this took like 5 hours to make im not joking

i went thru the mcr//eyes tag and blocked every single blog in there which took almost two hours and there are a few things ive noticed abt people who ship it: 1) they never shut up abt antis like im not joking every other word that comes out their mouth is anti 2) they all seem to like killing stalk/ing 3) they rlly like whitewashing jesse 4) the obvious racism in the form of over sexualizing reyes and making him big n scary compared to jesse 5) they have no followers 6) their art style is ugly 7) all the art is nsfw 8) most are women 8) they ship incest and pedophilia and other gross stuff alongside this shit 9) i hate them

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hey seo my mom and i are out with her friends and their kids who are my friends. And i was happy. I was loud and making the room laugh. I guess i spoke about something funny she didnt like too much and she decided to say something. "You know. You act happy wheb you're out and pretty much act depressed at home haha. Ur such a shitty person for doing that. " in japanese (with japanese friends) it took me 1 mental hour and 5 real seconds but i had to laugh it off and joke about that. Im tired now.

dsjfsjdkdfskjj that sounds so so awkward and uncomfortable urhg :( idk what to say that might help, but gah, i hope that you’re doing okay ;; sending you good vibes, anon!!