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.:The Two Geezers:.


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The Arrangement: Part 4

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 4

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  1729

Warnings: explicit language, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part four of a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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Heyy everybody, this is part 3 of my break story! Thank you all so much for reading my little series and sending me so many nice messages. Let me know what you think about this part.xx

She pushed him away with as much force as she could muster up and actually made him stumble a few steps.
“I have a boyfriend!” she exclaimed.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought because-”
“No!” she interrupted him.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t ever do that again!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.
She opened her car door, went in and slammed it shut with force. Within seconds she left the parking lot and Tim standing there.
Tears welled up in her eyes, making her vision blurry and she knew she should stop her car and calm down because this wasn’t safe. But she wanted to get home and shower and wash his touch off.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
She never meant to gave him the feeling wit was okay to kiss her.
The only person who was allowed to kiss her was Harry.
For goodness sake, she kissed him only a few hours before.
But the feeling of lips against hers that still lingered weren’t from Harry’s kiss.
Another man kissed her.
And even though she pushed him away and didn’t respond to his kiss she still felt guilty.

When she finally made it home she was properly crying with fat tears and loud sobs. She ripped her clothes of her body and took a hot shower. She stood underneath the hot water for at least half an hours, washing of the feel of his hands and lips on her.
She checked her phone when she went to bed and more tears fell from her eyes when she saw her lockscreen. Harry and her. Smiling so much that they weren’t able to kiss each other properly.
She cried herself to sleep that night, if she slept at all.

The next morning she woke up with sore eyes and slightly swollen cheeks. She hoped that everything was just a horrible dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was reality.
She just finished breakfast when her phone vibrated on the kitchen table with a text.

I’m in the hotel now. Everything’s fine. I miss you though. H

Her eyes closed briefly and she felt her whole body beginning to tremble.
She tipped back immediately, her fingers shaking so much she missed the right letters.

Can we talk?

She had to tell him. She couldn’t keep this from him.

Now? What’s wrong? Are you okay?


Her phone rung within seconds and even though she knew it would she still jumped at the shrill sound. She took a deep breath and hit the green button, lifting the phone to her cheek.
“Baby? What’s wrong?”
His voice sounded distressed and worried.
A sob interrupted her and she had to brace herself on the kitchen table so she wouldn’t fall down.
“Darling, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”
“H-He kissed m-me.”
Harry was silent, she heard nothing on the other end of the line.
“W-We left the restaurant and the d-dinner was fun a-and we really got along well. He walked me to my car and when he went t-to say goodbye he leaned in b-but instead of kissing me on the cheek h-he… kissed me on the lips.”
It took her forever to get the words out, sobs and hiccups interrupted her every second.
“Did you kiss him back?” Harry asked lowly and she knew that tone.
She heard it so many times before when some bloke tried to hit on her.
“N-No! I pushed him away immediately. He almost fell to the g-ground because I pushed him so hard and then I screamed at him that I have a b-boyfriend and that he shouldn’t do that ever again and left him standing there.”
“That’s my girl.” Harry chuckled after a moment of silence and Y/N couldn’t believe her ears.
“Baby, there’s nothing for you to cry about. You did everything right and I’m very proud of you even though he deserved to fall flat on his ass. I swear if I’d be home right now I’d cut his tongue off so he wouldn’t be able to-”
“You’re not mad?” she interrupted him.
“Not at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. That bloke is lucky though that I’m not home or else I’d rip his legs out. And arms. And everything else.”
Y/N sighed relieved and a small smile took over her lips.
“Thank you. I was so worried you’d be mad at me and break up and-”
“Stop. Seriously, you have to stop with all your doubts. I love you more than anything and I’m not going to leave you. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this break but I think it really is good for us. Everything’s alright, okay? We’ll figure it out when I’m back.”
“Okay.” she whispered.
“Can you do me a favor?” Harry asked then.
“Stay away from that Tom asshole.”
“I don’t care.”
She laughed softly and promised him she wouldn’t go near him.
“I have to go now, love. Think you’re okay?”
“Don’t cry anymore, yeah? It breaks my heart.”
“I’ll try.” she laughed softly.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. See you soon.”
“Very soon.”
When she placed her phone down on the kitchen table she literally felt all the weight lifted off her shoulders. She was still shaking slightly but she knew it was okay now.
She also knew that Harry was probably planning how he could get back at Tim but she didn’t worry about that, Harry couldn’t hurt a fly. She knew he was probably killing that guy in his thoughts right now but that was okay, she was killing him in her imagination as well.
She honestly didn’t think Harry would react that calm. She expected him to say ‘I knew why I wasn’t happy when you told me about him’ or maybe ‘It was so goddamn obvious he would try something’. She even kind of expected him to be so upset and angry he wouldn’t have let her explain but instead hand up immediately.
But he didn’t. And again she noticed that something had changed since they started the break.
If that would have happened before the escalation two weeks ago Harry would have started screaming at her and in the end he would have left the house.
But his reaction showed that he wanted something to change as well. He was hurting too and even though it sounded strange, Y/N was glad. During all those fights and screaming sessions she was scared she was the only one who was breaking inside.
Even though she wasn’t quite sure what would happen when Harry came home she knew they couldn’t be without each other. That break showed them what they could loose. It showed that what they had was unique and special.
And it also showed that the love they had for each other was stronger than anything else. Y/N knew from the beginning that Harry was the love of her life. Harry knew it too, she was the one for him from the first date.
The only thing they were both scared of now was their future. Would it get to that point again where they had to take a break?

The next few days felt strange. The fact that she saw him and talked to him over the phone made her think they would at least text throughout the day but there was nothing. Still radio silence.
And even though it bothered her she didn’t want to text him first. She knew he was busy and had other things to worry about but she at least thought he would give her a little update on how everything was going.
She worried though. She was scared he forgot about her. She was scared he actually enjoyed the break because now that he was with a lot of other people he didn’t have to think about her and maybe he’d realize that he was secretly missing his freedom?

When she saw him on SNL for his first ever live performance of his single she was a crying mess. One, because she missed him so much and still didn’t hear from him and two, because she was so incredibly proud and three, because she stayed awake until the early hours of the morning. He smashed it. He was absolutely perfect.
And she felt so goddamn bad because she wasn’t there waiting from him when he came off the stage. She wasn’t there to kiss all over his face because she was even prouder than his mum. She wasn’t there.
He told her she should stop doubting his love for her but for some reason she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help but worry when he wasn’t here and she didn’t hear from him and even though she knew that was the purpose of a break, her mind couldn’t do anything else but come up with her worst nightmares and her heart couldn’t help but break.

When she finally wanted to go to sleep she didn’t knew if she should text him. He knew for sure that she would watch it but would he want her to text him? Her fingers hovered over the keyboard of her phone for several minutes until she decided that yes, she had to text him.

You did so good. I’m so incredibly proud of you.xx

She turned her phone off immediately when she hit send so she wouldn’t wait another few hours for his reply and could get some sleep. Even though she probably couldn’t keep her eyes closed.

She got no reply the next day.
And the day after that? Nothing.
And on the third day she was a mess.
Tears sprung to her eyes when she checked her phone for the thousandth time that day and she still didn’t hear anything from him. She knew he was unbelievably, incredibly busy but…
Was she not important anymore?
Did he not want to talk to her?
Or did he just not see it?
Or maybe the little incident with Tim hurt him more than he would like to admit.
Even though Harry told her she should stop worrying she couldn’t. He made it pretty hard to.
If she wouldn’t have seen his face all over social media and on tv she wouldn’t have known he was still alive during the next week. She felt like she went back in time to the first week of being without him, whenever she had a free moment her mind would immediately wander to him.
Then it was all a blur. It was like she was numb. She didn’t know if she should feel angry or sad or maybe happy because he would be home in a few days. The truth was that she didn’t feel anything.
He told her she could call or text him anytime she felt the need to and to be honest she did need him more than anything but she didn’t try to reach out for him. He didn’t respond to her congratulating him, why should he respond to anything else?

When the fourth week of their break was over he didn’t come home. She knew he’d return that day but he wasn’t there yet. And he probably wouldn’t come. He didn’t tell her when he would land, didn’t ask her to pick him up, didn’t tell her he would come home straight away.
And he didn’t.
She spend another night in the bed they once shared alone. Without him. Without any sort of communication between them.

A loud noise woke her up the next morning, followed by a muttered ‘shit’. Her heart started to pound, her eyes frankly searching for something to defend herself. She got out of bed on shaky legs, grabbing Harry’s golf club which stood beside the drawer. She made her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs on tip toes, making sure she didn’t make any sound.
When she saw the all too familiar suede boots at the front door she knew she didn’t have to defend herself. At least not her body but more her heart. She placed the golf club down on the floor and made her way to the kitchen where she was greeted by a sight which used to make her tummy fill with butterflies but now she was feeling nervous in the most negative way.
“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked and was surprised herself at how cold her voice sounded.
Harry whirled around and stopped draping berries on the waffles he made, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth agape.
“I-I wanted to surprise you. I made breakfast and-”
She interrupted him with a humorless laugh, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Surprise me? I think you’ve surprised me enough lately.”
“What?” he asked with furrowed brows.
“I was surprised when I didn’t hear from you at all during the last two weeks, nothing to keep me updated. I was surprised when I texted you and didn’t get a reply. I was surprised when you didn’t let me know when you came home. I was surprised when you didn’t come home as soon as you left the airport.”
Harry was standing there completely dumbfounded, suddenly feeling insecure about what he prepared for her. He had no idea what was going on, thought she would jump into his arms as soon as she saw him. He thought she would love the flowers he brought her and the breakfast he prepared. That wasn’t the case, apparently.
“You… I… What?” he asked again.
“I don’t know if I want to see you right now, Harry.”


[170630] #HappyNDay // for the most amazing leader I know and will probably ever know ♡

Taylor’s parents are both so amazing. It’s so easy to see where she got it. Andrea gave me the best mom to mom advice that I will cherish forever. It took all I had in me not to start sobbing in the kitchen.


“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Tennyson.
Do you think he’s right?
I don’t know, but if you figure it out, tell me?

Requested by Anonymous (who deserves all the awards!)

Side Story: Vows, Part One.

A/N: It’s the Big Day! I divided it in two parts, because I wrote two weddings, by the way. Enjoy the fluff!

‘I refuse to wear the crown at my wedding, Master Auru’, Zelda was adamant on her position, hiding behind the partition, maids, seamstresses, and hairdressers giving the final touches to her gown under Impaz’s supervision, ‘Link is marrying me today’.

‘I understand’, he answered, placing the object on its box again. ‘But he is also marrying into the crown’.

‘Master Auru, with all due respect, We are the crown’, she cleared out. ‘I am still going to wear it, but after the ceremony’.

Auru hummed affirmatively.

Zelda came out from the screen, slowly moving towards him, to give him a surprise. ‘What do you think my father would have said?’

Auru’s gaze was full of melancholy.

‘He would be quite emotional, just like this old man here’ - Auru wiped a stray tear - ‘And to think I saw you as a newborn!’, he cackled, ‘You look gorgeous. The braided hairdo with your mother’s star pins looks great on you. She would be so proud of her little girl’.

Her lips turned into a pout.

‘Now you are making me emotional!’, Zelda tried to contain herself, squeezing her eyes shut, ‘Let us go to the throne room, I do not want to make my groom wait’.

‘The whole land is waiting for you’, he cleared out, taking the box. ‘Good luck, Zelda dear, I will go ahead’.

The group of women started their walk from the dressing room to the hall where the maid of honor and bridesmaids awaited. Ilia handed Zelda her bouquet, all dressed up in her dusky pink dress, and started walking towards the throne room.

‘Someone is trying to save face, but he is having more jitters than you the other day’, Ilia whispered to the bride. ‘Rusl told me he had to give him warm goat milk with cinnamon and honey to help him sleep last night, like when we were kids!’

‘Goddesses, my poor sweetheart’, she hid her blushed face on her bouquet of peonies, lilies of the valley, baby breath, and Irises. ‘I am so happy this is over’

‘Over? This is only the start’, Ashei corrected, fidgeting with her dress. ‘Ordon is ready for some serious partying’.

‘That prospect seems certainly more interesting’, she straightened up, ‘but seeing you all fancy makes this worth it’.

‘I could barely recognize Yeti sister here’, Naima snorted, ‘my belly still hurts from laughing so much!’

‘Ladies, behave yourselves’, Telma put some order, ‘we’re almost there, and you look like a bunch of rascals’.

‘Sorry, mom’, Ashei apologized, all of the entourage going quiet before the gates.

The large doors opened, as the music of harps, and a chorus filled the room.

As she stepped inside, she took a glance at the crowded hall. 

Uli, Colin, little Liv. 

Elder Nabooru. I am glad she came. Amina. 

The Court. They would not miss this, of course. 

The foreign visitors. 


Cor Goron. Chief Darbus. 

Prince Ralis. He is so grown up, his mother would be so proud of him. 

Renado, ready to officiate the wedding. Shad is next to Rusl. The best men.

And there he is. 

My sweetheart. 

He looks so handsome in his gala armor! And his hair is still untamed even if he tried to slick it back!

Link was speechless, absolutely stunned by the woman approaching him. He only was taken out of his reverie by a quick, soft nudge from Rusl, as the maids of honor took her positions, Ilia holding Zelda’s bouquet before she stood before the altar.

The groom and bride held hands and greeted each other with silent smiles.

‘Dear Brethren of Hyrule, we gather here today to celebrate the wedding of Zelda Nohansen and Link of Ordon’, Renado announced. ‘Before I proceed, I must ask if anyone present has any objections against this wedding. If you do, speak now, or remain silent forever’.

Despite of what the groom and bride might have thought, the guests remained in silence.

Renaldo hummed happily at the quiet atmosphere.

‘Now, I ask you, Zelda and Link, are you taking this commitment out of your own volition?’

‘We are’, they said in unison.

‘Then, I ask you, Zelda Nohansen, do you take Link of Ordon as your wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day on, and promise before Hylia, The Golden Three and these witnesses, to love, cherish, and respect him forever and always, until you pass on to the Sacred Realm?’

‘I do’. Her affirmation was loud and clear.

‘I ask you, Link of Ordon, do you take Zelda Nohansen as your wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day on, and promise before Hylia, The Golden Three and these witnesses to love, cherish, and respect her forever and always, until you pass on to the Sacred Realm?’

‘I do’, his words containing a sob. ‘now and forever’.

Renado took a golden ribbon, and tied Link and Zelda’s hands.

‘Behold, now, you are consecrated to each other according to the laws of Hyrule and the will of the Goddesses’. He untied the ribbon. ‘You are now one soul, one spirit, one mind’.

Link and Zelda stared lovingly into each other’s eyes, knowing that one sentence was left and that would be all.

‘I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine’, bride and groom recited together.

‘You are now husband and wife’, Renado ended the ceremony, with a broad smile on his face, ‘You may kiss your bride, son’.

Links face lit up at those words, and both shared a tender, soft kiss, and murmured “I love you’s” as the crowd burst into applause - some also into tears, among them Rusl, Telma, and Renado himself. Ashei almost shed a tear before making eye contact with Shad.

Once the guests regained composture, Zelda turned into her royal demeanor, as Auru placed the crown over her head.

‘We, from this day on, name you, Link of Ordon, Bearer of Courage, Hero of Light and Twilight, Lord Commander of the Army of Hyrule’ - she received from Auru a cerulean band and crossed it over Link’s torso - ‘Royal Consort of the Crown of Hyrule’. Her words were filled with pride. ‘May you help Us reign, exerting power with Courage and Wisdom’.

‘I promise’. He kissed her hand.

Both turned to face the crowd, hand in hand, and made their way up the aisle, as the guests rose, cheering and applauding to the newlyweds.

As the bells tolled to announce the good news, they kept leading their way to the castle gates, followed by their entourage and guests.

As the gates to the castle front courtyard opened, two rows of knights awaited the couple, led by Ashei, still in her rose-colored bridesmaid dress, now carrying her sword on a baldric.

‘Knights of Hyrule, present arms!’, her voice sounded like a war cry.

The knights, all their faces well-known to Link, rose their swords, and made a tunnel for Zelda and him to pass through before taking a carriage that would carry them for a ride around Castletown. They greeted the crowds with bright smiles under the cloudless spring noon.

Once the ride ended, they returned to the Castle, and had a moment to themselves on their chambers before the reception.

‘My wife’, Link broke the silence they had kept after the ceremony. ‘It feels so weird to finally say it’.

Zelda hummed a little laugh, and embraced him.

‘It certainly does… husband’, she affirmed, with a little gleeful squeal, tightening her hold.

‘I almost forgot to tell ya love, you look precious’ - he let go of the hug and twirled his wife - ‘my moon and stars!’

Zelda laughed, cheeks pink at his remark, and began fidgeting with the back of her dress.

‘Are you getting naked?’, he asked, overwhelmed by bashfulness, ‘I didn’t think ya were so eager to…’

‘No, sweetheart, although it is not a bad idea’, she laughed, ‘I need to remove the train of the dress, it weighs too much to move properly!’

After some struggling with buttons and laces, the train was on the floor, the crown on its box, and the veil carefully folded on a dresser, the newlyweds then making their way to the castle’s main hall, where they were welcomed by the guests with a roaring applause.

After a toast led by Auru, a lunch took place, and then a light merriment began, with a group of musicians entertaining the crowd.

‘You look hella fancy, Yeti’, Link joked with her companion in arms, ‘Pink kinda suits ya’.

‘Your Highness, I deserve an extra serving of cake just for running in this’, her left finger pointed out at her dress, glass of sparkling wine in the other hand. ‘I looked pretty kickass swinging my sword in it though’.

‘You certainly were’, Shad joined the conversation, ‘But I like your military attire best’.

‘Aww, how sweet! It almost makes me wanna marry you’ - she feigned bashfulness - ‘but then I remember our wedding would be Oocca-themed, and reconsider it’, she downed her glass.

Shad burst into laughter. ‘Even I think that is over the top’.

‘That’s quite the revelation, specially comin’ from ya’, man’, Link admitted. ‘it’s as if I told y’all I don’t like pumpkin pie’.

‘Talking about pumpkins, old sport’, Shad lowered his voice, ‘Ordon is awaiting you both this evening; Rusl, Uli, and the kids just left to prepare for your arrival’.

‘We are to leave in a while, after I throw the bouquet’, Zelda confirmed with a grin, ‘it is going to be quite entertaining, are you up to it, Ashei?’

‘I’m giving up my chances so someone that deserves it gets it’.

‘How sweet of you, are you going soft?’, the bride grinned slyly.

‘Nah, flowers give me hay-fever’, Ashei joked.

After agreeing to meet in Ordon that night, the newlyweds moved on to greet the leaders of the neighboring regions - the Terminian Prime Minister found Link to be the spitting image of the hero that avoided the wreckage of his land centuries ago; also the Gorons congratulated them, the Zora, and the Gerudo.

‘Moon Lady, take care of your husband, not only for his kind spirit, but also for he carries our blood too, albeit diluted’, Elder Nabooru requested, dressed in a ornate, but modest burgundy dress and veil with gold jewels. ‘I know he will excel at his job. Us Gerudo don’t half-ass things’.

‘You didn’t told me something sweet like that at my wedding, mother!’, Naima complained, towering over all the group in her pink bridesmaid frock.

‘I reminded you are lucky enough to have a wife, and an excellent one, you reckless child!’, Elder Nabooru noted, her gaze so piercing her daughter stayed quiet immediately.

‘Miss Ilia invited us to join you at Ordon’, Amina, also in burgundy and gold, was giddy at the travel prospect, ‘I am so excited to know the south!’

‘We are going to be quite the merry bunch!’, Zelda clapped her hands enthused, ‘It is going to be an amazing evening!’

Once every single guest was greeted and thanked, and everyone had their fair share of food, drink, and enjoyment, Link and Zelda left discreetly to their chamber, where Impaz received them, and helped Zelda change into more comfortable clothes.

‘Are you sure you do not wish to join us?’, Zelda asked as she put on her riding boots. ‘It is going to be fun, the Ordonians are lively’.

The elder Sheikah hummed a laugh. ‘I am more than honored by seeing you walk down that aisle today, dear child’- she held Zelda’s hands - ‘Auru and I will take care of the Castle while you’re enjoying yourselves, and Nabooru is also joining me for some friendly old lady talk’.

A resigned sigh, and a hug, was Zelda’s answer.

‘Here are your saddlebags’, Impaz patted the bags, resting on a couch, ‘You are ready to go’.

Zelda’s eyes focused on her desk, and hurried there.

‘I almost forgot this’ Zelda grabbed her journal, and put it on the saddlebag, realizing something. ‘you packed really lightly for me, I see’.

‘It is your honeymoon’, Impaz commented, ‘the least thing you need are clothes! Now go and have fun, my children!’

Nervous laughter was the only thing they answered.

After bidding her goodbye, the newlyweds left their chambers, still red-faced, and headed to the courtyard, where their horses awaited, prepared for their departure.

Once they mounted their horses, Zelda was ready to throw her bouquet. The women gathered, and she threw it in the air.

Despite all the yelling and running around from mostly court women, the flowers fell right into a young man’s face, who was indeed confused and surprised, but not offended at all.

‘Orville?’, Link laughed, ‘I dunno if Ilia’s gonna be happy or really pissed’.

‘She is getting the one in Ordon of course’, Zelda assumed, ‘I doubt she is willing to lose against Beth’. They waved the people goodbye, and started riding to Ordon, approaching the village before sunset.