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Hooked on a Feeling (Part 2)

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Summary: You finally decide to tell Dean, and the two of you move forward with your plans

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: pregnant!reader, mild angst at the beginning, pregnancy cravings and mood swings, morning sickness

This is the sequel series to Hold on I’m Coming and the previous part can be found here 

Forever beta credit to @deanssweetheart23 who listened to me whine endlessly about this and helped me figure it all out

A/N: Sorry this took so long, everyone! Things have picked up around here, leaving me with little time to get to my computer. And I’ve been in a serious Benny rut lately, but made myself finish this part up since I know some of you have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Hope you like it :D

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Okay so first of all I have to say sorry for being so absent for the past few months. But I want to thank you all for your support and love and care and understanding during this period it has really helped me and I am so grateful for all of you! 

second: this fic is based on a prompt I recieved ages ago from @gellbellshead​-

“So saw your post that you have some time for writing and couldn’t help myself from sending you this one. Person A and Person B are camp counselors and Person A gets all flustered because Person B is really good with kids and it’s adorable.” 

which kind of inspired 30 pages worth of content haha ps. sorry I took forever to get this done love!

third: THANKYOU TO @rileybabe​ for this STUNNING aesthetic I mean I can’t even with her talent! I would also like to dedicate this fic to her and @ms-maj​ for being so kind and lovely and always sending me such cute messages and supporting me even when I was MIA. 

Again thanks everyone for the love I hope you enjoy!

warning: light smut

as this is long af, here is the AO3 link-


“Welcome to Camp Sweetwater”

Betty let out a defeated sigh as she read the faded words scripted in yellow paint across a crooked wooden sign.  This was not how she wanted to spend her summer.

“Really Elizabeth stop acting like such a child, “ her mother scolded from the driver’s seat, shutting off the car’s engine and opening the door. Betty groaned, letting her head thump back against the seat.  

All she asked for was a carefree summer; one where she was free of her “perfect” girl next door persona and could just be a teenager. But of course that was not acceptable to Alice Cooper. Betty had been furious when her mother had excitedly relayed her acceptance as a camp counsellor, shaking the neatly opened letter in her face. It wasn’t that she didn’t like kids or the outdoors, no it was the principle of having her time stripped of her against her will. But her objections were no match for Alice’s lectures on the importance of broadening her skill set, and the need to fill her college applications with extra curricula’s- as if she didn’t have enough. So her bags had been packed, and here she was.

Deciding there was no point in further delaying the inevitable and beginning to become uncomfortable inside the stuffy vehicle, Betty opened her own door and stepped out into the summer heat.

She had to admit the location was beautiful, with lush greenery all around and the sounds of the river trickling through the air. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.

Rounding the vehicle, Alice placed Betty’s duffle bag on the dusty ground beside her and grabbed her reluctant daughter’s shoulders.

“It’s only seven weeks, who knows it might surprise you,” her mother placated softly, offering a warm smile.

Internally Betty scoffed, only seven weeks, but she knew her mother truly just wanted what was best for her even if she had an overbearing and odd way of actuating that. So instead she returned the words with a soft smile of her own and pulled her mother into a hug.

“I’ll call you when I can, have a safe drive home.”

And with that she was gone.

Taking a deep breath and pushing her hesitancies and irritations aside, the blonde tightened her pony tail before bending down to pick up her duffle bag, slinging it over her shoulder. Her sneakers hit the ground with purpose as she crossed through the open gateway, her green eyes scanning across rows of log cabins with brightly painted accents and dirt pathways, all the way to the tree line that led into the forest.

“Betty Cooper?”

Betty turned her head from the view, only to be completely taken aback by the new one. A boy about her age was approaching her with lazy steps that held a subtle air of arrogance. He was tall and lean; the plaid button up he was wearing, the sleeves rolled up on his forearms made sure she was very aware of that fact.  Rogue strands of his ebony hair fell over his impossibly blue eyes tantalisingly while the rest was tucked beneath a beanie that she was too stunned to question the use of in this weather. And god his jawline looked sharp enough to cut glass.

It wasn’t until his dark brows furrowed and his mouth twitched into an amused smile that Betty realised she had been straight out ogling him and if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, she had totally failed to respond to his question. Trying to ignore the flush that was quickly rising to her cheeks, Betty summoned the social skills she had acquired over years of Cooper indoctrination and flashed him her best girl next door smile.

“That’s me! Sorry I was a little distracted by the view,” the blonde recovered in an upbeat tone, internally commending herself on constructing an excuse that wasn’t entirely a lie.

The boy chuckled shaking her politely extended hand.

“Yeah it’s some view,” he replied, a cheeky smirk gracing his lips, making it obvious they both knew she wasn’t talking about the geographical scenery. Betty felt her cheeks flame even more and cast her eyes downward shyly.

“Jughead Jones, welcome to Camp Sweetwater.”

Betty was extremely grateful that he didn’t feel the need to loiter on her embarrassment and found the courage to meet his eyes again. God did he have nice eyes.

“Thanks, I’m assuming this isn’t your first time?”

“You’d be right. I’ve been friends with Fred’s son since birth really, so of course every summer I’d come with them here and then when we got old enough it was kind of a natural progression into camp counsellors,” Jughead informed her, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So you’re the welcoming committee?” She half joked, feeling her stomach flutter at the good natured smile he offered her.

“Something like that.”

She quirked a brow, the tone of his voice indicating he knew something she didn’t.

“Well I’m your welcoming committee,” his smirk reappeared and Betty bit her lip at the sight.

“Lucky me,” she returned softly, her eyes widening as the confession slipped out. Letting out a nervous chuckle she shuffled her converse through the dirt, attempting to play it off as friendly jest.

Jughead raised an eyebrow- his eyes seeming to twinkle with something unknown- but didn’t comment.

“Come on, I’ll show you ‘round.”

Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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So being an eldest sibling i am usually left without anyone to connect with. All his siblings ignored him and shunned him out but Lance still loved them nonetheless. One day the paladins are having some conversation about times they shared with they're family the team knows that lance loves his family they thought he'd be talking the entire time but he didn't. They asked him if he was okay and all that and boom he drops the bomb of truth. (Thanks for taking my request into consideration)

My heart 

Lance loved his siblings, he would do anything for them. Did you need to be picked up from your friends house two cities away? Lance would drive the entire way to pick you up. Your bf just dumped you? Lance would buy you junk food and talk shit about him. Anything that his siblings needed, Lance was there. 

This didn’t stop the empty feeling that exploded in his chest whenever he was with his siblings. he felt left out, unwanted and disconnected. No matter what he said it always felt like he wasn’t desired in the conversation. Sure he could talk to his siblings if it was just him and them. Once you added another sibling to the equation Lance was left out and with noone to connect with. 

Lance eventually brought this up with his mother but she simply said, “love is a hard thing to master.” Lance wasn’t sure what she meant by that but he eventually just accepted his fate and focused on his Garrison application.

That was back when times were simpler and Lance didn’t have to focus on flying a Blue lion or keeping his bond strong or Zarkon. Now he did and his days were consumed with training, fighting and learning about new cultures. Lance didn’t have time to think about his family much and when he did it was only the positive side of it, he never was able to drag himself down for long. 

Until one day he had time to think about his time with his family and everything came crashing back down. He was lounging on the couch in the common room, listening to Pidge tell stories about her and Matt. Lance had gathered that her and Matt had spent most of their childhoods together, connected and bonding over new ideas and technology. 

Eventually Hunk took over the conversation and he talked about his older sister. She was a chief and that’s where he learned most of his cooking skills. According to Hunk they did nearly everything together and Hunk’s younger brother was into engineering, just like Hunk so they usually built new gadgets together or studied machines late into the night. 

Lance felt a small tug of pain in his chest the longer Hunk talked about his siblings. Even his older sister had a connection with Hunk, something Lance didn’t get to have with his younger siblings. 

Shiro was next and he talked about his younger “brother” who was always passionate about flying and cried when he found out Shiro was going to space and not him. Everyone knew that Shiro was talking about Keith and they giggled as Keith got red at the memories Shiro was telling the team. 

It was nice to talk about everyone’s family and they started to feel closer as a team, until Hunk brought attention to Lance’s quietness. “Hey Lance, what about your family? I know you have a big one.” He released a small chuckled and everyone looked at Lance who slowly sat up from his position on the couch.

“Well…I do have a lot of siblings…I’m the oldest and that’s really it.” Lance his teammates confusion and silently cursed at himself for what he just said.

“That can’t be all, a huge family has to have a lot of stories. What do your siblings and you like to do together?” Pidge adjusted her feet and placed her chin in her hands. 

Lance shrugged, he never really hung out with his siblings so he didn’t know. “I don’t know.” Everyone was confused and soon were firing question after question at Lance, attempting to get to the bottom of what Lance was saying. Lance couldn’t understand what they were all saying and he eventually said the words that forced his way out of his mouth, like when you eat something hot. “I’ve never really bonded with my siblings. We have an odd number and since I’m the oldest by a few years they never really wanted to hang with me. I don’t know what they like to do with me because we’ve never really hung out together.” 

Silence. For once everything on the castle was silent. Lance hated it, he never liked the silence and now it was consuming him like a fire. Yet the silence didn’t last forever and Keith spoke up, cutting through the silence like a sword. “That sucks, you’re such an amazing person. You’re so funny and hyper that it’s contagious, your siblings don’t know what they are missing.” 

Everyone gave Lance a nod and soon he was being hugged by his team and he couldn’t remember who exactly said it but he was happy he heard it. “It’s okay, you make an amazing brother.” 

Ehhhhh, how did I do? I’m not an older sibling XD 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long

Thank you!!!!


Emma Swan Appreciation MemeDay 15 ↠  Free choice

From a lost little duckling to a beautiful swan, thank you so much Emma for an amazing journey. You taught me so much about hope, love, fighting on, standing up for what you believe in and never giving up on myself. I’m forever grateful, you changed my life.


AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

External image

( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )

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Shuake where they have an argument and Akechi goes full on asshole mode and instantly regrets it, thinks Akira will hate him forever and leave like everyone else so Akira gotta smooth those ruffled feathers lmao at the end he's just like "dude plz I've seen you throw your worst tantrum already & you're a jerk but I still love you <:3c" Srry if this sounds dumb ._.

Okay anon sorry this one took too long, I got really into it hahaha! It got a little bleak and depressing at the beginning but it gets super sweet and stuff near the end! Hope you enjoy! 

And pssh you be quiet it doesn’t sound dumb at all. 

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Prompt: Lance can play guitar and be brought he guitar with him to space?

My talented Boy 

I changed it up a little because I didn’t see how Lance could’ve taken a guitar with him to space. 

Lance loved to play guitar. He learned when he was around 7 to play from his grandfather. He was a natural, he learned his first song in 2 days. He nearly mastered it by the end of that summer. 

Lance sooner found himself mastering his singing skills as he progressed on his guitar. 

He would put on “concerts” for his family’s, sometimes even his friends. Lance loved it. It made him feel closer to his family and heritage, since he learned songs from his culture. 

He would play his guitar when his siblings were sad or when his mother wanted to hear some music. He even surprised his parents on their anniversary by playing their wedding song. 


Leaving for the Garrison was bitter sweet. Lance was leaving his family and life behind, and his guitar. However every time he thought about backing out his family would tell him to keep reaching for the stars, and he did. 


Lance hated to admit it but he forgot about his guitar that was hanging on his wall collecting dust in his room. However finding a giant Blue lion, that forms a right leg to a robot, meeting aliens, being chained to a tree, and fighting Zarkon kinda distracted Lance from remembering certain things. 

Until the space mall. 

“Whoa Lance this store has everything!” Pidge ran excitedly around the store picking up various games and knick knacks. 

Lance gave her a small smile as he casual walked around the store. He found some things that reminded him of Earth until he saw a brown six string guitar propped up on a shelf. Lance walked over to it and left his fingers roam over the strings. Strings he hadn’t touch in months. 

He carefully pick it up and blew the dust off of it. 

“Oh I see you found my masterpiece.” The store clerk walked over to Lance and gestured to the guitar in Lance’s hands. “It’s called a Gindaber.” 

Lance stopped himself from correcting him, he learned from Coran that if you don’t know what something is you can get it for cheaper. Lance gave the man a small smile and decided to play the ‘dumb’ part. 

“What does it do?” 

The man gently took the guitar from Lance’s hand and placed it on the ground so the strings were flushed on the ground, leaving the back exposed. 

“Well you beat on it.” The man set a small beat and started using it like a drum. 

Lance had to physically stop himself from screaming at the man, but instead looked like he was fascinated but whatever the aliens was doing. 

Lance nodded enthusiastically “How much for it?” Lance started to dig through his pocket, pulling out the money that Coran gave him. 

The man looked at his weirdly “$150 dubiscers. You seriously want this?” 

Lance nodded again and quickly counted his money. 


Back at the castle Lance spent 10 minutes attempting to tune the thing. “Man it’s like it’s never been tuned before.” 

After a few more minuets Lance finally got it tuned. He immediately started to play his favorite song. It was a faster song and contained more bar cords than any song back on Earth but Lance never minded. 

Lance’s fingers moved over the strings almost as easy as breathing. Lance was calm, he forgot just how calm it made him. 

Yet Lance didn’t think it would make him feel so…lonely? Not like the type of lonely, like no was there for him because he had his team of course. But more he felt detached to his family and culture. 

Lance stopped playing his song and walked out of his room leaving the guitar on the floor. 


“So Lance did you buy anything today at the mall?” Coran asked as he placed a plate of food goo in front of the boy. 

“I did actually, I bought a guitar.” Lance ate a spoonful of the goo. 

Hunk nearly choked on his food as he attempted to process what Lance had said. After a few moments of struggled breathing Hunk excitedly spoke “You bought a guitar?!?!?!” 

Lance nearly fell out of his chair and quickly nodded yes. 

“Dude you have to play it!!!” Hunk turned to everyone else in the room “Lance is seriously the best at playing guitar. When I went over to his house for spring break he played me a few songs and he so good.” 

Lance fought back a blush, he knew he was good but not that good. 

After Hunk’s speech everyone insisted that he played for them. Lance agreed and found himself in the common area surrounded by everyone and his guitar held in his hands. 

Lance played a few simple songs to start but eventually moved to the more complex ones that he had spent days memorizing. 

After a few songs Hunk begged Lance to sing, saying that he had an “voice of an angle” so Lance did. 

Lance sang a song in spanish, trying to stay close to his roots. Lance fought back the homesickness that started to plague his voice. His native language rolling off his tongue with ease. 

No one seemed to notice, or if they did they did not comment on it, how Lance’s voice wavered a bit at certain parts of the song. 

Everyone cheered for Lance and requested songs that Lance obviously knew. Lance filled the night with music and he slightly started to feel at home with his family again. 

Wow this has been in my inbox forever. Not exactly as angsty as others but who cares. 

I hope you like it!

Thank you! 

I Love You Baby

Anonymous Asked: Hey I hope you’re doing okay, I have an imagine pls if you could get round to it, it would make my year! I was thinking of you could do Bucky x reader getting to know some modern movies and watching 10 things I hate about you and then later down the line professing his love for them like in the can’t take my eyes off of you scene with all the avengers keeping the reader away until the moment and maybe joining in?? Sorry it’s so long I just love the scene and think it’s so Bucky! Good luck x

A/N: AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIEEEEEEEEEE. Okay, so I basically based it completely off of the scene but obviously made it more realistic to the Avengers universe and yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: fluff and cussing xx

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Movie night was easily your favorite night with Bucky. Showing him modern films was always a joy, whether it be for his utter distaste for them or his fascination at far they’ve come visually in such a short amount of time. 

Today was one of your favorite movies, a true 90s classic and a rom-com that always left you in tears. 

“10 Things I Hate About You?” Bucky questioned, staring at the DVD case with his eyebrows raised. 

You nodded, crossing your legs on the couch and handing Bucky the bowl of popcorn. 

Bucky read the back of it quickly, “So this is like- a chick flick?” 

You threw your head back and giggled, “I guess, yeah. It’s cute though.” 

Bucky shrugged, leaning back into the couch and allowing you to cuddle into his side. 

You listened to Bucky’s soft chuckles as the movie went on, throwing his arms up in frustration at Joey’s plan to pay Patrick to date Kat, and watching intently with a smile on his face as Patrick sang to Kat on the football field. 

“Do you like the movie?” You asked towards the end.  

“Shush.” Bucky said, now leaned forward on his knees and listening to Kat’s poem. 

Soon enough, the movie ended and you sniffled as you heard the poem yet again. Bucky leaned back, “So he still gets the girl?” 

“Yes, because he fell in love with her and she with him.” You explained, putting the now empty bowl of popcorn on the table and turning on the lights. Now you could see Bucky’s facial expression a bit more clearly, seeing the pondering look across his face. 

You plopped down beside him, “Whatcha thinking about?” 

He broke out of his thought, “Nothing much.” 

Bucky and you hadn’t been dating long. A couple months at most, you weren’t really keeping track. With him, you just lived day to day without really over thinking anything. You were happy, of course, and you certainly missed him when he was gone. 

You enjoyed having him around. He asked you out not long after you joined the Avengers, and from there you two were practically joined at the hip. You went to bed that night with a smile on your face.

A couple days passed and you noticed Bucky had become slightly distant. You’d walk into the room and he’d walk out without so much as a glance your direction. You’d try to talk to him and he’d give you a nervous smile and walk away. 

“I think he wants to break up.” You said to Sam one night on the balcony, looking at the cars passing beneath you. 

“No, he doesn’t. Trust me. He’s just going through some stuff.” Sam said, scratching the back of his neck. 

“Why can’t he talk to me about it?” 

“You’ll find out soon enough.” 

At one point you walked in on everyone in the kitchen, whispering about something then stopping suddenly as they noticed your presence. 

“What’s going o-” your sentence was cut off by chairs scraping against the ground. 

“No time to talk, (Y/N). Gotta go train.” Bucky said, kissing your cheek and rushing out of the room. 

You went to follow him out but was stopped by Natasha and Wanda pulling you back into the kitchen. “Guys I-” 

“No, no. We’re going to go up to my room and, uh, you’re gonna help me pick out an outfit for a date I have tonight!” Natasha yelled, looking at Wanda nervously. You furrowed your brows, “Date?” 

“Yeah! For tonight. Come now, I don’t want to be late.” 

You felt them pulling you towards the stairs while your feet clumsily followed, still unsure about what was going on with Bucky. 

Steve and Sam avoided your eyes and stared down at the table as you passed, causing you to glare at them with your mind filling with unanswered questions. 

As you made it up to Natasha’s room, she threw open the closet and started pulling out various items of clothing that you hadn’t a clue she had. Wanda sat down on the bed, crossing her legs and leaning backward, “How about that cute blue one? With the open back?” 

Natasha shook her head, “No. It’s too bright. It’s look good on (Y/N), though.” 

“What do I have to do with anything?” You muttered, crossing your arms as Nat grabbed the dress they were talking about. You stared in disbelief as she handed you the dress with a smirk. 

“You don’t, but put it on anyway. For future reference.” Wanda said, her sentence thick with her accent. 

You threw your head back with a groan, slipping off your shirt and pants and putting on the dress. 

Natasha clapped with glee as you zipped up the lower back of the dress. “I thought you were the one with the date!” 

“This is more fun.” Natasha giggled, pulling you down and sitting you in front of the mirror. “Whoa! What’s with the make up?” You said loudly as she pulled out a dark brown liquid lipstick. 

“Shush. Let me work my magic.” 

Your mind was exploding as you puckered your lips and allowed Nat to apply lipstick. You didn’t know why you complied so easily, but the feeling in your gut told you to play along and maybe you’d find answers as to why Bucky was acting the way he was. 

Natasha quickly applied some mascara to your eyelashes and smiled brightly at you. “Will somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on?” 

When neither of the girls said a word, you stood up and promptly walked out of the room. You were confused as to why neither of them stopped you, but you furrowed your brows and walked down the stairs quickly. 

“Hey!” Steve stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking you up and down when he noticed your attire. “Wow- you look gorgeous.” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to go talk to Bucky.” You said stiffly, feeling the bottom of the dress drag along the wooden floors with your feet. Steve ran quickly in front of you, “No!” 

You turned abruptly and allowed your eyes to turn to slits, “What?” 

“Do you know any recipes for banana bread?” Steve hands were out in front of him and his face turned into an awkward toothy smile.

“I’m gonna kill you.” You walked away and as you glanced back, you saw Steve pulling out his phone quickly and almost dropping it. 

You walked through the corridors of the building and towards the gym, the dress flowing behind you. 

Just as you rounded the corner to the gym, Tony stepped in your way. “Hey, how you doing babe?” 

“I’m attempting to find my boyfriend.” 

“I need help with something!” Tony said, blocking you with every step. 

“What? What could you possibly need that’s so important?” 

Tony’s foot tapped anxiously against the tile as he looked around the room. “Uhm…” 

You glared and crossed your arms over your chest. Tony gave a sheepish grin as he tapped his watch and allowed the hand from his suit to wrap around his flesh. “Does this look like it’s working alright to you?” 

Tony shot out from his hand, a ball of energy flying out from the circle and through the wall, leaving a perfect rounded shape with burnt edges. 

“Tony what the fuck?!” You said after you had ducked, staring at the wall. 

“Hm, I guess it works fine.” 

You stomped away angrily, wondering what exactly was up with everyone in the building. You spotted the gym doors and walked through quickly, noticing immediately the echos of your steps and the emptiness of the room. 

“Bucky?” You called out, furrowing your brows and spinning around to see he was gone. 

You sighed, rubbing your temples to get rid of your ache. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening with everyone, they all acted weird and you wanted answers. 

As if on cue, you heard a deep voice singing softly. “You’re just too good to be true.” 

Your head whipped around and you saw Bucky with a suit on and his, his hands holding a microphone and standing perfectly in the center of the room. “Can’t take my eyes off of you…” 

Your jaw dropped open as he continued to sing, his voice actually quite good and you hadn’t a clue he could actually sing. Images of the movie rushed through your head, a grin stretching across your face as you realized what he was doing. 

Wheels scratched against the floor and a chair swept you off of your feet that Steve and Sam pushed together. You laughed as the spun you around and the music picked up. 

“I love you baby!” Bucky rushed towards you, sliding on his knees and stopping at your feet. All of your attention was on him at this point, a smile across your face as you were completely oblivious to everything happening around you. 

The music continued to play as Bucky slid closer to you and finished singing, dropping the mic and taking your hands in his. 

“I love you.” Bucky said simply, his chest heaving and his forehead glistening. 

You looked around, seeing everyone standing nearby with sheepish grins on their faces. “Hey… you weren’t training.” You said, earning a laugh from everyone. 

Suddenly you were able to put everything together. The dress, the stalling, the distance from Bucky. You almost leaped out of your chair with joy as you realized that Bucky was saying that he loved you. He wasn’t going to leave you. 

Your heart bubbled with love as you threw yourself at him, wrapping your arms tightly around his shoulders and allowing a couple of tears to slip from your eyes. “You scared me, I thought you were going to leave me.” 

Bucky took your head in between his hands, “I can’t leave you because I love you.” 

You jumped forward again and pressed your lips hard against his, taking in his scent and loving the feeling of his arms wrapped around you. 

“I love you too.” 

Cheers erupted from everyone around you, causing a blush to grow on your cheeks but not caring as you had finally figured out what was going on with everyone. 

Bucky stood abruptly, causing you to look up at him with confusion before you lifted you bridal style off of the ground. A gasp fell from your lips as you felt nothing but his arms beneath you. “Thank you all for helping me set this up, but (Y/N) and I are off to celebrate. In private.” 

And with that, Bucky carried you out of the gym and towards the elevator, where his lips met yours once again. 

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Would you be able to do a JTodd x reader imagine? Like the reader tells Jason she loves him for the first time

So sorry this took forever to get out sweet anon!! I got sick ;~; and didn’t feel like writing a whole lot!! I hope you enjoy it!

You sighed as you sat tied up to a pole. This wasn’t an uncommon situation for you. Whether it be low life criminals or one of Batman’s enemies, everyone agreed that you’d be the one to kidnap if they wanted Batman’s attention. But what they didn’t know is that they also got Red Hood’s attention as well. It was only understandable after all, you are his girlfriend.

You sighed as you watched the men who kidnapped you pace the floor trying to figure out what to do. This time you were just in the wrong place at the wrong. They were robbing a bank and you ended up walking by so they took you as a hostage to get away from the police.

“What are we going to do man?! We can’t just leave her now!” One of the men panicked and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t you think I know that!” The man yelled at his partner and looked at you

You looked at him and said nothing. He walked closer to you expecting you to get scared of him but you never did.

“The hell is your problem bitch?” He asked as he crouched down in front of you putting his gun in your face.

“Well once you’ve been kidnapped by Joker, Penguin, Two Face, and all the other bigger ups. You don’t really get freaked out from getting kidnapped by criminals anymore.” You smirk at him and sigh

“Oh shit your (Y/n) (L/n)!” The partner screams

“What about her?” The man in front of you asked and the roof burst open

“She’s off limits.” You heard a new voice says and you grinned when you saw Jason and Bruce standing there.

“It’s Batman! And Red Hood!” You heard a thud and looked to see a body knocked out of the ground.

“Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” Red Hood asked the man in front of you and he dropped his gun and put his hand up.

“The easy way.” You heard Batman say and Red Hood knocked him out.

“I was wondering when you’d get here.” You smiled at Jason and Bruce untied you.

Jason helped you from off of the ground and checked you for any injuries. You laughed and turned to Bruce thanking him for coming to help save you. Nodding to you, he went off to deal with other problem in the town.  As Jason kept looking over you, you took off his helmet and kissed him. He froze not even noticing you took his helmet off and you pulled away from him.

“I love you.” You told him and his eyes went wide

Neither one of you has ever told each other that you loved them. This was the first time either one of you has said it to the other. You saw blush appeared on Jasons face before he pulled you into his chest and buried his face in your hair.

“I love you too (Y/n).” He whispered meaning every word

Number Two

ask : can you do a Leo imagine where reader loses an arm in Gaea’s attack on CHB and he builds her a new metallic arm?

oh I really hope you like this, it took me forever to put up, I’m so sorry !!

warning : language (it’s me guys let’s be real here)

The war with Gaea took a toll on everyone.

You were no exception.

“Y/N!!” Turning your head, a sword collided with your arm, slicing it clean off at the elbow. Shock went through you in arcs, and you didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or freak out.

Will beat you to it. “Y/N!! FUCK!!” He screamed. You looked up, clear pain in your face. Jason, close by, tugged off his shirt, wrapping your injury with his shirt tightly.

“Jason, you have to help fight-” A whimper escaped your lips, as the shirt he wrapped around your unwanted amputated arm grew dark with blood. “Shit-” You whimpered again, looking up. Your vision left for a second, before coming back. Your (e/c) eyes were looking into Will’s blue eyes.

“Stay with me, alright Y/N?” Hoisting you up in his arms, Will started taking you to the Infirmary.

“Y/N?!” Annabeth shouted, and you attempted to answer, but the blood loss made you pass out.

“Hey, how you feeling?” Will’s voice was soft, and your eyes fluttered open. Reaching up to push your hair out of your face, you screamed.

“WHERES MY ARM?!” You screeched, looking at the wrapped up stub where your left arm should be. Your chest rose and fell quickly, and Will grabbed your shoulders, pinning you back to the bed.

“Calm down. You lost it in the war.” Will frowned, and your heart wrenched.

“In-In the war?” You stuttered, your eyes darting across Will’s face. “Wait-” You tried getting up. “Where’s Leo?” Will’s eyes fell.

“No..” You trailed off.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Leo died in an explosion-” You cut him off, covering your mouth with the one hand you had, heart wrenching sobs escaping your lips.

“You-I- Oh gods.” Wrapping your arm around Will, you tugged him down into a hug. Crying into his shoulder, he rubbed your back soothingly.

The next few months wasn’t that good either. You had to get by with one arm, from getting dressed, to training, to helping out at the Infirmary like you always do. You often asked Nico if you could see the scroll Leo sent back, saying that he was alive.

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kill him or kiss him.

Maybe both.

“LEO’S BACK!!” A shout rang throughout camp. You shot up, running towards the door and swinging it open. Running towards the group, you saw Leo, Festus, and a goddess..


“LEO!” You shouted, hoping to catch his attention. It worked. Leo smiled, walking up, a backpack hanging off of his shoulder.

“I have something for you.” He spoke, and you looked at him, confused. What could he possibly have for you? Leo pulled an imperial gold and celestial bronze arm out of the bag, one that matched your size.

You gasped.

“I know you probably shouldn’t forgive me after this, but-” He paused, fitting it onto your arm.

It felt, real.

“It’s magic. Well, sort of. It should respond to your nerve impulses, like a normal arm should, and it can also be used as a weapon.” You wriggled your new gold and bronze fingers, looking up at Leo in awe. He rubbed the back of his neck

. “Cool, huh?” He smiled sheepishly. Squealing in happiness, you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, tackling him in a hug. Peppering his face with kisses, he laughed.

“I really hate you. You scared the shit out of all of us!!” You whispered, pulling back.

Leo shot you that lopsided, sarcastic smirk you grew to love. “How about you punish me with more kisses?” He cocked his eyebrow playfully.

“I think not Valdez. You’re on everybody’s shit list.” Nico said from behind you, and you stood up, helping Leo up. Cracking his knuckles, Nico came up, punching Leo in the arm.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Leo rubbed his arm, and Nico smirked.

“Oh, that was just one. I passed out numbers to everyone in camp.” Nico laughed.

Wide eyed, Leo looked at you. Pulling a number out of your pocket, you smiled sheepishly.

“I got number two.”

- Nezzie

Hide and Seek - Batfam x YoungerSibling!Reader

@hevymetalbrokemychemicalromance asks: “Omg! Could we PLEASE have more younger!sibling reader? The Damian one was too cute!”

Warnings: swearing, if I missed anything please tell me :)

a/n: this took me forever, I’m so sorry @hevymetalbrokemychemicalromance. But I finally did it, and I really like how it came out and I hope you do too! As always, I can re-write if you don’t like it.

Y/N Kyle got a proper introduction to her family after meeting her beloved brother Dami. It was standard knowledge that everyone adored her. She became Gotham’s little princess overnight, although even at the age of 3 she insisted that being Gotham’s Wonder Woman would be much better. Her brothers undoubtedly adore her most, they spend most of their free time around the young girl as she brings a carefree feeling, which is refreshing to the four vigilantes. However, there is a stressor that she applies, and that is her ability to utterly destroy her four brothers in a game of hide and seek.

“Count to 300! You have to count to 300!” Y/N shouts at her brothers, who are all currently towering above her.

“How about you count to 300 this time and we hide, Little Bird?” Dick asks, as he bends down to become eye-level with the green-eyed girl. He prays she’ll accept, he’s so tired of having to hear Jason brag about how he always finds her first. At his request, Y/N stares at her eldest brother, staring him straight in the eye, blue meeting green in what appears to be a war of wills. It was clear that she would not be searching for her brothers.

“Okay, okay Little Bird, we’ll look for you.” Dick says, as he gets up and huffs a bit. He can hear Jason chuckling under his breath next to him, and he briefly considers punching the man.

“What is it, Grayson? Scared of a little 3-year-old girl?” Jason taunts, his face showing the infamous smirk he was known for.

“Yeah, you try looking her in the eye, Little Wing. It’s fucking terrifying. She’s already becoming Bruce. Or worse, Selina. It’s literally like looking Damian in the eye when you don’t let him get a hippopotamus for Christmas, but worse. So much worse.” Dick whispers, as Y/N is occupied playing with Tim’s hair.

“Oh dear god, she’s already mastered the stare? I mean the stare?” Jason asks incredulously, somewhat terrified that the darling little Y/N was growing up to be like her father already, but really they all developed The Stare™ shortly after entering the billionaire’s life. Dick just nods his head, confirming that she was developing her version of The Stare™, which she would more than likely use on criminals one day.

“Grayson, Todd. Stop gossiping about my sister and prepare yourselves to play hide and seek, it should be more difficult this time. Apparently, Y/N has found approximately 6 new hiding spots in addition to her old ones.” Damian states, to which his brothers both groan. If surely would be more difficult to find her.

“Wait, tater tot, how did you figure out she found new ones?” Jason asks, as he observes the room for any possible hiding spots.

“She told me, Todd. Because I am very clearly her favorite brother.” Damian answers, a smug and proud look upon his face that screams ‘I’m-fucking-better-than-you’. Jason lunges at Damian, attempting to grab him by the collar of his shirt.

“Listen here tater tot, I’m her favorite.” Jason claims, as he hears Dick scoff from behind him. The latter comes into view, shaking his head as he exclaims “No, you two, I am obviously her favorite. I let her eat cereal for dinner!”

“Well I’m the one who takes her for ice cream whenever she wants.” Jason insists. This was an ongoing theme between the brothers, debating and often fighting over who was dearest little Y/N’s favorite. A few windows had been broken due to this argument.

“You fools, I’m her favorite because I’m teaching her animal care and because I’m her actual brother.” Damian jests, he was always boastful of the fact that the two shared blood.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean? She doesn’t love any of us because we’re not related? Try again.” Dick rebuts, shaking his head and frowning at Damian.

“No, she doesn’t love you because you’re all. Literally. Fucking. Crazy.” A deadpan voice states, and the three brothers spin around to find Tim, who holds Y/N on his shoulders as she plays with his hair, putting it into a ponytail, then taking it out and ruffling it, and repeating the process again. Y/N giggles at the sight of her brothers all being disgruntled messes.

“Down! Down, Tim!” She exclaims, letting her brother know that she wanted to be off of his shoulders. Once on the ground, Y/N pushes Tim towards Jason, Dick, and Damian, who she makes sure are all in a line before donning a serious face that her brothers can just not take seriously.

“Listen! We awe going to play hide and seek now. Count to one-hundwed and covoy yoy eyes.” Y/N orders, as she paces the floor in front of her line of brothers. She still couldn’t pronounce R’s.

“Yes ma’am.” Jason declares, as the boys all split up, heading to four different quarters of the Manor, while their sister remains where she was.

“And 100.” Tim whispers, finishing off his count of 100, as he knew his brothers were doing as well. He was bound and determined to find her first. Whoever found Y/N first was declared “Best Brother of the Week” and got a little plastic princess tiara and an official certificate, which was a drawing Y/N made that was specific to that week’s winner. He wanted those prizes, it had been 3 weeks since he had them. Jason had managed to stay on top for those 3 weeks, finding her first each and every time. But that would change, Tim would be the one to find her.

Damian stalked the halls, searching in every little nook and cranny that he thought his sister knew of. He was going to win. He was going to prove to Grayson and Todd and Drake that he was the favorite and the best brother. He already knew he was the favorite and best, but he needed something to rub in their face, and the tiara, which he claims to not wear but does in every moment alone, and certificate were just that thing.

Dick looked in odd places, places that a child would very clearly not go. He was in the kitchen at the moment, checking cabinets and drawers. He knew it wasn’t likely, but his baby sis was tiny, so maybe she’d be there? He then searched the Cave, before remembering that Y/N was nowhere near tall enough to change the hands of the grandfather clock. And now he was putting his acrobatic skills to good use, as he dangled from the chandelier in the entryway to get a grand view of the surrounding areas. And yes, yes he did sing the Sia song while he was there.

“Y/N, Y/N c’mon out.” Jason says softly, urging his baby sister to come out of hiding. With him he carried two ice cream cones, licking away at one and saving the other for Y/N. Most times when Y/N saw that her big brother Jay had ice cream, she’d purposely make noise for him to find her. He always found her regardless, he knew where she was before she made the sound, but Jason was dramatic and so was Y/N, so he always played along with her game. Oh, and the ice cream really made her overexaggerate how he was just the “bestest brother in the whole wide wowld” and he lived off of that shit. However, today the little girl was nowhere to be found.

“Where is she, I promise I searched everywhere! Everywhere!”

“Her ice creams melting, she wouldn’t ever let that happen.”

“Guys, I’m starting to get worried, none of us have found her.”

“If my sister is lost on account of you idiots not doing your job well enough, I swear to whatever god is listening that I will kill you all.”

These were all comments that could be heard coming the living room of Wayne Manor. It had beem three and a half hours. Three and a half hours and they hadn’t found Y/N. Pride and arrogance dissipated into worry and fear. Sure, it wasn’t at all possible that anyone could’ve gotten in and taken her, but could she have hurt herself? Getting lost in the manor was easy, as was getting injured.

Jason and Tim paced the floor next to each other, as Dick ran frantically around the manor, moving as fast as he could, while Damian was searching the surveillance of the house to see if he could trace where she went, but after heading into her closet, which they had checked and she wasn’t there, she was nowhere to be found.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jason shouts, before punching a throw pillow that had been resting on the nearest couch.

“Bruce is going to kill us.” Dick mutters, his breath coming out short from both running and fear.

“God, we’re fucking idiots.” Tim groans out, as he rests his face in his hands.

“Stop sitting around and wasting time! We need to find her. We need to.” Damian orders, but his voice cracks at the end, and the tears welling up in his bluish green eyes are visible.

“Hey, hey listen. We’ll find her. We’ll find her Damian.” Dick says, as he pulls Damian into a short-lasting hug.

All four hearts practically stop beating as they hear a door open. In the door is their father, who is visibly confused as to why his sons are huddled together, looking a complete mess.

“What’s going on here?” Bruce asks, surveying the situation carefully. He looks at his boys, who all have a mixture of worry and guilt plastered on their faces.

“Bruce…we were, ah, playing hide and seek with Y/N like we always do on Saturdays. And…and…we can’t find her.” Dick takes the liberty of explaining, his voice descending decibels until he ends on a whisper, quickly wiping the few tears that were falling from his eyes.

For just a moment, a tiny moment, Bruce looked ready to end the entire world, destroy everyone and everything in his way, but then there was a look of calm. And to shock everyone, he cracked a genuine, albeit small, smile.

“Why the fuck are you smiling, old man? Our sister’s lost.” Jason croaks out, he’s not crying, but he’s not okay either.

Wordlessly Bruce brushes past his boys, walking into the living room where he drops the briefcase he was carrying, sheds the suit jacket he was wearing, and walks over to the fireplace mantle. The boys stare in confusion as their dad runs his hands along the crown molding of the mantle, and then stare in even more confusion as a small piece of the wall slides up to reveal a scanner, which Bruce uses to scan his eye.

Suddenly, a 4 foot tall, 3 foot wide section of the wall raises up, revealing Y/N, who promptly runs out screaming of excitement about her father being home.

“Daddy! Daddy, daddy! You found me! Daddy’s the best! Daddy’s the best!” She exclaims, as she hugs Bruce’s legs, before he picks her up.

Bruce looks at his sons, who are all very clearly shocked as they had forgotten about the emergency hiding place set in plan for Y/N, shaking his head and smirking a bit as he walks past them, saying only one thing as he heads to the kitchen with his daughter,


Not so bad after all

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Request: This was requested from @letmetellyoumyfairytailme „Could you do one were the reader and Loki are total opposites but they both need each other because she can’t attack and he cannot defense but they do it for each other and they like fight with the avengers against Ultron, they safe each other’s life and kind of stare each other in the eyes and smile and finally start liking each other. It has to have a lot of emotional details and be in 3rd person.”

Author’s Note: First of all, sorry that it took me so long, but I have been so busy and have other requests and it just took me forever for the next part of Feelings and Work. But here it is, I hope you like it. Please leave feedback if you like, so I can improve my writing. And this is probably going to stay a one shot. I have so much on my list, that I don’t have time to take it further anytime soon.

Enjoy now.



When Ultron came up, you were called in, knowing you were the best at defending the team. You swore to never attack someone, even robots, but you promised to protect everyone and defend them. You were a great sniper, but also the best at hand-to-hand combat.

Then Thor showed up, with is brother alongside him. You weren’t fond of that idea, you knew his history, but Thor swore that he was there to help and he might be useful.

You don’t trust him . At all. He is called the trickster and was on the other side before. Why would he help now? You kept an eye on him the whole time, making sure he wouldn’t change sides again.

Nobody is going to hurt your friends and you loathed disloyalty the most. As he was known to not be loyal, you didn’t leave him alone for just one second.

Everything from that point on was a blur, because it all happened so fast. Now here you are fighting an army of robots on a flying city. You are keeping them away from your team as good as you can, even though they are everywhere and your team is everywhere, too. So you try to keep it balanced, making sure to defend them as good as you can. Including Loki, you don’t want to, but he is part of the team after all. You get up on one of the bigger building to get a better view.You hated it, that you couldn’t be everywhere, normally you had a good view and shot on everyone but here you couldn’t. The anxiety that someone is going to get hurt, krept up inside you, but you pushed it down, focusing on the task at hand.

You see Tony flying around, trying to get as many robots to follow him as possible. Steve and Thor are fighting together, Clint was making his way through the town, followed by Wanda, Pietro getting as much robots as fast as he can.

Basically the team is split all over the city, making it impossible for you to keep an eye on all of them. But still you manage to blow up some robots, that your teammates couldn’t cover.

Suddenly you see a lot of movement from the corner of your eye. Loki is surrounded and is fighting as much as he can, but the robots are circling him, attacking him from all sides. He tries his best but there are too many, even for him.

You quickly shoot some of them from the building you are on, but see that it’s not going to help him as much, because there are even more coming. Your sense of protecting everyone kicking in, causing you to quickly make your way down and run towards him, getting as much robots as you can, on your way over. You shoot yourself a free path and join Loki.

“I can handle this alone.” he says.

“I saw that.” You sass back. You stand back to back towards each other, as you take a look around. Loki attacks them and you are trying your best to keep the ones that are trying to attack him and you away. Surprisingly the two of you work in sync with each other, blocking robots, passing them on,  connecting your attacks. Him lending you a hand, to throw you up towards a robot that was shooting the two of you from above.It’s great but on the other hand it feels weird, considering you never foight on the same sode together. You weren’t even as in sync with anyone else as you are with him now.

It took you two forever to take all of those robots out. And the both of you still got beaten up pretty bad. You turn towards each other still holding your posture, breathing heavily, even though you both wanted to hunch down in pain.

“You did really good, considering you are a woman.” He said, with a mischievous smile on his face, letting you know he was just teasing.

“You did really good yourself, considering you are a selfish asshole.” You replied, staring at him, not knowing what to expect. You couldn’t read him and it made you a little uneasy, but at the same time even more interested in him.

“That’s not nice to say to someone who just saved your life a couple of times.” He answers.

“Same goes right back to you.” You smile. The two of you keep smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. He extends his hands to you and you take it with a smile and shake it. But the movements causes an insanely strong pain on your right site, causing you to hunch over and hold your rips.

“Are you okay?” he asks, moving an arm around your shoulders and his other hand around your right arm., surprising you that he even cared.

“No…. rips… pain.. probably broken.” You hiss and can’t even straighten up again. Then you hear and see the helicarriere and that the civilians are moved onto it.

“Come on. Let’s go, seems like the battle is almost over. Well over for you anyway.”

“Thanks for those comforting words.”

He chuckles and starts to slowly move you over towards the gathering crowd.

“I always had my way with words.” He simply answers.

“Oh yeah, bet you didn’t have luck with woman than.”

“See, now you are underestimating me.” He smiles the mischievous smile again, winking at you.

You chuckle, causing you to wince in pain. The two of you slowly make your way over and board one of the ships, where Loki slowly moves you down on a seat.

“Well aren’t you two just the cutest.” Clint says, seeing the two of you together.

“Shut it, Barton.” You sweetly say to him. He winks at you and leaves to help gather more civilians.

“I’m gonna go and see if my brother needs some more help.” Loki turns to you and nods, before turning and trying to leave.

“Try to not get all the attention on you. I’m not able to safe your ass again.”

“You do realize who you are talking to, right ?” he answers.

“Oh sorry, I’m not able to safe your ass again, your highness.” You reply with a smirk and wave your hands in an attempt to bow in front of him. He smiles back and chuckles, but moves on.

“No comment? Now I’m disappointed.” You call after him.

“Just wait, I’m just showing mercy.” He has an evil grin on his face and moves on.

Well that is going to be interesting. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all, you think to yourself as a smirk makes its way on your face.

Friends, Right? (2)

Summary: (College AU) You and Steve had been friends for years, but when that super thin line starts to blur, will your friendship be ruined, or changed for the better? Can you even go back to being just friends?

Pairing: Steve x reader

Word count: 2,259

Note: Part 1 or 2??? I wasn’t sure how I was going to title the chapter, with names or numbers, but I’m not too witty so I think it’s just going to be numbered. Thank you for being so patient with me!!! This took me forever between work and other bs I had to take care of, but I hope you enjoy! If I missed you in the tags I’m very sorry! I also like the gif because it’s funny and it kinda fits the chapter. Please let me know what you think!

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“Okay, everyone! Stop what you’re doing–it’s time to party!”

You had just shoved a forkful of pasta into your mouth when Sam had barged into your apartment with his declaration. You stared at him, eyes wide and mouth full.

“What?” What is it with people busting into my apartment?

Natasha, one of your best friends and roommates, simply raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him. “Sam, what nonsense are you spouting out now?”

“There’s a party going on tonight!” He raised his arms to emphasize his statement, but it did nothing for you. When the two of you simply stared at him, he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we always go out after syllabus week!”

You checked your watch and gave him a look. “Dude, it’s after ten.”

“On a Friday night! Come on!

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anonymous asked:

anytime i see u analyzing something from naruto or anything i get happy cause u KNOW UR STUFF, i honestly could read u explaining sasukes actions forever. so with that i want to ask u ur thoughts on the scene where sasuke imagines himself standing next to naruto and everyone from the village and then he gets sad, the "what if things turned out differently" scene. i hope u understand which one i mean, I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT SCENE (love u&thank u)

omg i never saw this until i logged in into my laptop im sorry if it took too long! thank you so much for saying that! im so glad you like it. 

as for the thing you asked, yes sure thing i can give you my point of view about it! it’s gonna be a long post though. 

unfortunately, I could not find a pic of that moment where Sasuke imagines the village but I do know what you mean. 

Sasuke’s connection to the village is basically Naruto. There´s no other thing that he feels connected to. After he lost his family, there is no one except team 7 for Sasuke. Although, he managed to break ties with Kakashi and Sakura ( I am talking about shippuuden and how they lost their hope in him) That’s why he imagines himself next to Naruto. Naruto is basically the only bond that remains and he knows it. The sad and pain expression he shows is just him reflecting how he wants to be. For me, that expression shows “that’s it, that’s how YOU want to be” the realization hits him and the sadness and pain that comes from it, from all he has been through and what he made naruto go through reflects in his face. 

Sasuke never really wanted to fight Naruto or have a rivalry with him at first. Because 1) sasuke was basically better than naruto, there really wasn’t that much rivarly coming from him and 2) he did not hate naruto the way the village did. I am not sure if sasuke knew about the nine tails being inside naruto but my guess is that he did not until they saw each other at orochimaru’s hideout (shippuuden)

Notice how Naruto notices Sasuke’s hate but he also knows that his hate is not directed at him. 

This is their fight at the hospital roof: Notice how Sasuke says something but actually means something else. 

He did not want to fight Naruto. He actually wanted to stop it. Naruto felt the same way. (episode 257- 259) 

The whole rivarly started with Naruto but people tend to forget why it started. Well, because of Naruto’s admiration for Sasuke. At the end, the both had admiration for the other. They said they were each other’s goals. 

What I am trying to say here is that Sasuke does regret hurting Naruto. He did not intend to fight him at the hospital, he did not hate him, he considered him important. He simply started to think Naruto was a weakness, his weakness and his goal, which was revenge, did not allow him to let Naruto´s friendship get to him. 

When he imagined himself with the village, he imagined himself next to Naruto. Why? Cause that’s where he thinks he should´ve been if it wasn’t for hatred. The pain expression he makes is just a sign he regrets.

Like the scene itself is so hard to watch cause you know Sasuke realizes where he wants to be and where he should have been. I am not even looking it in a romantic way like yeah cause he loves naruto (he does) like no, Sasuke regrets not being by his friend’s side and how much he actually wants to be next to him. 

That’s my take on it. :)   


Title: Another Year Older

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: I couldn’t really get a good spot to fit 8 in here, so I hope you enjoy the fluff that developed with 2 and 58.  Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “Can we have 2,8,58 with Gibbs please ?”

Word Count: 579

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

2. “You know how I feel about birthdays.”
58. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

When you first joined the team it took you a while to figure out everyone’s birthday. Abby was a huge help, she had the low-down on everyone at NCIS including the birth date of a certain Silver Fox Marine. At first, it started out with cards for your team, then maybe a little something but with Gibbs? The man who stole your heart right from the get-go? You didn’t know if he ever noticed but you took extra care in picking the cards you wrote out for him, what to buy him for a present etc.

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anonymous asked:

Hello bean! Could I ask for headcanons with bakugou kirishima and kaminari when they accidentally hurt their partner while sparring with them? Like pretty bad? Thanks!

Okay I know that this is way too long ( hehe that’s what she said!) But I couldn’t right less! And it took forever to make! But I hope you’ll like it. Also I feel I need to put warnings..(Send some feedback if you wanna)

Warnings:Burns, blood, cardiac arrest, bones breaking !

Katsuki Bakugou

  • He knows his opponent is strong, that’s why he is dating them after all.
  • Katsuki would be so focused on the goal , that was to win!
  • He would block everyone and everything out, and throw a large explosion at his S/O, without thinking the consequences.
  • But everything after that would be in slow motion.
  • The explosion , his S/O protecting their eyes by covering their dace with their arms and them flying to the end of the room, hotting their back on the wall.
  • The students rushing them to the recovery girl.
  • After he woke from his daze , he rans staight to recovery girls’ room, wanting to see them.
  • Recovery girl would not let him in, for about two hours.
  • He would get annoyed and nervous because he would have no idea how they were.
  • “They have several burns on their arms that I can’t fully heal and they are going to leave scars!I gave them something for the pain , they are resting now!”
  • And why did I have to wait two hours” he would ask annoyed,
  • “For punishment! You need to control your temper young man!”
  • Katsuki would rush to their side after that , seeing that they had just woken up.
  • “Babe , how are you feeling ?” he would say nearly at the verge of tears.
  • “My back hurts a little” they would say and sit up.
  • “ I am so sorry” he would whisper
  • Probably  the first time he ever  uses this word.
  • Sorry
  • But his partner would take his trembling hand in their and give them a sweet smile
  • “It’s okay! I know you didn’t want this to happen.”

Eijiro Kirishima

  • It would be an accident!
  • Kirishimas’ S/O would be way too good at avoiding his attacks.
  • But they would be too late at one attack , resulting them to get a punch in their ribs.
  • Kirishima could feel their bones snap against his hand
  • He quickly catches them before they hit the ground.
  • He was in shock to say the least.
  • And when he saw their blood on his hand he lost it!
  • He got them inside their arms, and quickly rushed to the Recovery girl!
  • He opens the door with a kick.
  • “Please help them!” he would say in panic, then place them on a bed as he was told.
  • Recovery girl placed a kiss on their wound.
  • “They will be okay, but they’ve lost a lot of blood, and they have to stay here for the night” recovery girl said reassuringly.
  • “Can I stay too?” he asked nervously
  • “Will your parents be okay with this?” she asked sternly.
  • ‘Nod’
  • “Then you can stay! And please go wash your hands, I can’t see you like this my boy” she said sweetly, gesturing him a sink next to the office.
  • Kirishima would stay with them all night.
  • In the morning , when they would wake up , they would feel a pressure on their right hand.
  • Only to turn and see a certain redhead holding their hand and resting his head on the side of the bed.
  • His eyes were puffy. He was crying.
  • A sweet smile would cover their face.
  • They would run their fingers  through his hair softly waking up.
  • He would jolt awake and quickly start checking if they are ok.
  • “Are you okay babe?”
  • “I am fine , Eijiro!” they would  take his face in their hands to  calm him down.
  • He would wrapp his arms around them and squeez them in a hug.
  • “I am so so so so sorry!”
  • “Don’t worry about it” they would say placing a soft kiss on his nose.

Kaminari Denki

  • Kaminari was having a hard time sparring with them.
  • They were quick and light on their feet.
  • He always missed.
  • At this point he was getting frustrated.
  • He thought it was near impossible to hit you.
  • That is why he raised his voltage.
  • “100.000 VOLTS!” He said seconds before he released a wave of electicity,
  • His S/O wasn’t fast enough this time.
  • They fell on the ground holding their chest.
  • Kaminari felt the blood rushing from his head, processing what had just happened.
  • “Iida , bring Recovery girl NOW!” Aizawa called as he walked closer to them.
  • Iida quickly came with Recovery girl.
  • “They are going into cardiac arrest! Aizawa you should call an ambulance!”
  • Aizawa nodded “I already did ! It’s on it’s way!” he too trying to remain calm for his students.
  • Kaminari was silent.
  • He was by their side , apologizing again and again,
  • Seconds later the ambulance was ready to go.
  • Kaminari was allowed to go with them in the ambulance .
  • The rest of the class would meet up with them later.
  • “Are they going to be okay?” Kaminari asked the nurse that was working with his S/O.
  • “We  have to stabilize them. But thankfully you called us immediately and we can take care of them!” the nurse said with a smile.
  • In the hospital , he couldn’t sit still.
  • They were running tests to them and he had to wait outside the door.
  • Aizawa arrived the moment the doctor was coming out .
  • “Doctor what’s going on?” He asked crossing his arms, Kaminari rushing to them to listen.
  • “They are stabilized now! It was a very smart move to call the ambulance so fast !But they have to stay overnight , just to check on how they go. They can leave in the morning! The doctor said with a genuine smile.
  • “I’ll let the parents know!”Aizawa said before walking to call their parents.
  • The doctor turned  to Kaminari.
  • “Are you the one responsible for this?”
  • “Kaminari stared at his feet.
  • “Yes”
  • “They were lucky son! If they weren’t brought to us the moment they did they could have suffered severe heart and even brain damage” the doctor said placing a hand on Kaminaris’ shoulder.
  • “Can I see them?” he asked hopefully staring at the doctor.
  • “Yes you can. And you are lucky because they are still awake. Later a nurse will come and give her something to help her sleep.
  • Nod.
  • Kaminari waked in the white room.
  • Tears immediately running down his face upon seeing his S/O.
  • “Hey how are you feeling?” he asked taking their hand in his.
  • “Tired”
  • Their voice was hoarse.
  • They raised their hand to wipe his tears.
  • “Don’t cry. I’m okay !” they said with a sweet smile.
  • He shook his head.
  • “This is my fault”
  • “Everything is okay , Denki”
  • The nurse came in .
  • “I am going to give you something to help you sleep, okay?”
  • They nodded.
  • “You are going to be here when I wake up, right?” they asked Kaminari feeling their eyes getting heavier and heavier by the second.
  • “Yes , I am not going anywhere!” he said caressing their hair.
  • His S/O felt a sweet kiss being placed upon their forehead before they completely fell asleep.

200x200 icons for kirigiri!

i hope these are alright kirigiri! i kind of experimented with the background and border and all that, but i hope you don’t mind! i think i’ll start making all icons like this unless requested otherwise if that’s okay with everyone! ((by the way if anyone wants to send more icon requests i’m on a roll right now so be sure to ask!))

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A/n: requested by @birdflash432 for the dialogue prompts.
#19: “Oh, you should probably ignore me. It’s what everyone else does.” With Tim
Sorry I took forever to update, school is going to start soon and I’ve been trying to get everything ready. Not to mention I recently got addicted to a new show so that didn’t help either. Hope you enjoy this oneshot!

You were invisible.

No, you weren’t actually invisible. It just felt like it. You weren’t one to stand out in a crowd. You weren’t extraordinarily pretty or extremely smart. Nor were you incredibly athletic or popular.

You were just plain old y/n.

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