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His Mind Created the Perfect Metaphor

Dear BBC Sherlock community,

Ever since Sherlock series 4 came out, collectively we were like “what the HELL is this?!?! This doesn’t make any sense!” BUT after many months of tossing ideas around the fandom, we have made theories that could explain the weirdness, but nothing we can all agree on. Now, this meta here may be absolute garbage to you, but I believe, in my heart of hearts, I’ve solved it. Please read it in its entirety with an open mind before you reblog it just to tell me I suck.

Thanks in advance, you da best


Here’s the short version: Sherlock actually jumped at the end of The Reichenbach Fall, just as Doyle intended him to die. Gatiss and Moffat said they are correcting something in this adaptation that no one else has gotten right before. Many of us assumed the homosexual romance was the one thing they were changing, but we were punched in the face right after The Final Problem came out.  Gatiss and Moffat are changing the sacrifice. Holmes was intended to die for his friends but Doyle needed more money and rewrote the series after “The Final Problem”. That turned Holmes’ sacrifice into a cruel joke against Watson. This is what BBC Sherlock is fixing, and we’re about to see it come to fruition.

I know many theorists despise the homosexual reading of Holmes and Watson, while many people in general despise theorists on this site. That’s fine, I don’t care how people feel about gay theories and/or TJLC and its followers.  But I’m here to tell you TJLC, at its core as a concept, was right. You may hate Moffat and Gatiss, you may think Sherlock is a piece of shit show, and that’s fine, you do you. But hear this one meta out, please. I think even the hardest skeptic can at least apprectiate the thought and logic behind this.

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That’s A No

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,117

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’I want you.’’

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studyblr icons !!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1K! I can’t believe I’ve reached my first milestone in such a short space of time, and I am so grateful for each and every one of my followers because it’s all thanks to you :-) 

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To say thank you for 1k, I made 4 icons that you can use for your studyblr (or anywhere really!). You don’t need to follow me to use these but please reblog if you’re using one!

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Thank you all again for 1k and I hope you enjoy using these! xxx

Spidey Suit (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hey everyone!! This is the first fic I’m posting here! I hope you all enjoy it. Please like and reblog if you liked it, and if you loved it, leave a comment! (Shameless self-promo- I also write fics for musicals on my other blog @hamiltontrashaccount, check em out) Also, thank you to @friendly-letters! She was the one who came up with this idea, and she was nice enough to let me write this! Shout out to her! Hope you like it :))

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1551

Warnings: Cursing, some suggestive comments


Tom was an idiot.

Sony gave him a very expensive costume and forgot to get it back from him. And what was the first thing he did with it?

Let his brother and his best friend try it on.

“Sony forgot to take away the Spider-Man costume…” Tom was saying to his camera. When he turned it off, he went to get the costume through the curtains.

“Tom,” you said. “You know, I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Sony wanted you to do with the suit.”

Tom turned to look at you. “Y/N, it’s totally fine.”

“Uh, what?” You sputtered. “Tom, I was there, a couple feet away from you, when they told you how much that suit cost. I had to pick your chin up off the floor.”

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Revised edition

Quick report on Kubo and Yamamoto’s attendance to Concomics Guadalajara. I was in line for 9 hours plus two more for their short Q&A and am objectively dying, sorry for typos 

ETA: When I wrote this it didn’t occur to me that it would get hundreds of reblogs before I ever got to fix it, now my half-deceased incompetent typing will live on forever *sobs*

  • I arrived at 6:30 am and there were already people in line jeeesus (lots were coming to see a youtuber though)
  • Gonna spare you the deets on the awful people in my surroundings thank @yuurinikiforov cos I screamed at her for hours

ETA: I just realized this sounds like it was Ally making me scream but in fact i tumblr-screamed at her to prevent from unleashing my frustrations on the gross fujos that surrounded me. Thank Ally because she got to read all that nervous-wreck garbage and y’all get to be spared

  • I had a two-day ticket so I was allowed in half an hour earlier and if not for that, I probably would’ve missed on the autograph line. They had space for 50 people (plus 200ish that had bought the express pass which was super expensive). I was #45. It took less than three minutes since getting inside for all 50 spots to be taken

(this was the line after three minutes. I was too lazy to take pics of it later, but it got to be around 5 times this at some point.)

ETA: According to Con staff, since the lines were very well organized, they actually got to sign quite a bit more people than the originally allotted 50. The Queens are so kind. 

  • No photos, video or sound recording of The Queens allowed, except for this one taken by Con staff. They were giving away those postcards for the filthy casuals people who didn’t bring any official merch for the sign

i’m mostly kidding about the filthy casual thing bc I hate fandom elitism but there were a lot of people bringing FANART PRINTS and I wanted to gut them

  • Kubo would quick sketch a character of your choice. I chose Victor bc I love how she draws his huge heart mouth
  • I was able to tell Sayokan how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart and that I’m looking forward to the movie and she said thank you and that they’re workinng hard. I died. ETA: I wanted to say so much more but I was so nervous my Japanese came out really garbled and we didn’t have much time. And I didn’t get to say anything to Kubo because I didn’t want to distract her from drawing ;—;
  • Sayokan has a beautiful smile and I love her

ETA: She also had an aura like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, twenty years younger: A STRONG woman who takes no prisoners and is fabulous af. I love her with all my soul.

After the autographs, The Queens had a short stage appearance

  • There was a cosplay contest and the winners would get to sit in the front row for The Queens’ presentation. I didn’t take any pics but the standout for me apart from a flood of gorgeous girls doing Eros Yuuri, was a pair of girls doing Lilia and Yakov. The announcer clearly didn’t watch the show and botched Lilia’s last name, but the cosplayer had the attitude 100% on point.
  • Something I hate is people who say Yurio stressing the u, it sounds so wrong and a lot of people today were doing it and driving me mad
  • The stage was packed af
  • Kubo drew quick sketch of Victor while she and Sayo answered a couple of questions. They will post the video later today

ETA: Here’s the video

  • Audience Questions logistics wasn’t very well prepared and even Kubo asked how it was gonna work. I was embarrassed for the lack of planning. In the end those that were lucky to be close to the stage got to ask the questions. Lia was praying for no stupid questions pls.

Q&A (translation partially mine partially from the interpreter)

1. What were your expectations about Mexico and have those expectations changed now

Kubo: I haven’t gone sightseeing yet but it’s my first time in Mexico and I didn’t expect so many people. [The people/audience] feels four or five times warmer than japan (make of that what you may, Japanese people say that about us a lot) Sayokan didn’t answer

2. Dumb question that has already been answerred in interviews about whether Yurio was planned to win from the start. As we know, yes, pretty sure both of them have said it before.

Sayokan added that his character development wasn’t completely planned though, and he evolved a lot during writing.

3. Which word do you think of when you thibk of Yuuri and Victor 

Sayokan: Love (愛) 

Kubo: She didn’t talk to the mic and people were still screaming about 愛  so Ididn’t hear what she said but the interpreter said she said Friendship. My queens get your story sraight pls

HUGELY IMPORTANT ETA: Other people that were there have confirmed that Kubo gave a long answer that included 断ち切れない絆 “an unbreakable bond” and didn’t say anything about friendship. There was a telephone game going on because there was a JP-ENG interpreter and then an ENG-SPA interpreter and I don’t know how or why the latter got “friendship” but please take this into account, I don’t want people to hate on Kubo because I wasn’t close enough to hear her answer and the Spanish interpreter botched it.

Not important ETA: A girl close to me was yelling “Victuri” like she hoped they’d answer that and I was facepalming hard

Kubo also asked (in Japanese) if anyone understood Japanese, it wasn’t translated and a good dozen of hands shot up. She was surprised. Some folks screamed abd she said 落ち着け. One or two continued screaming so obviously they didn’t understand Japanese lol

4. Stupid question about whether they plan to develop Otabek and Yurio’s relationship. 

Sayokan said they hadn’t fully decided on how everything’s gonna end in the movie so can’t say yet but look forward to the bonus on V6 (the interpreter said V3 and I wanted to gut him). Hoes I like Otayuri but stop trying to shove it on The queens’ faces pls

5. Do you have plans for a special chapter about the Lady skaters? 

Sayokan said it’s definitely something they’d love to do but right now their focus is on the boys abnd finishing their story. Best answer for me tbh besides Sayokan’s 愛 cos I wanna see Mila skate soooo bad.

ETA: Forgot to mention this but a lot of people were chanting “Boda! Boda!” (wedding). Kubo asked what it was that people were chanting and the interpreter told them. Someoene else is reporting that Sayokan chuckled. There were two tall dudes in front of me so my vision was very obstructed and can’t confirm, but neither said anything out loud in response to it

  • Sayokan threw some gifts at the audience but My Queen is no pitcher and I was too far back so didn’t get anything *sobs*. Some were prints or maybe postcards but no idea of what exactly.

And that’s it! Theyll be signing more autographs and have another stage appearancw tomorrow but I can’t stay so someone else will have to report it whilst I die.

TL;DR I love them and my calebdar looks even more beautiful and I never thought that was possible and I’ll cry about this day for the rest of my life.

PS I’ll fix those typos when I’m not utterly destroyed
PPs: I have no shame so I wanna plug my cute Victuri Tangled AU it’s really cute and it doesnt have typos promise, please read it


Hello guys!! How have u been? I hope u are doing well ^^ So that’s time to to celebrate my blog 2 year anniversary and make follow forever and say how much I love everyone here!! It’s already 2 years of of my blog and I can’t belive, cuz I haved a lot of blogs that i dropped, but I’m really happy that this shit didn’t happend with this blog. I don’t know why, I mean: I was in many fandoms, but anime fandom in general is something different for me? I’m pretty sure that I could drop this blog too if not YOU, my dear followers. I still don’t know what attracts people in my blog? i wrote simillar thing in my first follow forever too lmao nothing changes Some ppl where with me like from the start? I still see them liking/rebloging my stuff and I’m really happy with the fact that they didn’t got annoyed by me lol. I really want to thank u all for being with me all this time, for your support, for your presents to me, for all asks you sent to me! JUST THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT AND I HOPE TO CELEBRATE HERE MORE ANNIVERSARIES!

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Catch Me (Day 7)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,633

A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long to update. I had family and school things to attend to but here it is! The final part of Catch Me - I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked/commented on any part of this story. I adore each and every one of you.

@avengerstories​ - thank you for editing this you queen :)

Day 6

Originally posted by musicfixyou

“We’re all needed for this mission,” Steve states from the front of the conference room. His lips are set in a straight line and there are no hints of the smile he was wearing only half an hour earlier when the two of you were eating lunch together. It goes to show that something as seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone call can change everything.

“What is it this time?”

“Infiltration.” Steve hesitates before adding, “Of a HYDRA base.”

Bucky who, for the first time ever, voluntarily chose to sit next to you for this meeting, clenches his fists under the table.

“Even me?” Bruce questions, stealing your attention away from HYDRA’s former golden boy. He’s fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater and you wish you could offer him some kind of comfort. You know how opposed he is to becoming the big, green monster unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re only going to need your medical expertise for this one Doc.”

“Oh thank god.” Bruce sinks back in his seat and relief floods through you. At least someone is guaranteed to come out of this mission unscathed.

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sorry for the lame gif

Nitya here! I’ve had this blog for 900 years and some of you guys have seen me through one direction, years of regret superwholock, marvel and dc, the 100, sense8, star trek, star wars, and my final form: kpop. the best part of this has been seeing all my old favs also turn into kpop trash blogs  how we’ve stayed together for so long through all this.  anyway here’s me being gross and loving my mutuals (long post ahead)

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Dan’s first video (Text edition)





 (^_^)/ hi.

My name is 

(/^_^)/ [DAN]

(/^_^/) [iel :3]

(^-^) and this is my first, proper, video, I guess!

(/^_^0) Woo!

(^_^#) I mean, I’ve always kind of wanted to be the kind of person who posts videos, but I guess I’ve never really had the confidence or the motivation to.

(#^_^#) Says the person with tissue paper all over his face

(^_^/) *cleans off tissue paper*

(^_^) But that was until some really good friends of mine persuaded me to give it a shot!

(#^_^#) *thinks of Phil*

(/^_^/) and so I am!

(*_*) I sound nothing like this by the way, this laptop’s microphone makes me sound like a pedophile/tramp/polar bear

(#^_^#) please don’t take this personally.




(^_^/) *Fixes fringe*

(^_^) My videos will probably be a variety of things, from like little skits to vloggy videos or creative things! I’m going to try to make it interesting, and not all the same. 

(^_^) Yeah i’m just going to try to not be like one of those people who sits there like

(!-!) Hi, so today kinda sucked, uh I went to college and it was raining and,, yeah, it’s kinda awkward I don’t know what to say.

(!<!) *laughs sadly*

(!-!) yeah…

(!-!/) *fixes fringe*

(!-!) I’m probably going to go now


(^_^) But yeah, I am going to try my best to at least attempt to be entertaining.

()\(^0^)% *Dances to music*

(^_^) So yeah if you could please click the yellow box of infinite happiness, cause’ I’m going to start making videos quite soon, I’ve got 

(/^_^\) Loads of ideas

(^_^) And I’ll try to post videos regularly 


(/^-^) *wipes mascara* What have I done to my face? blegh

==*== Side note, look what I woke up with! I just, I just woke up and that was on my arm, what the *EXTREMELY LOUD BEEP THAT NOBODY WAS READY FOR* was that? It’s like some bloody person took a square brand and impaled me in my sleep. Probably.

(^_^) So 

(^/\^) *claps* 

(^_^) Yeah if you’d like to subscribe I’d

(<3) *makes heart hands* love you forever, and I will

(/^_^/) See you soon! 


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Hot Soup

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “If you get ill, Kim Namjoon, I will not look after you.” He batted your hands away, with a grin, and as he walked away you became genuinely worried he would catch your illness,

“My immune system is amazing.”

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: I want joon cuddles

Originally posted by jjilljj

 “Joon, please let me go,” Namjoon’s arms tightened around your back, as he continued to run small circles on your shoulder blades. You tried to move your hands to cover your face but Namjoon’s grip left you unable to move so you ended up sneezing into his shoulder.

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Why Reviews Matter

This is an issue I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while, but with Gruvia week fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to finally broach this subject. Mind you, this is hardly a new, or unaddressed issue. This has been brought up on Tumblr many a time, and in many a fandom. But I wanted to address it again, because it is so important.

*Also, because I know many people don’t like to read long blocks of text, I have included random pics of Gruvia with even more random comments to keep people entertained. Enjoy!*

Since my time in the Gruvia fandom, I have always made it a point to participate in Gruvia Week, and likewise, I have always regretted it.

Why? Because the amount of effort/time put into writing fics for Gruvia Week was never worth the amount of feedback/acknowledgement I received in return for my efforts. I don’t like begging for reviews. In fact, when I first entered the FT fandom, and started writing Gruvia fics, I would NEVER ask for reviews. I figured, if people wanted to review, they would. But over the past couple of years, I started asking for them. You know why? Because the amount of written feedback compared to the amount of notes/favs(if we’re talking about fan fiction DOT net) I received on fics was wildly imbalanced.

Was it just me, or was the anime filler unison raid more magically impressive than the official one?

And have I gotten more reviews since I started requesting them. Not at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Part of that is the FT fandom has shrunk, but another part of it is the *type* of stories I usually put out. I like writing one-shots. I find it more enjoyable to just get a completed story out there all at once. I don’t really have the patience or dedication anymore to keep up a multi-chapter fic. But multi-chapters DO often get more reviews. Why? Because those reading want to encourage the writer to continue the story. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. BUT, that’s how it should be for completed fics, too. And yet, it’s not.

Because I am giving my readers an already completed story, there is no incentive to review. Which from a writer’s perspective, is so discouraging. For a writer, putting out an ending to a story (and mind you, many of my one-shots are 6,000-10,000 words long, so definitely not SHORT) is when they need feedback the most. They want to know whether it was liked or not. That’s the most important time to review. But so many people don’t, because what’s in it for them? They already received everything you were giving out.

Do you see how horrible that is, though? Someone took the time (some fiction takes hours, days and even weeks and months) to write and share a whole story for free, and the least a reader can do, “the review,” is not worth most people’s time. But if that’s the case, then why should I, the writer, waste my time putting out a story in the first place? Liking or faving a story isn’t enough. We want to know what you liked (or even didn’t like) about it. That’s how we improve. We thrive on feedback.

I imagine they might say these kinds of things in bed together, too.

So, yes, as far as one-shots go, why should you leave a review? The story is complete. You don’t need to ask for another chapter to see how it ends. I’ll tell you why. Because while you received a story this time, there’s no guarantee there will be another one in the future. And I know I’m not the only writer or artist who feels like this.

And yes, writing should not be all about the reviews. You should absolute write for yourself above and beyond anything else. And I DO. However, the story is already in my head. I’m already enjoying it. I don’t really need to write it down. I do that more for others rather than myself. And yet the lack of appreciation for this kills my motivation to write anything else.

And all writers KNOW people are reading but not reviewing. The amount of traffic, favs or notes my stories receive in comparison to the amount of reviews are not even close to matching up. If you enjoyed a story enough to fav, follow, like or reblog, then please think about also leaving a comment. No one is asking you to match their story with a novel of your own in a review, but sometimes even a few short words are so appreciated by writers and artists.


If you don’t acknowledge your artists and writers, your fandom dries up. People leave or move on. People stop making gifs, writing, drawing, etc.. If your fandom dries up, then content for the things you love also dries up. Is that really ok? Not only that, but imagine writers and artists who are new to fandom, and new to art and writing in general. Imagine how hard it is for them? You could make the difference between someone giving up and never reaching their full potential, or your review inspiring them to improve to the point that they one day become a famous author or artist. Never think your review doesn’t matter. IT DOES.

Now, back to the topic of Gruvia Week itself. I think the lack of feedback during Gruvia Week especially is a combination of things. Firstly, there’s a lot of content (which is very good! That’s what everyone wants for Gruvia Week, but…). That also means a lot of competition. Things move faster in the tags than normal, things get pushed down, and the sensory overload kicks in, so fics and/or art that would usually receive tons of notes or more feedback on a normal day, just don’t receive as much appreciation during Gruvia Week.

Secondly, there’s the “one-shot” effect I already explained above. People know that no matter what, most users who are participating in Gruvia Week are likely going to post all the content they already prepared. So, you’re going to get “the product” regardless of what you as a reader or spectator do. So, there’s no incentive to encourage the artist or writer, as you will receive that content regardless.

Did Juvia give Gray that butterfly t-shirt? And what did Gray want to tell Juvia before he got made into swiss cheese by the dragon spawns? The mysteries of the GMG forever unsolved.

Now, I’m not saying Gruvia Week is bad for all artists or writers. I actually think for artists and writers just starting out, it’s a GREAT thing. Being reblogged by the Gruvia Week tumblr, which surely has a massive following, helps your art/writing reach more people than it usually would.  

So, I’m not trying to discourage people to participate at all. On the contrary, I’m trying to ENCOURAGE people who read fics or like seeing art/graphics/etc, to ALSO participate. If you can’t draw, or can’t write, but you enjoy it when other people do, LET THEM KNOW. No one wants a dead pairing week, and not providing feedback is the fastest way to kill future ship weeks.

The reason I kept participating every year, for the last three years, was because I hoped things would be better this time. They never were. If anything, if got worse year after year. I’m not saying everything I write is a masterpiece, and I should be showered with a constant stream of praise. But as I explained at the start, the amount of notes and favs do not add up with the amount of actual reviews/feedback received.

This is the most manga time conscious Gray and Juvia have had together in the last six months *cries*

I know some people can be shy. I know some people just like to lurk. But please think of the person creating the content that you just enjoyed. Yes, they drew art this week, or wrote a fic this year, so you already received your reward. But what is the artist’s reward? What are they getting out of it, and what is their incentive to write another story, draw more art, make another graphic, or video? You are not giving them a reason to. And that is exactly why so many people quit drawing, writing, or contributing to fandom all together. So, please don’t let that happen. Please make this Gruvia Week different.

Gray: We are so attractive. 

Juvia: We really are, Gray-sama. I hope people read this whole thing and didn’t just look at our gorgeous faces. 

Gray: I can’t blame them if they did just that. We are fabulous. 

Cute Work Out

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Jay

Word Count: 967

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’Please, no yoga.’’

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the mischaracterization of fenris

After being in the Dragon Age fandom for a considerable amount of time, there are common misconceptions about Fenris that I see being shared frequently. Fenris is a very popular character in the fandom and he no doubt is treated more favorably than Anders, but he is still mischaracterized by the fandom. The main fallacy that I am addressing today is “Fenris hates all mages!” which is just… why. The fandom frequently reduces Fenris to a few traits which do not accurately represent his character as there is so much more to him than that.

First and foremost, Fenris does not hate mages. Yes, he disapproves when you side with mages, but you have to keep his background in mind. Fenris was a slave in the Tevinter Imperium for a large portion of his life, and anyone who has played any of the Dragon Age games - especially Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition - know full well about mistreatment of slaves by most mages and magisters in Tevinter. Slaves are are treated horribly–they are forced to endure every kind of abuse and are sometimes sacrificed in blood rituals for the mages’ benefit. From Fenris you find out that he was physically and verbally abused, denied meals and denied sleep. According to his sister Varania, he entered a grueling competition to win freedom for his mother and sister, and had lyrium etched into his skin through a ritual as a result of his victory–an extremely painful ritual which caused him to lose all of his memories as well. The markings themselves are very sensitive and painful, thus causing Fenris to show reluctance to being touched.

 As a result of the lyrium in his skin, Fenris was kept around by Danarius - the magister who was his master - paraded him around as some sort of awful attraction. Danarius also referred to Fenris as his “Little Wolf”, which is why it would be inappropriate for the fandom to refer to Fenris using that nickname since it is extremely possessive and dehumanizing. So when Fenris is being wary of any mages that Hawke meets during their travels, it is not because Fenris blames all mages that he meets for what happened to him, but because what he had experienced in the Imperium because of selfish mages is all he knows. Fenris isn’t barely restrained or just flat-out attacking any mages that they meet - he is on guard around mages he doesn’t trust or know personally, which brings me to another point: his relationship with Bethany.

When Hawke brings Bethany along to assist Fenris in quest ‘Bait and Switch’, Fenris tells Hawke to be careful of Bethany:

You harbor a viper in your midst. It will turn on you and strike when you least expect… that is in its nature.

Again, this points to Fenris experience during his time in Tevinter. He even speaks of how magic is a “plague” that has been burned into his skin (i.e. his lyrium markings) and soul. However, Fenris goes on to say that he is fully aware that magic itself is not bad and that there are mages who use magic responsibly. Of course, Fenris is still weary of even friendly mages as mages are at risk given their unique circumstances:

I’m not blind; I know magic has its uses, and there are undoubtedly mages with good intentions. But even the best-intentioned mage can fall prey to temptation. And then, their power is a curse to inflict upon others.

Where the fandom tends to go wrong with this is whenever they portray Fenris as being unreasonable in his distrust towards mages. They believe that Fenris hates all mages simply because they’re a mage and that there’s nothing more to it than that. To anyone who has paid attention to Fenris’ in-game dialogue, it’s apparent Fenris sees that Bethany fully understands the risks that come with being a mage:

Anders: Not all mages are weak.
Fenris: True. Bethany, for instance, was not weak.

This applies to a mage Hawke as well. Fenris is not unreasonable. He did not trust Bethany/mage Hawke at first, but after getting to know them, he realized that they were responsible individuals that he could trust. Incidentally, this mischaracterization of Fenris leads some in the fandom to believe that it would be impossible to romance/gain maximum affinity with Fenris if they are a (pro-) mage Hawke. Let me assure you right now that this is completely untrue–you can keep Fenris in your party without having to sacrifice your morals. As long as you are friendly to Fenris and don’t side with slavers, you can max out his friendship very quickly while still being very pro-mage.

Despite what happened to Fenris, he is still capable of moving on. Over the course of Act 2 you can clearly see Fenris coming to terms with his abuse in his personal quest ‘A Bitter Pill’. He is finally able to directly confront Hadriana, a magister working under Danarius who constantly tormented Fenris while he was a slave. This is also where he begins to realize that there are people who truly care for him–namely Hawke, regardless of whether Hawke is a mage or not. Like I mentioned before, Fenris is capable of seeing past the fact that someone is a mage. In the end, Hawke being a mage has no impact on how Fenris views them, which is apparent when he enters into a romantic relationship with Hawke or befriends them. 

Keep in mind that I am not saying that this excuses all of Fenris’ behavior towards mages, though. Fenris is still distrustful of mages. He still believes that Meredith is the only one keeping Kirkwall from going to hell, which we all know is… false, since Meredith and the rest of the templars actively antagonize mages and punish those who resist. I am merely reminding everyone not to forget Fenris’ personal experience with magic. 

Please do not downplay the severity of what was done to him. He has every right to be weary of mages. Do not portray Fenris as someone who would attack friendly mages on sight just because they are mages because Fenris has NEVER done that. So, to all of you who keep saying that Fenris would attack Dorian if they were to ever meet - replay the game and pay close attention to how Fenris interacts with mages.  Stop perpetuating that Fenris is a hateful individual who can barely restrain himself. 

An “Indefinite” Construction Contract

Oof, winter. Shit.

I never liked the winter cold. I didn’t mind the hot summers, or the pleasant spring conditions. But fuck winter, I hated how I had to call the plumber every week to fix the piping in my house, and how it discouraged me from working out. 

I finished paying my house’s mortgage after 5 years. Glad that was over. But over the years, I started noticing that the house was.. incomplete. It was lacking proper insulation, proper garage flooring, and I was thinking of having a new veranda on the backyard to link up with the pool. I had enough equity to fix and upgrade the various facilities. Besides. I deserved it.

After half an hour of driving, and 15 mins trying to find a parking spot, I finally arrived at the University Gym. Most of the students would have been away, doing winter jobs, visiting family, going to some long term excursion, or out holidaying, which definitely made my job easier. However, it meant, that most of my boys were not present. 

I sat on my chair, twiddling my thumbs, watching some hypnosis porn to refuel my imagination, until the new registrations bell rang.

Hi! I’m Brax, the Gym Manager and Head of Fitness for the University, how can I help you?

Hey man, umm, I’d like to register for the gym please.

hmm, maybe my day isn’t as ruined as I originally thought!

Sure thing - I’ll need some your I.D, and your photo taken for your gym pass. Right this way Mr. umm- Jensen.

Just look at the camera, and give me a smile!

Hmm, that doesn’t look right. Just stay still, and focus your eyes on the camera, and just smile..

Chik! Chik-chik! Chiiiiik! Chik!

Just focus at the lens..

Chik! Chik-chik! Chiiik! Chik!

It’s getting hot here isn’t it Dave? Just relax, and take the top off. It doesn’t suit your photo…

You don’t need it, don’t you?

That’s better…

Chik! Chik-chik-chik!

And down you go….

Now just simply flex your arms, as hard as you can boy.. still focusing…

Good boy.

Then drop again, deeper and deeper, than you were before.

Thaaat’s it.

Follow me to the locker room…

I was getting hard with all of the ideas surging through my head - I could fuck him under hypnosis without him waking up, but it was too generic. I could have him become horny and surrender when he wakes up and is around me, but it was too… meh.

My Calvin Kleins were already dripping with precum, as I examined his mentally-dormant built physique. I started fingering his tight ass, feeling his asshole respond to my fingers as it intruded, and started hearing subtle, but monotone grunts.

Then I noticed his cards lanyard, it had a construction company I.D card, and I thought about the crappy insulation, and having a veranda built on my backyard. The plan was brewing in my head and snapping together like 2 magnets snapping in place.

Good, now boy, when you wake up, you will remember that you had an urgent client waiting for you to do some construction work, and you will simply proceed as if I was a high priority V.I.P client. You will do the work, with pride. However, your mind will become clay and putty around me. Your memories, personality, everything that makes you, you, will be modifyable by me on-the-fly, whenever I trigger you.

I heard a slightly audible grunt, but it was enough for me. I stopped the flash box from flashing, and started waking him up. 3.. 2.. 1..

Thanks man, oh shit, I just remembered, I have an important client. I’ll come back later in the day.

———————————— Back in my place ————————————-

Oh hey there! You’re umm Jensen from the gym right?

Ah hey again man hahaha. I mean, Mr Brax, so you needed some work done?

Yeah, I need a full home insulation job done, umm, my garage floor needs an epoxy layer, and I’ve requested for a veranda to be built on my backyard. 

Sure thing, Mr Brax. I’ll get right on it

He was just pummeling through all of the jobs, as I was sipping through my protein shake. And started to get my magic done.

So, Dave, I need your attention for a bit (Yeah I lied, so what?)

Yes Misteeeeer??rrrrrrr

You will no longer remember your older self. It’s all a blur. You are starting to develop feelings for me. You feel smaller and weak around me. You start fantasizing about me. You need me. You want me. You start growing hard around me. You cum uncontrollably around me when working. You can’t control yourself around me. You start getting flushed and cute around me.


I think that’s enough mindfucking for the meat. 3.. 2.. 1.. Waking up!

Oh, umm heyyy Mr Brax, umm. 

Yes, Dave?

I don’t know how to say this… (starts sweating and blushing) umm. Brax? Is it ok if I call you Brax? Look, I think, no, no, I don’t think. I definitely need you Brax. I want you. I dont’t know why. But maybe call me crazy, but I’m obsessed with you. We may have not known each other for a long time man, but it’s like I know you forever. Look man. I’ll do all the jobs for free. Just let me take you out on a date. Please. Let me please you. 

Sure thing Dave, tonight will do.

Several months later…

Hey! What are you doing with the gun Dave?!

Hey babe, just protecting you from all of the baddies :P - Let me change into your favorites, and cook you some breakfast. 

B-Babe! Did we run out of eggs? I’ll need to get some from the local shops, do you want to wait, orrrrr-hmph!!

Just relax Davey boy, let me have some fun with you (while feeling his thick, abs and arms), You want it don’t you boy? You’re craving it now…

Yessss sir…. please….

I pulled down his underwear, and started easing into his ass using my fingers, and listening to his moans…

B-Br-B-Brax…. Fuck… Yes… Fuck me…. Fuck me!!!

I let out my dripping cock, and begun thrusting into his thick, muscular ass.

Yea boy, let me in… Enjoy this! Enjoy your new life!

Yessss sir, fuck yesss….

Every single thrust I made, seemed to have made him more and more speechless, enjoying his eyes rolling up and moaning endlessly, as he hold on to the kitchen island bench that he made for me.

Ahhh fuck! I’m about to cum!

Davey then immediately started assuming a kneeling position as it it was a body reflex, waiting for it to drip more, and spray my glorious sperm load on him and his mouth.

I’m ready sir!

A series of cumshots immediately erupted, spread throughout the floor, his face, his mouth, and the newly installed wood paneling he did.

Good boy! This is why I love you more than anyone else. Go to the bathroom, get changed, and groom yourself. And fix up that hair! 

Jonathan and Will are coming over for the football game!

He stared at the mirror after showering and putting his pants on. He simply stared emptily, getting mini-glimpses of his past life, including him with his wife, his old place, and his old friends. No worries though, the programming in his head was so strong, he only thought it was just a series of his imagination. He shrugged it off, as he left the bathroom, took his sleeveless hoodie, and opened the door to let Jonathan and William in for the boys’ football game (regular reprogramming sessions)


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Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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RFA and V + The First Time They Say I Love You

requested by anon and @josmottt - sorry it took so long! orz
it’s ya boy, back with another (overdue) headcanon / scenario post! i mean to post this for the longest time now, but i never got the chance to. i’ve got notes on this piece that i might post; who knows? also, this is really, really long, but i hope you enjoy it! yoosung’s continued scenario (as well as the scenario of the other members) is found under the cut.
this is essentially a sequel to RFA + When They Realize They’re in Love, but i did my best to make this a stand-alone scenario post! though i do recommend giving that a read just to build it up better :D a reblog/like would be greatly appreciated, and if you have any headcanon requests, feel free to send them my way! <3 enjoy!



Yoosung feels like his heart is going to burst.

Normally, he wouldn’t be so nervous with playing video games. They were his food at this point, and he was so attuned to playing them that they became part of his daily life. Hell, he could probably live out his entire life with only video games to get him going. However, he had promised his mom that he was going to try to be healthier. Though, with the warmth of his object of affection right beside him, he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to last long with the state his heart was in.

The blond tries to focus on the wide screen and blaring speakers set up in front of him, but the way she nearly leaned against him, brushing his shoulder ever-so slightly with her own, was enough to make him chant all the prayers he knew under his breath. He told her he was doing a chant of victory, part of the game and all that. Yeah right, he thinks, taking a deep breath from all the praying he had subtly done. He dodged an incoming attack, letting the high-pitched squeak of [Name] bring him back to his senses.

“Damn, that was a close one!” he heard himself say, subtly taking a glance at the woman beside him. Yoosung had invited the woman to his home to play a co-op campaign of LOLOL, seeing as the other RFA members had turned down his offers. Stupid, he thinks to himself. What made him think his heart was ready for this? He plasters on a wide smile as she shoots him with one of her own. He hurriedly turns his attention to the bright screen, hoping the heated blush on his pale face wasn’t obvious.

Yoosung was pretty sure [Name] was fully aware of her feelings for him, which terrified him as he had never felt this way about anyone. What if he looked stupid in her eyes? He was certainly the most naïve one in RFA; he accepted that, but what if that was a huge turn off for her? She was practically the definition of perfection in his eyes, even if she reminded him over and over that she was far from it. All of her flaws, her insecurities, her everything- she was absolutely divine, and he was anything but.

((continued under cut))

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HYYH: Stay

Plot: You were the only one holding his reality together, while it was all shattering into pieces.

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, HYYH au!

Note: Time to wash away the sinful J-Hope with a depressed J-Hope. Thank you so much for reading, liking and reblogging. This blog is growing faster than I thought. 565 Words

P.S. Can we talk about how one of my fave Sunbaenim fanfiction/reaction bloggers ever liked my post? @bulletproofwhalien I love you. I’m so honored.

Originally posted by btsleepy


You were banging against the door to his bathroom, a running tap being heard from inside. He had always been like this – he wanted to escape this cycle, wanted to get rid of the depression he had. Why didn’t he ever listen to your positive thoughts; your acknowledgement? You didn’t want him to have thoughts like that. 

‘One pill a day,’ was what the doctor said. You were always in charge of making sure he took exactly that; which he did. But now, he actually decided to rebel. He decided that he was going to leave forever. It was like he was in a trace – he had forgotten about you, his other friends. They had become quite distant anyway.

“Please let me in.. I don’t want you to do anything to yourself.”

To his ears, your voice was muffled. The sound of the tap was muffled. He was blankly staring at his reflection in the mirror, thinking what he had become, thinking of all the memories he had with the boys; then that one girl. That one girl who ruined Jin’s life; who changed everyone’s fate for the worse. His expression became tense, and he sharply opened up the cabinet, and snatched off the pills.

Your ear was against the door, your eyes widening when you heard the familiar creak of the cabinet. Was he really going to overdose? That was the only thing that was possible, considering there was nothing else in there other than toothpaste and brushes. You couldn’t loose him – not like this.

Sure, you were just the person assigned to take care of him, but maybe your feelings developed into something more overtime. You weren’t saving him because you were getting paid to – you were saving him because you had fallen in love with him. 

There was no way you were going to give him up.

You quickly looked through all the drawers in his tiny apartment for a key to the bathroom, or anything else that could open the door. 

For once, you just needed some luck. You wouldn’t care if you used all it up on getting a key.

After a few minutes of shoveling through drawers, you found a lone key, which you immediately used to open up the obstacle that was blocking you from seeing Hoseok. All of your prayers were answered when a click echoed through your ears, and you barged in. He was just about to take in a handful of pills, which you had slapped out of his hand.

“Don’t!” You begged, as he looked at you with wide eyes. “Please.. Please don’t leave me..”

You wrapped your arms around his tall frame, your tears staining his cardigan. At that moment, he felt his heart beat against his chest. A little life had sprung up inside him, and his dull eyes seemed to gleam slightly. He felt so much comfort from that one action, and he wanted more; he wanted to be with you forever. You were the only one actually keeping it together, while it was all shattering into pieces.

“Please stay.”

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remmythepegasis  asked:

Prompt: Logan don't believe in superstitions like "broken a mirror - 7 years of bad luck". Prince and Anxiety want to make him believe in superstitions so they decided to be sneaky and make fun of Logic. Their actions make the frightened Logan want to take off the curse. And he goes to Morality for help. What can breake a curse? A KISS!

Being the kind of trait he was, only focusing on facts and what scientific things, Logan was never one to believe in superstitions. They didn’t make any sense. There was no way there could be any correlation between random actions and your luck. Stepping on a crack couldn’t possibly cause one’s mother to break her back. Stepping under a latter in no way negatively affected how the rest of your day would go. Holding your breath while passing a cemetery definitely didn’t add seven years to your life. But his disbelief in superstitions vanished one day thanks to a mirror.

“Logan, be a doll and fetch my hand mirror, would you?” Roman said.

Logan had been through this scenario too many times before to argue. Instead, he just got up from his seat and went to get Roman’s mirror. On his way back to the kitchen a shout from one of the other sides startled him so much that he dropped the mirror. He cringed as it clattered to the floor, shattering into a million pieces.

“Dang it!” he said, going to get a dust pan and broom to clean up the mess before anyone got hurt by the tiny shards.

“What happened?” Roman said, poking his head in the room. “I heard a crash.”

“Apologies, but I have accidentally dropped your mirror,” Logan said, sweeping up the mess.

“Have a fun next seven years,” Virgil mumbled, stepping into the room.

“Sorry about that, Roman,” Logan said.

“It’s no bother, I have at least twenty others,” Roman assured him. “What you really need to worry about is the bad luck coming your way.”

“What are you talking about?” Logan questioned.

“Don’t you know? If you break a mirror, the next seven years will be your worst nightmare,” Virgil warned with a devious smirk.

“Preposterous,” Logan scoffed. “That’s just a silly superstition. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Virgil said, he and Roman sharing a mischievous look.

“Whatever you say,” Logan shrugged.

Later that day, while Logan was standing over the sink, washing his plate and reading a very interesting book, Princey purposely bumped into him, causing the book he was reading to fall into the sink. The water was still running so the pages got completely soaked.

“Seems like that bad luck is starting up,” Roman said as Logan retrieved his book.

“No, that was simply one unfortunate event. It has nothing to do with your mirror,” Logan insisted.

While Roman was busy downstairs with Logan and his book, Virgil was in the logical trait’s bathroom, replacing his bottle of shampoo with an empty one and doing the same with all other containers in his shower. While he was at it, he also put a rip in his towel.

Roman snuck onto his laptop and disorganized some of his files.

Virgil gave him a cracked cup that leaked all over his shirt at dinner.

By the end of the day, all Logan wanted to do was collapse onto his bed and just sleep forever. Unfortunately, his pajamas were all dirty—though he swore yesterday he had at least three clean pairs—meaning he would have to sleep in his clothes and he just now noticed the huge coffee stain on his sheets.

He put his dirty pajamas and sheets in the wash, thinking he might as well, and went back to his room to sleep on the bare mattress. Before he got to his door, he bumped into Patton.

“Hey, Logan!” the fatherly trait said cheerfully. “Why are you still in your clothes this late?”

“My pajamas are all dirty, so I have to sleep in my clothes, but I doubt I will get any sleep because I need to clean my sheets as well,” Logan explained.

“Well, would you like to sleep with me in my room?” Patton offered. “I can let you borrow one of my pairs of pajamas.”

“That would be great, thank you,” Logan said with a small smile. Patton had this way of making everything better. It seemed he could fix anything, although Logan knew that wasn’t possible.

Speaking of not possible, Logan was beginning to doubt his previous stance on superstitions being impossible to be true. His day had been significantly worse than usual. Maybe there was something to this mirror thing.

The next morning, Logan pulled a fresh shirt off its hanger, pulling all of the other shirts with it. He watched in disbelief as all of his other shirts crumpled on the floor.

Patton hated to see Logan so disgruntled, so he went to Roman and Virgil to find out how to lift his bad luck curse.

“I just hate seeing him like this,” Patton said as he, Roman, and Virgil sat on his bed.

“Well, there’s no way to fix it,” Virgil said with a shrug, though he knew eventually he and Roman would lay off the guy.

“Actually,” Roman countered, a bright smile on his face. “There is one way.” Virgil raised an eyebrow at his fellow trait, wondering what he could be getting at.

“Really? Please tell me! I want Logan to be happy,” Patton said.

“Logan’s bad luck will be reversed if, and only if, he receives a true love’s kiss,” Roman claimed. Virgil grinned at this. Both he and Roman thought those two would be adorable together.

“But how am I supposed to find his true love?” Patton whimpered.

“Don’t you see, Patton,” Roman said, taking the fatherly trait’s hands. “You are his true love.” Patton immediately turned read.

“M-me?” he questioned. The others nodded.

“Yes, so all you have to do is kiss Logan and all will be well again,” Roman claimed.

“Okay,” Patton said nervously, getting up to find Logan. As soon as he was gone, Virgil and Roman high fived.

Patton found Logan sitting on the couch in the living room, looking gloomier than Patton had ever seen him. He took a seat next to him and wrapped comforting arms around him in a hug.

“I just wish I knew how to break this curse,” Logan mumbled.

“I know how to,” Patton said shyly. Logan looked up.

“Really?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeah, Roman told me how,” Patton said.

“How?” Logan asked desperately.

“Well…” Patton said, awkwardly looking at his lap. “You have to… Uh, we gotta… I…” Patton gave up on his incoherent mumbles and just went for it, pressing his lips against the others. The kiss was very quick, as Patton was afraid Logan would hate it, but when he looked into his eyes again, he found no sign of resentment or disgust, just surprise and… love.

“There, you’re cured,” Patton said quickly before standing up to run back to his room. Before he could leave, however, Logan grabbed his arm and pulled him back toward him, kissing him again. This kiss lasted longer and had much more passion than the first. It was the best thing either trait had ever experienced.

And now, anytime Logan has a bad day, Patton will kiss him and say, “There, you’re cured!”

Thanks for the request! 

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