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Bungo Stray Dogs ch.47

All That Matters.

Prompt: Hey can I pls have a stiles imagine where the reader and stiles have been dating for 2 years now but have known each other since primary school and one day he just starts ignoring the reader but she doesn’t know why. You can’t decide how it ends thanks! Also how long will it take to write???❤️ - stilesxxstilinskii 

Author’s Note: So sorry it took me longer than expected to get this done for you! I hope you like what I came up with. It hit me with a lot of emotions in some parts! – Also, it features Scott :)

Happy holidays!

Also, shout out to @amylillian22 for helping me with the plot! :)

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All That Matters.

(Y/N) sighed as she hung up her phone and sat it on her desk. Five times. She’s called Stiles five times today. Texted him a few more, and still hasn’t gotten a response. She didn’t want to come off as a crazy possessive girlfriend, but the truth was, she actually hadn’t heard from him since he dropped her off at home on Friday after school. She had no idea why he was ignoring her, and she was starting to get worried. She couldn’t think of anything that she may have done or said to make him start avoiding her. They were fine on Friday at school. He gave her a ride there. They walked each other to their classes. Ate lunch together with the rest of the pack. And he drove her home. Everything was fine and normal.

So what happened between the time he dropped her off at home and a few hours later when she texted him to see if he wanted to grab dinner together somewhere? She wracked her brain trying to think of why her boyfriend of two years would suddenly start avoiding her. More than that though, they’ve been best friends since grade school. Their biggest argument was in middle school over how she couldn’t get into Star Wars. He still nags her about it and tries to get her to watch it from time to time.

She hated to do it, but she decided to call in some sort of reinforcement. If Stiles wasn’t going to talk to her, then she knew who he would talk to. She picked her phone back up and opened a new text message to Scott.

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{ five's company // ch. 6 }

{ idk how long this story is gonna be now that i think abt it lol // i know i updated like 3x now. being sick means being in bed all day and i wrote a ton! this is one of the requests i have officially fulfilled. if you have any requests to see in this fic, my inbox is always open!

spanish used (whoa!!!)

¿Qué tal? - what’s up?

- yes

princesa - princess }


Lafayette left the hospital tired and shaken up. He said goodbye to everyone on his floor, and as soon as he reached the elevators, he sighed. Thankfully, he was alone in the elevator. No one would have to see him like this.

He headed to the parking lot with his messenger bag on his shoulder and searched for the car.

It took slightly longer than expected, only because Lafayette had totally blanked on where he had parked, but he hit the clicker a few times and followed the sound. This wasn’t like him.

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Request: Hello! Are you still taking requests? If so can it be about the reader having a relationship with Grant Gustin for almost three years and decided to go on a trip to Greece(i’m from Greece that’s why) so he can learn about the reader’s culture and both of them have a surprise for each other(the reader is pregnant and Grant is proposing) plzzz!!

Notes: Okay this was really fun to write and sorry it took longer than expected but I hope you like it!!

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Number 25 with Grayson :)

“Where have you been, I was ready to call the police!” You shrieked, panic rising in your throat as you took in Grayson’s face, checking to see if he was hurt in any way.

“Babe, I’m fine.” He assured you, slipping off his Gucci slides with a sigh and kicking them to the wall.

You watched as he moved toward you, shaking your head.

“You had me so worried, where were you?” You asked grabbing his arm.

He bent down to peck your lips, smiling easily at you.

“I told you this morning. I was off filming with E and Cam and it took longer than we all expected, that’s all.” He said and you felt your shoulders slump in relief, bringing him in for a hug.

“You scared me.” You whispered, looking back up at him.

Grayson grinned, leading you to the living area and sitting down on the couch, bringing you down with him. You sat back with a sigh.

“Oh, by the way. I have a new tattoo.” He said, bringing the sole of his foot up for you to look at.

You couldn’t contain the shriek of laughter that left your lips as you took in the heart with an arrow piercing through it, Ethan scrawled right in the middle of it.


gif credit: teamunderoos
Summary: Deadpool greets you on the rooftop of your apartment as you wait for Peter. When Peter arrives, he becomes jealous of Deadpool’s flirting and confesses his attraction towards you.
Word Count: 1,447
A/N: Super sorry this took longer than expected haha, hope you like it anon!

A sigh of content escaped your lips as a steady breeze combed through you hair and the florescent city street signs lit up the midnight skies. Although the commotion of careless cars zooming through the rain-slickered roads and the rowdy crowds of people entering and leaving bars below you could be a disturbance to your serenity, it was expected for a Friday night so you didn’t allow it to bother you and besides, your attention had been on Peter, who promised to surprise you at the rooftop of your apartment complex after his duties of Spider-Man were completed. Your daydreaming ended when, out of the corner of your eye, you watched a blurred flash of red swiftly swing through the sky, and land on the rooftop. You rushed towards them and held your arms open to pull them into an embrace.

“Peter,” You exclaimed, “I missed you.” You peppered kisses over the masked face and caressed his latex clad back.

Who you thought to had been Peter, pushed you away abruptly. Your mouth fell agape upon realizing that they lacked Spider-Man’s blue accents and the intricate web design that covered his suit. This had definitely not been Peter. Instead, their mask possessed large black patches over his eyes, contrasting their crimson red suit. You gasped and timidly backed away.

A chuckle erupted from the stranger, “Sorry but it’s Wade, not Peter.”  He narrowed his eyes and added, “But to you it’s Deadpool.”

“D-Deadpool?” Your voice shook in fear, his tall stature hovered over you, intimidatingly.

“Yep, and you must be the girl Parker won’t shut the hell up about.” He snickered.

“You know Peter? How?” You questioned.

Deadpool shrugged, “Yeah, sometimes we fight crime together.” He threw a punch in the air to imitate a fight and mockingly pretended to have web slingers as he pointed them at random surrounding buildings, “Pew, pew.” You rolled your eyes at his complete immaturity. He spun around to face you again, “Are you waiting for him or something?”

You nodded, “Do you know where he is?”

“Not a clue,” He replied while peeling his mask off his face to expose his wrinkly and splotchy face, “But you can hang with me until he comes.”

You were apprehensive about his offer as you had only just met the man. But before you had the opportunity to decline, he proceeded to sit on a ledge and pull you next to him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. The few stars that appeared in the sky, twinkled behind sheer, gray clouds. Deadpool swayed your body left to right as he hummed a quiet melody.

“Pretty romantic, am I right?” He joked, “I bet Spidey wouldn’t hold you like this.”

You tried to sustain annoyance but an uncontrollable giggle escaped you before yet another figure landed on the roof and approached you, this time, it was the actual Peter.

“Hi (Y/N)…” Peter greets before his voice trails off upon noticing Deadpool, with his arm still wrapped around you. His heart sunk and his fingers trembled at the sight, he couldn’t believe that his best friend and crush seemed to have been getting a little more than friendly with Wade.    

Wade moved his lips over your ear and whispered, “Just play along okay.” He then looked back at Peter, “Hey, Parker, (Y/N) and I were just,” He paused before gazing into your eyes, “about to kiss.” He let out an exasperated sigh and cupped the back of your head and leaned in towards your face and stopped just so his lips merely hovered over your own, creating the illusion of a heated kiss.

As he watched, Peter seethed with jealousy that boiled in the pit of his stomach. He wanted you to be his, not Wade’s.

You pushed Deadpool away playfully and motioned Peter to sit beside you. When he plopped down, he rolled his mask off.

Peter nervously strode towards you. He sat beside you and rolled his mask off. He protectively placed a hand on your thigh, squeezing it.

“So how was crime fighting?” You wondered.

“It was good, I mean tonight I was just patrolling but the city seems fairly safe to me tonight.” He rambled, “Anyways, did you finish the…” Peter’s voice was cut off by Deadpool.

“Before you so rudely interrupted,” He stated sarcastically, “I was just telling (Y/N) about how I kicked more ass this week than you got in your whole life.”

You burst out laughing at his rude remark and playfully shoved him. “That was mean.” You giggled.

Peter’s brows furrowed. His heart sunk feeling defeated. “I-I gotta go.” He commented, ambling away from the two of you.

You jumped down and chased after him. You pulled his hand into yours and tugged at it. “You’re not going anywhere.” You ordered. “Is there something wrong?”

The tips of his ears turned scarlet and his eyes darted away from you. “N-No, w-why would you think that.”

“Because you don’t want to hang out with me,” You began, “Is it what Wade said? He was being kind of a jerk.”

He shrugged. “Not really, he always says stuff like that.” It was the truth. Although his comment annoyed Peter, he was used to the taunting and admittedly, he found it amusing sometimes. But what made his heart burn with envy was the way Wade held you and made you laugh.

“Then what is it?” You questioned, oblivious to the nervous undertone of Peter’s voice and his flushed cheeks.

A long pause ensued awkward silence between Peter and you. Your eyes remained gazing into his, sympathetically as you patiently waited for an answer. In the background, Wade was inventively watching the both of you as he eavesdropped on the conversation. “C’mon, Spidey, just tell her.” He murmured, knowing that Peter was head over heels for you.

“It was just the way you guys were interacting.” He blurted, “T-The way he had his arm around you and he almost kissed you. It’s obvious you like him because you were laughing at his jokes! They were terrible! How could you possibly find them funny?”

You cocked your head, “And why do you care, are you jealous?”

“No.” He scoffed. Although he denied your claim, the blush on his face indicated differently. You raised your brow at him. His face returned to hiding behind his hands and he sighed. “Okay, yes.”

“Why would you be jealous?” You wondered.

“B-Because,” He stammered, “Because I like you!”

“You do?”

In response, he hesitantly nodded. You placed your hand on the small of his back and rubbed it gently. “And let me get this straight, you think I have a thing for Wade?”

“Well, yeah.” He mumbled.

You giggled, “Peter, he’s like twenty years older than me and definitely not my type, don’t worry.” You caressed your hand against his heated. “Plus,” You added, “I like you anyways.”

His eyes widened and the way his face lit up caused your heart to burst. “I-I-I,” He stumbled, lost for words.

You pressed a finger to his lips and leaned in towards his face, “And every time I see you, I think about doing this.” You trailed your finger down his lips and stopped at his collar. You hooked your finger around his shirt and tugged him towards you, your lips crashing onto one another’s. His eyes remained open, in shock while his hands were awkwardly placed on his laps. You brushed your hand up towards the nape of his neck and you tangled your fingers in his hair. You lifted your lips from his slightly. “Relax.” You whispered. He sucked in and nodded, trying to steady his shaky breathing. This time, he pulled you in for a kiss. He cupped your cheeks in his hands and deliberately brushed his lips against yours, not wanting to rush the moment that he’s been waiting for since the beginning of your entire friendship. The deeper the kiss got, the faster your heart beats were. When your lips lifted from his, your eyes gazed dreamily into his and it felt as if time stopped and the only thing that mattered were the both of you. “Wow.” He gasped. You grinned but your face fell when you heard Wade’s voice mocking you in the background.

“Peter,” He sighed, in a high-pitched voice, “I love you.” He continued by puckering his lips made embarrassing smooching noises.

“Shut up, Wade,” Peter grumbled before pulling you into a warm embrace.

Replacement (Hinazumi)

♥♥♥ From Toni @porkcutletslut to Serahne @all-my-lovely-fics♥♥♥

A/N: I’M SO SORRY SERAHNE!! This took way longer than I expected, and my classes have been very stressful. Despite this, I really hope you can enjoy what I’ve written for you! They’re such cuties; I’ve never written this pairing before, so I hope I did it justice! Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!!

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“The young professor took a sip of his hot coffee and smiled. It seems that someone forgot to ask for payment.

‘Well, what’s to be done about that?’ he mumbled.

He suppose he’ll just have to come back tomorrow again then.”

A Coffee shop Rhink AU that no one asked for!!!! ft. Professor Rhett ;)

I wanted to color this…but I just can’t….

Not with that background….so I just settled with this…black, white, red, grey I got going on.

This took longer than I expected *sighs*

Also, talking about coffee shop AU, you should check @imaginehimandhim “mythical brew” fic! 

Assassins Daughter Prt 3

Summary: Avengers go to Rocky Horror and Natasha is a little jerk.

WARNINGS: the usual language and what not, but also violence and some kissing. A few sex jokes and violence/implied PTSD.

(A/N): part three everybody thanks for everything guys sorry this one took a little longer than I expected hope you like it!

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Friday morning you woke up with a groan. You did not make a good morning person ever, and it really didn’t help when FRIDAY had sunlight streaming in your fake window like no tomorrow. You sat up and rubbed your eyes before screaming.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NATASHA!?” She was watching you sleep, sitting in a chair reading an old book of yours.

“Well, I was reading this book, before somebody rudely interrupted. She sighed and sat the book down.

“I have news.” She told you.

“Okay well I haven’t had coffee yet.” She handed you a mug. You took a sip from it.

“Not enough sugar, continue with your news.” She rolled her eyes at you before continuing.

“First off, Steve likes you. Like a lot.” You started to say something but she cut you off. “Second thing, Bucky and Clint are totally screwing, and I’m not allowed to tell anyone so you don’t know this.” You looked at her like she was crazy.

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based on this post lmao this took forever to write, also wtf am i doing with my life.
Edit: Also on AO3

Being woken up to incessant pounding on the front door at three in the goddamn morning did two things to Mickey Milkovich: piss him the fuck off, because honestly; and send a surge of panic through him. 

He immediately climbed out of bed and pulled his sweatpants on, glaring at Ian, who only stirred and mumbled something under the covers; asshole could sleep through anything. The knocking continued and seemed to get more urgent the longer it took Mickey to thump down the stairs. 

As soon as he heard a muffled string of angry Russian coming from the other side of the door, he sighed, letting his head fall back. At least she didn’t sound panicked or scared or something warranting anything other than en eye-roll.

“Seriously?” he groaned, unlocking the door before he swung it open, “The fuck?”

Mickey wasn’t expecting his son to be standing next to Svetlana. Before he could open his mouth to question what was going on, the Russian shoved her way inside, her grip tight on Yev’s upper arm. The sixteen year old flinched, but followed without a fight.

“Sure, come on in,” Mickey mumbled, closing the door.

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