this took like 20 minutes ignore me

Five Minute Writing Challenge

I was tagged int the 5 Minute Writing Challenge by the lovely @changedmystars. I know I’m about 5 minutes late to the game but life, ya know? Also not too many people know I (attempt) to write fic. It’s something I do for me. This took me longer than 5 minutes (it’s about 1k), I didn’t want to stop, and maybe I’ll like flesh this out one day (or just add it to my ever growing list of fic ideas that I’ll never write). 

Thalia gave me the idea of like a Co-Stars AU so here is my stab at it…

He feels like he’s walking onto the set of Magic Mike. except there is only one stripper, well two including him, but he tries to ignore the fact that in about 20 minutes he is going to be basically naked and in a bed with LIAM PAYNE. Never mind the fact that there is about 15-20 crew members floating about. Luckily most will clear out when Harry is finished going over the scene boards. He’s been texting Zayn all week over the start of the film, and Z can tell he’s literally shitting bricks.

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