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Monsta X Reacts too.......

Request: I was wondering if you could do a monsta x reaction to when the boys are a little too rough & end up making y/n bleed a little down there. They’re very apologetic & refuse to touch you after that even though y/n has said you enjoyed it. Kinda make a part 1 & 2 where the 2 is when y/n is sick of their behavior after a week (or two, your choice) & tell them again that you enjoyed it & love them with all your heart & other things that convince them that you’re fine & suggests to take it upstairs for a round

Sorry it took so long. Its a long post and hella kinky shit is in here LOL. I dont know what came over me. SMUT SMUT HELLA SMUT

Part 1 (Hyung Line) 

Part 2 (Maknae Line)

Hope you like it~~~

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Confessions (Jimin x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request: “One night stand with bad boy jimin (smokes drinks etc) and you to fall in love after 😉😉 – anon”
Fandom: BTS
Member/reader: Jimin x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, drug use (weed), stripping, fluff
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: This was so enjoyable to write for some reason idk. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Sincerely Three x Reader with a High Sex Drive Head Cannons (Part One)

Part one 

 Requested by: Anon

 Im skipping around my queue rn, but I’ll get through them all guys



 - My god was this boy nervous around you, you’re very open about sex. You make jokes and when Jared brings it up you challenge him. 

 - “Oh I’ve made some girls scream in bed" 

- "Jared do you even know what a clit is?" 

 - Evan was that kid who was so nervous that his mom would catch him that he never watched porn or jerked off until he was like 16. And due to his lack of friends and girlfriends he’s very anxious when sex is mentioned, he has this idea that it’s really taboo. 

 - You had liked Evan for a while, he was cute and very sweet, also you thought he could use a lesson or two on female anatomy. 


 - You asked him out, you could tell he liked you, and a little Jewish birdie (Jared) told you. You got pizza and saw a movie.

 - The movie had a very graphic sex scene in it, in your defense you didn’t know it would happen. You glanced over at Evan and he was having a nervous breakdown, you grabbed his hand and rubbed your thumb over his knuckles. He calmed down and in the end you both were uncomfortably horny.

 - About a month into your relationship you started to get antsy, you two hadn’t even kissed yet, and the more you got to know him on a personal level, the more excited he made you. 

 - You were doing your homework on his bed one night when you decided to take initiative. You took his papers off his lap and replaced them with your body. He instantly started blushing and stuttering, "Evan can I kiss you?” He nodded and you started kissing him softly. Than things accelerated, his hands were tentatively resting on your hips, your hands were tangled in his sandy hair. You were in the zone, so to speak, and ground your hips against his. He gasped and squirmed out from under you.

 - “Ev, it’s okay, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you or anything. Shit Evan I’m really sorry!” You said as he tried to slow his breathing. 

 - “NONONO it’s not your fault, I just, I got nervous. I’ve never um I’ve never done anything like that. You’re my first kiss, and I didn’t want to, um get. Ya know,” he winced, looking away from you.

 - “You didn’t want to get hard?” You had to bite back a laugh, he was so gentle. He just nodded, fidgeting with the edge of his shirt.

 - “Evan you do realize sex is normal, and think about and wanting to have sex is also completely normal?” You ask softly, your hand rubbing his arm.

 - “I. I know it’s just. I’ve never. I’m not vocal. I just. I don’t know what to do at all, I don’t even um watch yow know. Or look at it, I don’t even touch… myself. Very much,” he stuttered and stumbled, his face red and his hands shaking.

 - “Hey, that’s okay, thank you for trusting me enough to tell me these things. I can help you and teach you if you’d like,”

 - “That would b-be nice!" 

 - So that’s how you started to teach Evan about sex. 

 - It started with making out, and than grinding, these he ok with. But the moment you start taking off clothing he feels light headed, so you decide to be a bit sly about it. 

 - You two were going to hang out at his house and before you left you took of your bra. You started kissing him and he felt your nipples rub against his chest. He didn’t know what they were so his instinct was to push them off (like if you have hair tickling your cheek). 

 - his hands brushed your nipples and your breasts and you moaned, god you wanted more. He started to apologize but you laughed and told him he can touch them more if he’d like. He did like, he liked a lot, so he nervously started playing with your chest, he didn’t tell you this but your moans were the hottest thing (More on that later) 

 - So at this point in time Evan was okay with touching you everywhere above the waist, so now you decided to move into more Bare lands. You were making out and you took off his and your shirts, he was nervous but his excitement outmatched it. He actually unclipped your bra, but freaked out when it came off, he rapidly apologized but you were hella turned on by him doing that.

 - you were at Evans one night and you had been making out and touching each other all night, you were so fucking turned on. At 9 Evan went to take a shower and you thought you’d have enough time to rub one out before he came back. You seriously under estimated how long he spent in the shower. And Evan forgot to bring clothes in with him.

 - Let me set the scene, Evan wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, nervously walks into his room, and finds his (very sexy) girlfriend half naked moaning softly in his bed. 

- "Oh shit Evan I’m so sorry holy shit this is the most embarrassing and disgusting thing I’ve ever done I’m so sorry Ev-" 

- "Teach me," 

 - "You, want to learn how to?" 

- "Y-yes," 

 - That was pretty good night for both of you ;) 

 - The first time you two had sex was a pretty interesting way for things to start. You were going to Evan’s house later that day but you were bored so you left about an hour and a half early. You used the spare key and let yourself in, but them you got to his bedroom door you regretted it. Evan was moaning on the other side of the door, you instantly thought he was cheating on you. But than you heard "oh (y/n) oh god (Y/n) fuck me please ooh fuck,” you suddenly realized he was actually jerking off to think about you. So you entered, and subsequently scared the shit out of Evan. You walked seductively across his bedroom, disrobing yourself as you did. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination;) 

~Random Headcanon shit~ 

 - When ever you were turned on (frequently) you’d send Evan some scandalous photos. You in your underwear, your boobs, and videos of you touching yourself and moaning some less than appropriate things. 

 - He never tell you this but he saved the photos and videos and used them to get himself off when you weren’t around, god your moans were the sexiest thing to him. 

 - You two frequently have “No Pants Parties” which are exactly what they sound like and definitely lead to a lot of sexy times 

 - Not mine but I read something very similar to this in a fic. 

 You bought yourself a new pair of Lacy underwear and decided to wear them to Evan’s, you weren’t wearing pants. You bent over to grab something and Evan goes “nice ass” THAN IMMEDIATELY REALS BACK AND TRIES TO APOLOGIZE. It turned you on (cause anything he did turned you on) and you guys definitely banged. 

 - You definitely tease Evan in public, you’d palm him under tables, whisper dirty things in his ear, and run your foot up his leg. 

 - Evan loved it when you rode him during sex, just the feeling of you on him, also he wasn’t the strongest so it was kinda hard for him to hold himself up and also fuck you. 

 - As the two of you date for longer he slowly becomes more and more open about sex and being attracted to you. You were SHOOKITH When you were at your aunts wedding and he grabbed you ass when he knew no one would notice. 

 - This boy loves hickys. Getting them, giving them, seeing them later on. He absolutely loved it when he was about to go down on you and he saw the little bruises from the previous night. He also liked it when he’d go to take a shower and he looked in the mirror and saw the love bites all over his own body. 

 - He definitely uses sex toys on you, for foreplay and other wise ;) 

 - when you were turned on and he wasn’t, he would eat you out or finger you, but let’s be honest when wasn’t he turned on by you. 

 - He absolutely loved your high sex drive and was so happy that you were dominant because he usually wasn't 

Dom! Evan x Reader w/ high sex drive HCs

 - He gets really quiet but hella physical when you try to tease him in public. 

 - You two were out to dinner with friends and you all had a few drinks, you were palming him under the table, he slid his hand under your jeans and into your panties and started fingering you hard. He’d whisper dirty things in your ear and wouldn’t let you get out of your chair, and he definitely made you cum. 

 - He was more of a grope than a smack kind of guy. He’d rather grab your ass than smack it. 

 - definitely gets into polite dirty talk for example: 

- “Oh fuck, you u ride my cock so whi baby girl" 

- "You like that? Huh? I bet you like that just as much as I do," 

- "Oh god yes, just like that princess, oh yes fuck," 

- "Hmm shit your tight pussy feels so good?" 

 - Probably likes tying you down and also being tied down, very light BDSM. 

 - Both sub and dom Evan will cuddle you a ton after sex and there are many mornings when you wake up to him straddling your ass and massaging your back.

 - "You were so freaking amazing last night baby, I figured you might enjoy something relaxing. 

 - You liked Evan because he was cute and sweet, but you never expected him to be this sexy 

 Jared and Connor will be up soon!

So they got to Piltover (and Fate’s not going to be happy about all the cigar ash in his hair when he wakes up).

Inspired by Spring Break 1899

Monsta X Reacts too.......

Request: I was wondering if you could do a monsta x reaction to when the boys are a little too rough & end up making y/n bleed a little down there. They’re very apologetic & refuse to touch you after that even though y/n has said you enjoyed it. Kinda make a part 1 & 2 where the 2 is when y/n is sick of their behavior after a week (or two, your choice) & tell them again that you enjoyed it & love them with all your heart & other things that convince them that you’re fine & suggests to take it upstairs for a round

Sorry it took so long. Hella kinky shit is in here LOL. I dont know what came over me. SMUT SMUT HELLA SMUT

Part 2 (Maknae Line)

Part 1 (Hyung Line)

Hope you like it~~~

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a little highlight reel of my favorite acting moments from the amazing cast of IT (2017) -

wyatt oleff as stan uris: stan the man! i loved this character. he had the right amount of optimism with just enough pessimism. stan just wanted some rest, gdi. anyways, the scene i chose for him was quite obvious. i chose the one after they got separated in the sewers at the end. he was crying and screaming about how they said they wouldn’t leave him. he was distraught and even i felt betrayed??? even though i knew what happened?? 

finn wolfhard as richie tozier: richie was a funny af character, and i found myself genuinely laughing out loud at most of what he said, but I think the moment that stood out to me was when bill, eddie, and richie entered the house on neibolt street and richie saw his own picture on a “missing” flyer. he went from sarcastic and relatively unbothered to sheer panic and fearful in like 3 seconds flat. i’m still impressed, tbh.

jack dylan grazer as eddie kaspbrak: ahh, eddie. adorable, paranoid, sweet little eddie. jack was someone who i’d never heard of before, but immediately checked his imdb afterwards because wow. he played that character so incredibly well, it was hard to choose a standout moment. what i did eventually land on was when the losers were looking at the maps of derry in the garage and he got up and stopped it. that may seem like an odd choice but when he was going off on his little tangent, i just believed everything he was feeling, if that makes sense?? that was one of his scenes that really stuck with me.

sophia lillis as beverly marsh: beverly is my love, if i’m being honest. she’s strong and brave and just good. sophia did an a+ job bringing this character to life. an acting highlight for me was when she was standing over the sink and cut off her hair. she had just had that confrontation with her dad and i could feel her dread. powerful stuff.

jeremy ray taylor as ben hanscom: ben is such a pure character. he likes boy bands and conspiracy theories and becomes a key member of the losers club. jeremy did amazing. i was especially impressed when henry bowers and co. had him at the bridge. his cries for help were so genuine and his pain when henry cut into him was palpable.

chosen jacobs as mike hanlon: WE NEEDED MORE OF MIKE. i wish this movie was three more hours long with bonus scenes for all the characters. chosen was so good as mike. his highlight scene for me was when he was delivering the meat and saw pennywise for the first time. his horror was unmistakable when he saw the burnt hands scratch at the door and his fear only escalated when he saw pennywise. some quality acting.

jaeden lieberher as bill denbrough: this boy. i felt for him. his anguish and pain from losing his brother. it was brutal. jaeden’s best moment imo, was when he was giving That Speech about how it’s easier to walk into the house with pennywise than his own, like???? i’m crying in the club??? 

bill skarsgård as pennywise: i had high expectations of bill going into this movie because i knew he could be great, and let me tell you- he did not disappoint. he was amazing! my favorite moment was when eddie/richie/bill went into the house and pennywise crawled out of that cabinet. he started mocking eddie (poor boy) and just all his mannerism?? and how he delivered his lines? so good. that entire scene was perfection, all the way to the end when he sauntered out of the room with a pole through his head.


jackson robert scott as georgie denbrough: “you’ll float too, you’ll flOAT TOO, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO”


Gifmeme.- Free! + most attractive beautiful  asked by aoichii

Haruka Nanase
“The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But, there’s nothing to fear. Don’t resist the water…”

How could I forget?

Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: Smut, nsfw, Dom!Bellamy, Sub!Reader, outdoor sex, fingering, oral, minor torture, injuries, cussing, Bellamy fluff

blu3tid3s- Hello lovely! I was wondering if I could get a romantic!smut Bellamy x reader imagine? One where (Y/N) thought she and Bell would get another chance down on earth. Where they wouldn’t have to worry about the chancellor or the rules, but on earth it became the Bellamy show. (Y/n) was suddenly forgotten to him, it seemed. They get into a fight and (Y/N) tells Bell how it seems like she isn’t important anymore, that she doesn’t matter and Bell makes it his mission to prove to her that she’s wrong. Things get heated from there.

Well, here you go I guess. Sorry it took me so long, but it is quite a long fic. I am still trash and this gets hella smutty in the end, so enjoy! 😄


“Prisoner 2-1-8, face the wall.” You do as Shumway says. “What’s going on?” You ask, clenching your fists. “Quiet! Hold out your right arm.” This command coming from the guard with the riot helmet. You turn around to see a box lined with heavy, metallic wristbands.

“No, Mr. Shumway, I-I don’t turn eighteen for another week!” You try to explain as the other man grabs your arm. Placing the wristband on you. It hurts like a son of a-.

They start dragging you down the halls. You see only a few other prisoners being dragged off. The rest of the cells are empty.

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Shumway and the guard with the riot helmet pulled you forward, moving even faster to the dropship.

“Where are you taking me?” The urgency in your voice only gets you an eye roll and another jank forward. You start to lean against them once you feel a prick in your side. The masked guard’s tranquilizer gun has gone off against your ribs. The last thing you hear before blacking out is a familiar voice, saying: “It’s gonna be ok, Y/n. I’m right here with you…”

A single thought echoes through your mind- He’s here…Bellamy.


You wake up to the sound of loud buzzing and metal clanking. You’re strapped into place. There’s people all around you, prisoners.

Soon enough the whole dropship shakes violently. A few girls scream beside you. “That was the atmosphere.” You hear a guy explain. The tv screens turn wavy and gray before a familiar face appears. Chancellor Thelonius Jaha.

“Prisoners of the Ark, hear me now. You’ve been given a second chance.” His voice seems awfully calm, enough that it kinda makes you want to rip off his head. You wrap your fingers around the seat straps. “And as your Chancellor, it is my hope that you see this as not just a chance for you, but a chance for all of us. Indeed for mankind itself.” Is he really talking about…the ground?

“We have no idea what is waiting for you down there. If the odds of survival were better, we would’ve sent others. Frankly, we’re sending you because your crimes have made you expendable.”

Expendable! Expendable? He kept talking but listening to this crap would’ve made you even angrier and more confused than you already were. You were grinding your teeth and clenching your fists. Barely even noticing anything that Jaha was saying. Something about Mount Weather, supplies, other things about getting your records wiped clean. All most definitely bullshit.

You see one of the boys float past you. Yes, float. He’s mid air. Doing flips and grinning. “Whoo! Yeah! Spacewalker strikes again!” Nearly everyone around you is cheering for the idiot that unstrapped himself from his seat. He’s conversing with two of the more ‘elite’ prisoners. A blond girl, you presume that’s Clarke, a council member’s daughter. And a black guy, Wells Jaha. He himself had never done anything to you. You’d barely even talked. But everything his father had done made you despise him. That may be unfair, but it is true.

More idiots start leaving their seats. Doing everything in their power to well…resist the power. To resist Clarke, whose voice sounds pathetic now, trying to get everyone back in line.

Suddenly, metal clanks, people fly against the floor and walls of the dropship, everyone screams and shrieks, sparks fly and smoke arises from the broken pipes. Everyone is freaking out. It must’ve been the parachutes, you presume. Atleast they deployed. You feel another kick. The rockets. It takes only a minute for the machines to dial down.

“Listen. No machine hum.” A kid states close by. That’s a first. It’s all…quiet. For a moment there is just, deafening silence. That is until everyone starts unbuckling their seatbelts. Clarke rushes to the idiot pancakes, who no longer seem to be breathing. Everyone else heads to the lower level. To the door.

“Back it up guys!” -Bellamy. He is here. You’d almost forgotten hearing his raspy voice. He argues with Clarke about opening the door. At some point Octavia shows up, hugging Bellamy. She’s really grown since you last saw her. You never even knew she existed until the day they’d dragged her off to the Sky Box. Bellamy was a mess after that, but no matter what, you’d always stood by his side.

The people start pointing at her, calling her the girl under the floor. Bellamy has to hold her back so she doesn’t attack anyone. He suggests that she should be the first one on the ground in a hundred years. Bellamy pulls the lever and the dropship door lowers.

An almost blinding light hits your eyes. You’re standing behind a lot of people, hoping not to be noticed.

“We’re back, bitches!” Octavia yells as she steps on the ground. Everyone runs out of the dropship, cheering. You follow the masses.

Your mind is wiped clean as the fresh air brushes against your face. It smells, sweet. For the first time, your surroundings have a life of their own. Everything’s colorful. Filled with the most beautiful shades of green. There’s bushes and trees all over. The sun has never seemed more beautiful, never been warmer. The sky is a bright blue, instead of the harsh black you’d only ever seen before. It’s breathtaking. The ground has give, it seems soft under your boots, unlike the cold floors back on the Ark.

“Y/n!?” You turn around to see him. Bellamy slowly comes closer to you. “Oh god, it’s so good to see you, Y/n!” He picks you up, wrapping you in his warm embrace. You hug him back, barely believing that this isn’t all just an illusion. You’re on the ground, you’re free, you’re with him. This only ever happened in your best dreams.

“I missed you so much…” Your voice sounds as a weak whimper against his shoulder. You won’t let yourself cry in front of all these people, though you wanted to. “I missed you too, Babe. So much.” He whispers in your hair. “I need to get a few things sorted, I’ll be right back.” He pecks you on the lips and turns around, jogging towards a group of guys. As much as it confuses you, as much as you want him to stay right there and drag this moment out forever, you understand. He knows what he’s doing, this is for the best.


It’s been a week. Bellamy has taken complete control over the camp. They’re building a wall to keep out the grounders. They had Jasper, one of the kids who had gone out to try and bring food back from Mount Weather. You had mostly been on food duty, though Bellamy rarely let you leave his sight.

He was always around, but never completely there. You two shared a tent, but rarely ever spent time there together. You understood that Bellamy felt like he was the only one who could handle things around camp. That he felt like he needed to be available for assistance 24 hours a day.

That hadn’t made him very available for you. Even his kisses seemed distant, urgent. As if he would rather be somewhere else.

You were half way to downing another cup of Monty’s moonshine. It tasted like crap, but it got the job done. You’re glaring at the back of Bellamy’s neck from a distance. Hoping not to be seen but not really caring.

“Hey, Y/n, right?” Octavia walks up from behind you having also finished her chores for the day. “Uh, yeah. Would you like to sit down?” You scoot over as she accepts your offer. “So I heard that you’re still dating my brother. Is that correct?” She gives you an innocent look, yet you can’t help but have to think longer about your answer. “Actually, um. I’m not so sure anymore.” You glance back at Bellamy. It might be the alcohol but you almost feel like bursting out in tears.

“What does that mean?” You look back at her confused stare. “Well, you know how he is. How he has to be in charge. I mean…he barely has time to look at me.” She grins a bit. “Is that why you’re staring?” You look back at the ground, blushing a little, slightly ashamed.

“Ok, Y/n. Trust me when I say this.” You look up at her calm features again. “You have nothing to worry about. I know he’s been busy but that’s just how he is. I mean, the way he used to talk about you back on the Ark. How much he missed you when you got locked up. Have you seen the way he looks at you? Like you’re an ocean and he is just so desperate to drown. I wish I had something like that.”

She looks back at the rest of the workers, taking a sip of your stolen moonshine. You can’t help but remain doubtful, yet another drop of hope, has been poured into your mind.


“No! Let-let go of me! Help! Please don’t do this!” Murphy and Atom were keeping your face above a lit fire. The smoke stinging your eyes, tears streaming down your face. The stink in your lungs making breathing difficult even without Murphy’s hold on your throat. Your squirming and kicking seemingly useless.

“Hold her still! Keep her quiet!” They yell other such commands to each-other. “Even Bellamy’s little princess shouldn’t be above our rules here now should she?” You can feel Murphy and Atom both grinning behind you. They must feel so powerful, so proud. You on the other hand have never felt weaker. You can’t even scream now, the ash is coating your throat with a thick, sore layer.


“You don’t even care do you?” You keep limping away from him. Leaning against every tree that comes your way. “What are you even talking about, Y/n?” “You! Ever since we got here it’s like everyone is starring in your own fucking Bellamy show, and the star of the night is always you! They all do what you want!” You yell, only facing him for a second before continuing your rather pathetic attempt of getting away.

“Have you lost your damn mind? Just come back inside the gate, Y/n. We’ll talk about this when you’ve calmed down.” You keep walking and he grabs your elbow. You turn around furiously, too weak to rip your arm out of his grip, so you just stare at him angrily.

“Look, what Murphy and Atom did to you…they had no right, and they are going to pay as soon as we get back. But we do have to go back.” You shake your head in disbelief. “You can go. There’s nothing for me back there.” He grabs your shoulders before you can turn back around. He looks at you, confused. His eyebrows drawn together. “You have me. You know that.”

“Do I? Cause, you’re never around. We barely talk. You never ask me about anything, you keep secrets. And after all that…maybe it was even you that told them to rip off my wristband like that. And even better- to make it believable.” You feel a tear escaping your eye. You lower your head in defeat. Eyes drifting away from his to once again hide the pain you’d hidden from him so far.

He wipes the tear off your flushed cheek with his thumb, gently tugging your jaw upwards. Forcing you to face him. “I don’t know what to say.” You can see the hurt in his eyes. “Can we please just…not say anything?” There’s no more tears. You feel empty. You’d finally gotten everything off your chest. Though that had probably only made him feel worse. Now you just wanted to make things better.

He seemed to be analyzing your every feature. Every slightest bit of movement. After a while of following his eyes you break the silence. “Can we just, pretend this…never happened. Just- go back to camp or something.” He doesn’t seem to notice how uncomfortable you’re feeling under his peering eyes.

After another moment of silence, he places a hand behind your head, lightly pulling you closer. Your lips seal and a warmth washes over you. All your worries seem to fade. He often had that affect on you.

With a slight lick over your lips you part your mouth, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His hand starts sliding up your side, giving you a gentle squeeze on the ribs below your breast. You start to loosen up. Your body seems to be melting toward his. He pulls away from the kiss to look into your eyes. “What?” You ask him, feeling as if there is something wrong. “I love you, Y/n. And I’m gonna make sure you remember that.” He says, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“What are you talking ab- oh!” You quickly grab onto the back of his head as he starts kissing your neck. Even more passionately than the kisses before. He sucks and tugs at the sensitive skin leaving marks on your complexion, meanwhile tightening his grip on your hips. You throw back your head and close your eyes. The sensations almost overwhelming. It had been months since the last time you’d had sex. You had been praying for this moment for what seems like eternity.

He grabs ur ass and the back of your thighs, lifting you up against a nearby tree. The bark scrapes through your thin shirt, but that somehow turns you on even more. His kisses trail higher now across your chin. He lifts your arms and only lifts his lips to remove your shirt and his. He tosses them to the side and lands his kisses back on your lips.

He’s pulling you unbelievably close, both of you trying to tear off the other’s clothes as fast as possible. His lips trace down your neck, grabbing your breasts and kneading them. He lets you back onto your feet, leading his kisses between your breasts. He reaches his hand around you to swiftly remove your bra, letting it drop to the forest floor. He laps around your nipples, your hands digging into the bark of the tree, trying hard to find some steady ground.

His kisses trail lower. He hastily rips off your pants, leaving you in just your panties. He slips his fingers to your core, simply lifting the light fabric aside. “So wet for me already. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m gonna make it up to you.” You open your eyes to see him staring at yours intently, kneeling down in front of you. He’s not gonna tease you, not this time. This time he’s gonna give it to you just like you need him to.

He rubs his thumb in tiny circles around your clit. Sending vibrations and waves of pleasure cursing through you. He then licks over his lips as he slides two fingers into you. “Oh, God!” You yelp, grabbing the firm muscles on his arm. He smirks at you. “That’s ok but, most people call me Bellamy.” In normal circumstances you would laugh at that, but this wasn’t by far normal circumstances. He started moving his fingers as soon as you loosened your grip on his arm, moving expertly against your g-spot. He starts kissing your abdomen slowly, letting his breath send shivers across your skin.

You can’t help but let the moans escape your throat and let your hand run through and grab onto his soft hair. “You gonna come for me, baby? It’s ok, just let go.” His words are the last thing you need to push you over the edge, squirming and shaking, him holding your hips still with his free hand. “Oh fuck! Bell-oh my-god.” He slows down his actions, letting you come down from your high. He closes his eyes and licks his fingers, letting out a low moan of satisfaction. “Mmh.. Still taste so good. Still so tight.”

You pull him up to his feet kissing him passionately, tasting yourself on his tongue. He wasn’t lying, you did taste good. You both start wrapping around each other, kissing like two long lost lovers, as you were. You sneak your hand down his bare chest, working slowly at the buckle and zipper. He lifts himself away from you, letting you pull off his pants and underwear, his erection springing free. Precum dripping from his slit.

You trail down your hisses as he settles in. One hand leaning against the thick tree behind you and the other holding a handful of your hair. Closely eyeing every single movement. You start rubbing your hand up and down his shaft, earning a moan and a little squeeze of your hair. You circle your tongue around his tip ever so lightly as he lets out a shaky breath. He has been missing this just as much as you have.

You lap up all the precum in your way before sucking at his tip, going deeper with each thrust of your hand. He’s now edging you to quicken the pace, letting his head fall back a couple times, body still slightly slouched over you. You cradle his balls with your other hand, gently massaging at the sensitive skin between your fingers.

Soon enough you’re pulled to a halt, as he pulls you up on your feet and rips off your underwear. “Hey! I liked those!” You whine playfully. “You’re gonna like this even more.” He practically growls out his words, grabbing one of your feet to wrap it around his waist, holding it still and trusting himself into you. You gasp, pulling tightly at his skin. He lifts your arms up with his other hand. “I’m gonna keep these there ok?” You swallow and nod. Begging for friction where you need it most. Luckily Bellamy is one to oblige.

He starts thrusting in to you. Both of you glaring at the sweat dripping down your skins. It’s a hot day outside, but this is way hotter. You’re both grunting and moaning. Swearing and calling out to god. Each other’s names constantly filling the thick air between you. You can feel your abdomen starting to knot up, your back arching to meet Bellamy’s tightened abs. “Come on, baby. Let go for me. I’m right behind you.” Not long after that you can feel your body pulsating with pleasure, pushing your body in all directions, your pussy tightening around his cock. Soon after you can feel Bellamy’s rhythm starting to fade as his hot fluids run down your thighs. Both panting and smiling like idiots. If there were any animals around, they’d all been scared off by your loud moans and shouts.

He slides out from between your folds and lets go of your leg, also releasing your slightly reddened hands and giving them a loving kiss. “Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away.” He says looking in your eyes with furrowed brows. “Don’t apologize. You did what you said you were gonna do. You made it up to me, big time.” “But you have to promise me you’ll remember that I’ll always loved you like this.” You lift up his chin to face you. “How could I forget?” He gives you that adorable puppy looking smile and kisses you again, this time not with an animalistic passion, but with true and unfaded love. There’s no doubt in your mind. You are his, as he is yours.

the-word-weaver-of-the-faeries  asked:

31.“You have a huge job interview. Get dressed, or I’m throwing your PS4 in the pool!”

Really proud how this turned out Hope you guys like it Ari xxx

Nico watched as his sister’s silhouette blocked his view of in the middle of his game. 

“Hazel, please. I can’t see.”, Nico struggled to look around Hazel to continue his game. 

“Nico. Don’t make me say it again. Get up and get dressed. I’ve already ironed a decent shirt for you. Frank’s gonna be here, and we’ll drive you there.”

Hazel crouched down to Nico’s position on the floor and grabbed his hands, “Now this job interview just be for a cafe, but this is the start of you getting back on your feet. It’s been a hard few months, because of the thing with Dad, but Nico we have to move on.”

Their father had recently disowned the two, just for the reason that he was couldn’t handle them anymore. It made Nico go into an angry funk that lasted for about 3 months. 

As he kicked his two children to the street, at least he had the decency to throw some of his fortune at them. He even let them keep most of thier belongings! Nico can still remember that as he stood in the doorway waving goodbye, he smiled at his children, as if he was waiting for thier thanks. 

They got help from close friends and eventually the two found a cheap apartment far from their father. However, for the last 4 months or so, Nico had trouble on keeping a job. 

As a 17 year old with a troubled past, few people gave him a job that wasn’t cleaning their bathrooms or mopping their floors. Don’t get him wrong, with all the jobs that he got, he tried his hardest and tried to provide for his sister, who was working as much as him, but somehow he always got the pink slip. 

He hated going home to Hazel and telling her that it just didn’t work out. He couldn’t look her in the eyes as he told her he got fired again

“Fine, fine. I’ll get dressed, but remember Hazel, while your waiting for me, please don’t make out with your boyfriend in the car. I don’t need to see that again.”

He got up to shower, and left his blushing sister, who seemed to suddenly have trouble forming a coherent sentence.

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Long time veterans of Motherly will know I’m a little obsessed with FFXIV and that when both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward came out that I took a short break to play those games.

Welp, the time has come for Stormblood to steal an update from you all! Don’t worry though, I will make sure to get one out Friday, just today I’m too entrenched in the FREEDOM OF ALA MHIGO!

(Also Red Mage is HELLA fun to play like OMG SO FUN)

The RFA reacting to the MC being 4'10


- this just makes you 1000x cuter

- because he’s like 5'10 or whatever, you compliment him more


- head pats. VERY OFTEN.

- whenever y'all get into small little fights, he goes all “okay but what are you gonna do tho? you’re literally a garden gnome.”

- but tbh he cherishes you so much more bc of it, your shortness just adds to your charm.

- your struggle to reach the top of the fridge for cookies is hilarious to him

- but he doesn’t really tease you TOO about it bc he keeps reiterating the fact that your height is a perk, not a flaw


- the height gap isn’t OUTRAGEOUSLY big so he doesn’t have much to say about it

- it actually makes him happy bc a lot of women consider him to be too short for a man so you’re perfect for him

- but bc you’re so short, you start to feel like the younger one in the relationship bc most people who see you guys together assume that he’s older

- which isn’t bad, it actually makes yoosung feel good about himself bc people always treat him like a child

- basically he’s just really comfortable having you around bc most people treat him like a kid and being w you feels like he’s w somebody on his level… or below it

- “you’re not short, you’re fun sized!”


- you’re so mature and handle yourself in such a good manner in the chats… that she almost didn’t take you seriously when she had to slightly look down at you the first time you guys meet

- it doesn’t bother her at all though, it just took time to adjust to bc in her head she pictured you as a grown woman but you’re literally bite sized

- when you guys go out on dates, people ask if you’re her little sister

- it’s never really a big deal tho bc it’s literally just height and at the end of the day jaehee fell for you for you

- she lends you her heels so that you can finally be as tall as her

- “seriously, you’re as petite as a child.”


- yo this man TOWERS over you

- the first time you guys met, he deadass could not see you in front of his desk and it took him a few seconds to look down and go “… so you’re her.”

- literally, anything he buys you, 9 times out of 10 you’re gonna have to get it tailored bc everything is too long and sometimes slightly big for you to wear

- when you fall asleep on the couch and he picks you up, he cradles you a little bit before placing you onto the bed

- dance lessons are kinda hella awkward but y'all make it work

- sometimes you get a bit insecure bc the women that throws themselves at him are all tall and sophisticated supermodels, they just seem to suit him more. while you’re so tiny and very awkward when trying to fit into his world

- but then he reassures you, that like everything else about you, Jumin loves your shortness and believes it makes you more perfect, more beautiful, more desirable than any other woman who throws themselves at him

- he noticed the height supplement pills in his cabinet when you moved in, took them, walked up to you and said “you won’t need these any more when you’re with me.”

- it’s NOT FUN when he loses you in a crowd of reporters

- and when he finds you again he practically glares at them and hugs you very tightly, “Next time, hold onto me so I’ll never lose you in a crowd again. You had me so worried. I’m never letting you out of my sight.”

- your height makes it that much easier for him to dominate you

- he’s very careful and delicate when he’s touching you bc you being so small just makes you seem that much more fragile in his eyes

- jokingly considers putting you on a leash to avoid losing you again, but would never actually do that

- whenever someone tries to make a short joke or roast you for your height in the messenger, it’s like the perfect way to summon Jumin bc he comes in all like “Her height is perfect. Haven’t you heard? Good things come in small packages. And you lot would be lucky if she’d be interested in any one of you.”


- short jokes are the fucking HIGHLIGHT of the RFA chats

- he knew what you looked like, but seeing you in person had him SHOOK bc even tho he knew adult human beings could be under 5 feet, it made it even more fascinating to see you in person

- but the truth is he thinks it’s so fucking adorable

- it also makes him want to protect you even more

- when you guys are together he always tosses you around the bed bc you’re just such a petite little thing


- “Can I tell you a secret…? You’re not a normal sized human being, but your height was actually my ideal size for a woman.” Not sure about men tho 👀👀👀

- he’s mad childish about it tho like when y'all are talking he bends his knees and gets down your level to talk to you when y'all are having a small disagreement


- he’s not really surprised at your height bc of how he’s stalked the hell out of you and all but he finds it quite amusing

- but boy is this man the devil incarnate when y'all are roasting each other bc your height is THE FIRST thing that pops up and he does not hold back

- he doesn’t say it out loud but he actually really likes the fact that you’re short as hell, it’s cute

- puts the cookies on the top shelf and hides the ladders bc he’s literally Satan

- but he also really loves you so when he holds you, he’s afraid he could crush you right in his arms

- “I haven’t been 4'10 since my mother died.”

- sometimes you repeat whatever he says about your height in a mocking tone bc CHOI BOYS ARE CHILDISH AS HELL

- but honestly, if anyone else were to tease you for your height he would deck them bc ONLY HE gets to roast your santa’s elf looking ass

V (ho boy here we go)

- cracks a short joke once a blue moon

- otherwise he NEVER makes fun of your height

- he honestly loves that you’re so short bc when he holds your head close to his chest, you can hear his heart beat and he’s all “that’s how I feel with you in my life.”

- always tilting your chin up to look at him like, “come on, let me look at those beautiful eyes. I never get to see them since you look down all the time.”

- you might only be 4'10, but to him, you’re so much bigger than that

- he’s literally so in love w you that the reason why he doesn’t mention your height isn’t bc he doesn’t notice, rather he notices it a lot. but he finds it so beautiful that the sun isn’t just a star– the sun is a 4'10 angel.

- one day he even actually asks you, “How do you do it?” you’re confused, and he says, “How do you find a way to store so much light in that small but perfect body of yours?” you’re blushing like crazy but he’s actually being serious.

- you respond with, “well, the sun shines for a reason. and my light just so happens to shine the brightest when I’m with you.”

- v is so honored by what you said bc no matter how many short jokes you get, you’re seriously the biggest thing in the world to him, to the point where he associates you with light sources like fire, stars, the moons glow– y'all get it

- this boys is literally convinced that you’re a human version of what light looks like

- y'all V thinks the light is 4'10

- V is just so perfect, why did Cheritz do my mans wrong I’m fucking crying give me my V route

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (10)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long! I am the worst person ever apparently! I will be getting to the asks that have been sitting in my box forever too! Been off a hella long time! This is fairly long to make up for it I hope?

Word Count: 1580

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )

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I don’t think i posted it here, but about a year ago i had to make a concept art of a building for work. So i came up with a beach house of a surfer girl. Or two surfer girls :3 It took a hella long time, cause i don’t draw buildings ever and i don’t usually draw landscapes. But i really like how it turned out :) i always wanted to draw the girl\s who live there, cause i think she’d be a wonderful character to draw. 

Anyway, yeah, i can do that kind of stuff, it just takes a lot of time and i’m super lazy xD 

“...Plan This Out.”

Requested by an anon. I’m a hoe for Woo. Don’t @ me

Originally posted by realmonsterwoo

Woo loved you, and you loved him. The two of you understood each other more than anything. Sometimes you understood him more than he did you. But nevertheless you loved him. 

Woo came home stressed a lot. His job was tough, of course he did often. But you weren’t complaining. He was your everything. You’d do anything for him.

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@bunsblr asked for a tutorial about how to do this a while back and I am finally getting around to doing it! (Sorry it took me so long, Bun!) There is already a tutorial about this subject out there, but it’s hella confusing. This is simpler and doesn’t use Scary Nerd Language. :) Plus, I decided to do it for a Maxis object, which wasn’t done in that tutorial and which has a lot more steps than if you’re starting with a custom object.

To be clear: What this will do is make visible in neighborhood view any object that is currently not visible in neighborhood view at all and it will then look the same in hood view as it looks in lot view. What it won’t do is make an object that has an ugly, low-res neighborhood view (like lots of Maxis stuff has) look any better. I haven’t figured that out. If/when I do, I’ll be sure to share my glorious brainfruit.

With that in mind:

  • if you’re working with a custom object, make a back-up of the file (in case you screw up) then simply open the mesh in SimPE and skip all the way to Step 6 of this tutorial. Whee!
  • If you’re working with a Maxis object…Well, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

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Wedding Series: The Honneymoon

Originally posted by xzlma

A/N: Wow it’s finally here the last part! Sorry it took so long I’ve been hella busy and low-key putting this off. Only reason for that is because I’m not as into Sk8 as I use to be, which means this will be the last thing I write about for him (on this blog anyway). Thank you all for reading this entire series! Anyway enjoy the gif. I wanted it to match the theme of this chapter. Sorry for the long note so let’s get to it!

Warning: Contains Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     The feeling of turbulence was what made you wake up. You had jolted in your spot making Nate flinch in surprise. “Whoa you good?” Nate questioned, his hand landing on your upper arm and squeezing it for a second. You looked around confusedly with squinted eyes and nodded. Nate shifted in his spot to allow you to lay on him some more. “We’re gonna land soon,” he whispered, trying not to wake the other passengers. 

“Nine hours feels so long in the air,” you muttered, trying to get comfortable. Nate smiled at your words. The two of you had slept for most of the flight. At some point Nate had woken up and started to write a bit of music as you slept. The two of you had been married for two days exactly. Nate would have liked to have gone on the honeymoon directly after the reception, but he knew you all to well to know that you would need at least a day to pack. Any other time you were on top of stuff, but when it came to vacations you always took long to pack. “Can you open the window?” you timidly asked. Nate slid the cover barrier up so that you were able to see where the two of you where. The sun had started to set, but you could make out the crystal blue water down below. There was something else but you weren’t quite sure what it was. 

“The pilot said it was Mt. Otemanu,” Nate pointed out. The two of you could barely see the mountain just an outline. Your body leaned over Nate’s just a bit more so you could get a clear view. “The place we’re staying is not too far from there,” he said. You relaxed back into your chair and smiled at Nate in enthusiasm. Your hand reached over to grab his and you squeezed it. 

“Tell me more about the resort,” you begged. All Nate had told you was the location and that you’ll be staying in the Four Seasons Resort. Nate’s face contorted in thought and you tugged at his arm like a child trying to get their mother’s attention. “Come on,” you whined, giving him a pout. 

“Okay the only thing I can tell you is that we’re staying in a over water bungalow,” he told you. The tiny hint made your skin tingle and you started to imagine what it would feel like to finally be on the island away from everything and just disconnecting. Of course the two of you weren’t far from doing that. In about ten minutes the plane was going to land and the two of you would be in paradise.

Nate’s hand squeezed yours in comfort as he stuck the key into the door. You were buzzing with excitement and squeezed his hand back. Nate unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open. The two of you had been silent throughout this whole process. Nate gesturing for you to enter first and take a look around. You might have been a bit too giddy and skipped inside ahead of Nate. He couldn’t help but to smile and tipped the person that had escorted you to your bungalow. Nate grabbed your luggage and brought it inside. It was a bit cooler at night, even more so since the two of you were staying above the water. Somehow you had found yourself back outside. Except this time it was opposite of the entrance to the bungalow. You were out on the balcony and was staring out at the water. You could clearly see what was ahead of you. The bungalows that had occupants in them were lit, allowing light to spill out onto the water. There was some stairs leading towards the water. Your own way to get into it and back into the suite without going around. Nate had made his way into the bedroom. He placed your luggage to the side and kicked off his shoes. He let out a sigh of comfort and then went to go look for you. 

Somehow without Nate’s knowledge you had gotten into the plunge pool. This was where he had found you after about fifteen minutes. “This place is amazing,” you gushed towards Nate. He was leaning up against the door frame, watching you with the smile.

“You should see the bedroom,” he smirked, “Did you get in there with your clothes on?” Nate’s eyebrows furrowed when he realized you were literally swimming in the water. You shook your head and a sly smile made its way onto your lips.

“I decided to skinny dip. Care to join me?” you asked, beckoning him over. Nate laughed at your words and cleared his throat. You wiggled your eyebrows at him. “Don’t tell me you’re getting shy,” you said in a teasing manner. Nate licked his lips and a tiny whine left them. In just a matter of seconds he was stripping from his clothes. You cheered in delight, but quickly covered your mouth when you realized some people might be sleeping. 

“Oh shit this is cold!” Nate yelped, eyes closing as he tried not to focus on the temperature of the pool. He was letting out deep breaths for each step he took inside. Finally his whole body was submerged under the water. You swam towards him and Nate reached out to grab you by the waist and pull you towards his body. “How are you feeling Mrs. Maloley?” he questioned with a smirk. You smiled at his words and your eyes sparkled in delight. 

“I feel great, calm really,” you replied. Nate nodded at your words and he leaned down to give you a small kiss. You turned in his embrace, back pressed against his chest as you looked out at the view. Bora Bora was absolutely beautiful at night and you couldn’t help but to admire it. The both of you resting in this position for some time. You soon felt Nate’s hands slowly slide down your body. His fingers tickling your skin as he pinched at your hip and then his hands landed on your ass and Nate lightly squeezed at it. You laughed at the action and quickly pulled away from him. “Oh come on!” he softly whined, only to receive a face full of water as you splashed him.

“What?” you innocently asked, knowing exactly where he was going when he touched you. Nate’s eyes narrowed and he gave you a sly smile. You began to swim away from him already knowing what was on his mind. Soon the two of you were getting into a splash war and your laughter echoed out into the air. Finally Nate had caught you and you were once again back in his arms. “I know your games,” you said, wiggling about in his arms. You gave up after a while and wrapped your legs around his waist. Nate’s length pressed against your thigh. You rested your head on his shoulder and allowed him to swim towards the edge of the pool until your back was pressed against the cool glass. Nate’s nose nuzzled into your neck and water droplets fell from his eyelashes and onto your shoulder. He kissed at your shoulder then your neck. 

“Can I kiss you?” Nate whispered in your ear. He felt your body move against his and though he couldn’t hear it Nate knew you were laughing at his question. Usually if he wanted to kiss you he’d just do it, but for some reason Nate was feeling a bit shy right now. You pulled away to look at him. Your hand reaching up to brush away the hair that was draped over his eyes. 

“Of course you can kiss me,” you smiled, hands still running through his hair. Nate exhaled deeply and he leaned down to capture your lips with his in a sweet, but passionate kiss. You kissed him back with the same intensity and it lasted for a good three minutes before the two of you pulled away. You caught your breath feeling the heat rise between the two of you. You head tilted to the side as you felt his lips trail across your skin. You let out a tiny gasp as he nibbled at your sweet spot. You thanked your lucky stars Nate was holding you up at the moment. Nate pushed his crotch into yours and a soft moan left your lips. His lips were back on yours, but more feverish this time. Your tongue slipping between his lips and tasting his tongue. Nate’s teeth sunk into your bottom lip and he pulled and released it in a teasing manner. The kiss continued and you fingers dug into his shoulder creating half moons. 

     The sun beaming down through the window felt warm against your skin making a smile embrace your face. You had momentarily forgotten where you were. The soft sheets on your bare skin feeling unfamiliar as you tossed over to the side. Your eyes shot open and glanced at your surroundings for a bit before realizing where you were, body relaxing back into the covers. You were still naked from the previous night; though yours and Nate’s actions didn’t go further than making out and feeling each other up. You both were too jet lagged to have sex, so you opted for cuddling naked. Speaking of Nate, you had realized he wasn’t in bed next to you. You sat up and stretched while letting out a yawn. You could hear Nate talking to someone from outside the room and soon the sound of a door closing. You slid out of bed and grabbed a long t-shirt from out your luggage. Once you were partially dressed you went in search of your husband. Nate was out on the patio of the bungalow hovering over a table and moving around plates of food. You quietly stepped out and instantly felt the heat of the sun. You couldn’t help but to grin at the sight in front of you. Nate looked relaxed almost like he needed this vacation. “Are you going to stand there and stare at me or are you gonna come eat?” Nate said. His eyes were still locked on what he was doing, so the fact that he knew you were there was a bit shocking.

“How do you know I’m staring at you? I could be looking at the view,” you told him, arms now crossing over your chest and giving Nate an ‘explain that’ look. 

“I am the view, Sunshine,” he teased, waving you over. You laughed at his words and walked closer to him. “I asked them to bring breakfast technically it’s lunch because someone decided to sleep until one,” Nate playfully scolded. Your eyes widened at his words and your mouth gaped in surprise.

“It’s one in the afternoon?” you questioned, earning a nod from him. Nate pulled out the chair for you to sit down. “I’m sorry. I hope you weren’t awake without me for too long,” you commented. Your mouth watered at the sight of french toast being placed in front of you. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until now. With all the excitement of getting to the resort, you and Nate failed to grab dinner. 

“Just for an hour. I was pretty jet lagged too,” Nate said, grabbing two sausages from a pile and placing it on his plate. “I called my mom to let her know we had landed safely, but other than that my phone is off and we’re entirely disconnected from the world.” You smiled at his words a feeling of comfort slipping down your spine. The two of you had agreed to not use your phones or social media while on the honeymoon. Opting to bring along a regular camera and a Polaroid one to document the trip. You let out a sigh of content and ate your breakfast while staring out at the gorgeous view. 

“So what do you have planned for today?” you asked a while later, popping a grape into your mouth and munching on it. Nate rose an eyebrow at you over his cup of coffee and he sipped at it slowly.

“Uh nothing,” he said, “We’re on vacation baby there doesn’t need to have a plan. We should just cruise carpe diem.” You let out a tiny groan at his words. Even when you two went on a normal vacation you both always had a plan. Nate could sense your hesitation and he reached out to grab your hand. “Right now the world is our oyster, so look around and tell me. What do you want to do first?” he asked.

“Well first off it’s ‘the world is your oyster.’ Second what’s with the famous clichés?” you laughed, tugging at his hand. Nate gave you one of his signature smiles and you rolled your eyes. 

“Come on just look. What do you want to do?” he seriously asked. You hummed, lips pursing as you looked out at the water. There was already guests out and about. You could even see some standing up on some boards and paddling around. You glanced at Nate and then smiled.

“How about paddle boarding,” you suggested. It was something you had always wanted to try and since Nate was saying the two could do anything you wanted then why not that. 

“Paddle boarding it is,” he agreed.

     “Oh shit!” Nate yelled, beginning to wobble on his board. He tried hard to steady himself but instead failed and the sound of his body hitting the water echoed around the area. Your hand covered over your mouth to stop your laugh. The sound of your giggles only coming through seconds later the minute Nate resurfaced. “You think that’s funny huh?” Nate said, narrowing his eyes at you. You shook your head and stifled your laugh. Nate dipped under the water and swam closer to your board. 

“NATE NO!” you shouted, already knowing what he was going to do. Before you could even stop him, Nate had tipped your board over and you fell into the water. The splash ringing loud in his ears. “You suck,” you pouted, sucking in a deep breath of fresh air. 

“You shouldn’t have laughed at me,” Nate smiled, splashing you with water. You began to tread the water then leaned back until you were back floating. 

“Have to admit that it was funny,” you said, slowly moving closer to Nate. He climbed up on the paddle board he had pushed you off of and closely watched you. The two of you had been out in the water for two hours now. Swimming with the fishes and just enjoying the sun. Finally after managing to ride the paddle boards without help the two of you were just playing around. Nate couldn’t help but to admire you. His eyes scanning over your body with love and lust. He didn’t forget the night before-or more so the early morning. You could practically feel his stare and stopped the back float to look at him. “What?” you questioned, almost feeling as if he was staring at a really bad tan you had just gotten.

“Nothing. You’re just so beautiful,” Nate replied. You felt your skin heat up at his words and swam until your were next to him. 

“This place is breathtaking,” you said, resting your arms on the board, closing your eyes, and raising your head up to soak in the sun. Nate nodded in agreement and reached out to poke at your cheek. “Mhm?” you hummed in response, still in the same position. Nate’s eyes landed on your collarbone and he began to chew on his bottom lip. When he didn’t respond you broke from your tiny trance and looked at him. 

“We should head back to the room…take a shower, get ready for dinner,” he said nonchalantly. Nate had expressed the words “take a shower” and from the look he was giving you, you knew what he meant. “Only if you want to,” he quickly added on. 

“How about a bubble bath instead?” you suggested, “We can light some candles, pop open a bottle of champagne.” Your words trailed off as your fingers ran across one of his tattoos. Nate felt goosebumps rise up on his skin at your touch. He was already hard and you could tell from how constraint his swim trunks had become. The two of you grabbed the oars and made your way back to shore to return the paddle boards. You couldn’t have been quick enough in trying to get back to your bungalow suite. The minute the two of you got inside, Nate ordered some champagne and chocolate covered fruit while you ran the bath. You began to light the candles that was provided in the room and turned off the bathroom light.

You began to get undressed and hung your wet swimsuit on the balcony to dry. The water was just the right temperature and you felt a tingle run down your spine as you stepped into it. “Okay I also got fruit covered in cho-” Nate entered the bathroom and stopped in tack when he saw you in the water. “Chocolate,” he said, “Couldn’t wait for me?” You shook your head at his words, hands reaching around you to play with the bubbles. He shook his head in amusement and then pulled the cart that held the champagne, two glasses, and the fruit he was just talking about. Nate popped open the bottle and poured the liquid into the two glasses. He handed one over to you and then proceeded to get undressed. Luckily the tub was big enough for the both of you. Nate’s long body sliding into the hot water. It was a huge contrast to the cool water from outside. 

“This is nice,” you commented, resting your head back and just relaxing. You decided to move over until your back was pressed against Nate’s chest and you could feel him slightly tense. There was always some affect you had on him when you two were naked and in a confined space. It drove Nate insane and once again his length grew hard. “You okay?” you muttered, reaching out to brush some strands of hair from out his eyes. 

“Great actually. I married the love of my life and now we’re in this beautiful place,” he said, kissing at your hairline. You grabbed a chocolate covered cherry from off the tray and fed it to him. The air became tense and you knew it was from the sexual tension you both were harboring. Neither of you had been able to touch one another in the way you wanted since the wedding. Your first night as a married couple was spent celebrating, so you were too exhausted to do anything. The next day you both had to catch a plane. Long story short you both were in desperate need for a release. Things seemed to escalate quickly. The both of you feeding each other fruit and getting buzzed just enough was what egged you on. The sensual atmosphere was all you needed. At some point the two of you started to make out. 

Your breaths were in sync and you turned in your spot until you were straddling him. The sounds of your kissing echoed around the room. Teeth clashing together and tongues massaging the other. You moaned into Nate’s mouth when he bucked his crotch into yours. The kiss broke and you trailed your lips across his jawline. Sucking tiny love bites into his skin. Nate’s hands slowly slid over your skin and his hands landed on your ass. He squeezed at your ass cheeks and spread them apart. Retracting his hand back, Nate gave your ass a slap eliciting a breathy moan from you in return. “You like that?” Nate questioned, earning a vigorous nod from you. He did it again and you moaned even more, your head going down to rest on his shoulder. You softly nibbled at the skin between his earlobe. Tongue gliding over the purple bruise that was beginning to form. With one hand you reached down and grabbed his length. “Fuck,” Nate hissed, hands pausing their action as you began to softly squeeze up and down his length. Nate licked his lips, breath becoming shallow as he tried to focus on pleasuring you too. 

His hand slipped between your legs and his thumb pressed near your clit. The sensation made you shiver and you began to stroke Nate’s length as he kept playing with your bundle of nerves. You continued to add to the display of love bites on his skin and both your moans littered the air. Your thumb swiped over the head of his length and Nate’s hips jerked up in instinct. He was in bliss, but knew the feeling would be much more intense once he was inside of you. Nate slid a finger into your heat. The feeling of it being a dull pain since water never served well in lubrication. It almost felt good, your legs going slack as he added in another finger and continued to rub your clit. Nate began to thrust his fingers making you whine in both pain and pleasure. Finally your lips landed back on his in a feverish kiss. Your hips moving against his fingers in need of wanting more. “Bedroom,” you said against his lips already knowing your stroking wasn’t doing much for him and neither was his fingering doing much for you. Nate pulled his fingers out of you and you whimpered at the loss. With legs feeling like jelly you stood up as best as you could. Nate was the first to step out the tub and he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. Grabbing another towel, Nate draped it over your shoulders before bending down and scooping you up into his arms. You yelped in surprise, but still allowed Nate to carry you back into the bedroom.

“I’ve been waiting to do this,” Nate said, carefully tossing you on the bed. You were still wet and droplets of water flew everywhere as you body landed on the soft mattress. “Waiting to feel your warmth-” he grabbed at your ankle and slowly pulled you towards the end of the bed. “Waiting to taste you-” Nate spread your legs apart and you instantly felt a different type of wetness. Your chest rose rapidly as his fingers trailed down your leg and teased at your inner thighs. “Waiting to make lo-”

“Oh just fuck me already,” you moaned out, cutting off his words. As much as you wanted Nate to make love to you, you wanted him to fuck you the most. It had been so long since the two of you had just gotten down and dirty. You couldn’t even remember the last time the two of you had sex. With the wedding planning and Nate spending his time at the studio it had gotten hard for you both to spend some quality time with one another. 

“No making love? None at all?” Nate questioned with a chuckle. You knew he was stalling at the moment. Thumb slowly rubbing over your clit in a tantalizing way. After getting you all riled up Nate loved to tease you until you were begging for him.

“We can make love later please Nate just fu-” a moan left your lips and your hand flew down to grip at the sheets. Nate had skipped the teasing and went in for the kill. His tongue taking a long swipe up your slit and the tip of it playing with your bundle of nerves. Before you could even close your legs Nate had pushed them down. He sent three kitty licks between your folds and nipped at your clit. You had to be soaked by now, hips raising in a request for him to do more. Nate plunged his tongue inside of you, moving it about while his thumb rubbed over your clit. He moaned against your heat the vibrations of it making your clit throb. The sounds of your moans had his length pulsating. Once again his fingers were inside of you and Nate spread the two fingers apart as he scissored you. You let out a huff, toes curling as you begged him for more. “S-Shit p-please Nate,” you whined, desperately needing him inside of you. You had missed his length. Having it fill you to the brim and hitting all the right spots. 

“Say it. You know the magic word,” Nate growled, lust filled eyes glancing up to gauge your reactions. You whimpered at his words and Nate added in a third finger. The burning sensation of it felt good and you began to clench around his fingers. You were far from close and Nate knew it. “All you have to do is say it,” he teased, reaching one hand up to grab and play with your breasts. Your eyes slowly opened and he could tell they had grown a shade darker. “You know what I want to hear,” Nate taunted, pinching at your nipple until it became a hardened nub. You shook your head and as a result Nate completely pulled away. “Naughty girls get punished,” he told you. You clamped your mouth shut, but reluctantly turned over when he tapped your thigh in a small demand for you to turn over. You felt his large hands cusp your ass and he rubbed over the cheeks slowly. You knew what he was about to do, your clit already throbbing at the sensation of feeling your ass cheeks on fire. “Last chance,” Nate said, “Are you going to say it?” You shook your head once more.

“No,” you said through gritted teeth. Nate retracted his hand back and sent a harsh slap to your ass. You let out a gasp and he gave you another slap to the same cheek.

“Count,” Nate demanded. Sending two more slaps to the other cheek.

“F-Four,” you stuttered out, letting out a moan and burying your face into the pillow. “Five, six, seven,” you hummed, body tensing as the pain increased. Your juices coated your inner thighs and Nate smirked at the sight. He added five more slaps and you counted just like he had demanded. You felt the bed raise as Nate climbed off of it. 

“I brought a little something,” he said, you stayed in your position knowing good and well that if you moved Nate would spank you even more. 

“What is it?” you breathlessly asked. Rocking your hips up and down. Nate’s hands were finally back on you and you sighed in relief as he spread your ass cheeks apart and licked at your folds. 

“So fucking wet,” he hummed, thumb pressing hard at your clit and rubbing. “I bought lube. It’ll make everything feel so good and slick,” he said. You could hear the cap of the bottle open and soon felt the coolness of the liquid being poured over your ass. You moaned as the cold liquid calmed your burning skin and Nate continued to rub your clit. You couldn’t take it anymore and knew Nate wanted to be inside of you just as much as you wanted him there.

“Please fuck me… Master,” you finally said. The last word leaving your mouth slowly and washing over Nate. He smirked at the word and you could tell Nate might have came right there if you had said it again. It was a name he had chosen for himself, being the Dom of your relationship of course. 

“See was that so hard,” Nate whispered, sending feather-like kisses down your spine. You could feel the head of this length press at your entrance, but before entering you Nate made sure to rub his tip between your folds a few times. Slowly he pushed in and your body shook at the new sensation. Doggy style had always been your favorite position. The angle allowed Nate to hit all the right spots and you could sometimes take control if he was feeling up to it. Your hands reached out to grip at the sheets as Nate continued to enter you. He added more lube and you soon figured out what he meant about everything feeling smoother. Nate pushed all the way in and the two of you simultaneously moaned. There was always something about having sex in a new place that made everything feel intense. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the tension. Whatever it was you loved it. “I swear I’ll never get tired of this,” Nate said, letting out a throaty laugh. 

You had become impatient and pushed your ass back against him. Nate moaned at the movement and you began to rock against his length, riding him in a different way. You felt him leave you for a second and then you slid back down until he was inside of you once again. After about the third time, Nate took control and gripped at your hips. Your moans bounced off the wood of the bungalow as Nate pounded into you. The sounds of his skin slapping against yours was like a sweet melody. You met his thrusts as best as you could, body shaking in pleasure and thighs tensing. “Fuck yes right there,” you squealed, one hand reaching back to grip at his wrist. Nate gave a particularly sharp thrust and you let out a tiny scream. His length was long and had just the right girth to have you withering beneath him. Broken words left your lips as Nate repeated the action. Your hand moved from his wrist and dipped between your legs so that you could rub at your clit. You were nearly seeing stars and enjoyed the immense pleasure. The two of you weren’t going to leave that bed until you were ready. It felt so good to feel each other again. Celebrating your marriage in the best way possible.

     “Ooooh give me a turn baby,” Nate cheered, reaching his hand out and twirling you around. You giggled at his words and did a pose for him. “You look gorgeous,” he said.

“You look amazing too,” you smiled, straightening his bow tie and pecking his lips in a sweet kiss. Your eyes landed on the purple bruises scattering across his neck and you cleared your throat. “Maybe you should let your hair down to cover the uh,” you said, poking at one of the love bites.

“I’m good. I want everyone to know who I belong to,” he winked, “Let’s go before we’re late.” The two of you had reservations for a dinner and entertainment down at the hotel restaurant. You and Nate could have spent all day in bed if you wanted to, but Nate had brought up the fact that he made reservations and that you should start getting ready for it. Since neither of you washed up during your bath, it also met you had to shower once again. You glanced at yourself in the mirror before grabbing Nate’s hand and leaving the suite. You were starving to say the least. The first time you ate was earlier that day and it had already gotten dark. Warmth glossed over your skin as you both walked to the restaurant and Nate pulled you into his side. His arm wrapped around your waist, hand resting at your hip as you made your way there.

Nate could see your eyes light up in excitement as the dancers walked out. Your plate of food being forgotten as they began to dance with the fire. “Oh my god, Nate look!” you exclaimed, your hand hitting at his thigh. All the guests were in awe as they watched the dance take place. Nate’s attention was split between watching you and the dancers. He loved to see your smile and how the sides of your eyes crinkled when you became excited at seeing something new. 

“Maybe you should learn how to do that,” Nate joked, nodding his chin in the directions of the dancers. You laughed at his words and shook your head. 

“I’d end up hurting myself, but I should film this!” you said, your thoughts jumping all over the place. You dug into your bag and pulled out the camera. Nate laughed and shook his head in amusement. This had to be the best vacation the two of you had ever been on and he was glad to be sharing it with his now wife. 

lindsaymaknae  asked:

So not sure if ur actually doing headcanons but I want one where MJ is Midtowns BAMF. Like she gets arrested in protests and punches Nazis in the face and she ain't got time to do makeup and dress pretty because she's raising money to get young black girls through school. Like, she's the real life superhero and Peter is the romantic interest, but also she's incredible smart and help Pete with issues in his suit not even Tony Stark figures out. Just badass MJ

MJ is bamf, okay?? like, we only get maybe (and I’m being generous here) 10 minutes of her in the whole movie but I know and you know and we all know that she is the most boss-ass bitch at Midtown. LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT IT-

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