this took me 37 years

My dear friends the Ms came over for dinner tonight. The patriarch of the family is in the National Guard and is currently deployed, and the matriarch doesn’t cook, so I was more than happy to feed them - especially since they are so good about watching Ray, most recently on Monday evening.

They seemed to like the food I prepared - sweet potato veggie burgers with slaw and avocado mash on ciabatta with homemade peach phyllo pastries for dessert. I just felt bad that Ray was so tired and cranky from his shots yesterday that he wasn’t awake for long, going to bed less than an hour after the Ms arrived.

The younger M daughter is a theatre actress with a sharp sense of humor and countless ideas for short scripts. I suggested she start a Tumblr to post her ideas, get feedback and create a digital archive for herself - and 37-year-old me took a great deal of satisfaction in being able to teach a 16-year-old something they didn’t already know about social media.

Person of Interest ask meme

inspired by this funny and friendly lady @tingggmusic

Root: do you believe in God? And do you believe in aliens? Explain

Bear: what was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

Madame Control: in matter of work, it’s more important to you following your own ethic/moral beliefs without betray them or…you know, keep the work because you have to pay the bills/aka willing to compromise for more pratical needs?

Carter: what is the cause you feel you are most loyal to?

Kara: when hurted do you hold a grudge or let it go?

Finch: if you could invent one thing that would improve the humankind lives what would it be?

Zoe: ideal dinner date? (not exclusively romantic,can be friends,alone,family)

Elias: how did you met your current group of friends?

The Machine: chose one > you know every information possible but you are not be able to act in any way or you are constantly in a bliss but your actions can affect greatly the lives of others by every means

Shaw: if tomorrow you could feel just one emotion what would you choose (except happiness i mean, i see you there smart asses)?

Martine: tell one carachteristic of yourself that is perceived as a flaw but you believe it’s a quality instead

Greer: favourite supervillain of all the time (from tv,books,cinema,anything)

Dominic/Brotherhood: chose one > you are the king of the criminal life with power and richness but you have to hide by the chasing of the authorities or you are a common person with a life not as exciting, you are not rich nor powerful, but you live in freedom

Nathan: if you could give a gift to someone right now what would it be and to whom?

Grace Hendricks: who is that one long time friend that you see very rarely but you are very close with?

Reese: do you practice any combat arts? If yes, which? 

Leon: tell the 3 worst ideas ever you have had that then backfired when in action

Fusco: who was/is that one person that you feel was/is an advisor in your life?

Samaritan: if it was free and you did not need to work to live ecc, what is the study field you will start attending?

Claire Mahoney: what’s your favourite board game?

HR: you have betrayed someone and you deeply regret it. This is your anonimous occasion to apologise to them

anonymous asked:

Can you do a blurb where he hits you on accident? Like he tried to open something and his hand flies up and hits you in the face or something?

okay so i think that for mikey it would happen while he was playing video games. like he probably had you all cuddled in his lap with his arms around you as he held the controller and got really into whatever he was playing and maybe he lost or died and got really frustrated and dropped the controller and threw his hands up in the air, accidentally hitting you in the chin and i think that the minute he realized he accidentally hit you he would have you facing him and he would check really closely and frantically to see if you were okay and he’d be apologizing at a rate of like 100mph and begging you to forgive him and you would just laugh bc wow it didn’t actually hurt that much and he would just look at you and ask why you were laughing and you would just kiss him and he would just murmur apologies in between soft kisses and ghdkjfght

I think that you and luke would probably have been cooking together or something, you know real cute couple time and he would try to open a container of something (you know with those snap on lids?) and he would struggle a little bit but he would finally get it open, only to have the back of his hand fly straight into your nose probably causing it to bleed a little and you’d probably just freeze at first but then chuckle and grab a towel or something because oh well it happens but he would just be standing there freaking out like 1000000x more than he actually needs to and you would have to convince him for forever that you were fine and aw

you and calum would probably be having a movie night and be snacking and tracing shapes in each others skin and cuddling and making out and things would get a little heated and he would pick you up and you’d wrap your legs around his waist and lightly grind into him and he’d moan into your mouth and get all flustered so he’d try to lay you on the couch so he could finally get on top of you and he would miss the couch completely and fall on top of you on the floor and you would both just look at each other in a little bit of shock because what just happened? And you’d both just burst out laughing because of course this happened to you two and once you had calmed down calum’s eyes would just turn like 87 shades darker because he was still very hard and very turned on by the position his girlfriend was in under him and he would grind down onto you and just attack your sweet spot and this isn’t even part of the request anymore I’m so sorry

for ashton there is a 100% chance that it would happen when he was playing the drums. like he would probably be practicing or something and he would be really into it like sweating while his biceps become the size of my entire head into it and you would’ve made lunch for him or something so you went up to go get him and you’d probably just hang back by the door and watch him bang those drums for a little while because who wouldn’t and eventually you’d decide that he was probably hungry so you’d walk up behind him and he wouldn’t notice and once you got right behind him he would accidentally bring his arm up really hard and as soon as his fist hit your forehead you would let out a little yelp and he’d turn around in complete shock and just be completely frozen and once he realized that he just hit his girl he would be on his knees in front of you desperately asking if you were okay even though you were perfectly fine despite the tiny bruise that was forming at the top of your forehead and he’d probably pick you up and carry you downstairs to get some ice and he’d hold it to your head and say sorry like a thousand times and kiss you aw ashton baby

i hope this was okay and I’m so so sorry it took like 37 years for me to write. i love you.