this took hours jfc


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Main Characters Featurette [x]


                         ❝ They know very well  the hearts of those people who want to believe, even if those were lies. ❞

get to know me; favorite kdrama shows: moonlight drawn by clouds

recently started reading transformers comics and wanted to draw some so I started with rung cause he seemed easier to draw so heres a rough rung doodle


they stopped being kids the day they got sent down to the ground to die.  –  {insp.}

am i the only one that openly laughed/cried at “do i need to be concerned that you took almost two hours to tell me about it?” like jfc james!!!!!!! i think this was the moment i realised how close they actually are i mean they obviously share everything with each other they must tell each other every. fucking. thing. apart from how badly they want to take care of each other hug each other kiss each other fuck–


ok so hear me out. What if one day Kuroo, a fighter under the shogun, stumbles upon a shrine nearly in ruins and prays for guidance because he’s so fucking lost in the woods and accidentally summons Kenma, the spirit of the forest??????