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south side princess (part one) 

Pairing ~ Reader x FP Jones
Prompt ~ after living in the upper side of Riverdale for 3 years, you decide to go stay your dad on the south and forming a crush for the older fp Jones
Warnings ~ swearing, drinking drugs, age gap romance (reader 19yrs old)

Story ~
It was 3 years since your mother and father had spilt up. Your mother had taken you to live in what she called upper Riverdale, what most would call the nice or good side of the tracks. Your father had stayed on the Southside. Your grandfather was the old leader of the gang the south side serpents until his death a few months ago. Forsythe Pendleton Jones the 2nd (or Fp as he was called) was the new leader with your father his right hand man. You had known Fp your whole life. 

In the last 3 years you had re-started high school hating that you was a year older then everyone else, after you was held back a year (because you hadn’t attended school for 2 years) before even starting Riverdale high but at least you was now in the same year as you childhood friend Jughead Jones. In that time you had become a river vixen, your grades where up and you started becoming friends with Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. When you first moved into your mother’s childhood home your grandmother old house, Veronica took it upon herself to give you a full make over. Now you looked like her double, posh girly dresses, sassy tops and skinny jeans filled your wardrobe. More hair and makeup products then ever really needed. 

After a long week and a trying day, You was sat sulking in pop’s after a cheerleader practice, Cheryl had been a bitch with the squad mainly you a Veronica getting the brunt of her mood. You and your mother had been fighting a lot the last few weeks as well to the point you didn’t think you could stay anymore. Jughead Jones slid into the seat facing you with a smile. “what’s up y/n, you’ve been looking at that milkshake for 20 minutes?” He asks. “it’s my mom we’re always fighting and I don’t want to stay there, I can’t stay there anymore” I tell him as he takes the cherry from my melted milkshake. “What about your dad?” he says. As he pops the cherry in his mouth.
You only saw your dad once a month when you would go stay the weekend with him in the trailer park hanging with your old friends now all serpents. “juggie that’s an amazing idea” you smile “I’m going to call him tomorrow” you grab your bag hugging the raven haired boy. heading home thinking of what to say to your dad. 

At home your walked into your mother waiting for you. “where have you been it’s almost 10:30pm” you give a one word answer “pops” she started screaming as you ignore her. Since coming here you wasn’t the only one who had changed. Your mother had become a living breathing copy of Alice Cooper. She went through you room, wouldn’t let you out past 10. Told you to stay away from Jughead because of who his dad was. Controlling as much of your life as she possibly could. Wanting you to be more like Cheryl or Betty.
In your room, you tried to block her out but she followed still complaining about it was a school night, about you not giving yourself time to finish homework or practice with the vixens. After a really bad argument you started to grab you school books and laptop. “I’m going to stay with dad” was all you said before running out the door.

It was nearly 11pm and you didn’t really want to knock at your dad’s at this time. The trailer park was still a few miles away and you started getting cold and tired. You thought about Jughead heading to the drive in to find him it was on the way to your dad’s anyway. You had knocked and knocked, but no one came to open the door. You realized the biggest mistake you had made was leaving without a coat, all you had on was your river vixen outfit and pumps. Your gave one last bang on the door screaming his name, thinking do you go to your dad’s or back home. Home was closer but you didn’t want to see your mum after walking out.
“y/n,” you turn to the sound of your name looking to it’d owner. You see a man walking towards you. His hands in his jeans pocket with a swagger to his stride. In the light you see fp Jones the new leader of the gang your grandfather used to lead. “Why are you out here dressed like that at this time if night?, are you trying to give my boy a heart attack?” he asked looking you up and down intensely slow. “didn’t know you did booty calls Princess” he said. smiling slightly swaying saying back “only for a lucky few, Jones why you jealous?” fp just raises an eyebrow. This flirty banter was normal for you both. It had all started when you was younger , Fp would say something flirty to make you blush and it always worked but now you got older and would think if a witty comeback. It was just how you both was with each other.

You had always had a crush on fp ever since you was about 16 you knew it was wrong or you believe it was. He was over 20 years older then you but looked younger then he was. you managed to keep your little crush hidden, but you couldn’t help think what would it be like if one day he acted on the jokes or looks you sheared with each other.
“I had a fight with my mom again. I left home I thought about coming to stay with my dad but it was late and cold I was going to see if jug would take me in for the night” you tell him. Shivering in your skirt rubbing your bare arms
He took his leather jacket off placing it round your shoulders, but kept hold of both sides of the collar. “your dad’s away doing a job for me, he won’t be back for 3 weeks” you feel defeated thinking you will have to go back to your mothers. He pulls on the collar bringing you closer to him. He spoke slow, and burly a whisper it felt seductive, “you could, only if you wanted to” he looked you in the eyes keeping your focus locked onto his. Making your breath catch ,he was speaking in a hushed voice “stay in mine tonight, tomorrow I’ll get your dad’s spear key take you to get you stuff from mums” you smile as he speaks fully aware how close you was to him, you try pushing the mixed thoughts you have to the back of your mind. Fp let’s go with one hand lifting it to your face tucking your hair behind your ear “I know a princess like you needs her things” you couldn’t speak the touch of his hand on your face sent shivers down your side. Fp turned walking toward his van “you coming y/n” he shouted. You quickly run to catch up with him not needing to be asked twice.

In the truck Fp put the heating on as you rubbed your thighs to get warm. Once you feel the goosebumps disappear you sit back getting comfortable, pulling his jacket tighter around you. “why do you call me a princess?” you ask giving him a smirk. Fp laughs “look at you! in 3 years you went from bad ass bitch to pampered Princess” you frown your eyebrows at him. He looks at you then back to the road repeatedly switching between the two as he spoke “when your mother took you, you didn’t bother much with make - up had your own style. And in the last few times I’ve seen you, you started wearing makeup doing your hair up like your in a magazine and now, your fully fledged member of the Riverdale elite” he reached over slightly flicking the hem of your skirt “team colors and all” you just giggled not known what to answer. At his trailer Fp showed round even though you had been numerous times before, then after something to eat he took you to his room telling you to sleep in his bed and he got a blanket sleeping on the couch.

The next morning you went home waited for you mum to leave for work going in inside to get showered and pack a few bags. You went to put on a dress but when you held it to the mirror you began to think about what fp had said. You did look like a princess not the person you once was. Had I really changed into a carbon copy of the girls around me? was I just like Cheryl? You played with a snake necklace round you neck before deciding to get changed. You found a pair of black skinny jeans a green top a leather jacket and a pair of heels your grandfather had bought you with snakes on the heels not long before he died. Done your hair and makeup. Looking at the new outfit you had put together it was old meets new. And you liked it.

You put your bags in Joaquin’s car so he could take them back the trailer for you and headed to school. 

At lunch Jughead came and sat with you. “can I ask you something?” He didn’t give you chance to answer “did I see you getting in my dad’s van last night?” he asked his brows frowning. “yes I was coming to stay with you, but you wasn’t at the drive in, I saw fp he gave me a lift to the trailer park let me crash at his coz my dad’s out of town” you answer. Jughead looked and blinked not saying what was on his mind. Jughead had seen the closeness between his father and best friend but didn’t what to push the matter afraid of the answer he’d get. “so when are you moving south side then?” he asked “today I sent some of my things up there your dad’s getting me my father’s key” you said excited jug just nodded, when the bell went you and jug walked to class. 

All day people had commented on your change of style. Betty and Veronica loved it, saying it takes time to find your own style and this was yours. Cheryl on the other hand came over when you was in the corridor “you trying to look like the trailer trash your living with now” you step forward snarling her “no I just didn’t want to look like you” you didn’t give time to answer, your spun on your toes flicking your hair walking away. You seamed to get more attention from the boys in the school. Both Reggie and Chuck had given you whistles when you walked past. Feeling good you headed to your locker grabbing you bag. Outside you see Fp waiting for you a sexy grin as he learned against the truck.

“want a ride home? ” he asked when you walked over to him. You jumped in the blue truck ready to get to your stuff put away. During the ride you hardly spoke, Fp looked at you finally braking the silence" what’s with the new look?“ He didn’t take his eye off the road, but had that stupid sexy smirk in his face. "I don’t know what your talking about Jones” you sing song back to him trying to hide the blush in your cheek he hummed in amusement but didn’t question your reply. For the rest of the way you was quite again. When you got to the trailer fp handed you the keys to your dad’s helped you carry your boxes and bags in.
Inside it was a mess and the was nothing in to eat. Fp offered you to come back to his if you wanted he’d get take out for you both. You told him maybe later wanting to clean the place up a bit. After a 2 hours you had cleaned up, it now looked like a different place. Moved you bags into your room and headed back to Fp’s. Outside you could hear music talking laughing, Inside the was half of the serpents drinking having a party. “where’s Jones?” out asked the nearest gang member. “try the kitchen” was all he said without looking at you. In the kitchen you see him with a few other lads all smoking and taking drugs. He looked strange at first like you he’d forgotten you was coming over “do you want me to leave?” you shout over the music “no stay y/n, I’ve just sent Joaquin on a beer and food run anyway” he says smirking at you.

You wasn’t a stranger to a serpent party you had been to a few before. You took a beer from the counter using the edge of it to open the cap, Your dad let you drink at 16, your mom didn’t like it but never stopped you ether. The two other in the room one about 24 the other 30ish looked at you with crossed eyebrows. “What it’s a beer or can’t girls drink beer?, well tough shit” you sass at them taking a long gulp from the bottle. The younger one walked over to you trying to look sexy yet intimidating “hey you! what’s the name doll?” he asked. you gave over exaggerate an eye roll. “the name is y/n and don’t call me doll” you said with as much attitude as possible. “aw small pretty little girl thinks she can play tough and trying to be a serpent, don’t think you really belong here doll” he acts cocky looking you up and down as he goes to grab your ass. Before he can you grab his wrist twisting it until he was screaming for you to let go “I don’t act or try” you started saying hard but calm tone. The older guy stood up to protect his mate when Fp stepped in. “y/n” he says arching an eyebrow.

You let go of the man side stepping closer to Fp, “tough as nails this one boys, and she already belongs” he started placing a hand on your shoulder. He ran his finger down your collarbone, you almost quiver at his touch. Then he hooks his finger around the chain of your necklace pulling the green eyed silver snake pendent from under your top . “y/n y/l/n was born a serpent,” they gasp at the sound of your surname. You smirk matching the one Fp had. “she’s Mitch y/l/n granddaughter”. Both of them sat down with dumbfounded looks you pick you drink back up having another swig not knowing what to say “this is Jack and Shane” he pointed introducing them to you Jack the younger one rubbing his wrist waving.

Fp looks you up and down “she our South side Princess” he called you holding your gaze. You blush bright red but liked the new nickname “oh you wish I was yours, Jones” you say back placing you palm on his chest lightly pushing him back. He chuckles giving you a wink when two more younger boys came in, with pizza and more alcohol in their arms.

Title: Nerves Can Be a Good Thing
Character: Peter Parker

“Hey, just wanted to leave you a message. I tried calling earlier but no one answered so I thought I’d try again. You’re probably just busy or somethin’, I dunno. But uh, give me a call when you get this, I’m a little worried about you….This is Peter by the way.”

Peter ended the call and tossed his phone onto his bed, taking refuge on the ground while he waited for a potential answer from you. It was Saturday night and the two of you almost always did something together. But in all the times he had tried calling you, there was no answer.

He nearly had a heart attack when his phone started ringing, quickly sitting up and snatching his phone.


“Heya, honey.” Aunt May’s voice said over the phone, and Peter could help the frown that settled into his face when he realized it wasn’t you.

“Oh hey, Aunt May.” Peter said, falling back onto the floor.

“Well you sound disappointed, is something the matter?”

“Nah, just expected someone else.”

“Okay, well we can talk about it later if you want. I just wanted to tell you I’m going to be late again, there’s some money on the kitchen table if you want to order some food.”

Peter nodded. “Souds fine, talk to you later.”

Aunt May ended the call and he let the phone drop onto his chest while he sighed deeply. Peter rested his hands behind his head and tried to focus on something else.


After Tony gave him back his spider suit, Peter had been more careful about choosing his battles and spending more of his time being a normal teenager. But, that meant he had a lot of free time to do nothing.

After 45 minutes passed and there still wasn’t word of you, Peter decided to head over to your place and see if everything was alright. It was unlike you to go this long without a simple response to tell him you’d talk later.

Peter checked the time and started to put on his shoes, and in an instant he was out the door.


The lights were on in your house, so Peter guessed that someone had to be home. Even if one of your parents answered, he could at least ask if you were okay.

Peter straightened out his shirt and ran up to ring the doorbell, rocking back and forth on his feet while he waited for an answer.

“Hey Peter, what are you doing all the way out here?” You said, surprised to find your friend standing on your doorstep this late in the evening.

Peter took a minute to take in your appearance. You were wearing a baggy sweatshirt and jeans, but he noticed that you face was all made up like you had just been somewhere.

He could see your eyeliner that was was beginning to smudge at the ends, telling him that you’d been out for some time.

Peter knew the color of your lips, he also knew that you weren’t one to wear lip stuff if it wasn’t for a special occasion.

“Hey…(Y/n),” He said, trying to figure out what you had been doing. “Are you wearing lipstick?”

Your hand when to touch your mouth and you made a face like you had remembered something important. “Oh yeah, it was for a thing.”

You let Peter inside, he explained all of his messages of worry and that he had come over to make sure you were alright.

“Oh yeah, I was just doing a thing and my phone was on silent for most of it, then when I got home it was dead.” You explained to him as he followed you upstairs.

“Speaking of, what exactly is this ‘thing’ you went to?” Peter was now leaning against the doorframe of your bathroom while you began to rub off all your makeup. He found himself slightly laughing when most of it just transfered under your eyes to make you look exhaustingly tired. Then a thought occured to him, it was a Saturday night and you had made yourself look nice for something unannounced. “It wasn’t a date was it?”

Peter attempted to sound like he was teasing you, he even pulled out his boyish smile to convince you that he was totally and completely unaffected by you going out with someone else.

Even if that was the farthest thing from the truth.

“It was actually,” Peter felt his heart drop, still trying to outwardly seem like he was peachy-keen.

“It wasn’t anything too fancy, I just wanted to try and look nice for it you know?” You paused, running a hand towel under the faucet before you started properly washing your face. “He was nice and all, but I don’t think it’s gonna work out.”

That caught his attention, and his brows lifted ever so slightly. “Really? Why’s that?”

You turned off the faucet and shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess he just wasn’t my type.”

“Type? You have a type now?” Peter never heard you once mention the sort of person you preferred to date.

You looked over at him and smiled. “Everyone has a type, Peter,” You said, walking past him to go to your room. “Even you do.”

“Yeah, but like, you’re not gonna go out with him again,” Peter sat down on the edge of your bed and watched you walk around. “Are you?”

“Any reason why it matters?”

“N-No,” He tried to make it nonchalant, but you were already staring him down like you knew something and he sighed. “Because…”

You took a seat on the floor, crossing your legs under you. “You can tell me, I’m not gonna laugh at you or anything.”

Peter laughed nervously and looked down at his hands. “Because, maybe,” He broke off his sentence to clear his throat. “Maybe, I was planning on asking you out or something,” The volume off his voice got quieter towards the end of his sentence. “But like, I totally understand if you don’t want to or anything! It was just me…saying stuff. Unless you do want to! I mean that would be really nice, but don’t worry about it.”

It took you a few moments to understand exactly what he was trying to say to you, but over the years you’d become an expert at decoding ‘Peter Parker Ramble’.


“Okay, what?”

“Okay, I’ll go out with you.”

There was a moments pause.

“Wait! Really?!”

by Lindsay Smith

They told us things would be tougher after the war, but I didn’t know they mean quite like this.

Cold metal, slipping in my sweaty palms. Ears ringing. My face flecked with powder, but it’s still hot, so hot, it burns like ash.

And then of course the man before me, face forever frozen like I just called him something rude, hand pressed to the hole in his lungs as he goes down.

Let me explain.

I was always like this, see, not the killing part, but the part that led up to it. The part where I found me a bone and gnawed and gnawed at it like a dog possessed. “Annalisa,” Pa would say, that tone both scolding and proud, “maybe it’s time to give it a rest, huh? Worry about something else for a while.” But when I found me a mystery, I clung to it, until one of us was solved.

Usually it was as simple as finding where our downstairs neighbor’s good pearls got off to (her husband’s bookie) or who’d gotten the landlady’s daughter in a family way. In the war, I made a bit of a name for myself, nothing official, of course, but the cops came to me all the same. Their best detectives had been poached by the OSS and so on, and they just needed a hand dealing with the vagrants who’d somehow slipped the draft—purse thieves and smugglers and all the other shits you find down south of Houston or lurking around the docks. Pa’d already gone to Europe then, so there was no one but old Mrs. Dougherty to tell me I couldn’t, and she’d turn her glass eye to anything as long as her cooking sherry stayed stocked.  I solved everything from break-ins to embezzlers, and didn’t feel a bit bad about a single one of the creeps and goons I got locked up, even though I didn’t get much credit (or any at all).

Bianca, though … Bianca I felt bad about. But then I’m jumping ahead.

When the war ended and the men came home—though some of ‘em, like Pa, made the trip in a wooden box—they warned me it was going to be hard. The best thing I could do was find myself a man, young, not too shellshocked, who was so damn happy to be home and alive that he wouldn’t mind what a boatload of trouble I was. Mrs. Daughtery couldn’t watch me forever, and I was old enough I didn’t need her by then. I tried dating, thought admittedly not hard, but I’d have had more fun sitting across the diner booth from a box of soap. Every guy was a crossword and I’d solved ‘em by the time the waitress brought our main course.

What I wanted was work. Real work. Work I could hang a shingle on, and get paid enough to live, not just to buy myself something at the soda fountain. I needed to rent a room of my own before I wore out all my excuses with our landlady, before the government checks ran out.

But the cops suddenly didn’t want me, at least not at any price I could afford to take. So I pawned my grandpa’s old pocket watch and took out a newspaper ad.

Mostly it was other women who came to me. We were all in the same boat; we’d had a purpose for a few years, were building a career, then just as quickly it was gone. I saw housewives who were going stir crazy, imagining murderers next door, their husbands’ affairs, even a neighbor who didn’t smile at them just right. They weren’t always wrong, but it was quick, easy work, and that never paid the bills. Not that they had much to give me on their own, scraping together nickels from their grocery money on the sly, but I took the jobs anyway. We were in this together, after the war.

Then Bianca stormed into my world and there’s no way I was going to end up unscathed.

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I’ll go with you

(Zach Dempsey mini-series part III)

Part I Part II

A/N: I hope you like it! I really like writing about Zach, he’s so sweet :)

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 2.162



We were just one week apart from saying goodbye to the life we knew, goodbye to the high school life and hello to the college life. I couldn’t wait to start the rest of my life and even better, I couldn’t wait to start it with Zach by my side.

We got in the same college, which was the most amazing thing ever, I still couldn’t believe it, I know I’m still young, but I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my days with Zach and I was hoping he felt the same way about me because I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.

We had all planned, we would leave in a week to take a little holiday just the two of us and after that we would set in college, where he was going to study to be a marine biologist and I was going to study to be a veterinarian.

As you could imagine there was a party to celebrate the end of high school, all the grades were invited even though only the seniors were leaving. The party was in a house whose owner I didn’t know but it looked like they had money.

I wasn’t there because I really wanted but because Zach made me come, as always. He promised he woulnd’t drink a single drop of alcohol and I didn’t want to ruin his last high school party, but he stay firm and didn’t drink anything.

He was with his friends and I was with mine, Clay, Hannah and Tony, talking about anything and everything.

When I saw Zach getting up al walking in my direction I stopped paying attention to what my friends were saying and I watched him with a big smile on my face.

“Hey babe” he said lowering and kissing my forehead “I’m going to pick up my sister from a friend’s house. She called me saying she doesn’t feel well and she wants to go back home, will you be fine while I come back?”

“Oh, I’ll go with you” I said getting on my feet before he could say anything “I’ll see you later guys” I added saying goodbye to my friends and grabbing the hand Zach was offering to me.

We talked about the plans we had for our little trip when my phone went off and I saw the caller was my mother.

I answered, but it wasn’t my mother on the other side, it was my father, which was odd because he could have just called with his phone and when I heard his voice I knew something was wrong.

“What is it dad?” I heard sobs on the other side of the phone “Is mom alright?”

“Yes honey, your mom is fine… this call is about fluff…”as I listened what my father was telling me my eyes started opening more and more, I got a lump on my throat and I put my free hand on my mouth trying to contain how much I wanted to cry right now.

I didn’t answer to my dad’s words; I just put my phone away from my ear. I was completely shocked.

“Hey (Y/n) what’s wrong?” Zach asked clearly concerned.

I looked at Zach with tears in my eyes and trying to find the words to say that my best friend for more than ten years has just died, but when I looked at him and saw he was staring at me and he hadn’t seen the car coming in our direction I just screamed his name to make him look to the road again, but it was too late.

Zach did a hard turn trying to avoid the car. Everything was in slow motion, like if it wasn’t really happening, but it was real and when the other car crashed with us I came back to reality.

It took me a few seconds to react and be aware of what had happened, my body hurt like hell, specially my arm, but that didn’t matter right now, I looked at Zach to see if he was fine and when I saw him my heart just broke even more.

Thanks to the hard turn Zach did I was fine, as far I could tell, because the other car crashed in Zach’s side and not mine.

I called him desperately, waiting for him to open his eyes at any moment. He was bleeding in different spots of his arm, head and face, but still he reacted to my voice.

I reached for my phone quickly and I called emergencies, trying to stay calm. They told me I had to keep him awake while the help arrived and that I had to remind on the phone in case something happens.

“Hey Zach look at me” I said taking my seatbelt off to get closer to him. He had his eyes closed and it didn’t look like he could move his body “You’re going to be fine, do you hear me?” even though I wanted to sound optimistic I couldn’t help the tears falling from my eyes, seeing him like this was tearing me apart, I couldn’t face the idea of losing him “You’re going to get out of this and we’re going to leave for college together” I saw his lips bending in a little smile and it seems like he wanted to say something but I stopped him “shhh, don’t talk, save your energy to stay awake” I wanted to caress his face so he could feel my touch, but I couldn’t see properly how bad his injures were and I didn’t want to make it worse so I grad his right hand, which was perfectly fine.

When I heard the ambulance I sighed heavily, I had to think that everything was going to be just fine.

“I…” even though I told him not to talk he didn’t listen to me “I lo-love…you” he said trying to give my hand a squeeze.

“And I love you, with all my heart Zach, that’s why you can’t close your eyes” I hated thinking that those could be his lasts words.

The ambulances finally arrived and the paramedics took care of taking Zach and the other person out of the cars. I could get out by myself, but when I stand outside I felt everything spinning around me and the next thing I remember is seeing all black.

I was hearing voices and beeps around me and when I opened my eyes I saw I was in an ambulance, next to two paramedics that were looking the machines attached to me.

“Where is Zach?” was the first thing that left my lips. When I didn’t get an answer I tried to sit straight on the stretcher and then one of the paramedics made me lay again.

“He’s in other ambulance, in his way to the hospital”

“Is he going to be ok?”

“I can’t answer that; I didn’t take care of him”

I tried to relax, but it was impossible and when I look at my body trying to find some injure I just saw my right arm with a bandage, but I wasn’t feeling any pain maybe because they had gave me some kind of painkiller.

Once we were at the hospital they ran a lot of tests on me and as much as I asked for Zach no one told me anything and I didn’t know if that was good or bad news.

Suddenly the curtains that were around me moved and I saw my parents, obviously worried.

My mom came to hug me and I hugged her back, hiding my face in the crock of his neck and trying not to cry, I didn’t know where I should start talking.

“How has it happened?” I asked without letting my mom let go of me. I was referring to what my father told me over the phone before the accident.

“We can talk about that later, don’t think about that now” my mom said putting her hands on my cheeks and kissing my forehead.

“Do you know anything about Zach?” I looked at my father because I knew how to read his expression so that way I’d know if they were telling me the truth “I’ve been asking the nurses, but no one tells me anything”

A doctor appeared and my parents couldn’t answer my question. He told us I was free to go, that I was perfect expect for the cut on my arm, which was pretty deep, but it wouldn’t be a problem.

While he kept talking to my parents I excused myself and got out of there, ready to find answers. Just when I was going to ask for Zach to the girl in the reception I saw Zach’s mom at the end of the hallway and I ran in her direction.

“Mrs. Dempsey” I said breathless. She turned in my direction and a bug smile appeared on her face, which made me think everything was ok “Where is Zach? Is he ok?”

“He’s in there” she answered pointing at the close door next to her “and he’s going to be fine, you don’t have to worry” as soon as she finished that sentence she evolved me with her arms, hugging me, which made me feel confused “he’s alive thanks to you, if you hadn’t been there to call emergencies…” she couldn’t finish the sentence and I didn’t want her to “are you ok?” she asked letting me go and examining me, looking for something different.

“Yes, I just have a cut in my arm. Can I… it is possible to see him?” I asked anxious to see him again.

The door opened and a nurse got out, leaving the door half-open.

“He’s all yours” Zach’s mom told motioning me to the door.

Without a second thought I got into the room and there he was, peacefully laid on the bed, this time with his face clean of blood.

“Zach” I called him softly, standing by his bed and grabbing his hand. He turned his head in my direction and his eyes opened slowly, I could see the cuts on his face clearly now “Hey” I added happy to see him and kissing his hand “How do you feel?”

“Like if the basketball and baseball teams had passed over me” he joked with a weak tone on his voice “are you ok?”

“Yes, thanks to you” I replied letting a few tears roll down my cheeks “You should rest, I’ll be here when you wake up” he closed his eyes when he heard my words and with my free hand I started rubbing his hair.

I ended up falling asleep there, I had told my parents where I was, I didn’t want to scare them more.

When I opened my eyes again I found Zach looking at me, this time more recovered than the last time I talked with him.

“Good morning” he said with a smile on his face.

I lifted my head from the bed, adjusting my eyes to the light, I was a little confused, but I remembered what had happened the night before.

“Is it morning already?” I asked turning to the window to see that it was a new day indeed “Have you slept good?” I said turning to Zach again.

“I can’t complain” he answered “I won’t ask how you slept because I can imagine the answer to that. You should had gone home to rest”

“I’m not leaving you here”

“As much as I like hearing that you’ll have to leave at some point, I don’t think they’re letting me go soon” he put his hand on my cheek and caressed my skin with his thumb.

“I can’t go home…” I whisper.


“Last night… when my dad called me before the accident..” I had to stop to clear my throat to send the urge to cry away, I hadn’t think about it too much and I hadn’t say it out loud yet “He told me fluff had died” I felt my eyes burn, I wanted to cry so badly.

“Come here” he said pulling from my hand in his direction.

I laid next to him, he embraced my body with his arms and hugged me tight to his warm body not caring about how much his wounds could hurt.

“And then I thought I was going to lose you too” I couldn’t hide it anymore and I started crying.

“Don’t think about that ok? I’m here and I’m not going anywhere” he replied kissing my head.

We stayed there until a nurse came in and I had to leave the room.

In the end we hadn’t our vacations before college, Zach needed time to recover and I needed time to stop feeling like crap after what happened that night and the loss of my dog, but when the time came we left for college without looking behind.


Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 899

Reader is a witch and her friends try to hide her existence from Kai , but he finds out about her and shows up unannounced at her house.
*not my gif

Y/N was a witch , a few years younger than Elena and one of Jeremy’s frinds. Y/N didn’t like to practice and tried her best to stay out of it instead of the middle of it.  None of her friends however believed that she could protect herself and they kept treating her like a procelan doll. She understood why her friends were being so over protective , specially with everything they’ve had to deal with over the years - vampires , witches , hybrids , original vampires , travellers … and now Kai. Damon was a little freaked out when he learned Kai had got out and since Kai was a siphon and didn’t have his own magic , everyone were afraid if he finds out about Y/N , he’d go after her , siphon her magic and kill her. Over the past few days Damon had been over to her house in Grove Hill more than a few times , trying to get her to stay home and to tell her how dangerous Kai is.

“I am not afraid of him , Damon !” she nearly screamed for what seemed the 100th time this week.
“I know you are not , but he is dangerous … So for now , stay at home. Don’t invite anyone in. You will be safe there.” Damon said , his tone making it clear it was not up for discussion.
Y/N sighed and sat on the stairs. “Fine. I’ll stay here.” she gave up , “But I won’t be a prisoner in my own home. I still have school..and honestly if I get stuck between four walls for more than a few days , things will get ugly and Kai will be the least of your problems.”
Damon sighed. Y/N was strong and stubborn as Hell , sometimes he forgot about it and just saw a young fragile girl who needs protection.
“OK , Y/N … ” he gave up. “I’ll have Caroline come pick you up in the morning , take you to school and then someone will go pick you up after … …”
Y/N smiled and hugged Damon.
“Thank you… for being the big brother I never had.” , then she turned around and walked inside , leaving Damon alone on the porch.

A few days passed …

Caroline came to pick her up , drove her to Grove Hill High School and then took her back home every day. She was a fun person to be around. On the way to school they’d blast music in the car loudly , singing along then go get some coffee. Even tho Caroline had a lot to deal with at the moment , she always found time for fun things to do with Y/N.On the fifth morning things turned horribly wrong.
Y/N woke up , got ready for school and waited for the doorbell to ring. When that happened that morning and she opened the door , it wasn’t Caroline who was standing in the doorframe.
“Nice house.” the boy said. He was tall , chiseled jaw with brown hair and blue eyes. For a moment she felt her knees go weak but recovered fast.
“Who are you ?” Y/N asked confused. The boy standing in front of her was a complete stranger , yet he acted as if they had known each other for years.
“Oh , sorry… Manners. Hi , I’m Kai.” he said outstretching his hand to shake hers.
So this is Kai , Y/N thought to herself. He was hot and didn’t look that dangerous at all.
Kai kept starring at her.
“Aren’t you going to invite me in ?” he said.
“I’m Y/N , and no.” Y/N said plainly , grabbing her backpack and going outside , locking the door behind her. “I am late for school. I assume you are not here to walk me there … are you ?” she asked curious.
“Not really.” Kai said , a smirk showing on his face. “I actually came to see who it is everyone is ready to do anything to protect.” he said , walking with her down the street. “I assume you are not a vampire ? You are a human.”
Y/N stopped abruptly and turned to face him.
“Look , Kai. I know the others are scared of you for some reason. Honestly … to me you seem like a nice guy.” she said , pausing for a minute. “Whatever dissagreement or whatever you have with Damon or Bonnie or whoever …. leave me out of this. It’s my senior year. I have enough to worry about as it is.”
Kai looked surprised and amused at this girl. Something about her … she wasn’t like the rest of them. He couldn’t understand why the Salvatores were so over protective , she looked fragile but … clearly wasn’t. 
“OK.” he simply said to her after a few minutes. “Can I walk you to school then ?”
Y/N looked at him , then looked down the street. There was no sight of Caroline and she was going to be late.
Y/N took out her phone and typed in a text message to Caroline :

‘Hey , Care. I’m not feeling well today , think I might be coming down with something. I’ll be OK. Call you later.’ and clicked sent.

Kai was looking amused.
“Did you just lie to Caroline ?” he asked , laughing. “I’ll admit , I didn’t see that coming.”
“Maybe…” Y/N said , trailing off. “If you want to walk me to school today , we had to be alone … or else who knows what would’ve happened.” Y/N smiled and started walking down the street leaving Kai a few steps behind her completely taken off guard. A moment later Kai ran up for a second to catch up with her.

That same afternoon when Y/N’s classes were over and she walked outside , she saw him again. Kai was sitting on one of the benches in the school front yard. Y/N sighed and walked towards him.
During their walk to school today , she had gotten to know him better. Y/N saw something in him , she couldn’t quite figure out what it was but it made her think that maybe there is good in him and eventually that good could balance out the bad , if he was given a chance.
Y/N sat next to him on the bench , looking straight ahead.
“Did you stay here this whole time ? ” she asked , turning to face him.
Kai turned around and smiled at her. It wasn’t his usual arrogant smile. There was none of that now.
“I had forgotten what school feels like.” was all he said. “It’s so funny how everyone is running around campus… or sitting somewhere with their noses stuck in a textbook.” He laughed. His laugh making her laugh.
“Come on ” she said. “I want to show you something.”
They walked for a while , reaching the cemetery. Going straight throught it and into the forest. Kai didn’t say a word to her , but she could feel his eyes burning into her back. After about 30 minutes of walking in silece he finally spoke.
“Where are we going?”
Y/N turned around to face him , “Just a little bit further. Can’t you hear it?”
“Hear what ?” he asked curious.
“The waterfall.” Y/N smiled and took his hand. Kai looked at her confused but just shrugged his shoulders and went along with it.
Y/N couldn’t explain it but a part of her was starting to trust him already. He had had a chance to hurt her earlier and he hadn’t. It was curiousity that brought him to her door that morning… and now she was curious about him.* * *A few days later Y/N called in sick again. Kai had shown up early in the morning at her door.
“Why are they so over protective of you?” Kai asked her. He kept wondering about that. There had to be a reason why they’d all go through so much trouble to keep her off his radar.
Y/N hesitated for a moment. A part of her was scared what Kai might do if he found out.
“Do you want some breakfast ? ” she changed the subject and headed to the kitchen. Kai following her closely behind. “Eggs or pancakes?” Y/N asked.
Kai studied her for a moment , resting against the kitchen’s door frame.
“How about … I make breakfast and you answer my question.” he said , moving to the stolve.
“Fine.” Y/N said , a loud sigh following before she continued. “I know Jeremy. You know , Elena’s little brother. We were kind of a … thing.” she lied.
Kai glanced at her for a moment before speaking.
“Crinkle.” he said.
“What ?” she asked confused.
“When you lie , you always get a crinkle.” he said simply.
Y/N was actually amazed he had picked up on her tells so fast. They had barely spent a few days together.
“No , I don’t.” Y/N lied again.
“There it is again …” Kai said a smirk on his face, nearly done with the pancake dough.  "I could’ve killed you the moment I met you a few days ago. I could’ve killed you about a dozen times since. Including 15 minutes ago when I walked inside.“ he said , already starting to make the pancakes.
Y/N shifted uncomfortable in her seat. That was true , she couldn’t been dead the moment he had stepped through the door. She spent the next few minutes watching Kai flipping pancakes in the air.
“Why won’t you tell me? It can’t be that bad.” Kai said , flipping another pancake in the air , the pancake landing perfectly in her plate.
“I’ll tell you. … when you are done flipping the pancakes. It’s distracting.” she said indiferently.Nearly five minutes later Kai had flipped the last pancake and they were about to have breakfast together. He sat next to her , looking at her expectantly while pouring maple syrp all over and eating his pancakes.
“Those are really good.” Y/N said. “You have some pretty awesome pancake skills … I like that.”
“Quit stalling.” he said suddenly serious.
There was something in his eyes , he was starting to get impatient.
“Fine. I’m stalling.” Y/N said pausing for a moment before leaning in closer to him. “I am a witch.” she whispered.
Kai’s eyes widened in a surprise and he reached to grab her wrist. His hand glowing red where he was touching her skin. Y/N flinched a little but didn’t try to escape or push him away. A second later he let go off her hand. Kai laughed for a moment.
“Yes , I am a witch…. but I don’t practice.” Y/N said taking another bite of her pancakes. “They were afraid you might siphon my magic and / or kill me.”
Kai studied her face. She wasn’t lying but there was something else that surprised him.
“Why aren’t you running away?” he asked. “It was so easily for me to grab your wrist and siphon your magic … what makes you think I won’t do that again?”
“Because …” she said “.. unlike the rest of them , I don’t hate you. In truth … I actually kind of like you.” Y/N said refusing to meet his eyes. “You are actually a fun company. Plus if you want my magic - go ahead , I don’t use it much anyways.”
Kai grabbed her wrist again , not siphoning just to make her look at him.
“If it makes you feel any better… I don’t hate you either. If I did , we wouldn’t be having pancakes right now." 


NOTE : This is actually one of the first stories I wrote and had completely forgotten about it until I started cleaning up my laptop today.. So, I did I few edits and here it is :) I hope you like it ! 


(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Bloodbath

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Angst, fluff, stalker dude.

A/N: I know I’ve been posting a lot of NCIS/NOLA lately, but I am trying to keep it even. Some of these requests are old and I have to be fair. <3 I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

This was requested by flufy07: So I watched Bloodbath and I was wondering if you could write a story where Gibbs finds out that you have a stalker and he gets all protective? Please?

You spent the night sleeping in Abby’s lab.  Not only because of the case, but because you were afraid to go back home to your own apartment.  You were worried that your stalker would be watching or waiting somewhere in the shadows.  Going to Abby was hard enough, but going to your team was impossible, especially because of Gibbs.

Gibbs went to your apartment to bring you some coffee and pick you up, but you weren’t there.  Now he was looking through NCIS headquarters, looking for you.  You hadn’t answered his calls like you usually did.  He wasn’t sure why Abby’s lab was unlocked, especially since she wasn’t in yet.  That’s when he spotted you sleeping under her desk.

The Marine knelt down beside you, giving your shoulder a quick shake.  “[Y/N] wake up,” Gibbs whispered.  

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Felicity x Dinah x Thea (mentions of olicity) || ao3 || teen || light angst || 1476 || more fics

summary: prompt: the ladies of team arrow seek revenge against Susan Williams (thank you, @blackcanarydinah)
a/n: happy birthday bb!! i hope you enjoy (: 

p.s - the c-word gets dropped once in this fic. idk i know some people don’t like that word so i thought i would warn

Normally, Felicity wasn’t the type to get her hands dirty. She didn’t mind being on the field of course; she did it when she had to. And right now she definitely had to. It wasn’t technically a mission. Not one that Oliver had given a stamp of approval on. Well, he can’t approve something he doesn’t know about. That was beside the point. What she was doing was important. What she, Thea, and Dinah were doing was important.

“The alarm has been disabled,” she whispered, “And security cameras are offline.”

The three of them walked right into Susan Williams’ apartment building without a problem. She was able to find the exact room with just as much ease. The place was nice. A lot nicer than the average local news reporter would be able to afford.

“You sure you still wanna do this, babe?” Dinah asked.

Felicity nodded, “I need to,” she said, “Oliver would do the same for any of us.”

Dinah couldn’t argue with that. She might not have been on the team for very long, but she already fit well. The other woman got along with everyone on the team and was protective of her and Thea.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Dinah nodded to the door.

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ALTL Part 41

gif is not mine

Title: ALTL Part 41

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam, Lucifer, Castiel, Denise (Minor OC)

Word Count: 1,074

Warnings: Fluff, tiny bit of angst

A/N: We still have much more to go through in this story! I hope you are all enjoying it!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

The next morning you woke up, turning onto your side.  You could feel Gabriel’s feathers brush against your soft skin.  Your eyes fluttered open, a warm smile slowly spreading across your lips.  Your fingertips ran along his jawline as you pressed your lips against his.  The kiss was slow, but full of passion and love.  It was like Gabriel had waited for this moment for eons.

You leaned back, noticing how Gabriel’s eyes stayed closed for another few seconds.  You could see the pure joy in Gabriel’s expression.  It was certainly a look you would never forget.

“Good morning [Y/N],” Gabriel spoke in a low voice.  His wings cradled your body, acting as a blanket.  It surprised you at how warm he had kept you.

“Remind me to clean your wings,” you giggled.  You pulled a lollipop from in between a few feathers, ignoring Gabriel’s protest.  You showed the archangel the half eaten piece of candy.  “How many times have I told you -out of all the years I’ve known you- that your wings aren’t a candy dish.”

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 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 211
summary : Kai tells Reader about the events happening at Mystic Falls and Reader gets jealous.
 * gif by the-sereinus
keep reading after the cut 😉

Y/N was sleeping soundly when as if from a distance she heard the sounds of the doorbell ringing over and over again. Slowly her eyes opened and she glanced at the digital clock on her night stand seeing it was 3.35AM.
“This better be live or death.” she mummbled pulling the covers off her. Her feet quickly found their way into her fuzzy slippes and she headed towards the door , the sounds of the doorbell ringing repeating again. Y/N rubbed her eyes and yawned , nearly stumbling over the coffee table in the living room as she walked. “Coming … I’m - I’m coming.” she called out.
A moment later her fingers wrapped around the door knob and she unlocked the apartment door , opening it. Her gaze was on the ground and the moment Y/N looked up , she felt suddenly wide awake. In front of her stood someone she never thought she’d see again. Not unless it was a dream or a hallucination.
“M-Malachai ?!” she asked confused. “Not again.”
Y/N stared at him. Kai was smiling widely at her as if it hadn’t been four years but four minutes since they had last seen each other. He had gotten even hotter and was wearing gray jeans , a blue-ish tshirt and a black jacket. His eyes sparkled just like every time he smiled. She felt her knees about to buckle from all the feelings rushing through her body and sat on the floor next to the door.
“I was expecting a little warmer welcome.” he laughed nervously looking at his girl sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. Kai was no expert but he knew tears was not the proper reaction for seeing your dead boyfriend after four years. “Whats wrong sweetheart?”
“You.” she mumbled. “You are not real which means I am still asleep in my bed and … “ her voice broke and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I will wake up in a few minutes and you’ll be gone again.”
Kai sighed. Part of him had been expecting this reaction from her. Sort of. Damon had mentioned to him Y/N had moved away because everything reminded her of him and she kept hallucinating and dreaming about him coming back. Didn’t seem like being away from Mystic Falls had helped much in that department if she thought he was a dream.
“Let me in and I will prove to you its not a dream.”
“Its a dream I know it …” said Y/N wiping away a few tears from her cheeks. She was afraid to let herself feel. Over the past few years this has been happening a lot. “…but either way I am so beyond happy to see you.”
“Can I -”
“Come in.” she said quietly. Usually that was the point when she woke up. Kai would step inside or attempt to step inside and then he’d get dragged away by an invisible force. Or he’d get to stay a while and then she’d wake up alone , feeling the pain of losing him crush her all over again. Even after all those years it was still only him. It would always be him and no one else.
Kai stepped inside , knelt down next to her and pulled her into a hug a split second later. “I missed you Y/N. I never thought I could miss someone that much. It nearly drove me crazy.”
Her hands wrapped around Kai , tears still streaking down her face. He pulled away and Y/N’s gaze dropped to the ground. It felt too good to be true , being back in Kai’s arms , feeling his breath on her skin , his smile taking her breath away.
“I am real Y/N. I am really here.” said Kai , brushing his fingers through her hair. “And I am never going away. Not without you.”
He took her hands , placing them on his face. Her fingers brushed against his cheeks and he could see things starting to come into focus in her mind. Kai’s lips smashed against hers for the first time in four years , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N felt electricity coursing through her veins waking every fibre in her body. None of the dreams / hallucinations she had had before had ever felt that real. Either that was the most realistic dream ever or he was really there.
“It’s me. It’s really me.”
“Oh my God.” she said smiling , attacking him with kisses until she was sitting on his lap. “H-how ? When ? Why didn’t anyone call to tell me ?”
With a snap of his fingers , Kai closed the door and pulled her even closer to him.
“It’s a really long story sweetheart.” he smiled at her , stroking her cheek with her fingers. “I’ll tell you in the morning. Right now I just want to enjoy having you back in my arms.”
Y/N’s fingertips traced every inch of his face still unable to believe it completely that he is really here. Kai’s eyes were glowing , studying her as if seeing her for the first time. He pulled her into such a tight hug , her breathing stopped for a few seconds before he let go off her.
“No.” she protested. “Don’t let go off me ever again.”
Kai laughed pulling her into a hug again.

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Little One

Word count: 5,378

Warning: smut

 PART 2 (PART 1)

A thump noise of doors closing has echoed through the hallway as you immediately knew that Kai has finally arrived. You placed a knife gently on the kitchen counter and wiped your wet hands on apron, drying them up. Kai walked into the kitchen with a pink rose bouquette, with a big smile on his face. It took him a few big step to get close to you and place a gentle kiss on your cheek while placing the flowers down on the counter next to you.

‘Evening, beautiful.’ Kai said and tucked a small lock of hair behind you ear, his thumb gently stroking your cheek, making you lean on his hand a little bit, his touch feeling so soft and exactly what you had been longing for at that moment.

'Evening.’ You murmured and pulled him closer by grabbing his shirt and holding it tightly with your hand. You leaned in and brushed your nose against Kai’s, his hot breath tickling your lips. You smiled and swiftly licked his lips with your tongue, earning a quiet moan from him.

'Um, where’s-’

'With her grandma.’ You muttered and pecked his lips, the feeling of their softness and a trace of chocolate only making you more eager to kiss him properly.

'So we’re all alone?’ He asked and couldn’t help but smile, his hand wrapping around your waist and pulling you closer, even though it was impossible because of how close his body was to your body. You bit your lip and nodded, his eyes piercing into yours, looking bluer than they had ever before.

'All alone.’ You whispered and ran your fingers through his hair, tugging at the tips on the back of his head.

'Do you think that maybe we can… you know.. work on what we talked about?’ He asked you, your eyes going wide a bit as you realized that he had been serious about making a baby with you. He really wanted to start a family with you, to have a smaller version of him walking around the house, maybe a little siphon who could learn everything from Kai.

'You really want to make a baby with me?’ Curiousity was more obvious in your voice than you had wanted, but it definitely wasn’t something Kai was focusing on. He was focusing on showing how serious he was about it and how much he actually wanted it.

'I want everything with you. A baby. I want us to be a family and I know that you are the right person for me.’ He trailed off, your heart skipping a beat when he let those words fall out so beautifully and with so much love. 'To show you how serious I am about us, I- I want to do it the proper way. I want it to be special.’ He uttered and then pulled a black silky ribbon out of his pocket and brought it closer to your face, tying it around your head, covering up your eyes. Your heart started beating faster because you knew that this night would be the most special night of your life, the night you would remember forever. He took off your apron, folding it neatly and placing it on the kitchen counter.

'Do you trust me?’ He whispered, his lips pressed against you ear.

'Always.’ A slight chuckle left Kai’s body and then he took you by the hand and carefully led you around the house. As soon as a slight breeze hit your face, you knew you were in the garden. You laughed a little bit and walked slower than you have ever before but not long after that, you stopped and felt Kai’s hands leaving your side, letting you to stand alone.

'Kai? Are you still here?’ You chuckled and reached out your hands, hoping you would get a hold of him but there was no one there.

'Still here. Just making sure that everything is perfectly set up.’ He said, your brows furrowing in confussion. You couldn’t hold the excitement and curiousity anymore and were dying to see what Kai has prepared for you.

'Set up for what?’

'Don’t be impatient. Just a second and- there. You can take off the ribbon.’ You reached behind your head and untied the black ribbon, letting it fall down on the floor and when you saw what was in front of you, you felt as if you were going to fall down as well. Breath hitched in your throat and your heart started beating rapidly, dizziness spreading through your head and suddenly you felt like you couldn’t breathe. Small candles were placed all around the garden, surrounding you both, a small path made out of the candles from the doors to where Kai was standing. White lights were shining down on you, making the night without stars somehow more romantic and magical that stars could never do, red roses placed neatly in small bowls, laying down on the grass. You covered your mouth with your hand, for some reason, tears had started forming in your eyes, but it even got worse when Kai knelt down on one knee, holding a small black box in his hands.

'Kai..’ you whispered, barely managing to utter his name, let alone something else. A single tear rolled down your cheek, your knees suddenly feeling like jello and as if your body was about to give up on you. Kai opened up a small box as you had a perfect view of the ring. Silver ring with an oval diamond, the lights hanging off the tree reflecting it perfectly, showing how beautiful it was. Tiny rose gold diamonds surrounding the oval one, giving it a beautiful and complexed, yet very unique and simple finish that took your breath away.

'I’ve known you for a really long time now. We’ve been through a lot, the bad and the good, ended up being seperated a few times and somehow we have always managed to find our ways back to each other, as if we were meant to be. If someone had told me two years ago that I would be kneeling in front of the most beautiful girl in the world with a ring in my hands, I would laugh at them and tell them they’re crazy. Because- I have never thought that I would get a chance for a normal life again, I thought I would never find someone who could love me and someone I could love more than my own life, someone I would do anything to keep them happy everyday. And then, I met you. A simple, yet special and like no other girl, who took my heart and made me fall in love with her. I can’t imagine not having you in my life. You are my strenght and my weakness and a day without you is a complete torture for me. I will love you forever and I will make sure that you have the most amazing life with me because that’s where I want to be. Next to you. Every single day. And that’s why, I’m asking you, will you do me an extraodinary honor and marry me?’ Kai trailed off and you couldn’t suppress the tears anymore. They were falling down your cheeks, but they were happy tears. You were overwhelmed by happiness and were completely lost for words even though you knew what your answer would be when you first laid eyes on Kai, kneeling in front of you.

'Yes. Yes, yes! A million times yes!’ You shouted and threw yourself into Kai’s arms, not caring if anyone from your neighbours have heard you shouting. At that moment, you were the happiest girl alive and somehow, deep down, you had always known that you and Kai would be together for a very long time. Kai picked you up and spun you around, planting dozens of kisses all over your face, unable to hide how happy he was and you couldn’t describe how happy you felt as well. It was a feeling that you had never even thought you would get to experience and you felt as if your body would explode from happiness and your love for Kai. You fell in love with him all over again, even though you have been falling in love with him more and more every single day you had spent with him.
He let you down on your feet, but his arms were still wrapped around your body, a big smile still illuminating on his face, your tear falling down again. They were happy tears and all the built up emotions you had been holding in, flooded to the surface and you had finally realized how lucky you were to find such a perfect guy as Malachai Parker. His thumb caressed your cheek, wiping your tears away. His gentle hands cupped your face as he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips.

'I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. You had made my biggest wish come true. I was scared that- that you might say no. I was nervous the entire day.’ Kai spoke up and looked nervous or scared even, as if you were going to change your mind about the answer you had given him. You smiled for a split second and ran your fingers through his hair that felt so silky and soft under your touch.

'You have won me over with just being here with me.’

'The ring and all off this is just icing on the cake.’ Kai said, making you laugh, but even when you stopped laughing, his eyes were still focused on you, admiring your face and how beautiful you looked under the soft lights and moonlight. 'I love you.’

'I love you too. So much. My heart aches because of how much I love you, but somehow, that is exactly what I need to feel alive.’ He hadn’t said a word. He just smiled and then walked over to a small basket placed on the ground, taking out two glasses and pouring you and him some champagne, dropping a nice red strawberry to the bottom of the glass before giving it to you. You took a sip and for some reason, you had gotten nervous.

'So, what we were talking about before. Do you still- um- want to?’ No further explaination was needed. You knew he was talking about making a baby with you and it made your breath hitch, including the lump in your throat that for some reason didn’t let you breathe properly.

'Really? You’re ready?’ He stepped closer, his hand finding it’s way to your back, pulling you close to his body as he planted a kiss on your neck, making you throw your head back.

'Ready as I’ll ever be. I’m ready for this and as much as I hate to share, I’m ready to share you with our kid, who will be just as beautiful as his mom.’

'So, it will be a boy?’ You furrowed your bows and chuckled.

'We’ll see.’ He kissed your neck in the way only he knew and the spot he needed to touch, which you felt all the way down there. You bit your lip and closed your eyes, trying to suppress your moans.

'Should we- um- take this to our room?’ You breathed out, your eyes meeting Kai’s. He chuckled and nodded before taking your glass and placed it on the grass next to his glass. You swallowed hard when he picked you up swiftly, carrying you into the house and to your shared room, closing the doors with his foot.

'Is this really necessary?’ You asked him, his eyebrows furrowing as if you had just asked him the most impossible question that has ever existed in the world. He still kept quiet as he put you down and turned on a lamp that was placed on a beautiful antique nightstand, lighting up the room just enough so he could see your face. You traced your fingers over the drawers and sighed heavily. You felt as if you had just agreed on sleeping with Kai for the first time ever. You have never been this nervous in your life and were kind of scared. You got lost in your mind but quickly snapped out of if when you felt Kai’s hands on your waist, hugging your from behind while his lips found your sweet spot on your neck, making you close your eyes.

'You’re nervous?’ He whispered and waited for your response, but you just nodded, as if you were scared to say it out loud. 'We don’t have to do it now. There’s so much time for us to-’ you cut him off by placing a swift kiss on his lips, all the nervousness suddenly leaving your body.

'I want this. I want you. So, please, Kai. Make love to me.’ You trailed off and it didn’t take him long to pull you in for a deep and passionate kiss, his hands sliding into your back pockets, grabbing your ass tightly and then press his crotch against you. You tugged at his shirt before you slipped your hands under it, tracing your fingers over his toned torso. He tugged at your bottom lip a bit before he pulled away just enough to give you space to take his shirt off. You threw it down on the floor and it didn’t take him long enough to kiss you again, his fingers slowly unbuttoning your shirt, button by button and it felt like torture. He was doing everything so slowly, and it was driving you crazy. He reached the last button and unbuttoned it, spreading your shirt just enough to get a good look on your black bra that fitted you perfectly. He pushed your shirt down, sliding perfectly down your arm and falling down on the floor. He reached behind you and unhooked your bra, your boobs completely exposed to him and his touch.

'Beautiful.’ He cupped your one boob and squeezed it gently, twisting your nipple carefully between two fingers, feeling it getting harder under his touch. “You always respond so nicely to my touch.’ His hand left your boob as he slowly traced his fingers down your stomach until he reached the button on your jeans. He unbuttoned them, pushing his hand inside your underwear and touched you just where you wanted him. 'I like it.’ He pushed one finger inside you and curled it around, the way you closed your eyes and threw your head back at the feeling making him hard. Just when you started moaning quietly, he took his finger out of you and when you wanted to protest as to why he has done that, he pressed his fingers on your clit, breath hitching in your throat. He started making slow figure eights on your clit, his mouth opening slightly, his member getting harder as each second passed, dying to feel how perfectly your walls felt around him. He sped up, his movements getting a bit rougher than before, and everytime he pressed harder, a loud moan escaped your mouth. You kept pushing your hips forward, wanting to make more friction as you felt yourself getting closer to your release. You grabbed onto the table behind you so hard that your knuckles had turned white, your walls slightly clenching.

'Kai…’ you moaned out, Kai’s eyes strongly focused on you, watching your every move and how perfectly you responded to his marvelous touch. 'Oh god.’ Your walls clenched even more and just as your orgasm started approaching, Kai’s fingers left your body and you were back where you were at the begining. The feeling started fading away, but your frustration was getting more and more obvious. Kai showed you a mischevious smile and planted a soft kiss on one of your boobs before he licked his fingers and made a popping sound when his fingers left his mouth, devouring them as if your arousal was his favourite dessert. He pushed your jeans down your legs and took them off, followed by panties that matched your bra perfectly. You were standing naked in front of him, hungry for his body and hungry for his touch. He placed his hands on your boobs, feeling your nipples, but not for long. He traced his fingers down your stomach as he went lower and lower until he reached your ankle, blowing slightly on your heat, making your breath hitch. He smiled again, his eyes a darker shade of blue, filled with lust.

'Jump.’ He ordered and you obliged, jumping onto the table behind you. His hands pushed your legs further apart, exposing your heat to him. He pulled you a little bit closer before he knelt down in front of you and burried his head inbetween your legs, his tongue poking your entrance. He pushed his tongue inside you, collecting your arousal. You intertwined your fingers with his hair as you felt his tongue massaging your clit slowly, pleasure taking over your body completely and just when you were least expecting it, he pushed two fingers inside you and started curling them around. His tongue matched the movements his fingers were doing and you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold back for too long when you felt your orgasm slowly approaching.

'Please, don’t s-stop.’ You stuttered and leaned against the wall as Kai started sucking on your clit, almost a scream escaping your mouth as your orgasm tore through your entire body, shaking under Kai’s touch. When you came down from your high, he pulled out his fingers out of you and licked them clean again.

'I can’t wait to show you how much I want this.’ He murmured and quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down along with his boxers, his lenght springing free, hitting his stomach as your eyes went wide at his size. You reached out your hand, wanting to touch him, but he slapped it away and wrapped his own hand around his member. He started pumping it in front of you, the sight of it making you bite your lip. He circled around his tip with his thumb, collecting his pre-cum and bringing it up to your mouth to taste him. He picked you up and carried to the bed, placing you down slowly. He couldn’t help but stare at you, as if he was memorizing every square inch of your naked body.

'What?’ You chuckled.

'Nothing, just admiring how freaking perfect you look naked.’ He said and climbed on top of you, his arms on each side of your body, supporting his weight.

'Stop it.’ You chuckled and hit his arm playfully, your faces going serious shorter after that. You swallowed hard and combed Kai’s hair with your fingers, admiring how beautiful he looked under the dimmed lights.

'Ready?’ You nodded and reached between your bodies to get ahold of Kai’s member. You pumped him a few times before leading him to your entrance, pushing only his tip in. 'I love you.’

'I love you too.’ You whispered and then felt Kai slowly pushing his thick shaft into you, streching you out just the way you loved it. Your skin was on fire and you felt as if you were going to explode. Every Kai’s touch almost hurt because of how sensitive your skin was. His mouth formed a perfect o shape when he entered you completely, your tight walls perfectly wrapped around him. He refused to move until he was sure that you had ajusted to his size, but no words were needed when you bucked your hips up and on purposely clenched around him, a quiet moan escaping his mouth, but even after that, he kept still.

'Please, Kai, move.’ You muttered, tracing invisible patterns with your fingers on his back and lifting your hips up at the same time, your legs wrapping around his body. He smiled and slowly pulled out, not even a second after that, he pushed in again, filling you up completely. You threw your head back in pleaure as Kai hit your spot each time he went in. He pressed his forehead on yours, his blue eyes deeply piercing into yours while his hips kept thrusting into you, changing their pace between fast and slow.

'Shit, Kai!’ You moaned out and lifted your head up, just enough to reach his shoulder as you bit on it slightly, but even that didn’t help with your loud moans. Kai had always known how to make you go crazy, he knew your body just as good as you did. For a second, you had forgotten about everything around you. It was just you and Kai, doing something you have been longing for and it was finally happening.
He lifted your hips up, his hands supporting you as he found a knew angle to thrust in. He went all the way in, as deep as he could, his thrusts not so slow anymore. He felt how your walls clenched around him, as he knew that you were close to yet another release. He focused on hitting your spot constantly, his hips relentlessly slamming into you, only moans and skin on skin sound echoing through the bedroom.

'Kai, I’m- I’m c-lose’ you stuttered, barely finding the strenght to speak up, a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach getting more and more evident.

'Me too.’ He reached for your clit and started rubbing it in rough figure eights, wanting you to finish again before him.

'Fuck.’ You screamed out and started shaking, your second orgasm tearing through your body, even making you a little bit dizzy. As your wall clenched tightly around Kai’s thick shaft, it triggered his orgasm as he came inside you in short spurts, riding out your and his orgasm completely. He collapsed on top of you, his head pressed against your chest, listening how your fast heartbeat started slowing down. He pulled out of you and laid beside you, covering you both with a blanket, pulling you into his arms.

'I have a feeling we made a baby tonight.’ Kai said, making you chuckle. You had never imagined that Kai would be the one who wanted a baby so much. You had always thought that it would be you, but somehow, it was completely opposite.

'Maybe we did.’ He kissed your forehead and hugged you even tighter as you couldn’t hide a huge smile on your face for the rest of the night.

9 months and one week have passed and you still haven’t delivered the baby. It was getting tougher for you to do anything because you couldn’t even see your feet from your big belly and everything that required working under your belly, was something Kai took over, massaging your feet was the main thing he did every single day, multiple times. He helped you with everything, took over cooking and cleaning while you relaxed on a nice deck chair with a book in your hands and a glass of fresh orange juice next to you on a small table. You have almost finished your 9th book. Even though you didn’t like reading that much before, you certainly read a bunch of them in those nine months. You took a sip of your freshly squeezed orange juice and took a small piece of blueberry pancakes. They were delicious, like everything else Kai had made you.

'Enjoying the sun?’ Kai walked out of the house and into the garden, placing a kiss on the top of your head and rubbed your shoulders a little bit before he sat down next to you, a smile flashing on his face.

'Mhm’ you murmured and tried to focus on your book, unsure if you even heard Kai’s question properly.

'How are you feeling?’ Kai asked and you finally lifted your gaze from the book and looked at him, showing him a big smile as you exhaled deeply. The moment he saw you smiling, he couldn’t help but smile as well, his now beautiful wife, looking more beautiful than ever with a baby on the way.

'Tired. If only this baby could finally get out.’ You said, Kai’s chuckle sounding like music to your ears. He got up and knelt down beside you, placing his hands on your belly and planted a gentle kiss.

'Hey, little one. I know you like it in there, but I think it’s time you get out and meet your parents. I think you might like it out here more than you love it in there. We don’t want mommy to get too tired, she deserves some rest after carrying you and taking care of you for nine months.’ Kai trailed off, his fingers carresing your belly, drawing invisible patterns on it. You smiled at his words, your heart melting at how sweet and carrying he was. It only made you realize how much you love him and how happy you are to have him as your husband and as the future father of your child. You reached out your hand and ran your fingers through his hair before gently pressing your palm on his cheek, making Kai lean on it, your gentle touch calming him down a little bit.

'If you keep talking to the baby like that, maybe she will listen to you. Or he. Soon we will know. As long as it’s healthy, doesn’t matter the gender.’

'You are going to be an amazing mother. I know it.’ Kai said and leaned in to kiss your lips, but before he could press his lips onto yours, you quietly winced in pain, sudden pain kicking through your body.

'What is it? What’s happening?’ Kai wanted to do everything to help you. Seeing how you winced in pain, was not easy for him to watch. Your face went serious and you looked down, a wet spot appearing underneath you, which could have only meant one thing.

'My water just broke. It’s time, Kai.’ You trailed off and it took him some time to gather his thoughts and process the words that came out of your mouth. His smile got bigger and bigger as each second passed, happiness radiating through his body as he couldn’t contain the excitement. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply.

'Ok. We have everything packed. Clothes, baby stuff.’ He murmured and ran into the house as if he had forgotten about you. You slowly got up and sauntered into the house, looking for clean sweatpants. Kai appeared out of nowhere with full hands, probably picking up everything he landed his hands on. You couldn’t help but laugh, but also feel safer knowing everything was going as you and Kai had planned.

'And you.’ He stated, dropping everything down on the floor as he rushed towards you, helping you to change your sweatpants, acting a little bit too careful as if you were made out of glass.

'You ok?’

'Despite that I’m having some really painful contractions, I’m delighted.’ He chuckled and grabbed you by your arm, slowly leading you out of the house and into the car, making sure to put your seat belt on before he rushed into the house to get all of the stuff you needed.

Ride to the hospital was quiet, with occasional grunting coming from you, your contractions getting closer to one another. Kai’s gaze was strongly focused on the road, driving carefully but fast enough to get you there as soon as possible. As you were getting closer to the hospital, you were starting to get nervous and fear found its way into your body. Even though you have already been through that, you still thought that you couldn’t do it.

'Kai, I- I don’t think I can do this.’ You muttered, fear obvious in your voice, your heartbeat picking up its pace. You ran your fingers through your hair and not long after that, Kai parked the car in front of the hospital.

'Look at me-’

'No, I-’ he unfastened your seat belt along with his and cupped your face with both of his hands, his eyes locking with yours.

'Take a deep breath. You can do this. You are the strongest woman I have ever met and I know you can do this. I need you to be strong now, you can’t give up, ok?’ Kai trailed off, your breathing slowing down just as your heartbeat. You closed your eyes and took a few deep breaths, as you felt your body slowly relaxing. You nodded and showed Kai a smile, his hand tucking a small lock of hair behind your ear.

He helped you out of the car and found your doctor who took you to your room. Your contractions were getting more and more frequent, but only after three hours they took you to a delivery room. Kai was beside you the entre time, his hand in your hand. At times you had squeezed his hand so hard that you had thought you would break it, but from the look of his face, he wasn’t paying much attention to it. He was making sure that you were ok, asking you all the time how you felt. It was starting to get annoying, but it felt nice to see how much Kai wanted to keep you safe, ready to do anything if something went wrong. You pushed one last time as hard as you could and after a few moments, baby’s crying echoed through the room.

'It’s a girl.’ The nurse said and placed her carefully on your arms, tears suddenly forming in your eyes. Your heart melted when she grabbed your finger with her tiny hand and squeezed it. She looked so small and fragile, yet she seemed stronger than ever. Her smile was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life. You lifted your head up and looked at Kai who had the biggest smile on his face. He leaned down and kissed you, his thumb wiping away your tears off your cheeks.

'She looks exactly like you.’ Kai whispered, gently caressing the baby’s head. You couldn’t hide your smile and couldn’t suppress your tears anymore. 'What’s wrong?’ Kai asked, planting a soft kiss on your cheek.

'Nothing, I’m- I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a perfect life. I love you so much words can’t describe.’ Kai smiled and kissed you again, feeling exactly the same as you did and seeing the love of his life and his daughter made his heart melt and made it a bit warmer.


You opened your eyes and looked around, noticing you were in a different room, all the lights dimmed but your eyes focused on something else. Kai was standing in the middle of the room with the baby in his arms, swaying his body carefully.

'Hey, little one. I’m your dad. I will take care of you and will make sure you have the best life in the world. I love you so much. I won’t let anything happen to you. You mean more to me than my own life.’ He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead, a smile appearing on his face. You quietly chuckled which made Kai turn around, his eyes finding yours.

'Hey. How do you feel? Tired?’ He whispered and walked towards you, gently placing your daughter in your arms.

'A bit tired and sore, but, I’m fine. More than fine.’ You whispered and moved a little bit as Kai laid on the bed beside you, wrapping his arm around you.

'I can’t tell you how happy I am and how grateful I am to have you in my life. I really want to say thank you for giving life to this little one. I will always love you. Forever.’ He trailed off, a single tear streaming down your face. You quickly wiped it away and pecked Kai’s lips before both, you and Kai looked down at your baby daughter, only happiness radiating through your body as you finally realized how your perfect life has just begun and how the end of it was nowhere near.

This is Cheeruk, my first goldfish, and the bowl I was told he could live in when I first got him. That was two years ago, he was an inch long.

I won him at the local carnival, in the ping pong toss game. I loved him immediately and took him to the pet shop in town for advice. They gave me the bowl, some gravel, and a single plastic plant and told me he should live a few years at least. Luckily I did a bit of research, which led to more research and two years later he shares a 55 gallon tank with three other goldfish. If I can move them up even further, ideally to a pond someday, he can reach age 20.

20 years. Compared to a maximum of 3 in a bowl. That is some serious misinformation, and so many first time fish owners get goldfish thinking they’re low-maintenence, short-term pets, when they have so much more potential.

[ Imagine scaring Tig ] - gonna keep this one short and sweet lol

“Hey, baby,” Tig greeted as he walked up to you. He threw his arms around your shoulders and planted a kiss at your temple. “What are we doing here?”

You had called Tig earlier and asked him to meet you. You knew nothing was really going on with the club today, so you thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend a day with your old man as an average, normal couple. Heavens knows you and Tig were anything but average or normal, but sometimes it was nice to pretend.

You shrugged and leaned into him. “Just thought we could look at some furniture for the house.” 

Tig nodded his head and glanced at the store you were parked in front of. “What is this place?” He pulled his sunglasses away from his eyes and placed them in the pocket of his cut. “Smells like my grandma’s old couch out here.”

You flashed him a smile and pulled on his hand. “Shut up and come on.”


“Hey, babe, come look at this!” 

You had disappeared somewhere around the corner of the little antique shop, leaving Tig standing at the front of the store by himself. He had gotten so distracted looking at some of the old antique jewelry, he hadn’t even noticed you had walked away. 

“Where you at?” he called, glancing around the expansive store. 

“Over here!”

Tig shook his head and rolled his eyes. You annoyed the shit out of him most of the time, but he loved you anyway. He took a few steps towards the direction of your voice, his eyes scouring the store with every step. Something about this place gave him the creeps. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he knew he didn’t like it. He had never been a fan of antiques - he didn’t know where all that junk had been over the years - but he especially didn’t like this particular shop.

“You about ready to go, doll?” he asked, his voice sounding uneasy. He continued to walk ahead. “This place is givin’ me the creeps.”

Tig continued to walk forward. He was already creeped out, and your not responding to him wasn’t making it any better. “Babe?” he asked again, stopping and peering around the corner. He noticed a small room off to the side. It looked to be dark inside. That little room seemed ominous to him somehow. Tig glanced around the back portion of the store. You were nowhere to be found, and he was getting more and more uneasy by the second. 

“Babe, where you at?” 

Tig walked towards the small room. There weren’t many things in this life that freaked Tig out, but this antique shop was definitely doing the trick.

Tig approached the door to the room. “Babe?” The door was pulled shut, only a tiny crack allowing the light from the rest of the shop to shine through into that tiny, creepy room. He tried to peer in, but it was too dark. He couldn’t see what was inside. 

Tig swallowed hard and pushed on the door. The door swung back with a loud creak. “Y/N?” He took a step inside the room. It was so dark, he couldn’t see a thing. He took another step forward, one hand still on the door and the other searching the wall for a light switch. “Baby, come on,” he groaned, “This place is creeping me out.” He took another few steps. Then he ran directly into what felt like a shelf. Tig let out a muffled yelp and jumped to his right. Something tickled his cheek, causing him to let out another yelp. He looked up, realizing that it was a hanging light switch touching his cheek. He swallowed hard and let out a deep breath. He was just working himself up over nothing. He took the string in his hand and pulled. Then the lights came on.

Tig’s eyes widened as he took in his surroundings. The room was smaller than he expected it to be, and it was filled to the ceiling with the bane of his existence: dolls.  

“Oh,” Tig whispered to himself, his blue eyes full of sheer terror. There was shelf after shelf and box after box packed inside that tiny room, and every single one was filled to the brim with antique dolls. “Oh, no,” Tig breathed. He shook his head. “No fucking way.” The doll’s eyes seemed to be staring through his very soul. He took a few steps backwards, stumbling over a few more boxes of the antique dolls as he went. He fell backwards and found himself ass-first in a box full of the damn things. Just then, out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the larger dolls perched on the shelf begin to move. Her head cocked to the side, like she was taunting him. Another doll nearby let out a high-pitched squeal. “Jesus Christ!” Tig yelled, springing to his feet and making a beeline for the door. He turned back to face the dolls. Somehow, looking into their horrible glass eyes was better than turning his back to them. “Oh, God,” he mumbled as their eyes watched him. He continued to back up until his back hit the door, then he turned and ran towards the front of the store. 

The second Tig left the room, you stepped out from behind the shelf. Your entire body shook with the laughter you had been trying to hold in for the last few minutes. You knew it was mean to tease Tig about his fear of dolls, but you couldn’t help yourself. He had been giving you shit for weeks. This was just your way of paying him back.

You walked out of the room, feeling satisfied with yourself as you made your way outside to see how much mental scarring you had inflicted upon your old man. You didn’t yet realize that Tig had already gotten the hell out there and was halfway home.

Family Troubles Part 1

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Pairing: Sebastian Lund x Reader (featuring the NOLA squad)

Word Count: 1,989

Warnings: angst

A/N: There are four parts to this mini series! This will not be a fluffy series lol. There maybe be fluff at the end to compensate for the hurt feelings, but other than that RIP YOUR FEELINGS. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Part 2

Sebastian was sitting in his lab, working on forensics for cases unrelated to NCIS.  He was glad that he wasn’t working on anything for NCIS right now.  It would remind him of you, and he hadn’t seen you in over a week.  You were apparently taking some personal time and that worried the forensic agent.

Loretta came into the lab, bringing stomach contents with her.  She could tell that something was wrong with Sebastian.  He wasn’t as talkative as he usually was.  The coroner set down the jar on the counter behind Sebastian.

“Okay what’s got you so upset,” Loretta asked, concerned evident in her voice.  “Every time I see you, you’re moping.”

“I’m not moping,” Sebastian mumbled.  “I just-  I’m concerned about [Y/N].”  Sebastian sat up straight and faced Loretta.  “There has to be a reason that she took off this much time.  What if she doesn’t come back?  What if she leaves like Merri did?”

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Workspace | Stiles Stilinski AU

A/N: This is only the first part to this mini series so it’s not to to excited but it gets better promise. Destiny will be up this week ! Love you babes.
I pulled into the only empty parking spot I could find on the overly crowded lot of cars. It was the furthest from the front row I could get, but I didn’t mind much.

Today was my first day at a new job, and nerves were getting the best of me. I actually relished in the thought that the extra minute it would take me to walk from my car to the front doors would prolong the time I would have to endure the grueling task that is the first day. With awkward hello’s and insincere how do you do’s not to mention feeling like a little fish in a very big, very pretentious pound, was enough to make me restart my car and drive away. ‘I need this job.’ I told myself. It was by luck that I even got it.

I was sure that I’d totally bombed the interview. I was all over the place with my answers and stuttered way too much. So you could only imagine my surprise when a few weeks later I received a phone call from, my now boss, Martha. Later she would tell me I was excellent at interviewing and she couldn’t even tell that I was a nervous.

I was still in my car at 8:44. I had to be in the building at 9:00, but my father had always taught me to be punctual so I tried to be fifteen minutes early to everything. When the little black number changed from a four to a five, I sucked in a deep breathe and grabbed my oversized pink purse then got out of my car. I shut the door and looked into the drivers window to fix my hair one last time, before I click the lock button on my key fob and dropped my keys into my purse. I weaved through the maze of cars until I reached the front entrance of the office building. The doors were all glass with silver handles and read Prominence Legal Services in bold blue letters. I pulled open the heavy door and entered into a small waiting but luxurious room where a pretty, young, tan receptionist with black hair welcomed me with a smile.

“You here for your first day?” She asked with the same warm smile still on her face. Her name plate sitting at her desk said ‘Angie’, she stood from it and strolled over to me with her hand already extended. I took it firmly and shook and maybe a little to eagerly.

“Yes.” I said with as much fake confidence I could muster trying to cover up my pervious over excitement. ‘Why can’t I be normal for longer than twenty minutes at a time?’ I could feel my face turn warm, and knew my nerves had returned.

“Well,” she started letting go of my hand seeming not to notice my nerves at play. Maybe I was good at faking it. “I’m going to give you a small tour of things and then I’ll take you to Martha. Sound alright?”

I nodded my head in agreement not trusting myself to form words just yet. I flashed her a shy smile, the best I could do, and she turned on her heels and headed to another glass door off to the right just behind her desk. I hadn’t noticed it before but this door was taller then the others. With a long vertical silver handle. Next to it on the wall was a small black box to which Angie pulled a small white key card out of her pocket and waved it in front of it. There was a faint click and Angie pulled the door open holding it for me to walk through. I took a deep breathe and ‘Okay, you got this.“ I said pep talking myself. ‘Be brave.’. I made my way to the tan girl and stood in front of her looking through the doorway. I couldn’t see anything down the small hallway, it just ended abruptly and only allowed you to go left or right. I glanced at Angie, who nodded and smiled encouragingly. 'No turning back now.’, so I adjusted my purse on my shoulder and walked through to the hallway.

“And over there is the break room,” Angie directed pointing to a doorless entry where I could vaguely see a fridge, some microwaves, and a couple vending machines. We made a left into a row of desks. We past a few people who were busy at work, and a few that were chatting amongst themselves. I smiled shyly at everyone who we passed give my best first impression. As we walked my bag hit something making it jingle loudly with its contents catching some people’s attention. I blushed hard averting the eyes that were inevitably starring at me and walked faster to catch up with Angie.

“This will be your desk.” Angie stated. She stood next to a long white countertop like table that housed a computer, key board, and phone already.

“Over there.” She pointed to a wooden door at the end of the room behind me. “Is the copy room. It also has any supplies you may need. Pens, sticky notes, staplers, whatever.”

I only nodded again. I hadn’t said more than a couple words since I arrived and I was afraid she was starting to think I was a mute.

“Thank you so much.” I half murmured.

“No problem.” She smiled her warm toothy smile. “Now I’m going to see if Martha is ready for you. You can go grab some supplies and I’ll be back.”

“Okay.” I gulped praying she hasn’t heard the new pitch in my voice. For the past half hour, Angie had been my security blanket. But now she was throwing me into the wild, out on my own. I tried to plead with my eyes for her to stay.

“You got this.” She whispered. repeating my inward pep talk from earlier. She placed a hand on my upper arm and gave it a squeeze, before turning away back down the row desks in which we came. I sighed and set my purse on my new desk.

“Cute bag.” Someone sang behind me. I spun around to see a pale girl with strawberry blonde hair and dimples. She was dressed rather stylishly making me feel underdressed almost instantly.

“Thanks.” I smiled. “It’s a Coach purse I’ve had forever.”

“Vintage, I like that.”

I laughed at her obvious joke.

“I’m Lydia.” She grinned.

“Y/N” I mumbled returning her gesture. I was surprised at her genuine niceness. Had I just seen her and not talked to her I would assume she was stuck up.

“You got lucky.” She said recatching my attention.

“Oh?” My tone fluctuating to make the simple word sound like a question.

“Mhm, this section of desk has the greatest people you will ever meet in it. ”

“Laying it on kind of thick, aren’t we Lydia?” A girl with long dark hair and slanted eyes asked. She’d just spun around in her chair to face us.

“Yeah, you’re going to scare her away like you did that Erica girl.” This came from a girl next the dark haired girl. She had short straight brown hair that only came to her jawline, and hard expression.

“I didn’t scare Erica away. She just moved department.” The two girls giggled and Lydia rolled her eyes. “That’s Kira and Malia. They’re children as you can tell. Not really sure how they managed to get this job but maybe there is a God.”

“I’m Kira.” The dark haired girl said easing her hand a little.

“Damn Lydia, could you be any worse at this?”

“That’s Malia. You’ll get used to her harshness one day.” Lydia smirked at me before turning and sticking her tongue out at Malia.

“Harsh? I’m not harsh! Kira am I harsh?”

“No Malia, you are not harsh.” Kira responded almost robotically like this was certainly not the first time they’d had this conversation. Malia smiled proudly and snapped to Lydia raising her fist and slowly started to lift her middle finger, when a very well dressed woman with curled blonde hair and heavy makeup walked over. Malia’s eyes widened and she lifted her other hand quickly pointing to a nonexistent wound on her middle finger.

“And this scar is from a bee when I was three.”

“Interesting Malia,” the woman I now recognised as Martha said. “Y/N, can I steal you for a second?”

“Of course!” I responded without hesitation.

There was an intentional over exaggerated scoff from behind Martha and everyone turned to see where the rude sound had come. Sitting at a desk to the right of Martha was a guy. His brown hair was well kept but styled messily. He was wearing dark frame glasses that only accentuated the other features of his face, like the small moles adorning it. He had plump lips although they weren’t very full and that jawline, oh my god. He was leaning back in his seat as far as he could go with his left hand resting on the arm of his chair.

“Something wrong, Stilinski?” Martha asked suspiciously.

Stilinski looked up at her from his seating position then he smiled an award winning smile and shook his head.

“No. Sorry Mar. Just couldn’t believe all the accounts I have today.”

“Well, If anyone can get through them I know it’s you.” She patted him on the shoulder headed out of the rows of desks. I’d almost forgotten I was suppose to be following her and took a few steps toward until I noticed Stilinski starring at me. No, glaring. The look was just on the cusp of hatred but I didn’t understand why. I’d only just gotten here. How had I already made an enemy. His eyes were dark behind is glasses and he looked me up and down with an obvious disgust. Wait, I thought. Was that scoff for me? What had I said, done even to deserve that?

“You coming Y/N?” Martha called to me. I broke away from Stilinski’s stare and rushed passed him.

“Right, coming Martha.” I called a bit too eager again. When will these nerves stop!

“Kiss ass.” I heard mumbled from behind me.

After Martha had gone over policies and procedures, she released me back into the wild to start my actual job. I didn’t need to be trained, I had done this same work at my previous job. But, nonetheless they assigned me someone as a trainer, which thankfully was Lydia, just incase I had questions. I didn’t, of course, so I took the opportunity to get to know her. She was quite interesting. She already owned a home that she lived at by herself (well and her dog Prada), she’d only been working there a about a year but already received multiple awards for her performance. She was a real overachiever but I was glad she seemed to like me.

Later, I headed to the copy room to get the few supplies I needed. I walked down the long row of desk until I came to the wooden door Angie had pointed out earlier. There was a small plate on it that read 'Copy Room’. I turned the brass knob and pushed opened the door. There wasn’t anyone in there, but I wasn’t sure if I’d excepted there to be. It was a small room with copiers along the walls three or four of them maybe. I looked around and found, on another wall, a long shelf with the all the supplies one could ever need. I picked over the shelf looking for anything that I may need. I heard the door open and turned to see a tall man with dark hair and a slightly obscure jawline walk in to use the copier.

“Morning!” He said politely.

“Morning.” I repeated without hesitation.

The tall man just smiled a went about his business so I did the same. I saw a stack of pink sticky notes on the bottom shelf and knelt down to exchange them with the yellow ones I’d picked up earlier. I heard the tall man leave but didn’t hear anyone come in.

“Morning.” A smooth voice said from behind me.

Startled I stood up quickly hitting my head on the shelf above me dropping all the supplies in my hands.

“Morning.” I groaned rubbing at the newly formed bump. I dropped down to my knees and start picking up my things. The person who startled me rushed over to help.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mea-” he stopped talking mid sentence. I looked up to see the rude guy, Stilinski. And now I was sure that had to be his last name because no first name could be so horrendous.

“Oh.” He grimaced. He handed me a pack of paper clips then quickly got up grabbing his papers from the copier and walked out without another word.

“What the actual fuck.” I whispered to myself still holding my head with one hand and the supplies with the other.

A New Family

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: A New Family

Characters: LaSalle x Kid!Reader, Pride, Percy

Word Count: 1,036

Warnings: none!

A/N: This was requested by @criminal-navy-writings! I apologize it took me so long to get to this request, but it’s finally here! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

LaSalle leaned against his desk as he stared into the kitchen where you sat at the table.  You were only ten years old and now you had no parents.  LaSalle called all of your family, but no one would take you into their home.  The agent couldn’t believe it.  He thought you were an adorable kid with great potential.

“You did everything you could country mouse,” Percy spoke as she approached the agent.  “I know you wanna help [Y/N], but there’s nothing else we can do.”  She flashed him a sympathetic smile.

“It’s a shame her other family members don’t wanna take her in,” Pride chimed in, putting his gun back into the filing cabinet.  “She’s a good kid.”

“There’s gotta be somethin’ we can do King,” LaSalle reasoned.  “If she goes into a foster home that could ruin her life.  She could get bounced around from house to house.  That’s not good for a kid her age.”

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Happiest of birthdays Bill & Tom!

I can’t believe that this boys are 28 years old now! I just took a few minutes to think about what the boys have done for me. More than they will ever now. Meeting them in 2015 and seeing the bond between the twins in real life, changed so many things for me. How they look at each other, smile and talk without saying one single word, becoming stronger just by the presence of the other one. It’s a love which influenced me almost the half of my life. 

Right from the moment I saw them for the first time in 2005, until now they are clearly the biggest idols in my life. Bill teached me to be self confident, open minded and never ashamed of being the way I am. Tom showed me how to be brave for others, fight for my dreams and give always 110%. I don’t know what I had become without them. I know all that sounds very cliche as every second fan feels the same way, but here I am just saying what is running through my heartand mind.

So I wish this two only the happiest of birthdays! May life bring them only the best and happiest moments. I love you boys to the moon and back… and nothing will change that!

                                                   Soul Mate 18

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Sorry the update took a while, I’m trying not to rush through this series as before as its quite difficult to write with school getting in the way and the fear of getting writers block! Thanks for sticking with me through this, I see this series having like maybe having seven more parts…or possibly until part 30, we’ll see! For now, enjoy!

Word Count: 3.2K+

Warning: Slight mentions of smut, but nothing of major detail…y’all are safe.



There was one thing that Ben solo–Kylo Ren–never did, and that was lie, and when he did lie…you could tell. But now, the moment those words left his mouth and the sudden change in tone when he said ‘loving’, it was clear he wasn’t lying. And that made you gulp. Kylo admitted he knew he would never stop loving you, but did he? Did he ever have a moment that he didn’t love you? Was there a moment the dark side had blinded him to a point where he had forgotten what love even was? It was hard to tell when this situation was still quite fresh. After all, you two hadn’t had a proper conversation until now.

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Hey guys! Hope you all are having an amazing day! :D <3 And thank you for the patience,I feel a lot better now <3
Right now….It’s time for new story! :D
So I hope you all enjoy <3

“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 1

First year of high school

“I am so scared” you thought to yourself as you walked towards your locker that you have been looking for
You were a freshman in high school.All the feelings were mixed up.You were nervous,scared but yet happy and excited.
As you walk pass the people,you could see popular girls laughing,boys in their foorball jackets
“So hot” you tought to yourself as you saw the group of guys

You finally found your locker,you open it and leave your stuff inside.
“Now…Where is biology class” you were looking trough the paper,and took your books too and close the locker,still looking trough the paper where to find biology classroom
“You’re freshman right?” someone asked and you got scared and you drop everything on the floor
“Sorry” you said biting your lip nervously and picking your stuff up
“You’re not supposed to be sorry…I am sorry for scaring you” he helps you with the picking up the books..
When he looked up at you with a smile,you couldn’t believe how beautiful boy can be.His smile was perfect,his hair,eyes..Everything.
“Do you need help with finding a classroom or something?” he said when you two stood up and he hands you the paper and the book
“I am trying..To find biology class” you looked at him
“I’ll help you..I am second year,so..” he smiled
“Um thanks…I never thought someone would help me out in here” you laugh
“No problem and you see there is someone..And that someone is me” he poinst at himself laughing a little

His laugh was special..It was funny but so sweet and cute.

“Yeah…” you laugh and bit your lip again
“Taehyung” he smiled 
“Y/N” you smiled and you two shake hands
“Okay Y/N..Follow me,I will show you everything!” he took your hand in his and lead you to he classroom

After few classes,it was lunch break.You met few girls in the classroom,so you were sitting at the table with them.
“I was really nervous” Emily said eating
“Me too” you laughed
“Y/N!” Taehyung shouted and sat next to you
“Hi” you smiled feeling nervous
“Hey” he waved to other girls
“Wanna hang out after school?” he looks at your eyes
“Umm..I mean..Sure” you smiled
“Awesome,just wait for me in front of the school..I’ll find you” Taehyung smiled and walked back to his friends

“Who is that Y/N?” Ariana smiled at you
“We met today…He helped me to find biology class” you said
“That is so cute! No one didn’t help me” Ariana made a sad face

You just raised your shoulders and turn your head to see Taehyung again.
When you finally found him,he was already looking at you with a smile.
You looked away right after that because you were shy.

After school,you waited for Taehyung.
You looked at your phone and you were already waiting for 10 minutes.You decided to start walking home.
“Y/N” Taehyung ran towards you
“I am so sorry for being late” he took a breath
“No,It’s okay” you said
“Anyway…Wanna go to the ice cream shop?” he laughed
“Sure” you laugh and you two walk to the ice cream shop

“You like that movie?!” he shouted
“No..You.Just no,I mean seriously?” he looks at you 
“Well I just like it!” you laugh 
Taehuyng shaked his head “no”
“I don’t like that movie…You’re weird..But I like that” he smiled poiting at you
You smiled
“I like how crazy and weird you are too” you point at him too
“I think we can be awesome friends” he said biting his ice cream
“Me too” you smiled

Second year

When the second year started,Taehyung and you were really good friends.
Everyday after school you guys would go and hang out.
Whenever you can’t because you have to study Taehuyng would always find a way just to make you come or you hang out with him.

“Hey Y/N” he knocked on the window
“Shit” you got scared and almost fell of the chair
Taehuyng laughed at you 
“You scared me” you said standing up
“Just let me in” he said

You open the window and he comes in.
“Still studying?” Taehyung jumps on your bed
“Yup and you just made me stop,so” you laugh
“You need a break Y/N..You’re only second year,like cool off” he said taking your pillow in his hands,hugging it
“Well I know,but I mean I gotta study” 
“No you don’t..” Taehyung gets closer to your face
“I..I mean” you were distracted by his looking at you and the way he was so close to your face
“I guess you’re right” you smiled 
“I know I am right” he laughs and throws your pillow at your face

You look at him and throw it back,but you miss his face.
“Oh God” you laugh rolling your eyes
“I am like two feet away from you and you missed” Taehyung was laughing
“So what?” you roll your eyes 

Next thing you know you feel a pillow hitting your face again.
You took it and got on your knees and camed closer to Taehyung and started to hit him with the pillow.

Both of you were laughing and hitting each other with pillows,just like little kids.
“Stop it” you said giving up
“Okay,I’ll stop” he said leaving the pillow aside
“You will always do this” you said looking at him with a small smile
“Do what Y/N” Taehyung looked at you
“Always find a way,just so I hang out with and be with you” you smiled
“OF course I always do that…I miss my best friend” he smiled 
“You haven’t seen me since school,that ain’t long” you laughed 
“I mean still” he laughed and pokes your cheek
“I still miss you tho” he added 

Slowly as the days passed…The more he was with you,did all the little things like hold your hand,poke you,look at you for long time..All of that made your heart race and you started to have feelings for him..Your best friend.
But you know he doesn’t feel the same about you..He doesn’t look at you the way you look at him.
You kind of felt not so good about falling for him,but you just couldn’t help it.
You just loved everything about him and everything he did.

Third year in high school

“Stop it!” you were laughing
“No..!” Taehyung was laughing with you
“You know that makes me feel awkward” you smiled looking at his beautiful brown eyes
“I like looking at you” Taehyung camed closer to your face
You were smiling,looking at him and put your hand on his chest
“Taehyung” you smiled
He didn’t say anything just smiled and put his face against your cheek.
“I know you hate that,but I love teasing you” he said smiling
“I know you do” you laughed rolling your eyes looking at him

Everytime he would get close to you you would feel your heart racing,because you still did like Taehyung.
But you know still that he doesn’t feel the same way towards you.
He just sees you as a best friend who he really loves.

“Senior year for you Tae” you said breaking the eye contact and looking down
“Y/N…We have been over this” he took your hand
“I am just worried you’ll leave me” you laughed
“I will not leave you Y/N…Never” he laughed 
“DId you hear me?” he added
“Yes” you nodded your head
“Y/N” Taehyung lifts up your face by putting his hands on your cheeks
“We.Are.Best.Friends.And.We.Stay.Together” he shaked you head a little
You laughed at him
“Okay I.Know.” you shaked his head too a little

Taehyung laughed and pulled you in a hug..Then he kissed your head and poke your nose.
“You’re cute” he said
“Thanks” you smiled 

Later you guys decided to watch a movie together.You got the popcorn,soda.
While you guys were watching the movie..Taehyung watched you the way you were laughing and smiling during the movie.
“You’re so beautiful” he thought to himself

He was happy to have you in his life,to have a best friend like you.
The way you listen to him and just care so much..It makes him happy.
He loves you so much as a best friend.He never thought you guys could stay this long as best friends..3 years of getting know each other,do fun stuff and just have fun.

He started to poke you again.
“I am trying..” you said moving away his hand but Taehyung kept poking your cheek and arm with a smile on his face
“To watch a movie heree” you laughed holding his hand
“But the movie is boring” Taehyung lays on your lap
“It is not” you looked down at him
“Yes it is” he smiled looking at your eyes

Taehyung just sighs and closes his eyes.
Soon he falled asleep,you smiled watching how cute he is.
You place a pillow under his head and cover him up with a blanket..
“Goodnight Taehyung” you wisper and kiss his cheek and go to your bed

As the time passed Taehyung finished his last year in high school.You were kind of emotional because you won’t see him often anymore.
He told you he will try to get to an audition for singing,so he can be something that he always have wanted.Singer.
You believed he can get to a music college and be a star..

Taehyung was working hard and trying to find an music audition for a while now..But non of them were not such a good opportunity..But you supported him and knowing he can make it.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted holding a cupcake with a candle in it
“Aww Y/N” Taehyung smiled 
“Make a wish best friend” you smiled looking at him

He closed his eyes and made a wish and blew the cadle..You hand him the cupcake and start clapping your hands..
“Wooooo” you laughed 
“Thank you Y/N” Taehyung smiled looking at you
“No problem” you smiled sitting next to him
“I don’t mean just this….I mean everything else you did for me” he looked at your eyes being honest 
“Taehyung you don’t have to thank me for that” you smiled and wrap your arms around him and hug him tightly…
Taehuyng wraped his arms around you too and closed his eyes,because he really loves you as best friend so much that he can’t even explain in words.

“I love you” he said

You were kind of in shock when he said that,because he doesn’t usually say that to you,he expresses it trough hugging you or kissing your head,cheek.
“What did you just say?” you felt shy
“I love you Y/N” Taehyung smiled biting his lip
“I love you too” you smiled,but you meant it in another way too,not just that you love him as a best friend,you love him more than that

Hearing him saying “I love you” was the one of the things you wanted to hear from him.The way he said it so softly and slowly.

To escape the awkwardness Taehyung felt he jumps on top of you.
“You’re so heavy!! I can’t breathe!” you shouted
Taehyung lifted up himself and looked at you with a smile
“Liar” he laughed
“I am not lying,I couldn’t breathe” you laughed

You both stared at each other for a minute.
Taehyung started to feel like his body is burning..His heart beated faster this time.
The way your smile and the way your dark eyes sparkle in the light.

“MOM Y/N IS DOING BAD THINGS WITH HER BOYFRIEND” your little sister quietly opened your door,because she wanted to play with Taehyung

Taehyung comes off you right away and you look at her in shock
“Oh are they Ella?” your mom walked towards her
“Mom,seriously?” you said rolling your eyes
“I am just kidding Y/N..” 
“And Ella he’s not my boyfriend” you said
“Tae come play with me” she walked in ignoring your words and took Taehyung’s hand making him stand up.
He smiled and looked at you and went with your little sister to play with her dolls and rest of the toys.

Your mom sat next to you
“I hate her” you were little angry
“Don’t you think that Taehyung and you will never be together in a relationship?” your mom looked at you
“I don’t think so,because he doesn’t..” you sigh
“Wait you like him?”
“Yes..For a long time now,but he only sees me as a best friend mom..” you look at her
“I am sure he feels the same way about you just doesn’t show it,same as you” she smiled and walked away

Fourth year of high school

Taehyung and you were closer than ever,even that he wasn’t going to high school anymore.
You were finishing your senior year,which you were happy about.

One day Taehyung and you decided to take walk.
“You’re a fool” you said
“No you are” Taehyung smiled
“I hate you” you said pushing him
“You don’t” he smiled and puts his arm around your shoulders

You guys chased each other around the kids park and have a laugh.
“Ew” few little girls looked at both of you

Both of you laugh and roll your eyes
“We can have fun too you know” Taehyung looked at the girl
“You are really old so you don’t belong here” little girl crosses her arms 
“We’re not old!” you laugh
“Just leave”
“You ain’t in charge”
“Ugh” little girl rolls her eyes and walks away

“Who is that hot date that you’re going to the prom with?” Taehyung was laying on your bed
“He’s a friend Taehyung,stop teasing” you turn around towards him
“Well,I think you like him” he said playing with a stuffed animal 
“Jealous” you rolled your eyes
“No I am not” Taehyung looked at you
“You are soooo jealous! And plus I don’t like the guy” you laughed standing up going over to your work desk to take your phone
“I am NOT jealous!” Taehyung stood up and camed closer to you
You smiled and looked at his eyes closely
“Yup,jealous” you said and Taehyung wraps his arms around your waist and throws you on your bed
“What was that for?” you were in shock
Taehyung camed on top of you with a serious face
“I am not jealous” he said 
“Okay” you said
“Okay?” he repeated
“Okay” you smiled and push him away from you

After your senior year was done,summer started so Taehyung,you and few other friends went to the vacation together.

“I am so gonna beat you at this” you smiled
“No you’re not” Taehyung said 

You guys were playing Mariokart on Wii..
“I am still on the  first place” you laugh
Taehyung didn’t like to lose ,so he pushed you a little and you losed control
“HEY!” you shouted pushing him too
“I WIN!” Taehuyng shouted standing up
“You cheated” you made a sad face
“Y/N” Taehyung smiled at you
“I had to,I can’t let you to win!” he laughs
You slap his arm 
“Ouch” he shouted holding his arm
“That is what you get for cheating” you poke his cheek and walk to the kitchen where your friend Mark was.

Taehyung followed you and sat down next to you.
He was poking your arm,cheek,nose just to get your attention.
You looked at Taehyung,raising your eyebrow and taking a sip of your water
“Are you guys dating?” Mark asked looking at you two 
You stared to choke on the water
“W-what did you just ask?” you were coughing 
“Are you guys dating?” Mark laughed
“No,why would you think that?” Taehyung smiled
“I mean you guys do everything together…You guys know everything about each other” he explains
“Well we’re best friends for 4 years now,what do you espect?” you smiled
“You guys being finally together?” Mark laughs
“No,that ain’t gonna happen Mark” Taehyung laughed

You kind of wanted that to happen..But seeing now for real that Taehyung just sees you as a best friend hurts a little.
But you understand that Taehyung doesn’t want to ruin your guys friendship that you have,but you have been in love with him for over 2 years now..For so long you are keeping these feelings inside and trying not to show them when Taehyung is with you.

“Yeah..Just friends” you said biting your lip and looking at Taehyung
“That’s right!” he smiled and pputs his arm around your shoulders and pulls you in a hug

Taehyung later on,got a mail that he can come to audition for being in a band,to be a singer and part of the band.
“That is awesome chance Tae” you smiled reading the letter with him
“I feel..Nervous” he looks up at you
“I know you do..But I am sure you will make it” you smiled and hug him

Taehyung and you spend everyday together because soon he had to make a decision will he go or not to the audition..
“So ?” you looked at him
“I’ll go” he smiled
“YAAAAY” you shouted and jump up and down
But Taehyung wasn’t so happy about it.
“What is it?” you notice he’s not smiling
“It’s just that I will have to leave all of this,you” he looked up at you
“Tae..Don’t worry about that…This is your dream,you should take a chance” you smiled and kiss his head

Tomorrow night..You were at his place.
“WELL” you shout getting up
“I should go now” you added stretching and making weird noises

Taehyung didn’t say anything,just laughed when you made a weird nose while stretching.
“Do we need to go over this again?” you put down your arms and look at him
“I am leaving in 3 days Y/N” he said taking a breath
“Then let’s make those 3 days the best days ever” you smiled and looked at him
“That is a good idea” he smiled
“We start tomorrow” you said
“No,let’s start tonight” 
“How?” you were confused
“I want you to..Stay” he bit his lip nervously
You smiled and nodded your head and layed next to him again.
“Do you like twilight saga movies?” this question just popped in your head
“I don’t..Sparkling vampires,seriously?” he said with a serious face

But both of you started to laugh
“S-sparkling” you were laughing
“Well I saw the first one,and said never gonna watch that thing again!” Taehyung looked at you laughing
“I am team Jacob all the way” you said
“Good for you” he tapped your head smiling

You sigh and roll your eyes..For few minutes there was a silence between you two.
“What do you wanna do?” you asked
“Tae?” you said turning your head towards him
“Tae?” you said again but then notice he was asleep

You smiled
“I can’t believe this” you said laying back again
You laugh and look at him again
You decided to go to sleep too since he didn’t wake up at all.
“Sorry” he softly said wraping his arms around your body,pulling you closer to him
“I got used to it,don’t worry” you tapped his chest and watched him sleep for a while.He looked so beautiful and calm.
Then you close your eyes and fall asleep too.

For next three days..
You guys were taking a walk and it started to rain,so you two were running around,dancing having fun in the rain.
“Come” Taehyung said and pulled you in ahug
He lifted you up and spin you around..You were laughing.

You guys also watched a movie in your house.
“Shhh” you said
He started to shake your body
“Taehyung!” you laugh and shake him too
He laughed
“Eat the popcorn” you said putting it in his mouth

You guys also spend a whole day taking selfies,laying in bed,talking..But everyday was more and more great,but tomorrow will be the day when Taehyung leaves you for good.
You were really sad about that,but it’s his dream.
Together for the last day being together you guys went to the favorite place of yours.
To a hill with a view of the city.

“I will miss you” you said
“I will miss you too” 
You both smiled at each other..

“It’s crazy that you’re leaving tomorrow” you sigh
“I know right..” Taehyung sighs too

You guys watched the city lights,the starts on the sky.
You lean your head on his shoulder.One tear slipped down your cheek as you remember he’s leaving tomorrow.

Taehyung was really sad to leave you,but he knows he got’s your support and love.

The day has come.He is leaving.

“Don’t forget me Tae” you said looking at him
“I won’t forget you Y/N..I promise” Taehyung smiled and hugged you tightly..
One tear slipped down his cheek,because he hated farewells,especially saying goodbye to his best friend.
“Don’t cry,you will make me cry too then” you laugh tearing up
“I’m sorry” he said wiping off the tears
“Good luck there Tae…I love you” you smiled
“I love you too best friend” he smiled and hugged you again

As Taehyung was walking away,he turns around and looks at you one last time.
You smiled trying your hardest not to start to cry.
Taehyung leaves his stuff and runs towards you and hugs you tightly one more time.
“Bye Y/N” he said kissing your head
“Bye” you smiled 

“GO TAEHYUNG!” you shout and jump
“WOOO” Taehyung shouted back and jumped too

You both laugh at each other and then he left.
You started to cry as soon as he walked in..You were really sad for him to leave..Your best friend,everything you guys been trought,all the good times and fun moments,they won’t happen again.
All of them can be just a good memory.

Taehyung and you talked over the phone,Skype everyday until he finally made it.
After few months of hard work Taehyung was in a group called BTS.
He and his friends were all over the TV,Youtube..You were glad he made it and made his dream come true.
But the only thing you didn’t like is that he would always cancel the Skype talk because he has to work..Everything started to fall apart.There was no texts no more,calls..
You tried couple of times to call him but he wouldn’t answer his phone.
You finally understood you have lost your best friend for good,but still you were supporting him.

You understood that he doesn’t have time anymore,because he is really popular now,but he could at least text you.
The promise he said that he will never forget you was,broken.
He did forgot about you..About his best friend.

If only he knew how much you were sad and depressed that he isn’t your best friend anymore.How much it meant to you when he calls you and you hear that sweet voice of his.

One year passed and you were now sure he forgot about you.
You loved their songs and everything,but you just didn’t know if you can ever look into his eyes.

“Mom I wanna meet them” your sister said listening to the song “I need u”
“Y/N do you wanna see your friend again?” your mom asked
You sigh
“I don’t” you said
“OH PLEASEEE Y/N..I wanna meet them so bad” your sister begged
“Why don’t you want that?”
“Because I don’t have to do anything there”
“Y/N…Tae has been busy because of the music,band everything..” your mom looked at you
“I know” you said
“Please take me..Their fan meeting is in 3 days” your sister looked at you
“Oh God” you said rolling your eyes
“Fine” you added
“They are coming to this town?” you looked at Ella
“Yes” she said checking her phone

You just nodded your head.

Your mom bought tickets for the fan meeting so you guys could go.
“I AM SO EXCITED!” Ella shouted
You just laugh at her

When you guys arrived,there was so many fans.
After an hour finally you guys camed in and went to the front row.

They all walked out on stage with their smiles on their faces.
Your sister started to scream,everyone did.
You were suprised how other boys look even better in person.Then you saw Taehyung.
He will always be the most handsome guy in the group.
“Helloooo” they all said
“We are so happy that all of you are here” Suga smiled

You didn’t even listen what they were saying,you just observed Taehyung.
You saw how happy he was and excited.He would wave to the fans and they would scream.
He was so nice and sweet towards them.

Finally the signing started.
Your sister and you were not so far from them.

“Aww really?” Taehyung smiled at the fan
“Thank you so much” he said and gave a high five to a girl

While he was waiting to sign another thing,he watched the crowd,then looked aside and saw you.
“Wow” he said to himself thinking how beautiful you are
”Taehyung” Jimin poked him
”What?” he asked
”You gotta a fan in front of you” Jimin laughed
”Oh I am so sorry” he said to the fan

Whenever he got a chance to look at you,he would.
He got all excited when you were coming finally.
“Hiiii” Ella smiled 
“Hey” he smiled back at her

He looked at your eyes…They were familiar to him.
“What’s your name?” he asked
“Y/N” you said looking at him,thinking will he remember you or not

Taehyung when he hear you saying your name.At first he didn’t remember it but when he saw you smiling.Everything camed back
“Y/N” he said
“Yup” you said
“My best friend” 
“You forgot about me Tae” you looked at him
“I didn’t” he said
“You did..But it doesn’t matter..Keep on fighting” you smiled and walked away

Soon the fan meeting was finished..Taehyung was so frustrated because he kept thinking about you.
“Oh God he sighs and closes his eyes
“What’s up man?” Jungkook looked at him
“I lost a best friend” he said
“O-kay” Jungkook said
“It’s not okay Jungkook! She was..An amazing person…I gotta” Taehyung stood up
“You gotta what?” Jungkook raised his eyebrow
“I gotta bring my best friend back” he smiled and bit his lip


A/N: I’ve decided to stop putting the summary bc I’m pretty sure at the point the idea is already been planted in your brains lol, anyways, it’s cb friday and here’s more cb for your pervy ben solo loving hearts! Enjoy!

Warning: Bother reader and Ben are kind of pervs at the beginning but not intentionally…

Word Count: 4K+

Sitting with his back pressed up against the couch as his attention was set on the TV screen, Ben had his arm spread out on the top of the couch as you had sat next to him, legs crossed along with your arms as you watched the movie playing. Slightly turning your head to look at Ben, you smirked as you realized how enthralled he had been in the film, only to trail your eyes down his chest, then to his hips where the waist band of his sweats wrapped around. Taking in a deep breath as you bit your bottom lip, your hand lied up on his knee as Ben’s hearted skipped a beat, looking over, seeing your head facing ahead.

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