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Why Reviews Matter

This is an issue I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while, but with Gruvia week fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to finally broach this subject. Mind you, this is hardly a new, or unaddressed issue. This has been brought up on Tumblr many a time, and in many a fandom. But I wanted to address it again, because it is so important.

*Also, because I know many people don’t like to read long blocks of text, I have included random pics of Gruvia with even more random comments to keep people entertained. Enjoy!*

Since my time in the Gruvia fandom, I have always made it a point to participate in Gruvia Week, and likewise, I have always regretted it.

Why? Because the amount of effort/time put into writing fics for Gruvia Week was never worth the amount of feedback/acknowledgement I received in return for my efforts. I don’t like begging for reviews. In fact, when I first entered the FT fandom, and started writing Gruvia fics, I would NEVER ask for reviews. I figured, if people wanted to review, they would. But over the past couple of years, I started asking for them. You know why? Because the amount of written feedback compared to the amount of notes/favs(if we’re talking about fan fiction DOT net) I received on fics was wildly imbalanced.

Was it just me, or was the anime filler unison raid more magically impressive than the official one?

And have I gotten more reviews since I started requesting them. Not at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Part of that is the FT fandom has shrunk, but another part of it is the *type* of stories I usually put out. I like writing one-shots. I find it more enjoyable to just get a completed story out there all at once. I don’t really have the patience or dedication anymore to keep up a multi-chapter fic. But multi-chapters DO often get more reviews. Why? Because those reading want to encourage the writer to continue the story. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. BUT, that’s how it should be for completed fics, too. And yet, it’s not.

Because I am giving my readers an already completed story, there is no incentive to review. Which from a writer’s perspective, is so discouraging. For a writer, putting out an ending to a story (and mind you, many of my one-shots are 6,000-10,000 words long, so definitely not SHORT) is when they need feedback the most. They want to know whether it was liked or not. That’s the most important time to review. But so many people don’t, because what’s in it for them? They already received everything you were giving out.

Do you see how horrible that is, though? Someone took the time (some fiction takes hours, days and even weeks and months) to write and share a whole story for free, and the least a reader can do, “the review,” is not worth most people’s time. But if that’s the case, then why should I, the writer, waste my time putting out a story in the first place? Liking or faving a story isn’t enough. We want to know what you liked (or even didn’t like) about it. That’s how we improve. We thrive on feedback.

I imagine they might say these kinds of things in bed together, too.

So, yes, as far as one-shots go, why should you leave a review? The story is complete. You don’t need to ask for another chapter to see how it ends. I’ll tell you why. Because while you received a story this time, there’s no guarantee there will be another one in the future. And I know I’m not the only writer or artist who feels like this.

And yes, writing should not be all about the reviews. You should absolute write for yourself above and beyond anything else. And I DO. However, the story is already in my head. I’m already enjoying it. I don’t really need to write it down. I do that more for others rather than myself. And yet the lack of appreciation for this kills my motivation to write anything else.

And all writers KNOW people are reading but not reviewing. The amount of traffic, favs or notes my stories receive in comparison to the amount of reviews are not even close to matching up. If you enjoyed a story enough to fav, follow, like or reblog, then please think about also leaving a comment. No one is asking you to match their story with a novel of your own in a review, but sometimes even a few short words are so appreciated by writers and artists.


If you don’t acknowledge your artists and writers, your fandom dries up. People leave or move on. People stop making gifs, writing, drawing, etc.. If your fandom dries up, then content for the things you love also dries up. Is that really ok? Not only that, but imagine writers and artists who are new to fandom, and new to art and writing in general. Imagine how hard it is for them? You could make the difference between someone giving up and never reaching their full potential, or your review inspiring them to improve to the point that they one day become a famous author or artist. Never think your review doesn’t matter. IT DOES.

Now, back to the topic of Gruvia Week itself. I think the lack of feedback during Gruvia Week especially is a combination of things. Firstly, there’s a lot of content (which is very good! That’s what everyone wants for Gruvia Week, but…). That also means a lot of competition. Things move faster in the tags than normal, things get pushed down, and the sensory overload kicks in, so fics and/or art that would usually receive tons of notes or more feedback on a normal day, just don’t receive as much appreciation during Gruvia Week.

Secondly, there’s the “one-shot” effect I already explained above. People know that no matter what, most users who are participating in Gruvia Week are likely going to post all the content they already prepared. So, you’re going to get “the product” regardless of what you as a reader or spectator do. So, there’s no incentive to encourage the artist or writer, as you will receive that content regardless.

Did Juvia give Gray that butterfly t-shirt? And what did Gray want to tell Juvia before he got made into swiss cheese by the dragon spawns? The mysteries of the GMG forever unsolved.

Now, I’m not saying Gruvia Week is bad for all artists or writers. I actually think for artists and writers just starting out, it’s a GREAT thing. Being reblogged by the Gruvia Week tumblr, which surely has a massive following, helps your art/writing reach more people than it usually would.  

So, I’m not trying to discourage people to participate at all. On the contrary, I’m trying to ENCOURAGE people who read fics or like seeing art/graphics/etc, to ALSO participate. If you can’t draw, or can’t write, but you enjoy it when other people do, LET THEM KNOW. No one wants a dead pairing week, and not providing feedback is the fastest way to kill future ship weeks.

The reason I kept participating every year, for the last three years, was because I hoped things would be better this time. They never were. If anything, if got worse year after year. I’m not saying everything I write is a masterpiece, and I should be showered with a constant stream of praise. But as I explained at the start, the amount of notes and favs do not add up with the amount of actual reviews/feedback received.

This is the most manga time conscious Gray and Juvia have had together in the last six months *cries*

I know some people can be shy. I know some people just like to lurk. But please think of the person creating the content that you just enjoyed. Yes, they drew art this week, or wrote a fic this year, so you already received your reward. But what is the artist’s reward? What are they getting out of it, and what is their incentive to write another story, draw more art, make another graphic, or video? You are not giving them a reason to. And that is exactly why so many people quit drawing, writing, or contributing to fandom all together. So, please don’t let that happen. Please make this Gruvia Week different.

Gray: We are so attractive. 

Juvia: We really are, Gray-sama. I hope people read this whole thing and didn’t just look at our gorgeous faces. 

Gray: I can’t blame them if they did just that. We are fabulous. 

Bassian + romance

Listen, just, shit listen.  We’ve been wrong.  We’ve been so wrong.  It’s understandable, you take one look at Bodhi Rook and then you take another look at Bodhi Rook in a flower crown and you just want to see him romanced so hard and flustered and adorable but just fucking listen. You know who’s the one to actually get really flustered by romance?  Cassian. Fucking.  Andor.

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Dan’s first video (Text edition)





 (^_^)/ hi.

My name is 

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(^_^) But that was until some really good friends of mine persuaded me to give it a shot!

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(/^_^/) and so I am!

(*_*) I sound nothing like this by the way, this laptop’s microphone makes me sound like a pedophile/tramp/polar bear

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(^_^/) *Fixes fringe*

(^_^) My videos will probably be a variety of things, from like little skits to vloggy videos or creative things! I’m going to try to make it interesting, and not all the same. 

(^_^) Yeah i’m just going to try to not be like one of those people who sits there like

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Catch Me (Day 7)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,633

A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long to update. I had family and school things to attend to but here it is! The final part of Catch Me - I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked/commented on any part of this story. I adore each and every one of you.

Intro / Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6

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“We’re all needed for this mission,” Steve states from the front of the conference room. His lips are set in a straight line and there are no hints of the smile he was wearing only half an hour earlier when the two of you were eating lunch together. It goes to show that something as seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone call can change everything.

“What is it this time?”

“Infiltration.” Steve hesitates before adding, “Of a HYDRA base.”

Bucky who, for the first time ever, voluntarily chose to sit next to you for this meeting, clenches his fists under the table.

“Even me?” Bruce questions, stealing your attention away from HYDRA’s former golden boy. He’s fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater and you wish you could offer him some kind of comfort. You know how opposed he is to becoming the big, green monster unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re only going to need your medical expertise for this one Doc.”

“Oh thank god.” Bruce sinks back in his seat and relief floods through you. At least someone is guaranteed to come out of this mission unscathed.

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For a Lost Daughter: new chapter!

On April 17th, 2016 I posted my very first fic. 


You can read it between the lines of my preface of that post: 

What I said: “Very nervous to post this given how much great Outlander fanfiction there is out there, but I hope you enjoy! “


And yet, here we are a year later. 

I want to sincerely thank you all for being so unbelievably supportive, pretty much from day one. You guys are incredible, and I can’t thank you enough for reading, reblogging, commenting on, making art for, and generally loving on my writing and giving me an amazing community and creative outlet in a very strange period of my life. You guys rock.

AND SO, for the occasion today, I said to myself: 

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For a Lost Daughter

The Beginning: Part 1

Most recent chapterSomeone from Home

Everything in between:  Link to my Master List

For Lost Sisters 

October, 1767


It was barely a murmur, but I jumped and nearly fell into the creek as I snapped my head around to face—


Papa, how did you kn—” I turned back away from him and wiped my tears furiously on my sleeve, mortified at how my voice seemed to vanish, “—know I was here?”

I felt the warmth of him settling on the log next to me, his hand coming to rest softly on the small of my back.  “Wee Roger told me what happened, lass.”

What happened. The tears welled up again in force, and my throat went so tight that—

Jamie turned and gathered me to him, letting me sob my heart out onto the shoulder of his clean shirt. “You’ll find your way wi’ Brianna, lass,” he said firmly, smoothing my hair and cupping my head tenderly to him. “I promise.”

But nearly two weeks at River Run hadn’t helped me find me any such a way. 

It wasn’t any one thing wrong in particular causing the trouble between my sister and me. It was a seemingly infinite series of small ones, all culminating in the overwhelming conclusion that Brianna and I might never have a mutually-fulfilling relationship. 

Everything just seemed to fall apart when the the two of us spoke or interacted for any prolonged period of time. We seemed to be forever misinterpreting each others’ words and tones; making bad assumptions misunderstanding one another at every other turn; not finding the same things funny or interesting; gravitating toward different company. …. except, critically, ROGER. 

He and I had already formed a bond before Brianna and I had met, and THAT was a problem. It was what had prompted the showdown this afternoon, in fact. Roger had sought me out to see if I wanted to go for a ride, just the two of us. We hadn’t spent time one-on-one for more than a few minutes since I’d arrived at River Run, and I’d been thrilled to accept his suggestion. I liked Roger greatly, and wanted to hear about how he and Brianna were doing and maybe get his point of view on how I might be better able to connect with her.  

Brianna, though, had been truly hurt by the notion that Roger wanted to spend time with me without her present, and an argument at the stables had become a full-out shouting match. She had all but forgotten me during the altercation, for all of her words were directed at Roger, but my presence was at the core of every word. 

Did he prefer my company to hers? 

Was he getting bored of her? 

Was he wanting to make a SWITCH? 

I’d slipped quietly away from the brawl, toward the woods, trying my very best not to cry until I’d gotten out of earshot of the stables. 

“I can’t do anything right by her, Papa,” I sobbed. All of the pain and hurt clung to me like leeches, stabbing me with guilt. “Everything I try—anytime I try to act differently, to reach her or understand better, just—backfires, and she hates me all the more for it.”

“She doesna hate ye, Faith,” Jamie said sharply. “I see your hurt, but I see hers, too. She doesna hate ye,” he repeated. “Ye must trust me on that, at least.”

I nodded as I pulled back and wiped my eyes. He meant well, but it was wishful thinking, at best. 

“Though I must confess something to ye, mo chridhe,” he said, of a sudden, “sometimes, I feel precisely the same.”

That took me aback and I coughed, sniffling to catch my breath. “Feel how?”

“That I canna do anything right by her.”

I peered at him, my eyes still burning. “Truly? But you two seem—”

“Aye, we seem,” he said, nodding, “but it’s something we have to work at, aye?” Jamie rose and knelt by the water, rummaging lightly in the sand. “Ye know, for as much as you seem a copy of your mother and Brianna one of me, you and I are quite remarkably alike, mo nighean dubh.”

God, how I loved Jamie Fraser—because he was my father, yes; because of all he’d done for me, yes; but also simply for himself. The way he had placed his immediate attention on finding skipping stones to give me time to compose myself, to allow me privacy and time to absorb what he was about to say without feeling I was under scrutiny.

“How are we alike, Papa?” I asked, feeling the rush of tenderness flood through me despite my inner turmoil. Yes, I could easily see why he’d made a lifelong impression upon Claire Beauchamp. Jamie Fraser was a man of heart and of care; of love

“Well, in many ways, in fact, in our manner and look….but at present, I mean that we’re both outsiders of this new family,” he said, skipping a stone thrice before it plonked into the deep water. “Claire and Brianna—they’ve had one another for twenty years, from the very beginning. They ken one another: their moods and tendencies; everything.” He skipped another, managing five jumps this time. “And compared to that, you and I….well, we can hardly be anything but at a disadvantage, aye?”

I made a sound in my throat, part snort, part sob. I knew, alright. 

He went on. “You and I are just getting to know one another, true. But on top of that, I’m still learning Claire again and getting to know Brianna for the first time; and I make mistakes in plenty, in that.” He managed to skip a stone clear to the far bank of the creek. “There’s love between Bree and I, yes, and true affection and liking, too; and yet I’ll say something that vexes her, and I willna ken what in God’s name to say to make it right. Claire is the only reason I havena driven Brianna to clobber me upside the head these last months.” 

Despite everything, I laughed, and Jamie smiled, too. “You and I are alike,” he repeated, “in that we’re still strangers to them, Faith: beloved, important, worthy of their love—but still strangers, in one form or another. It’s joy to build these bonds that join the four of us, utter joy— but not effortless, aye?”

“No indeed,” I laughed darkly. “It seems more effort than joy, for me.”

“But it will be joy, when the two of ye connect at last, aye?” he asked, looking over in concern. “Ye do wish to have something better wi’ her?”

“Yes,” I said at once, “God, it’s keeping me up at night longing for it, Papa. I’m just not sure I’ll ever be able to understand Brianna enough to be a good sister. Everything I do is a misstep—it seems I fail to meet her expectations every single day, in some way or other. We get into the same bed every night, and I’m… afraid! Afraid to say anything to her at all! I seek out Fergus so often because I’m scared to take up too much time and energy from Roger and Ian, and even more so from you and Maman—because I don’t want her to feel I’m taking too much of her people for myself.”

There was true consternation on his face at that, verging on anger. “Has she said as much? That she resents the time ye—”

“No!” I said hastily, waving my hands in dismissal. “No, not at all, I just…NO, I …” I sighed. “It’s only that I tend toward anxiety and avoidance, when I’m afraid, comprends?” I clenched the fabric of skirt in my fists, not meeting his eye. “Fixate and flee. That’s my way.”

Lord, wasn’t that the truth? That’s why it had taken me MONTHS and intense encouragement from Oliver to leave the twenty-second-century and actually set out to find my family—because I’d been too caught up in the what ifs and my many, many crippling fears. It’s why going directly to Ocracoke had been such a leap—I’d faced the danger head-on, and WON. 

Only, the tragedy was that I hadn’t managed to ground that victory in my heart, going forward. I wished I was the woman who’d battled at the stones; but here, in this, I was no more than a small, scared girl. 

“No,” I repeated, doing my best to reassure him, “and please, don’t tell her—or anyone—that I suggested such a thing. It’s just…” I looked up to the canopy of trees overhead, as if the correct words might be found up there, “—difficult… in all the ways I perhaps feared it would be. And…it makes me feel as though I’m not supposed to be here, after all.”

“Listen to me, now.” Jamie knelt and took my hand in his, my cheek in his other. “You’re our daughter, Faith, our child; our firstborn child, and nothing,” he gave me a gentle shake for emphasis, eyes blazing into mine, “nothing—not even Brianna—will ever come between you and your mother and me. Do ye hear me, lass? Not ever. I willna allow it.”

So vehement were his words, so intense his guileless blue eyes, that I couldn’t help but believe. 

I nodded and put my arms around his neck. I savored the comfort of his words and his embrace, trusting in them, at least while their love encircled me. 

A long time later, he kissed my cheek and pulled me to my feet, leading me to the water’s edge, where we had a friendly rock-skipping competition. He won, of course, but he didn’t gloat, and even taught me how better to adjust my grip and wrist.

“I think, too,” he said abruptly, after I’d managed a ten-skip run, “she’s that wee bit jealous, ken?” 

“Bree? Jealous of me?”

“Aye,” he said, brows drawn as he lobbed a stone of his own. “Can ye no’ see it? You’ve such a strong sense of self, Faith,” he went on, at the shake of my head. “The steadiness and sweetness ye have, coupled wi’ your prodigious learning and all the things ye’ve done and seen. Everyone admires ye so greatly, Brianna included.” He picked up another stone and rubbed it between his fingers. “And that’s so verra far from where Bree is, in her own life.” 

“People love Bree, too!” I countered, “Hell, Ian hangs on her every word! She’s beautiful; she’s funny. Her paintings are exquisite. And Lord, you call me a prodigy but she’s a genius. She can do things with numbers at a speed I can’t even fathom! So don’t make me out to be some marvel,” I said, heating up in defense of her, “when she’s just as—” 

“I know, I know, Faith,” Jamie said, laughing a little and touching my shoulder in reassurance. “She’s got just as much to be proud of as you. But,” he said pointedly, finding another rock, “Brianna came back through the stones to us at a crucial time in her life—a time when a lass of her upbringing would be making important decisions about her occupation, her life’s direction, aye? University or marriage or whatever else….and she chose to come here.” 

He skipped the rock but missed atrociously and ended up clattering it on a boulder halfway across. 

He sighed. “Lord knows, I thank Him every day that she did, if only to give us the chance to be a family for a time, at least… but it’s hard for her, ken? She doesna ken what is to be her place here. You’ve your healing, your languages; and on top of it, you’ve been accustomed since a bairn to moving about and adapting to new times and places and folk. Brianna….” He shook his head again. “She's—still so young aye? Young in age and in experience; and she’s come to a new time not even knowing properly who she wishes to be, be it here or in her own place. Do ye see, lass?”

I felt my heart twinge with pain and sadness—not for myself. For my sister. 

“Yes, I see, precisely.”

I had come to River Run craving so deeply to be loved and to feel as if I belonged, that I hadn’t fully stopped to consider how greatly my sister was yearning for the same things. It had been a foregone conclusion, to me, that Brianna was established and confident and seeing me as an outsider—but now that he put it that way—

Brianna must feel as lost as me.

“It may take more time, yet,” my father was saying, hugging me in that way that made me feel bowled over by utter warmth and safety, “but you’re doing just fine, dear heart. And the two of ye will find your rhythm, in time. She just wants to find her place, same as the rest of us.”

This feels very official, does it not?” Fergus whispered to me in French, his eyes flicking around Jocasta’s huge dining table where sat in conference Fergus, me, Brianna, Roger, Ian, Jamie, and Claire.

Definitely,” I whispered back in the same language, grinning, “I should have brought my gavel!” 

It did feel a bit absurdly formal, for all of us to be gathered here in broad daylight with no food before us, as though we were conducting a meeting of some board of trustees….but it was a matter of family business, after all. We’d been taking our ease these last two weeks, enjoying the chance to be together, but it was time to begin making plans to get back to Wilmington and take possession of the print shop before the season turned cold and winter set in. 

Jamie had conveniently selected this time, knowing that Jocasta would be napping. As grateful as I knew he was for his aunt’s lavish hospitality toward the overabundant brood of relations that had taken up residence under her roof, we all knew it was best to conduct these planning discussions without her formidable presence looming, else we would all be obliged to submit to her suggestions—and this next phase of life was about the Frasers

“If you’re quite finished,” Jamie was saying, giving Fergus and me a stern look that made both of us grin like naughty children before quieting, “I’ve been in communication wi’ the landlord in Wilmington and he’s agreed to let us have the vacant shop next door at half price, as it’s gone unrented for so long.” 

“Another shop?” piped up Wee Ian. “What for, Uncle?” 

“A surgery,” Claire blurted, transparent in her overflow of excitement. “A place where people can come to get medicines, get their teeth seen to, wounds mended, and so on.” 

I loved seeing Maman’s passion shining through her usual reserve. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. 

“And you’re going to be the healer, Auntie Claire?” 

“Aye, your Auntie is a rare fine healer, Ian, but so is your cousin,” Jamie was saying, inclining his head toward me. 

Oui, superbe!” Fergus added. “You should have seen how she mended me on our journey.” 

Roger, damn him, piped in about some small scratch I had tended on the road south from Richmond, and I smiled but found my cheeks reddening and my gaze darting toward Brianna across the table from me. Her face was stony. 

God, everyone, change the subject, stop talking about me, please, PLEASE change the subject! 

Thankfully, Claire did. “So, we’ll have the two shops operating side by side. There seems to be a lack of printers AND healers in Wilmington at present, so with all of us working together, we should be able to turn a profit fairly quickly, pay back Jocasta her loan, and be operating on our own two feet financially by next summer, if we manage the books judiciously.”

“Well said, Sassenach,” Jamie said, making a note with his quill. “Now, Faith, lass, you’re of course to work mostly wi’ your mother at the surgery; Fergus and Roger will be needed wi’ me at the print shop; Brianna and Ian,” he said, turning to the two youngest of our contingent, “you’ll be of great use in supporting both establishments, going back and forth to—” 

“I could be the one to manage the books,” Brianna said suddenly, her face brightening more fully than I’d seen her in weeks. Her voice was urgent with enthusiasm, in fact. “I got top marks in my accountancy courses, and I’d love to try my hand at it.”

“Do not worry yourself, Brianna.” Fergus met Bree’s eye with a charming, apologetic smile. “It’s been my own task for years, Milord’s bookkeeping. It would be no great task at all for me to continue doing so.” 

I kicked Fergus under the table. He grunted and gave me a WHAT? kind of look. I gave him one in return (‘Don’t call the one thing for which she’s excited ‘no great task at all’!), but he didn’t seem to comprehend. 

“True,” Brianna said sharply and carefully, her nostrils flaring, and I couldn’t tell if she was trying not to cry or not to throttle Fergus, “but you’re also needed as one of the primary writers for the paper, in addition to Da. Let me take this part of your plate. I’m excellent at math and figuring. I know I can do it.” 

Fergus gaped and stammered a bit. If I was at odds with Brianna in our sibling relationship, he certainly was. Despite having several months advance in opportunities to get to know him, Brianna hadn’t known quite what to make of this pseudo-sibling, and vise versa. 

“Aye, you’re certainly good at maths, hen,” Roger said gently. Damn him, he had the gall to look uncomfortable as Fergus at this turn of events. “But you’ve never actually managed a business operation before. Fergus has. Don’t you think he might be the more natural choice?”

Brianna looked as though Roger had slapped her. Despite her height, her Red-Jamie-intensity and general ill humor these last few weeks, she looked so young and vulnerable and hurt, I wanted to take her into my arms as I’d done at Craigh na Dun. Jesus H Christ, Rog, I wanted to scream at him, YOU should come to her support first above everyone, you —

“Brianna can do it,” I said, bolting to my feet before I even stopped to consider the movement, and drawing all twelve eyes directly to me like laser beams. Bree looked as startled as the rest of them, but wary, to boot, and also…touched?  

I balled my fists and plowed forward, trying not to look at her. No fixating. No fleeing. “She’s the best with numbers and reckoning of any of us at this table. You should have seen her the other day helping Ulysses with calculations for the provisions order from New Bern. She did it all in her head, like THAT!” I snapped my fingers for emphasis. “Calculations you would have had to do on paper, Fergus. Sorry, but it’s true” I said, with a significant look and a regretful grimace, though it was indeed the truth. “She’s the best equipped of all of us to take care of the finances. It’s got to be Bree.”  

“Fergus?” Jamie asked with raised eyebrows, carefully, neutrally

Fergus saw the fire in my expression and—bless him—swallowed back a retort. “Very well. The job is yours, Brianna.” 

She took a deep breath and smiled almost shyly.  “Thank you. If I get stuck at any point, you’ll help me?” 

“Of course, ma chère,” he said with grace and a smile that said all was well. I squeezed his hand under the table. 

“Well, then, that settles it,” Jamie said, making a note on his paper. “Brianna, lass, you shall be our financière.” 

We moved hastily on to other business, to dates and plans, packing lists and arguments over whether or not Rollo would be joining us; but Brianna made sure to catch my eye as soon as possible. For once, her expression was soft, open, no hostility or suspicion. She simply smiled and mouthed, “Thank you.” 

My breath caught and my heart squeezed as I smiled back and silently whispered. “Got your back,” and the grin she tried and failed to suppress melted my heart completely. 

I could have sworn I saw the corner of Jamie’s mouth twitching. As I smiled at him, the twitch blossomed into a beaming glow just for me. Good lass. 

[[more to come. at some point.]]

Warm Me Up pt 22

Songs I listened to: Mercy- Shawn Mendes, The Reason- Hoobastank, Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson, Love You Goodbye- One Direction, What Hurts The Most- Rascal Flatts, Breakeven- The Script

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 21

There was one ceiling tile that wasn’t completely aligned with the others. It had been driving Nico crazy since he woke up. But he found himself staring at it anytime he was alone. Which was often. Aside from the nurses and doctors that checked on him, no one else came in.

Ever since Will’s outburst, Nico had asked to keep visitors away. He couldn’t bring himself to tell his friends what had happened. Surely they’d heard it too. Surely they’d heard all the things Will said, all the things he’d called him.

The moment kept replaying in his head as he stared at the tile. Over and over. Even when he slept, he didn’t get a break from it. In the back of his mind, the shouts were still echoing.

“Ready to go home today?” Dr. Ass- something asked him. Nico shrugged. “I suggest you stay away from alcohol. You’re too young to give yourself liver damage.”

Nico rolled his eyes and pulled at the ends of his hair. “Yeah, well. Easy for you to say. You have your life made. Nothing to run away from. I’m trying to run away from everything.”

“Everything?” the doctor asked.

“I’m not suicidal,” he snapped, knowing that if he said the wrong thing, he’d have to stay longer and get checked into a psych ward. “I’m just saying… drinking stops the thinking. It always has. So I drink enough to forget.”

“Well what were you trying to forget this time? Because obviously it didn’t work until you reached unconsciousness.” Nico averted his gaze and stared at the IV in his arm. “Alright then. I hope I don’t have to see you back here with the same problem, Nico.” He nodded and watched as the doctor removed the IV and gave him some regular clothes that Percy and Annabeth had brought in for him.

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Sasha Lane Gif Pack

Under the cut you’ll find #215 gifs of Sasha Lane in the movie American Honey. Sasha is a 21 year old actress of African American, Māori, and Caucasian descent. All gifs are 250x150px, hq, and were made by me. Please do not redistribute, edit into gif icons without permission, or add to your own gif hunts. If you find these gifs helpful, a like or reblog would always be appreciated. 

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Love Yourself: Build Confidence

So you might have seen earlier, but for those of you who missed it here’s an Ask I got earlier that I wanted to address in a bit more detail:

I could’ve just given a brief answer, but quite frankly, and I don’t think I can state this enough, confidence is such an important thing for crossdressers and Trans* people alike.

Story Time

When I started out this blog, and for a good year afterwards, I was extremely shy. Just think of me as some kind of hermit crab, happy to do anything within my shell but far to retiring to be seen outside of it.

I didn’t really want to draw attention to myself and I certainly didn’t like the idea of people just stumbling across my blog and recognising me. Which is why I covered my face for a lot of my first posts (give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve been around long enough to remember this).

Yeah, just like that.

So what happened? How did I go from a cheap crossdressing imitation of The Laughing Man to the Jessica Blaise we all know and (hopefully) love today?

Well… I’d be lying if I said alcohol wasn’t involved, but the real key was to put myself out there. If you’re constantly hiding away then you’ll never be in a position to be yourself.

For me, it was about taking small steps. When this picture was taken I had a few friends who knew about Jess (she didn’t even have a name back then) but it was a very close-knit circle of people I knew well and trusted. I didn’t truly build confidence until I let other people in.

My neighbours (while I was at uni) came over one day and I, without thinking, had left a picture of Jess on my PC for the world to see. After a few minutes of general conversation, one of them eventually asked “Who’s the girl?”

Now I won’t lie here; my heart jumped out of my chest. My metaphorical hermit crab had been caught outside of its shell wearing heels and bright red lipstick. I froze for a few seconds, but rather than trying to lie I thought about how I could use this to my advantage.

“You don’t recognise her?” He took a closer look but just shook his head. He didn’t have a damn clue that he was looking at the same person he was talking to just wearing a different gender.

I told him it was me, but he straight up didn’t believe me. I even had to call a housemate in to confirm that the girl on the screen was me.

Moral Of The Story

So, as heartwarming and Oscar-worthy of a tale that was, what difference does it actually make?

Well, for one, it made me realise that all these faults and similarities I can see between myself and Jess aren’t as obvious to everyone else. I like to think I know my body and face quite well (we’ve been together for 24 years now, it’s quite the inseparable relationship), and that means that I will always see features of my guy self in Jess. Others will not see them, or at least nowhere near as much as you do.

Secondly, and this one I think is a bit more important, it taught me how to make less of a big deal out of crossdressing. We didn’t have a long heart-felt conversation about it, I didn’t have to speak with him in privacy and tell him everything in confidence. He simply found out and that was that; he would’ve reacted no differently if I had told him I enjoyed archery.

Obviously I didn’t go from shy little hermit crab to Crossdressing Superstar overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my confidence, but once I had broken my shell and realised I didn’t need it as much it became a lot easier to tell others. Every single compliment from a friend or stranger helped to boost that confidence, and I found that insults/hate dissolved quickly and that my friends would always be there to defend me, verbally or otherwise.

I’m gonna leave it there for tonight. I could go on forever about confidence building techniques, but those are the most important ones you’ll need. If you want more 1-to-1 advice please feel free to message me with your situation!

And, as always, here’s a picture for your time. It’s an old one but I think it’s quite apt for this topic.

Remember to like and reblog! The notes I get on these posts really help to tell me whether you ladies are finding them useful or not, and if you have any ideas on what else I could write about then send it over in an ask!

- Jessica Blaise x x

To the Four of Us (Part Twenty Nine)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.
words: 2,213
warnings: nothing besides some swears
all chapters: x
tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @georgewashingsin @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @mynameisalexanderhammyham @panda-powers @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @alexander-did-you-know @spitaverse-burr @angelizaandpeggy @isis278 @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars @hamiltrashuniverse @ahrupe @just-me-an-asshole @readfizz @skeletonmelodies @gum-and-chips @iminwaytoomanyfandoms @hadleyelizabethuley @fictionalboyfriends @ridiculousn3ssfangirl @pleuxvoir @liallow @kanadianwithashippingproblem @bucket-of-kittens @welcometohamilton @forth-schuyler-sister @fanwaffles @ariadne1004 @inspacewmorty @marshmallow-satan @anbu1997 @sinmineral @esmeraldablazingsky @fictonalboyfriends @i-am-forever–bored @imdiggingdaveed
a/n: chapter 30 is the epilogue, so this is the last actual chapter of ttfou and i teared up when i wrote the last line
dedication: every single person who’s ever liked, reblogged, or sent me a message about TTFOU. I am so lucky and so touched that so many people have enjoyed my story. It’s truly been a pleasure writing this and I can’t wait for you all to see what the boys get up to in the future (so stay tuned for the epilogue)!!! but for now, I hope you enjoy the end of TTFOU. Please let me know what you think. Again, thank you all so, so much. <3

The weather was unseasonably warm for early March.

The intoxicating smell of spring was in the air and everyone on campus was in a weirdly good mood despite being in the midst of midterm season.

Ignoring Alexander’s warning that it was going to get cold again, John had dug down to the bottom of his drawer for the three pairs of shorts he’d packed from home, and was now rotating through them day by day. Every morning on their walk to breakfast, his entire body would be shivering so hard that his teeth would chatter, but he still refused to admit that he was cold. By midday, however, the sun beaming down and warming the air was enough to convince Alexander, Lafayette, and Hercules that John may have been onto something.

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Why you dont havta worry about Shadowhunters being cancelled!!

If youre getting anxious about Freeform cancelling Shadowhunters, lemme ease your mind:

1) It’s Freeforms third most popular show. In 2A, we had around 700k viewers. Now if you compare this to other popular Freeform shows, you might be a bit anxious. Pretty Little Liars has around 1.2 million viewers and The Fosters has 820k viewers. But both these shows are in later seasons (PPL ends on their 7th season, and The Fosters are on their 4th), so they’ve had the time to bring in more viewers. So already its a feat that SH has that many viewers, considering it’s a relatively new show.

2) People keep saying that Freeform has cancelled even more popular TV shows, which is true. Freeform has cancelled TV shows that bring in far more viewers than Shadowhunters. But we’re not acknowledging the reasons behind most of these cancellations. Here’s a chart of previous popular shows they have cancelled as compared to their current TV shows:

Lets take a look at Ravenswood. This was a spinoff from PLL, and the reason it was cancelled was because they split away from PLL too quickly, and it lost viewers dramatically. Twisted was also cancelled abruptly for some unknown reason, even though their views were quite high. 

Then we can look to Melissa and Joey, which had more viewers than The Fosters does currently. That show wasn’t actually “cancelled”; they brought it to a close because the kids in the show grew up and it felt like a natural place to end it.

So lets think about this logically. If we look solely at Ravenswood and Twisted, both had extremely high views, but were cancelled in their first season. But something we seem to forget is that Shadowhunters was renewed after S1! Not to mention Freeform had so much faith, that they gave the show 20 episodes instead of last seasons 13. 

Freeform has already put so much time and money into the show, it wouldn’t make sense to cancel it now. 

3) Now looking back to the charts, we can see that PLL is Freeform’s most popular show, followed by The Fosters, Shadowhunters, and Beyond. Once PLL ends (last season begins this April), The Fosters will move into the no.1 spot and Shadowhunters bumps up to no.2. 

And looking at the numbers, the jump between Shadowhunters and Beyond is huge. Freeform isn’t so stupid that they would cancel their third (second once PLL ends) most popular show, when their ratings for everything else is so low. It just doesn’t make sense.

4) Finally, people are worrying because Freeform has announced the renewal and cancellation of a few of their more popular TV shows. Which is true, they have renewed The Fosters, Beyond, and Stitchers. Let’s take a close look at The Fosters.

Their renewal was announced on January 10, 2017. In accordance to their show airing, this was in the middle of their hiatus. To be more precise, their mid-season finale was on August 29th, and it resumed on January 31st. 

It’s a pattern of Freeform’s. They’ll wait till the hiatus comes to announce the renewal. This picks back up excitement for TV shows and brings in more viewers. 

So please don’t worry you guys!! We’ll get the news of the renewal soon!! Just keep tweeting Freeform and telling them how much you love Shadowhunters !

theybecameanimagi  asked:

“time passes slower without you.” Cullen/Arian?

Ah God, my brain just went full-blown angst for this I’M SORRY

Pre-relationship - set in the bad future during In Hushed Whispers.

*Warning for character death*

As they continued their trek through Redcliffe Castle, Arian knew she’d forever be grateful if she never came across the sight of dark brick or red parasitic crystals ever again.

She and Dorian had found Cassandra and Bull, both locked away in cells in the lower levels of the fortress, and had also retrieved Leliana - who went silent after initially being rescued by them.

Now, they made their way back to the upper levels of the castle - before a raspy sound stopped them in their tracks.

“Do you hear that?” Cassandra asked, turning her head toward a specific corridor. Upon moving closer, Arian could make out a deep but scratchy voice - murmuring something continuous.

“C’mon,” the elf ordered the rest of the group, who followed her to a chamber filled with more rows of cells.

“Blessed are they who stand before the corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just…” came the voice from the furthest cell, and Arian felt her heart sink into the pit of her gut.

No, it can’t be.

When she reached the cell, she found her worst fears realized. There, sitting on the floor, was Cullen - bound in place by a large crystal of red lyrium growing out of his leg and into the floor.

“Cullen!” she gasped, throwing open the door to the cell without a single thought. Quickly she hurried to his side, kneeling down and taking his face between her palms. His cheeks were sunken in and pale, his eyes dark from absence of rest. Even so, when he met her line of sight his expression brightened, then shifted to confusion.

“What? No… this is… this is another illusion. You died. They said you were blown to pieces…”

Arian shook her head fiercely, tears slipping free and running down her cheeks. “No, Cullen, I’m alive. Alexius sent me through time.” To prove her point, she reached for one of his hands and raised it to settle on her cheek, offering him a gentle smile. The man let out a shaky breath, his thumb weakly stroking at the curve of her cheekbone.

“You are alive… Arian,” he muttered, then cracked a small smile. “Oh, Maker… my prayers have been answered.”

“How are you here?” Leliana, breaking her silence, asked in alarm from the cell’s entrance. Cullen attempted to sit up to see her better, but just hissed in pain and slunk back down.

“After you came here, Josephine and I rallied what armies we could to infiltrate the castle. We launched three failed attacks before they charged us. They killed everyone they came across. Josephine managed to get the remainder to safety at my expense. They surrounded me on all sides. I’ve been here since.”

“Cullen…” Arian whimpered, admiring the fact that he had given everything to see the Inquisition safe. Slowly his eyes rose to meet hers again, and his brow furrowed slightly.

“Please don’t cry, Arian,” he whispered, and offered the brightest smile he could manage. “I’m content. I got to see you again, even if it took forever. Time… it passes slower without you.”

Arian sniffled, shaking her head. “Don’t talk like that. We’re going to get you out of here. We have to.”

Cullen just laughed, the sound hoarse and squeaky. “I don’t have much time, Arian. The lyrium… it grows quicker with templars. I’d rather die now than become an abomination. If you would…”

The elf, now sobbing brokenly, violently shook her head. “Please, don’t ask me to do that. I can’t… you don’t understand…”

Cullen’s hand slid from her cheek and into the hair at the nape of her neck, urging her forward until their foreheads came to rest against one another. In this position, she could see right into his soft amber eyes - could make out the pain and fear intermingling within.

“Please,” he begged of her, and her eyes clenched shut as she shakily reached for the dagger in her belt, knowing he was suffering.

As her eyes slowly opened again, part of her was thankful that her flood of tears had blurred Cullen’s face from view. She rose the dagger to his throat, and heaved a breathless sob.

“I promise I’ll fix this, ma vhenan. I promise. Dareth shiral,” she whispered, and then quickly slashed the dagger across his flesh.

Within moments, Cullen’s eyes peacefully shut, his last breath gargled but calm. His bony hand slowly fell from her head back to his side and Arian collapsed into him, sobbing into the tattered shirt covering his chest.

Once she had calmed, she rose onto her knees and pressed a lingering kiss to Cullen’s forehead, then roughly stood to her feet.

“Alexius will die,” she roared outright, making a beeline out of the cell and toward the upper level of the fortress.

Her companions, silent as the grave, obediently followed suit.

Likes and reblogs appreciated ^^; here’s my angst for the year lmao

i hate when ‘popular hipster aesthetic’ blogs have a 'disclaimer’ section on their blog about the photos they upload and its just 

'haha idk this isn’t mine but hey! whoever took it coolio ima just load it with no credit and tag it as 'mine’ so all my 1,00193984k,000 follows know that it originated from my blog and that im the source so i get more followers k thx’

oh and lets not forget the classic

'if this is ur pic and u want it removed or credited message me or if you know the credit just message me mmmmm k thx bai’

like ??? no ??? how about dont repost art (#1) and #2 it’s not everyone else’s job to find credit for the work your posting on your blog that doesn’t belong to you

ONCE YOU POST TO TUMBLR AND SOMEONE REBLOG/LIKES IT. It’s on this site forever, with NO CREDIT TO THE ARTIST. And that version with no credit will cycle around this hellsite and the respective artist will get no credit/representation for their work. It doesn’t matter if you posted someone’s work without credit, it’s gets 1,000,000 notes and then someone calls you out on it and you go back and credit it. That’s 1,000,000 likes/reblogs, is the version of the post that people will see, without the credit. And I don’t know many people who would go to the source on the types of photos I’m talking about just to get credit to the artist, now that you’ve JUST NOW added credit. 

DO NOT REPOST ART. If you somehow end up in a situation of LIFE AND DEATH and someone’s got a gun to your head to repost this art, REPOST IT WITH CREDIT

PS- Don’t remove artist’s captions on their work. No, their captions do not make your blog “ugly” or “not aesthetically pleasing” and besides, your blog being “ugly” or “not aesthetically pleasing” IS NOT more important than credit to the artist or the artist’s caption.

Hi guys! I hope some of you are still into this fic? If not that’s cool! Thank you for all the comments and reblogs on the previous parts! (I wanna say really quickly just to prepare you that the next part will jump around a bit with like emotional things, and there is a reason for it, it’ll just be explained in the following parts,and I’ll mention it again when I post the next part) okay enjoy?

Forever tag list:  @nemo-miraclegrow-blog grow @areyousad8118@thisissomefreshbullshit @luckyemcee @mmfdiaryfan @murderyoursoul @kristicallahan  @irish-girl-84  @sey77@bebelievelive @justagirlnamedkayla @i-love-mmfd @anitavalija @stephlostctrl @milymargot@busstop @pink-royaute @lolflash @youmehellofarollercoasterride @curvygirlonabudget @inneedofamoralcompass @paleasalabaster @mmfdfanfic @mallyallyandra@lethallylauren @finnleysraemundo @pissingonursoul @losingpudge @bitchy-broken @audisodd @audisodd @darlingdiver @fantasticab @celestev31 @rinncincin @tinakegg @ducky17 @katywright340 @bitcheslovebeck @raernundo @nutinanutshell @cant-getno-sleep @courtkismet @omgbananasnailus @i-dream-of-emus @guyoverboard @anglophileyoungblood @swooningfangirl @bitchesbecrazy89 @chrryblsms @girlwithafoxhat @annemarieted @sammylbc @sarahlouise88ni @how-ardently @idontliketalkingtoanybody @mmfdblog @phoenixflower413 @penguinsandbowties @fizzezlikecherrycola @fangirlwithoutshame @africancreativity @alyssaloca @llexis @thatfunnygirllauren @cheersmedear @14000romances @rred87 @nirvanalove27 @takenbyatree @im-an-emu @shashaaussi @mirandasmadeofstone @lililuvlight @flxwxry @slitherouter @saracasm25 @becauseyouarestrong @malvaloca93 @happyfrasers @vmellow @scumothaearff @wandering-soul-7 @hewittgolightly @emmatationsforall@ninjarunningzico @arcticoasisboy @milllott @rafaellabnery @endemictoearth @blackfeministagenda @queenasfuccck @lilaviolet @dianasaurousrexxx @kathhumphreysx @eighty-sixcharlie @flirtmcgirt @nenita1978 @crystalgiddings1993 @girl-looking-out-window @facephase @blobwithagob @freyasfrench @freyasfrench @borntochaos@likeashootingstarfades @isthistherightwayround @toseeyou-again @emu4ever @carpe-libris @voodoomarie @keisernerosmom @you-are-world-class-i-mean-that @cosiquellocheora  @protectfinnnelson  @stinemarine @rhi3915 @lovinglifeandlivinglove @caitlinmaddyx  @lizzylizard84 @redprairielily @look-how-they-shine-love  @annaplantain @everythingilove-blog @lau-vm @absolutelynotnico @mmfdftw @kingbeeyonce @chelsealorine @jackiewalsh2013 @karinskyme @spreadsomepositivity @justthegoodgirlsreject @tipsylou84 @towongfu2 @lily-pop-2 @fuck-sewing-machine @parisgirly93 @raeonashadowcaster @rockinthebeastmode @servethecitymke @eveerez  (@arathewallflower did you wanna be tagged I can’t remember? lol)  @hey1tskat1e as always please let me know if you would like to be added or removed. xD

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tuesday’s at Noon Part 4

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All I Need Is You (Intro)

Summary: Dan has always been a goody-two-shoes wallflower. He’s never gone out of his comfort zone once in his life, always living in his happy world bubble. Phil is a realist, a punk with an agenda, never one to settle down. When these two troubled souls finally collide, their lives just might change forever.

Paring: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Genres: Teenage!Phan, Drama!AU, Fluff, Smut!

Word Count: 963

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood, fights, crimes, illegal drugs (marijuana), underage drinking, cursing and mentions of depression.

A/N: Hey phamalam! I’ve come up with a new fic idea that’s been bubbling in my head for quite sometime now, and I’m finally ready to post the intro. I hope this is enjoyable, this is the kind of stuff I love to write, and because I’m better at it than third person, this will be a first person story, going to diff perspectives of dnp. Please let me know what you think by liking, reblogging, and feedback! :) (also, this is pretty short bc it’s only the intro! future chapters will be longer!)

~ story under the cut~

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The Sirens’ Song

summary: it’s a pirate’s life for Washington and the crew, who run one of the most highly-feared pirate ships on the ocean. Struck by a recent tragedy and a new recruit they navigate the seas in an attempt to continue what they do best: pirating. When they are faced with the impossible task of choosing between loyalty to the crew and finding again what they once lost, will they make the right choice?  

words: 3,068

a/n: hey, everyone! I had this wild idea for a PIRATE/MERMAID AU so here I am because, of course, I have nothing better to do than start another series, right (yikes)?? Anyways, I am pretty happy with how chapter one turned out and I’m pretty pumped about it! Please let me know what you think, feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if you liked it, be sure to reblog so other people can read TSS too! :) 

tags: if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters, shoot me an ask!

dedication: @sinmineral for helping me write this at 4AM last night lmfao thx my dude

The wind roars as the waves whip across the ship and soak the deck in a freezing, salty spray. The crew slides into the masts, frantically pulling at riggings and trying to navigate the ship around the storm.

“Someone needs to tend to the port-side mast! NOW!”

“On it, Captain!”

The crew is like a well-oiled machine. We trust our captain and obey orders without question. There is hardly an opportunity to panic because we synchronize so well.

The water begins to calm as we sail forward, the boat rocking back and forth dangerously fast over the remaining waves.

“Ahh,” the captain sighs with a small smile, letting go of the rigging that controls the largest sail. “Well done, everyone. It seems we’ve seen the worst of it for now.”

The crew and I give a small cheer, but we do not get too hasty—we still are not completely free of the bumpy waters.

“Should be smooth sailing from here on out, Captain Washington,” the lookout calls from the crow’s nest, putting away a spyglass.

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by clicking ( here ) you’ll find 500 gif icons of kendall jenner i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d like including redistribution as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

The List

Yoongi x Reader

Fluff; suggestive (Rated T? PG13?)

Summary: Yoongi makes a not-so-innocent mistake interpreting Y/N’s wishlist


Yoongi walked into the apartment after work, ready for the weekend. He took off his shoes and wandered into the kitchen. He stopped at the sight of Y/N’s birthday wishlist, the production and release of which was long overdue, hanging on the fridge. Intrigued, he slid the magnet off of it and held it up to look it over.

“Y/N?” Yoongi called, holding the list closer to his face, trying to convince himself it didn’t say what he thought it said.

“Hmm?” Y/N’s muffled voice answered as she poked her head around the corner of the hallway, toothbrush in her mouth.

Yoongi widened his eyes at her, looking concerned. “Is this the same version of your wishlist you sent to your family?”

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Remembered Promises

I’ve had such an amazing response to Forgotten Secrets and a couple of wonderful people requested  a sequel, so who am I to say no? There will be one more part of this little series if you guys still want it! 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like/reblog/comment/tag Forgotten Secrets. You don’t know how much it means to me. I hope you enjoy this silly little follow up. 

Prompt: Things You Said With No Space Between Us || msr fluff || 4409

“Next thing you’ll be telling me you can win me a teddy bear” Scully scoffed as they paced around another stall with a selection of overstuffed toys on display. By her side, Mulder chewed happily on a stick of brightly coloured cotton candy.

“Well not with that attitude, I won’t, Scully. Although I could.” He stopped next to the shooting range and eyed it up for a moment, contemplating how difficult the game really was. “Yeah, I definitely could.”

“We both know my aim is far better than yours. But don’t get your hopes up, I’m not going to be wooing you with a fluffy pink bear today, Mulder. Sorry to shatter your dreams.” 

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This is also a request for Yandere Yoosung~! He starts to get jealous of all the people who to talk you to whenever you go to school so he wants to make sure that no other person sees you or talks to you again

It’s been so long since we posted and I feel real bad about it :( Luckily my creative juices are flowing so I think it’s time I wrote another yandere Yoosung scenario! This may or may not be a sequel to the other yandere Yoosung scenario, since I had to make MC more fearful of Yoosung for the scenario to work.

The end of the school day had finally come, and you were eager to go home and take a nice nap. Before you really leave the school though, one of your friends had stopped you for a little chat. The two of you talked about the day and other trivial little things, like how you were assigned so much homework for the past week. You didn’t have much time to spend with your boyfriend Yoosung because of that, and you missed him dearly.

Your friend was about to bring up a new topic, but then noticed something behind you. “Is that your boyfriend, ____?”

“Huh?” You blinked, then spun around to see for yourself.

Standing not too far away was Yoosung, dressed in his usual attire as he casually waited for you. Seeing that you had noticed him, he smiled cheekily and waved at you, though you couldn’t help but notice that there was a dark look to his eyes. Had he been waiting long? You smiled and waved back, then turned back to your friend.

“I better go now, see you tomorrow!” You said as you dashed off to meet with Yoosung.

As you neared him, he took hold of your hand right away, his grip firm. You gave him a greeting kiss on the cheek, smiling happily as you started your walk home. You hadn’t expected for him to come and pick you up from school, but it was a delightful surprise. You were a bit worried that Yoosung was upset though, due to the fact that you were so busy talking to your friend. He got jealous easily, and you hated to upset him.

“So how was school?” Yoosung asked.

“It was the same as usual, nothing interesting really. My teachers keep assigning homework, I have no time to do anything.” You sighed, slumping your shoulders a little.

Yoosung chuckled, giving your hand a comforting squeeze. “Maybe I can help you with it? Let’s go to my place, I can give you a few tips! I can cook dinner for you too, and you can even stay the night if you want.”

You laughed at your boyfriend’s eagerness to spend time with you, it was so cute. You felt bad though, you knew that he missed you a lot. This was your chance now to spend time with him, it wouldn’t hurt to do so.

“Alright, sounds good.” You said, snuggling up to his arm.

It didn’t take long for you two to reach Yoosung’s apartment, since he lived quite close to your school. On days you weren’t busy with other things, you would usually go there instead of home. Sadly, due to school, you hadn’t been to his place in a while. It was refreshing to step into the familiar atmosphere of your boyfriend’s home.

You settled yourself in, taking off your jacket and backpack, placing them somewhere they wouldn’t get in the way. Yoosung didn’t hesitate to get intimate, his arms wrapping around your waist. His lips were by your ear, his warm breath fanning over your sensitive skin, causing goosebumps to rise.

“Y-Yoosung… Weren’t we gonna do my homework?” You said, blushing as he held you close.

Yoosung grinned, placing a soft kiss on your cheek. “We can always do that later, we have all night.”

His words were suggestive, and it made your stomach flutter. He wasn’t usually this flirty with you, but when he was, it really caught you off guard.

“I guess…” You replied, smiling as you leaned into his touch.

Yoosung chuckled, but then his voice suddenly lowered as his grip tightened. “But first… why were you talking to that person for so long?”

“Wha-?” You blinked, but couldn’t finish.

“You know what I’m talking about, that friend of yours that you ignored me for. All of your attention was stolen from me, you didn’t even notice that I came to pick you up.” Yoosung’s tone was passive aggressive, it scared you honestly. “How many people do you talk to every day? How many friends do you have? Do you smile at all of them like how you smile at me?”

You shook your head, trying to reason with him. “Y-Yoosung, you’re misunderstanding…”

Yoosung’s face pressed against your neck, his lips soft as he kissed the skin gently. “Do they touch you too? I bet they lay their dirty hands all over you, and you don’t even care because they’re  your ‘friends’. How do you think that makes me feel, ____?” He frowned, his nails lightly pressing against your clothes. “I get so mad, knowing that people other than me are touching you. You belong to me, remember?”

“I-I do…” You whimpered, your heartbeat increasing.

“Good, at least you know that.” Yoosung leaned back and smiled, his eyes looking deep into yours. “So why don’t you stay with me for a while, you don’t have to go to school or anything, just be with me here.” His right hand reached up to caress your face lovingly.

“But I have to go to school.” You protested weakly, unable to fight against him.

“So you want to choose them over me? I don’t think so.” Yoosung’s expression remained gentle, but his eyes told a different story. “You’re going to stay with me, whether you like it or not.”

He took your wrist, hard enough to cause marks form on your skin. You yelped, your eyes widening as you were taken to his bedroom. His room had a walk-in closet, a small confined area with clothes hanging in it. He didn’t hesitate to throw you in there, your knees landing harshly on the carpeted floor.

“You can stay here and think about what you’ve done, when you’re truly sorry, you can come out.” Yoosung’s voice held no mercy, a sweet smile spread across his face. “I don’t want you to see those people ever again, okay?”

You couldn’t do anything as Yoosung closed the door, the doorknob jiggling as he locked it shut with a key. You didn’t remember this door having that kind of lock, had he added it himself? All you could do was sit and wait for Yoosung to come back, and then you would apologize and give in to his demands. You were going to be a ‘good girl’ and listen to him, in order to make him happy. All you needed was Yoosung right? You didn’t need any friends if you had him, he was correct in a way. All you wanted was for Yoosung to be happy.

About thirty minutes later, the door cracked open. A purple eye peaked through the small opening, and you eagerly crawled over to the light.

“____~, have you reflected on your actions?” Yoosung asked, his tone almost melodic.

You nodded earnestly, not wanting to be in there anymore. “Yes, please let me out. I won’t talk to them anymore, I promise. I only want to be with you, I only need you.”

The door opened fully, and Yoosung got on his knees to reach your level. He cupped your cheek, leaning in close to get a good look of your face. The same sweet smile was plastered on his face, an expression that either scared you or made your stomach do flip flops.

“Stay with me forever, ____. I love you so much.” He whispered, pulling you into an embrace. “I’ll never let you be lonely, I’ll never hurt you.” He suddenly chuckled, his shoulders shaking a little as each sound left his throat.

“And most importantly, I’ll never let you go.”

I hope it was as good as my other scenarios, I’m paranoid that I lost some of mah skill while I was gone TwT Enjoy the new scenario and make sure to like and reblog~!

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