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Hello!! Is it okay to request that Y/n is Harry's plus-sized girlfriend (no hate to plus-sized girls bc I'm one myself! <33) and he says something offensive to her and they fight, and make up? Thank you!!

I’m SO sorry this took forever! Don’t hate me!!


Harry was sitting on your shared bed. “Babe, I really don’t know what to wear tomorrow.” You said. He was flicking through his emails as you stared at yourself in the mirror. “Where you going?” He asked. “Out for brunch with the girls tomorrow, I told you.” You said holding a black dress up to your body. “Yeah” He mumbled. You took of what you were wearing leaving you in your bra and undies. “Maybe, I might have some ideas for tomorrows brunch, after some activities.” You suggested walking towards Harry. You caressed his leg. “Babe, get off me, I’ve got more important things to worry about than whatever shit you wear tomorrow for your brunch and some sex!” He shouted. He walked out the room slamming the door and walking into his office. You huffed. Harry’s always normally up for helping you decide what to wear and of course, sex. You huffed. You put on your comfy clothes and laid in bed, mad at your boyfriend and not feeling up for brunch. 


It didn’t take Harry very long to recognise his mistake. With all the new stress with promoting the new album and the film he was immensely stressed and took it out on the person, he was closest to, you. He shamefully walked towards your bedroom. He saw you sleeping peacefully in your bed. He quietly walked towards the bed and peeled the covers on his side over. He climbed in a snuggled next to you. “Hey” He whispered. “I’m sorry.” He spoke. “I really am so so sorry. I’m just stressed and I took it out on you, I’m so sorry.” He kissed your shoulder. “Forgive me?” He asked pressing another kiss to your shoulder. You turned round to face him. “You hurt my feelings.” You spoke. “And I’m so fucking sorry. I love you.” You smiled at him. “If you’re feeling stressed, lemme know, I’ll always help.” You smiled. “Agreed. Now, lemme love on yeh” He smiled as he lifted the covers up and went down to your hotness. 

So, after some discourse™ about Yastin Biver and the remix of “despacito”, talking with other latines, i realized that gringxs feel like we need to “thank” their artists because they talked two sentences in one of our languages, meanwhile latine artist are killing everyone by just being talented af. I wanted to make a little post praising some (let’s be honest, if we list every latine that fits here, we will have a bible) of the latine artists that are fucking awesome in more than one language:

Better covers for “Despacito”: Tritom / Maxi Espindola and Agustín Bernasconi / Carolina García / Karen Méndez, Pablo Saavedra & Juacko / Boyce Avenue / J.Fla / Susan Prieto (bachata) / Gabi Luthai / Nix / Zhamira Zambrano / Santos & Ledes / Naju y Tute (pop rock) / LOS 5  (there’s a mix between spanish speakers and non-spanish speakers. I included the last ones because they at least know the lyrics of the song, even if their accents are not perfect :) )

There’s people that honestly believe that we don’t like the remix because we don’t like “gringxs” singing in our languges or because we don’t accept them because they have accents (arguments from gringxs. Like, en serio?) Anyways,i’m gonna share with you some non-latine artists that sang in our languages that are knew and loved in latinoamerica:

Extra: latin american version of other songs, because they are….better: shape of you* / thinking out loud* / the beast and the beauty (bachata)* / all of me* / love yourself* / despacito / paisaje / paisaje (cumbia) / je l'aime a mourir

*: means that they have more songs in that language.

If you are latine, please add more songs!

(i’m tonta and i forgot to thank @dasakuryo @dixonette1013 and @keith-koganes for helping me with this post!)

The truth is, I’m hopelessly in love with you. I said it many times to you, and I’ll say it many times about you. I’m crazy, I’m obsessive, I’m needy, I’m protective, I don’t care. I fell in love with you, and now I don’t know how to fall out of love. Now I don’t know where to put the memories, how to shake the thought of you and the truth is I fucking miss you. God damn, I want to hate you, I want to feel my blood boil at the thought of you, but I have nothing to hate you for. All you ever did was shower me with love, how could I hate you for making me happy? How could I hate somebody so innocently perfect? I miss you, I miss us, I miss the way you used to look at me and I miss the way you talk. I miss your stupid walk and your gross facial hair, I miss the tiny little things that I used to tease you for because now I don’t get to laugh at them. I took everything for granted, I took our entire relationship for granted because I made up in my head that it was forever, that for once a boy wasn’t lying to me. And I was so damn stupid to think that, to fall in love as if there was no tomorrow because of course you were going to leave and of course you were lying. What do I have that is so special? Nothing, I got nothing. And now you’re gone, gone for good and I’m left here not knowing what the fuck to do. Not knowing where to place all this love and not knowing how to smile on my own. You carried me through so much and dropped me like I was nothing, like everything we went through was all just a dream, and I guess now I’m living a fucking nightmare
—  I’m missing you
Pocahontas Live Action Fancast

Q’orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas

Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum

Gil Birmingham as Chief Powhatan

Zahn McClarnon as Kekata

Tayana Beatty as Nakoma

Meryl Streep as Grandmother Willow (voice)

Sam Claflin as John Smith

Nicholas Hoult as Thomas

Kevin Spacey as Governor Ratcliffe

Gerard Butler and Iain Glen as Ben & Lon

Matthew Gray Gubler as Wiggins


This took forever and i hate lip sync but :“’D
oKAY so these characters are Anxiety, Roman, Logan, and Patton! They belong to @thatsthat24, and I hope you all enjoy! Thomas has helped me through so many dark times, so I hope he’ll like this <3

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Lance and Asul, from the klance fic Gold Dust