earlier. She had liked those stories. Tonight, however, it was just her and Mike—Lucas had gone home after dinner and El was staying with the Wheelers while Hopper worked late. She didn’t mind, of course. Any time at the Wheeler’s house meant more time with Mike.

El’s eyes flickered towards Mike, meeting his gaze briefly. Even in the darkness, she could see Mike blushing, his pale skin turning crimson under the freckles she sometimes counted like Mike counted stars. Wordlessly, El shifted closer to him and snuggled into the crook under his arm, Mike adjusting so that he could comfortably hold her. Resting her head on his chest, El sighed contentedly at the familiar smell of fabric softener and bubblegum that was Mike Wheeler.

“I’m tired,” she whispered into his shirt and she felt him grin against the top of her head.

“We can go inside,” Mike offered, “You can take a nap in Nancy’s bed.” He felt El shake her head.

“I’ll rest here,” she mumbled, her voice already thick with sleep. They had spent the afternoon riding with the rest of the gang, riding bikes and playing tag. “Story?”

“Sure thing,” Mike grinned. In a soft voice, Mike continued the story he had been telling El the previous night over the phone, picking up where he had stopped when he heard her breathing soften—a sure sign that she had fallen asleep. He didn’t get much further, prattling on for less than ten minutes before El was asleep against him. 

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Kim Mingyu Pastel Lockscreens

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“Bath Time, Relax” Jinyoung Scenario

Anonymous said:

Can you do Jinyoung scenarios. When reader and Jinyoung kid having cute time with reader. Jinyoung enjoy that. Soon in bed with reader tell how cute that was. Have good day! P.s. my English is very low quality, sorry :D

Your English is fine honey. :) Sorry this took so long, I had no time to write this past week. But here it is! Hope you like it~ Remember if you like it please like/reblog as it helps me a lot!

Summary: Jinyoung gets sent home early from a shoot only to find a surprise scene in the bathroom.

| Words: 1096  | Genre: Fluff  💞 |

requests open !

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Here are some Miraculous Ladybug paper child I made ! Hope you like it, it took along time to did these ;W;

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Bad Things

Dean x Reader

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Here’s what I was listening to while writing this (it helps set the mood):
Bad Things - Jace Everett
Halestorm - I Get Off

Word Count: Somewhere around 3,000

Based on a request by @dragonkittyReader has been stuck in the bunker with Dean while Sam does recon. The two have begun a silent flirting competition to see who breaks first. They both do. Lots of smut. All the smut.

Warnings: SMUT. So much smut. Basically, if you’re not into porn, don’t read. Also, language.


He’s exquisite. Everything a man should be. Gorgeous green eyes, a perfect smile, and a delicious body you want to lick every inch of. Can we also just talk about his lips? All you can do when he talks to you, is imagine them kissing your most intimate parts. Every time he looks at you, your insides dance. When he smiles at you, the crinkles around his eyes make your knees weak. Not to mention whenever you’re in the same room as him, you can’t stop imagining him inside you, filling you to the brink. You can’t take it anymore. No more hiding it.Tonight will be the night you make your first move.

She’s gorgeous. A serious work of art. Her curves are perfect and soft, and all I can think about are running my hands over every inch of her. Her hair smells like peaches and her laugh makes my dick stand as hard as a rock. I want to run my hands through her hair and kiss those beautiful lips. Kiss her soft skin. Whenever she’s anywhere near me, I just want to bend her over and fuck her senseless. That’s it. No more fantasizing about it. Tonight will be the night I make my first move. Tonight…she will be mine.

Originally posted by jiliakaart

You had been cooped up in the bunker with Dean for almost a month now, and everyday seemed to get worse and worse. You couldn’t be in the same room with him without wanting to jump his bones.

He was gorgeous. There’s really no other word that would do him justice. He had light brown hair, cut close, but always with those delicious short spikes on top, that you wanted to run your fingers through. His eyes were green, and could pierce anyone’s soul if you were to look in them long enough. He was tall, about 6'1 and his legs bowed in so adorably, you couldn’t help but stare when he walked around the bunker. His lips, were supple and totally kissable. He had this way of licking them when he was frustrated or thinking, that drove you fucking crazy.

Sam left for a recon mission about an hour earlier. That means it was only you and Dean in the bunker. Alone. He had a subtle way of flirting with you over the past month, but nothing had ever come of it. You couldn’t tell if he was being cute, or if he really wanted to fuck your brains out as much as you wanted to drop your pants and give it to him willingly.

“Y/N?” A gravely voice broke you from your dirty thoughts. Dean stared at you quizzically from across the table. “Back to Earth, sweetheart. We have some research to do.”

Of course, research. Always research. When you became a hunter, you never thought there’d be so much damn research.

You page lazily through the old leather book in front of you, looking for a way to rid Cas of his rabid plague. You were barefoot in the bunker, and your feet were freezing. Your feet absentmindedly drifted towards Dean, and bumped his. You jumped, and looked up at him. His green eyes were staring back at you, and a sly smile was spread across his face.

“Playing footsie under the table? That counts as flirting where I’m from, Y/N.” He laughed, and continued to skim through the book that was in front of him.

You ran your fingers through your hair, and placed your hands on the table, stretching.

“I’m gonna get a beer,” you say, getting up from the hard wooden chair. “Do you want one?”

Dean looks up at you from his reading, and smiles again in that sexy side way.

“Yes, please.”

His eyes continue to hold your gaze, until you awkwardly turn away and walk towards the kitchen. You swear you can still feel his eyes boring into your back as you walk away. Goosebumps rise on your arms.

You open the refrigerator door, and grab two beers. If he’s flirting with you like this, and Sam isn’t home, maybe now is the time to make your move.

He’s a man. Most men can’t resist the temptation when it’s in front of them. But will it make it awkward for you both in the future? You do live with the man after all.

You close the refrigerator door, and turn to walk back to the study, when you almost bump right into the man himself. He’s so close to you, you can smell his shampoo. Dean takes the beer out of your hand, grazing it ever so slightly in the process.

“Thank you, Y/N.” he says, his eyes looking deep into yours. This man likes direct eye contact, and it makes you uncomfortable. But, not in a bad way. His eyes are heavy lidded and you can see the lust in them. Unless that’s just your hormones taking over.

“You-You’re welcome.” you choke out, taking a sip of your beer. He mimics you and takes a sip of his, still standing the same distance from you, blocking your way from going back to the study.

“Yanno,” he says, leaning against the near by counter top. “I can’t help but notice the way you’ve been looking at me lately.” He takes another sip of his beer, waiting for your answer.

I’m sorry? Did he just acknowledge he knows you’ve been staring at him? Be strong, Y/N. This is what you’ve been waiting for. FLIRT BACK.

“Sorry,” you say, gripping your beer bottle so tight your knuckles are white. “When someone as good looking as you is in my presence, I can’t help but stare.” Good. Good for you, Y/N. Way to keep it subtle.

Dean doesn’t seem to mind. In fact he throws his head back and laughs. This irritates you a bit.

“Excuse me,” you say, your feelings a bit damaged. “And why are you laughing?”

Dean sets his bottle on the counter top and walks towards you again. He’s even closer now, so close you can see every freckle on his beautiful face.

“You’re feisty, Y/N. Bold. It’s what I love in a woman.”

You gulp hard, and he sees it. That sly smile that drives you crazy, spreads across his face once more.

“In fact,” he says, running his large calloused hand down your bare arm. “I have to admit, I’ve been staring at you too.”

Oh sweet Jesus. Your arm is covered in goosebumps where his hand is placed. Your stomach is doing flip flops.

“Is that so?” you say, hoping you sound confident and sexy, not like the mumbled mess your brain is currently in. “And do you like what you see?”

Dean moves his arm up to cup your chin, tilting your head up so your eyes meet his perfectly. He speaks, and you can feel his sweet breath on your face.

“I absolutely fucking do. I want to do the dirtiest things to you I possibly can.”

You inhale sharply, and before you can speak, his beautiful lips are on yours. Pops of white appear in your vision, and it’s ultimate bliss. Exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

He sucks your bottom lip into his mouth, and nibbles on it, sending shocks through your system. His hand is in your hair now, giving him control of your head and better access to your mouth.

Dean’s tongue pokes at your lips, asking for an invitation inside. You oblige, and your tongues dance in perfect unison. His mouth tastes like beer, and peppermint toothpaste. He smells like man, clean and fucking masculine. Your panties are already soaking wet, and he hasn’t even touched you yet.

In one swift motion, he lifts you up, his big hands cupping your ass. He places you gently on the counter top, before attacking your neck in wet kisses.

You throw your head back, and let him devour you. You run your finger tips through his spiky hair, and it’s surprisingly soft.

He breaks away from kissing your neck, his eyes overflowing with lust now. Dean looks you right in your eyes, his green ones making your stomach clench.

“Let me fuck you, Y/N.” His tone is gravely, and sexy as fuck. You run your finger tips along his jaw, before nodding your head slightly.

Dean takes your top off in one swift motion, and unhooks your bra before throwing the garments to the kitchen floor. Your breasts hang free, and he bites his lip, taking in the sight of you. A low growl emits from deep in his throat. Your heart is beating so hard, you’re surprised it’s not pounding out of your chest.

He takes one of your breasts in his mouth, capturing the nipple in between his lips. The mixture of his warm mouth and the cold air of the bunker makes you gasp in ecstasy. Dean flicks his tongue across your nipple, pinching the other in between his fingers. You wriggle underneath him, desperate for his hands in other places.

Dean sees your need, and breaks free of the attention on your nipple. He plants a soft kiss on your lips, before kissing a trail down your bare stomach.

He steps back a bit, never breaking eye contact with you, and takes his shirt off. His abs are more defined in the dim light of the bunker’s kitchen, and you’re practically salivating. You notice that his freckles not only trace his face, but also his shoulders and chest too. You also notice his tattoo for the first time.

You reach for him and pull him closer, kissing every freckle on his shoulders, tracing his tattoo with your tongue. Low moans escape him, and his hands draw circles on your bare back.

“Lie back.” he demands, and you do, the cold counter top making you shiver.

Dean unbuttons your jeans, all the while kissing your stomach. He slides them down your legs, and throws them with the rest of your clothes. He kisses a trail from your ankle, all the way to your inner thigh. He’s so close to your sex that you want to cry out. Your hands are in his hair, tugging with need.

He rubs his nose along your underwear, so close to your clit. Dean can feel the wetness through your panties and smiles up at you. The look of his face between your legs is almost too much to bear.

Dean hooks his fingers on both sides of your panties, and slides them effortlessly down your legs. It’s mere seconds before he’s back kissing your thighs, nibbling them, gripping them with his strong hands.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he says, inches away from your sweet spot. “Tell me, Y/N.” You can feel his breath on you, and it makes you writhe on the table.

“Taste me…please, Dean,” you practically beg him.

Before you can even gather your thoughts, his mouth is on your clit. He licks it in delicious circles, finding every spot that drives you wild. After he’s done with this relentless torture, he takes your clit in his warm mouth and sucks lightly. Your back arches off the table in ecstasy.

Dean sticks one thick finger inside you in a ‘come here’ motion, while continuing his exquisite attack on your most sensitive part. Your hands are in his hair, pulling him closer. Your release is so close, you can feel it building in your stomach.

“D-Dean, oh my God. I’m so close,” you choke out, your vision starting to blur.

He stops his torture for mere seconds and whispers, “Come in my mouth, Y/N.”

That’s all it takes and you’re coming, hard. Your body shakes and convulses as your mind clouds with pleasure.

Dean kisses your inner thighs, and then a trail up to your mouth. You can taste your sweetness on his tongue and it drives you practically mad. You need to touch him, and now.

You run your fingers along his abs, feeling the tight muscles underneath. You hop down from the counter top and kneel in front of him. You unbutton his jeans, running your hand along the bulge that has formed inside them.

You wriggle his jeans down his legs, along with his boxer briefs, wasting no time. He’s huge, and your eyes grow wide, as his cock stands at perfect, hard attention in front of you. He growls in his throat, as you wrap your hand around his thickness.

You put your mouth onto the tip of his cock, and trace circles with your tongue. You put more of him in your mouth and suck, making him twitch, his hands in your hair, guiding you.

Originally posted by staysassycassie

You continue this for a while, feeling his cock grow hard in your mouth, and at your touch. Soon, he’s lifting you up and taking you to his bedroom nearby. His hands are gripping your ass, squeezing.

Dean kisses you hard, before gently placing you on the bed, on your back. He hovers over you, drinking you in with his gorgeous green eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you. So hard,” he growls, rubbing the tip of his cock against your entrance, bumping your clit along every travel. You wiggle underneath him, yearning for him to fill you.

“P-Please, Dean,” you beg. “Put your cock inside me.”

He kisses you swiftly, before easing his girth inside you. He stretches you, and it feels amazing. Nothing you can even try to describe. Dean lets out a low moan, as he settles inside of you. Your legs are wrapped around his waist, his hands cupping your ample breasts.

“You’re so wet for me, Y/N.” he breathes in your ear, quickening his pace. He relentlessly hits your sweet spot, over and over, making you climb higher and higher. Your nails scratching his back, leaving red marks in their wake.

You can’t hold it back anymore and your orgasm takes over, making you moan louder and louder, as he slams into you. The sounds of your pleasure make Dean’s breath quicken, and you can tell he’s close.

“Come inside me,” you whisper in his ear, and that’s all he needs. He releases, crying out, the sexiest sound you’ve ever heard. You can feel his hard cock twitching inside you, and he slumps on your chest, defeated.

Dean rolls over and runs a hand through his hair. He wraps his legs in yours and you both lay there, silently entwined.

Originally posted by cassywinchestertheangel

It’s mere minutes before you can hear Dean silently snoring. That’s when you remember…

You didn’t take your birth control pill today.


you’re not real. you can’t wake up. “this is a malfunctioning computer hallucination, and you are in the asylum of it’s wires. you’ll never wake up, and you’ll never survive, not matter how many times or how hard you try. the only thing left to do is turn it off and end your own consciousness, as well as the image of everything around you. are you willing to give it all up for your own piece of mind? you will find out, one way or another. good luck.”

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Amnesia (Part Three)

Read Part One HERE 

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Summary: After your drunken night at the bar, Crowley cashes in his favor.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Crowley

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 3200+

A/N: Thank you again. This part was really hard for me to write and took me some time to think through. 

This is is the third part, I’m still kinda new at this whole reader insert thing. Hope you enjoy…I would love some feedback. Thanks for reading. Please like, reblog and share!!

Warnings: Language, reader depression, alcoholism, angst, fighting

“Alright…c’mon. You can’t sleep in a fucking alley.” Strong hands pulled you to your feet. But you didn’t stay on them for long, tumbling forward. He caught you around the waist before your hands hit the pavement. Dean caught you, Dean was here. Everything was going to be okay. Wait, wait, no. You can’t be around him. You have to get out of here.

“I…I can’t.”

“Listen. I’m not going to hurt you…”

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