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[TianShan Week]

Day 1: Pursuit

…an effort to secure your very own Guan Shan!

Oh man, why do I keep making mini-comic when I don’t have much time~ XD

Pretends I’m not living in UK time… *whistles*



so i had a few people ask me to do the rest of kismets hairs so here they are! i am sorry it took so much longer than what i said but better late than never am i right!? (^:


1. (from eden) | 2. (pluto) | 3. (saturn) | 4. (moon) | 5. (callisto v2) | 6. (mars)

7. (cosmos) | 8. (black days)





“They said the age of heroes would never come again.”

“It has to.”


the dark artifices appreciation week ➼ day 1: favourite character

↪️ emma carstairs

I kill myself training. It’s just about all I do. I get up and train, and run and I split my hands on the punching bag, and I train for hours into the night, and I have to, because there is nothing else special about me and nothing else that matters. All there is, is training and finding out who killed my parents. Because they were the ones who thought I was special, and whoever took them away from me…What I have is trying. I can try harder than anyone else in the world. I can make revenge the only thing I have in my life. I can do that, because I have to. But it means it’s all I have.


Oh boy, the trash inside me has been awoken and arisen from the dead to bring you more MLB art! I sure missed drawing my babies!

It took me whole week to complete this baby <3

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here’s a tip i’ve just experienced myself :

there’s my geography & tourism exam which takes up like ¾ of my brain and i’m positive that 1 week of preparation won’t be enough. so i decided to divide the study materials into parts, then study each part and memorise them perfectly within each week. it took me around 3 weeks before the exam to master them all. though 3 weeks don’t sound that great, memorising just a tiny bit of information each week is ten times better than cramming. and here i have all the time to revise other subjects and do other stuff.

K-HipHop and K-R&B Appreciation Post (male ver.)

Hey guys, I’ve been listening to k-hiphop and k-r&b for awhile now, so I figured it was a good time to compile a list of my favorite artists, my favorite songs by them, and what I think about them. Obviously, this is just my opinion and of course it won’t include EVERYONE that I listen to (even if I really enjoyed someone’s album or something like that) because that would genuinely be waaayyyy too long of a post. (im doing this to save both myself and you tbh so just nod your head and act like you agree with this statement thanks). 

PSA: every song title is hyperlinked even if it doesn’t look like it. hmu if one of the links aren’t working.

*music cue* I’M STARTING


I have been a fan of Dean since the very beginning, so I’m really happy for him and how far he’s come. He is getting more and more popular and has been more and more active in the performance scene.I really like his flow and the command he expresses over his songs.

If I had to choose a favorite song by him I really can’t because I enjoyed the ENTIRETY of his first mini album, 130 mood trbl. BUY IT GUYS– IT BLESSES MY EARS SO MUCH.

Aaaaanndd as a bonus, I’m going to include some songs he featured on that I really enjoyed:

1. Heize- And July (ft. Dean, DJ Friz)

2. Zico- Bermuda Triangle (ft. Dean, Crush)

3. Suran- 1+1=0 (ft. Dean)


Is there really any need for me to explain why I enjoy Crush’s music? You know those people that you can’t explain why you like their music? Well, he’s one of them for me. He’s Crush, come on. He’s got a cute dog and everything. 

Favorite Crush song? Well, friends, I’m going to have to split it into out of new releases and older released. For the former: Outside (ft. Beenzino) or Woo ah. For the latter: Hug Me (ft. Gaeko) or Sofa

Bonus songs that he featured in (I’m not going to include Bermuda Triangle since it’s already in Dean’s section):

1. Sik-K- party(SHUT DOWN) (ft. Crush)

2. DPR LIVE-Laputa (ft. Crush)

3. Dean- what2do (ft. Crush x Jeff Bernat)


(What’s a list with Crush if it hasn’t got Zion.T on it?) I got to see my man Zion.T perform live at KCON17NY this year and I just want to say that he is as amazing live as he is on a soundtrack. I really enjoy his voice and I think that his voice is nothing short of MAGICAL. Also, how could you not like a guy whose (sun)glasses are surgically attached to his face?

It’s not hard for me to choose my favorite Zion.T song: Eat, though, Yanghwa BRDG is a close second.  

Now, for the bonus songs that he’s that he’s featured on:

1. Zico- Eureak (ft. Zion.T)

2. Gaeko- No Make Up (ft. Zion.T, HA:TFELT)

Now this last song, Zion.T isn’t listed on the title, but he sings the last verse SO:

3. Crush- Oasis (ft. Zico)


While I don’t know much about Loco, but I really enjoyed the ENTIRETY his new album, Bleached, so I thought I would include him on the list.

And as a shameless plug for my boy Yonghwa’s new album, I will also be including the new song Loco featured on:

1. Jung Yonghwa (of CNBLUE)- That Girl (ft. Loco)


IT’S TIGER JK, THE GODFATHER OF KOREAN RAP. WHAT KIND OF LIST WOULD THIS BE IF I DIDN’T INCLUDE HIM. I can’t even THINK of not including him. He’s such a good guy. Loves his wife, his kid, fights against child abuse, and  wanted to use hip hop as a form of discourse between the Korean-American community and African-American community after witnessing the  violence between Korean-Americans and African-Americans during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots as a teenager.

My favorite song by him is: Reset (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). (I know, a lot of people were expecting a different song, but this one really is my absolute favorite by him. I wasn’t expecting it and it just WHAMMED me.) Druken Tiger- Monster is a close second, though.

Now, for my bonus for him, I’m not including songs he’s featured in, but rather just MFBTY. I’m linking my favorite MFBTY song, Sweet Dream.  MFBTY (My Fans are Better Than Yours) is a group created between Yoon Mirae/ Tasha Reid, Tiger JK, and Bizzy.


I’ve got to include this man who is adorably whipped for his daughter (the way I’m whipped for his works, lol). I love his works; to me, this man is a true poet. Every time I hear a work from him, I am astounded at the beauty of what he produces. While Tablo is the leader of the iconic Epik High, I’m including him on this list with his solo artist releases. 

My favorite Tablo song has got to be, without a doubt Bad ft. (Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). AAANNNNDDDD both of his solo albums, Fever’s End: Part 1 and Part 2

Bonus: Tablo covering Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips (in English) and making it even more of a work of art than it already was. 


Favorite Mad Clown song? Hands down will always be Fire (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child) <–have you noticed my trend of loving anything with her in it :D). The music video has Hani of EXID in it, bc last time I checked, Jinsil didn’t want to be in the MV. Other than that particular song, I thoroughly enjoyed Coffee Copy Girl. He says hilarious things on his tracks, too, (”roses really smells like poop”)  😂

Bonus songs that he’s featured collabed on: lol does this man even feature on anything? I only see him collabing with other artists 😂 so here is are 3 collabs of his to check out:

1. Mad Clown, Kim Nayoung- Once Again (DOTS soundtrack)

2. Mad Clown, San E- Sour Grapes

and one song that is his anyways, but has Hyorin featuring on lol 😂 😂:

3. Mad Clown- Without You (ft. Hyorin of SISTAR)


DPR WE GANG GANG. He made his debut by just releasing his first mini album in March: Coming to you Live. It was AH-MAZING. I really like his flow and what he seems to be doing as an artist. Actually, one of his song’s is listed earlier on this list because it featured Crush.

My favorite song from the entirety of the album would have to be Know Me (ft. Dean).

Bonus songs that he featured on:

1. Eung Freestyle with Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz & Flowsik (Yes, he was indeed a part of that iconic Youtube ad)

2. Loco- Movie Shoot (ft. DPR Live) (this is off of Loco’s new album that I spoke about earlier)

Thanks for reading until the end! I’ll be doing a female version soon enough–this post took me forever (a few weeks lol) to compile, so I can only assume the female version will take just as long. Send suggestions to my inbox if you want to.

Illustration from Photography

I love taking pictures, of everything. It’s an open source of inspiration you can find everywhere. I would like to share with you a work process I used (still rough, it’s my own way, but still a work process) to work with one of this pictures as reference, and do an illustration from it.

1. Take a picture you love

I took this photography you can see below last week ; and when I was looking to the result on my phone, I just could not believe my eyes ; it looked so magic ! I could not let it by itself, I had to do something from it. But I believe now that the same process can be applied to any other picture I took in the past ; I can work with them if I want to, from the moment a picture is giving me an emotion, I can just try to think how to push this emotion by using my art skills.

2. Thumbnail

At this stage, I just drawn on a side of my sketchbook a Thumbnail (a small drawing from the picture, as you can see bellow) and then, I just had fun letting my imagination working with the photography : pushing shapes, creating a character from the light, an other on a side…. thumbnails are really useful to just let things getting alive, without getting bored by details !

3. Let’s Draw !

Now, it’s just about drawing skills ; put back thumbnail’s proportions on my sketchbook, draw in rough all elements, try to clarify shapes…

Then, to clean up and put all details, I chosen to use a black fine felt (it can be anything, it’s on your good will). I tried to put smartly my details (a good tips : always think when you draw !! it should be your golden word, in any situation, if you want to progress) The space was not very clear on the picture, so it was kind difficult to create my interpretation of the floor, stares, bushes, plants…

4. Shadows and color

I’m steel learning colors foundations for the moment, so my technique is not that good yet … Hope I’ll get better by practicing ! I can still share with you my way, but I’m sure, others are much better than me to advise how to color at this stage !

Well, here what I did : I’ve put shadows with promarkers, then a color pass with water color (a very bad idea, promarkers and watercolor are reeeally not working well together ; well from this experience, it was catastrophic) then I used polychromos (white and black) to save back my drawing by pushing B&W, and finally, some colors/balance corrections on Photoshop.

5. Conclusion

Now it’s done, I’m not very satisfied yet by the result… but it still was a great experience, and I really would like to try it again ! My technique still need to be perfected, but I think sharing this experience with you guys could just help ; I hope you’ll be able to try by yourself with your own references (I took a picture but it can be anything) and make amazing art with your own method !

Have fun with your pencils, and see you next time !


Running has never come easy to me, I could barely run for 20 seconds the very first time I tried. I want to remind people that when you see posts of people doing a 10 mile run, or glowing with sweat after a 5K none of that come easily. We all have to start somewhere.

I decided I want to run a 10K, I started the couch to 10K app a few weeks ago and it was going okay. Then I took 2 weeks (1 because of sickness and 1 because of Easter holidays) and ate a lot of chocolate, but I made myself go out today. It was probably the worst run of my life (other than that very first one). I felt so self conscious and sweaty and tired and sick. But I reminded myself that I am doing this for me. I love pushing my body and seeing what amazing things it can do and I think running is the biggest challenge I can give my body. So I will continue to push myself, motivate myself to go out and run when it’s the last thing I want to do and start eating to fuel and nourish my body again. 

You don’t have to be a certain size, wear the best nike pros or track your runs. Do what works for you and remember to never compare your journey to anyone else. Use other people’s photos and updates to motivate yourself. We are all on our own journey, going at our own pace. 

Rough boyfriend // Isaac Lahey smut

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader

Requested: Yes  “ i don’t know if my request sent bc my phone glitches but i’ll just resend it:) could you do a isaac smut, where y/n is a volleyball player and is at an open practice (anyone can watch). Isaac watches her practice but then overhears a bunch of boys talking about her ass and how pretty she is then Isaac gets jealous. You can end it however you like! sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense, english isn’t my first language! but i love your account! thanks xx” -unknown

Plot: Just as the request goes :D

Word count: 1 219

Warning: smut, fluff, hardcore, rough sex, jealous Isaac, angry Isaac etc.

Age: 15+

A/N: I took a break for a couple of days, but I’m back again and writing :) I’m slowly writing y’alls requests so just wait, I didn’t forget about you. Here it is and enjoy ! xx

The bell rang, I packed my bag and walked straight out of the classroom. Thank god it’s over for this week. I honestly couldn’t do more. I open my locker and push some books inside. I see Scott walking towards me and I smile. “Hey!” he says and hugs me. I hug him back “Hey!”

“You’re coming to practise today right?” he asked me. I smiled “Of course, I got my clothes and everything.” He giggled and said “That’s awesome, see you then.” “Alright, see ya!” I said and he waved at me walking off. I waved back and took out my phone.

It was a text from Isaac.

Where are you babe?

I responded

Next to my locker, I’m going to practise x

I put my phone into my pocket, close my locker and start walking.

As I was on my way to changing room, when I hear loud foodsteps coming from behind. “Babe! Wait!” I hear him scream. I turn around and my face lights up as soon as I see him. He kisses me softly on lips and look at me. “You’re going to practise?” he askedd me and I nodded.

“Wanna come and see? It’s an open one,” I said and he smiled. “I’d love to,” he said. He took my hand we started walking outside.

“Okay! Stilinski! Shut up! Y/n! You go first!” coach says and I look at Stiles. He looked so confused and I laughed at him. “Why was he mad?” he asked me, when I walked to the front of the line. “You guys always talk your little wolfie stuff.” I said and he looked at Scott. I giggled, looked at Isaac and he waved at me. I nodded in response.

I was wearing my usual practise clothes, but for some reason I heard some giggling coming from boys, but I just decided to ignore it. I sart jogging and throw the ball. i start walking back, but then Isaac grabs my arm. “Let’s go.” he said angrily and dead ass serious. “Where? I have my practise.” I said and that’s, when coach joined in.

“Lahey! What the hell are you dong here?” he asked him. “I’m taking my girl.” he responded and walked away tearing me with him. I tried to resist, but he just picked me up and put me on his shoulder, carrying me out of there.

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Taking Chances [part 6]

[part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5]

Warning: smut

Wordcount: 2147

***sorry it took me so long to update but work was crazy busy this week and I had to do stuff for university before my summer break is over. I really hope you enjoy this part :))


You were waiting outside the dorms for Jungkook to come and get you, hoping that no one would see you. The street seemed empty but you could never be too sure. Your thumb was mindlessly tapping on the screen of your phone, scrolling through Instagram, when the door opened and the boy you had been waiting for smiled at you. “Hey.” You quickly followed him to the elevator. “You sure the boys won’t notice?” He nodded. “Yeah, Yoongi and Namjoon are still in the studio and the others are in their rooms. I got us drinks and snacks, so we don’t even have to leave my room.” Your eyes widened. “What are you planning on doing to me?” He scratched the back of his head. “Well, you know… but not all night. I just thought we should avoid running into one of them.” You patted him on the head. “Sometimes you are not that dumb.” He wanted to protest but the elevator doors opened. The two of you stepped out into the hallway and Jungkook lifted his index finger to his lips, gesturing you to be quiet. He opened the door, checking if one of the boys had left their rooms. “Clear.” He whispered and he quietly closed the door behind you, so you two could take your shoes off in the entryway. “Jungkook? Is that you?” Jin came from the kitchen and the younger one pushed you out of sight, against one of the shoe shelves.

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WHOLE COMIC. The base story that I sketched out originally, surprisingly remained in tact even after Mod’s part. Even as everyone else’s interpretations of them popped up. Though I ended up tweaking two minor things. One of which, ended up being the watercolor portion (that wasn’t part of my original vision), and the other part, was that the dialogue was tweaked slightly in light of new information. 

Hope you guys enjoy! I took some risks. If not, you may proceed to throw me into the dumpster, (especially you Mod.)

;( this is, 1/2th of the (fan)comic I’ve apparently come up with. This is the worst objecthead interaction in the universe. I mean, come on, light emitting entity, interacts with light refractive entity, COME ON.

Don’t mind me. I’ll update this post later when i finish the rest of it maybe next week, (also don’t expect too much for the rest of this) I need to, do other things, like finals, [scrambles likes eggs]

Kuroken Week! Day 1- Affection/ University AU

{heads up you guys, this was thrown together in one single day (yipes) so it’s not my best but hey- Kuroken. Amiright? So enjoy!}



The only thing that Kuroo wanted right now was a hug. A kiss. A something. He didn’t know but he was pining for anything.

So here he was, spread out on the tile floor of his employers break room, texting his listless boyfriend, Kenma, who was back at their apartment probably cuddling with one of their two cats.

tetsu: kenmaa

tetsu: kenmaa im dying

tetsu: kenma this might be it. i think I see the light

pudding: stop being melodramatic you dork.

pudding: your shift ends in 10 minutes.

Kuroo groaned loudly as he stood himself up to go sweep the small shop’s floor for the last ten minutes.

The whole time he was sweeping he had an assortment old ladies and edgy teenagers come up to him asking where the cleaning supplies were or if he knew where they could buy some smokes. He’d point them in the right direction before going back to sweeping the same spot he had already swept five times before.

Kuroo loved Kenma. No, Kuroo admired Kenma but he also loved him. He’d been in love with him ever since he realized girls weren’t his forte during his first year of high school.

People always looked at the pair like they had been walking around nude in public. Not because they were gay but because it was a surprise they saw coming; they just didn’t know it would happen so soon.

(Kenma’s first year to be exact)

They were inseparable and everyone saw that coming but they thought that Kuroo would be the one “wearing the pants” in the relationship but boy, they were wrong.

Kenma was just more collected than Kuroo despite his anxious and shy persona. Yeah, Kuroo was more of an extrovert than Kenma but Kenma knew when to tell Kuroo to shut the fuck up if he has to.

(Kuroo doesn’t exactly have a filter)

(Especially around his friends)

(Around Bokuto)

And to be honest, Kuroo doesn’t care. He likes when Kenma tells him what to do because in the words of Bokuto Koutarou himself, “You’re whipped, Bro.”

It’s better that way in Kuroo’s eyes though because that makes Kenma a little less introverted in social situations. Kuroo won’t allow him to be the shadow he was back in grade school; when they were kids and playing volleyball together at the park.

If Kenma doesn’t have to do anything, he won’t. That’s why Kuroo doesn’t try to censor himself. Ingenious, right?

Looking at the clock, Kuroo sped to the break room, throwing the broom in some corner off the room and grabbing his stuff. Two minutes later, he was clocked out and making his way back home.

“I’m back!” He announced, tossing off his shoes by the door. He glided through the apartment with his socks acting as his skates. “Kenma?”

He heard a muffled, “In here” from the living room and he made a quick right to that room.

Before entering, he could already tell that Kenma hadn’t done anything all day. The lights were off with the exception of the bright colors emitting from the anime playing on the television, the cats were laying on the couch, each on one end, and Kenma was wrapped in the giant blanket that he had bought on Wish for 600 yen. He sure was one for not spending too much money.

“Kenmaa” Kuroo started, slinking his way onto the couch, slipping underneath Kenma’s blanket to lay with him. Kenma whining about him being too heavy, Kuroo ignoring him. “You were laying in this exact position when I left the house this morning.”

“That is correct,” Kenma says, keeping his eyes on the T.V screen. A brightly colored anime girl bounced around the school screaming, “Onii-chan!” annoyingly.

“It’s a Friday.” Kuroo furthered.

“That is also correct,” Kenma confirmed.

“Don’t you have classes on Friday’s?” Kuroo asked after a few seconds of quiet. Kenma sighed, pausing his show and looking at his boyfriend who just gave him a look that oozed “Give-Me-Attention”,

“The professor e-mailed everyone this afternoon saying that class was canceled due to the fact that his wife went into labor.”Kenma said, looking Kuroo in the eyes “Any more questions?”

Kuroo was quiet. He nodded at his explanation but he was chewing on his lip like he was thinking of another question. Kenma just raised his eyebrow, fascinated by the fact that his boyfriend still seems to be attractive whilst thinking of ways to annoy him.

Out of nowhere, Kuroo lights up, grinning like a clown, “Can I have a kiss?”

Surprised by how innocent that question sounded, Kenma let out a small laugh, nodding at his question. He leaned down to reach his boyfriend in the middle, their lips connecting softly. He would never give Kuroo the satisfaction of knowing, but Kenma loves kissing him. It’s honestly one of his favorite parts of being in a relationship with such a dork.

Every time it happens it’s like it’s their first kiss all over again to Kenma. So soft and gentle, slowly leading into something more. After a few seconds, Kuroo is more on top of Kenma than before and the cats are bouncing off the couch, obviously annoyed by their owners disturbing them. Kenma pulls away first, his face flushed and his lips parted. “You played me.”

“You played yourself, kitten,” Kuroo smirks, leaving a kiss on Kenma’s jawline and traveling down towards his neck. Kenma tilts his head so he has more access. The first kiss on his neck making him blush slightly.

“You’re annoying, did you know that? I was peacefully watching my anime, avoiding my classwork, and here you are, having the audacity, too-”

Kenma gasps in the middle of his rant when Kuroo bites down slightly on his neck. Kuroo laughs when Kenma slaps his back.

“Tetsurou!” He exclaims, blushing profusely. Kuroo just chuckles at his boyfriend’s reaction, coming back to kiss him on the lips for a few seconds.

“You’re such a pain.” Kenma mumbles as Kuroo pulls away.

“But you love me..” Kuroo says cheekily, a grin on his face.

Kenma couldn’t help but smile at his dorky boyfriend, “Yeah, you’re right.”


Summary: Sent on a mission with Bucky, you’re a stripper, and he’s your client. What will come of this?

Warnings: Language, mentions of nudity.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by gliceria

Undercover missions with Bucky usually go over without a hitch, but those missions don’t usually involve being a fake stripper, and Bucky being your newest ‘client’. It also doesn’t help that I want this man to fuck my brains out.

So, you could say I’m a little nervous.

“Alright, (Y/N) and Bucky, you get the gist of the mission right?” Bucky nods at his best friend, Steve.

“Yeah punk. Get in, find the sex slaves, free them, and capture the sex trade bosses.” Bucky leans back in his chair.

“And make sure (Y/N) doesn’t get captured or worse.” Steve almost has to remind him that I’m going with him.

“Yeah, I know. I won’t let anything happen to her.” I know I probably didn’t need to blush, I just can’t help it. He seems to notice it, and throws a wink at me.

I look down towards my hands in my lap, like they’re the most interesting things I’ve ever seen. I hear a soft smack, then a grunt and it peaks my curiosity enough to make me look up. Bucky is rubbing the back of his head, and Steve is giving him that ‘disappointed dad’ look. I can’t help the laugh that escapes my lips. They both look back up to me, a soft smile on both their lips.

Steve comes over to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Be careful out there, (Y/N).” What did we ever do to deserve Steven Grant Rogers?

“I will, Steve don’t worry about me. Besides, I got Buckaroo over here to keep me safe, right Buck?” He rolls his eyes, he hates the new nickname I’ve given him.

“Not if you keep calling me that.” I laugh again, standing out of my chair.

“I’m going to go finish packing, I’ll meet you at the quinjet in 1 hour Bucky.” He just nods.


In my bedroom, 30 minutes later, and still don’t have any idea what I should wear. Nat took me out lingerie shopping last week in preparation for this mission, and I still don’t know what the hell to wear. I don’t need all 30 suits, but I can’t pick just one, they’re all so cute. Pulled out of my train of thought to the sound of someone banging on my door, I walk up to it.

“Coming!” I yell, jogging up to the door. Opening it, I’m met with Bucky. Figures. He’s in black jeans, and a white button up shirt with the top few buttons undone. He looks fantastic. Don’t be fooled though, he’s still packin’ under those clothes.

“Hour’s almost up, doll. Havin’ troubles?” He walks past me, into my room. I don’t mind though, after all, he’s about to see more intimate parts of me than really anyone ever has. Might as well get used to it.

“I guess you could say that, I don’t know which ones to pick.” He chuckles, and looks over the selection of lingerie I have laid out on the bed. He picks up a hot pink little number, and lets out a low whistle.

“Damn, lingerie sure has changed since I can remember them.” I laugh.

“I’m sure you saw a lot of lingerie , Mr. Barnes.” He turns to look at me, raising an eyebrow.

“Was that sarcasm, doll?” He walks up to me, almost predatory. I gulp, shaking my head.

“N-No, I was just kidding.” He laughs, his head rolling back.

“Oh, (Y/N) You’re so easy to scare.” He pats the back of my head, before grabbing several different sets of lingerie and throws them in my over night bag.

“W-Wait, I still don’t know which ones I wa-”

“You’ll look great in any of them, doll. Don’t worry.” Blushing, I follow him outside to the jet. Cap sends us off, and it’s just us once again.

“Aren’t you nervous, Buck?” I find myself pacing back and forth. He turns to look at me from the wheel.

“No.” I don’t know if that simple response was supposed to make me feel better, but it doesn’t.

“What if something happens, Bucky? I could be raped, beaten or killed, or all three.” He sets the jet on autopilot and walks over to me, cradling my face in his hands.

“I won’t let anything happen to you. As long as I’m alive, I will protect you.” My face heats up, but a smile comes to my face nonetheless. THAT answer makes me feel better.

“Now go change, put the pink one on, I liked that one the best.” I nod, turning my back to him, but feeling his eyes on me. I just peek at him over my shoulder.

“Sorry, I won’t look.” He goes back to the wheel, leaving me to change in peace.

No turning back now, but with Bucky by my side, I know everything will be alright.


We’re a few hours into our mission, and I’ve already seen the poor slaves they keep hostage. Bucky is out in the audience, and we’ve discovered he’s quite popular with the ladies. I should have known he would be, have you seen him? He tries to keep focused on me, all while keeping the girls occupied, don’t want to seem too interested in me.

One of the hosts goes up to Bucky, and I find my breath hitching in my throat.

‘Have we been caught?’ Bucky whispers something to the host, and points at me. As I’m up on the stage, dancing in nothing but a tiny bra and a g-string, the host calls me down off the stage.

“Oy! Candy! Come down here baby, we have a guest who would like your services.” Cany is the name they gave me, and I can’t wait to be rid of it, I don’t like feeling like nothing but a piece of meat for hungry, desperately horny men. I’m an Avenger for God’s sake, I shouldn’t be stripping.

Swaying my hips off the stage, I walk towards Bucky, who has taken the temporary alias Christian McNealy.

“Candy, baby. This is Mr. McNealy. He has requested the full servise, you know the drill.” I nod, leaning on the wall and smiling at Bucky.

“I know what to do, boss. I’ll take real good care of him…” Walking over to Bucky, and straddling his waist. He smirks and puts his arms around my waist. Boss is still standing there, making sure his customer is happy, so we have to play this to full expectancy.

Bucky smiles, “You gonna take off this pretty little number, sweetheart?” He throws in a brooklyn accent with his acting, although I bet some of it really isn’t acting, as he IS technically from Brooklyn.

“Mmmm, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, baby.” Reaching behind my back and unsnapping the puny bra, I throw it over my head. My large breasts finally springing free. I am so humiliated, embarrassed and I feel like crying. I never wanted Bucky to see me like this, not like this. Especially with some pervert watching. I can’t let that show though, I would after all rather it be Buck than some other guy I don’t know. Buck pulls me towards him, my breasts pressing against his chest, I guess to shield me from this guy’s wandering eyes. He presses his mouth against mine, our first actual kiss together.

He runs his hands up my back, and kissing me deeper.

“Alright, kids. You two enjoy each other now. You have an hour and a half, Mr. McNealy.” Buck grunts in acknowledgement. After he leaves, and with the press of a button, any cameras that could be watching are disabled, he helps me off his waist, handing me my catsuit he kept tucked in his shirt somewhere. It can be hidden pretty well. Already clad in what I wear in under my catsuit, I throw it on, Bucky handing me a gun and a knife.

“You ready to finish this, doll?” I nod, and we proceed to put an end to this nasty man’s fantasy life.


Mission success, as we figured it would be.  The man was honestly so stupid he didn’t see it coming at all.

Steve clears us, and we make our way to our rooms…way too soon if you ask me. I feel like there’s an elephant in the room and I want to address it.

Bucky and I share a floor with Steve and Sam, so at least we’re going to the same place. Once we’re in the elevator, I turn to Bucky.

“Look, Buck I-” I’m cut off when Bucky slams the button that stops the elevator and he pushes me back against the wall, lifting me and kissing me hard on the mouth, my legs going around his waist.

“Fuck, (Y/N) I’ve been wanting to do that for so long…:” He speaks after he pulls away, licking his lips.

Staring into his eyes, I find myself smiling and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Oh God I’m so glad I’m not the only one who felt this..” He chuckles, holding me close to his warm body. He presses the button to start the elevator again. Setting me down, he looks into my eyes.

“You’re beautiful, (Y/N).” He leans down to kiss me again, but before our lips touch the elevator door’s open and Sam, Nat, Tony and Clint are standing there, smirking.

“It’s about damn time!” Sam crosses his arms, smiling at us.

“So it took her getting naked for you for you to realize you needed to speak up, huh?” Natasha picks on Bucky and he rolls his eyes.

“Заткнись, Романофф”

(Shut up, Romanoff)

He pushes past everyone.

“Excuse us, we have a lot of time to make up for.”

Leaving to his bedroom, we hear a choir of ‘ew’ and ‘gross’

Okay, so maybe this mission wasn’t so bad after all.

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Because I Love You (Part II)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Summary: (Y/n) left, and Bucky knew at that moment, his whole world crashed.

Warnings: Angst, Alcohol, Cheating, Modern!AU, Swearing
1.74k Words.

Again, sorry to those who are named Adley!

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

A/N: Part II is out. I realized I had quite a ton of grammar mistakes in Part I, so I re-read this one a few times. Sorry if there are still some. I hope you all enjoy this one. 

The only thing running through Bucky’s mind was why in the world was (Y/n) here? Did Adley contact her? How did she find out about Adley? Bucky noted that (Y/n) had stiffened in Natasha’s arm when she heard his voice, the voice that promised her nothing but sweet happiness ever since the day she agreed to his confession. His eyes darted between (Y/n) and Adley, swiftly ignoring the death glare Natasha has been giving him.

Bucky took a large inhale, his brain trying to work things out- trying to look for all the possibilities where he wouldn’t lose her. He knew his heart was racing against time, but he couldn’t feel it, all he received was the agonizing pain gnawing his stomach.

No one moved for minutes, afraid of the moment that was to come if they did. Bucky heard (Y/n) draw a long intake of breath, and he stared at her as she closed her eyes. He longed to see those (y/e/c) orbs, the ones that never failed to make him fall for her all over again, but he knew that if he did, the dreaded feeling in his guts would increase tenfold because they would only reflect all the damage he had inflicted upon her.

(Y/n) stood up. Such a small movement yet it screamed so much more, and that was the call Bucky took for himself to speak.

“(Y-Y/n), I-” he started, his voice was slightly croaky and (Y/n) shuddered as she predicted his next words. It was the exact same tone Bucky used when he lied to her about coming home in the middle of the night. Back then, she would lie to him as well, assuring him that it was alright, but not this time. (Y/n) knew she had to leave, for if she stayed, he’ll just toy with her heartstrings once more.

“Adley, that’s all I needed to say. I-If you’ll excuse me, I have to go, have a good life,” (Y/n) said, following Natasha as they made their way to the door. Her voice did not once quiver, and Bucky wondered how much has he made her suffer for her to be able to grow into someone this strong.

“(Y/n)! Wait, please!” he cried out, and she stopped. (Y/n) motioned for Natasha to go on without her. Bucky could sense the hesitation in the redhead’s movements, before suppressing a tremor seeing the bitterness and resentment in Natasha’s eyes, all directed towards him. (Y/n) turned around, her expression not betraying how she felt. Bucky saw it all in slow motion, how her small steps turned into long strides, how her right hand reached out to her left, pulling the ring he gave to her on their second anniversary and clenching it in a fist.

“James,” she started, and Bucky broke down into a trembling mess because she had never use his first name, he never allowed it. His eyes were shut tightly, terrified of the judgement heading his way, and terrified of seeing her leave. “James, look at me,” Bucky bit his lips, and did exactly what she said, “James. You obviously can’t do this anymore. I don’t deserve this, Adley doesn’t deserve this,” her warm and soft hands; the ones where if people touched, they would never be able to tell all the hardships this woman has been through, caressed his much larger and rougher ones.

It only lasted a few seconds, and Bucky let out his tears when he felt her warmth leave his. On impulse, he lunged to (Y/n), clutching onto her like his life depended on it, because to him, it did.

“I’m sorry (Y/n)! I-I really am, please! Stay! Don’t go!” he wheezed. Bucky nuzzled his face into her hair, cherishing the hint of vanilla that had fused itself with (Y/n)’s own almond scent. Bucky didn’t know how long they stood there like that, and Bucky didn’t realise the pained expression that was painted on Adley’s face, but (Y/n) did. With all the strength in her, she pushed the man she loved away.

“If you’re really sorry, you never would’ve done it in the first place James, you know that,” (Y/n) said, “Heck, even I know that! And after all the effort you’ve gone through, all the effort you’ve put in for me to trust you?” Tears cascaded down from her eyes, once more, “You threw it all away as if it meant nothing!”

Bucky knew exactly what (Y/n) was talking about. Getting her to go out with him was never easy. When he first met her, the (y/h/c) was already broken and lost. She never wanted to give love a chance, but he changed that.

“Look, Bucky, you’re a really great guy! And I’m honoured to know someone as good as you could like someone like me but- I just can’t.” (Y/n) said, looking up into those icy blue eyes.

“You can’t, or you won’t?” Bucky asked, and (Y/n) wanted to retort but the guy was right. She simply didn’t want to risk it.

“(Y/n), I know what your dad did, I’ve heard it all from Natasha,” Bucky said, grabbing (Y/n)’s hands in his own, “but I promise you I won’t be that kind of guy. I won’t hurt you. I won’t let you go down the same path your mother did. And if you’d just give me a chance, a chance to prove it to you,” he brought her hand up to his lips, lightly kissing her knuckles, “I swear I will treat you right.”

“You remember, don’t you? Even if you don’t, I do,” (Y/n) said, backing away from Bucky, “It took you 7 months, 3 weeks and 1 day for me to finally accept your love. And that wasn’t just it, remember the conditions you stated when you pleaded for me to give you a chance?”

Bucky couldn’t breathe, he knew he fucked up. He’s losing his best girl, his best friend and there’s nothing he could do about it.

“Well, you’ve used it all up.”

Bucky watched as she edged closer to the door, tears staining his face and blurring his vision. (Y/n) grabbed the door handle, opening the entrance to her new beginning. Just as she was about to take a step, she paused and turned around. Bucky’s heart swelled, hoping she would give him another chance, but it plummeted after seeing the newfound resolution in her eyes.

“Oh, and Adley?”

The brunette looked at the door with furrowed brows and pursed lips.

“Don’t let him do to you, what he did to me,” (Y/n) said with one last smile; before leaving the house, before leaving both Adley’s and Bucky’s lives.

The warm sunlight that passed through the door disappeared, and the house became eerily quiet. Bucky could feel Adley’s stare from behind his back. He looked pathetic, crouching on the carpeted floor, face messed up and his form quivering, but he didn’t give a damn. He clenched his fist tighter, but felt a sharp jab in one of them. He looked down in confusion, and his heart felt hollower seeing the ring she left him.

“J-James,” Adley called out, “James…?”

Her voice was soft and cautious, as if talking to a lost child, Bucky noted. He could sense her approaching, although the carpeted floor did well for its job, silencing the sound of her footsteps. She called him out once more before tapping his back, and he allowed instincts to take over. He stood up and turned to her, all traces of agony gone and in came anger. Adley flinched as he grabbed her arm firmly.

“Did you tell her?” he grunted out, and she whimpered, “Did you tell her?” he questioned again, pausing between each word.

Adley quickly shook her head, forcing out a small no. He tore his grasp from her, biting the insides of his cheek to make sure this wasn’t a nightmare. Bucky recognized that it wasn’t Adley’s fault when she wrapped her arms around him timidly, but those arms weren’t the ones he was used to after a day’s work. It may have been the ones that provided him pleasure, but they were not the ones that radiated warmth and home. He took Adley’s arms off himself and left her house, disregarding her calls of his name.

The drive back home was vague to him. Actually, everything was vague for him; he faintly remembered searching their (no, not theirs anymore, his) house for anything that belonged to her (that’s probably why it looked trashed), then leaving to the bar not too far away. He was gulping down his sorrows, and only snapped out of it when a familiar reprimanding face looked down at him.

“S-Steve…” he drawled out.

The blonde looked unimpressed, arms crossed and jaw ticked.

“Bucky, what are you doing?”

“I’m drinking! Come, join me!” he paused, “Wait, how did you know I was here?”

“You texted me about how much you screwed up and this is the only bar you’d go to if you were alone, Buck,” Steve replied, “So what happened?”

Bucky shook his head in slow motion, drunken laughter bubbling up inside him. His head throbbed from the amount of Gin and Vodka he drank, but his heart suffered more.

“I fucked up, Steve. I really did…” he looked at his best friend, who only returned a stare of his own, “(Y/n) found. She left.”

“You know I’m not gonna help you Buck,” Steve sighed, “I told you the day I found out that you needed to stop your game. The only reason why I didn’t tell (Y/n) myself was because of your reasoning as to why you did it, you know that.”

Steve took a seat beside Bucky, and they both drank in silence. The buzzing of the bar was tuned out as Bucky travelled back to times where (Y/n) looked at him like he was her world. Back at Adley’s? She looked at him so bitterly yet the love was still there, albeit broken, but still there. She wanted him to be happy, and if that’s her last wish for him, so be it.

“I’ve made up my mind, Steve. I’ll stay with Adley, and treat her right.” Bucky noticed Steve’s perplexed expression, and the lingering word ‘Why’ hanging above them. He took one last shot of burning liquid down his throat before staring ahead.

“That’s what (Y/n) wanted for me.”

And he will follow it through without a word.