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For Her

I have zero shame to admit I’m absolute Eremika shipping trash. I’ve been waiting for chapter 50 to get animated forever. So here is a fic based on a headcanon I have regarding what happens in between chapter 50 and 51.

This isn’t particularly romantic but that’s because Eren isn’t particularly romantic.

Summary: When Eren realises that he’s still fighting the same battle but for a different reason.

The entire ride back to Wall Rose is surreal for Eren.

A million things race through his head and his mind replays the moment of Hannes death over and over again drawing parallels to his mother’s death at the hands of the same titan.

But he knows that’s it’s not what will haunt him at night when he goes to sleep. What will truly haunt him, what will surely be a part of every nightmare he’ll have will always revolve around just how close he’d come to losing Mikasa.

She’s on the horse with him, her hands around his waist, her cheek pressed up against the back of his neck.

Her breathing is shallow and weak next to his ears and every time the horse jerks, her grip on him becomes a little tighter and a soft groan escapes from her lips.

He’s well aware that her pain tolerance is nothing to scoff at and the fact that she’s barely managing to stay conscious tells him that her injuries are far worse than he’d originally concluded.

“Mikasa.. hang on we are almost there.” Eren has never been the comforting type and a flimsy reassurance that this painful ride will end soon is all he can offer.

Worrying about her is something he’s rarely done, Mikasa has always taken on that role in their relationship and it takes him by surprise by how much it hurts siting on right next to her and knowing that she’s in pain and being able to do absolutely nothing about it.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice is barely above a choked whisper and for a second he thinks he’s imagined it but she continues.

“I couldn’t protect you.” Each word dragging out due to her shallow breathing,“I couldn’t even save Hannes, I’m sorry.”

Eren is about to respond but her arms around him loosen and she goes entirely limp.

Eren nearly screams.

“Mikasa..oi-Mikasa!” He calls out moving a little to see if she stirred. The Wall was in sight now only about a mile away.

“Eren keep her as steady as you can.” Armin calls out from next to him looking worriedly at Mikasa.

The next few minutes are a blur. Eren’s mind is wholly focused on Mikasa’s well being as he brings her down from the horse carrying her towards the lift.

He’s delicate with her in a way he never thought he was capable of and Armin who stands behind Eren watching the scene silently, understands that something utterly critical had changed within his best friend.

The ever present fire in Eren’s eyes had died. They were no longer filled with hatred and rage but with something far more powerful, something Armin saw in Mikasa’s eyes whenever she looked at Eren.

And despite everything that had happened Armin let the faintest of smiles on his face.


Eren sat beside Mikasa’s bed looking at the stream of light that entered through a crack in the window.

Mikasa lay asleep on the bed, her black hair splayed on the pillow fanning her face. Her bandages were hidden underneath her white shirt but the odd angle she slept in gave away her discomfort. She looked smaller and more vulnerable than usual and Eren didn’t like it one bit.

He was so used to seeing Mikasa in a picture that was larger life, an image in which she was unbeatable that seeing her pale and curled up left a bitter taste in his mouth.

But it was nothing compared to seeing her cry.

To see her cry, to see her give up so utterly and completely…..
That had pretty much shattered him in a way that was impossible to fix.

He flinched and looked down at the scarf in his hands remembering the look on her face.

Thank you for being there with me.

Eren couldn’t help but remember all the times he’d pushed her away without a second thought. Brushed her concern off like it was nothing just because his pride was hurt.

But it had never been only about his pride it was more about the utter frustration that stemmed from not being able to fulfil his mother’s wish.

He fiddled with the scarf carefully turning it in his hands.

Ever since they’d arrived and Mikasa had been treated Eren had practically isolated himself next to her unable to face the consequences of his kidnapping.

He’d never realised just how dependant he’d been on Mikasa to pick up the broken pieces of him every time they lost. She fixed him up and knitted him back together carefully and thoroughly making sure there were no loose ends just like she did with her scarf.

He’d just been too blind to notice it.

Mikasa stirred slightly and gave a soft snore. With a start Eren realised scene was strangely reminessecent of the time when he was recovering from his fight with Annie except their roles had been switched.

Eren couldn’t say that he liked siting there and waiting for her to wake up. He’d never been patient and waiting had never been his strong suit.

But he’d do it, he’d remain by her side and wait for her no matter how long it took for her to open her eyes.

He looked down at the red scarf in his hands . Ever since Armin had handed it to him Eren hadn’t been able to let go of it. Letting it slip out of his sight for even a second felt wrong especially now since he knew what the scarf meant to Mikasa.


Through out the years Eren had always wondered why she’d kept the old thing with her, wearing it whenever she had the opportunity.

And now…..
He finally understood.

Thank you for staying by my side.
Thank you for giving me a purpose to live.
Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me.

He finally understood why she cared so much. Why she was so afraid of losing him.

He was home for her.

And now that Eren finally understood he’d be damned before he let anyone, himself included take it away from her.

He’d stay by her side, from now till forever…whenever she needed as many times she needed.

Eren noticed how the scarf had come undone towards the end. It was small, hardly noticeable but none the less Eren went to fetch a sewing kit.

He returned to her side with the supplies and started threading the needle. Eren had been quite hopeless at these things back at home and it had always been up to Mikasa to pick up his slack.

Eren pricked his finger on the needle drawing blood and then immediately stilled.Eren held his breath half expecting himself to transform but when a few moments passed by he let out a sigh of relief.

He’d hate to have to explain to the captain why there was a gaping hole in the building but then again that stage would only come if the captain actually let him live.

Eren turned back to the task in hand trying to remember what his mother had unsuccessfully tried to teach him on several occasions. His hand stilled as he recalled the memory of his mother leaning over both Mikasa and him in their small kitchen back in Shiganshina as they struggled to get through their chores.

“Mom.” He said softly looking at his handiwork after he was done. It wasn’t nearly as perfect as Mikasa’s but he knew that his mother would be proud none the less,“I’ll do a better job of protecting her from now on. I won’t let you or Mikasa down, not anymore.”

He stayed like that for a while the scarf in his hands, Mikasa in front of him and silence all around him.

He eventually leaned forward putting it down next to her before gently placing her hand inbetween his. In that moment there is a strange sense of peace in him, a sort of calm before the a raging and violent storm.

He knows that eventually he’ll have to go out and fight. To prove that his life was worth all those who’s been sacrificed.

Before the weight of that pressure would have crushed him. It would have brought him down to his knees and twisted at his heart with guilt.

But now he feels nothing but a sense of unfaltering determination.

Because while his goal remains the same, to fight Titans to kill them all, his reasons have changed.

He’d no longer do it for his hatred. Neither would he do it for revenge.

He’d do it to fulfil a promise to his mother.
He’d do it protect the people he loved the most, he’d do it to protect Mikasa.

He’d fight to give her the future she wanted as well as the future she deserved.

From now on he’d fight for Mikasa.


I hope you liked it! Comments and reviews are appreciated :)

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Hi, if you don't mind could you explain what that means because I'm lost, also what trend where you talking about here: "me, being kicked out of school for plagiarism: um you’re not entitled to my emotional labor? find the sources yourself"

um, you’re not entitled to my emotional labour.

No, I’m joking, of course I will explain.

This is a joke about an exchange you might see rattling around tumblr, usually in regards to social justice topics. Someone will ask for an explanation of or clarification on a topic, or advice on how to handle something and they’ll just be told to “educate themselves”, and sometimes told directly that asking is demanding emotional labour of minorities.

(in case you’ve not run across the term, emotional labour originated in describing the extra emotional theatre service workers are expected to perform for customers, but nowdays gets used more broadly to demands for emotional support and processing and free domestic and similar labour which is disproportionately demanded of women and other minorities).

So the joke is about the differing epistemological standards between Tumblr, where that’s appropriate and academia, where you’d actually be punished because you are, quite legitimately, expected to back up your statements.

And the reason that I reblogged it specifically in the meanest way possible is that I do not like the concept of “just educate yourself”. I really, really do not.

This is an idea that comes from a lot of good places, which is what I’m going to start with. But it also gets used in a lot of ways I find at best deeply suspect and at worst fairly toxic, which is why I was reblogging the joke in my nastiest voice.

1. I do think that if you’re going to ask someone for advice directly the polite thing to do is to exhaust your own resources first. The idea that Dr. Google should be your first stop is a good one and I don’t want to bash on it.

2. A lot of this arises from people who get deluged with questions, often invasive, and often repeatedly exerting the right to take a break. AND THAT’S DEFINITELY AWESOME. No one should be compelled to do activism. When someone says “hey can you answer my question” unless you’re actually being paid to educate them, “no” is definitely an excellent and reasonable answer. And if someone tells you their not doing the question answering thing, the only polite option is to gracefully go ask someone else.

3. Some people get tremendously picky about how other people offer them free time and effort and the call to educate yourself comes, in part from people who’ve been offered summaries and curated reading lists and demanded, instead, private lessons. Which is just bloody rude.

BUT, even though “go away and educate yourself” is a totally reasonable idea in many circumstances, as I’ve listed, there are some really icky ways I see some of this getting used.

1. I find the idea that dropping an ask in someone’s open ask box is a “demand” very suspect. Its certainly a request, but there’s no force associated with it. If I’d decided not to answer this, for instance, I could simply delete it. If I kept getting too many asks I could even close my ask box, or turn off anon. You can’t compel me to answer your ask. You can’t punish me for not doing it. (I am perfectly happy to answer this, fyi). Now, the nature of Tumblr means that searching is very hard and its easy to end up deluged with the same basic question over and over. I’m not an education blog, I get few asks and I’ve still been asked what image captions are for 5-6 times. So I get that it can be very frustrating… but its still not a demand.

2. It often seems to carry the idea that finding information is a lot easier than it actually is. Really basic information can be readily googled. But there’s huge amounts of ideas I’ve encountered during fandom conversations, or just floating through tumblr threads, or on ask blogs that I have LITERALLY been unable to find via google, even after a good few hours looking, and that’s for information that I already know. I don’t think this is malicious a lot of the time. When you’re an expert its very easy to loose track of what is and isn’t easy to find for a non-expert. But its still pretty brutal to exhaust your google-skills, go ask something and be told in so many words to “just google it stupid”.

These two aren’t so bad, they’re mostly just a case of conflicting experiences and that happens. But.

3. Even though “go do it yourself” is a great thing to say if you’re looking to avoid activism (and I’ll reiterate I think that’s everyone’s right and you should never feel bad for saying ‘no I’m done/not doing this’ about activism, God knows I do it enough) I see it being used as activism instead. And it gives me a case of the nopes. Because the person who does the educating sets the curriculum. And when you say “go educate yourself” you’re rolling the dice on if the person who does educate them is on your side or not. Especially because it is virtually impossible to fact-check something you’re unfamiliar with. There’s also often a HUGE effort imbalance. Like, sure, it takes me some effort to dig up my “here’s why image captions are a thing” post. And it took me a bit of effort to write it in the first place, but It would probably take the asker a lot longer to google it all up. And that’s a pretty simple topic. I’ve asked activist friends for reading lists before and realistically getting 20-30min help from them has saved me probably 2-3 hours. And the information quality is better on top of that.

4. While this doesn’t happen a huge amount, I see this sometimes attached to very complex issues, or or topics where opinions are very diverse and then it, quite frankly, creeps me out a bit. Because when I see “just educate yourself omg” attached to a post with a strong opinion element, even though it might not be intentional, I cannot help but perceive an undercurrent of “if you were truly educated you’d agree with me” and “how dare you ask for sources, don’t question me, just shut up and do as I say”… and those… those are not good dynamics.

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Could you do the band and how they react when their s/o confesses to cheating on them? (Sorry I'm in the mood for some angst)

I just want you to know this hurt my heart. How could you do this to my children especially 2D he deserves NOTHING BUT LOVE HOW DARE YOU hasn’t he had enough????

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this angst-fest as well as my tears. 

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Um…what? How could you possibly want someone else? You had the Great Murdoc Niccals- it’s not gonna get better than that, love!
  • He’s secretly devastated but he’d never show it. Instead, he shrugs you off entirely. If you can’t make him a priority, well honey you’re nothing to him, then. 
  • Your endless attempts to call and text him are failures. He’s done, moved on so it seems. In reality, he wants you to think he doesn’t care at all. He can’t possibly go back to you now that you’ve besmirched his good name, but he still cares about you. 
  • He drowns his sorrows the only way he knows how, by drinking himself into oblivion and sleeping with anyone he can get his hands on. You’ve wronged him greater than you know. 

Stu Pot (2D):

  • He’s absolutely heartbroken, but not surprised. He’s used to this sort of thing. He tries to make it work with you afterwards, but it just doesn’t pan out. He knows there will always be someone else better than him. He retreats into himself. 
  • He spends a lot of time contemplating what’s wrong with him. His insecurities bubble to the surface and he spends weeks on end locked in his bedroom. Is it the way he looks? Is he not smart enough? Is he not good enough? 
  • His bandmates only see him when he comes out of his room for food. They don’t say anything, knowing he’s pretty fragile. They notice his tear stained cheeks and red swollen eyes. It’s always the same.
  • He sees your face every time he closes his eyes. Drunken stupors and painkiller binges don’t really make him feel better, but the longer he’s unconscious, the less he has to think about you. He knows, eventually, you’ll fade into the rest of them. At this point, he’s just going through the motions. 

Russel Hobbs:

  • He had nothing but love for you, and this is how you return it. He’s shocked. He never expected such betrayal from someone. He wasn’t like Murdoc, spreading his love around to anyone he could find. He could expect something like that from one of his lovers. But you? He had chosen you, you were special.
  • He cries. A lot. He never lets anyone see, but he definitely cries. Everyone, Noodle especially, looks at him sympathetically, rubbing his back and asking if he’s okay. He insists he’ll be fine. But you’ll never know the permanent damage you’ve done to him. 
  • It takes him a long time to trust people again. He already had a hard time opening up to people because of his past, but you’ve only added another layer. 
  • He tries to be on good terms with you, just because hes not the spiteful type. Seeing you or talking to you just hurts him more, though. You decide it’s best not to speak with him despite his best efforts to remain friends. 


  • She was crazy about you, she practically worshiped you. You were everything for her, and now you were nothing. You were the dirt she walked in, the mud on her shoes. You were scum.
  • She wasn’t the type to be angry often, but she harbored an exception for you. She had been so loving, so kind to you. She had done so much for you and you treat her like some garbage that can just be tossed out. 
  • She took some notes from Murdoc in his previous relationships, but there was no hidden aspect to her feelings. She didn’t feel sympathy for you, she didn’t secretly want you back. You were n o t h i n g  to her. Your calls were ignored, your number was blocked, the whole nine yards. No one plays Noodle like that. 
  • She thinks it best to move on completely. You were done. She wasn’t going to let you slow her down. She quickly resumed her happy lifestyle, having fun at whatever turns she could. You weren’t even a speck on her mind. 

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CASTLEVANIA?! OMGNESS YEEEEEES, I have bEEN LOOKING FOR MORE PEEPS INTO CASTELVANIA (I heard there's gonna be a new season on Netflix and I'M SO HAPPY) ok ok lol I do have an ask, there are werewolves in the game, so like what if the reader is a werewolf but only wants to help? Bonus points if after the team trusts reader for a while, Alucard or Trevor (or both? idk ur choice) end up liking or falling for reader with reader being oblivious, and Sypha being like a protective sibling? :D

I love Castlevania. I’ve loved it for years. <3 I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to about the games growing up, so I’m more than excited that I can accommodate to the sudden surge of new fans thanks to the show. I was actually considering opening up imagines when I originally made this blog, before I even heard of the show coming out (mostly because Castlevania is stuffed to the brim with Attractive Men and Women)! XD


  • So, you’re a half-wolf; in that your “father”, a demonic werewolf, impregnated your mother (whether this is consensual or not is up to you). Your conception and following birth was pretty normal at first, and you lived a normal life
  • Until you were about thirteen. On your thirteenth birthday, humorously enough on the night of a full moon, you transformed for the very first time. And everyone saw it.
  • Your mother was murdered and you fled your hometown, living out in the woods and surviving off the land as best you could ever since.
  • While things were going pretty well at first, by the time Dracula’s hordes were roaming the land, you were still a viable enemy to be maimed if they ever saw you
  • You took it upon yourself to defend yourself properly, but as much as you wanted to help some of the humans that lived around the woods you lived in, they would never allow you to help. As soon as you cleared out any demons they would sooner burn you at the stake.
  • Cut to the present, and you’re grievously injured from fending off the demons that came to your woods. You defended the village on the other side partially because the people that passed through were your source of food (the wares they carried, not the people themselves- you never liked to attack humans), and partially out of kindness because it was a place your mother liked to go to. You can’t stand, because your hind leg is wounded (gnawed- a nasty sight). You’re effectively screwed unless someone comes to rescue you, but then again you’re even more screwed if anyone sees a fucking werewolf lying on the ground helpless.
  • Talk about a dilemma :/
  • Cue the merry vampire slaying crew led by Trevor Belmont.
  • Immediately all three of them have their weapons drawn and you bark repeatedly and bend your ears back frightfully, preparing yourself to fight for your very life- and inwardly terrified you’ll lose.
  • Until Sypha sees that look in your eyes, and by some kind of miracle, understands you.
  • She stands in front of you, arms spread wide, “Wait! I don’t think this one means to harm us!”
  • Trevor looks at her like ????? but Alucard takes another glance at you, then sheathes his weapon “…This one did not come from my father’s army.”
  • You nod rapidly and so begins your time hanging out with the merry Belmont crew!
  • Sypha’s the one that treats your wound, with Alucard politely helping her cast a healing spell to stop the bleeding. To show your appreciation, you lick her hand, and she smiles “It was your eyes that told me, that you were not out to harm anyone.” You’re inwardly thanking her so many times.
  • The moment you transform back into human form? You’re completely buck naked. You always found spare clothes at night to keep on hand for when you transformed back. And this time, on account of being hurt, you don’t. :/
  • Trevor ends up staring for a little longer than expected at your body but looks away again and clears his throat awkwardly
  • Sypha throws a spare cape around you, berating Trevor for looking at you rudely and finally you guys get to talking
  • After it’s known that you want to help them take on Dracula, Trevor most reluctantly accepts you to come along. Alucard is mostly intrigued by you given that you’re a half-wolf and seem reluctant to talk about your father, and then of course Sypha is actually weirdly supportive of you.
  • Over time it’s clear you develop the strongest rapport with Sypha. She always wants to look out for you, and tbh babies you a little. <3 You’re a little clueless, and a little bookdumb (in a good way), and she enjoys teaching you things especially since you listen. Oh my god, you listen unlike Trevor.
  • Not to mention too you’re always so affectionate and sweet- as well as emotionally open. Even in werewolf form Sypha doesn’t feel frightened of you (unlike Alucard) and over time comes to see you as Ideal Doggo tbh
  • You prove to be a capable fighter, and are an adept tracker what with literally smelling the trail of demonic essence from miles away, and even have better hearing than the rest of the crew, meaning that you’re able to warn towns much quicker that Dracula’s forces are impending!
  • Like Trevor just thinks you’re the fucking cutest baby angel he’s ever met and it drives him mad because even though yes you are physically attractive (literally every dawn he gets to see your butt with this big fluffy tail what a great thing to behold) you’re also loyal and unbearably sweet. Like unbearably sweet. You’re always excited to greet him and hug everyone in sight like why or how are you literally as cheerful as an actual dog. You’re kind of clueless and a bit of a dork, always asking questions like “But Sypha, why would you want to pee in a bucket?” and aijgwioejgiowjegowihouhr your smile, he wants to die every time he sees it
  • With Alucard he feels a connection considering you’re both demonic half-breeds, and the situation with both of your fathers (ah yes, turns out your father is aligned with Dracula’s forces) weighing both of you down considerably. He’s always liked that you’re full of energy, and were so unquestionably/unconditionally kind to every single person you meet. You didn’t even flinch when it came out that he was a dhampir, simply blinking, smiling, then announcing, “Oh, you’re kind of like me then! :D” You are sunshine to him, and he’s afraid of ever admitting something so weird to you.
  • Meanwhile, you’re oblivious, and Sypha is painfully aware that both of the men she’s traveling with have awkward crushes on you
  • And she’s kind of wondering if she should bother telling you, but then again it’s pretty funny to watch the boys squirm to look away when it’s morning and you’re going to be a hot naked person for a few hours. XD


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Ah, the married, domestic life~♥

Funny thing about a domestic AU for OPM is that, well, OPM basically IS just one big domestic AU, with some monster-fighting and city destroying thrown into the mix from time to time. So consider these headcanons what I think just happens day-to-day in their lives, or really scenarios that have happened. Bring on the domesticity~!

1. I saw a drawing someone did of them sharing wax, Genos using it to polish his metal while Saitama polished his bald head, and I loved that idea. Genos would be the only one using the wax at first (Saitama would hardly want to draw attention to his baldness), but maybe after a really tough fight for Genos, who felt pretty lackluster the following morning because he’d needed so many repairs (and to be saved in the end) after the fight, Saitama coaxed him into the bathroom and tried to convince him to go through his usual routine. “C’mon, Dude! Routine makes you happy, remember?” But to no avail. It’s not until he, however reluctantly, scooped up some wax himself and used it on his head, then presented it to Genos as if his shiny head was a prize he won at a festival, that the tension uncoiled in the cyborg’s body and he smiled. The final result: Saitama discovers he likes how it makes his head feel so he continues to use it, and Genos just loves that he gets to share another morning routine with his Sensei.

2. The first time Genos saw Saitama bleed it was from his nose, caused by the egg being a doofus and picking his nose a bit too roughly. Although Saitama didn’t think much of it Genos freaked out, too rattled by the sight of blood to notice that it wasn’t that much, nor was it caused by anything too dire. So, to calm the kid down Saitama took a step back (Genos had gotten way too close to examine the ‘injury’) and joked, “Might want to keep your distance, or you’ll go and make this nosebleed worse.” It was a whole minute of both of them being frozen in place, and utterly silent, before Genos let out an undignified snort.

“Sensei, we’re both asexual, you wouldn’t get a nosebleed no matter how close I got.”

And from then on the matter was handled calmly, if not with one or two stupid (and yet somehow still funny) jokes thrown into the mix.

3. After the first couple months of living together they eventually started to share some of the chores (or more like Saitama had to force Genos to concede to the idea that he’d like to help, and not force the kid to do everything, no matter how ‘improper for a disciple” Genos thought it was). One of those chores was washing the dishes—Genos still insisted to do them when there weren’t very many, but more often than not, if Saitama caught him, he could at least slip his way into the kitchen and take over drying. It was when the habit of them doing it together really set in that Saitama noticed that Genos hummed under his breath as he scrubbed each dish spotless, which wasn’t all that strange until he realized…he actually knew the songs being hummed. Without thinking about it one day, Saitama started to softly sing the lyrics to one of Genos’ tunes, and they got through the entire song before it set in what had just happened.

Genos burst into a plume of embarrassed steam, and Saitama wasn’t much better with his beet-red face and awkwardly averted gaze. It was the longest, quietest minute of their life before they finally looked at each other, blinked, and then carried on in their shared chore. From then on it slowly, but surely, became a thing that Genos would hum a tune (in perfect pitch, might I add), and Saitama would accompany it with the lyrics (not so in-tune but definitely not terrible). By the end of six months living together, they were practically having personal concerts in their kitchen every night after dinner, with terrible dance moves and goofy smiles to match.

4. When Genos moved in he’d figured out that Saitama was a bit of a messy sleeper rather quickly, with at least two limbs sticking out from his comforter at all times, and a mouth open and snoring. What he didn’t expect, no matter how much he calculated, was that the longer he lived with Saitama, and slept in his own futon beside him, the more Saitama would migrate over into his sleeping space. Around the time they’d started having kitchen concerts, Genos found it pretty much routine to wake up with his Sensei half-way draped over his metal body; he’d always re-situate Saitama so he’d wake up in his own futon none the wiser. But one morning he woke up after Saitama, and was very confused when he opened his slightly unfocused eyes to see his Sensei hovering over him, appearing embarrassed and trying not to show it (he was failing).

A bit of awkward staring between them, and it was Saitama who broke the silence by flopping back down with his face half-squished against Genos’ chest, presumably in much the same position he’d woken up in. From then on it was just a thing, especially during the unreasonably hot and cold nights, that Saitama would migrate over into Genos’ futon and share in the cyborg’s regulated temperature, and secretly just enjoy the comfort or Genos’ arms around him whenever he did.

5. As invulnerable as Saitama is he does not like spiders. So it’s up to Genos to capture any spider found in their apartment and release it back into the wild, or kill it if it was too much of an asshole/was the size of Godzilla; no mercy for spiders the size of Saitama’s face, not after a huntsman spider bit him as a kid and he’d gotten an infection. (Though Genos, feeling sorry for some of the bigger spiders that Saitama thought should die, faked their deaths and snuck them outside when Saitama wasn’t looking—Saitama knew he did it but let him do it anyway. It was cute.)

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Do you know any good smutty/sexy fics? Ones that are just that?

I’m assuming you mean just simple one shots with little plot so you could check out these:

Auror Training-  Auror training is not quite what she expected. [AU Lily/James, Smut]

Fireside-  Trying to reassure Lily Evans that the world isn’t going to fall apart on his watch, James ends up revealing far more than he’d intended - and the emotions that have been bottled up for years are finally realised.

Hijacking- James and Lily start hijacking one another’s rounds in order to sneak off to entirely inappropriate Hogwarts locales. LJSmut. Lemon.

It Happened In A Broom Cupboard-  James Potter was not happy, and it was all Lily Evans’s fault. L/J. One-shot, smut.

Lol I’m sorry these are all Jily I’m Jily trash You should check out my fanfic recs page though if you want something that is longer and still pretty smutty cause I have some of that on there. Also, if you’re a slut for Jily like I am check out @jilyarchive they’re my favorite place to go in search of new Jily fanfic

The Ending of Kaitou Joker (Season 4)

…So it ends. Dr. Neo has been captured, Phoenix has gone home with Acrux, and Dump will- though likely not all at once, recover with the help of Spade and company. I just want to say how much I adore this final episode- there was some speculation that it might not top season 2′s finale but I say that it did just that and more. 

In this season finale we’ve gotten to see so many dear characters; I absolutely want to point out just how right this show gets character development first off. Not only this, but it pays an absolutely surprising amount of attention to side characters when it can. Previous villains are not just kicked to the side to never be seen again and others (like Viridian!) Get at least more than one chance at screen time. It makes them feel less like token characters and characters that we’re actually supposed to care about. With how often some showed up- I even started to become attached to characters like DJ Peacock. 

The villains specifically, while some certainly a bit more shallow than others, have had a certain depth to them that have led me to personally enjoy their existence and care for them. Once villain characters also now seem like friends, which is rather rare and daring! ( Shadow Joker and President D– they made it a just right balance to give the viewers some disdain for them only for us to warm up to them as things went on. I cannot put into words how much I adore this sort of writing as it’s a breath of fresh air away from the commonly bland ‘evil for obvious reasons’ villains. )

I think that a good way to explain why and how this finale was so good and made me so excited was because not only was it a well put together huge range of emotional twists, it took all that was Kaitou Joker and made it absolutely SHINE just to make us remember exactly how far we have come in the series and how awesome the rest of it has been (even with some weaker episodes- but every series has at least a few.) 

We’ve got these characters who have just come so far and if you’ve been a fan of this show since around it started airing– well, it hits you the strongest. Joker and Hachis close connection is shown to its most strong extent. Joker may have cared for Hachi at the beginning of the series, but certainly not to such an extent as shown in this finale. Joker says that without Hachi, treasure would mean nothing– Hachi has become such an important person in Joker’s life that without him, being a phantom thief would hold no thrill or purpose because he could not do it with him. That is absolutely intense.

Shadow Joker (Cyan) and Rose reappear as an ever dynamic duo. While their screentime was eased down since the ending of season 2, it’s fantastic to see them together and to see a glance at Rose still using her magic abilities. Shadow Joker has much more notable building fondness for Joker, especially in this season. While he was out to get Joker for misguided revenge previously, their relationship is clearly much more of a friendly rivalry now while Shadow has been revealed as much more of a dork than the angst-driven, somewhat one-dimensional character he was in season 1-2. 

To explain even Dump’s development in the past two seasons is a big thing– (I will not go over this as extensively as when it was officially revealed that President D was indeed Dump our tag had an ABSOLUTE field day and discussion on that) but what has made him most likable for me is that he changed from what seemed to be the common villain to…Well, an understandably hurt and lonely boy that really just needed Spade and everyone else to find and reach out to him. Though his actions weren’t justified in this reveal, he is not inherently evil like many villains are played out to be. He is also a much more prominent and big example of side characters from previous seasons being taken and having more done with them– Dump was not at all the sort of character you’d think you’d be seeing again. 

Many seemingly useless characters were not treated as such in the long run and most seem to have achieved a form of strangely satisfying happiness, even the comic relief duo of Mr. Kaneari who absolutely cannot avoid blowing up his property in some spectacular shape or form and the ditsy appearing assistant, Kaneko. In season 1 you certainly wouldn’t have expected Kaneko to be an absolutely RIPPED woman. And even more you wouldn’t have expected that comic relief seeming moment to evolve into an ongoing thing where a once terrified Kaneari comes to fall in love with the true Kaneko as they get married and sustain a happy marriage! ( This in particular is very important to me– with the whole ‘Kaneko wins the competition and marries Mr. Kaneari as he looks absolutely mortified’ joke you’d expect it to be a non-plot point dumped off the edge to never be seen again but NO not only is it permanent, it’s no longer a joke in further episodes! )

As for Phoenix and Acrux… …Well let’s start this off with: I really adore this bird alien dude. Frankly, he’s utterly bizarre. This guy rises from being locked away and then he’s revealed to not only be some kind of alien, but he has HEALING BLOOD THAT CAN BRING HUMANS BACK FROM THE DEAD. How cool is that? Amazingly cool. I frankly care so much for this guy. So much. It was so awfully painful to see him go- but another part of me understood his longing and that it was pretty selfish to wish him to stay on Earth. Through the two seasons his negativity towards humans lessens quite a bit as Joker helps him understand how selfless one can be and that there may be some hope within humans despite the corrupt ones– especially with Hachi’s death, Phoenix comes to understand firmly how “the one greatest treasure is one’s life” is applicable to humans and why this is so.

 Phoenix who would and most likely has turned his head away from tragedy with the mentality of ‘why save this particular human?’ with only the exception of the mother in an earlier episode, uses his power (which he has little of at the time) to save Hachi is also a very expressive act– he cares enough for these particular humans to do so; and for a being that has lived so long to see and fully understand the fragile cycle of human death and its inevitability…This absolutely means so much. If Joker can even convince a being of 10,000+ years in age of something very human, then it’s pretty dang clear that Joker is a breathing and walking absolute enigma.

And with all this in consideration…I’m totally satisfied with the ending of Season 4 and it’ll probably be in my mind for a long time to come. I mean– with our final corner with Silver Heart, the whole team not only decides to appear out of absolutely nowhere announcing their favorite foods– it’s an actual reference to what happened two seasons ago and brings memories back to that huge feast!

Joker and Phoenix better not forget their promises, too…

Phoenix, you need to visit, and it better be sooner than 200 years!

And you two better do just that! Preferably with everyone else, of course.

…And though cheesy, let’s leave this off at a very familiar note.

Welcome to the Shining Night!

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Fanfic where a guy flirts with annabeth and percy gets super jealous and posessive? Or maybe calypso and leo in there place? Thank you

I chose Percy and Annabeth! Sorry this is ten years late.

Of all the places Percy expected to be insulted, the library was pretty low on his list.

He followed Annabeth quickly through the aisles holding a stack of her books on colosseums as she searched frantically for the best author of a book about Roman funeral pyres. Her blonde hair bounced against her back as she strode past the shelves of books, running her fingers along their spines.

“Annabeth slow down,” he huffed as she turned a sharp corner, nearly disappearing out of sight.

“I’m over here! I think I found it.”

Percy blew out a puff of air and then followed the sound of her voice, sighing when “Pyres Through the Ages” landed in his arms. After she grabbed a novel on fantasy genre architecture for her own reading, they made their way to the checkout, both of their arms filled with books. The guy at the checkout desk looked to be about their age with a tight sweater and hipster glasses that reminded Percy uncomfortably of Where’s Waldo.

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I'm so so Sorry (Suga Scenario)
Scenario requested by ‘Haru Anon’ :P when you come home late from work and Suga gets angry at you and he ends up hitting you, BUT with a happy ending :) Enjoy 
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— You had a terrifying long day at work. Your co-workers were pissing you off, your boss was getting on your nerves and all you were doing was some stupid paper work. You hated your job all you wanted to do was being home, sitting on the couch, being on your laptop or watching TV and stuff your belly with food, and most importantly being together with your boyfriend Yoongi. You were so happy when the clock showed that there were a few minutes left in hell.  But than your Boss surprised you with guess what, MORE paper work.  You stayed longer as you expected, you actually wanted to send Yoongi a message that you will be home late but you thought that he might be busy with work so you didn’t wrote him anything. After two more hours of work you finally could drive home, it was already pretty dark outside so you tried to come home as fast as you can.  After you finally reached your house you pulled out the keys and got in, you took of your shoes, dropped your back and hung up the coat. You walked into the living room as you saw your boyfriend Yoongi impatiently waiting for you. ‘Im sorry that it took me so long but-,’ you couldn’t finish your sentence because Yoongi interrupted you ,’Where have you been.?’, he asked you with a clearly mad and annoying Voice. You sigh ,’I wanted to tell you, but you interrupted me. So anyway, I was clearly finished with my work, but then my Boss decided to give me some extra work’. What you not realized was that the last sentence sounded so wrong in so many ways. After you saw the shocked expression on Yoongi’s face you realized what you said and you tried to safe it ,’you know I mean he gave me more paper work.!’,SURE, PAPER WORK. IF THATS HOW YOU CALL IT’, it was clearly too late,’NO.! I Did Paper Work, What Do You Think I Did, HUH.?!’,’PAPER WORK.?! MORE THAN FUCKING MY BOSS FOR EXTRA MONEY, HUH.?!’, you couldn’t believe what you heard, fucking my boss for extra money.?! Is he seriously now. ‚’ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.? I WAITED THE WHOLE ENTIRE DAY TO COME HOME AND SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOU, BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN YELLING AT ME AND TELLING ME THAT I CHEATED ON YOU.?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS.?!?’,’YES I AM.!! I’M SO FUCKING DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT.!’  You both were yelling at each other like there were no tomorrow.  ‘IF YOU ARE DONE WITH MY BULLSHIT WHY DONT YOU JUST LEAVE ME.?’,’YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK THATS WHAT IM GONNA DO. YOU CAN GO SUCK SOMEONE ELSES DICK’, he were so arrogant and so mean that your eyes started to get watery, but NO you wouldn’t cry in front of him, you wouldn’t let him win.  ‘ YOUR SUCH AN ASSHOLE.! YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK I’M GONNA GO SUCK SOMEONE ELSES DICK THAN BEING LONGER TOGETHER WITH YOU.!’, in the next moment all you could feel was pain on your right cheek. You drove him to the edge with the last sentence. You were lying on the floor, one hand supported your weight the other one placed on your cheek.  You were in a shock state, you couldn’t think properly. All you knew now was that your Boyfriend, your Boyfriend Yoongi hit you. You stood up slowly, he stood next to you. Disbelief, shock, hate on himself written all over his face. You walked away hugging yourself with one hand and the other still placed on your cheek. You went to the bedroom locked yourself in and laid flatly on the bed and starred at the ceiling, now you let your tears and sobs escape from your eyes and mouth. You curled yourself into a ball and cried yourself to sleep.  Yoongi were sitting on the couch in the living room, he never wanted to hurt you. But now all you did was crying because of him. He heard you crying but he refused to go to you because that would make things worse. He made himself comfortable on the couch and looked at the ceiling thinking about how you must hate him now, how he overreacted, how he was so wrong. He couldn’t even understand how on earth he assumed you were cheating on him. After a while he fell asleep as well.    On the next day you woke up and refused to go out of your room, you got up and walked to the mirror your eyes were a bloody red, swollen and heavy, a bruise stained your cheek. You started to cry again but tried to hold back your sobs without success. Yoongi woke up and immediately stood up, he rubbed his eyes and checked the room, then the apartment to see if you are still here. He sighed in relief as he heard your sobs, he was scared that you left and that he would never see you again. He took a deep breath and knocked on your door ,’(Y/N), please open the door. I’m really sorry’, he said with a soft Voice. You loved it when he spoke with a soft tone, it showed the sweet and caring side of him, but you didn’t answer you were still mad at him and you surely didn’t want to talk to him. But to be honest you wanted to listen what he has to say, so you waited for him to continue.  ‘(Y/N), are you there.? Are you listening.?’, he said with worry in his Voice,’I…I know that you are mad at me, and I know that you probably hate me. But…’, he took another deep breath,’..but i Love you. I can understand that you probably will leave me, that you hate me now. I know a did a huge mistake, I don’t even know how the thought of you cheating on me crossed my mind. I.. I’m just really scared of loosing you, but to be honest I think i already lost you..’, you opened the door and saw Yoongi leaning on the Doorframe supported by his arms. He looked at you, you saw the sadness on his face, his eyes a bit watery. You knew that he never cried, so it was completely new to you, but to be honest the view of him broke your heart.  ‘(Y/N) I’m so so so sor-‚’, he got cut of by you suddenly hugging him tightly. His arms found the there way to your body and soon he hugged you back tightly. He placed a kiss on your Head and mumbled against your hair,’I’m so sorry, please don’t leave me’.’Never’, you mumbled against his chest. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I hope it’s long enough ;D 
Hope you like it, and send in requests/ questions/ personal question if you want♡
Thank you for your support :3
Phone Call (707 x mc/reader)

Summary: sometimes, all you need is a comforting phone call

Rating: PG 

Notes: …I had to rewrite this one- it got too real. LOLOL. It’s still kinda real. And kind of angsty. But not as angsty as I wanted. Dammit. I’m still trying to figure out how to write Seven when he’s in that in between area of his personality. 

This takes place somewhere between Day 2 and Day 4, I guess? 

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The moral: Ask and you will receive… eventually. 

Title: Helplessness

Kissing Prompt #5: Angry kiss
Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century. 
Pairing: MariChat
Word Count: 3.5k
Rating: T for language (and kissing)
A/N: Oh. My. Lord. Please, just take this. I’ve been agonizing over this for months. I’ve literally partially written each pairing for the square and axed them out at least once because I didn’t like the way it flowed. 

Also: fight scene because I feel like it. Forgive me, for it’s been over a year since I’ve written a proper fight and I’m probably rusty. (The closest are a gladiator game that the main character watched and a giant wave nearly drowning the main character.) 

Oh, and have the angst and the rain for good measure. I’m projecting my own feelings over this prompt on the poor catboy. 


Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century.

Prompt #5: Angry Kiss

I was screaming loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

-Fight Song, Rachel Platten

It’s raining. Of course it’s raining. How utterly cliché for it to be raining during an akuma attack.  

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360. Emotions
  • Louis: Scared; Scared for your life as you're running down the sidewalk, looking behind you every chance you get. A crew of boys were after you; it was late a night and you knew you shouldn't be out, but you wanted to explore. You had only been in London for a few days. Your head whips around just in time to hit the shoulder of a boy who was standing on the side walk, waiting for something. "I'm....sorry" You rush out; Your heart was beating a mile a minute and you could barely breath.. The boy shakes his head and helps you up."No problem love, what are you running from?" He asks. His accent makes you feel bubbly inside. "Boys..." You huff, while trying to control your breathing. Louis looks past your head to see a group of guys coming towards you. He quickly takes your arms and ushers you inside the building. An apartment building. "Quickly" He urges. He pushes you into an elevator and you slump onto the ground. "I'm Louis by the way" He smiles. You put your hand out to shake his, "Y/N".
  • Liam: Bliss; You watch from the bed as Liam circles the room again, your newborn son, Daniel, held gently in his arms. Liam's whispering to the little boy as if Daniel knew what he was saying. He pointed to the things around the room, telling your son what they are. You're heart melted when Liam kissed his forehead, a silent promise from Liam to Daniel. You smile from the bed and let out a content sigh. Liam's eyes met yours and he grinned. "He's perfect, Y/N" He told you. You nodded. "He's ours." You respond. Liam chuckles and sits at your side, still holding your son. "Daniel, this is your mummy. She held you in her tummy for nine months. That's how much she loves you" Liam explained. The blue eyed newborn blinked and you laughed. "Isn't she so pretty? Mummy is so pretty" He continued. Everything felt right. Having Daniel here made everything better. Complete and utter happiness was the only mood in the room. You and Liam were so happy with the new addition. So in love with him. You're family is complete... for now.
  • Niall: Anger; All you can see is red, The blood is pounding through your head, hazing your vision. Niall keeps his safe distance, nervous to see how you react. He cheated. He cheated and instead of feeling upset or hurt, you're angry so so angry. You huff and kick the wall, your sneaker almost creating a hole in the wall. You reach for the closet thing, a vase and throw it down the hall. It shatters once it hits the ground and Niall instantly straightens up. "I hate you." You say harshly kicking the wall again, this time breaking dry wall. "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you" You repeat opening the newly formed hole. Niall grabs your arms in efforts to save the wall, but you recoil, turning swiftly and slapping him straight across the face. A red mark now covers his cheek. He knew he deserved that "Fuck you, Niall Horan. You think you can have whatever you want, but guess what!" You yell at him. Your noses almost touching. "We're done" You finish, You push him away and start down the other hall. Grabbing your purse and your shoes, flipping him off as you storm out of his home.
  • Harry: Pride; The two of you sit in the theater chairs, your nine year old daughter, Mia, is just about to make her debut in Les Misérables as the roll of young Cosette at the West End Theatre. Harry's eyes light up as he saw his daughter enter the stage, her face covered in brown make up and her raggedy clothing. His lips parted through out her parts, hearing her sing in front of thousands. His heart jumped. She was living her dream like he lived his. To perform in front of thousands was life changing. Pride filled his body, every ounce of flesh radiating in the amount of pride he held for his daughter. She was his. She was a Styles. He created that.She finished Castle on a Cloud and Harry swiftly rose to his feet, your son Jace, yourself and the rest of your family rose as well, clapping and yelling for Mia. Tears ran down Harry's cheeks. He was so proud of her. So proud of all the work she did to get this role and to play it with such integrity.
  • Zayn: Nervousness; His palms were sweating as he paced back and forth. The two of you had been friends for years. Why would he be nervous to see you? It's only been the summer. Only two months since he's seen you last. He watched as you made your way down the sidewalk, your tan legs emphasized by the light of the sun. You're hair was highlighted and down in waves. You were wearing a simple babydoll dress and docs for the Malik's annual bbq. Your "dress up" outfit. Because you were always one of the guys. You skate boarded, cursed like a sailor, did everything Zayn, Anthony and Danny did. Zayn wiped his hands on the front of his jeans and smiled at you. "Y/N" He breathed nervously. "Hey Z" You smiled back. "I-i um... Can I ask you something?" He asked, stuttering over his words. The two of you were walking the familiar route back to his, the two of you always meeting half way. "Course" You replied. Zayn's throat went dry and he coughed. "I-um.. D-do you want to maybe go out on friday? Ya'know... see a movie... go to the diner" He suggested. Your stomach flipped. A date. "Yeah" You nodded. Zayn laughed happily, pulling you into him. Finally.
  • This took longer than expected. I started this on Monday...
Nowaki, abandonment, and egoism

no really. this guy is layered like a cake. it’s maddening to see so much of his character glossed over in most fanwork because that, more than anything, really drives home just how convincing his “put on a happy face” act has become with time and practice.

long post and lots of wank under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Lol, thanks for that addendum to your last ask. I'm fairly tired of the fandom assuming that Stana is intentionally excluded from everything she doesn't do, rather than assuming that it might be the way she wants it. (See also: less screentime/days of work, less interviews, less promo materials.)

Me too, Anon. Here’s the thing about Stana; she’s the female lead on a television show. There isn’t much, if anything, that Nathan might get that she isn’t also offered. It’s certainly in both of their contracts that they are expected to promote the show and put their faces out there, but most of the time media outlets aren’t going to get very picky about which of them they get. So long as they’ve gotten some quotes from a lead, they’re usually going to be happy. 

The other side of the promotion angle is that, like it or not, Nathan Fillion is the more recognizable of the two of them. He’s also a great interview, and has fostered a reputation for being so. It’s not a surprise that he’s the one usually on the late night talk show circuit while Stana seems to primarily give print interviews. 

And I’ll be honest, I think Stana does better in print. She’s very well spoken, and extremely intelligent, but she also tends to be easily flustered in tv interviews. That’s not a bad thing, it gives a certainly approachability and cuteness factor to this very glamorous picture that she presents, but spending half the interview laughing isn’t exactly promoting the show. 

Likewise, its pretty obvious that she’s a introvert who works in a public profession. She’s never looked comfortable when a ton of attention is fostered upon her, though she manages to handle it with grace and a certain amount of poise. She’s said time and time again that she’s not in the business to make herself super famous, but that she’s there to tell stories. It’s almost as if promotion is something that she does because she’s required versus Nathan who seems to enjoy the opportunity to go out, meet new people and essentially charm the entire room. 

And, yes, its not only plausible, but probable that in her contract negotiations she asked for a little bit less to do. She’s made it clear that she’s itching to explore some other opportunities, she’s just gotten married, and I don’t blame her for maybe asking that she gets a day off. Nathan’s been beating that drum for years, and it appears he finally got his wish, so it baffles me as to how its nothing for him to be off work here and there, but that Stana would never ask such a thing and is obviously being shafted or taken advantage of. 

I know that she loves her job, but so do I. Sometimes I wish I could take a day off, too. And my work is far less demanding and usually doesn’t take me 14 hours before I can go home.

The bottom line is that studios want to make the actors happy. Obviously that’s within a certain set of parameters that differ per show and per network, but by and large they want the actors satisfied because, if they’re happy, they are far more likely to work longer and, therefore, make the network more money. Stana isn’t stupid, she spends her time how she wants to spend it, whether that be promotion, extra features, filming time and the like. If she were going to feel slighted or shoved aside, she wouldn’t have come back to the show. Remember her statement about her return? She specifically said that she was excited about the plan for Kate Beckett after talking to Hawley and Winter. You don’t have to look very far to catch the subtext of that statement, which was that she knew Beckett was taking a job change and that the role/screen time would shift. She didn’t walk into this blind, she walked into it willingly. 

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So I live in california and my boyfriend has a thing for shower sex but bc the drought we stopped bc it takes longer than regular showers and I don't want to waste water. He gets whiney about it so yesterday he took me outside and we were kissing when he says "Wait a sec" and suddenly POORS A BUCKET OF WATER ON THE TWO OF US and I'm like WTF WHY and he says "I... I thought it might be sexy" and I say "Well was it? Are you satisfied?" And he says "Well... ya, kinda?" and fun eremika au maybe?

Lmao I love this cause I can so see Eren doing something like that. Thank you for sharing! :3

“Eren,” Mikasa chuckled trying to push his face away from pressing kisses to her neck. “Knock it off, I have to go shower.”

“I know,” he murmured from his spot behind her, arms around her waist keeping her back pressed to his chest. “I’ll come with you.”

“If I let you in there with me,” Mikasa said, her eyes fluttering shut. “There won’t be much bathing.”

“So?” He dropped his hands to her hips, tugging her back against his.

“So,” she said as she turned around in his arms. They had been together for years but Mikasa still had a hard time resist him; especially when he was looking at her with that boyish grin on her lips. “Have you forgotten we’re going through a drought right now? We can’t just waste water like that.”

Eren rested his hands on her lower back. “My parents won’t care. They probably would never notice.”

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mistletoe fanfic prompt for ameripan ^^

 “Hey, man, I really appreciate you staying after to clean up!” Alfred exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s nothing, really,” he replied. It’s not like Kiku wanted to, though he did find Alfred’s company a lot more bearable than everyone else’s (if not he wouldn’t have shown up to Alfred’s Christmas—or Xmas—party). Him staying after for cleanup was just out of curtesy since everyone else left him here to deal with the mess.

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