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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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For The Better

Steve Rogers x Reader college AU

Summary: You break up with your cheating boyfriend of two years, and Steve’s there for you like the good dude™ he is.

A/N: i love college AUs way more than i should tbh. also should i do a part 2? i kinda feel like i should but idk come let me know

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You turned your key in the door of your tiny Brooklyn apartment—which you shared with your boyfriend of two years, Josh—stepping inside and twirling the keys around your finger before setting them down on the small table next to the door. You shrugged off your jacket, hanging it on one of the hooks on the wall.

“Josh?” You called out, kicking off your shoes and walking through the house to find him. “I’m home!” You decided he must’ve been in the bedroom. You turned your wrist to look at the face of your watch. It was 6:00, so he had gotten home from work about an hour ago. He was probably taking a nap.

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Mtl of bts liking the fact that you send them meals at their work

Idk if that’s even allowed because I don’t know how that works in the kpop industry. But let’s say it is ^^

1. Jimin. I don’t know why, but I feel like he would just really enjoy your homemade meals simply because you make them. And he’d probably enjoy bragging about it to the other members.

2. Taehyung. Pretty much the same as Jimin I feel like, only he’d like it slightly more for the opportunity to brag about his loving partner.

3. Jin. He’s been saying lately how he doesn’t love food as much as he used to, but I feel like he would love your food because it shows that you care a lot about him. Plus, he’d feel guilty if he didn’t eat it.

4. Hoseok. He’d like this way of showing that you care about his wellbeing, so it’d be appreciated.

5. Yoongi. I think it depends on what he’s doing tbh. If he’s just practice, he’d be fine with it but not care much, as he would get something to eat anyways. But he’d highly appreciate it when he’s locked in the studio, as he tends to forget to eat when he is.

6. Jungkook. I feel like he’d be kinda shy about it? Like, his hyungs don’t have someone who sends them food, so he’d feel like it makes him stand out more. He wouldn’t mind it much, and kinda appreciate it, but it’s not something you have to do.

7. Namjoon. Like with Yoongi, I feel like it kinda depends on what he’s doing, but also how long it’s been since he ate. If he’s practicing, he doesn’t really care much for it. And same if he’s producing. But if he haven’t eaten for hours while being in the studio, he’d absolutely love it.

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Dice in Hand

Pt 1
Pairing: Ron Weasley x Tracey Davis
Setting: Modern, non-magical AU-specifically North Carolina. This is one of those hook-up stories that just spawned into fake dating bc… I’m a mess tbh.
Written for: @provocative-envy

Author’s Notes: I took this prompt: (Ron Weasley X Several Naps X Being Appreciated) and this prompt (GRINDR AU) and it became?!? this?? Idk y’all I’ve been cackling ever since this hatched in my brain it practically wrote itself #whatISsleep

Happy Birthday Andi -  I love you LOTS AND LOTS and i’m grateful beyond words for all of your stories XOXOX

The sun comes up across a watercolor skyline, and a woodpecker merrily drills away as the humidity rises. 

Ron is spread out on his back, splayed like a starfish and snoring gently when his phone goes off. He haphazardly hits snooze, turns over and bumps into her, coiled in his quilt.

Last’s night’s date. He still remembers her Tindr profile.

Tracey, 61 inches tall, but ready for the big kid rollercoaster. Animal lovers a plus, Redskin haters not welcome.  
She’s wearing his Eagles Jersey and has her tawny locks scooped haphazardly into a bun. He blinks that thought away and drifts back off to sleep.

A second alarm goes off sometime later and this time it’s Tracey who sits up and disables the phone alarm, before she scoots out of his bed. “I’m just gonna take a quick shower, 5 mins tops.” Her voice is serene and she quietly moves toward the bathroom.

“It’s fine, take your time,” Ron calls back, wondering if there are any clean towels left. That thought stirs him into action and he grabs a shirt as he heads towards the linen closet.    

A phone call interrupts his thoughts.

“Ron, I’m glad you’re finally awake,” His mother states in lieu of a greeting.

“Morning Mom it’s always a pleasure,” Ron replies impulsively.

“It’s nearly 10am, why on earth are you sleeping in on a beautiful day?”

“I was up late last night wo— never mind,” he rolls his eyes and leans against the doorjamb “what’s up?”

“I hope you remember we’re having dinner this weekend for Harry’s birthday” his mother Molly chides.

“You know, I don’t know how I could’ve forgotten” Ron gasps.

“Charlie’s in town for a few days, and I’ve talked Percy into taking a day off and coming down, so if they can be there, you can be there mister,” his mother says tartly.

“I know, ma, I already have his present, and I’m scheduled to work the late shift on Monday,” Ron says, dragging his next thought out “so my plan is to spend the night and stay over for breakfast.”

“Lovely!” Her tone immediately improves.

A scream and a thud suddenly come from the bathroom.

“Tracey!” Ron shouts and bolts towards the door.


Shit Ron thinks and mutes his phone. “Tracey?? talk to me,” he says tentatively.  

“I’m fine” Her voice is shaky, “I just slipped on some soap… I’m probably gonna have a bruise on my backside but otherwise good.”

His mother’s voice bellows on “WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE?!??”

The shower turns off. He barely hears the window open and what sounds like breathing exercises.

He un-mutes the phone “It’s fine, just someone joking around. How is Percy doing?” Ron responds, evading the question.

“Ronald, why did a woman’s scream—”

Ron mutes the phone, clears his throat and knocks on the bathroom door. “Uhhh…I found you a clean towel?… Not sure if there’s one already in there so…”  

The door cracks open a few inches and her hand slides out, “thanks, darlin’ I’ll just be a sec,” she drawls out.

He exhales slowly as he sits back down on his bed.

The lively sounds of home continue from his phone.

“Mom, I’m sorry, a prank between Dean and a friend spiraled outta hand” he says, desperate for a reprieve. “What are the dinner plans for Sunday?”

“Ron, that sounded like a woman screaming,” Molly tries again, calmer. “Please tell me who it is.” There’s an edge of worry in her voice. Ron hasn’t heard her like this in a while.

“Honestly, someone slipped getting out of the shower, but everyone’s OK” he says, unable to artfully dodge the Mothership. “I promise you-”

“Let me speak to her” Tracey, says still wrapped in a towel. “Please,” she adds, her hand extended.  

“Alright,” he replies, as he hands over his cell.

“Ma’am, this is the screamin’ damsel.” She says dryly, accent more noticeable than last night. Huh.

“Yes’m I promise I’m fine, nothing bruised but my pride.” She deftly assures his mother. His mind drifts as they chitchat. He returns to the conversation and hears something concerning.   

“Of course, I’d love to be there,” she replies. “I’ll bring beverages, what’s the poison of preference?” Tracey asks, nodding her head at the answer. Her soft laughter follows.

“Me too Mrs. Weasley, see you then,” she hangs up, a quiet nervousness permeates the air.

“Your mother invited me to dinner on Sunday,” she says as she hands him back his phone. His mouth goes very, very dry.


When he wakes up the next morning he sends her a text offering a last minute life raft, wondering if she’s changed her mind.

(9:43 am) You have approximately 75 hours to save yourself :O
(9:43 am) I’ve survived much scarier I promise lol.
(9:43 am) hahaha
(9:44 am) seriously, your funeral
(9:44 am) i have 6 siblings
(9:45 am) would now be a good time to mention i’m an only child?

He laughs and notices something else.
His sheets smell faintly of peaches.


20 Questions with Dr Ferox #8

My gosh, there’s just so much stuff you vetlings want to know, isn’t there? Well, knowledge is good, so here we go with yet another info dump as I try to answer a big slew of your questions in one hit.

Anonymous said: I sometimes get your patreon emails or an update on your blog while I’m studying/struggling in the wee-hours of the morning (vetmed). I’m in WA, so where-ever you are it’s also late/early. What are you doing up in the witching hours?

First of all, I am an AdultTM and as such I am permitted to set by own Bed Time. There are many reasons why you might receive notifications from me so ‘early’.

  • I have a blog post on queue every morning between 5am and 6am my time (so probably 3am and 4am your time). It goes up automatically, so I can see initial responses before I go to work.
  • I think Patreon sends its emails at the same time each day, regardless of when I post. I certainly don’t type there early in the morning.
  • Sometimes I’m on nightshift and can get kinda bored at 3am sometimes.
  • Sometimes I just can’t sleep, especially with the changing day/night cycles.

Most of the blog runs on queue, honestly. At least three posts a day do.

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Any chance for an extension on the super sweet run down you did for holster and his sisters about his huge bi crush on ransom? Like about what happens when they do get together and there's so much teasing! Or just like how rans and holster actually get the to getting together point !! Or maybe what about ransoms family? Like what if there was a mass birkholtz and oluransi family thing for graduation and all the siblings bind and concoct a master plan ?!? 😊😊


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October 16 3:14 pm
how are you handling this so well?

October 18 12:46 am
it’s almost 1 in the morning and I know texting you is probably the stupidest thing ever but god damn it I miss you so fucking much and this has been so damn hard for me to go through. I miss you and I love you

October 18 1:01 am
I feel like this has been so easy for you and I don’t understand how.

October 20 6:07 am
it’s been a week since you left and it still hurts all over. I wish you’d come back.

October 20 8:29 am
someone asked me how we were doing. I had to tell them we broke up. it hasn’t gotten any easier saying it out loud.

October 23 11:24 pm
we went from talking about marriage to “we’re done.” how the fuck do you flip a switch that fast?

October 30 8:07 pm
do you even miss me?

November 30 12:27 am
lmao idek why I’m bothering to do this because it’s probably pretty pointless and I’ll look hella dumb but I just really fucking miss you. everything about you. I miss looking at you sitting in your chair watching some movie and smiling because you’re my boyfriend and God damn I’m so lucky. I miss laying on your bed with you and just laying there. I miss having sex with you because it wasn’t just sex. sex is so different when you’re in love with that person. I always gagged at the term “made love” because it sounds fucking cheesy but I understood it when I experienced it. I miss everything about you and I fucking hate that you’re the only thing that’s so clear in my mind when I’m so high I can hardly think. I hate that I can’t seem to move on like I should, I hate that you’re perfectly okay with being just friends because I can’t do that. I can’t take the risk of me being friends with you and watch you end up with some other girl because I don’t think I have the mental resilience to handle that. I just fucking hate everything about this situation and I crave you so much. I crave your presence, being next to you. being with you just felt right and I can’t shake the feeling that every guy who would want anything to do with me is so wrong because he’s not you. there’s this kid in my English class who wears the same smelly stuff that you do and the first time he sat by me, my heart nearly beat out of my chest because my first thought was you and then I missed you even more. I don’t know how to not miss you. I miss you every single hour of every single day. there’s not a place I go where I don’t think of you at some point. I see something about a movie we watched, I hear a song that I sent to you or a song you sent to me, I see something I think you would like. anything makes me think of you. a song came on the radio, you probably wouldn’t remember it too much, but it’s Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and its your ringtone when you text me. and I literally felt like every ounce of air in my lungs got knocked out of me and it took everything in me not to break down. I find myself wanting to tell you things throughout the day but I can’t. it’s been almost two months, you would think I would be used to not being able to do that but apparently not lol. i know I’m rambling and it’s not really clear what I’m trying to say because tbh I don’t really know. I just know I miss you so much it hurts and it gets hard to breathe sometimes and I find myself wishing you would come back 9 times out of ten but I have higher chances of getting out of college debt free than that. idk. maybe this time next year none of this will matter and I’ll be fine but all I know is right now I wish I could go back in time and change everything that’s happened and right now I might be okay but I’m not fine at all and hahahah I just need to fucking stop because I’m really rambling and idk what else to say other than I love you. to the sun, the moon, and all the stars lovebug.

January 1 12:00 am
I love you more.

—  texts I would’ve been better off not sending

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Can you write one where Steve walks the reader back to their apartment building one night (they're neighbors) and a group of guys starts catcalling to her and confronts them and Steve is... Not too happy

uh YES i was actually gonna write somethiNGA LIKE THIS WTF mind connection me and you?maGIC??

Okay so I couldn’t help myself because I am trash for Steve tbh. I love you nonnie! feel free to send me feedback. I kinda changed it a teeny bit, I hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 1233 (i got carried away)

Warnings: none, but the guy says some creepy ass shit. also, bad language words lmao

kinda fluffly, not really. what would you label this? idk someone tell me!

“Second Date”

Both of you ran out of the bar, dying for breath. You laugh your ass off as you hold onto Steve’s hand, trying to make him run faster.

“Oh my god, I can’t fucking breathe!” you wheeze. “Dude, get moving! They’re going to know it was us!”

“I’m running, (Y/n)!” Steve yells, gasping for breath.

You may or may not have accidentally started a flood in the women’s bathroom. And Steve may or may not have accidentally started a fight with a group of guys over sports. It was just a mess. But a fun mess. You couldn’t remember the last time you had had so much fun on a date. Most guys just wanted to small talk and have sex. But Steve was different. He’s the most genuine and caring guy you’ve ever met.

You stopped running and turned a sharp right into a dark alley. You had to stop, you were running out of air. After a long time of going without sufficient oxygen in your lungs, it hurt to breathe.

“Shit, my lungs are literally burning,” you cough. You let go of his hand and held your sides.  “Fuck…cramp.”

Steve put his arms around you and bent his knees, “You okay?” he asked worriedly.

Oh shit, you were seriously falling for this guy. And it was only the second date.

You smile reassuringly while still panting, “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m just not very fit.” That was lie. You were trained in martial arts.

Steve grinned back and took you by the hand, “Let’s get outta here. It’s almost midnight.”

Already? Four hours had already gone by, but it had felt like only an hour.

“Alright,” you say. “You don’t have to walk me, though. I literally live 6 blocks away.”

Steve shook his head and looked at you with his soft blue eyes, “No, no. I can’t let the beautiful lady walk home alone at this hour. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you.”

WHAT THE FUCK? Why was he such a gentleman? Looking at Steve, you could confidently say that chivalry was not dead–it was standing right in front of you in the form of this beautiful man. You stopped yourself mid-thought. Stop it. Don’t think about how perfect he is. Shit. Now I’m thinking about it.

“Okay,” you say weakly. Walking side by side, you talk to him about the time you almost died at the mall.

In seconds, Steve is about to pee himself laughing too hard. He says in between his cute laugh, “Oh my god…that’s fucking…hilarious.”

“Language,” you joke.

You’re only one block away from your apartment when you hear another set of footsteps. Carefully, you glance behind you. There’s a man following you. Shit, shit, shit, shit. You fake a cough to get Steve’s attention, who looks at you with knitted brows. Then you nudge your head back slightly, signaling him to look behind. When he see’s the guy, he grabs your hand protectively. He takes a turn at the wrong street, so that the guy won’t see where you live. Maybe he’s just going in the same direction as us.

“Hey sweet cheeks, I know you saw me,” the creep shouts. Shit. “You mind if you take me home instead of this guy?” You gulp. Sensing your body tense, Steve holds onto your hand a little tighter. “C’mon baby, let me see your smile, huh? I’ll show you a good time in bed if you do.”

That’s it. You stop in your tracks and turn to face the guy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” you ask sarcastically. 

“Who else would I be talkin’ to, sweetheart?” the guy asks annoyed.

“Well, I thought you were talking to your dick,” you smile innocently. “I didn’t want to interrupt, it sounded kinda important.” You drop the fake smile and put on a dead-serious face. You crack your knuckles, getting ready for a physical fight if it came down to it.

“Don’t be like that baby, I just wanted to take you in bed.”

That’s when Steve loses it. He takes long strides towards the creep and punches him in the jaw. You’ve seen a lot of fights, but this was a different level. He put all his weight into the swing and you could even hear the jaw crack. Damn. 

The creep fell on his back onto the sidewalk, holding his jaw in his hands, crying out in pain. “What the fuck, you asshole?” he mumbles.

“Next time you learn how to treat a lady right, or else I won’t go so easy on you,” Steve growled, stepping on the guy’s ankle. He cried out in pain. “I’m not going to waste my energy trying to break your ankle.” The creep staggered away, but when he turned back to look at you, Steve grabbed him by the collar. “Get lost.”

Steve sent him scrambling away, fearing for his life. The entire time you stood there with wide eyes. That’s not what you were expecting. You didn’t think Steve knew anything about combat. You thought he got muscles just from lifting. Steve walked back to where you were and grabbed your hand.

He looked at you, and seeing your dazed look he asked, “Are you okay, (Y/n)?”

Shaking yourself out of the trance, you reply, “Yeah I’m fine.” You could tell he didn’t believe you. “I was gonna knock him out myself,” you say confidently, trying to reassure him.

He smiled at your confidence and walked you back. “Glad I walked you back?” he asks with a smirk.

You scoff at him, “Please, I’m a professionally trained fighter.”

“Then why were you wheezing so hard back there?”

“Okay first of all, I wasn’t wheezing. And secondly, I’m not a cardio-kinda person,” you say defensively. This earns a chuckle from Steve. Ugh, his laugh though.

In front of your door, you face him, looking up at his calm face. He bit his bottom lip, trying to think of something to say. But you beat him to it.

“I would invite you in, but my roommate should be here by now,” you say with a bit of disappointment.

Steve looked down at his watch, “Damn, it’s really late. I promised your parents I’d bring you home by 11:00.” 

You smile at his joke, “Well, mister, you’re three hours late.”

He beams at you, and you’re almost blinded by his teeth. You give him one last smile before turning around to open the door. When you look back at Steve to wave goodbye, he unexpectedly wraps an arm around waist and gives you a deep kiss. Nothing too slobbery, but a perfect goodbye kiss. It definitely leaves you wanting for more. You’re about to drag him inside for a round two but you hear your roommate singing in the shower.

“Looks like we’ve been cock-blocked by my roommate,” you give an apologetic smile. Steve takes your face in both of his hands and gives you another kiss.

“Maybe, if you want, we can go to my place?” he says eagerly.

“I can’t, my parents are already so pissed with me,” you tease. You place your hands on top of his. “I’m free next Friday though. Maybe I’ll see you then?”

“You know it, doll,” Steve says, gingerly placing a kiss on top of your head.