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Hi, if you don't mind could you explain what that means because I'm lost, also what trend where you talking about here: "me, being kicked out of school for plagiarism: um you’re not entitled to my emotional labor? find the sources yourself"

um, you’re not entitled to my emotional labour.

No, I’m joking, of course I will explain.

This is a joke about an exchange you might see rattling around tumblr, usually in regards to social justice topics. Someone will ask for an explanation of or clarification on a topic, or advice on how to handle something and they’ll just be told to “educate themselves”, and sometimes told directly that asking is demanding emotional labour of minorities.

(in case you’ve not run across the term, emotional labour originated in describing the extra emotional theatre service workers are expected to perform for customers, but nowdays gets used more broadly to demands for emotional support and processing and free domestic and similar labour which is disproportionately demanded of women and other minorities).

So the joke is about the differing epistemological standards between Tumblr, where that’s appropriate and academia, where you’d actually be punished because you are, quite legitimately, expected to back up your statements.

And the reason that I reblogged it specifically in the meanest way possible is that I do not like the concept of “just educate yourself”. I really, really do not.

This is an idea that comes from a lot of good places, which is what I’m going to start with. But it also gets used in a lot of ways I find at best deeply suspect and at worst fairly toxic, which is why I was reblogging the joke in my nastiest voice.

1. I do think that if you’re going to ask someone for advice directly the polite thing to do is to exhaust your own resources first. The idea that Dr. Google should be your first stop is a good one and I don’t want to bash on it.

2. A lot of this arises from people who get deluged with questions, often invasive, and often repeatedly exerting the right to take a break. AND THAT’S DEFINITELY AWESOME. No one should be compelled to do activism. When someone says “hey can you answer my question” unless you’re actually being paid to educate them, “no” is definitely an excellent and reasonable answer. And if someone tells you their not doing the question answering thing, the only polite option is to gracefully go ask someone else.

3. Some people get tremendously picky about how other people offer them free time and effort and the call to educate yourself comes, in part from people who’ve been offered summaries and curated reading lists and demanded, instead, private lessons. Which is just bloody rude.

BUT, even though “go away and educate yourself” is a totally reasonable idea in many circumstances, as I’ve listed, there are some really icky ways I see some of this getting used.

1. I find the idea that dropping an ask in someone’s open ask box is a “demand” very suspect. Its certainly a request, but there’s no force associated with it. If I’d decided not to answer this, for instance, I could simply delete it. If I kept getting too many asks I could even close my ask box, or turn off anon. You can’t compel me to answer your ask. You can’t punish me for not doing it. (I am perfectly happy to answer this, fyi). Now, the nature of Tumblr means that searching is very hard and its easy to end up deluged with the same basic question over and over. I’m not an education blog, I get few asks and I’ve still been asked what image captions are for 5-6 times. So I get that it can be very frustrating… but its still not a demand.

2. It often seems to carry the idea that finding information is a lot easier than it actually is. Really basic information can be readily googled. But there’s huge amounts of ideas I’ve encountered during fandom conversations, or just floating through tumblr threads, or on ask blogs that I have LITERALLY been unable to find via google, even after a good few hours looking, and that’s for information that I already know. I don’t think this is malicious a lot of the time. When you’re an expert its very easy to loose track of what is and isn’t easy to find for a non-expert. But its still pretty brutal to exhaust your google-skills, go ask something and be told in so many words to “just google it stupid”.

These two aren’t so bad, they’re mostly just a case of conflicting experiences and that happens. But.

3. Even though “go do it yourself” is a great thing to say if you’re looking to avoid activism (and I’ll reiterate I think that’s everyone’s right and you should never feel bad for saying ‘no I’m done/not doing this’ about activism, God knows I do it enough) I see it being used as activism instead. And it gives me a case of the nopes. Because the person who does the educating sets the curriculum. And when you say “go educate yourself” you’re rolling the dice on if the person who does educate them is on your side or not. Especially because it is virtually impossible to fact-check something you’re unfamiliar with. There’s also often a HUGE effort imbalance. Like, sure, it takes me some effort to dig up my “here’s why image captions are a thing” post. And it took me a bit of effort to write it in the first place, but It would probably take the asker a lot longer to google it all up. And that’s a pretty simple topic. I’ve asked activist friends for reading lists before and realistically getting 20-30min help from them has saved me probably 2-3 hours. And the information quality is better on top of that.

4. While this doesn’t happen a huge amount, I see this sometimes attached to very complex issues, or or topics where opinions are very diverse and then it, quite frankly, creeps me out a bit. Because when I see “just educate yourself omg” attached to a post with a strong opinion element, even though it might not be intentional, I cannot help but perceive an undercurrent of “if you were truly educated you’d agree with me” and “how dare you ask for sources, don’t question me, just shut up and do as I say”… and those… those are not good dynamics.

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Ah, the married, domestic life~♥

Funny thing about a domestic AU for OPM is that, well, OPM basically IS just one big domestic AU, with some monster-fighting and city destroying thrown into the mix from time to time. So consider these headcanons what I think just happens day-to-day in their lives, or really scenarios that have happened. Bring on the domesticity~!

1. I saw a drawing someone did of them sharing wax, Genos using it to polish his metal while Saitama polished his bald head, and I loved that idea. Genos would be the only one using the wax at first (Saitama would hardly want to draw attention to his baldness), but maybe after a really tough fight for Genos, who felt pretty lackluster the following morning because he’d needed so many repairs (and to be saved in the end) after the fight, Saitama coaxed him into the bathroom and tried to convince him to go through his usual routine. “C’mon, Dude! Routine makes you happy, remember?” But to no avail. It’s not until he, however reluctantly, scooped up some wax himself and used it on his head, then presented it to Genos as if his shiny head was a prize he won at a festival, that the tension uncoiled in the cyborg’s body and he smiled. The final result: Saitama discovers he likes how it makes his head feel so he continues to use it, and Genos just loves that he gets to share another morning routine with his Sensei.

2. The first time Genos saw Saitama bleed it was from his nose, caused by the egg being a doofus and picking his nose a bit too roughly. Although Saitama didn’t think much of it Genos freaked out, too rattled by the sight of blood to notice that it wasn’t that much, nor was it caused by anything too dire. So, to calm the kid down Saitama took a step back (Genos had gotten way too close to examine the ‘injury’) and joked, “Might want to keep your distance, or you’ll go and make this nosebleed worse.” It was a whole minute of both of them being frozen in place, and utterly silent, before Genos let out an undignified snort.

“Sensei, we’re both asexual, you wouldn’t get a nosebleed no matter how close I got.”

And from then on the matter was handled calmly, if not with one or two stupid (and yet somehow still funny) jokes thrown into the mix.

3. After the first couple months of living together they eventually started to share some of the chores (or more like Saitama had to force Genos to concede to the idea that he’d like to help, and not force the kid to do everything, no matter how ‘improper for a disciple” Genos thought it was). One of those chores was washing the dishes—Genos still insisted to do them when there weren’t very many, but more often than not, if Saitama caught him, he could at least slip his way into the kitchen and take over drying. It was when the habit of them doing it together really set in that Saitama noticed that Genos hummed under his breath as he scrubbed each dish spotless, which wasn’t all that strange until he realized…he actually knew the songs being hummed. Without thinking about it one day, Saitama started to softly sing the lyrics to one of Genos’ tunes, and they got through the entire song before it set in what had just happened.

Genos burst into a plume of embarrassed steam, and Saitama wasn’t much better with his beet-red face and awkwardly averted gaze. It was the longest, quietest minute of their life before they finally looked at each other, blinked, and then carried on in their shared chore. From then on it slowly, but surely, became a thing that Genos would hum a tune (in perfect pitch, might I add), and Saitama would accompany it with the lyrics (not so in-tune but definitely not terrible). By the end of six months living together, they were practically having personal concerts in their kitchen every night after dinner, with terrible dance moves and goofy smiles to match.

4. When Genos moved in he’d figured out that Saitama was a bit of a messy sleeper rather quickly, with at least two limbs sticking out from his comforter at all times, and a mouth open and snoring. What he didn’t expect, no matter how much he calculated, was that the longer he lived with Saitama, and slept in his own futon beside him, the more Saitama would migrate over into his sleeping space. Around the time they’d started having kitchen concerts, Genos found it pretty much routine to wake up with his Sensei half-way draped over his metal body; he’d always re-situate Saitama so he’d wake up in his own futon none the wiser. But one morning he woke up after Saitama, and was very confused when he opened his slightly unfocused eyes to see his Sensei hovering over him, appearing embarrassed and trying not to show it (he was failing).

A bit of awkward staring between them, and it was Saitama who broke the silence by flopping back down with his face half-squished against Genos’ chest, presumably in much the same position he’d woken up in. From then on it was just a thing, especially during the unreasonably hot and cold nights, that Saitama would migrate over into Genos’ futon and share in the cyborg’s regulated temperature, and secretly just enjoy the comfort or Genos’ arms around him whenever he did.

5. As invulnerable as Saitama is he does not like spiders. So it’s up to Genos to capture any spider found in their apartment and release it back into the wild, or kill it if it was too much of an asshole/was the size of Godzilla; no mercy for spiders the size of Saitama’s face, not after a huntsman spider bit him as a kid and he’d gotten an infection. (Though Genos, feeling sorry for some of the bigger spiders that Saitama thought should die, faked their deaths and snuck them outside when Saitama wasn’t looking—Saitama knew he did it but let him do it anyway. It was cute.)

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Do you know any good smutty/sexy fics? Ones that are just that?

I’m assuming you mean just simple one shots with little plot so you could check out these:

Auror Training-  Auror training is not quite what she expected. [AU Lily/James, Smut]

Fireside-  Trying to reassure Lily Evans that the world isn’t going to fall apart on his watch, James ends up revealing far more than he’d intended - and the emotions that have been bottled up for years are finally realised.

Hijacking- James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales. LJSmut. Lemon.

It Happened In A Broom Cupboard-  James Potter was not happy, and it was all Lily Evans’s fault. L/J. One-shot, smut.

Lol I’m sorry these are all Jily I’m Jily trash You should check out my fanfic recs page though if you want something that is longer and still pretty smutty cause I have some of that on there. Also, if you’re a slut for Jily like I am check out @jilyarchive they’re my favorite place to go in search of new Jily fanfic

Phone Call (707 x mc/reader)

Summary: sometimes, all you need is a comforting phone call

Rating: PG 

Notes: …I had to rewrite this one- it got too real. LOLOL. It’s still kinda real. And kind of angsty. But not as angsty as I wanted. Dammit. I’m still trying to figure out how to write Seven when he’s in that in between area of his personality. 

This takes place somewhere between Day 2 and Day 4, I guess? 

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The moral: Ask and you will receive… eventually. 

Title: Helplessness

Kissing Prompt #5: Angry kiss
Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century. 
Pairing: MariChat
Word Count: 3.5k
Rating: T for language (and kissing)
A/N: Oh. My. Lord. Please, just take this. I’ve been agonizing over this for months. I’ve literally partially written each pairing for the square and axed them out at least once because I didn’t like the way it flowed. 

Also: fight scene because I feel like it. Forgive me, for it’s been over a year since I’ve written a proper fight and I’m probably rusty. (The closest are a gladiator game that the main character watched and a giant wave nearly drowning the main character.) 

Oh, and have the angst and the rain for good measure. I’m projecting my own feelings over this prompt on the poor catboy. 


Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century.

Prompt #5: Angry Kiss

I was screaming loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

-Fight Song, Rachel Platten

It’s raining. Of course it’s raining. How utterly cliché for it to be raining during an akuma attack.  

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Lol, thanks for that addendum to your last ask. I'm fairly tired of the fandom assuming that Stana is intentionally excluded from everything she doesn't do, rather than assuming that it might be the way she wants it. (See also: less screentime/days of work, less interviews, less promo materials.)

Me too, Anon. Here’s the thing about Stana; she’s the female lead on a television show. There isn’t much, if anything, that Nathan might get that she isn’t also offered. It’s certainly in both of their contracts that they are expected to promote the show and put their faces out there, but most of the time media outlets aren’t going to get very picky about which of them they get. So long as they’ve gotten some quotes from a lead, they’re usually going to be happy. 

The other side of the promotion angle is that, like it or not, Nathan Fillion is the more recognizable of the two of them. He’s also a great interview, and has fostered a reputation for being so. It’s not a surprise that he’s the one usually on the late night talk show circuit while Stana seems to primarily give print interviews. 

And I’ll be honest, I think Stana does better in print. She’s very well spoken, and extremely intelligent, but she also tends to be easily flustered in tv interviews. That’s not a bad thing, it gives a certainly approachability and cuteness factor to this very glamorous picture that she presents, but spending half the interview laughing isn’t exactly promoting the show. 

Likewise, its pretty obvious that she’s a introvert who works in a public profession. She’s never looked comfortable when a ton of attention is fostered upon her, though she manages to handle it with grace and a certain amount of poise. She’s said time and time again that she’s not in the business to make herself super famous, but that she’s there to tell stories. It’s almost as if promotion is something that she does because she’s required versus Nathan who seems to enjoy the opportunity to go out, meet new people and essentially charm the entire room. 

And, yes, its not only plausible, but probable that in her contract negotiations she asked for a little bit less to do. She’s made it clear that she’s itching to explore some other opportunities, she’s just gotten married, and I don’t blame her for maybe asking that she gets a day off. Nathan’s been beating that drum for years, and it appears he finally got his wish, so it baffles me as to how its nothing for him to be off work here and there, but that Stana would never ask such a thing and is obviously being shafted or taken advantage of. 

I know that she loves her job, but so do I. Sometimes I wish I could take a day off, too. And my work is far less demanding and usually doesn’t take me 14 hours before I can go home.

The bottom line is that studios want to make the actors happy. Obviously that’s within a certain set of parameters that differ per show and per network, but by and large they want the actors satisfied because, if they’re happy, they are far more likely to work longer and, therefore, make the network more money. Stana isn’t stupid, she spends her time how she wants to spend it, whether that be promotion, extra features, filming time and the like. If she were going to feel slighted or shoved aside, she wouldn’t have come back to the show. Remember her statement about her return? She specifically said that she was excited about the plan for Kate Beckett after talking to Hawley and Winter. You don’t have to look very far to catch the subtext of that statement, which was that she knew Beckett was taking a job change and that the role/screen time would shift. She didn’t walk into this blind, she walked into it willingly. 

Nowaki, abandonment, and egoism

no really. this guy is layered like a cake. it’s maddening to see so much of his character glossed over in most fanwork because that, more than anything, really drives home just how convincing his “put on a happy face” act has become with time and practice.

long post and lots of wank under the cut

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Fanfic where a guy flirts with annabeth and percy gets super jealous and posessive? Or maybe calypso and leo in there place? Thank you

I chose Percy and Annabeth! Sorry this is ten years late.

Of all the places Percy expected to be insulted, the library was pretty low on his list.

He followed Annabeth quickly through the aisles holding a stack of her books on colosseums as she searched frantically for the best author of a book about Roman funeral pyres. Her blonde hair bounced against her back as she strode past the shelves of books, running her fingers along their spines.

“Annabeth slow down,” he huffed as she turned a sharp corner, nearly disappearing out of sight.

“I’m over here! I think I found it.”

Percy blew out a puff of air and then followed the sound of her voice, sighing when “Pyres Through the Ages” landed in his arms. After she grabbed a novel on fantasy genre architecture for her own reading, they made their way to the checkout, both of their arms filled with books. The guy at the checkout desk looked to be about their age with a tight sweater and hipster glasses that reminded Percy uncomfortably of Where’s Waldo.

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So I live in california and my boyfriend has a thing for shower sex but bc the drought we stopped bc it takes longer than regular showers and I don't want to waste water. He gets whiney about it so yesterday he took me outside and we were kissing when he says "Wait a sec" and suddenly POORS A BUCKET OF WATER ON THE TWO OF US and I'm like WTF WHY and he says "I... I thought it might be sexy" and I say "Well was it? Are you satisfied?" And he says "Well... ya, kinda?" and fun eremika au maybe?

Lmao I love this cause I can so see Eren doing something like that. Thank you for sharing! :3

“Eren,” Mikasa chuckled trying to push his face away from pressing kisses to her neck. “Knock it off, I have to go shower.”

“I know,” he murmured from his spot behind her, arms around her waist keeping her back pressed to his chest. “I’ll come with you.”

“If I let you in there with me,” Mikasa said, her eyes fluttering shut. “There won’t be much bathing.”

“So?” He dropped his hands to her hips, tugging her back against his.

“So,” she said as she turned around in his arms. They had been together for years but Mikasa still had a hard time resist him; especially when he was looking at her with that boyish grin on her lips. “Have you forgotten we’re going through a drought right now? We can’t just waste water like that.”

Eren rested his hands on her lower back. “My parents won’t care. They probably would never notice.”

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mistletoe fanfic prompt for ameripan ^^

 “Hey, man, I really appreciate you staying after to clean up!” Alfred exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s nothing, really,” he replied. It’s not like Kiku wanted to, though he did find Alfred’s company a lot more bearable than everyone else’s (if not he wouldn’t have shown up to Alfred’s Christmas—or Xmas—party). Him staying after for cleanup was just out of curtesy since everyone else left him here to deal with the mess.

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