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RTMI: One time when I was like 11 I tried to run away from home but didn't quite know how so I just took a shovel from the garage and went into the woods behind the house and just started digging a hole. Like I was out there for a good 5-6 hours just digging straight down and then I just took off my shirt and just... ripped it to pieces to make it look like I was a wildman and just laid down in the hole. I think I was there half naked for about an hour before my mom found me. (1/2)

(2/2) She asked what I was doing. I told her I didn’t know. She just said okay and then went back inside. I stayed in the hole until sundown. Then I went back inside with my dirt-covered everything looking like I had been half-maulled by a bear. My dad just asks “have fun?” I said not really. He just nods and says to take a shower. I do. I continue digging the hole the next day. I do this for about a week. Best fucking time ever. Hole is still there 9 years later.



This took me 2 hours to make ._. I drew this with my new drawing tablet I got for Xmas, I barley use it cause I like drawing on paper but I got curious and drew with the tablet.

Submitted by @maypixals

WHOA!!! Good thing you have something like that… I struggle on drawing with my fingers as the stylus… Q -Q

But ya know you should practice more ~~ Pretty sure you’ll do better next time~ ^^


Happy Birthday, Marimo! UwU

All of them had flowers I thought symbolized them and their colors best and then there’s these two:

Mihawk [ Anthurium : Hospitality ] & Perona [ Ghost flower ] Hehe.

“Awww, you’re so proud Mihawwkk.” “Quiet.”

Mr. Jealous || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: 2,21 with jughead jones please

“If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to make you shut up.”

“Jealousy isn’t cute on you.”

The reader has been spending a lot of time with Archie working on a project and Jughead gets jealous.

A/N: For some reason, this took me 4 hours to write. Don’t know why.

Gif: @winchestheart


Jughead Jones always saw Archie Andrews as a threat. Everyone loved him. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Kevin. Meanwhile Jughead was a loner. People were afraid to approach him. Archie on the other hand, people flocked to. You had been best friends with the both of them for years, but the incident between the two of them forced you to pick sides. After what Archie did, you know you couldn’t forgive him, not yet. If Jughead was wary of Archie, you were beyond paranoid. You knew exactly what went down and didn’t trust Archie one bit. Imagine your frustration when your history teacher paired you up with Archie for the end of the semester project. Joy. You wished you were paired up with Jughead but because he was in a different class, there was no chance of that happening. You decided not to tell him about you and Archie being paired up. Jughead was Jughead and you knew he would be stressed out by it. Despite you attempting to keep it a secret, your boyfriend of ten months found out anyway.

One night, Jughead was walking to your house, preparing to surprise you. He had wanted to hang out with you that night, but you had texted him saying you had too much homework. Jughead, having nothing to do that Thursday night, thought he would come over anyway and try to help you with the geometry you hated so much. What he saw through the living room window boiled his blood instead. He saw you with Archie, the two of you sitting close together, talking about something. Even laughing together. He had to restrain himself from marching right up to your door and beating Archie up (like that could happen.) He left instead, deciding to go to Pop’s, fuming all the way.

The next day at school, you couldn’t find Jughead anywhere. He seemed to have disappeared. Until your off period that is. You were opening your locker, preparing to put your textbooks away when you heard,

“What were you doing with Archie last night?”

You rose your eyebrows at your boyfriend’s jealous tone.

“How’d you know about that?” You asked, turning to him. “Were you stalking me? Because jealousy isn’t cute on you, Jug.”

He shook his head.

“No. You said you had a lot of homework, and I know how you can get when you’re overloaded with work so I decided to come over. Try and help you out. Then I saw you and Archie laughing through your window, and well…” he trailed off, realizing how he actually sounded, cringing at his words.

“Oh, seriously?” you asked, annoyed. “You really think we would do that, Jughead? That I would do that?”

Jughead looked down and you scoffed, putting your books into your locker.

“No, I just—it’s just that—“

“We were working on a history project together. Then we began catching up. He was telling me about football and his music. That’s it.” you said.

Jughead’s eyes popped open.

“We had a history project?” he asked.

You burst out laughing and closed your locker.

“Wow. You were so busy focusing on me and Archie that you didn’t realize we had a project due today worth 25% of your grade. Typical Jughead. Do you even know who your partner is?” you asked, feeling pity for the poor guy or girl saddled with your boyfriend.

He shook his head and said,

“Okay, but I had a valid excuse, I was worried about—“

If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to make you shut up,” you said, as you reached out to hold his hand, the two of you walking down the hall.

Jughead grinned slyly at you before you finished your sentence,

“First by helping you with that project! Come on, you have three periods until history. I’m sure there’s some supplies from the art room we can use to pull this thing together!” you called as you ran down the hallway.

Jughead sighed before running to catch up with you. What had he done to deserve such an awesome girlfriend like you?


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I listened to Marina and the Diamonds Solitaire and this happened.

has this been done yet


Game Aesthetics: Nick (Left 4 Dead 2)


I lost my mother, my country, my birthright.
Niflheim was the only life left to me.

for my dearest ravus lover, @ravusnoxfleurett.


make me choose: [t] noir or one shot [by (2) anonymous]

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What are you being a coward about?

I’m being a coward because I have a choice and I don’t want to even acknowledge that it’s there and it’s mine to make.

Oh Johnny, this is gonna be so long… Like it should almost be titled “My Story Thus Far.”

In brief: yesterday’s appointment ended up being entirely about the questions I had written out. Which bring up a choice. I have made progress over the last few years, but I am stagnant (on the eating disorder front) right now, and the question is how do I want to proceed? Am I okay with this level of functioning and hopeful improvement (and a butt load of hard work) as an outpatient or realistically, what do I need to actually move forward if I do indeed want to? (i.e. residential.) What’s getting in the way?

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ohhh okay, so how about Nsfw scenario of Aomine with his gf at the night before his flight to States?(they just have sex like usual, but didn't know it's ended up to get her pregnant) thankss

Sorry this took so long to write, I wasn’t sure how NSFW to make it so its quite tame lol I hope you like it!

You were upset, he could tell. At this point in the relationship both of you could read each other like a book. You were sat up in bed, glancing over at the digital clock on the night stand beside you. 2:05 am, four more hours until he had to be out the door and on his way to the airport to catch his flight. You continued to stare silently at the time telling machine as your boyfriend sat up next to you, having been watching you the whole night, knowing that you hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep yet. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his lap and you allowed it, leaning back against his chest. You could feel his lips pressing kisses against the back of your neck as you rested your hands on top of his, secured tightly around your body.

“You’ve gotta get some sleep babe” He muttered against your skin.

You cocked an eyebrow, shifting around in his lap to face him, your legs now wrapped loosely around his waist.

“You’re one to talk, you have a long ass flight to be on in a couple hours and I’m the one who needs to sleep?”

Aomine smirked slightly at your response, not saying anything cause he knew that you were right… as usual. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours as he bit down on your lower lip lightly and you immediately responded, parting your lips as you ran your hands up his chest, feeling his own hands slip underneath the hem of the large loose tshirt you wore to bed. You could feel his fingers, calloused from all those years playing the sport that he loved so much trail along the sides of your body as they came to a rest at the sides of your breasts, where they lingered for a moment. Your arms found their way around his neck as you sighed quietly against his lips, leaning into his touch which earned a smirk from him as he pulled the large shirt off of you. You pulled back slightly, pushing him down onto his back, kneeling over him, using your arms as support.

“Are you really going to start this right now?” You questioned with a small smile.

“I can sleep on the plane” He muttered, brushing off your question.

You frowned slightly, pulling yourself off him, sitting next to him again. A part of you wanted to tell him to stay, forget about leaving Japan, but at the same time you knew you couldn’t simply ask him to not go to America.


You glanced over towards your boyfriend, sitting up again.

“We’re gonna be fine, I’ll be back, it’s not like I’ll be gone forever”

He pulled you back into his arms again and you allowed him to, resting your head against the side of his neck, pressing soft kisses against his skin lightly. Although he was saying these things, it felt like this was a goodbye. You hooked your fingers around the waistband of his sweats, pulling at them lightly as they started to come off, wanting to distract yourself from your thoughts as he helped you out of your bottoms as well, eventually leaving the both of you undressed as he pushed you onto your back. He kissed his way up along the length of your body, causing little mewls to bubble from your throat before he found his way up to your lips, kissing you deeply as he so often did when you two were intimate. However, you were unable to bring yourself fully out of your thoughts as you pushed against his chest with your hands once more, making him pull away to look at you.

“Daiki… maybe we should just end things here” You muttered quietly.

Your boyfriend stared at you for a moment before shaking his head with a quiet, almost frustrated sigh.

“You don’t mean that” He stated, already knowing that it was the truth. “Trust me when I say that we’re going to be fine. I’ve thought about it too, believe me I have. But do you really think I’d let you go that easily? Fuck no, you’re the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met and you manage to deal with my shit better than even I do. You know, you’re one of the smartest people I know, yet you’re being ridiculously stupid about this.”


“Well am I wrong?”

When you didn’t respond he sighed quietly.

“We’re gonna be fine, I know we are, don’t worry so much about it”

You lay there staring up at him silently before reaching for him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you pulled him back down towards you, pressing your lips against his.

“I love you” You murmured quietly against his lips.

“Not as much as I do” You heard him say before feeling him push into you, causing a moan to escape your lips.

You could feel him moving with you as the both of you stopped speaking, the only noises coming from either of you were desperate noises of one needing the other before you came together, reminding you why you two wouldn’t fall out of love and why everything would be alright.

You sat in front of the computer screen, staring at the skype window that was open in front of you, Aomine in the little video window opening up the package you had sent him not too long ago, telling him as soon as he got it he needed to open it with you through video chat. You played with your fingers nervously as he managed to get the package open, pulling out it’s contents; a pregnancy test, not just any pregnancy test, a positive one. He looked at you through the screen, eyes wide in surprise.

“Is it…?”

You nodded lightly.

“Yeah, I found out about two months ago”

Aomine dug around in the package again, pulling out the other thing within it, a little envelope. He opened it up and pulled out an image, black and white, not quite seeing what it was but knowing what he was looking at.

“An ultrasound” He said, glancing back towards you through the screen.

You nodded again.

“Yeah. I’m pregnant Daiki. I thought about how it could have happened, did we use protection the night you left?”

You could see his eyebrows knit together as he thought hard about it, the both of you had been so busy discussing what would happen with your relationship that night. Had you forgotten about protection?

“I don’t think we did” You heard him say, looking back at the package you had sent him.

“What now?” You said quietly, biting your lip lightly in worry that this was where it would all end.

“Look’s like I’ll be coming home earlier than expected then”

You looked back at the screen to see that Aomine had a huge grin on your face making you smile. How had you gotten so lucky?


@spiritvale​ i didn’t know wtf to do with the “holy/priest” thing and that’s what u get for always giving ur own prompts

  @rishiko​ i didn’t do the alween one bc all she does is wear a with hat she found in a dumpster and calls it a day and also i couldn’t care less abt halloween and didn’t feel like drawing that lul sorry

there’s also captions again bc why not