this took me 5 minutes tops

This is probably gonna be taken down, but while it’s up:

This took approximately 93 hours of work.
I started in February and actually finished May 25, 2017.
I had worked on it for hours every day and after school as well.

Sadly, I didn’t get to finish all I had in mind for it because school ended and I was using photoshop at the school, which I don’t have at home and can’t afford. :(
I feel like this is okay enough it could pass as a completed animation! :)

It’s rotoscope with two layers of free hand animation on top of it.
Each frame (~700 frames) took 5-9 minutes to trace for the rotoscope part. I have no clue how long the free hand parts took.
The reason I was able to keep working on this without growing tired of it is because animation is something I am very passionate about and I would like to pursue it in my career.
(CalArts please let me in I would die for you)

NOW. The issue is: copyright claims!!
I’ve spent months trying to loop the song up and slow it down and various other things to try and post it to YouTube but to no avail.
I just hope THIS will stay up…

Bill, Richie, Eddie: Wisdom Teeth

Request  “ could you do an eddie, richie, bill one (or whoever ya please!) where the reader got their wisdom teeth out and the boy is taking care of them? i got mine out this morning and am currently suffering™”

A/N → mouth pain is the WORST, hope ur feeling better by now!!!!

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader, Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Warnings  → eh. none


↳ You woke up groggy and groaned at the dull pain in the back of your mouth, pushing your face further into the pillow. You felt a cool hand on your face, and your hair being tucked away so that you weren’t laying on it. “Duh-Don’t be such a c-crybaby” hushed Bill, and you huffed in response.

He reached over you, reaching between your curtains to open the windows on the wall your bed leant against. You looked at him as he clicked them open above you, his face was reddish, and he was sweating. Bill had flunked school when he learned you were still struggling with yesterday’s pain from having your damn teeth ripped out. 

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it me or anybody else thirsty??? 

hope i’m not too late for the yuuri crop top party!! inspired by @zephyrine-gale body positive/gender role smashing idea

here me see beautiful yuuri wearing a crop top i saw on pinterest while taking a break during one of his pole dance classes~ There are 5 people trying to flirt with him. He has no idea. Yuuri just think everybody is really nice, specially that boy who took pity on him and bought Yuuri that water bottle. How generous indeed. Said boy has been swooning for 3 minutes now. 

BEE MOVIE STUFF: the cc nobody asked for and nobody wanted

200 followers!! thank you guys so much! it doesn’t seem like much but for me it’s a big deal. to thank you kind people for following me, here is the best cc on this website.

download merged set here. make sure to download the mesh for the shirt

barry’s shirt: download here

- ok FIRST OF ALL, i know i didn’t include the stripe on the neck, i tried too but i couldn’t make it work because i suck at everything

- YOU NEED THE MESH BY @waekey. find it here. i also cheated a bit and used @bonehlda‘s recolor to save time. both the original and the recolor are very pretty (much nicer than this mess) and i love them so much!!

barry’s shoes: download here

- this literally took me 5 minutes it looks so bad

- recolored & converted the male low tops to female. they’re compatable for males, just turn off the masculine tag

t-ryst  asked:

Top 5 Sergio Ramos moments because why not :)

1. When he did THAT! 

2. When he was me pretending to be sober.

gif: fuckyeahsernando

3. When he truly outdid himself with the cdr trophy

4. When he nearly got taken out by a tree and made my cry in the early hours of the morning

gif: zizou

5. And basically any time he’s saved our teams asses last minute with that big head of his

gif: gfsports



This last week wasn’t miserable. It was still tough and I’m forever just barely staying on top of things, but I took some time for myself which is ALWAYS a victory. I’m feeling good about my choices lately and am making baby steps towards overall balance.

Cross your fingers for me though because you know that student with serious behaviors? They told us yesterday they’re withdrawing him and hoping to get him the support he needs. We literally got 5 minutes of notice and it was bittersweet, but I am so thankful they finally made this choice.

Oh! And I rocked the RnR Denver 5k today. I am also running the 10k tomorrow so I will post about both of them at the same time.

The Joker x Reader - “Cursed”

In a world where the metahumans existence was becoming more and more of a reality despite so many efforts of secrecy, you knew what was growing inside of you and it was frightening. You weren’t terrified for yourself, but for the little being you couldn’t wait to see. You tried so hard to contain the rumors already spreading around, but with so many enemies, someone was bound to look into those speculations to see if they’re true or not.

The cars chasing your SUV are getting closer and closer. The Joker is accelerating, trying to lose them on Gotham’s outskirts, turning from one street to the other but it’s useless.

“Faster, J, faster!” you scream, looking behind and notice you are still followed. The bullets start shrieking, aiming for the tires and a few hit the target. J slams the breaks, almost crushing the vehicle into the abandoned building to your left, turning the car sideways to avoid as much damage as he can.

“Are you OK?” he asks, panting, taking off his seatbelt and jumping out the car, running on your side so he can help you.

“I’m fine, I’m fine!” you frantically repeat, unbuckling and he takes your hand, dragging you after him while rushing inside the building.

“Come on, Pumpkin, hurry up!” The Joker urges but it’s so hard to be quick when you are 9 months pregnant. He takes the stairs towards the top of the building and after 7 floors, you are finally on the roof.

“Where the hell is Frost?” you whimper, grabbing a metal bar leaning by an empty water tank nearby and forcing it alongside the door, hoping it will hold for a while.

“I don’t know Doll,” J shakes his head, taking his gun out and backing out with you following. “Shit, they’re here!”

The commotion going on out there worries you to death and you protectively wrap your arms around your tummy, trying to think of a solution.

“What are we going to do?” you bite your lips, closing the gap between you and The Joker. He takes a few deep breaths, clenching to his gun.

“Maybe…maybe we should give them what they want…”

“What?!” you almost scream, stunned. “Have you completely lost your mind?! I’m not giving them our child!!!” You wish to say more but your words are interrupted by the voice you both hear in your heads.

“Daaadddddy, you want to give me away?” and then the crying starts, louder and louder, making you both cover your ears for a few moments.

“Sssttt, don’t cry, you’re staying with us, “ you try calming down the sobbing while caressing your huge bump, soothing your unborn baby boy. Suddenly, silence. Only the SWAT team getting ready to bust the door open breaks the stillness.

“Daaaddyyy,” the child’s voice sniffles, “I curse you to never find peace again!”

“ J…” you have time to touch his hand, sensing something strange is going on. He feels it too.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean…” but before The Joker finishes up the sentence, you vanish in thin air, leaving behind just a fine mist of glittering rain drops.

“Y/N?…” he mutters, shocked. Instantly, his body starts burning with such intensity it makes him fall to his knees. The SWAT team is almost through the door and he loses consciousness as they barge in.


Once you decided you wanted a baby, it didn’t take too long to get pregnant. You noticed something was odd in your second trimester. There was this constant low humming in your ears that you blamed on the inevitable biological changes happening when you are having a kid. The doctor didn’t find anything out of the ordinary either at your regular checkups.

As the days went by, the sound grew stronger and J told you he started hearing noises also. The continuous humming turned into whispers you couldn’t understand; not gibberish – it sounded like they were coming from very far away and you couldn’t comprehend what was said.

When you were 6 months pregnant, The Joker began to hear the whispers also. It wasn’t scary at all; mostly a calming sensation, an ongoing impression of a presence around you that kept you safe. In a world where the metahumans existence was becoming more and more of a reality despite so many efforts of secrecy, you knew what was growing inside of you and it was frightening. You weren’t terrified for yourself, but for the little being you couldn’t wait to see.

You tried so hard to contain the rumors already spreading around, but with so many enemies, someone was bound to look into those speculations to see if they’re true or not. So many sleepless nights, worried that all the security you were surrounded with might not be enough. You often talked to J about your son for hours. The Joker really wanted to know if his son will have blue eyes or green like yours. He used to joke saying that’s the only problem he’s concerned with, yet you knew it wasn’t so.

First time you heard the voice really clear in your head it was when you were 7 months pregnant. It was the middle of the night and it woke you up.


You opened your eyes right away and J woke up too.

“Princess, did you hear that?” he elbowed you, hoping he wasn’t hallucinating.

“Yes, I did,” you muttered and got out of bed, not knowing what to do.

“Daddy?” the cute voice echoed in your minds again, giggling.

J held his breath, amazed, touching his cheek.

“Did you…did you feel that Doll?”

You nodded a yes: that faint sensation, barely a soft breeze, sweet and tender. You didn’t know what it was, but something made both of you go on the balcony.

You gasped in awe when tiny specks of light came pouring down just like falling stars, only for you and The King Of Gotham. It seemed they came from nowhere and as soon as they touched your skin, they evaporated, leaving a vague shimmery dust behind.

“Unbelievable…” J smiled and you laughed when he pressed his hand on your tummy because the baby was kicking really hard.

“I know, it’s incredible… ” you kept his hand in place on your abdomen, enjoying the little show still going on the terrace.

The Joker kneeled in front of you and asked:

“Hey, do you have blue eyes or green?” His ear went against your bump and he carefully listened. Nothing. “Do you think my boy can hear me?”

“I don’t know, baby…” you stroke his hair while he waited for 5 more minutes before giving up.


You are starting to come back to your senses. The last thing you remember is waking up here, being so hot you took off all your clothes before you passed out. You turn on your side, reaching for your tank top, unable to move too much.

“Dammit…,” you mutter, taking a few more moments to compose yourself. “ Jaaayyy?” you shout but there’s no answer. “Jaaayyyyy?”  No sound but the wind gushing through the palm trees and the small water fall behind you dropping in the pond that’s only a few feet away. “Where are we?” you caress your tummy, distressed. “Where did you bring us?” No voice that replies. You try to get up without success, lying back down in the grass. You immediately feel just the pressure and some discomfort, there’s hardly any pain that comes with labor.

“Not now…” you take deep breaths, staring at the blue sky above. “Please, not now…” The contractions are very strong and you start pushing, unable to control your body. Since it doesn’t hurt, you don’t even scream. “Oh my God…” you inhale one more time, using all your strength to push.

There’s no crying and you panic, shifting so you can get to the newborn. You lift him in your arms and your son opens his eyes, slowly blinking while looking at you.

“Hi…” you smile and tears roll down your face. “Hi, sweetie…” and your heart is so overwhelmed when you realize he has a blue eye and a green one. You’ve never seen an angel before but you are pretty much sure you are looking at one now. “You’re so beautiful,” you kiss the tiny head and the little one fusses a bit, but doesn’t cry. You crawl to your jacket with him in your arms, digging in the pockets for the knife you always carry so you can cut the umbilical cord.

“There, all done now,” you shiver because it made you so nervous doing that yourself. “Let’s clean up a bit, hm?” you squeeze him harder to your chest and finally manage to get up with shaky legs and step into the nice, warm water. “You like that?” you carefully wash your son and he just keeps on looking at you, wiggling in your arms. You stay in the water for about 10 minutes then come out, placing him on your jacket as you dress up with the clothes scattered around. Your tank top is fine, but the leggings do seem bigger now. Nothing else to wear so you’ll have to manage. You wrap your baby in the jacket and gently rock him in your arms even if you don’t have to: he doesn’t cry at all.

You softly kiss his face, then the little hands, mesmerized on how surreal everything is. “Mommy is here with you,” you repeat over and over, continuing to rock him and he fusses again, yawning. “ Are you tired?…I’m tired too…” you peck his temple and walk towards the beach you see not too far in the distance. “Where is your father?…” you sniffle, gazing at your child. “Did you…did you leave him behind?” and you burst out in tears, worried sick because you have no idea what happened to The Joker. “Daddy didn’t mean it; he would never give you away…” you wipe your face, stopping for a few seconds. “ He just said that; he didn’t mean it…” You sense the familiar presence around you, yet no reply. Your son closes his eyes and falls asleep so you cuddle him to your chest, resuming your walk.  


J rolls over in bed, gradually regaining his awareness. He groans in pain, attempting to move and it strikes: he’s in the master bedroom at the penthouse.

“Jesus…”  The Joker forces himself to get out of bed and almost falls down, drained for once. “How did I get here?” he thinks, glimpsing around the room, confused. “Y/N?” he yells, holding on to the table. “Y/N??? Are you here?” J starts to remember the events that occurred before his awakening. “Goddammit,” he whispers, stumbling towards the bathroom so he can wash his face, maybe it will help.

He turns on the light and hardly finds the energy to drag his feet towards the sink.

“Holy shit!” The Joker gulps, astonished: his hair turned light silver, almost white and it makes him even more uneasy to see that now he has a blue eye and a green one. “What the hell ?!” he pulls down on his cheek, analyzing the intense shades of his irises. The colors are so strong they really stand out.

“Y/N?” he turns around, carefully listening. ”Are you here?” and for some reason he recalls the words he said on the top of that building, how disappointed and hurt you were and his son’s sobbing, the sadness and the sorrow. “ I curse you to never find peace again!” resonates in his mind and a sharp ache in the heart makes him gasp for air.

The Prince of Crime searches around the penthouse for the woman he knows he won’t find. J didn’t mean to suggest giving his son away just to save himself, but his first instinct was just that and he knows he wouldn’t have done it. Just thinking about it now makes him nauseated.


When you finally reach the sandy beach, it’s completely deserted; no one around. You shield the newborn from the sun, walking along the shore for a while and there is not a single soul in sight. You’re so burned out but you don’t give up. It takes you two hours to get back to your starting point.

“We’re on a small island,” you sigh, disappointed, deliberating on your options. Not too many. You don’t even know which ocean you’re surrounded by. “I really need a nap,” you conclude, marching back to the shadow under the palm trees bordering the beach. You lay down in sand, carefully holding the baby close to you, thinking about J and weeping until all fades into darkness. You don’t know for how long you’ve been asleep, but your child’s movement awakes you.

“Hi sweetie…” you smile, placing a kiss on his little hand. “How long was I out?” He frets a bit and you get on your elbow, analyzing the tiny fingers and toes, counting them again to make sure everything is there, kissing every single one a few times. “Are you hungry?” you lean your back against the palm tree you slept under, starting to breastfeed the precious treasure in your arms.

“I’m so thirsty,” you close your eyes, enjoying the mellow breeze. You remember the waterfall is not too far, might be the only drinkable water around. After he’s done, you return to the pond, getting in the water again so you can cool down and quench your thirst. Drinking from the stream invigorates you and you bend over to take a sit on a rock emerging from the lake, snuggling the little one.

“Can you take us back, please?… I need to take care of you and I can’t if we stay here,” you stare in his eyes that seem to pierce your soul. “Take us back home, would you? I’m worried about your dad…” you plead, whimpering. “We need to find him…” No reply and it makes you so upset. “What am I going to do?” you think and suddenly the child’s voice echoes in your mind for the first time since you got on the island.

“Daddy wants to give me away…” and the crying intensifying afterwards breaks your heart. Your son is looking at you, peacefully falling asleep again, but the power inside of him speaks in your mind.

“No, he won’t give you away, I promise. He could never do that!” and you cover him in kisses, desperate to calm down the pain. “We need to find him, please take us back…” you beg, resting your head on the little body, unable to stop sobbing.


The Joker has no idea what to do and where to start his search. He locked himself up in the penthouse, trying to come up with a plan. He will probably send his henchmen around town to look for you as soon as the whole crew reports back to him as instructed. But where to start? Are you even in Gotham? He will have to contact all his sources and see if anything will come up. J has so many connections, but the reality sinks in when he realizes nothing might help. This is not an ordinary situation and ordinary methods might not be enough.

His silver hair falls to the side, a few strands flying in the wind intensifying on the balcony. What he said on that roof repeats in his brain over and over again, making him agonize at the thought that he might never see his girl and his baby again. He truly can’t find a moment of peace, so restless and edgy it makes him physically sick. His own flesh and blood cursed him and The Joker knows he fully deserved it.

What he doesn’t know is that his son didn’t really do such thing. The King of Gotham may never understand, but when you love somebody and they’re gone, you will never find peace again. You don’t need a curse for that; it will happen on its own. Self-doom is the worst kind of curse.

The shiny drops of light sizzling on his skin make J lift his chin up from all the papers he is reading without seeing. Immersed in the familiarity of the outwordly phenomenon, his heart is beating faster and faster. He jumps down from the railing and literally stops breathing when you materialize in front of him, holding his son tight in your arms. The documents fly from his hand and The Joker find himself petrified, afraid to blink just in case you are a product of his imagination.

“Princess..?” he manages to utter, stunned.

“ J!” you snap out of it yourself, realizing you are back home. “J!” and you rush in his arms, kissing him and he hugs you both so tight you are breathless for a few seconds. “I thought they caught you, I was so worried!” you continue to talk in between kisses, relieved. “What happened to your hair?!” you back out a bit to point out the change. “And your eyes?!”

“I don’t know…” he holds you close to him, mesmerized by what you carry in your jacket. “ I woke up here like this…But your eyes are just like his and mine…” he signals for the baby and you hand over his son.

“Huh?!” you touch your face, confused.

The Joker pecks his forehead, completely smitten.

“You have a blue eye and a green one, Pumpkin,” he lets you know and since there is a mirror on the balcony by the pool, you run to it. The reflection doesn’t lie: you do have a blue eye and a green one now, just like your son and The Joker.

“Oh, wow…What do you think it means?…” you turn around, puzzled and walk back towards them.

“No clue, Y/N…” and the baby actually crying for the first time in his human form startles you. J slowly rocks him and the cute voice, sniffling, resonates in your minds once more:

“Daaadddyyy, you wanted to give me away…”

The Joker brings his face close to his son’s, glancing in those eyes he waited for so long to see.

“I will never give you away, I swear!”

“You promise Daddy?” and the newborn wiggles in his embrace, not crying anymore.

“I promise!”

As soon as J said the words, that invisible, soothing presence he felt when you were pregnant is all around him again.

And that is something no curse can break.


Evening Breeding

I tried to post this last week, but for some reason Tumblr went crazy and I ended up losing all of it - so, I will do my best to recall as I post it now

My man was out of town for work and was getting in quite late, so we agreed that he would get a room near the airport, and I would go down there after work to wait for him to get there. He put my name on the room, so all I had to do was check in.

I arrived at the hotel around 7:00 PM, checked in, went to the room, and immediately cleaned out my ass, as I wanted to get some loads in my hole before my man got there. I had a CL ad ready to go, so just before I arrived at the hotel, I made sure it posted. As I was finishing preparing to have my ass filled with cock, I got a couple of emails and then a couple of texts, as I craftily include my number so I can receive texts. The first guy was a good looking guy in his mid-forties; nice cock and was about 10 minutes away. The second guy to respond was a younger black guy - as you know I LOVE BBC - and was about 20 minutes away.

TOP#1 - I gave him the hotel address and room number, and told him that I would be face down, ass up, ready to be used and filled with cum. As soon as I gave him the information, I placed the words “CUM DUMP” on my ass with bold black dry-erase marker, and got into position. He came in and undressed and began rubbing his cock on my hole - that drives me crazy - as he lubed up his cock, I took a good hit of poppers and then pushed my hole up and he slid right in. He stated that he loved my tight hole and proceeded to give me a very good breeding. Once he was finished seeding my hole, I asked him if he had any buds that might like to stop by, and that if he did, to please give them my number so they could text me. He said that he might have a bud or even a couple that would be interested. He thanked me for letting him seed my tight hole, and then left.

7:30 - 1 Load

Top#2 (Young BBC) - About 2 min after Top#1 left, Top#2 texted that he was about to park - I was glad of this because I LOVE having guys arrive one right after the other! I gave him the room number, and waited in position for him to come in. He came in, and immediately said: “Fuck, that’s hot!” He then undressed, and put both hands on my uplifted, round ass - and then promptly spanked my right cheek - it wasn’t too hard, but it was hard enough to make my cock begin to get firm. He then place both hands on my ass and spread my cheeks apart and slid his tongue into my cummy hole. I asked him if he liked the taste of my slutty cummy ass; he gave a loud moan of approval, and continued to eat my hole with expert skill. After he was satisfied with eating my ass, he lubed up his very thick black cock and began to work it into my needy ass. Once he was in balls deep, he then proceeded to pound my hole with hard, vigorous thrusts that made me feel as if I might shoot my own load from the effect of him slamming his hard cock in and out of my whore ass. After about 5 minutes of him really giving my ass a thorough pounding, he began to moan loudly, signaling to me that he was about to shoot his load. He said: “Where do you want my hot load, you slutty whore? Do you want it in you? You want it in that used ass, don’t you?” To which I immediately said: “YES - BREED ME!” And with that, he let his big load loose in my hole - it felt like about 9-10 full shots of cum - so much so that when he pulled out, I could feel it running down my balls - another sensation that gets me ROCK HARD.

7:50 - 2 Loads

After he left, I checked my email and my texts - Top#1 texted asking if he could come back with a buddy - OF COURSE!!

Top#1 returned about 15 minutes later and undressed again, and while we waited for his buddy, began to eat my hole. After about 5 minutes, his bud texted that he was parking, so Top#1 slid his cock into my ass so he would be fucking me when his bud walked in. Top#3 arrived, and was impressed with the scene, and undressed. He was a thin, well-built guy in his mid-thirties, with a few tattoos - one on his naval, one on his pec, and one on his upper back. He was very good looking, and the ink made him look all the more alluring. It didn’t hurt that his cock was about 8 inches, but not too thick - it was dripping pre-cum, which I immediately began to lap up and suck his cock to make sure it was fully hard before he slid into my slutty whore ass. Top#1 increased his pumping speed, so I knew he was going to dump another load into my hole, which came shortly. Top#3 then went around behind me, and slid his hard cock right into my hole and said: “Fuck, that’s a nice cum-filled ass!” Top#1 said: “Fuck yes it is; now breed that slut hard - seed that hole!” Top#3 began pumping my hole double time, and Top#1 being still rock hard, stroked himself and watched his bud mark my hole with his seed. It wasn’t long before Top#3 was shooting his big load of cum into my already well-used hole. And, as soon as he pulled out, Top#1 jumped around behind me and shoved his cock back into my ass and shot another load!

8:20 - 4 Loads!

Top#1 & Top#3 dressed, and soon took off; I checked my email and texts, and found that I had a couple of messages from a hot married guy that needed to dump a load in some ass before he headed home to his wife. I gave him the info and he said he’d be there in less than 5 minutes!

Top#4 - He arrived and was very quiet. He undressed and asked me if I would mind sucking him until he was hard - NO PROBLEM! Although this guy was somewhat thinner than the type of top I typically go for, he was very nice looking and had a very nice thick cock - it’s always the skinny guys that are hung like a horse! I sucked him hard and then he got behind me, lubed up and attempted to slide his cock into my hole. Now, I will say that my hole is actually very tight, and it usually takes at least 2 massive cocks to fuck me before any top with a cock of any size can just walk up to my hole and shove it in without lube or some effort. I think it made him a bit nervous too, so I asked him if he’d like me to turn over so that I was on my back - he said: “Yes, please.” So, I obliged him - once I was on my back I guess my hole was at just the right angle for him, and his cock began to slide right in. I could tell that he really enjoyed my ass, and he said that it may not take him long, as he was very horny and had not fucked in a while. I told him that I loved a quick pump-n-dump, and to use my hole for his pleasure. It was no sooner than I said that, that he was shooting a massive, multi-pump load into my wet, cum-dump ass.

8:40 - 5 Loads!

Just then, my man texted me that he would be boarding his flight and that I should order something to eat for when he got there around 10:00. I ordered us some pizza, and then went back to work on getting my ass filled.

Top#5 - I received a text from Top#5, who insisted that he be allowed to come in and the room be almost totally dark and that he be completely anonymous, and that he would be there at 9:10. As this is my favorite way to be fucked, I was more than happy to agree. Since I had a few minutes, I ordered the food and then played around with watching some porn and fingering my cummy hole, and then tasting the cum off of my fingers. About 9:07 Top#5 texted that he was almost there, and wanted to be sure that the room would be completely dark - I assured him of this. I was so turned on because there are usually one of a few reasons a guy wants it to be completely dark and anon:

1. He’s “straight” with a girl-friend or has a wife

2. He doesn’t look like his pic or as his stats describe him

3. He actually knows who the bottom is, like perhaps they work together, or know each other from the same social circle, etc.

When Top#5 arrived, he was NOT in the #2 category - at least from what I could feel, he had a nice tight muscular body which was somewhat hairy but had been trimmed back quite a bit so I could feel the stubbly hairs against my ass and back. He smelled REALLY good too. So, in my mind, I began to fantasize about who this hot prickly top was - there are SEVERAL guys that I know from so many other things that I know would love to breed some ass just like this, and I am certain that I’ve had at least a few of them dump their hot loads in me. So, I chose to believe he was this hot guy that is the husband of a guy I used to work with - the feel of him just fit the picture I had in my mind. And, the fact that it wasn’t far from where they live, and he wanted it completely anonymous just reinforced this fantasy in my head. He had a NICE cock that was rock hard as soon as he undressed - he lubed it up and slid into my hole - it felt AMAZING. He fucked my ass for about 10 minutes, and then said: “I’m getting close… where do you want me to cum?” I said: “In my slutty hole, Sir.” I could tell he was very happy to hear that, and said: “Good - I was hoping to get to breed this nice ass!” That statement, even further made me believe it was my former co-worker’s hot husband! He filled my hole, pulled out, and said: “Don’t move, whore.” and then dashed into the bathroom to clean up. I didn’t move a muscle until I was certain he was gone. I wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of him either - maybe next time!

9:25 - 6 Loads!

9:30 - I was checking my emails and texts when I heard a rather faint knock on the door. I guess that the last top hadn’t left it ajar, and I assumed it was a top that I had texted with a little earlier, who said he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to come by, but it would be before 10 and he would let me know for sure via text. I had already given him the room number, so I told him to come when ever. I walked over to the door and opened it just enough that it was ajar, and then dashed back over to the bed to get into position. The door opened and the room flooded with light - I heard him enter, but he didn’t say anything. Then, I smelled the very distinct aroma - it was the pizza delivery guy! I was frozen on all fours on the bed - I heard him set the food down and then he said: “Looks like I’m delivering more than your pizza. You need some dick?” I said: “Yes, Sir - I’m taking loads.” He asked: “How many you got so far?” “Six,” I said. “Well,” he said, “you’re about to get number seven!” And with that he lowered his pants, lubed up his already hard cock, and positioned himself behind my cummy hole and slid in and bred me - it was quick because he had to get back to work. “Luckily,” he said, “this was my last stop before I head back; I love it when I get a good blow job, or get to load a nice tight ass like yours!” I told him to breed my slutty ass, and he shot his hot load right in my hole.

9:40 - 7 Loads!

Just as the pizza guy was leaving my man texted me to let me know that he was on the ground and would be on his way shortly. About 20 minutes later, he arrived at the hotel, and was in a grumpy mood. We ate pizza and talked about different things, all the while I am thinking that he is going to flip me over and fill my ass before we go to bed. No such luck - he was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep.

I stayed awake, watching TV. I noticed that I had received a text from a guy asking if I was still taking loads. I said that I was still taking loads and asked him when he could get there. It was almost 11:00 and my man was dead asleep right there in the bed, so I had to figure out how I was going to get this hot BBC in my hole. The room’s entrance was a sort of short hallway, and there was a bathroom right by the door. Across from the bathroom door, there was a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall, that when you looked into it, you could see the entire room, including the bed where my man was asleep. I took the foot stool from the other side of the room, and placed it in the short hallway, about three or four feet just inside the door. I jarred the room door, and got onto the foot stool on all fours, with my ass facing the door. Remember, my ass has “CUM DUMP” written on it, so as soon as he opened the door, he could see it.

He arrived, came into the room quietly, and noticed my man asleep on the bed, and asked if it was cool that we fucked. I assured him that it was fine, and that I would tell him about it the next morning, The top was concerned about what might happen if my man woke up. I assured him that he would either watch or join in. With that the hot BBC top lubed up his BIG THICK hard cock and slid into my wet, cummy hole. He pounded me until he shot his big load in my hole, got dressed, and thanked me on the way out, and said that I should save his number.

11:15 - 8 Loads!

Fuck you in particular!

Not a “customer” but a guest.
I work as a housekeeper at a motel amd while it’s not the greatest job in the world, I’m pretty darn good at it. I rarely have people complain about my rooms.
That being said, I don’t appreciate it when a guest *puts my job at risk for something I didn’t do!!!* (they didn’t target me specifically. Though it’s still frustrating)
So a coworker and I cleaned a standard refresh (for those who don’t know, the guests are staying another night and all we do is straighten up and make the bed. It took 5 minutes with the two of us) and a few hours later, my supervisor tells me that the guest went to front desk and complained that the housekeeper who cleaned their room was eating strawberries and mashed them into the carpet.
Now let me just say that absolutely *none* of my rooms had strawberries and neither me or my coworker had *anything* to eat since we were on the clock.
And on top of that, our system only shows that I cleaned the room, not that someone helped me.
So front desk was adamant that I was eating in the room.
I calmly told my supervisor that I had a witness, and my supervisor happily told front desk.
Even then, my supervisor had to check my cart and my trash to prove my innocence.
The guest in question is happily sitting by the pool. I don’t know what she got out of it, but she’s definitely not facing any consequences.


My sister (katiedid92) and I got to spend the day with the lovely and talented (and equally as introverted as myself) @raveneesimo and her friend Ben (who took the top photo of us) in Seattle today!

I can’t tell you much of what she told me, super confidential and stuff, buuuut I can tell you that the B in Lars’ report card is for either art or chemistry (because fire). And I’m sure this is a surprise to no one but there is no other interpretation, Mr. Smiley is gay! 

repercussions of the ramifications || part cinq

It’d been a month and a half and you knew Luke would agree with you in saying it’d been a long month.

You didn’t think how hard it’d be to stick to a schedule that Luke himself had set, but he was the one that missed the most phone dates. He’d always texted and let you know a new time frame so you couldn’t be that mad, but it was enraging when you were waiting up till 2 am or having to set an alarm just so you could talk to him.

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First Time for Everything (Connor Murphy x Trans!reader)

Warnings: SMUT!! This is pretty much entirely smut so… whoops. Very, very, very VERY brief dysphoria mention

Plot: Reader is a pre-op trans man who has found himself crushing on Connor Murphy. But when he takes some bad information from Jared, mistakes are made.

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7 Super Awesome Vegan Products for your pet (click bolded titles for links)

1. V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog Treats 

Top Review: “My dogs love these. They really remind me of the dentastix but VEGAN! My younger dog gobbles them up but my older one has no teeth so this keeps him well occupied for 15 mins or so. Will purchase again. I bought in medium, my dogs are 10-12 lb shih tzus.”

2. V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food

Top Review: “Of course we were concerned when our dog told us he wanted to be Vegan. Where would he get his protein? Would he get enough calcium? Would other dogs think he was strange if he was not eating body parts of other animals?

Well, we were so pleased to see that he is thriving on this diet. And you know what? Other dogs accept him just fine. And he seems so pleased that he is reducing his carbon footprint and living a life that is consistent with his highest values.”

3. KONG Squeezz Dumbbell Dog Toy

Top Review: “This is my dog’s absolute favorite squeak toy. Durable, long-lasting, addictive.”

4. OurPets 100% Filled Cosmic Catnip Cat Toy (Pictured)

Top Review: “This carrot toy really gets my older cat (15.5 yrs) going! He plays with them so much, he is on his third one now because he wears them out. As you can see from the picture, he even sleeps with the carrot! Sometimes he uses it like a pillow…it’s really precious. Plus he likes that it is filled with catnip. Very reasonably priced and well worth it to see him happy and active!”

5. AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

Top Review: “This is a nice, basic cat tree. It was fairly easy to put together- it took me about 10 minutes. You do not need any extra tools as it comes with everything you need. The instructions could be a little better- they were out of order and not especially clear- but I managed just fine. It does seem sturdy enough.

This cat tree is about 3 ½ feet tall and has 3 levels. The top level is a bit small for my kitty to curl up in- she’s a big girl so this might be better suited for smaller cats but larger cats can still enjoy it.

My kitty took to the tree right away and had no problem jumping up on it and down from it. I would recommend this tree for your kitty!

6. Meowijuana Catnip Spray

Top Review: “Using it to bait our older cat into the enclosed litter box. he’s a tough old boy, and is getting better now. thank you. will buy again.”

7. Pink Bandana Pet Chicken Diaper

Top Review: “Fits my Companion Chicken very well. Thanks it’s great.”

Gotta Go My Own Way | 2

Writing because it’s my loves birthday! He’s legally able to drink in the US now how exciting even though he’s been drinking beer since he got out of the womb. A little message before we begin, I just hope Calum’s birthday is incredible and filled with people he loves and cares for and vise versa. He is surrounded by amazing people who only want the best for him, and we also helped that happen by getting a hashtag trending for him and creating such beautiful fan art and beautiful birthday wishes to him. If I had one thing to say to him, it would be that in the 5 years I’ve been watching the band, he’s grown up to be such a beautiful and talented soul and a fucking gorgeous man at that. In more ways than one Calum is a gorgeous 21 year old and I’m proud to say that he’s been an idol for me. He’s taught me not to keep everything harbored inside because it’ll only come to bite you in the ass. He taught me to express myself even if the way I choose to isn’t what everybody likes or wants me to do. He taught me to think outside of the lines and be my own person, and to not be ashamed of it. I love Calum, and very doubtful that he’ll even see this, but I love him in more ways than one. He’s like a best friend to me even if I never met him. But getting to see the inner workings of his thoughts, watching him grow up and develop the way he has, and getting to experience life with him as my #1 is all I could ever ask for. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model in life. Now let’s get onto the story!

Previous part

Nia’s POV

“Mr.Jackson!” I called stomping angrily into the room where my tour manager, stage manager and a few tech people stood. They all seemed to be enjoying a conversation because of their soft laughter, but I quickly ruined it. As of right now, I didn’t care. 

“Hey what’s up Nia? You guys had an amazing show-”

Suddenly, we all stopped and heard loud laughing coming from outside the doors and through the hall. It was obvious it was a boy and a girl, and I annoyingly rolled my eyes before pointing at the door. “Do you hear that? That mess!”

“It’s Y/N and Calum I bet, they sound like they’re enjoying themselves.” He said so calmly. I stomped my foot out of frustration.

“But I only invited Liz Hemmings on this trip, but now Y/N had to ruin that! Can’t you do something to kick her off of the tour?”

A voice from outside interrupted us once again. “Calum stop pouring that water bottle on me! I’m getting soaked!” and then a loud shriek and laughter erupted. 

“And now they’re probably getting the floors and walls soaked do something!” I was getting impatient, then Mr.Jackson came up and set his hands on my shoulders.

“Look, Nia, I know you’re not too fond of her coming this tour. But she keeps the boys in line and most of all, she keeps Calum happy. That should be what matters if you truly care for him.” He looked me in the eyes trying to calm me down, but none of his words rang true in me. I needed them to see that Y/N wasn’t right for him, and that he’d be better off without her on his first tour.

“No, Damien.” I called him by his first name trying to intimidate him, and it worked seeing as he took his hands from off my shoulders and crossed them in front of his chest. “I own you practically, I can fire you and all these other people in a heartbeat. So before you go and try to tell me what to do, just remember who has the power to make sure you never get hired again.” I shot back staring directly into his eyes, not scared of defeat. He sighed before walking away to open the door.


Calum and I were throwing water at each other after their show, he was still sticky and sweaty from their set so I refused to hug or cuddle him backstage. He got playfully annoyed, and began trying to kiss me, but when I pulled back, he grabbed the water bottle next to him and splashed it at me by squeezing the water without the cap on. I gasped the first time as my whole face was drenched, and grabbed two water bottles remaining next to me, and did the same thing. He seemed dramatically offended, and chased me out of the dressing room. The other 3 boys just laughed at us and warned us not to get any of them wet. So that’s when we took it to the hallway, where nobody was at the time. I ran away from him laughing, still squeezing the water bottles when I looked back at him. Because of his unnaturally long legs and his agility, he caught up to me faster than I’d expected and grabbed my waist, his laugh ringing in my ear. The most beautiful noise you’d ever heard was this boy’s room filling laugh. 

He took a fresh new bottle of water, which I didn’t even know he grabbed, and opened it, pouring all the contents out on me. I shrieked, “Calum stop pouring that water bottle on me, I’m getting soaked!” and before I knew it, all the water emptied out of the bottle. I turned around and laughed in Calum’s face before lightly slapping his chest. He held my there and rubbed my forehead, making my already wet hair even more of a ratty mess. He did that cute giggle where he brings his lip in and it’s deep and raspy. I couldn’t help but get lost in the music that is Calum Hood’s laugh. He placed his hands on my cheek before leaning in and kissing my wet lips. I smiled into our quick kiss as a thought rang in my head. And BAM, I dumped the rest of the contents from my two bottles that I still had in my hands before Calum jumped back wiping his eyes. I laughed loudly, and next we were interrupted by a door opening loudly. Big footsteps strode toward us as we both looked up to see Mr.Jackson, and he did not loo happy. 

“Hey Mr.Jackson, sorry about the mess we’ll get to it-”

“Save it Hood. I didn’t allow your girlfriend to come on this tour only to make a mess of the venue. You’re lucky I don’t make you pay the janitor who is suppose to clean this crap.” I was taken back at the way he was speaking to me. When I was first introduced to him, he seemed so chill and I actually thought he liked me. I gasped quietly to myself before turning back to Calum with a confused look on my face.

“Look, we said we’d clean it ourselves and it’s just water it’s not like it stains or leaves a scent.”

“If you’-he pointed at me-’keep making a mess like this at every show, we’re going to have a problem. If Liz was here, none of this would happen and you guys would be more in line than you are right now.”

“Mr.Jackson, Y/N had nothing to do with this. This was all my doing, I started to water fight and I brought it into the hallway, please don’t blame her.” He now stood in front of me after Mr.Jackson became extremely close when he pointed his finger at me. I wanted to speak up, to defend myself and not look like a helpless puppy who needs her boyfriend to back her up all the time. But right now, I was too stunned to even comprehend words.

“Then get to cleaning. We leave in 30 minutes.” and he stomped back to the room he came out of and slammed the door. My cheeks immediately got red and my skin seemed to be boiling in embarrassment. Calum noticed and brought me into his chest lightly.

Nia then came out of the same room about a minute later, walking straight to us.

“Man, what’d you guys do? Mr.Jackson doesn’t look happy at all.”

“He just got mad at us for all this water, but we said we’d clean it up.” Calum answered.

“I heard him yell at you Y/N, I’m sorry for that. You don’t deserve that.” She rubbed my arm giving me a soft smile. I only shrugged it off and said a simple thanks. When I first met Nia, she seemed sweet and nice and I wanted to get to know her more, and I was so thankful to her for giving my boyfriend this wonderful opportunity to tour with them and get discovered like he’s always wanted. But lately, she gets quiet when I’m around with Calum or ignored us when I’m at rehearsals and soundchecks. Her voice now sounds forced and fake, but I haven’t been thinking too much of it. I’ve never been that person to dwell on emotions that haven’t been proven. 

“Well I’d love to talk to him for you to calm him down but I was actually wondering if Calum would help me with my outfits for the next show!” She turned to him on her heel and smiled up at him. His eyes shifted down to me with a questioning look, and I understood what he was secretly trying to ask me. I slightly nodded and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, telling him to go and help her. He said okay and she, too quickly, grabbed his hand and led him down the hall to a room on the left, next to the room with all the boys. I stuffed my hands in my sweater pockets and scuffed my feet going back to hang out with Michael, Luke and Ashton. 

25 minutes past by, and remembering what Mr.Jackson said, I realized we only had 5 minutes left before we all had to set out for the next venue. I was scrolling through my phone before I got up and walked to the next door room. The door was cracked open just a tad, but enough for me to peek in and see what was going on inside.

What I saw shouldn’t have made me cringe or sink in my chest, but it did. My usually positive and optimistic mindset was crushed by the image in front of me. Calum unzipping Nia’s zebra shirt from the back, revealing her smooth skin and tattoo. Calum’s hands lingered just a little too long on her shoulders, before I coughed and stepped inside the room. I smiled a fake smile, and pointed with my thumb outside the door.

“There’s uh, 5 minutes before we leave. Just letting you guys know.” Calum had jumped when I coughed, and cleared his throat. He nodded, “Thanks babe. Let’s get ready to leave ok?” He hurried toward me, kissed my head and walked out of the room. I stood there, still dumbfounded, while all Nia did was smirk at me. She took the rest of her top off, not even caring I was in the room, when I realized, she didn’t even have a bra on.

Setting up the story! Hope y’all liked it! More to come with this story. Again, this is partly inspired by HSM2 (mostly surrounding the reasons why Gabriella left Troy and the resort). Send me messages or DM me folks.

Some people influence the masses…
Some influence the people that influence the masses.
In a world where opinions matter remember this: the opinion you have of yourself is far more important than any other opinion. I only answer to my Creator and my Creator reminds me everyday that I am perfect. There are many people in this world that influence and inspire me. I am a culmination. And I too am inspiration. And I pay respect where it’s due. Because I am no better than you. Feel me? Mmkay, good. Stuff on toast inspired by @stuffontoast & @talinegabriel ❤ Toasted sourdough smeared with almond butter & dark hazelnut spread, topped with dried figs, fresh strawberries, desiccated coconut and chopped pistachios. And yes, it took 5 minutes to prepare cuz ain’t nobody got time for that. ⚡ Right? @bleuseven 😹 Lazy vegan gals know how to fake the funk. But it’s still funky fresh, ya with me? Haha X

Blanket (Vernon Fluff/Smut)

Summary: Vernon & Y/N decide to have a movie night together. The two of them enjoy the movie that they are watching , but will it be only a movie night? Or will there be something else as well?

Content: First time , netflix & chill just FLUFFY AND SMUTTY SMUT.

Word count: 1,894

A/N : This is my very first time writing a smut on Tumblr. I hope you guys like it so much. I want to dedicate this story to @bangsevtan , @i-am-the-one-keeping-you-alive & @stillonely because their Vernon smuts were way too good.

Vernon was sitting on the sofa , while he was waiting for his girlfriend , Y/N. “Babe , can you come downstairs please?” He hollered from the living room so that she could hear him from her bedroom. “I’ll be down in a second!” Y/N hollered back. “Okay.” Vernon replied.

Y/N was getting ready in her nightwear , wearing a black satin night top and matching satin night shorts. She wore her hair down and she decided to lay off the makeup for now. Y/N quickly said to herself while she was facing the mirror of her dressing table, “I need to get downstairs right now.” She then slightly raced out of her bedroom to walk down the stairs , but once she was halfway down Vernon noticed her presence while he was eating a bowl of popcorn with a striped , fluffy blanket covering his lower half and said “Take your time , Y/N. There’s no need to rush.” and that made her slow down.

Once she was downstairs , she walked over to sit beside Vernon. “Hey.” she greeted with a shy smile , then to have Vernon greeting her back with the word “Hi”. He then asked her a question saying “What do you wanna watch?” Not knowing , Y/N replied with an “Um…”. Vernon smiled as he wrapped his arm around his girl. “It’s your choice.” Y/N licked her lips and she suggested “Maybe Romeo & Juliet.” before resting her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder. Vernon looked down to see her and he pulled her closer to his embrace. Y/N eagerly smiled at him and got herself even more cosy , making Vernon share the blanket with her.

They faced the Netflix app on the TV and he selected the movie of his girlfriend’s choice. Y/N had excitement taking over her emotions and her body because that was her favourite movie. Yes , the movie had Leonardo Dicaprio in it. Vernon then placed a chaste peck on her forehead and whispered “Calm down , baby.” and his warm breath made Y/N feel it to calm her down. He sat up and moved forward towards the coffee table of the living room of Y/N’s house and he hooked his thumb into a large glass bowl of popcorn for him and Y/N to share and he set it on his lap.

.As the movie started , Vernon grabbed a handful of popcorn and he gorged himself with it , tasting the flavour and loving it. Y/N freed her arm to get a handful of popcorn and she devoured half the amount of popcorn that she had in one go. After she ate all of the half , she ate the other half too. They enjoyed the movie so far , in fact , Y/N always enjoyed her favourite movie.

30 minutes in to the movie , the pair almost ate all of the popcorn. Y/N allowed her boyfriend Vernon to eat the rest. After he ate it all ,he set the empty bowl down on the coffee table. He sat back and as Y/N sat up, Vernon wrapped his arm around her waist , pulling her closer. He swept her hair over to one side so he could see her bare neck on the other. Pulling her closer once again , he place a very soft , gentle kiss on Y/N’s neck , earning a smile and a sigh from her. She turned to her lover and kissed him back , but on the cheek. He smiled at her and nuzzled her on the nose.

In the middle of the movie , where Romeo and Juliet had the love-making scene , Vernon couldn’t bare waiting and needing her for so long. So he paused the movie and quickly leaned in to kiss Y/N. He made her turn her body around , so that she was completely facing him. At first the kiss was gentle and sweet but it didn’t take long for them to go deeper , passionate and more rough. Vernon then cupped her face with his two hands and his tongue was poking at Y/N’s lower lip , making her open her mouth so that Vernon’s tongue made an entrance into her hot cavern. Y/N moaned into the kiss and she moaned the second time but it was louder because Vernon gently bit her lower lip. Without breaking the kiss ,Y/N straddled her boyfriend , so that she turned her back to the TV. Still ,Vernon had his blanket over the lower half of his body , so he allowed her to take the blanket to uncover him and she set in to the other side of the sofa. She began riding his crotch , going back and forth , letting out moans into the kiss. The two slid their tongues inside their mouths ,whilst Vernon grabbing her butt , letting her go deeper and more forcefully. She then allowed Vernon to take off her top and shorts , so she was only in her black lace underwear. It accentuated her curves and the underwear was revealing , having Vernon’s bulge poke against her crotch.

Y/N began to pick up the speed , letting out louder moans than before. After that , Vernon lowered his head to kiss her neck and create purply-red-burgundy mixed marks on her neck making her moan because of it. “You look so fucking hot with hickeys.” Vernon whispered , making Y/N feel his breath against her neck. She groaned at the friction that her clit was receiving. She went even faster , driving herself over the edge. Moans and whispered began to fill the livingroom. She then began to take off Vernon’s black t-shirt and threw it over near the stairs , still she continued to grind on Vernon’s crotch. Y/N couldn’t help but stare at Vernon’s defined abs , driving her even more crazy. After a few minutes , she stopped and her panties were soaking. Vernon then began to take off his jeans and he was only in his boxers.

Vernon then grabbed the blanket from the opposite seat of the sofa and he whispered in a command “Lie down.” Y/N proceeded to do it as she was asked. After Y/N lied down on the sofa ,she started at Vernon’s hard bulge popping up in his boxers. She then bit her lip in anticipation to what Vernon was going to do next. He then straddled her and pulled her in a rough , harsh kiss. Y/N then placed her hand on the back of Vernon’s head to push him in to make the kiss even more rough. Moans were being elicited and whispered were being exchanged from eachother. Vernon began to grind on his girl , making her pussy wet and driving her insane. While he was grinding , her managed to unclasp her black bra. Vernon was shocked at the sight of her breasts. “You look so perfect , Y/N” he said in a low , husky tone. She smiled at the compliment. He then picked up the speed of the grinds and when he was coming close , he then let out a low , loud moan and the middle of his boxers were wet with precum. “Jesus Christ.” she whispered. “What?” Vernon asked. “Oh, I just wanna feel you.” She answered in a moan. “Let me do something.” Vernon smirked.

He then slowly took of her black brazillian briefs off and after he did that , he spread her legs wide and as he saw her open and wet pussy , he moaned at the sight of it. “Finger me.” Y/N silently commanded. Vernon slightly widened his eyes in shock but he took the command and did it. So , he began to trail his finger from her chest to her womanhood. He then began to rub her clit with his index finger, leaving her in a moaning , shouting and a screaming mess. “Vernon!” she moaned , loud enough to be a shout as Vernon rubbed her nub. He rubbed her clit in circles. He then asked in a low , husky voice “You like that?” Y/N nodded her head as she threw her head back and arched her back in pleasure. Vernon then slid his finger inside her entrance and thrusted in and out slowly , teasing his girlfriend. “Vernon , faster!” You begged. “What’s the magic word?” Vernon asked as he raised his eyebrows. “Please.” She moaned. He then took her words and proceeded to go faster. When he had a certain object on his mind ,he then stopped and slid his finger out. “Vernon? Why the hell did you stop?” She asked in a worrying tone. “Cause I got something behind me.” He smirked.

Vernon then showed her a little vibrator. Y/N then widened her eyes and bit her lip in shock. “It’s gonna be okay. I’m not gonna hurt you.” Vernon chuckled in reassurance. He then gave her a soft kiss before he used the toy. He then turned it on and as it made a vibrating sound , he pressed it on Y/N’s , now sensitive clit. She then screamed his name , she begged and cried for Vernon to fuck her. He used the toy for about 5 minutes to press on her through her high until her clit began to be sore and oversensitive. That was her first orgasm and she came undone. She then panted after the use of Vernon’s vibrating toy. He set it down on the coffee table and he then lied on top of her , giving her a passionate kiss. “Are you ready for me to fuck you?” Vernon whispered , with a smirk plastered on his face. “Fuck yes.” Y/N smiled in a breathless tone of her voice. Vernon then got up and took a condom.

He unwrapped the condom packet and he applied on to his hard cock. He then grabbed the blanket to cover his bare back and ass. Y/N then grabbed the sides of the blanket to stop it from falling off his back. He then carefully placed it her entrance , making Y/N hiss in pain. “It’s gonna be alright , Y/N.”

He then thrusted slowly , already making her moan. After one minute of thrusting slowly , Y/N begged him to go faster , and so he did. He then began to thrust faster , making her moan his name even louder. She then took the vibrator off the table and turned it on to use it. She then found it quite easy to press it on her clit , encouraging  Vernon to go faster. Y/N was making her clit even more than oversensitive and that made her scream. “FUCK!” she kept screaming the word when her clit was being abused by this toy and Vernon thrusting the fastest he ever went , making the blanket fall from his back. Vernon then loudly moaned “Y/N , I am close!” “Me too!” Y/N moaned loudly.

After 15 seconds they came together. Vernon then slid his member out and he took off the condom ,while he and his girlfriend panted to catch their breaths. He then threw the condom in a bin and he then came over to his naked girlfriend. He lay down beside her to hold her in his embrace. He then kissed her forehead saying “I love you , Y/N.” They cuddled eachother and they have the striped blanket over eachother to drift themselves off into a deep sleep.


Request by @haeminhee
Based on 4x01 - Mayhem

How To Save a Life

A/n: in Italian, va bene= it’s okay and tesoro= something along the lines of sweetheart. Just because I love me some Rossi, as well.

My legs began to ache as I pelted the ground, trailing behind Morgan. Hotch was in trouble, and so was Kate. My lungs were on fire and I had a kink in my side. Morgan spotted them, way beyond a barricade that had been set up. “HOTCH!” I screamed, about to jump over the barricade. Somebody, who I later found out was one of the guards, yanked me back by my waist. “What the- let me go! That’s my boss down there!” I shouted, about to punch the guy in the face. “Hey man, let her go. Now. We’re federal agents,” Morgan said, and the guard let me go. “No one can go down there, the bomber is waiting on the first wave of responders to set off another bomb,” the man in charge stated. “Please, somebody, we’re over here!” Hotch called. After some major convincing, the man in charge let us in.

“Hotch, are you okay?!” I said, falling to my knees beside him. “I’m fine, but Kate is going to bleed to death if we don’t get her to the hospital.” He looked down at her and the expression in his eyes made my stomach turn in knots. As much as I loved him, I just wanted him happy. “Hotch,” I began, as I wiped blood off of his face with my sleeve, “we WILL get her back. I swear it.” She didn’t look good, and was in and out of consciousness. “What? Garcia, are you absolutely sure?” My head snapped up at the tone of Morgan’s voice. I hadn’t even realized he was on the phone. “Hotch. The kid. He’s the bomber!” Morgan said, looking at the kid who had just asked if we needed help. Hotch gave a quick nod and Morgan was off.

“Hotch, look at me…you’re…you’re bleeding really badly,” I said, examining his face. “I’m fine, y/l/n, I’m more concerned about Kate right now,” he snapped. I looked at him, pained by his words. He never called me by my last name. He looked up at me with a guilty expression on his face. “Y/n, I’m-” he was cut off by the sound of an ambulance siren pulling up next to us. “I thought they weren’t letting anyone in here?” I asked, standing up. “I heard him calling for help, and I just couldn’t sit there anymore. My partner was too afraid to come with me, so one of you will have to drive.”

We got Kate up in the ambulance. Hotch insisted on driving. I glanced over at him, worried. “A-Aaron…” Kate whispered from the back of the ambulance. “It’s me, Kate, I’m here,” he said. I looked out of the window, holding back tears. Now wasn’t the time for feelings. We arrived at the hospital, they said the hospital was closed, so I flashed my badge to get us in. Who “closes” a hospital, anyway? They took Kate back, and Hotch and I stood as she rolled out of sight.

He swayed a little bit before collapsing into the floor. “Hotch!” I picked his head up in my arms as nurses surrounded me. “His name is Aaron Hotchner. He’s a federal agent, he was involved in a bombing.” They put him on a stretcher and wheeled him back as well. “Sorry, ma'am, you can’t go back there,” a nurse said as she closed the doors. I stood there, helpless. I called the team. “Hotch is in the ER and Kate’s in surgery,” I told them. They agreed to come down to the hospital and we’d go from there.

Morgan got back with the rest of the team. We finally figured out that the same man who had helped Hotch and Kate with the ambulance was the bomber. Putting everything together, I ran down to the garage where the ambulances were. I knew he’d put a bomb inside one of them. I picked up my phone and pushed Garcia’s name. “Y/n? How’s-” “Garcia, I need you to do something for me,” I said, giving her the ambulance number. “Y/n, that’s an ambulance number, is everything okay?” I wanted to smile at her concern, but I was a bit preoccupied. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Can you track it? There’s a bomb in it,” I looked into the back, and saw how complex and huge the bomb was. “Oh my God…” I breathed. I hopped in the front seat, and I heard the bomber behind me screaming at the top of his lungs. I’d ruined his plan. He started shooting at the ambulance and I swerved to avoid the bullets. “What…y/n? What was that?!” Garcia practically yelled into my ear. “Nothing, Pen, just talk to me. How much time do I have until the cell phone jam for his phone stops?” She took a shaky breath. “5 minutes and 13 seconds.”

Hotch was calling my cell phone, I assumed they let him out of the ER, which meant he was safe. “Garcia, Hotch is trying to call my phone, put him on but keep talking to me,” I said, swerving in between cars. “Y/n?! Where are you? What are you doing? You could get killed!” He shouted. “Hotch, I’m fine. I’m driving the ambulance out to the clearing not far from the hospital. Garcia, how much time?” I tried to keep my voice even, but Hotch’s voice was throwing me off. “1 minute, 43 seconds…” She said. I know it’s illegal, but I sent her a text as I was driving: “can’t concentrate with Hotch on the line. Cut him off after I tell him something, no questions asked”. I got one back a few seconds later: “if you’re sure…” I wasn’t, but I spoke up. “Hot-…Aaron?” I said, holding back tears. “What is it, y/n?” He said, his voice strained. “24 seconds,” I heard Garcia’s voice come over the phone.
“I just wanted you to know…you’re a great father. You’re a great leader. And I..I love you,” I stammered. “Y/n-” he began, but Garcia cut him off. “Thanks, Pen,” I said, allowing the tears to stream freely. “Y/n…8 seconds…” She said. I rammed the gas pedal and jumped out. “Garcia…” I whispered. “Yeah?” She said, just as the ambulance blew to smithereens. I hit the ground. “Y/n?!!” I regained my footing and brought the phone back up to my ear. “Garcia…I owe you one,” I said, out of breath. She gave a huge sigh of relief.

Morgan and Rossi drove up in an SUV after that, and they ran over to me. “We got her Hotch….we got her.” Morgan said, hanging up the phone. Rossi grabbed me into his arms, holding me close. I hadn’t realized the tears had still been falling until then. “Va bene, tesoro…va bene*…” He whispered, smoothing my hair down with his hand. Morgan was the next to hug me. “Let’s go, beautiful,” he said, leading me to the car.

Back at the hospital, I had to get checked out. Shards of glass and metal from the explosion had grazed my face, arms, and legs. Not bad, though, mere scratches. Hotch insisted I get checked out. I walked by an operation room after I’d been given the okay by the doctor, and saw Hotch. Getting closer, I saw he was holding Kate’s hand. She was dead, lying on the operation table. Tears formed in my eyes. There really weren’t any words to say, so I stood next to him, putting my hand on his arm. He took my hand in his and squeezed it. “I’m glad you’re okay,” he said quietly. “And I, you,” I said. We walked out of the hospital together.

The next day, we were ready to go home. Hotch wasn’t cleared to fly yet, so I told the team I’d drive him back. “Ready, Hotch?” I asked him, grabbing his bag from him. “Y/n, what are you talking about?” He asked. “I’m driving you home,” I said as I kept walking. “Don’t you have better things to do?” I was almost hurt. “Better things to do than annoy you for three hours? Nah,” I commented. He smirked. “I can drive myself, y/n,” he stated. I ignored him and started the car. “Just shut up and get in,” I said, rolling my eyes. “Yes ma'am,” he quipped. I gave him a look. “I’m sorry, y/n,” he said. “What on earth for?” I asked, giving him a confused look. “For not telling you this sooner,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me. I stared at him, bewildered. “You never gave me a chance to tell you that I love you, too.” I blushed as he grabbed my hand. “Ready for this?” He asked. “I was born ready,” I said, smiling at him.

We both knew we weren’t talking about the road trip.