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First Headcanon

Did this whole thing and it fucking deleted, excuse the language sorry not sorry I’m pissed, it’s three o’clock in the morning, but no way can I give up now, let’s see how long my battery lasts and do this!!! YEAH!!!!!

Headcanon: MC is sick RFA V and Saeran



  • Totally doesn’t notice at first
  • No offence Zen, but you need to become more aware
  • Justsayin’
  • Once he does notice is when you legit have to stay in bed
  • Is super sorry
  • Medication is a problem
  • “MC you have to take this”
  • “But I hate medication I’ll be fine!!”
  • Once your fever hit 40 he insisted
  • It took over a week longer than it should’ve
  • You were coughing so loudly he got scared
  • He’s also a lowkey germaphobe
  • But puts all that aside for you
  • Constant changing of washcloths
  • And lots of forehead kisses
  • Is so happy when you’re better
  • He took about three days off from work so is super busy
  • You make him breakfast in bed the next Saturday


  • Okay, this baby, well he’s too innocent for his own good
  • “MC don’t leave me!”
  • “I won’t, it’s just a fever” T_T
  • Your fever keeps rising steadily though, and after two days he forces you to stay in bed
  • Lots of feeding you chicken soup
  • Too scared to fight about meds so you spend one night in the bathroom because the nausea and vomiting is too bad
  • T_T
  • Had to convince him to make Campbell’s
  • Last time you almost burnt the kitchen down
  • He is super worried about your fever
  • It his 41.5 and he drives you to the ER
  • They tell him that it’ll be fine, but prescribe medication to help
  • Even worse of a hassle
  • He hates making you take them
  • Gets super guilty
  • You tell him it’s not his fault
  • Keeps feeling guilty
  • Lots of nose kisses
  • Is super pumped when you get better he hasn’t played LOLOL in weeks


  • Momhee activated!
  • Researches everything
  • You had been coughing for a while
  • You tend to get anxious so there’s a lot of talking about nothing
  • You eventually have to stay in bed and Jaehee makes sure that she gets time off
  • Zen movie marathon much?
  • There isn’t even a fight when it comes to taking meds
  • You are taking them, no buts, that’s it
  • Gets soft though and gives you lots of faces kisses after
  • You’re surprised
  • Your fever mounts and she calls a clinic nearby
  • They tell her to bring you over and she does
  • You end up having the flu
  • “Thank goodness I made you get vaccinated.”
  • “It hurt >-<”
  • Is so happy that it only lasts two weeks and a half
  • Super grateful to her and lots of cuddles in return


  • Okay, you think Yoosung is a germaphobe?
  • You haven’t seen anything yet
  • The day you start looking pale he freaks out
  • Kinda feel bad for him, but keep insisting you’re fine
  • The minute he finds out you have a fever he calls for a doctor
  • You think he’s overreacting
  • Medicine is still a problem
  • You spend a ton of time arguing
  • You know it’s for the best, and everyday you take them without fail
  • He tries to take all the time off but you make sure he doesn’t
  • It’d drive you both off the walls
  • Eventually agrees, but on the condition of constant updates
  • Once you can stomach something other than broth he makes you pancakes and waffles with fruit
  • Okay he got help
  • When you get better he’s so grateful and so hopeful it never happens again


  • GOD 707 TO THE RESCUE!!!
  • You’re surprised how quickly he notices
  • He’s very adamant about taking care of you
  • Unfortunately not very good at it
  • Almost burns down the kitchen trying to make you food
  • Settles for canned soup
  • Helps you with your daily battle against meds, but still makes you take them
  • Lots of Minestrone and Chicken and Rice
  • Shoes everyone else away and is very protective
  • “Saeran get away you’ll make her worse!”
  • You end up wearing earplugs
  • Which only makes it worse
  • Eventually your fever hits 42.3 and Saeyoung takes you to the doctors
  • It was Bronchitis
  • You’ll be fine, but you have to take…… more meds!!!
  • It’s going to be a long recovery


  • Notices your coughing and immediately freaks out
  • He’s such a cinnamon roll omfg
  • Puts you to bed immediately when he feels the fever
  • Lots of grumbling on your part, and it doesn’t help being rolled up like a burrito
  • How he manages to get you to take meds is still  a mystery
  • It just sort of happens
  • Maybe because you feel like you have to
  • Puts on relaxing piano music and lots of hugs
  • Your fever spikes and he calls the doctor, since driving is kinda out of his league
  • Just sayin
  • You had a sinus infection
  • “That’s why my ear was ringing!”
  • Oops


  • He’s kinda blind to it
  • No offence Saeran but get a grip
  • But after a week of coughing and three days of not coming over he finally goes to your apartment
  • Yikes, okay he’s sorry
  • The bickering is loud
  • But he’s very adamant on you taking your medicine
  • Even if it takes him three days to get you to do it
  • Your fever reaches a 43.3 and he gets really nervous
  • Drives you to the hospital and low and behold you have the flu!
  • Takes you five days in hospital
  • He kinda goes crazy
  • “I’mnotworried!”
  • “Saeran I’m your brother, and you haven’t shut up about it in days!”
  • When you get home there’s a huge teddy bear on the couch
  • The kind that’s two times larger than you
  • New fight: Flu vaccines
  • “But they hurt, and my physical was in two weeks!”
  • “Aww, do you need me to kiss it better?”
  • You slap him on the shoulder, but he totally ends up doing that everytime you get a vaccine

Okay that’s it, I swear to god if this deletes again I’m suing Tumblr or something lol. Okay I won’t, but I’ll be pretty pissed. Hope you liked!! And see you soon, I take requests so don’t be afraid to ask!

I trusted boys I shouldn’t have

I let them kiss me
when I didn’t want to

I did things I regret

I’ve kissed a lot

I held on longer than I should have

I wanted to make sure I gave it everything I had

I led on boys

I’ve gone on a lot of dates

I took time for myself

It’s okay to make mistakes

That’s life
You learn
You get wisdom
You pass that on to someone else

It’s okay

—  Chapters from my life

the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters


blake silver is the smolest of the beans

MP100 Valentines Week: Day 4- Aquarium

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“Look at this ugly guy!”

“Don’t make it feel bad about itself…” 

I haven’t been to an aquarium in years. I haven’t drawn any Ritshou in a while either so, yeah.


Happy holidays to all of you lovely, lovely people! Because it’s the season of happiness and love, and I’m ironically lacking in both, I am channeling my inner joyfulness to prepare you this that took me much longer than it should have.

I wrote this as if he and the missus aren’t too serious yet, still in the talking stage but have established feelings and such, so they aren’t spending the holiday collectively with each family.

I also cannot write any of these without getting cheeky so I apologize. (I actually don’t.)

Requests go here, masterlist is located here.

In which the Missus is missing Harry’s butt, Harry’s getting beat up by Gemma, and a relationship is being established.

Harry. Missus.

I think we need to spend next Christmas together.

Gem’s making fun of me, but you see, mum has a fire going and it’s begging for a cuddle.

What makes you think there is going to be a next Christmas, huh? x

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep you around.

I don’t just like you for your baking skills, you know?

That’s it? It’s just my baking skills? Not even my sparkling personality and love for your behind? A behind that I also miss very dearly. Damn, you had me fooled, Styles.

Is that all you even miss from me? My behind? I can think of something off the top of my head that I know you miss more.

And even when I am trying to bake something, you always pop in and try to be my little helper because I’m “not doing it right, love. You need to do it this way.”

AND you always tell me you’re too good for sugar but I see your sly little fingers late at night ;)

Oi, that’s enough out of you.

The only sugar I am good enough for is yours.

And I don’t just mean your baking skills. ;)

What do you mean exactly? Because it could be a few things. Like from blowies in the shower to a handjob under the blanket during a movie. You need to be more specific, Styles.

Don’t get mad but Gem just saw that text.

She hit me in the head with a pillow and screamed, “Don’t defile her you knob!”

Oh God… No…

I won’t ever be able to look her in the eyes again…

I told her that in the text it’s clearly stated that you’re the one defiling me, and she hit me again.

Oh no, Harry. I’ve somehow randomly out of the blue, in the three minutes since Gem was being sneaky, I’ve fallen ill and can’t come see you for New Year’s… This is so random, I can’t believe it. I’ve been told I have to stay in bed till January 2nd at the earliest.

Doctor’s orders.

That’s hilarious, love. You’re coming.

I can’t if you aren’t here.

Cheeky thing you are tonight…

Facetime later? I miss you.

But you’re talking to me right now you knob :P

I miss your face, I would like to see it before I go to sleep you loaf :p

I think I can make that work :)

My mom asked about you so I showed her the video of you falling and breaking your ass during a show and eggnog came out her nose.

Oh Christ, love.

Making sure I live up to my great first impression, hm?

She said you’re cute, and the long hair reminds her of Tarzan.

So Harry, she thinks you’re a Disney prince.

How much eggnog has she had?

Enough because she just asked me when we are giving her grandkids.

One step at a time, love!

What does the long hair remind you of?

It reminds me of all the fun I’m missing out on because your hair is growing slower than a sloth moves.

It’s growing as fast as it can, love. Give it time. Besides, it’s enough for you to tug on, isn’t it? ;)

Oh and I’m the cheeky one?

For a special friend, you seem to be insinuating a lot of the cheekiness tonight.

“Special friend”? Really, pet?

You literally sound like the meme of that kid going around right now.

Well, what are you then? I know there’s no label right now, that’s okay. That can come later in time. But you’re my friend, who, in my book, I get to do special things with.

I’m a guy, who really, really likes this girl, who I love showing off to my friends, who my family loves, despite a certain somebody’s assumption that we probably don’t ever leave a bedroom… Still sorry about that.

I enjoy the time we spend together, label or not, and I like to keep spending that time together, and see where it takes us.

Oh my God, I’m somehow miraculously healed and can come see you for New Years. x

That’s what I thought, pet. x

And if not, I’d be dragging my ass onto a plane to make sure I get my kiss.

Oh wow, you’re just using me for a kiss, I should have known!

Oh shut it, and Facetime me. x