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New animation! Took a lot longer than I originally thought it would but hey, it’s finally done! Featuring the amazing @knittinggiantbeanies and @chongoblog, both of whom you need to check out if you somehow haven’t already.

A Broken Warrior

Modern AU 
Soldier Ivar x Reader
A Broken Warrior: One-shot, 10,759 words.
(Treat yourself to a glass of wine while reading this. Or two. It really is that long. One day I will learn my lesson. One day…)
Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Amputation. Very, very mild descriptions of sexual intercourse. 
All of the Heathen Army’s amazing Modern AU Ivar fics inspired me to go in all out and write a one-shot for two of my favourite things - Ivar and uniforms!
It was meant to be a little fluff fic, then it progressed onto a medium angst fic but in the end it just ended up being a big, old mess of hurt/comfort because I just can’t quit. It’s ended up being REALLY long so I hope it isn’t too difficult to follow. I realised about 2/3rds of the way through that this should have been a series but I couldn’t bring myself to start again since I have Healing Hands to finish. 

As a little girl, you never knew what kind of man you’d end up loving when you grew up. Sometimes you imagined being the wife of a doctor, or maybe the wild, leather-wearing lover of rock star. Occasionally, you even saw yourself marrying an astronaut or even becoming the glamorous girlfriend of a famous football player. The one thing you’d never imagined was falling head over heels for a soldier but that was exactly what happened when Ivar Lothbrok walked into your empty bar on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

As a student in a big city, you knew that you had to get a part-time job to help yourself through college. Back in your own home town, your parents had owned a local diner so the logical option was to seek employment as a waitress. It wasn’t difficult to find work tending tables in a place that had both a university and a military base so soon enough, you started working at a local watering hole. It didn’t take very long for you to get a promotion to a bartender and after a few weeks of training, your manager felt comfortable enough to leave you alone on quiet week nights. It was during one of these slow weekdays that a group of three men and two women crashed through the doors, laughing cheerfully as they collapsed into a booth at the back of the bar.

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Another batch of requests for people on Reddit! (and the last for now)


1. America at seven months, part of the Queen’s pregnancy spread in an Illéan magazine  (x)

2. America and Maxon in the gardens at six months, taken by Marlee (x)

3. America at five months, taken by Maxon (x)

4. Maxon and America at five months, from Maxon’s private camera, taken by May (x)

5. The twins in their parent’s room at two weeks, taken by Maxon (x)

6. Maxon holding fingers with the twins hours after their birth, taken by America (x)

7. America with the twins at one week, taken by Maxon (x)

8. Eadlyn (right) and Ahren (left) at one month, official photo (x)


The more he turned away from people, the more scared they were of him. And they did something terrible… They became so scared that they took him away. 

(x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

(Slightly altered quotes from Paranorman.)

After reading Green but for a Season, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the timeline. We know that the Regent’s abuse started after Laurent’s family died when he was 13. Jord told us that Laurent gathered the Prince’s Guard at age 15, which signifies the point in time where Laurent started fighting back for real, not only against his uncle’s manipulation and mental abuse, but also the physical and sexual abuse. Two entire years of hell where all Laurent could do was try to find a way to win back his agency. And it took so much longer than that before he finally succeeded. 5 more years, you guys. 7 years in total, just over one third of his entire life. I’m so proud of my son for coming out of it so strong.



We finally reached 4 million subs!

I’m so happy and proud of this community and to be a part of it, and so proud of what we have all accomplished! Congratulations to all of us!

I remember when we hit 2 million, only 3 months ago!

Then 2 months after that, 3 million subscribers!

Now, only 2 months later, we hit 4 million subscribers!

It’s so mind blowing!

Of course, I have a little something-something to celebrate this milestone; nothing much really, just some gifs of Jack dancing :3 This took longer than I expected it to XD (Also I really hope these gifs are working!)


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