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Can we get a ryden timeline... xx (love the blog)

thank you anon xo, and I can do a Ryden timeline and edit: I took the readmore out because it doesn’t work on mobile so sorry this is going to be lengthy, and I apologize, some of the stuff I’m gonna say I can not find the articles or pictures to back myself up.

I think I’m gonna do this timeline by year 


Ryan and Jac, Brendon and Audrey

  -So back in like the wee baby days of Panic! Ryan and Brendon both dated a couple of “scene queens’ (oh early 00′s) and I wouldn’t mention it but there are sceenshots of conversations between the two girls saying stuff like “Oh your boyfriend turned mine gay.” and a few other things about the boys having a thing.

Ryan’s Livejournal

-Here’s the tumblr post all of his entries are on, seriously give them a read in your freetime

-he’s deleted the account, so :(. Like right after the Myrtle Beach stuff but that is the next thing

-So his livejournal, full of teenage angst, the early developments of songs from fever, vague relationship posts, great banter between him and brendon including:

-I apologize there are a few other things of them interacting on lj but I can’t fine any screenshots or anything of them

Kerrang! Slow Dancing article

-So basically in a December 2006 issue of Kerrang! they put in an article and I quote  “Urie and Ross crack up as they slow-dance together through the heaving dressing room, belting out ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by fellow Las Vegas quartet The Killers as they glide through the crowd.”

-Don’t believe me here’s a pic of the article with that paragraph circled, super hard to read, but it’s there

Myrtle Beach

-Shit gets sexy here (like literally)

-So the myrtle beach lore is what I would call 1/3 of the huge Ryden lore stories

-Basically after a show Panic! and their crew all went skinny dipping in Myrtle Beach

-In some interview or another I’m pretty sure one of the backup dancers on tour implied that they fucked. 

-Ryan wrote this livejournal entry about the night:

Sun, Jun 25 2006

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight.the salt burned you right out of my eyes.and secrets we’re not proud of were taken with the tide. We were all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction.

Today I saw cancer, cigarettes and shortness of breath.

this is why I walk to the ocean.swim with jellyfish.I may never get this chance again.

this is why if you want to kiss you should kiss.

If you want to cry you should cry, and

if you want to live you should live.

You don’t have to love me. You already did. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to’s for lovers (orjustfriends)

This is why I do it.

-and then promptly deleted his lj account shortly after that



-Seattle is already a significant place for Ryan as noted by this livejournal post:

Mon, Feb 6 2006

lay like lions in the sand..

one day we’ll settle in Seattle.

-But back to what this is really for (also totally copy and pasting this from my seattle post yesterday)

-Ryan turned 21 Pete Wentz  threw his party at one of his clubs in NYC, none of the other Panic! were 21 yet so they were already in seattle for the next show they were playing. 

^^^ Ryan @ his bday party,  -But anyways sometime during that night Ryan left his birthday party to fly out to Seattle, and was spotting in a resturant with Brendon, and a fan reconized them and got a picture which is here (sorry she’s blurred out I can’t find one not like that.)

-So yeah our boy left is own bday party to be with Brendon and wrote a song about it ( more on that in the next section) 

 -Ryan and Brendon also did an interview together around that same time where Ryan was still wearing the outfit from his B-day party and Brendon was wearing what he wore in that picture with a fan. Link to that interview: Here


-2ish years since fever

-How much detail so I gotta go into here? That album was gay as fuck.

- It’s lengthy so I won’t go into depth but this entire album is basically about a summer love, more specifically the two people in love (Ryan and Brendon since this is a Ryden thing) Who use “the sun” and “the moon” to refer to eachother. It’s up for debate who’s who. And i’m not going to get into it

-Most notably is the lyric “We must reinvent love.” From Mad as Rabbits which is quoting a poem by a gay man about how since he doesn’t like women love must be reinvented

Northern Downpour (yeah I had to give this it’s own section)

 -This is a song on pretty.odd is heavily suspected to be about that night in Seattle, including lyrics such as “I missed your skin when you we’re East, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” (Ryan was in NYC which is east of Seattle), along with Seattle is rainy and in the North of the US.

-Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the lyric “I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home.” and that is the lyric he got chocked up on playing it post-split

-Also during the Live in Chicago performance Brendon sings “Northern Downpour sends it’s love-” and then adds in and “I love you.” Right after.

Cape Town

-Pain, sadness

-No one knows what the fuck happened (aside from those involved)

-Cape Town, South Africa is where the last Panic! show with Ryan and Jon in the band played. It’s shady, and what is know is that Ryan and Brendon were not getting along to the point where they could stand to be in the same room together so Ryan and Jon left and created The Young Veins. 

- The Young Veins just so happen to have a song called Cape Town

-There’s a lot of speculation about said song being about Ryden and the band split (wrapped up into a metaphor about a girl). Mostly because the song is about a lost love. (in cape town.)

-Another large reason this is a very significant place in Ryden lore would be the lyric comparisons from the song Cape Town by The Young Veins, and a few songs off of Vices & Virtues. Most notably. From Cape Town: “Woke me in the morning asked me if I meant it, I didn't”. And from The Calendar (A song confirmed to be about the panic! split): “And I meant everything I said that night”

-The V&V bonus track the song Bittersweet has the lyric: “I’ve been to Tokyo, and to South Africa so many places that you may say I’ve seen it all”. Cape Town is in South African, not hard to make a connect about the two. And that concludes today’s lesson on the mystery of Cape Town.

Post-Split bits and peaces

-The Young Veins went off and wrote an album all about regret called Take A Vacation!

-Brendon and Spencer went on and released Vices & Virtues which is full of salt and bitterness. Salty Breakup album. 

-Ryan and Brendon parallel lyrics to eachother and I reccomend doing research on it or shooting me an ask and I’ll talk about it. 

And that is a timeline of Ryden 2004-2011ish. Feel free to ask me for more post breakup stuff (like Halloween, or the whole ‘they were cool after the split to now they rarely talk’ ) This is just getting lengthy but I will answer more questions on it

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language ask! ☮️ tas {lightning bolt} "sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side"

*sweats profusely* ooooh this is soooo difficult.

☮ : translate the first lines of your favourite song in your language
my favorite song at the moment is lady gaga’s the cure. i’ll translate the first verse ‘cause i just love making myself suffer hahaha

I’ll undress you, ‘cause you’re tired
Cover you as you desire
When you fall asleep inside my arms
May not have the fancy things
But I’ll give you everything
You could ever want, it’s in my arms

now, directly translating to filipino:

Huhubaran kita kasi pagod ka
Tatakpan din kita kung gusto mo
Kapag nakatulog ka sa ‘king mga braso
Wala man akong mga magarang bagay
Pero ibibigay ko sa ‘yo ang lahat
Ng gusto mo, nasa mga braso ‘ko

which is quite funny hahaha but here it is with more fancy words, some metaphor and much more serious tone (also tried to translate it so it matches the rhythm of the song hahaha). this sounds better but it also strays a little bit from the english version for about 2.34%

Sa oras na ika’y hapô,
Kalinga ko ang alay ko*
Sa ‘yong bawat idlip, aking sinta.
Lahat ng yaman man ay ‘di angkin,
‘Yong asam pa rin ay aking susundin
Lahat ng ito’y iyo sa ‘king piling

*i just can’t translate someone undressing another person in filipino without it losing the wholesome meaning it had in the english version hahahahaha sorry

ϟ : translate a sentence sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side
wow mars sobrang hirap first word pa lang :’( i am almost tempted to translate it to “sentimyento”. it’s soooo hard cos when we say sentiment in filipino, it directly translates as pagdaramdam or damdamin (feelings) which i think strays a bit far away from what sherlock wanted to say to irene. i think sherlock wanted to use a word that kinda dilutes what he really wanted to say (which i think was the word “love”) cos he’s such an idiot who thinks that caring is a disadvantage. hay jusko ‘day.

“ang pagdamâ’y halimbawa lamang ng isang kemikal na diperensiyang nasa panig ng mga dehado”

“pagdama? damdamin? ano’ng ibig mong sabihin?”


“oh, mahabaging diyos! kawawang nilalang. (insert jaclyn jose laugh here) inakala mo ba’ng ako’y may isang bahid ng pagtingin sa ‘yo? at bakit? dahil ikaw ang dakilang tiktik sa isang kakat’wang sumbrero?

I was having a lousy day and then a friend of mine (former h.s. music teacher actually) texted me for translation help in a piece for his upcoming concert, and in the 2hrs it took me & another friend to figure out what on earth this very strange, almost verb-less song was saying, I laughed so hard I could barely breathe. I haven’t studied Japanese in 7 years and some of the things we were coming up with made zero sense but in a hilarious way: “metropolitan cucumbers,” priests with large crates, a man who was an eagle, a phrase either about a snowy landscape or saying “I don’t care anymore,” a verse that was possibly entirely just a dick joke …

The moral of the story is: Sometimes you need to take a break from your dissertation to do a favour for a friend, and you will be so glad you did. Despite this, don’t laugh so much that your stomach hurts.

Wow! I’m surprised how much attention my YouTuber sketches got!

Well, because of that, I figured i’d start doing some more, so here’s tonight’s portrait, Suzy! Or as some of you better know her, Mort3mer!

This took me a fair bit longer than the others because I wanted to get her hair just right. Probably took me about.. I think 2 1/2hrs? Give or take. I really like how this one came out!

Thank you for your support!

I can’t draw! Still learning how to use this iPad thing. Took me like 2hrs oml.

So, it’s 2017! Happy New Year!

I want to start off by thanking you all in the community for sticking with me for basically throughout the entire year. I’ve made some really fatal mistakes rather early on and it’s through those mistakes that I’ve been able to learn what I wanted to do.

Earlier this year, @ayayayasaki and I formed ACScanlations as an alternative to Lavender Scanlations because I wanted to make a difference and actually have the active fandom be more enthusiastic when new chapters are released in Japan.

We were invited to join Lavender shortly after, the rest is history with all the burden being passed onto me now. Never in my life did I consider that I would be translating Pokémon Special, the manga that I’ve been reading since I was a kindergartner and actually be passionate about it.

What usually was a 1-2 month wait for an English scanlation has been reduced to 8 hours to 2 days max after its Japanese release and i think that’s a huge step forward for Lavender Scanlations!

I’d like to really thank @ayayayasaki and @jb2448 for putting up with me when we’re working on Spe stuff and I really do hope that we all provide you guys a great reading experience for Spe.

So I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support throughout 2016. 2016 was definitely filled with a lot of hardships, particularly for me, but I hope 2017 is a better year!

I also love you all in Spesquad and the Pokémon Special Discord! c: