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For my request, can you draw an Aladdin AU with Mullet!Stan dressed up as Aladdin and Soos as the Genie please?

M’sorry it took kinda long to drew your request and i must say that i guess this is the weirdest thing i ever draw about Gravity Falls xd 

Ya al can guess what he wanted from Genie as wishes

peridot and lapis holding hands for @ridl


shinee + plant babe aesthetics

I finally finished editing my fusionmatsu comic!! 🎉

Pregnancy Prank .

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You wait with your bottom lip pulled between your teeth, your grip on Shawn’s hand strong. There’s excited energy thrumming through both of your bodies as you watch Jordan blink at the test in his hands, his forehead lining with confusion and surprise. He’s been doing that for about a minute now. It’s only when he readjusts the snapback on his head that he starts to speak.

“Um,” he starts, eyes still scanning over the screen, “congrats? I don’t know. Is this a good thing…or?”

He looks to you, an unspoken question on his face. You smile and feel Shawn’s hand move to your thigh. He squeezes over your jeans when a hint of a laugh creeps up your throat. “I mean, it wasn’t planned of course, but it’s exciting, you know? I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and Shawn’s always been talking about kids so we’re happy,” you say. Somehow you managed to keep a relatively straight face throughout the spiel but now you’re worried because it’s Shawn’s turn to speak, and he’s always been a shit liar.  He looks to you for assistance, but all you can offer is your hand to fit his fingers between.

“Yeah, man,” he tells Jordan, “we’re still young but I feel like we’re ready.”

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I based the Jade Turtle design off of @tides-miraculous and i know i probably got some stuff wrong but??? i think it worked out and i hope you enjoy?? thank you for the request @sherlockian-demigod-potterhead !

For nonnie, River/Twelve in B4. Thanks for the prompt!


distorts are nice

Nico Robin from One Piece, Happy Birthday

I missed her birthday by a few days but better late than never I guess.