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I’m SO SORRY these took so long, and yes I know I only promised the first one but I couldn’t help my self. I ship Sherbet and Teacup ok. I know it’s weird to ship your OC with someone else’s but I just LOVE it! I think they are so cute. I even have a ship name for them, it’s SourTaffy, cuz Teacup is grump and sherb is sweet :3 but yea it took longer than I thought and I’m really sorry ._.

THIS IS SO CUTE! While i dont ship Sherb w anyone officially, I LOVE THIS SHIP IDEA- they contrast so well and their designs are super cute and complimentary!

10/10 Would draw again

OOC: I had a dream about the Heroes the other night

I tend to remember most of my dreams in high detail, so I like to write down the really cool ones. Well a few nights ago I had a dream about the Heroes, and I thought it’d be fun to share here :)

WARNING: This is wayyy longer than I thought it would be. Like, it’s super long. Hope you don’t mind. lol

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fornhaus  asked:

Hi I'm new to the fairy tail fandom and I was wondering if you have any good fairy tail blogs to follow?

hello and welcome to the fairy tail fandom! we’re a big family, which means there’s a lot of great content that may or may not take over your entire life

first things first, we have such talented people that post the best ftgraphics out there and we are blessed to have them with us! these graphic makers include

@acnologias-ass, @angrycucco, @ayumichi-me, @blazexkeys, @bludy-chu, @ccrispy, @constellunaa, @fadingsoulss, @fairyheart, @fairymadoshi, @gajeely, @hymad, @karasufairy, @karokitten-chan, @keiid, @laharts, @leons-7, @lucy-ft, @miroo8, @namiiswan, @phoenixx305, @seiikas, @shadoouge, @taleen777, @tartatail, @wendychuu, and @zelkam

then there are the lovely fanfic authors which are secretly my favorite people, I’m not biased I swear and they devote so much of their time to our favorite ships, it’s unreal. these authors include

@amehanaaa, @chikach00, @doublepasse, @epeolatryx, @ff-darkshininglight, @lonestorm, @magerain, @mushi0131, @nothingbutwordsstuff, @papalogia, @phantompierce-okamoto, @rivendell101, @siriusly-random, @solidscriptjess, @soprana-snap, @stopnatsu, @thefairywrites, @unashamed-shipper, @x-benihime, and @zerooff

and finally, we have the all-around fun fairy tail blogs that decorate our dashes with our favorite characters! these blogs are the best to look through if you’re in the fairy tail mood. these blogs include 

@celestial–aphrodite, @dragneelmedown, @enicuna, @fairytailconfess, @fairy-couples, @fairyghibli, @fairytailreactions, @ft-positivity, @gajeelsenpai, @hadatita, @loveandlucky, @iluvfairytail, @itschildofthefairies, @miss-zei, @mrsallsunday, @totallycorrectfairytailquotes, @shizutans, @summylise, @the-archangel-of-zeref, @ultear, @waterlocks, @wendiuh, and @x792s

as you can see, there’s a lot of us! but lucky for you, we’re a big family that welcomes you with open arms~ I hope you enjoy your time with us! 

anyone is more than welcome to reblog and add their own favorite fairy tail blogs!


AMC presents … Into The Badlands

Don’t tell me that someone who presumably convinced Jim Moriarty, in the spam of five minutes, to kill himself if necessary and predicted three terrorist attacks on twitter in less than an hour did not foresee Sherlock having to say I love you first. That was the whole point. Eurus wanted him to face his feelings and prove to him how detrimental they are to his thought process. The prospect of losing Molly Hooper made him lose his cool and his logic. (Duh, of course there was no bomb in her flat you dummy).

He knew that Molly loved him. He knew that asking her to say the words was cruel. And that’s why the whole make-her-say-it procedure took far longer than it should have.. He hesitated, rambled, begged. He was a mess of emotions. A disconnected Sherlock would have lied to her face in order to save her life 10 seconds into the conversation. This is what he is best at. Seeing the bigger picture and putting feelings aside to achieve the goal. Being a soldier. And he is brilliant at it. But this is the woman he loves. Hurting her hurts him too. That’s how it works. Add a death threat on top of it that turned out to be a scam and that’s what you get. 

gif by @whenisayrunrun

That scene was so powerful. I shall never recover.