this took i can't even how long


Do you know what DYAD’s done to her? What she’s become?
                                                       Back on your feet again thanks to Ira’s help.

I watched a few tutorials on how to blend shit and this came out.

Actual Apollo/Elios Enjolras (the symbol was some shit I don’t know where it comes from but I’m p sure it means Sun)

there was an attempt (you tried Star here)

Sleep well, MAMAMOO~

Apparently how I imagine the members sleep…

Wheein: *dreams of chicken*

Solar: *sleeps into oblivion in fetal position*

Moonbyul: *drools over Krystal*

Hwasa: *surprised eyebrows still on*

Hi, hello! It’s that time of the year again, where I write an essay about how much I love all of my followers!! :’) Except, this time it’s even more special, because I’ve managed to hit 5,000+ followers recently!! Sobs. What an amazing Christmas present! Thank you for loving, following, & tolerating my mess of a multifandom blog! Every like, tag, reblog, reply (when it still existed), & message were all very much appreciated & I definitely felt all kinds of love & fuzzy feels. 

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He wandered back to Mae, who lifted her pink head from her book and smiled at him. Jamie came and took the seat beside her, and Mae silently offered him an earbud.

He accepted it. He didn’t much fancy this kind of music: it made him think of the Goblin Market, that hidden, night-time place wheeling out of control, with magic rough and unfinished, not tamed like it could be. But he listened because Mae was listening, and their fingers on the tabletop tapped out the same rhythm.

Nick and Jamie Go to the Movies, by sarahreesbrennan

listen here

anonymous asked:

First of all I love how you have so many Sansa ships, but do you truly think she wants that anymore? She said she doesn't even know if she wants to wed anymore.

Well, I always took that comment to mean she’s sick of all the arranged betrothals/marriages, especially when others are doing the arranging, and she no longer sees it as a possible avenue to safety and happiness as she once did with the Tyrell betrothal, for example. She has been used repeatedly as a marriage tool by people who had only their own interests at heart, and she’s well and truly sick of it. Who can blame her? (She does go along with the plans to wed Harry Hardyng, but that’s because she doesn’t have much choice in the matter, and at any rate she seems to have a much more pragmatic, unemotional attitude toward this possible marriage than she ever did before.)

Also, keep in mind that what prompted her comment about not wanting to get married was the prospect of being betrothed to Sweetrobin, and, well… look, I feel very, very sorry for Sweetrobin. He’s just a little kid who’s lost his parents, he’s struggling with an illness, and it’s not his fault he’s been spoiled and coddled his whole life. He does not deserve the hatred and ill-wishes he gets from the fandom. But none of that changes the fact that the poor kid is about as likeable and pleasant as an especially bad case of poison ivy. And he’s several years younger than Sansa to boot. I think almost anyone who looked at Sweetrobin, as he is now, would think eternal singleness was a far more appealing prospect than marriage to him. It’s hardly surprising Sansa thinks she’d rather not get married at all, when the option is poor Sweetrobin.

Another thing to remember is that in the same paragraph, Sansa also says sadly, “No one will ever marry me for love,” which tells me that she does still long for a happy marriage to someone who loves her. She just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore – which is a terribly sad thing imo, to see Sansa losing that hope. So it’s not falling in love and getting married that she’s rejecting; it’s the idea of putting her faith and hopes for happiness in yet another betrothal arranged by people who don’t have her best interests at heart.

This has been a rambling, disjointed response, but to answer your question, yes, I think Sansa does still want romance. Whether or not she’ll actually get it in canon is very questionable – it wouldn’t be unlike GRRM to take the most romantic-minded character in the series and never let her truly fall in love or have anyone truly fall in love with her. But I do think she wants a happy, loving marriage, and I hope she gets it because she deserves it.

‏@Real_Liam_Payne@Louis_Tomlinson after last night I’d like to thank louis Tomlinson for the extra shampoo that he squirted on my head at 2 in the morning


Here’s a finished drawing of therealjacksepticeye, sorry that it took so long >.<;; If you remember seeing a wip of this on twitter, xxx & xxx , that was also me (there’s a transparent one that you can use anytime if you want). Also, used my right hand as a reference (left handed) thus the right hand looks weird (Does it even go that way??? I don’t think that’s how right arms look like?).

Drew my husband favorite character

I forget how long this actually took, but I started this around the time that I reblogged that photoset of Sun smiling soooo this took under 2 hours??? Not bad (ovo)b Then again, it was straight from sketch to greyscale to color, so there’s that.

Maybe I’ll post a process gif to my Patreon? who knows ;U

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THAT moment when the first person that actually got you on tumblr at the first place, watch you back… @loverofpiggies, you’re a source of inspiration for me and I’ve been looking up for you for so long, and admire your hardwork, and I’m always thrilled to see every new pages of Aftertale. Doing a webcomic is hard, but god… you have so many, you’ve so much determination, so much inspiration and passion…

Thank you.

Thank you so much for following me and I hope you’ll enjoy my silly stuff.

My dad took it so well, LIke I can’t even express how happy I am. He said it was a complete  shock but at the same time it wasn’t. He just was amazing, talked to me and said to do what makes me happy. As long as she is respectful. If anyone has a problem with it he said they better not say it, especially to him or me. I just I love my parents so much. Thank you all for your messages. There was more said but I don’t need to go in super mega detail. Nothing can express how relieved I am right now, I just. God I can’t wait for them to met her. And show you all her. Love you guys! x