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I’m going to stop selling the SONS OF GASTER book after March 1st, this is the last chance sale! 

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  • 124 pages, 4.25″ x 6.88″
  • Black and white with spots of colour (like in the comic)
  • Ships from USA
  • CONTAINS: Darker Yet Darker and all 3 chapters of The Second Son of Gaster
  • Unofficial Undertale Fan comic, it’s a sad story that will make you feel sad, no makeouts

Oh my GOSH it took 5 weeks for the stupid proof to get to me, I’m so sorry for the delay. I’m sorry I live on the moon as far as the Post is concerned. 


Ok… When I watch this scene in my playtrough I was like….“Oh she freezed up maybe 4-5 Pokemon… that’s kinda terrible but I disappointed that Gamefreak didn’t go further than that”

….It took several rewatch of let’s play until I realize that the square patterns on the wall are all Pokemon container…….


The most common uncommon words of SGFG // part 1
   ↪ part 2
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Why CS was laughably bad in 6B

1) In Emma’s wish world, Emma gets an “anti meet cute” with fat, old, drunk Hook which debunks the theory that CS are meant to be together in every timeline and every universe. When August asked Emma who Old Hook was she sheepishly answered that she “sort of” lived with him… then proceeded to fling him away and made fun of his weight before making him disappear as if he were just a roadblock in her way.

2) Emma was so disappointed that Wish!Hook was a fat drunk (”I really need to get home and get someone off the rum“) so she asked the real Hook to give up drinking (”We’re gonna switch to water“)… and guess what? Hook has shown no signs of quitting in later episodes (“Captain Morgan, I thought we were sticking to water?” / “Any of you lads old enough to drink rum?“ / “I’ll bring the rum”). Hook clearly has a drinking problem but if Emma is his true love, shouldn’t he listen or make an effort to give up a bad habit for her? But then again this is the same guy that killed an innocent man even though she begged him not to…

3) Hook KILLED Emma’s grandfather for senseless sport in an episode named “Murder Most Foul” so no I didn’t imagine that. To make matters worse, Hook proposes to Emma instead of confessing the truth like Archie suggested he should… and the proposal happened in an episode titled “Ill-Boding Patterns” which means foreboding evil; inauspicious; unlucky (oops?). No amount of CS kisses will erase that image of Hook’s bloody sword piercing Emma’s grandfather from my brain especially it was only 10 episodes ago. 

4) Hook was gonna burn his memories instead of telling Emma his secret so he was willing to start a marriage with more deception instead of following Nemo’s advice. This is how you fail a redemption arc because no matter how you spin it, Hook DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH until he got caught! Emma said “no more secrets” TWICE and still Hook does this BS.

5) Hook was gonna abandon Emma without telling her until he crossed paths with Snow who told him a happy ending was possible for him. So basically he lied again when he said “I would never leave you”. 

6) Emma admitted she needed to move on from Hook after only one day lol. She didn’t even think there was a possibility Hook was in danger and to go look for him before throwing his things out? So much for true love.

7) Emma’s character assassination: are we sure she still isn’t the Dark One? Emma beating up and choking an abuse victim for “love” - Was that supposed to be badass? I know Emma didn’t know Gideon was abused but the audience knew and Emma the hero/protagonist was supposed to know better. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil” - After everything Emma has seen with Regina, Zelena, Hook, etc how could she even say that? How come Emma couldn’t tell with her “superpower” that Gideon wasn’t even in control of his actions? Emma agreeing to sacrifice her parents in order to be with a lying boyfriend is utterly selfish and not what the real Emma would do. If the writers think Emma’s “devotion” to Hook is romantic then they are doing it wrong! If Emma being “in love” means forgetting who you are at your core then as an SQer I don’t ever want this version of Emma for Regina.

8) CS were “confirmed” true love by pixie dust of all things… seriously? The writers could’ve just invented a new flower but no it had to be freakin pixie flower which WE KNOW was faulty and WRONG in case of OQ. Furthermore, writers added an extra detail that these flowers only grow in the presence of “great evil” ROFL! So I guess CS are bad TL like Zades and non-endgame TL like OQ huh?

9) Their second proposal happens over Emma’s parents’ comatose bodies…. which reminds me of their makeout session at a graveyard, where a child just buried their father 5 seconds ago. Their reunions are always so epic (plz sense my sarcasm)!

10) Not only was the CS wedding rushed and half-assed but it took place in a musical? Sounds like a joke but ok… Emma’s wedding dress was SO NOT her style (don’t even get me started on the head/veil thingy) and it was a cheap copy of Grace Kelly’s. This is NOT a good parallel for CS cuz Grace Kelly gave up her career/individuality for a kingdom and a man she didn’t even truly love. Later, she wanted to divorce him but couldn’t cuz she was told she would lose custody of her children. Therefore, this is NOT a “modern fairytale” that anyone should want to emulate for themselves.

11) The musical episode confirmed that Emma’s heart was filled with true love by her parents so the Underworld True Love test (“Only a heart filled with true love can pass.”) last season wasn’t actually about CS at all lol.

12) Hook meeting pregnant Snow in flashback when he’s about to marry Snow’s child in present time is creepy ewww. Jacob/Renesmee from Twilight anyone?

13) Hook said it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding but he did anyway… means their marriage is doomed? On HIMYM, Robin got divorced and Tracy (the “mother”) died when the Barney and Ted saw their respective brides before the wedding so that superstition has to mean something if storytelling rules apply lol. 

14) Hook is supposedly a “changed man” because of Emma and yet he’s still going on about “finally skinning the crocodile" when he poisoned Rumple with Dreamshade he’s kept from Neverland. We knew Hook was a liar but now even his wedding vows about letting go of revenge are a lie lol.

15) Emma still couldn’t unfreeze Hook with her kiss before giving her heart to the Black Fairy but we are supposed to accept that they are true love rofl.

16) Emma still looks lifeless and sick. I’m sorry but the “no makeup” look shows me that Emma is not truly happy with Hook. I don’t buy that this is WallsDown!Emma cuz she has already let her walls down for Henry, Graham, Neal, Walsh, Snow, Regina, etc in seasons 1-4 without losing the makeup. In real life, even battered women seem “happy” and are in love with their abusive partners… so don’t tell me to respect Emma’s choice of wanting to marry the dude who invited all the Dark One’s to terrorize Emma and her family, allowed one of them to choke Emma, called her degrading names like “orphan" and “blonde distraction” just cuz he was pissed… and continues to be a douche who lies like he breathes. In s6 finale, even MentalPatient!Emma has the same tired, ghostly pale face so is Emma still under Dark Hook’s curse from last season?

17) NO CS TLK in the finale either! Let it be known that every single one of their kisses has failed to break a curse lol.

Call me a delusional, salty, bitter shipper whatever but the writing for Emma/CS has been atrocious. When canon fails to deliver and tries to sell a mediocre love story as “epic” then all I can do is laugh tbh.

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The cover is amazing and looks like somebody took a picture of them. If so...who took the pic 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀? Is there somebody extra in the game 👀👀👀 is it leftover wackson??

Joon: ok guys y'all better not fuckin mess up *props camera on a rock* when I count to 5 bE in positioN AND LOOK LIKE YOURE HAVING THE TIME OF UR LIFE I dont give a shit if u eat dirt just don’t eat dirt in those 3 seconds I need this as my new header it’s gotta look great

OK 1 2—-

LGBTQ+ Representation in Volume 4: What we could have gotten

So lately I’ve seen a lot of people talk about LGBTQ+ representation in RWBY and I wanted to share my many MANY thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind that this post is going to be very long and will contain an extensive list of all the things the writers could have done in volume 4 that they didn’t.

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i don’t think i posted these? it’s a piece of cardboard from those toilet paper tubes, so it’s curved a bit and stayed on her head.

she stayed in the first position for like 10 whole minutes, just frozen. i was like “bambi are you ok?” and she looked up at me for the second pic and stayed there for another 5 minutes before i took it off her head. what a dweeb lmao

I almost didn’t make it to the start line this morning. I woke up with the worst cramps and honestly felt like I was hit by a bus. I managed to stick to my original race plan of a 10:40 pace until about the halfway point when I started to feel horrible again and came to terms with the fact that it just wasn’t my day. Not every race is going to be perfect and I’m learning to be ok with that. So for the last 5 miles I enjoyed the beautiful day and tried to make the most of it. Not even close to what I’m capable of running but every second of this race took a lot of grit. Considering I almost stayed in bed this morning I’m extremely proud that I didn’t quit or walk. Finishing on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field was such a cool experience and I’m glad I ended the race in good spirits to enjoy that moment. Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the day laying on the couch with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Happily Never After (Part 3) - Ashton Irwin

Part 1

Part 2


You kept driving further away from your shared home with Ashton and it seemed like the only thing you knew how to do was drive away. It was a mixed feeling actually. Thinking about the incident that happened in the bedroom with him and remembering what he said made you feel heartbroken and pissed off, of course. But at the same time you felt happy. The further you drove away from your home, even to no planned destination, you felt yourself feeling happier. As if you were free almost. The memories you made with him up to recently made you happy. And that was something you couldn’t lie about and say it never made you smiled. You smiled because you were happy those memories happened, but still heartbroken that it’s ending. 

The only thing you got your hands on before you left the house was your phone. You threw it into the passenger seat and not once have you opened it. You heard it non-stop vibrating and saw in the corner of your eye the multiple texts and phone calls you were receiving, but you obviously got a hint of who they could be from. 

After about an hour of driving, you parked at a gas station to take a break. You leaned your head against the steering wheel and stayed like that for a while to gather what happened earlier. 

You finally decided to check your phone and your lock screen was filled with notifications. 

Ashton ♡ 

Missed call (9) 

Ashton ♡ 

iMessage (23) 

Luke H. 

iMessage (5) 

Calum H. 

Missed call (2) 

Calum H.

iMessage (3) 

Michael C. 

iMessage (7) 

After seeing these notifications, the first thought that came across your mind was, “damn… I’m going to have to take out that heart next to his name.”

Even though you already had a clue what these texts would be about, you still went through them. 

“y/n where are you? You’re not answering any of us." 

"Helllloooooo? Y/n it’s Calum. You don’t have to call back Ash but call me back bye" 

"listen here you lil shit if you don’t answer Luke, Calum, or me I will punch you in the boob…. ok I won’t do that but just call or text us back. We really are concerned." 

After going through some of Luke’s, Calum’s, and Michael’s texts and voicemails, you finally read through the messages that you least wanted to. 

"y/n please answer your phone." 

“at least call back one of the boys please" 

“you’ve been gone for what feels like hours now." 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen…" 

"I really did love you." 

"No, I still really love you. More than anything I swear" 

"Please contact back." 

Honestly, you started to feel bad again for Ashton. He sounded like a lost and confused person that doesn’t know what to do with his life. But honestly you couldn’t. Not after knowing that he was with another girl doing who knows what and that it happened more than once. 

The words "it wasn’t my fault this time” replayed in your head so much that you were sure it was the cause of your growing headache. 

After sitting in the gas station’s parking for a bit, you decided that the least you could do is text back one of the boys. But one of them definitely not being Ashton. You sent a group text out to Luke, Calum and Michael. 

“Hey guys, I’m fine. No need to worry. Just needed a drive to cope. I’ll probably go back home now." 

You threw your phone back into the passenger seat and reversed out of the parking space and started to drive home. Somewhere you didn’t want to go but knew you had to. It took a little over an hour for you to finally pull up into the driveway. 

You grabbed your phone to see if you got any new texts and they were all from the group chat you sent earlier. 

"Ok call us if you need anything :-(" 

"Calum cuddles are great for if you ever need some comforting" 

"Kick Ash in the balls if you need to" 

You tucked your phone into the back pocket of your jeans and walked up the steps leading towards your front door. The happiness that grew earlier quickly faded when you came face to face with the front door. You knew what was on the other side and you knew what will happen when you opened the door but it seemed like you couldn’t stop yourself from doing so. 

As you walked in, everything seemed to be the same as it was when you left. The only difference was the silence. 

Before, your house with Ashton would always be filled with music or the TV turned on. Or yours and his giggles from being goofballs and jumping on the couch together in your pajamas. Or the smoke alarm going off because he burnt the pancakes from being distracted by giving you kisses. Or him calling your name across the house because he was whining about not getting any cuddles. 

But now, as you stood in the middle of your living room you questioned if it was even real. Unless he just did those things because he remembered he was still in a relationship with you so he still had to act like it, not like he wanted it. 


Your thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice that seemed more broken this time. 

"Y/n thank God you’re alright." 

He quickly moved from the bottom of the staircase over to you but you hesitated towards his open arms and stepped back. He immediately saw you inch away from him so he got the hint. It hurt him like hell that you backed away from his touch but he understood where you were coming from. 

"Where did you go?" 

"Just out for a drive. Needed to clear my head." 

You cleared your throat as you hung up your car keys then turned back around to him, crossing your arms. He looked like hell, and you were sure that you did also. His eyes were red and wet. Messy hair pointing in all directions. His bummy choice of clothing of his sweat pants and a loose tank. 


You started off to break the silence. This was going to be harder than you thought. 

"Y/n… I know the last thing you probably want to do is look at me right now or even hear me talk but," 

Ash cleared his throat when he heard his voice crack at the end. 

"I really am sorry for what happened. For everything. And that I couldn’t be honest with you. One thing I was honest about is that I love you. And that hurting you hurt me just as bad. I probably sound like such a coward but, um-" 

You watched his head drop to the floor as he ran his hand through his hair. You stayed in front of him, arms still crossed, listening to him 

"But you deserve better than me. You deserve happiness and unlimited love and honesty and everything in the world. I just wish I could’ve given that to you." 

"Yeah, me too…" 

"So… I know you probably won’t forgive me but I’m still-" 

"I forgive you." 


He looked up at you wide-eyed, surprised that you actually said that. A small smile grew on his face and he once again approached you with open arms. But you stopped him by placing your hand on his chest. You looked at Ash and saw confusion written all over his face. You brought your hand up to his cheek and used your thumb to wipe away the tear that fell when you rejected his touch once again. 

"But I’m not coming back Ash. Look, I’m not going to hold a grudge against you and keep this sort of thing in my life so I forgive you I just- I’m looking at you right now but I just don’t see you. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see the you that I thought was with me." 

You deeply sighed and shook your head before taking your hand away from his cheek. He moved his head to where your touch left his skin, thinking that if he moved he would find your hand there and be able feel you again. But he didn’t. So he shut his eyes in pain knowing that he’ll never be able to hold you again. And that you won’t do the same to him. 

"I came back to at least hear you out. And get some of my things." 

"So… I guess now that you heard me out, you’ll be-" 

"Leaving. Yeah." 

The two of you awkwardly stood in each other’s presence before you took the courage to walk upstairs to what used to be yours and Ashton’s room. Now it’s just his. 

You grabbed your suitcase and duffle bag from the closet and tried to pack as much as you could, thinking you could just come back for the rest. Or maybe have one of the boys do it for you. 

After about an hour of packing and going through your things, you went back down stairs and Ashton was still in the living room. He was sat on the couch, elbows propped on his legs and head in his hands. Once he heard you come down he immediately got up and looked at you while you walked towards the door. 

You turned back around to him before reaching into your pocket and pulling out something that you left upstairs earlier. 

Your engagement ring. 

You put it down on a nearby table and looked back at Ashton. It’s like you could hear his heart break. But there was nothing you could do. It was his fault and the both of you knew that. 

You opened the door and pulled your luggage out and noticed Ash walk up. 

"Um, just, you know. Call me if you need anything. I’m always here for you." 

Yeah. Sure you were. 

But you couldn’t say that to him. 

"Okay, thanks." 

You turned around back to your car before you heard Ashton shout back something else. 

"I meant it!… You know, that I love you." 

You looked back at him and shot him an apologetic smile. 

"I know Ashton." 

And just like that, you walked down the path and loaded your things into your car. As you got in and started to back out, you noticed Ash still standing in the open doorway, watching as you leave him while he has nothing to do but accept the fact of what he had done, knowing that he can’t break you. But he was right. You do deserve better.

SORRY PART 3 TOOK A WHILE. :( But I hope you guys still enjoy this and thank you to whoever requested a part 3 :) feedback is appreciated thx bye ily ok 

Protect you

Warnings: Pregnancy, cuteness

I sighed as I leaned my head on the window, my eyes following the drops of rain falling down the window. My parents were dragging me to a new state for a ‘new life’ due to my pregnancy. How is taking me somewhere new going to make anything better? Taking me away from friends…family…the father? “Y/N stop moping, this is going to be good for you. Beacon Hills will help you. Its safer.” She explained for the millionth time. It isn’t any different to Michigan. “Yeah yeah mom I get it” I mumbled. She shook her head as my dad continued to drive. 

As my dad pulled up into our new driveway, my stomach started to turn. “See the baby already hates this place! He/she is trying to pop out of me so they can run away.” I explained holding my stomach. My mother rolled her eyes and opened her car door stepping outside. My father came around to my side, offering me a hand and helping me out. “Thanks dad” I smiled. He nodded, taking out the new house keys and turning the lock of the front door. It was a small, two story rented house. Beacon Hills seemed dull, mysterious. I felt like I had a lot of urging questions but I didn’t know what they were yet. I shook it off as we walked inside. The hallway was a burnt lime colour with wooden floors. I used the stairs to walk towards the bedrooms. My parents had our furniture delivered and unpacked into this house before we arrived. I found my new room with my old bed, dresser and my posters were rolled up with rubber bands around them in the corner of my room. I had a new built in wardrobe and my parents bought me a small T.V for my wall. I’ve never had one in my room before. I flop onto my bed, sprawled across it. “Oh, sorry baby. Did you feel that?” I ask not expecting an answer. “What am I going to do? I knew you wouldn’t have your father around but back there I had my friends there for me. Here I have no one.” I sigh. “Well I guess its just you and me sprog”  I smile to myself stroking my baby bump. “Y/N don’t forget you’re starting in Beacon Hills High School tomorrow! Make sure you’re prepared. I’ll wake you up bright and early.” My mom screeched from downstairs. “Oh just piss off already” I mumble as I pull myself up, taking off my makeup and changing into my pyjamas. The only fun part of being pregnant is the ironic pyjamas…and the excitement…not the part where I have to push a 10 pound baby out of my….area but the fact that I am going to have a spawn of me! Something I created will be introduced to this world. I pulled out my book ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green and start reading it again. I continued to read until I felt my eyes droop and slowly drift off to sleep, forgetting my troubles and worries for a night.

~The next morning~

“Y/N up you get!” My mother taunted coming in and ripping the sheets from my body. “Oh my godddd whyyyy?!” I whine refusing to open my eyes and trying to grip the sheets. She chuckles to herself. “Not a chance, now…up and dressed.” She smiled placing my duvet cover beside my closet so I would have to get up to get it back. Whats the point? I thought to myself rolling out of the bed and searching for an outfit for the day. I decided on this: I finished my makeup, my hair and put my reading glasses into my bag. I stepped into the kitchen, grabbing some breakfast and deciding to walk to school because it was only two blocks away and I didn’t want my mom torturing me with another car ride. I looked down at my outfit, hoping my outfit kept my bump discrete. I strolled towards the school and met the principal at reception. “Ah, M.S Y/L/N I shall show you to your first class.” He smiled handing me my school timetable. I nodded as I followed him to my first class. History with Mr Yukimura. He lifted his knuckles to the door, waiting for a response. The principal explained that I was a new student joining his class and Mr Yukimura nodded with a smile. “Welcome Y/N please take the seat behind Theo” he pointed towards a young, buff boy with brown messy hair and brown eyes. I took my seat behind him and he turned around giving me a small wave. I laughed quietly and waved back. He seemed nice…and gorgeous I thought to myself. Really Y/N? 8 months pregnant and you just…never mind focus on the class. I averted my eyes to the board and listened to some boring thing about some old dude who died hundreds of years ago.

As I was walking to my next class two girls came up next to me. “Hi. I’m Kira Yukimura.” The Asian girl introduced. “Yukimura? As in…the history teacher?” She sighed “yeah that’s…my dad” she hesitated. “Oh you poor thing” I pouted “I’m Lydia” the strawberry blonde girl introduced. “Well it’s nice to meet you both. I’m Y/N” I smile as we walk into our next class. Biology. “You’re mom doesn’t happen to be the teacher of this class does she?” I asked Kira sarcastically. “Haha very funny” she rolled her eyes with a laugh. We walk into the class and introduce myself to the teacher and the process repeats itself.

At lunch, Lydia and Kira offered me a seat at their table. I obviously took the offer. I didn’t wanna sit alone. “Woah Y/N that’s a lot of food” Stiles chuckled. “It’s what happens when you’re pregnant. You eat like a cow.” I shrugged biting into my apple. “Wait a second…you’re pregnant?” Stiles asked. I looked at him confused. “Yeah can’t you tell?” I ask. “No…I mean…you don’t look it. How far along?” He asks curiously. “8 months, 5 days and 7 hours” Scott answered for me. I looked even more confused at him. “Ok how did you know that?” I ask turning to him. His eyes went wide at his last words. “Uh-h wild guess?” He shrugs it off and everyone looks around awkwardly. I didn’t understand. That was exactly right. How did he?….

“What the hell Scott??” I heard Lydia mutter thumping the back of his head. “Guys! The baby! It’s one of us! It’s…it’s a werewolf!” He whispers but it’s almost a shout. “A WHAT?!!” I asked worried as I come out from behind the corner. Their eyes shot over to me like arrows. Scott chuckles nervously. “It’s nothing. I was joking it’s obviously not a werewolf.” He said scratching the back of his neck. “Scott! Start talking” I instructed standing right in front of him. “Ok…werewolves exist…I’m a werewolf…Lydia’s a banshee…Kiera’s a kitsune…well stiles is just human but he was possessed by a demon for a while” I look at him in disbelief. “You’re talking shit Scott. Stop trying to scare me!” I croaked, my eyes filling with water. “Y/N I’m not lying…and with these Dread Doctors that we have following us, looking for new ‘patients’ you’re not safe. We need to protect you…all of us.” I shake my head trying to walk away but the pack blocked me. “We can’t let you leave” Theo said standing behind me. I turned around and saw him and a few other people. “You guys are crazy! I’m not a werewolf so how would my baby be a werewolf?!!” I almost shouted. “Y/N shut up! You’re going to get us all killed! But we need to protect you. You’ll be safe with us…always” Scott reassured me pulling me in for a hug. “Ok…I believe you.” I mumble against his shirt. What the hell was going on? What’s a Dread Doctor? Here are those questions I knew I’d want answers to when I first arrived here. ___________________________________________ A/N:

Part 2: I hope you enjoyed it! This was requested by someone who was anonymous so if you want you can request anything and ill reply and see if I can do it I hope you enjoyed this and if you did don’t forget to follow, turn on notifications for when I post a new imagine and give this a heart or a reblog. Peace out Girl Scout!x


A/n: I’m sorry I haven’t been writing on this account, but I hope you enjoy the VERY FIRST Andy biersack imagine.
(warning fluffy)

I paced around the bathroom as my pregnancy test developed the answers I was so nervous about. This was the longest 5 minutes of my life.
After 5 minutes I got a ’+’. I tried 2 more test, all said the same thing.
suddenly I herd a knock at the door.
“ love, are you ok? You’ve been in there for a while.” Andy said. OH SHIT.
“ yeah I’m fine, I’m just playing around with my hair. I’ll be out in a second.” I responded. I shoved the tests in their boxes and threw them into my makeup drawer, Andy never goes in there. Then I messed up my hair a little to make it seem like I was fiddling around with it. I took a deep breath and walked out into the living room where Andy was. “
Andy looked at me walking towards him and smiled.
“ hey there mrs. biersack,” Andy said with all smiles. We just got married about a month ago, and just got back from our honeymoon a couple weeks ago.
“ hey there mr. Biersack,” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. Just looking at Andy made everything thing sink in. I’m FUCKING pregnant. Wait a second- Why was I so nervous? I’m married to the love of my life, I’m not particularly busy (I mean kinda busy 😉), I know Andy won’t act like a jerk, so why was I so nervous? Then it hit me, am I even fit to be a mother? Well, I guess I have to be in 9 months, I have no choice.
“ what are you thinking about?” Andy asked seeing that I was spacing out.
“ nothing, just thinking about if we started a family, ” I said shrugging. “ how many kids would you want?”
Instead of answering he pulled us on to the couch and made us as close as possible.
“ I don’t know, 2 maybe? I definitely want kids.” He finally answered. He started to look off into space. I guess I got him thinking, is that good or bad?
“ hello? Earth to Andy!”
“ oh- sorry! I like the idea of us starting a family. The idea of us being parents, us creating life. I can’t even imagine you being pregnant!” He chuckled.
“ wait a second I’ll be right back” I ran into the bathroom and got a pregnancy test. I ran back out with it behind my back.
“ well, babe, you don’t have to imagine,” I reveled the test behind me and gave it to him.
Andy’s eyes widened as he looked at the plus sign. He looked up at me for a moment, then he attacked my face with kisses. Tickling me in the process.
“ oh my gosh Andy, chill!” I said laughing enough to make my stomach hurt.
“ I can’t ‘chill’, I’m going to be a daddy!” Andy said with excitement. “ when did you find out?”
“ when I was in the bathroom, fiddling around with my hair.” I winked. All of a sudden he picked me up and kissed my stomach.
“ love ya little guy!” Andy said to my stomach. “ I love you too, y/n”
“ I love you, Andy.”

A/n: I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

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what about top 5 jealous harry moments?

I’m glad you asked :)

1. Of course I have to start with the best of the best. This interviewer got a little too touchy feely with Louis’ knee and Harry got just a tad possessive and HAD to pat Louis’ knee too. Gotta remind everyone in the room that he is the only one who can touch Louis like that. If this were a cartoon, there would be a thought bubble over his head screaming “hey that’s MINE” I am cackling. x


2. One time the boys were all eating together and Harry unleashed his inner petulant little child because Louis and Zayn were feeding each other. Harry literally announced “I’m getting jealous over here” and flicked the food off of Zayn’s chopsticks. I’d honestly say he was just kidding because who’s this obvious, but look at Harry’s face. He is pissed off. Jealous baby boyfriends ^_^ x

3. Apparently Harry doesn’t like Lilo either because when Liam sat on Louis’ lap, he took one look at Harry’s bitch face and got up so fast he probably feared for his life for a split second. If looks could kill…

4. Louis and Zayn were having a little moment during a radio concert and decided to just hug it out. Well Harry didn’t like that very much and had to pat Louis’ knee ONCE AGAIN (is that his signature move or???) as a way of saying ok ok that’s enough now. x 

5. That time during one of the tour diaries when Harry was all happy and giggly UNTIL Niall and Zayn go in to poke Louis’ nipples. Even Liam laughs at it but the smile just slips right off of Harry’s face within a millisecond. Just watch the video, he actually pouts…??? x

Jealous possessive LouisandHarry is one of the many things that makes life worth living. Sometimes I find myself wanting to jump through the screen and scream PLEASE calm down and get a grip you two. I love them  

Also I realize all of these are old moments. There are quite a few up-to-date jealous Harry instances as well but the old ones are just so funny because he literally couldn’t contain it back then. It’s a little embarrassing bless his heart. I think he’s learned to tone it down a bit these days.


Ow. Goddamn ow ya’ll. Ok so my “core” aka torso was sore from yesterday so I decided to do some yoga, maybe stretch things out a bit get blood flowing, forgot that “engaging your core” is essential in like EVERY YOGA MOVE EVER that plank in Wake Up and Connect got broken up into 4 sets of 5 seconds each because that was the most I could do but still I decided I hadn’t done enough yet, that took less than 10 minutes, not good enough, so I did Level .5 of the first page of Hero’s Journey. (will do post re: Hero’s Journey in a bit, it’s really cool and deserves more space) I figure when I can do Level 1 all the way through I can move to the next page but so far I fell in the floor after doing 30/30/30 and 12 respectively. I feel good so about this whole thing so far, feeling stronger and kind of occasionally proud of myself, a little..

anonymous asked:

Ok I loved everything about this script /post/166900478404/tossertozier-i-read-this-script-to-have-a-good (which one is it, btw, Cary's?) but it took me like a solid 5 minutes to figure out who "Will" was. Just call him Bill ffs

Yes this is from one of Cary’s scripts but I don’t remember if it’s the first or second draft!


kellin quinn appreciation post

ok so here we have kellin quinn trying to be badass and not giving a fuck. applause.

and here we have kellin smiling with a beanie on top of his head and he def should put more beanies on his head bc cute af

i love this picture so much because i love his smile and you should too because it’s a blessing from above

cool (((((((((;

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Voodoo Doll LAYERED
5 Seconds Of Summer
Voodoo Doll LAYERED

So guys I did another layering audio edit but this time with 5SOS acoustic
“Voodoo doll One Mic One Take” and the studio version

Tears were shed and I did it at 1am please don’t hate me.


Left ear=Acoustic Right=studio version

Please don’t repost or delete original source as it took so long to get right. If you would like to credit I wouldn’t mind :’)

Ok but :(( imagine going to this Halloween party with him and he would ask his friend to take a picture of his costume so he would pose but you would stand aside and start making funny faces at him causing him to start giggling and you’d do something more to make him laugh even harder so his friend would be like “wtf dude are you drunk” and he would point at you and continue laughing but once his friend turned his head towards you, you’d have a straight face fixing your dress as if nothing happened. As his friend turned to look at you, he accidentally took a picture, and this was the outcome OK BYE TF