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Prompt: Lance can play guitar and be brought he guitar with him to space?

My talented Boy 

I changed it up a little because I didn’t see how Lance could’ve taken a guitar with him to space. 

Lance loved to play guitar. He learned when he was around 7 to play from his grandfather. He was a natural, he learned his first song in 2 days. He nearly mastered it by the end of that summer. 

Lance sooner found himself mastering his singing skills as he progressed on his guitar. 

He would put on “concerts” for his family’s, sometimes even his friends. Lance loved it. It made him feel closer to his family and heritage, since he learned songs from his culture. 

He would play his guitar when his siblings were sad or when his mother wanted to hear some music. He even surprised his parents on their anniversary by playing their wedding song. 


Leaving for the Garrison was bitter sweet. Lance was leaving his family and life behind, and his guitar. However every time he thought about backing out his family would tell him to keep reaching for the stars, and he did. 


Lance hated to admit it but he forgot about his guitar that was hanging on his wall collecting dust in his room. However finding a giant Blue lion, that forms a right leg to a robot, meeting aliens, being chained to a tree, and fighting Zarkon kinda distracted Lance from remembering certain things. 

Until the space mall. 

“Whoa Lance this store has everything!” Pidge ran excitedly around the store picking up various games and knick knacks. 

Lance gave her a small smile as he casual walked around the store. He found some things that reminded him of Earth until he saw a brown six string guitar propped up on a shelf. Lance walked over to it and left his fingers roam over the strings. Strings he hadn’t touch in months. 

He carefully pick it up and blew the dust off of it. 

“Oh I see you found my masterpiece.” The store clerk walked over to Lance and gestured to the guitar in Lance’s hands. “It’s called a Gindaber.” 

Lance stopped himself from correcting him, he learned from Coran that if you don’t know what something is you can get it for cheaper. Lance gave the man a small smile and decided to play the ‘dumb’ part. 

“What does it do?” 

The man gently took the guitar from Lance’s hand and placed it on the ground so the strings were flushed on the ground, leaving the back exposed. 

“Well you beat on it.” The man set a small beat and started using it like a drum. 

Lance had to physically stop himself from screaming at the man, but instead looked like he was fascinated but whatever the aliens was doing. 

Lance nodded enthusiastically “How much for it?” Lance started to dig through his pocket, pulling out the money that Coran gave him. 

The man looked at his weirdly “$150 dubiscers. You seriously want this?” 

Lance nodded again and quickly counted his money. 


Back at the castle Lance spent 10 minutes attempting to tune the thing. “Man it’s like it’s never been tuned before.” 

After a few more minuets Lance finally got it tuned. He immediately started to play his favorite song. It was a faster song and contained more bar cords than any song back on Earth but Lance never minded. 

Lance’s fingers moved over the strings almost as easy as breathing. Lance was calm, he forgot just how calm it made him. 

Yet Lance didn’t think it would make him feel so…lonely? Not like the type of lonely, like no was there for him because he had his team of course. But more he felt detached to his family and culture. 

Lance stopped playing his song and walked out of his room leaving the guitar on the floor. 


“So Lance did you buy anything today at the mall?” Coran asked as he placed a plate of food goo in front of the boy. 

“I did actually, I bought a guitar.” Lance ate a spoonful of the goo. 

Hunk nearly choked on his food as he attempted to process what Lance had said. After a few moments of struggled breathing Hunk excitedly spoke “You bought a guitar?!?!?!” 

Lance nearly fell out of his chair and quickly nodded yes. 

“Dude you have to play it!!!” Hunk turned to everyone else in the room “Lance is seriously the best at playing guitar. When I went over to his house for spring break he played me a few songs and he so good.” 

Lance fought back a blush, he knew he was good but not that good. 

After Hunk’s speech everyone insisted that he played for them. Lance agreed and found himself in the common area surrounded by everyone and his guitar held in his hands. 

Lance played a few simple songs to start but eventually moved to the more complex ones that he had spent days memorizing. 

After a few songs Hunk begged Lance to sing, saying that he had an “voice of an angle” so Lance did. 

Lance sang a song in spanish, trying to stay close to his roots. Lance fought back the homesickness that started to plague his voice. His native language rolling off his tongue with ease. 

No one seemed to notice, or if they did they did not comment on it, how Lance’s voice wavered a bit at certain parts of the song. 

Everyone cheered for Lance and requested songs that Lance obviously knew. Lance filled the night with music and he slightly started to feel at home with his family again. 

Wow this has been in my inbox forever. Not exactly as angsty as others but who cares. 

I hope you like it!

Thank you! 

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Shuake where they have an argument and Akechi goes full on asshole mode and instantly regrets it, thinks Akira will hate him forever and leave like everyone else so Akira gotta smooth those ruffled feathers lmao at the end he's just like "dude plz I've seen you throw your worst tantrum already & you're a jerk but I still love you <:3c" Srry if this sounds dumb ._.

Okay anon sorry this one took too long, I got really into it hahaha! It got a little bleak and depressing at the beginning but it gets super sweet and stuff near the end! Hope you enjoy! 

And pssh you be quiet it doesn’t sound dumb at all. 

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I Love You Baby

Anonymous Asked: Hey I hope you’re doing okay, I have an imagine pls if you could get round to it, it would make my year! I was thinking of you could do Bucky x reader getting to know some modern movies and watching 10 things I hate about you and then later down the line professing his love for them like in the can’t take my eyes off of you scene with all the avengers keeping the reader away until the moment and maybe joining in?? Sorry it’s so long I just love the scene and think it’s so Bucky! Good luck x

A/N: AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THAT MOVIEEEEEEEEEE. Okay, so I basically based it completely off of the scene but obviously made it more realistic to the Avengers universe and yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: fluff and cussing xx

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Movie night was easily your favorite night with Bucky. Showing him modern films was always a joy, whether it be for his utter distaste for them or his fascination at far they’ve come visually in such a short amount of time. 

Today was one of your favorite movies, a true 90s classic and a rom-com that always left you in tears. 

“10 Things I Hate About You?” Bucky questioned, staring at the DVD case with his eyebrows raised. 

You nodded, crossing your legs on the couch and handing Bucky the bowl of popcorn. 

Bucky read the back of it quickly, “So this is like- a chick flick?” 

You threw your head back and giggled, “I guess, yeah. It’s cute though.” 

Bucky shrugged, leaning back into the couch and allowing you to cuddle into his side. 

You listened to Bucky’s soft chuckles as the movie went on, throwing his arms up in frustration at Joey’s plan to pay Patrick to date Kat, and watching intently with a smile on his face as Patrick sang to Kat on the football field. 

“Do you like the movie?” You asked towards the end.  

“Shush.” Bucky said, now leaned forward on his knees and listening to Kat’s poem. 

Soon enough, the movie ended and you sniffled as you heard the poem yet again. Bucky leaned back, “So he still gets the girl?” 

“Yes, because he fell in love with her and she with him.” You explained, putting the now empty bowl of popcorn on the table and turning on the lights. Now you could see Bucky’s facial expression a bit more clearly, seeing the pondering look across his face. 

You plopped down beside him, “Whatcha thinking about?” 

He broke out of his thought, “Nothing much.” 

Bucky and you hadn’t been dating long. A couple months at most, you weren’t really keeping track. With him, you just lived day to day without really over thinking anything. You were happy, of course, and you certainly missed him when he was gone. 

You enjoyed having him around. He asked you out not long after you joined the Avengers, and from there you two were practically joined at the hip. You went to bed that night with a smile on your face.

A couple days passed and you noticed Bucky had become slightly distant. You’d walk into the room and he’d walk out without so much as a glance your direction. You’d try to talk to him and he’d give you a nervous smile and walk away. 

“I think he wants to break up.” You said to Sam one night on the balcony, looking at the cars passing beneath you. 

“No, he doesn’t. Trust me. He’s just going through some stuff.” Sam said, scratching the back of his neck. 

“Why can’t he talk to me about it?” 

“You’ll find out soon enough.” 

At one point you walked in on everyone in the kitchen, whispering about something then stopping suddenly as they noticed your presence. 

“What’s going o-” your sentence was cut off by chairs scraping against the ground. 

“No time to talk, (Y/N). Gotta go train.” Bucky said, kissing your cheek and rushing out of the room. 

You went to follow him out but was stopped by Natasha and Wanda pulling you back into the kitchen. “Guys I-” 

“No, no. We’re going to go up to my room and, uh, you’re gonna help me pick out an outfit for a date I have tonight!” Natasha yelled, looking at Wanda nervously. You furrowed your brows, “Date?” 

“Yeah! For tonight. Come now, I don’t want to be late.” 

You felt them pulling you towards the stairs while your feet clumsily followed, still unsure about what was going on with Bucky. 

Steve and Sam avoided your eyes and stared down at the table as you passed, causing you to glare at them with your mind filling with unanswered questions. 

As you made it up to Natasha’s room, she threw open the closet and started pulling out various items of clothing that you hadn’t a clue she had. Wanda sat down on the bed, crossing her legs and leaning backward, “How about that cute blue one? With the open back?” 

Natasha shook her head, “No. It’s too bright. It’s look good on (Y/N), though.” 

“What do I have to do with anything?” You muttered, crossing your arms as Nat grabbed the dress they were talking about. You stared in disbelief as she handed you the dress with a smirk. 

“You don’t, but put it on anyway. For future reference.” Wanda said, her sentence thick with her accent. 

You threw your head back with a groan, slipping off your shirt and pants and putting on the dress. 

Natasha clapped with glee as you zipped up the lower back of the dress. “I thought you were the one with the date!” 

“This is more fun.” Natasha giggled, pulling you down and sitting you in front of the mirror. “Whoa! What’s with the make up?” You said loudly as she pulled out a dark brown liquid lipstick. 

“Shush. Let me work my magic.” 

Your mind was exploding as you puckered your lips and allowed Nat to apply lipstick. You didn’t know why you complied so easily, but the feeling in your gut told you to play along and maybe you’d find answers as to why Bucky was acting the way he was. 

Natasha quickly applied some mascara to your eyelashes and smiled brightly at you. “Will somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on?” 

When neither of the girls said a word, you stood up and promptly walked out of the room. You were confused as to why neither of them stopped you, but you furrowed your brows and walked down the stairs quickly. 

“Hey!” Steve stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking you up and down when he noticed your attire. “Wow- you look gorgeous.” 

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to go talk to Bucky.” You said stiffly, feeling the bottom of the dress drag along the wooden floors with your feet. Steve ran quickly in front of you, “No!” 

You turned abruptly and allowed your eyes to turn to slits, “What?” 

“Do you know any recipes for banana bread?” Steve hands were out in front of him and his face turned into an awkward toothy smile.

“I’m gonna kill you.” You walked away and as you glanced back, you saw Steve pulling out his phone quickly and almost dropping it. 

You walked through the corridors of the building and towards the gym, the dress flowing behind you. 

Just as you rounded the corner to the gym, Tony stepped in your way. “Hey, how you doing babe?” 

“I’m attempting to find my boyfriend.” 

“I need help with something!” Tony said, blocking you with every step. 

“What? What could you possibly need that’s so important?” 

Tony’s foot tapped anxiously against the tile as he looked around the room. “Uhm…” 

You glared and crossed your arms over your chest. Tony gave a sheepish grin as he tapped his watch and allowed the hand from his suit to wrap around his flesh. “Does this look like it’s working alright to you?” 

Tony shot out from his hand, a ball of energy flying out from the circle and through the wall, leaving a perfect rounded shape with burnt edges. 

“Tony what the fuck?!” You said after you had ducked, staring at the wall. 

“Hm, I guess it works fine.” 

You stomped away angrily, wondering what exactly was up with everyone in the building. You spotted the gym doors and walked through quickly, noticing immediately the echos of your steps and the emptiness of the room. 

“Bucky?” You called out, furrowing your brows and spinning around to see he was gone. 

You sighed, rubbing your temples to get rid of your ache. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening with everyone, they all acted weird and you wanted answers. 

As if on cue, you heard a deep voice singing softly. “You’re just too good to be true.” 

Your head whipped around and you saw Bucky with a suit on and his, his hands holding a microphone and standing perfectly in the center of the room. “Can’t take my eyes off of you…” 

Your jaw dropped open as he continued to sing, his voice actually quite good and you hadn’t a clue he could actually sing. Images of the movie rushed through your head, a grin stretching across your face as you realized what he was doing. 

Wheels scratched against the floor and a chair swept you off of your feet that Steve and Sam pushed together. You laughed as the spun you around and the music picked up. 

“I love you baby!” Bucky rushed towards you, sliding on his knees and stopping at your feet. All of your attention was on him at this point, a smile across your face as you were completely oblivious to everything happening around you. 

The music continued to play as Bucky slid closer to you and finished singing, dropping the mic and taking your hands in his. 

“I love you.” Bucky said simply, his chest heaving and his forehead glistening. 

You looked around, seeing everyone standing nearby with sheepish grins on their faces. “Hey… you weren’t training.” You said, earning a laugh from everyone. 

Suddenly you were able to put everything together. The dress, the stalling, the distance from Bucky. You almost leaped out of your chair with joy as you realized that Bucky was saying that he loved you. He wasn’t going to leave you. 

Your heart bubbled with love as you threw yourself at him, wrapping your arms tightly around his shoulders and allowing a couple of tears to slip from your eyes. “You scared me, I thought you were going to leave me.” 

Bucky took your head in between his hands, “I can’t leave you because I love you.” 

You jumped forward again and pressed your lips hard against his, taking in his scent and loving the feeling of his arms wrapped around you. 

“I love you too.” 

Cheers erupted from everyone around you, causing a blush to grow on your cheeks but not caring as you had finally figured out what was going on with everyone. 

Bucky stood abruptly, causing you to look up at him with confusion before you lifted you bridal style off of the ground. A gasp fell from your lips as you felt nothing but his arms beneath you. “Thank you all for helping me set this up, but (Y/N) and I are off to celebrate. In private.” 

And with that, Bucky carried you out of the gym and towards the elevator, where his lips met yours once again. 

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anytime i see u analyzing something from naruto or anything i get happy cause u KNOW UR STUFF, i honestly could read u explaining sasukes actions forever. so with that i want to ask u ur thoughts on the scene where sasuke imagines himself standing next to naruto and everyone from the village and then he gets sad, the "what if things turned out differently" scene. i hope u understand which one i mean, I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THAT SCENE (love u&thank u)

omg i never saw this until i logged in into my laptop im sorry if it took too long! thank you so much for saying that! im so glad you like it. 

as for the thing you asked, yes sure thing i can give you my point of view about it! it’s gonna be a long post though. 

unfortunately, I could not find a pic of that moment where Sasuke imagines the village but I do know what you mean. 

Sasuke’s connection to the village is basically Naruto. There´s no other thing that he feels connected to. After he lost his family, there is no one except team 7 for Sasuke. Although, he managed to break ties with Kakashi and Sakura ( I am talking about shippuuden and how they lost their hope in him) That’s why he imagines himself next to Naruto. Naruto is basically the only bond that remains and he knows it. The sad and pain expression he shows is just him reflecting how he wants to be. For me, that expression shows “that’s it, that’s how YOU want to be” the realization hits him and the sadness and pain that comes from it, from all he has been through and what he made naruto go through reflects in his face. 

Sasuke never really wanted to fight Naruto or have a rivalry with him at first. Because 1) sasuke was basically better than naruto, there really wasn’t that much rivarly coming from him and 2) he did not hate naruto the way the village did. I am not sure if sasuke knew about the nine tails being inside naruto but my guess is that he did not until they saw each other at orochimaru’s hideout (shippuuden)

Notice how Naruto notices Sasuke’s hate but he also knows that his hate is not directed at him. 

This is their fight at the hospital roof: Notice how Sasuke says something but actually means something else. 

He did not want to fight Naruto. He actually wanted to stop it. Naruto felt the same way. (episode 257- 259) 

The whole rivarly started with Naruto but people tend to forget why it started. Well, because of Naruto’s admiration for Sasuke. At the end, the both had admiration for the other. They said they were each other’s goals. 

What I am trying to say here is that Sasuke does regret hurting Naruto. He did not intend to fight him at the hospital, he did not hate him, he considered him important. He simply started to think Naruto was a weakness, his weakness and his goal, which was revenge, did not allow him to let Naruto´s friendship get to him. 

When he imagined himself with the village, he imagined himself next to Naruto. Why? Cause that’s where he thinks he should´ve been if it wasn’t for hatred. The pain expression he makes is just a sign he regrets.

Like the scene itself is so hard to watch cause you know Sasuke realizes where he wants to be and where he should have been. I am not even looking it in a romantic way like yeah cause he loves naruto (he does) like no, Sasuke regrets not being by his friend’s side and how much he actually wants to be next to him. 

That’s my take on it. :)   


AND A BONUS, CAUSE I KNOW WE ALL WANT IT or maybe its just me:

External image

( at long last here is a whole bunch of one-shots to my ouran/snk crossover! i hope you remembered all the episode references! also if you haven’t seen this before and want some more of this au, you can click here for a couple more i’ve done. thanks for reading! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ )

Number Two

ask : can you do a Leo imagine where reader loses an arm in Gaea’s attack on CHB and he builds her a new metallic arm?

oh I really hope you like this, it took me forever to put up, I’m so sorry !!

warning : language (it’s me guys let’s be real here)

The war with Gaea took a toll on everyone.

You were no exception.

“Y/N!!” Turning your head, a sword collided with your arm, slicing it clean off at the elbow. Shock went through you in arcs, and you didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or freak out.

Will beat you to it. “Y/N!! FUCK!!” He screamed. You looked up, clear pain in your face. Jason, close by, tugged off his shirt, wrapping your injury with his shirt tightly.

“Jason, you have to help fight-” A whimper escaped your lips, as the shirt he wrapped around your unwanted amputated arm grew dark with blood. “Shit-” You whimpered again, looking up. Your vision left for a second, before coming back. Your (e/c) eyes were looking into Will’s blue eyes.

“Stay with me, alright Y/N?” Hoisting you up in his arms, Will started taking you to the Infirmary.

“Y/N?!” Annabeth shouted, and you attempted to answer, but the blood loss made you pass out.

“Hey, how you feeling?” Will’s voice was soft, and your eyes fluttered open. Reaching up to push your hair out of your face, you screamed.

“WHERES MY ARM?!” You screeched, looking at the wrapped up stub where your left arm should be. Your chest rose and fell quickly, and Will grabbed your shoulders, pinning you back to the bed.

“Calm down. You lost it in the war.” Will frowned, and your heart wrenched.

“In-In the war?” You stuttered, your eyes darting across Will’s face. “Wait-” You tried getting up. “Where’s Leo?” Will’s eyes fell.

“No..” You trailed off.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Leo died in an explosion-” You cut him off, covering your mouth with the one hand you had, heart wrenching sobs escaping your lips.

“You-I- Oh gods.” Wrapping your arm around Will, you tugged him down into a hug. Crying into his shoulder, he rubbed your back soothingly.

The next few months wasn’t that good either. You had to get by with one arm, from getting dressed, to training, to helping out at the Infirmary like you always do. You often asked Nico if you could see the scroll Leo sent back, saying that he was alive.

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kill him or kiss him.

Maybe both.

“LEO’S BACK!!” A shout rang throughout camp. You shot up, running towards the door and swinging it open. Running towards the group, you saw Leo, Festus, and a goddess..


“LEO!” You shouted, hoping to catch his attention. It worked. Leo smiled, walking up, a backpack hanging off of his shoulder.

“I have something for you.” He spoke, and you looked at him, confused. What could he possibly have for you? Leo pulled an imperial gold and celestial bronze arm out of the bag, one that matched your size.

You gasped.

“I know you probably shouldn’t forgive me after this, but-” He paused, fitting it onto your arm.

It felt, real.

“It’s magic. Well, sort of. It should respond to your nerve impulses, like a normal arm should, and it can also be used as a weapon.” You wriggled your new gold and bronze fingers, looking up at Leo in awe. He rubbed the back of his neck

. “Cool, huh?” He smiled sheepishly. Squealing in happiness, you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, tackling him in a hug. Peppering his face with kisses, he laughed.

“I really hate you. You scared the shit out of all of us!!” You whispered, pulling back.

Leo shot you that lopsided, sarcastic smirk you grew to love. “How about you punish me with more kisses?” He cocked his eyebrow playfully.

“I think not Valdez. You’re on everybody’s shit list.” Nico said from behind you, and you stood up, helping Leo up. Cracking his knuckles, Nico came up, punching Leo in the arm.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Leo rubbed his arm, and Nico smirked.

“Oh, that was just one. I passed out numbers to everyone in camp.” Nico laughed.

Wide eyed, Leo looked at you. Pulling a number out of your pocket, you smiled sheepishly.

“I got number two.”

- Nezzie


200x200 icons for kirigiri!

i hope these are alright kirigiri! i kind of experimented with the background and border and all that, but i hope you don’t mind! i think i’ll start making all icons like this unless requested otherwise if that’s okay with everyone! ((by the way if anyone wants to send more icon requests i’m on a roll right now so be sure to ask!))

-mod angie

My Girl II

Part I

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Note: This is really late but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  So some of you wanted a continuation to My Girl and I know it took forever but here it is! I’ve been rewriting this a million times, and I’m actually satisfied with this one, so I hope you guys like it!  

Oh and I just hit 139 followers, thank you all so much for your support!  Really, it makes me want to write more! <3

Other  stories: Beautiful | Ask You Out I II III IV

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!


The smell of books, parchment, and ink filled your lungs as you flipped through the pages of The Standard Book of Spells. You were, as you named it, merely light-reading. Refreshing your memory with the list of spells and their functions, trying to forget the events that transpired earlier.

James was a total git.

You nodded to yourself in confirmation. That’s right. He was a git and you were never going to talk to him again unless he apologized. You didn’t mind his jokes, even the jokes he made about you, but the one he made earlier was just pushing his luck.

It’s not that the thought of you and James dating was totally out of the question. Because you have thought about it before, during the late hours of the night when you laid awake in your bed staring up at the canopy ceiling of your four-poster bed. Also, you may have had a childhood crush on him but everything is different now. James is different, you’re different. So any thought about that topic after that night was swiftly eradicated.

Besides, you let out a small sigh, he had Lily right?

You and Lily were friends. The redheaded girl always had your back whenever James and Sirius tried to bully persuade you to make their homework for them, and she was always ready to listen to whatever you had to say. Lily was the sweetest person you knew and anyone would be lucky to have her.

Your train of thought broke when you heard the chair in front of you get dragged out from under the table. You looked up to see Remus flash you a sheepish smile and sit down, gingerly placing his book on the table. “Sirius wants you to go back to the common room.” He informed you quietly and opened his book to start reading.

You rolled your e/c eyes. “So you’re here to pick me up?”

Remus shrugged. “Not if you want to stay here. Then I’ll be happy to accompany you.” He flashed you one of his rare grins and you laughed, making Madam Pince clear her throat. You shot her an apologetic glance before turning back to your friend.

“You’re the best Rem, if Sirius wants me to go back, he should’ve come pick me up himself.”

“He can’t. He and James are banned from entering the library for the rest of the year, remember?”

Your mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as you just remembered that fact. The duo nearly set the entire library on fire while they were studying for their exam on charms. Sirius gave up on studying five minutes into it and he coaxed James out of it as well and they tried practicing their little spells. You hummed thoughtfully and looked at Remus who had his eyes fixed on the pages of his book.

“You’re staring.” He stated beneath his breath and you smiled at him.

“I was just thinking.”

Remus snorted in amusement. “A Knut for your thoughts?”

You rolled your eyes at him playfully. “Make it a Galleon and we’ll see.” You drummed your fingers on the wooden surface of the table softly, “I’m not going back to the common room with you any time soon, Remus.” You informed him. “I don’t want to have to deal with whatever happened earlier yet.”

Remus nodded in understanding, he knew your mind was still in a gutter. He was pretty surprised with James’ proposal earlier as well. Wasn’t it always Lily? Did he miss something? He racked his brain for clues, even subtle ones. He knew you sort of fancied James in a way, and if the circumstances were different, he would’ve loved to support you and tell you not to hold back, but with the other person in question clearly not showing any interest in reciprocation and only showing affection to the muggle-born, redheaded girl; he kept his mouth shut. Like he always did… and it made him feel terrible.

Hours later, it was nearly dinner time and Remus had gone off to the Great Hall. You actually had to force him to go since he didn’t want to leave you behind. He promised to come back with some grub for you, because even if he denied it, he was starving. Madam Pince left to eat her supper as well leaving you alone in the large, candlelit library. You had long removed your robe and draped it over the chair next to you.

You tied your hair up into a bun and rolled up your sleeves.


Your eyes roamed the deserted library, “Psst.” Came the whisper again and you took out your wand and got up of your seat. “Who’s there?” You questioned. You hoped it was anyone but a Slytherin or Peeves. Someone then hugged you tightly from behind making you yelp in surprise.

You turned and that someone took off a cloak, revealing the messy haired, glasses wearing idiot you called a friend. You frowned. Well you’d rather deal with a Slytherin of Peeves now instead of James Potter. You pushed him away and sat back down, huffing in irritation.

James cleared his throat and sat opposite of you, where Remus previously sat. “Hey, I brought you something to eat. You must be starving.” He quietly said and placed some sandwiches and treacle tarts on the table in front of you.

“Remus was going to bring me food.”

“Remus is not coming back here for a while.” He sounded a little cheerful at the proclamation which annoyed you more.

You sighed in realization. Oh of course. Remus may be your friend, but he was James’ friend too. You should’ve seen this coming. “James I’m not continuing this conversation until you apologize.”

“I’m not apologizing.” He deadpanned.

Your eyes flickered to him in anger. “Typical! You never really do apologize, even when you play pranks on me or got me into trouble!”

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No, James. You listen. I’m tired alright? You can’t just boss me around like you do with Peter or Remus or sometimes even Sirius. I’m not your girl, I’m not your property. And… and…” You were nearly hyperventilating now, your emotions seemingly getting the better of you. “And you can’t just ask me out on a whim thinking I’ll accept when you obviously like another girl! I am not going to be some fling!” You cry out and buried your face in your hands in frustration. Oh Merlin… this was not what you had in mind.

Silence stretched making you think that maybe he left. Leaving you like an ugly mess until you felt his cold hands peeling yours away from your face. “Y/N, I’m sorry.”

You faced him uncertainly and your eyes caught his. “I’m sorry I wasn’t really thinking about how you felt. I know a can be a…”

“A bastard.” You supplied.

“Alright, a bastard sometimes.”

All the time you mentally thought.

“But I just wanted you to know that I really do like you very much.” He finished, his eyes still on you, his gaze never faltering.

You looked away first. “Please James, you honestly think I could believe you? Not once have you shown the slightest interest in me. It was always Evans this, Evans that. Now you’re suddenly Y/N, Y/N, Y/N?”

“You’re my girl, Y/N. Evans was a way to hide my feelings for you since Sirius caught me staring at you one time when you and her were talking. I became flustered and blurted out that I was looking at Lily instead and the lie stuck until now.” His hands still held yours and you could feel his slowly warming up and you just noticed that he was blushing. Actually blushing, and that made you blush too. You had never held hands with James before and it felt nice and it made you long to hold his hand any time you wanted to.  

“I fell in love with the girl who injured my foot on the first train ride to Hogwarts, and I fell hard.” He sincerely said, “As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. I hope you believe me.”

You bit your lower lip. You wanted to believe him, you really did. But this was all too good to be true. You removed your hands from his and hugged yourself. James looked crestfallen. “I think I’ll need to sleep on it.” You mumbled and lowered your gaze. You couldn’t face him after he looked so devastated. You could hear him stand up from his seat but still you didn’t look at him.

“It’s all right, I’ll wait for you.” He told you and threw his Invisibility Cloak on. You could hear his footsteps softly walk away but before he reached the door you called out to him.


“Yes?” You heard him reply from afar.

“No more lies, please?” You tried to keep your voice level but it shook fervently.

“No more lies.” He agreed and you could feel him crack into a grin as he left the library shutting the doors with a soft thud.

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Hi!~ :) I was wondering if I could get private specialized ship please with BTS, and Seventeen? I’m 5'7, the eldest of 4, making me reliable & a good leader. Very caring, affectionate, kind, strong both physically & mentally, competitive & fearless. I’m a good listener so as a good adviser. I love sharing my love w/my fam & people I care. I LIKE flowers, animals & LOVE cuddling, skinship, theme park & advanturous things. I can cook too. I hate heat & worst w/directions. I’m always there for my siblings. Smile’s always on my face & I hope everyone can smile, too. Thank you so much for your time. Hwaiting ♥ I’m supporting you~ 😬 I hope you have a lovely day filled with smiles and love.❤❤❤


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Hey there angel! Sorry these took forever but I hope you enjoy them! And thank you for your sweet words! ❤



In BTS, I ship you with…


Originally posted by sugutie

How you met:

Over the summer you like to keep busy, so you decided to volunteer at a charity for underprivileged children. It wasn’t anything full time, but you were still committed one hundred percent to it! There was an upcoming fundraiser event that was going to bring in a lot of donations, probably a record breaking amount, so this was a huge deal to the organization. You decided that you had to go no matter what. Since you’ve been such a hard worker and have really proven yourself a capable and dedicated worker for the cause, the charity decided to make you one of the heads of the operation! You were strong willed but socratic; just the kind of leader they needed. The fundraiser was going to be a dinner paired with an auction with some celebrities. A couple actors, some corporation owners, and even some idol groups! Among these groups was the ravingly popular BTS. But of course, you never paid much attention to the lineup, your job was to organize the operating staff and keep things rolling (respect my dude). It’s the night of the dinner, and even though you’re working, you are full ham dressed to the nines. You’ve donned a knee length wine v neck dress with an a line skirt, coupled with dangling silver earrings and a diamond necklace. Needless to say, you’re smokin. The night kicks off and you are in full range of motion, you are hopping from place to place, keeping in check with everyone. The sponsors and guests pour in, adding to your stress, but never letting it get the best of you. As you speed by BTS’s table to go check on how the kitchen is holding up, you fail to notice a certain maknae’s eyes trail your frame as you disappear from sight. The whole night you’re completely focused on your task, but Jungkook is completely focused on you. The whole night through he keeps scanning the crowd to hopefully catch a glimpse of your dark locks or the sateen of your wine dress. He doesn’t know what it is about you. Maybe its how you carry yourself. How you walk with purpose. How you’re in charge. How you command respect while still holding up your poise and grace. Or maybe it’s your smile. How even though you’re focused, you still have a genuine smile on your face that makes his heart sing. The members tease him about it the entire night, poking him whenever you’re in sight or making faces whenever you walk past. At one point they gave you a code name; Ruby (for your dress and dazzling smile). They’ll be like “We should push Kookie into Ruby to see what happens” “dON’T YOU DARE” “Ruby 10 o’clock, smile at her” “What? No hyung that’s weird, I don’t want to scare her away.” As the end of the night approaches, one of the charity heads gives a thank you speech and specifically mentions you and commemorates your hard work and dedication. As you smile and bow for the round of applause, Jungkook is clapping a little too enthusiastically. His flurry of hands catches your eyes, and for the first time that night, your eyes land on him. His heart catches in his throat as you beam a smile at him and bow your thanks. After you turn away to bow to your boss, the rest of BTS is in a fucking riot. They all saw you look at him and they start to freak out. You decide to head off to the restroom to freshen up before starting to wrap up the night. As you leave the restroom, you pass Jungkook on his way to the restroom. Little did you know, BTS forced him to go up and intersect you. Full of adrenaline, he stops you and thanks you for your hard work. Of course you know him, he’s freaking Jungkook from BTS like who doesn’t?? But you retain your mature and graceful demeanor and thank him. You two actually strike up a conversation, mainly about your charity work and what you do for the charity and so on. The conversation is cut short when Jungkook’s manager comes up and tells Jungkook it’s time to leave. Before he can drag him off, Jungkook turns to you and asks if he could find out more about you, maybe over dinner? Shocked but excited, you say yes!

Originally posted by bangtan


You two would have such a balanced dynamic. I mean that he’s used to being the youngest and you’re used to being the oldest, so you naturally balance each other out. You have these natural, mature, almost mother-like tendencies that have developed as the older sibling, so no matter how you guys actually measure up with age won’t matter, because you’ll always be the one to take the lead and be the mature one. But that’s one of the qualities he loves about you. Your confidence without compensating your kindness is such a perfect balance. 

But, just because your maturities vary slightly doesn’t mean that sacrifices your ability to connect and have a fun time! You two like to go on a lot of adventures that involve nature or just generally being active, so there’s a lot of morning hikes that take place. He’d love to spend the whole day exploring the trails, but you insist that it’s done on a cool day because you ain’t about to die from heat stroke in the middle of the wilderness. One of your most memorable hiking trips wasn’t a famous nature spot or anything, it’s actually your own spot that you two found. You were hiking one morning and you ended up taking a wrong turn off the trail. You walked a little ways until you came across a little clearing with a couple boulders that overlook the city. You guys like to go there at night for romantic late night adventures. You post a bunch of pictures of you guys having romantic night time picnics there and everyone keeps trying to find out where that freaking spot is, but no one knows, only you two. 

Even though it may seem like a conflict of interest, you were brought onto the BigHit Entertainment production crew. You were looking for a new job and Jungkook was like, “Babe just come work for us,” You laughed it off at first. Like, yeah right, you’re girlfriend is just gonna casually join your company and start a professional relationship with you. But he was dead serious. Even though you turned down his offer, he went and submitted an application without you knowing. So you get this phone call: “Hello! We received your application for our opening on our production crew and we think you have great potential, can we set up an interview?” And at first you’re like, “Uuuuuuuh, who is this….?” And they’re like, “….BigHit Entertainment ma’am? You submitted an application last week?” You knew immediately what happen, because you turned on your heels to glare at Jungkook smiling smugly on the couch. In the end, you accept the offer and have since become a fundamental part of the team. You are always one hundred percent professional, never letting your relationship get in the way of your job, which everyone deeply respects and appreciates. Jungkook on the other hand… “Jagi, you’re looking beautiful today!” “What? I’m your boyfriend! Of course I can kiss you right now!” “Come here and sit on my lap jagi! Why are you looking at me like that?” But even though you’re professional at work, you show him so much love at home. Most of the time you two are around each other, you’re touching him somewhere, like holding his hand, leaning your head on his shoulder, sitting on his lap. He loves your skinship because it makes him feel so wanted, which really boosts his confidence. 

The members still call you Ruby from time to time, but just as an inside joke. Mainly to remind Jungkook of the first night he met you and how shy he was at first. 

When you guys first started kissing, you’d only do it privately, but as time went on, you generally got more comfortable showing skinship in public. Since you naturally take the lead in the relationship, I think that kisses is where Jungkook takes the lead. He’s never overwhelming, but he’s definitely a dominant kisser. He’s a huge fan of against the wall kisses. Not rough all the time but he wants to be in control. 

Okay, your guy’s’ first kiss is so cute oml. So you guys have been dating for a little over a month (way to build up to it huh?), and you decide to shake some things up and have a stay-at-home date. You’re in the kitchen, making a Honey Soy Glazed Salmon, and you feel a pair of hands on your waist. You jump a little and turn to see Jungkook. You face him and see his eyes soften with warmth. You were just so beautiful and amazing and he couldn’t think about anything else except how your smile made him feel. That’s when he tightened his grip on your waist and gently pushed you against the counter as you two were locked into a kiss. The location wasn’t the most romantic, but the kiss made that kitchen so much more.

In Seventeen, I ship you with…


Originally posted by wonnmoo

How you met:

It’s a crisp Monday morning, and you’re walking along the park’s garden. Well, you and three dogs. Your neighbor is out of town for the week, so you’re dog sitting. And any good dog sitter takes out the dogs for a little fresh air. But perhaps your decision to them all at the same time was a little…not thought out. You’re navigating your ever tangling web of leashes as these excited balls of energy pull you forward. Suddenly, Arianne the Plott Hound lurches forward. She probably saw a squirrel or a flittering butterfly, because she took off. The blue leash is ripped from your hands and off she charges into the garden. You’re about to run after her when Dyson, the Thai Ridgeback, charges after her, ripping away your other red leash. All you’re left with is a hopping Shih Tzu named Mara that you scoop up in your arms as you start chasing after the runaway dogs. The garden is a twisting maze, full of dead ends and crossroads. You’re frantically running all over the place, trying to follow the sounds of the clinking tags and yelping barks, but you can’t seem to pinpoint them. You’re only thought is “I’m literally the worst dog sitter ever.” Just as you’re about to resort to just jumping the bushes instead of playing this game of maze, you hear someone clear their throat behind you. You turn around and see this towering, dark haired, handsome man with Dyson at his side. You rush to relieve the man of the leash and give him a million thank yous and apologies. He’s in a muddied wool coat, reading glasses are perched awkwardly on his nose like they were knocked off, and a book in hand that had muddied pawprints that matched the stains on his coat. Apparently while he was reading on a garden bench, Dyson came out of nowhere and clobbered all over him. You bow your head in utter embarrassment and continue to sincerely apologize, even though you’ve apologized like at least 7 times before. Instead of being annoyed, he flashes this genuine sunshine of a smile that lights lights up he seemingly brooding features and makes your head spin like damn. He brushes it off and says it’s not a bother, just hilarious. Fun fact, he was actually about to ask you for your number right then and there, but suddenly you two heard a crash and bark and you knew. “Oh god there goes Arianne,” and he’s like “There’s another???” You give one final thank you and apology as you run for Arianne. You stop after a minute to scan the area for her bobbing brown head, only to hear running footsteps behind you. The man is catching up to you and you’re like “What’s wrong? Did I do something? Did Arianne do something?” and he’s just like, “No, I’m here to help!” The rest of the morning is spent with you two teaming up to try to catch Arianne. After a couple failed attempts, many involving Wonwoo crashing into the mud or you and him falling into garden bushes, you corner her in a gazebo and finally snag her. You turn to him victoriously, only to have him burst out laughing at your appearance. You’re covered in mud, hair falling out of your braid, and flower petals sticking to you. He didn’t look much different. You guys just start doubling over laughing because you two just spent an hour wrangling a dog in the morning mud of the local park and you guys don’t even know each other’s names. That’s when he breaks the laughing fest with, “So, I’m Jeon Wonwoo, and you are?” After formal introductions are finally made, Wonwoo offers to help finish walking the dogs, even though they clearly got their exercise for the day. He takes on Arianne and Dyson to help you with handling three dogs at once. He walks with you all the way to your neighbor’s house and you’re like, “Oh you don’t have to stay and help if you don’t want to! You’re awfully sweet!” and he’s like, “It’d look pretty bad if I didn’t stay and help the pretty girl whose number I really want.”

Originally posted by hosoeks


This relationship would have a lot to do with exploring yourselves with each other. Like, you guys learn a lot about everything when you are together, either about the world or yourselves. You two both have a lot of depth. You’re a smart, strong girl with a natural maturity who never lets that keep her from being kind and gentle when needed be, and Wonwoo could see that the moment he spoke to you. Your relationship would be made up of a lot of boundary breaking conversations, usually late at night lying on the roof of a car looking at the stars. 

You guys are never afraid to go deep and to probe each other’s minds. It’s because of this that you guys have such outstanding communication. Since you’ve torn down these barriers that might keep you from expressing your feelings, you never have problems coming to each other with concerns. But it is always done with love and caring. You guys are literally the definition of a mind-meld relationship. Since you know each other so well, you’re like one person. It’s actually kind of weird sometimes. One time, Wonwoo and the guys were going out to eat and they’re like “Hey where’s your girlfriend? Shouldn’t she be here by now?” And Wonwoo’s like, “Yeah, but there was a farmer’s market on the way here. She stopped and got a couple ingredients because she has a specific breakfast she eats every morning and we’re running low, so she’ll be here in roughly 10 more minutes,” And Joshua’s like, “Did she text you all that?” and he’s like “No I just know,” Sure enough, there you are, ten minutes later with a bag full of produce and you’re like, “Sorry there was a-” “A farmer market and you stopped to get ingredients for breakfast because you’re running low?” asks Seungkwan, “Yeah, how’d you know?” and Minghao’s all like, “What in the hell Jeon Wonwoo?” 

You guys may love to relax and take things easy, but you both love having fun experiences, Wonwoo just prefers it to be by yourselves. Don’t him wrong, Wonwoo loves the guys, but he doesn’t want to share you on dates, or for you to have to share him. He want’s all of his attention to be on you without snubbing the guys. 

Disneyland is your guys’ motherland. Like the first time you went on a date there, you both looked at each other and knew, “This is our natural habitat.” Disneyland may seem contrasting to your deep, introspective relationship and maturity, but you guys love it. You go all out with the twinning mouse ears, souvenirs, food, everything. You guys don’t typically do couple’s outfits, but when you do, it’s at Disneyland. It’s like a second home, and you can go in free all the time because your friend is a manager who works there. Your favorite area is Adventure Land, and the Indiana Jones ride is the one you have to go on at least 3 times to be satisfied. Wonwoo’s favorite on the other hand is Fairytale Land, and can stay on Dumbo for the rest of his life. One time for your anniversary, he booked a room in the Disney Hotel for you two, literally the best present ever

The best way to describe your kisses is that they’re smooth and romantic. The energy is usually a steady rise instead of sporadic. He a cups your face with his hand and lets his long fingers slip into your dark hair, he loves to play with it when making out with you. You usually slip your arms around his waist hold him near the small of his back. There is no dominant when kissing, you guys are again on the same level, like equals. 

Your first kiss was really adorable and kind of on accident. You were in a bookstore looking for a new book for Wonwoo. You decided to pick one out for him, The Glass Castle to be exact. As you were leaving, you realized that you had to go pick up one of your siblings. So, you turn to him to say goodbye, but in a moment of not thinking, you kiss him goodbye. Wonwoo stands shocked and blushing furiously, but you didn’t even notice and just took off. You don’t realize that it was your guys’ first kiss until you’re halfway down the block, which made you whip around and see Wonwoo still standing there blushing. In an instant he came rushing to meet you and pulled you in for a longer, passionate kiss.


Thanks again for submitting @channynipa, I’m sorry if they weren’t your biases but I still hope you enjoyed them!

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Lunatic: Part VI

BTS Mythical AU

You x Yoongi

Rated: M 

Word Count: 2827

Part V | Part VII

A/N: I don’t know why this chapter was so hard for me to write.  Like took me forever to finish it.  It’s kind of a weird scene and I’m not sure everyone will like it but I really hope you do.  

December arrives in an agonizingly slow pace.  Besides texts and a few calls it’s been nearly a month since you’ve seen Yoongi.  Part of you doesn’t want to admit that you’re actually missing him.  The first time you missed him you insisted that it was only your body.  Now you’re thinking you might be missing more than just the great sex.  

Before heading to work this morning you glance over your calendar.  Never had you focused so much on the lunar calendar.  The dates are marked for the next three months when the full moon would rise.  It’s hard to contain your excitement that tonight is one of them.  

All of your coworkers watch you in wonder at how cheerie you are.  The whole day you’re grinning ear to ear throughout your work.  A shrug and blaming it on the full moon is your excuse if anyone asks about your good mood.  At the end of your shift they realize it must be for something outside of work with how eager you are to leave.

It’s a quarter past eight when you start your walk home.  Darkness had fallen hours ago and the moon had replaced the sun.  The sight of that bright sphere prickles your skin with excitement.  You keep all of your senses alert in order to catch a certain creature before he could startle you again.  

When you near your front door you’re surprised to not have heard or seen anything suspicious.  Perhaps he’s playing a trick on you?  You walk down one more block and back just to be sure.  You’re even cautious to open your door and look around one more time before going inside.  

You turn on the front hallway light right away and close the door.  Quietly you step further into your house after slipping out of your shoes and setting down your bag and keys.  “Yoongi?”  It feels stupid to call out for him like this.  There’s no way he could’ve gotten in by himself.  

There’s no answer besides the ticking of your wall clock and the hum of the heater.  Finally you get the bright idea to check your phone.  No surprise at all to see a message from Yoongi.  

-Hey babe, I’m so sorry I can’t make it down there tonight.  We’re busy these days filming christmas specials.  Let me know if I can call you tonight.  

Well that’s a real bummer.  You slump into the couch with a long sigh.  How stupid were you to get your hopes up like that.  Why wasn’t checking your phone the first thing you did?  You message him back with a frown settled deep on your face.  

-It’s okay.  Hope you guys are doing well.  I’m home from work so call whenever.

A few minutes pass and there’s no reply.  Might as well take a nice warm shower while you wait.  The steam relaxes all your tense and chilled muscles and you can almost forget about your disappointment.  

After drying off you check your phone again but still no reply.  You slip on your robe and try to waste some time doing a face mask.  Still there’s no reply even 15 minutes later.  Some warm tea and a book are your last resort for waiting.  That distraction finally works.  

It’s nearly 11 PM and you’re three chapters into your book.  The notification sound of a text startles you out of the pages.  The long awaited reply finally arrives.  

-You still awake?  


-Still okay if I call?  

-Of course.

The caller ID pops up right away with a video call from his laptop.  You scramble to fix yourself into a flattering position before answering.  The video screen settles for you to see Yoongi sitting shirtless on his bed with only the dim lighting of a desk lamp across the room.  

“Hello.”  You smile and give him a small wave.  “Hey.  Sorry it’s late.”  His voice is low and groggy.  You take in how stiff and flustered Yoongi looks.  “It’s no trouble.  I got some good reading done.”  You tell him holding up your book.  

A small smile graces Yoongi’s lips for a moment and he hums in response.  His eyes are barely open and not entirely focused on the screen.  With the hard grimace in his features you think he must be exhausted from his activities today.

There’s a long pause so you try again to strike up the conversation.  “Are the boys there?”  Yoongi huffs at your question.  “Nah they’re all out with Tae and Hoseok like usual.”  He finishes with a long sigh.  

“Yoongi, you okay?”  He only hums again and you’re getting worried.  You try to ask if he’s sure but he speaks first.  “Babe.”  The word comes out in a cracked whine.  His eyes open a bit wider.  The fervent emotions catch your breath short.  There’s no mistaking what that rich smokey gold color means.                    

“Are you wearing anything under that robe?”  Yoongi asks.  His tongue flicks out to lick his lips that are far too parched at this point.  If his captivating sight wasn’t quite so bone chilling you might have laughed at his desperation.  By this point you should’ve known exactly what Yoongi’s problem was.  

“No. Not a single thing.”  You reply in a sing-song voice.  Your fingers run along the breast seam until you’re past the screen view.  Yoongi’s eyes follow your hand and snap back up to your face once it’s out of view.  His jaw is set tight with gritting teeth and a low growl.  

“Don’t tease me love.  You’ll definitely regret it.”  He chastises in a tone that makes goosebumps grow along your arms.  The phone distance gave you a small shred of courage that wasn’t yet stripped away.  It’s his turn to chuckle at your submissive change.  

“That’s a good girl.  Now how about you remove that robe for me?”  His words are dripping with sin.  “Yes, sir.”  You reply curtly.  After setting your phone up against the pillow you sit up onto your knees.  There’s no hesitance in your movements as you untie the sash and slip out of the plush material.   

Yoongi flops back onto his bed with a long drawn out groan.  He throws his other arm over his face looking honestly pained by the sight of your body bare for him.  “Damn it,  I’d do anything to fuck you right now.  You’re so perfect.”  The words draw back all the excitement you felt from earlier in the evening.  

Yoongi sits back up and takes a good look at you.  The cold air is starting to settle on your skin and peak your nipples.  Yoongi enjoys watching your body react slowly to the temperature change.  

“Poor pet must be cold like that right?  Such a shame I couldn’t run my hands along your body to warm you up.”  The idea sounds so good you place your own hands on your waist.  You flinch at the touch from how cold your hands are.  A sigh slips from the both of you as your hands drift higher to hold your breasts.  Warmth comes back to you fingers as you massage the supple flesh.  A small whimper leaves you after giving your nipples a pinch.  

Yoongi soaks in the show you’re putting on just for him.  “Do you often touch yourself like this and think of me love?”  He asks.  A shaky yes is given while you continue fondling your breasts.  He groans again.  “I bet you do.  Naughty girl.  I bet you must really miss me.”  You nod furiously in response and he chuckles.  

Faintly you can hear the rustle of fabric then he lays back down.  He tilts the screen down and shifts back on the bed.  It gives you the full view of his naked body.  His hard cock stands straight in the air and curving upward.  

Yoongi wraps his free hand around the base and glides up to the tip.  He hisses at finally having some contact.  “Shit, babe.  I’ve been hard like this all damn day.  I couldn’t wait to at least see you.”  He can barely get the words out.  

It’s not fair that Yoongi touches himself and you don’t.  The camera turns back to his face and it takes him a minute to compose himself to speak again.  “Why don’t you show me how much you miss me?  I bet my good girl is so wet for me already.”  He must have read your thoughts or seen the desperation in your face.    

Without hesitation your knees spread apart along the bed covers and lean back on one hand to give Yoongi a better angle.  Your other hand comes down your body to spread your folds.  Yoongi curses again at the sight of your dripping pussy.  Having him watch you has more of an effect than you thought.  

“You’re so beautiful pet.  Please touch yourself for me.”  Yoongi coos on a staggered breath.  Whether to tease him or you, your movements start out slow and barely there.  Your fingertips just brush along your folds up and back down.  Then you press your middle finger slowly in and back out a few times before adding your ring finger.  Gradually you pick up the pace making your breath and moans follow.  

The sounds Yoongi makes range from soft whimpers and moans to deep grunts and growls once he starts stroking himself in earnest.  He’s leaking so much precum that his grip slides easily over his length with extra running over his knuckles.  He’d love nothing more than to close his eyes and sink into the feeling but he’s too focused on the glorious view you’re giving.  

Every few strokes of your fingers you press in deep and curl to try and reach your g-spot.  After a while it’s just not enough anymore.  Instead you move your fingers up to circle your clit.  The first touch has you moaning out.  The patience you had to tease is long gone.

After a few more circles you pinch the sensitive bud between your fingers and rub up and down.  Still slick with your wetness your fingers can slide hard and fast.  “Babe I can hear just how wet you are for me.  God I wish I could feel that wrapped around me.”  Yoongi talks to turn you on even more and it definitely works.  

You push yourself to go faster even with a cramp growing in your wrist.  The arm holding you up and your knees bent at this angle for so long are trembling and sore.  They don’t seem to matter though because you’re so close that you can forget the pain.

Yoongi can see the way your thighs start to shake.  In the moment you’d almost forgotten about your audience.  “You gonna cum for me pet?”  Yoongi uses his gravely tone to coax you.  It only takes a few more strokes before your whole body is a shaking mess and you’re coming undone before him.  

The look of pure bliss on your face is a powerful fuel to Yoongi’s fire.  His growl turns deeper as he picks up the pace of his hand.  You’re starting to settle from your high and get into a more comfortable position.  That’s when Yoongi starts cursing again.  

You figure he must be close but something isn’t right.  His face should be cloaked in ecstasy but instead looks pained.  His curses turn into deep growls as his body twists and changes into the wolf.    

“Yoongi, what happened are you okay?” You ask.  The wolf huffs and whines again.  In the small space of the bed he begins to pace and whine loudly.  You try to think what could’ve possibly happened and what the problem could be.  Your mind automatically thought about dog things.  Maybe he’s hungry or needs to go out?  Then it clicks.  Yoongi hadn’t gotten to cum before he changed.

“Poor boy didn’t get his release did he?”  Yoongi openly whines at your question.  He whimpers and licks over the camera.  If you didn’t feel so bad it would be rather cute.  You’re really not sure what you should do now or if there’s any way you can help him.  

Yoongi’s incessant cries get worse before he’s gone from your sight.  Through sounds alone you keep monitoring him.  He’s gotten off the bed and sounds of claws scratching at wood are heard.  Yoongi must be trying to get out of the room.  By the scraping and cracking sounds he must be desperate enough to tear the whole house down to get out.  You panic just thinking about what would happen if he did manage to escape.   

“Yoongi babe.  Please calm down.  Come back to the bed please?”  You try to convince him in a soft tone.  For a moment you consider texting Jungkook for help.  Yoongi might really hurt himself or someone else if he really does get out.    

Yoongi goes silent for a moment and you think maybe he’s given up.  That’s what you hope anyway.  Your mind starts creating worse scenarios the longer the line stays quiet.   

While you wait for something to happen you slip back on your robe.  You’re settled and Yoongi starts whining once again.  The mattress bounces and Yoongi’s back on the bed.  Your breath catches at the sight of his mouth cut and bleeding slightly.  He looks so pained and ragged.

He comes up the bed and you think he’s coming for the phone.  Without sparing you a glance he takes one of his pillows back down to the end of the bed with him.  He tucks it under his body and gives a testing buck of his hips.  A low growl sounds and his ears flick back at the friction to his painful hard on.

His hips start their motion and he’s instantly enwrapped in personal pleasure.  A range of emotions flip through your head.  Guilt at watching shifts through pity and finally arousal.  The carnal act shouldn’t be so provocative.   There’s also something humbling about this great beast reduced to a panting mess humping his own pillow.  

You tuck your lip between your teeth to keep back any sounds lest you disturb the moment.  The rise and fall of your chest keep a half pace with Yoongi.  Heavy panting breaths rack through him.  Blood from the cut drips down his jowls and spots the bedding.  

At last his eyes squeeze shut and his hips stutter to a stop.  He pauses to collect himself before moving away from the soiled cushion.  You softly gasp at the large wet spot across the pillowcase.  Yoongi awkwardly sits facing away from the screen to lick himself clean.  

He finishes the job quickly and comes back up the bed.  The look in his eyes is a heartbreaking mix of guilt and sadness.  With a loud sigh he curls up against his clean pillow and continues to look at you.  After clearing your throat you speak.  

“You okay?  You feel better?”  You ask timidly.  Yoongi only huffs and rest his head on his paws.  “Don’t feel too bad.  I know you needed it.”  Still he barely acknowledges you.  For a long while the two of you stay quiet just watching each other.  You knew it was getting hard to keep your eyes open but you’re not sure when the had closed for good.  

In the morning you wake up to your phone stuck to your cheek.  That’s when you figure you must’ve fallen asleep still on the call.  You check to make sure you’d hung up and see a few messages.  The first one is from Jungkook.  

-What did you do with Yoongi hyung last night?

The second ones are from Yoongi himself.

-Wow. I’m so embarrassed.. I won’t blame you if you never talk to me again.

Naturally you message Yoongi back first.  

-Don’t be embarrassed.  It was really your only option.  

Then you message Jungkook.  

-Well how much do you already know?  

Jungkook actually messages back first.  

-I know we came home this morning to Yoongi asleep with blood and cum all over his pillow and a huge chunk missing in his door.  Also with his computer open to a video call with you fast asleep.  

-Then you can put the pieces together I think.

-You were having video call sex and something went terribly wrong?  

-Yea pretty much.  

-Ew.  You guys are really so nasty.  

Poor Jungkook was really the victim here.  Having to be caught between his friends love affaire and cleaning up their messes.  Part way through your conversation Yoongi had answered so now you could focus on his messages.  

-What have I done to deserve you?  Such an angel.  

-I don’t think angels enjoy watching wolves fuck their pillows.  

-You actually enjoyed it?  Yea definitely not an angel then.  

-If it makes you feel better then yes I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

The rest of the day you pass the time idly texting with both boys until they have a schedule.  


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An angsty scenario where Taeyong cheats on his wife and goes home one day and confesses just when she was about to announce she's pregnant? ~Thanks ^^

Hello!! Thank you for requesting this!! I actually really loved writing this, I’m sorry it took forever. I had some friends from NWL help me edit this so thank you to everyone who helped! I really hope you liked this and if you don’t I will gladly rewrite it for you. Thank you for requesting!! - Maya
Pairing: Taeyong x (female) reader
Genre: angst, smut
Part Two - here

Originally posted by laeyong


You stared at the little pink and white stick that was between your fingers. Positive. This was the third test you’ve taken. Your suspicions were confirmed now.

You were going to have a baby.

You walked to your room in shock. Before you knew it hot tears streamed down your face. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to have a baby. You longed for a family of your own. You wanted someone to take care of and sing to. You wanted to change this two person family to a three person one. Early on in your third year of marriage you and Taeyong tried your hardest to have a baby. You were both ready to have a kid of your own to raise and nurture.

But no matter how much you tried you couldn’t get pregnant.

You didn’t understand. After trying again and again you decided to visit the doctor. You hoped it wasn’t what you thought it was. You wanted the opportunity to experience carrying your child inside of you for nine months. Holding them in your arms after giving birth. You wanted all of that, but if you aren’t given that chance then you will just have to live with it.

The doctor informed you that it was a case of infertility, but there was still hope. He told you that there could still be a chance of getting pregnant.

You held onto that hope.

Now here you are staring at the pink positive sign on the pregnancy test. You knew Taeyong would be so happy. You hid the pregnancy test so he wouldn’t find it. It had to be special when you showed him, this was important news for the both of you. You lifted your head at the sound of keys jingling outside the door.

“Taeyong?” You questioned hearing the door unlock.

You walked towards the living room to see your husband removing his suit jacket. His keys thrown over to the couch.

“Who else would have a key, Y/N?” He scoffed taking his shoes off by the door.

You stood against the wall in the hallway of your apartment. He’s been snappy with you lately. Although you didn’t know the real reason, you blamed yourself. Was he getting impatient with you? You watched him walk past you and head to the bedroom. You followed behind and wrapped your arms around his torso. Embracing him in hopes to relieve his stress. Apparently that wasn’t what he had in mind. Taeyong removed your arms from his waist and unbuttoned his white shirt.


He ignored you and climbed inside the bed.

“How was work?”

“Y/N, please don’t. I just want peace and quiet. I’m not in the mood.”

“I just wanted to know how your day was.” You replied quietly.

“I said I wasn’t in the mood to talk, Y/N.” Taeyong said turning his back towards you.

You sighed and walked out of the room to leave him be. What did you do wrong?

It’s been three weeks since you took the test. You decided that this was the time. You wanted to tell him tonight over a nice home cooked meal. You could only imagine how happy Taeyong would be.

You set the plates filled with breakfast on the table. Your elation making an appearance as you danced through the kitchen. Just as you finished setting everything up Taeyong finally emerged from the bedroom.

“Good morning! I made you some breakfast.”

“No thanks, I’ll eat at work.” He said while fixing his tie.

You tried to hide your disappointment with a smile. It was only breakfast. It’s not like you spent time and effort to cook his favorite food. Either way the important meal is dinner, you needed him to be here.

“I’m cooking dinner tonight.” You said sitting in your seat.

“I was going to go out with my coworkers tonight.”

“Well, can you go out another time? This is important.”

Taeyong rolled his eyes and adjusted his suit jacket. “You knew about this, Y/N. Why can’t you reschedule dinner instead?”

“This is important Tae, please be here.” You said standing up from your seat.

You made your way over to him and cupped his cheeks. His eyes staring into your own, but there was no emotion. You pecked him on the lips and then kissed his cheek.

“I love you.” You said softly rubbing the creases out on the front of his jacket.

“I love you too.”

He stepped around you and walked out of the door. Although he said it, did he really mean it?

Everything was ready. Dinner was cooked, the table was set, and the test was placed inside a box with a red bow. You wore your husband’s favorite black dress that hugged you perfectly. Showing off your every curve. You even wore lingerie to match just in case you both decide to have a little fun afterwards.

You sat on the couch and decided to watch t.v while you waited for Taeyong to get back. Your hand unconsciously running over your stomach. You couldn’t help, but smile. You were going to have a baby. The thought was still hard to believe. You were finally going to be a mommy.

“Daddy’s coming home soon and he’s going to be so excited when I tell him about you.”

You stood up when you heard the door of your apartment unlock. This was it. The time has finally come.

“You’re home!” You said excitedly. You went over to kiss his cheek while he hung his jacket in the closet.

“Well, you did tell me to come. What’s so important, Y/N?”

“Come sit down. I’ll tell you while we eat. I made your favorite, everything is preparing.”

No reply.

Taeyong sat at the table and began to eat. Why was he acting this way? You sighed and sat in your seat. If he was going to be like this then fine. Either way you still needed to get this information out.

“Taeyong I-”

You were cut off by the sound of his phone ringing.

“I need to take this.” He said reaching for the device.

“Is it that important?”

“Y/N, if I say I need to take it then I need to take it. I’m sure it’s more important than what you had to tell me anyway.”


You watched Taeyong leave the table to answer the call. If only he knew how important this information was. You poked at your food and waited for him to finish his phone call. Your eyes kept veering off the box that sat on the table.

No, this couldn’t wait.

You stood up from your seat and marched over to your laughing husband. It seems like his call wasn’t that important after all.

“Hang up.”

Taeyong ignored you and continued his conversation.

Hang up the phone!

“Y/N, not right-”

You snatched the smartphone out his hands and ended the call yourself. After throwing his phone on the couch, you crossed your arms. You were sick of his cold behavior.

“What the hell, Y/N!”

“What is your problem?”

“I don’t have time for this.” Taeyong muttered and reached for his phone. You pushed his hand away to stop him from grabbing it.

“What happened to you? Is it something I did? You’ve been nothing but distant and rude to me! Am I really that much of an inconvenience to you? Answer me!” You exclaimed. Tears were starting to blur your vision. Was he sick of you already?

He scoffed and moved you over. He reached for his keys and stormed out of the door. Slamming it closed in the process.

Leaving you alone with his unknown child.

“Hey man! You made it!”

“Wouldn’t miss it, Jaehyun.” Taeyong said sitting next to him at the bar.

Jaehyun passed him a drink and rested his hand on his shoulder.

“What took you so long?” Taeyong’s coworker, Johnny, asked.


“Is she okay? You should’ve told us you two were doing something, we could have rescheduled.” Jaehyun explained.

Taeyong shook his head while he took a sip of his drink. He didn’t want to think about you right now. He wanted to drown himself in alcohol and forget. Forget about you, his work, how he couldn’t start his own family. He wanted to relieve himself of stress and enjoy his night.

“She’ll be fine.”

Taeyong downed the rest of his drink and ordered another one.

“Dude, Eunji’s here!”

“The new assistant?”

Taeyong chuckled to himself and kept quiet. Apparently everyone had an interest in the recently hired employee, but she had her eye on only one person.

“Taeyong, it’s nice to see you. Jaehyun, Johnny.” She said sitting at the bar.

“Eunji, glad you could make it.”

“What brings you here?” Jaehyun asked.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Besides I didn’t want to miss out on getting to know my new coworkers.”

“You sure it’s everyone you want to get to know?”

Eunji smirked and ran her finger against the rim of her glass.

“Jealous, Taeyong?”

“Of course not sweetheart.”

Jaehyun and Johnny were called over by the others, leaving Taeyong and Eunji alone at the bar. He could feel the alcohol coursing through his veins. Seeping through his brain and fogging his thoughts.

“I didn’t think you would come. I thought your wife was gonna keep you in.” Eunji commented.

“I don’t want to talk about her. Let’s talk about you. I want to get to know you better, that is what you’re here for isn’t it?”

“Of course. I only came here for you. I think you and I both know that.”

Taeyong chuckled to himself and turned his head. He knew. He could see the looks she gave him very clearly. How her clothes seemed to get tighter day after day. The way she would sway her hips when she walked past him. He definitely knew.

“You know I’m married, Eunji.” He said setting down his now empty glass.

“Even better.”

Taeyong smirked and caressed her cheek. Eunji bit her bottom lip and leaned into him. Her eyes, her lips, her body. Everything about her was so inviting. The alcohol in his system only made it harder to say no.

“Do you know what you’re getting yourself into, sweetheart?” Taeyong whispered seductively. His tongue lightly licking the shell of her ear.

“Show me exactly what I’m getting myself into.”

Taeyong’s hand traveled down from her cheek to her neck. His hand pressing against it to add pressure. Taeyong licked his lips and released her of his hold. Eunji whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Your place?” Taeyong asked trailing his finger down Eunji’s collarbone.

“Of course.”

What were you supposed to do now? Taeyong was off somewhere and you couldn’t contact him. His phone was left on the couch and none of his coworkers were answering their own. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. Tonight was supposed to be amazing. It was supposed to be personal. You changed out of your dress and into one of Taeyong’s shirts. You laid down and reached for your pillow.

“Looks like it’s just you and me tonight, little one.”

His hands were everywhere. His body pressed against her own. Lips latched onto her neck. Taeyong pushed her towards the bedroom and onto the bed. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. The sight of Eunji laid out for him did things to him, but he knew deep down that this wasn’t right.

“Taeyong, please. I want you so badly!” Eunji whined pulling him by his belt.

Taeyong leaned down to meet Eunji’s lips. He wanted to forget about you. He wanted to forget that you didn’t love him anymore. He wanted to forget how things changed between you two.

He needed to let go.

Taeyong removed her clothes from her body. His lips trailing down her neck while his hands touched every single inch of her bare skin. It was different from yours. It wasn’t as soft or comforting. That only made him want to go further.

Taeyong unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. He wanted to make this quick.

“Where are the condomns?”

“I’m on birth contr-”

Where are the condoms?” He asked harshly. His hand roughly rubbing against her soaked womanhood.

“I-In the drawer by my bed.” She whimpered.

He got up and and searched for them. He could leave. He could stop this and go back to you. He could listen to what you tried to tell him and spend the remainder of the night in your arms.

Taeyong stepped out of his boxers and put the condom on. He climbed on top of Eunji and pushed her hair out of her face.


“So impatient. How bad do you want me, sweetheart?”

“I need you! I’m so wet for you, Taeyong!” Eunji cried out, gripping onto his arms for support.

“Look at you begging for it. Whose are you tonight?” He growled in her ear. He lined his hips up with her own and grazed his lips against her jaw.

“I’m yours! I’m all yours!”

With that Taeyong slammed into her. He didn’t even give her time to adjust before he pulled out and thrusted back in. Her screams filling the bedroom. Sweat and alcohol poured from Taeyong’s being. His grip on her tightened as he sped up.

This was wrong. The way she held onto him, the noises she made, the way her walls clenched around him. It wasn’t the same.

She wasn’t you.

Taeyong looked down and stared at the silver band on his ring finger. She could never be you.

“I can’t do this.” He muttered before pulling out and taking off the condom.

“What? Taeyong!”

Taeyong rushed to put on his boxers. He needed to get back to you. He had to explain himself.

“This was a mistake, Eunji. This will never happen again.”

“Taeyong, wait! You don’t need her!” Eunji yelled.

“That’s my wife! She’s something that you’ll never be, a significant part of my life. This will never happen again, Eunji.”

Taeyong stormed out of the room and rushed to the door. He prayed to the gods above that you wouldn’t leave him.

“Y/N! Y/N!”

Taeyong after searching every room in the house, he found you sleeping in the bedroom. His heart softened at the sight. It only made him feel guiltier. He caressed your arm lightly. You were always so beautiful when you were sleeping. He was going to leave until he felt you stirring in your sleep.


“Taeyong? What time is it?”

“It’s- It’s 2:36 in the morning.” He muttered.

You must have fell asleep while waiting for him. “Why are you getting back so late?”

Taeyong paused and looked down. Would you leave him? Would you hate him even more than you already did?

“I made a mistake.”

You sat up quickly and examined your husband. There weren’t any bruises as far as you could tell. He didn’t seem too drunk. You stood up to examine him closer, but when you went to cupped his cheeks he turned away.

“What happened? Are you okay?”

Suddenly tears fell from his eyes. He wrapped his arms around your waist and laid his head against your stomach. What happened while he was gone?

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“For what? Tae, what happened?”

“I’m sorry. I thought you didn’t love me anymore, so I distanced myself from you. I’m sorry that I’ve been so cold to you. I’m sorry that I snapped at you every chance I got. I’m sorry for not staying with you tonight. I’m sorry for what I did.”

You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair. At least now you knew why he acted the way he did. But was it worth crying over?

“Taeyong, why would you think that I didn’t love you?”

“We changed, Y/N. I thought you hated me because we couldn’t have a family. I couldn’t give you what you wanted.”

How could he think that? You were the infertile one, not him.

“Taeyong I-”

“Please don’t leave me!”

“Taeyong, I’m not going to leave you over this! Taeyong I’m-”

“I cheated on you.” Taeyong blurted out.


“I slept with someone else. I’m so sorry, Y/N. I will do anything and everything I can to make things right!”

Your hands slowly released his hair and you stood still. He cheated on you. Your Taeyong betrayed your trust. He broke his vows. He was intimate with another woman.

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered.

Taeyong looked up in disbelief. You were pregnant? That was what you had to tell him? You two were finally going to have a child together. His hands moved towards your abdomen, rubbing your belly softly. He was going to be a father after all. He gave a small smile as he caressesed your stomach. 


You slowly pushed him away, but he pulled you back towards him.

“Let me go.”

“Please… I need you. I’m so sorry. Please stay with me.” He begged, sliding down to his knees. He held you tightly as his his tears began to wet your shirt.

“Why? Why would you do this to me? Was she better than me?”

No! She was never better than you! She couldn’t even compare to you!” Taeyong exclaimed.

He stood up and attempted to pull you into his chest only to have you push him away.

“Y/N, don’t do this.”

“I have to go.”

You slipped on a pair of sweats and grabbed your phone along with your keys. You decided to go your mother’s house. You were positive you had spare clothes there.

“Y/N! No!” Taeyong exclaimed pulling you back.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch when you’ve touched her. Don’t talk to me when your
mouth was on hers. Don’t look at me when your eyes witnessed what she hid underneath her clothes. I hope you’re happy, Taeyong. Congratulations.”

You snatched your arm away and ran out of your room and out the front door of your apartment. Taeyong ran his fingers through his hair and sat on the edge of the bed. He went to lay down when he spotted a rectangular box on your side of the bed.

He untied the bow and removed the cover of the box. There lied a pink and white pregnancy test with a pink positive sign that was displayed.

You’re going to be the best daddy in world! I’m so lucky to have you as a husband! I love you so much! - Y/N

Taeyong fell onto his back. His hands covering his face. His tears blurring his vision. Not only did he lose his wife, but also his baby. If you didn’t hate him before, he was sure you hated him now. He ruined everything.

Now you were gone.

P.S. I love you

A/N: So I took forever to do this, it was requested a long time ago and I am sorry. I didn’t want to send you something that I wasn’t confident in. But here we are and I hope everyone enjoys it. P.S. Kind of changed the request just a bit so I hope that’s okay- Also sorry if there was any mistakes I didn’t have anyone check…

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None. I mean its kind of based off P.S. I love you so obviously there is familiar things. But other than that its basically PG

Word Count: 2,601

[What was requested:  Hi I really like your Protective Dad Bucky imagine, it’s so adorable. I was wondering if you could write a fluff imagine based on the movie P.S. I Love You and like every time Bucky goes on a mission or something he leaves the reader a letter hidden around the apartment telling her how much he loves her.]

дорогая - Love

Originally posted by itsmichaeldoan

You walked faster, keeping your eyes ahead as the cars drove by. You could hear his footsteps just behind you, but you didn’t turn around. You looked left and then right before jaywalking  across the street. A car passed right behind you honking because they almost ran you over but you kept going. You could hear Bucky curse in Russian.

You swung the door open, briskly walking down the tiled floor. You didn’t get to hear the door click shut, since he came in right behind you. But you kept your fast pace, making it to the staircase, and began the journey up to your apartment door.

Bucky’s lips curved into a smile as he let out a huff of a laugh staying at the bottom of the stairs. “I know I should know this, Doll, but are you mad at me?” He asked a smile playing on his lips but when you didn’t answer he sighed, “Doll, Y/N.” He quickly followed you since you never stopped walking up.

“I did something, right? I did something bad, right?” He continued talking as he pushed himself up the steps. You were still a good seven steps ahead. “Should I know what it is?” He then asked and stopped walking. “Or is it something maybe you just think I did?” He spoke again as his smile reappeared. You stopped then, now a full flight of stairs ahead of him, and gave him a look that had his smile vanishing from his face. “Okay no. I did it, I did it.” He pointed to himself as he spoke. “It was a bad, bad thing I did, and I’m so sorry, дорогая.”

But you kept up the silent treatment. Your legs pushing you up those stairs, your heels killing your feet. He groaned and hastily ran up to stop you. He held your arms and dipped his head lower to meet your eyes. “Ok you have to let me in on what I did,” he chuckled softly as you slightly panted from running up all those stairs. But you gave him another look and he looked down smiling, “you’re not going to talk to me until we’re in the apartment, are you?” And that’s when you pushed past him storming up the rest of the stairs.


“Okay so it was something I did.” He repeated as he followed you into the apartment. You frowned even more dropping your purse on the couch.

“Yes, it’s something you did. And you know what you did!”

“No, I don’t know what I did..” He replied as you flicked the lights on and continued further into the apartment. He walked around the other side of the couch as you made it to your closet shrugging your jacket off and hanging it up. “Will you tell me what I did so I know how long you’ll be mad at me for?” He asked shrugging off his own jacket in the living room. He took a few steps back to look at you and flung his jacket on the couch.

“You’re going on a mission!” You yelled finally letting it out. You turned from facing the closet and gave him a glare as his eyebrows rose. You groaned angrily and sat down on the end of the bed slipping your shoes off.

“How did you find out?” A shoe went flying hitting him in chest and he fell back on the couch with an ‘ow’ omitting from his lips.

“So there is a mission!” You were fuming as you stomped to the windows and shut the curtains while Bucky recovered and untied his own shoes.

“Wait, so you didn’t know?” He was even more confused watching as you took the bobby pins from your hair and slipped them into a little holder.

“Yes, I know! Because Steve told me at the party!” You were yelling. “Bucky!” You said his name exasperatedly, “I had to find out from Steve, that you’re going on a mission with him for four months!” You turned to face him again. You had both just gotten back from one of Stark’s parties where you had to learn the news from Steve.

“I was going to tell you!”

“Oh, so you were going to tell me you wouldn’t be home for my birthday? When were you going to tell me?” You struggled to unzip your dress, letting it fall down and leave you in a bra and leggings.

“I was going to tell you, we had just found out about the mission not even two days ago!” You gasped spinning around to face him, he was now just in a wife-beater tank top and jeans.

“You knew for two days?! You could have told me in those two days!” You picked up another shoe throwing it at him but he was able to duck and give you a look and point his finger at you.

“Don’t make me spank you, stop throwing things.” You rolled your eyes at him.

“Bite me.”

And then he was taking long strides towards you. He picked you up like you were nothing, wrapping your legs around his torso as his lips crashed against yours. His hands holding the small of your back so you stayed against him, his teeth capturing your bottom lip in his mouth sucking it before pulling back. His forehead rested against your as you both panted. Your anger dissolving by the minute.

“You done being mad?” He mumbled but you didn’t reply, you simple cupped the back of his neck pulling him back into another kiss.


After that night, Bucky and you cooped yourselves into the apartment until he had to leave. It would be the longest time you would be apart from each other since you got together. So most nights went with watching movies together in bed all day, and not being able to keep each other’s hands from one another.

So when you woke up alone one morning, you couldn’t help but let the sadness consume you. He really was gone and it wasn’t even the fact he may miss your birthday but the fact that his mission was so top secret he couldn’t tell you where he was going or what he was doing. That just made you worry about him more.

You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice you had gotten out of bed and made it to the front door until you swung it open and blinked at the people up front of you dumbly.

“Nat? Wanda?” You questioned the two girls before you, who were smiling wide at you. Natasha simply pushed past you as Wanda gave you a hug in greeting. “Guys, what are you doing here?” You mumbled still in your pajamas and watched as Natasha draped herself over the couch gracefully as Wanda open your fridge.

“Special orders from Bucky,” Natasha smirked as she noticed you perk up. She slipped a letter from behind her and your interest sparked. You walked closer taking the letter from Natasha’s hands shooting her a curious glance before sitting on the couch and opening it up.

Dear Y/N,

I feel like you were giving me hints to do this since we are currently watching P.S. I love you for the third time, tonight. Well I’m watching it, you’re currently drooling on my chest. Did you know you snore? It’s a very cute snore.

Anyway, I have decided that since I will be gone for such a long time, I would leave you letters. And force you to not coop yourself in the apartment until I get back- Y/N I know you, I know you would do it.

So this is the first letter and the next letter will come tomorrow. And don’t try and figure out how I am doing this because you won’t find out.

Natasha and Wanda should be here with you as you read this. They are here to make sure you dress up today cause you guy’s are going to have an all girl day. So dress up, buy some things that you don’t need.

And know, wherever I am, I’m missing you.

- Bucky

P.S. I love you, always and forever.

You looked up from the letter to see Wanda and Natasha smiling at you. A slowly smile curved on your lips. Bucky was a dork and you loved him.


When you woke up the next morning your head was pounding, and your makeup was smeared. You groaned and then winced because your groan made your head hurt more. That’s when you realized why you had woken up, your phone had been buzzing on your bedside table.

“What?” You snapped a pout on your lips as your hand went through your bedhead hair.

“Oh good, I’m not the only one.” Natasha drawled out on the other end sounding just as bad as you.

“What happened last night?” You questioned already laying back in bed and putting the covers over your face.

“Tequila and lemon drops.” Your groan was muffled from the blanket but you heard Natasha groan back to you. “But that’s not why I called, I am here to remind you of your letter that is suppose to be coming today.” And that’s when you hung up.

You jumped out of bed, your socks slipping on the wood floor as you almost slammed into the hallway, trying to run outside. You didn’t even bother with shoes as you ran down the steps your keys dangling from your fingers.

You quickly opened the mailbox shuffling through all your mail till you got to a envelope with Bucky’s handwriting. You immediately opened it up.

Dear Y/N,

Doll I miss you and wish I could just wake up and have you be the first thing I see in the morning. You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, and I thank whoever is out there who let me meet you. And I’m so grateful that you return the love, Darling. I can’t wait to come home and have you in my arms again. I’m counting the days. I love you.

And know, wherever I am, I’m missing you.

- Bucky

P.S. I love you, always and forever.

You hugged the letter to you chest. It was short and sweet, and it meant so much to you. You really missed him.


This went on over the months he was gone. You didn’t always get a letter everyday, but it was always hidden either in the apartment, or given by a friend, or by mail in your mailbox. Each one telling you how he loved you and missed you. And sometimes having you do stuff to get you out of your apartment.

Now, it was your birthday. You were excited, you knew Natasha and Wanda were going to throw you a party courtesy of Stark, but you weren’t fully excited. You really just wanted to be with Bucky, just be with him. But, that didn’t stop from you to continuing the day with a smile.

Natasha and Wanda barged into your small apartment earlier in the morning. Natasha took the duty of pushing you into the shower to clean and laying an outfit for you on the bed while Wanda cooked you a big birthday breakfast. She even made it look like a smiley face.

They proceeded to take you out all day, shopping, talking, gossiping, etc. They kept you busy. Sam stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday and hugged you, taking you from the girls. He then kept you busy until it was sundown. That’s when you both went to Stark’s tower.


Streams, colorful streamers hung from the ceiling. Balloons littered the floor and sky in your favorite colors and a banner that said ‘Happy Birthday’ hung over the bar. Everyone was there, jumping out and screaming “Happy Birthday!” Everyone but Steve and Bucky. There was a part of you that hoped by some chance they would make it on time.

The night was just like the day, it was nonstop and you felt like you couldn’t get a break. Which was perfectly fine. You got a bunch of gifts, that you left at Tony’s because you were too lazy to take them back home. You were full with the food they gave you, you had two slices of your cake. It was fun and amazing but you were happy to leave and go home, even if it was alone.


You unlocked the apartment door, fumbling with the keys as you stumbled inside. It was completely dark inside, and you could feel your shoulders drop. Again, you had thought he would have surprised you here. You let out a big sigh and kicked your heels off, one hit the ceiling but you honestly didn’t care.

You left a clothes trail all the way to the bedroom. You would pick up everything tomorrow. Your hands clasped the door and you swung it open only to gasp.

Bucky stood in the middle of your bedroom, a bouquet of your favorite flowers in his hand and a letter in the other. “Bucky!” You exclaimed flinging yourself to him causing him to chuckled softly and hug you tight. His eyes closing, he was happy to be home.

“Hey Doll, I got one more letter for you.” He spoke softly and you reluctantly let go of him. He gave you a soft smile and leaned down giving you kiss that took your breath away. You eventually pulled back and he set the letter in your hands.

Dear Y/N,

Doll, you’ve changed my life. I was in a rough state when we first met and you were one of the few who didn’t treat me like glass. You were there through everything, and are still here after everything. You were the one to listen to me, comfort me, and love me when I was to stubborn to accept any of that.

You’ve seen me at my worst. You’ve seen me at my best, and my best is usually when I’m with you. You are truly the best thing that’s happen to me since I’ve come back to this world. You’re my everything. I love you.

We’ve been through a lot, and a lot has happened and I’m so happy you continue to stay. And I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been there to see me rediscover myself.

And you probably won’t believe this but, I fell for you the moment I saw you. You were breathtaking and continue to take my breath away when you walk into a room. Yes, even when you’ve just woken up. You are amazing, and I can’t stop telling you I love you.

With that said, would you do be the honor of becoming my wife? You’d make me the most happiest man alive if you do. So, what do you say Doll? Will you marry me?

- Bucky

P.S. I love you, Always and Forever.

When you looked from the letter, tears were already rolling down your cheeks. Bucky was now on one knee, the bouquet of flowers next to him as he held open a small box that contained a ring. “Will you marry me, Y/N?” There was no words. You were speechless as you nodded your head frantically.

 He quickly took the ring out of the box and slid it on your finger before standing up and crashing his lips to yours.

“I love you,” you mumbled against his lips. “Forever and Always.”

“I love you too.” He said before kissing you again, “Always and Forever.”

So this was a request someone had on tumblr that I volunteered to fulfill. I’ve never really done a pure McHanzo fic despite shipping them so hard core so it seemed like a perfect excuse to do so. That being said, I think I might have gone a little overboard. It’s super long, and it took forever because of it. However I do hope that everyone enjoys it, especially @autumnjumpers who is the is the one who made the request in the first place and was kind enough to allow me to write this.

Story under cut

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This is a so-very-late Christmas present for the lovely @rainteaanddragons. I’m sorry it took so long, Anna! I hope you like it :)

Based on a soul mate AU where everyone is born with heterochromatic eyes, the right one is your own eye colour and the left is the colour of your soul mate. When you meet, your left eye becomes it’s true colour.

“Oi, Flame Brain!” The customer snarled on the other end of the line. “This is taking forever! I called to get your assistance fixing my PS4. Are you gonna figure this out or not?!”

Natsu rolled his eyes, fingers rubbing small circles on his temples. “I am trying, sir.” He gritted out as politely as possible through his teeth.

“Well, nothing you’ve said so far has been very helpful!” He snapped.

‘This prissy little shit, I swear…’ He let out a sharp breath. “Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?”

His coworker cackled in the middle of her service call, clamping her hand over mouth to stifle the noise.

“Are you fucking kidding me.” It wasn’t even a question. He sounded just as fed up as Natsu was.

His brow twitched. “Please watch your language, sir.”

“If you call me sir one more time, I swear to god.”

“I’m sorry if it bothers you, sir.” Natsu blurted out of habit. Something akin to a growl rumbled through his headset. “Shit! I mean, crap. Sorry… uh… mister?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. Are you deaf or just plain stupid?”

That was it. “Okay, I’ve had enough of your bullshit!” He finally bit back. “You are the rudest customer I’ve ever fucking had and that’s saying something because I get a lot of calls from spoiled mama’s boys.”

The dark haired woman seated in the booth next to his gaped at him as if he’d gone mad. Who knows? Maybe he had. This customer was driving him up the frigging wall.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request some class 77? Like when they are on the boat, someone says something like "Hey, remember when I killed you? Ha, good times..."

A/N I wanted closure okay.

Reminiscense - the sdr2 kids looking back on the events of jabberwock island

“Hey, everyone. There’s something that I just want to share.”

Meanwhile, class 77 are still celebrating on the boat.

“Cut it out, Komaeda. We don’t need another hope speech right now.” Kuzuryuu turned him down as soon as possible. “Just enjoy your meal and lay low on the hope talk for once.”

“Ah, no. That’s not what I was going to say.” He chuckled lightly. “While it’s true that this is such a marvelous hope-filled atmosphere, I was actually reminded of something else.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, everyone else’s jaws dropped in shock  at his declaration.

“You’re kidding, right? You?” Hiyoko asked in disbelief. “You have actual thoughts? That aren’t about hope?”

“It’s the end of the world!” Souda screamed in fear.

“Actually, it ended like a year ago. Remember?” Koizumi said and then paused when she remembered why. “…Cause we’re the ones who did that.”

The rest of the class turned silent.

“Wow! That got depressing super high school level fast!” Ibuki shouted as if to compensate for the dreary mood. “Quick! someone change the topic before we all turn into SHSL Depressed!”

“Even if you say that, it’s kind of hard to just pick up where we left off when everyone’s not in high spirits.” Sonia contemplated.

For a ship that’s sailing, everyone on it felt like they were sinking.

This was certainly going downhill so Hinata took it upon himself to try and fix it. “I know I’m going to regret this but…” Hinata sighed and then tentatively asked, “What were you trying to say back then, Komaeda?”

Komaeda’s face erupted into a full blown smile. “Ah, I’m touched that you want me to share! I’ll forever remember this moment! This moment full of hope for me!”

“Yeah, yeah. Hope and stuff.” Akane commented as she stuffed some more meat in her mouth. “Just get on with your story. I just want the mood back so I could eat more.”

“You’re already eating more than enough as is.” Nidai pointed with a laugh.

The rest of the class smiled at this. Somehow their banter had dispelled the tension a bit. And this was only possible because of Komaeda, indirectly or not. Maybe asking Komaeda wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“Okay well while I was enjoying the barbeque, it just occured to me…” He paused, effectively building up suspense. “Doesn’t this remind you of the time I tried to kill someone?” His smile was genuinely innocent.



A heavy blanket of silence fell on the ship.

He then crossed his arms and frowned slightly. “Ah, but I just had the worst luck because someone else ended up killing instead of me.”


Even more silence followed.


“Komaeda.” Hinata said with an unreadable expression as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Yes, Hinata?” He asked, eager to assist him.

Hinata took a deep breath and… “Why the FUCK would you bring THAT up???”

Komaeda didn’t even flinch at his yell. “Hm? Well that’s because you asked.” He answered matter-of-factly.

This brought everyone out of their silences.

“Seriously? Can’t you read the mood at all?!”

“Whose bright idea was it to let Komaeda talk?”

“You could have remembered the party! Why didn’t you just say party!”

“Ah, right. The party.” Komaeda said as if only just remembering it now. He chuckled lightly. “Almost forgot about that.”

“Hey, he can’t be serious.”

“He’s serious.”

“It’s not unexpected coming from him but still…”

“The worst part is that he’s seriously oblivious as to just how… different his mind works.”

“How can he forget that awesome party?!”

The whole class started talking amongst themselves all the while Komaeda just smiled innocently and admired the hopes before him.

But there was someone who was unusually quiet.

Until he spoke up. “Um… since it’s already been brought up.” Teruteru squeaked and that got everyone’s attention, much to his nervousness. He shook his head and steeled his resolve. He then approached someone specifically and bowed. His voice was weak and full of regret. “Sorry for killing you back there.”

Twogami stared at him levelly, his voice was even. “Raise your head.”

Teruteru did as he was told and when he did, his eyes widened. Despite the coldness in Twogami’s voice, there was only tenderness in his eyes.

Twogami continued in a soft and understanding tone, “That would suffice.  You are forgiven.” He then placed a hand on his shoulder. “Although it would have been better if you had chosen to approach me, I understand that given your situation, you were scared.” He smiled softly. “And that you were trying to protect everyone in your own way.”

“I…” Teruteru started, his eyes already filled with tears. He couldn’t hold them back anymore as he then tackled Twogami into a hug. He cried even harder when Twogami comfortingly wrapped his arms around him. “I’m sorry! I’ll make up for it now!”

The whole scene didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the class, especially for those who carried more guilt than others.

“I too would like to apologize.” Pekoyama bowed deeply to a certain redhead. Her normally stoic voice cracked with guilt and regret. “Killing you was uncalled for. Especially since I did so without orders.” She bit her lipe and then continued, “With or without orders, killing you was still inexcusable. You were only trying to resolve the matter peacefully and I acted out violently. I was wrong and I understand it if you won’t find it in yourself to forgive me.”

Mahiru stared at her. She had expected this and so she sighed as she looked away. “I won’t say that I’m not upset about it. Getting killed is one of the worst feelings, you know?”

Pekoyama had her head still bowed but a light touch on her shoulder made her look up. Mahiru was smiling at her understandingly and notioned for her to stand straight to which Pekoyama complied in astonishment.

“You know that feeling too, right?” She said softly. “I’ve also done some wrong things in my life. So it’s not like I’m any better than you.” Her smile came out just a bit bittersweet but it was still genuine. “And hey, we’re both alive now so it’s okay. I appreciate you apologizing. And…”
Mahiru faltered for a bit but when she remembered Sato and how her actions had affected them all. Choosing not to speak up. She won’t make the same mistake back then and so she spoke, “And I’m sorry too.”

This time it was Pekoyama who placed her hand on Mahiru’s shoulder and offered a small smile. “Then we are both forgiven then.” The two nodded in agreement and consolation.

It’s not just them who wanted to make amends. There’s one who has been carrying the weight of an unbearable guilt all this time.

“I want to apologize too.” Kuzuryuu said as he knelt, his forehead was touching the floor to show just how solemn his apology was. “Everything was my fault.” He gritted his teeth as he cursed himself. “If I had just properly talked to both of you then none of this would have happened. None of you would be apologizing right now. None of you would have died.”

“But it wasn’t your fault!” Pekoyama protested.

“It was!” But Kuzuryuu argued back with nothing but contempt for himself. “Everything started all because of me! It’s all my fault! I’m sorry!” He yelled angrily at himself. All the guilt and the regret he had pent up inside was being unleashed. He wished he could have made better choices. Two people died on his count and he’d never forgive himself. “I’m sorry.” He spoke his voice was raw and cracked from all the shouts.

If only he didn’t have his head on the ground then he would have seen Mahiru whisper something to which Pekoyama nodded. And without warning, he felt himself getting lifted until he was standing. It was Pekoyama and she was smiling softly at him.

And so was Mahiru. “Feeling better now?” There was a certain lightness in her tone that was evidenced in her smile. “Thank you for sharing your feelings. Now, want to hear what we think?”

“…Okay.” He conceded as he braced himself for his retribution.

“We think that you’re giving yourself more credit than you think.” Pekoyama started and then tenderly smiled at him. The kindness in her smile made his vision start to blur. “You’re too hard on yourself.”

Mahiru nodded in agreement and then added, “So go easy on yourself, okay?”

Kuzuryuu covered his eye even though everyone else had already seen the tears on his cheeks. “I got it.” He sniffled and then softly said, “Thanks… for being so kind to a douchebag like me.” Pekoyama had already taken it upon herself to embrace him and hide his tears from everyone else’s eyes.

Someone else had also started crying.

“I-I’m so so so SORRRRRRRY!!” Mikan wailed as she burst into tears. “I wasn’t thinking right when I killed you. But still! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okie-dokie okay-ie!” Ibuki didn’t miss a beat with her cheerful personality as she tried to comfort her sobbing friend. “Ibuki wasn’t thinking either!”

Hiyoko was less gentle when it came to comfort. “You better be sorry! You got that?” Maybe even a bit too harsh.

“I’M SOOOORRY!” Mikan cried out.

Hiyoko tried to glare at her but it came out halfhearted. She sighed as she gave up on putting up this charade. She looked away and softly said,  "Well as long as you make up for it then I guess I won’t be too harsh on you.“

Mikan had to blink back the tears as she sniffled. ”…Really?“

“Awww, look at Hiyo-yo!” Ibuki slung her arm over Hiyoko and crowed, “Acting all high and mighty when she’s actually a softie! Isn’t she such a cutie softie?”

“Hey! I am not a softie!” Hiyoko protested with her cheeks flushed and then mumbled, “But I’m not cruel all the time either.”

“You two…” Mikan started as she stared at her two friends. And then she started crying again. “Waaaah! T-Thank youuuuu!!” She joined them in an awkward but welcomed hug. They readily accepted her and all her tears.  "I-I promise I’ll take care of you both until I die!“

And as these three hugged it out, the rest turned expectantly to the pair who have yet to start any converstaion.

“What is it?” Gundam asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something to the old man?” Akane questioned him.

“Fufufu…” Gundam chuckled darkly and then dramatically bellowed out, “There’s no need for such unnecessary ritual. For you see, our souls have already made a pact of higher order!”

“He’s right!” Nidai seconded with a voice just as loud as his. “We agreed and fought on equal grounds. There’s no lingering resentment on either side. We’re all good! Ahahaha!” He laughed heartily.

It seemed that not all of the murders happened in bitterness.

“That was a bit… anti-climactic.” Sonia commented and then clapped her hands. “But I’m happy for you both to be at peace with yourselves.”

“This was the fate that we chose and we had swore our oaths on that day.” Gundam added with a tone of pride. “We have transcended our mortal vessels and met in valhalla. We may have been opponents but only on the battlefield. Make no mistake, we were rivals but not enemies.”

“And what a great fight it was! I need to train myself more!” Nidai yelled enthusiastically.

By now, almost everyone had already said their piece. There’s still only  one more.

“Hm? Why is everyone looking at me?” Komaeda asked innocently when all eyes stared at him expectantly.

“You know what you did, Komaeda.” Hiyoko said levelly.

“Hmmm…” He held his chin in thought and then perked up. “I’m sorry.  Which one are you referring to?”

There was a pregnant pause in the air.

“Good question.” Kuzuryuu coughed. “There’s a lot of fucked up shit you did back there. Not like I’m one to talk but still.”

“But I guess it’s hard to be specific when it comes to you given your… track record.” Koizumi worded carefully.

“Does it matter which one it is?” Pekoyama calmly said out loud. “As long as he’s sincere then it’s fine.”

“I guess so since he does have a LOT to cover. Perhaps it’s for the best to do it aggregately.” Twogami agreed with her reasoning.

“So let’s get this over with then.” Teruteru said and everyone had given their approvals as well.

Their eyes turned to Komaeda expectantly as he blinked back obliviously.

“What is it?” He tilted his head, still puzzled over the collective attention he’s receiving. They stared at him for full minute or so until something clicked in his head. “Oh, I get it. You want me to apologize.”

Varying forms of “yes” was heard.

“Ah, I see. How insensitive of me to have missed out! Well if you’re expecting an apology from me then…” He trailed off as he then amped his smile and spoke in his most cheerful tone, “I refuse.”


“Did he just say what I think he said?”

There was a mix of confusion and frustration in the group over Komaeda’s words but Komaeda himself didn’t seem affected at all.

“I admit that my methods were a bit extreme but I don’t think I was in the wrong.” He explained in all seriousness. “It was all for the sake of hope. And in the end, hope still won just like it should.”

“You tried to kill us all!” Souda angrily yelled at him.

“Forgive us but it is still difficult to understand your way of thinking.” Sonia warily said and then frowned slightly. “In the end, you even killed yourself just so you could have the rest of us killed.”

Komaeda nonchalantly crossed his arms. “That’s one way of looking at it. But if you’re going to bring up my last act then I just have one thing to clarify.” His eyes roamed until he had met gazes with every single person here and after that, he then continued in a blank voice, “I wasn’t just trying to kill you guys. I was trying to kill us, the Remnants of Despair.”

Another wave of tension washed over them, this time it was so strong that they felt like they could almost drown from it.

“Once I learned about the secret of us being SHSL Despair, I knew that there was no salvation for us who threw away our hopes.” Komaeda continued as if he was oblivious to the uneasiness everyone felt about the topic.  "That’s why I chose to rid despair and protect hope even if it cost me my life.“ His took in a sharp breath before he added, "And that’s why I tried to save Nanami alone.”

Nanami. They could never act like she never existed. That’s just how important she is to everyone even after her death.

“We’ve come this far, let’s work hard till the very end. If we work together…everything should be all right… That’s what I believe.”

“I don’t get your hope stuff at all.” Akane was the first to speak up while everyone had their heads down.  "That Nanami died because of you.“

"It wasn’t my intention. I really do have the worst luck.” He smiled but it didn’t quite reach his ears. But it was uncharacteristic of him to just fall into depression so easily. Right, just as he had the worst luck, he also had the best luck. “Despite the despair of that trial, Nanami gave you hope, didn’t she?”

“Maybe…I wanted to protect everyone, no matter what the cost.”

“Give it up, guys. You know how he is with hope.” Hajime interrupted with an understanding smile. “And besides, there was still a lot we didn’t know back then. I don’t what I would have done if I found out that I was despair before the last trial.”

“…You guys can stay alive by believing in me.”

“Actually, when I found out that I was despair… that I was the mastermind of the game. I really did fall into despair right then and there.” His hand unconsciously went for his pocket where her hairclip was. “But…”

“…But even if I’m betrayed again, I still want to believe in everyone. No matter how many times I may be betrayed…I still want to believe in everyone.”

“Nanami had always believed in us and so I was able to believe in myself. We were able to believe in ourselves.” His voice came out strong and everyone else had started to find strength in his words. “Because of her, we were able to make a miracle.”

“Nothing’s impossible. You can do anything if it’s you. I’m sure that if you just give it a try then it’ll work out.”

“What she lived for and fought for… still exists.” He said as he tightly clenched on the pin as if he was holdin on to hope. To his hope. To everyone’s hope. The hope that lives on in all of them even when she had long passed before them. “We’re still here.”

“If you guys carried the burden of both hope and despair, you should even be able to create the future.”

“There’s still the future. Where hope and despair are mixed together.” Hinata was smiling now and unsurprisingly, so was everyone else. “Let’s all do our best from here on out to create the future that we want. The future that she would have wanted. The future that we could all be proud of.”

The whole class erupted into cheers at the end of his speech and everyone was back in full spirits. They’ve done some horrible things in the past, some forgiven, some unforgivable, but that’s just the burden they have to carry with them for the rest of their lives. There’s just some things they could never overlook and others they could never forget. Especially those memories concerning the people they cherished.

They won’t let go of the past but that won’t stop them from looking forward to the future.

Somewhere, in a world separate from the living, someone was watching over them with a soft smile.

“Everyone’s having so much fun now. I’m happy.” Nanami’s smile widened and  there was a certain tenderness in her voice.  "I’ll be cheering for you guys from… somewhere. Because we’re all friends and I love you all.”

The whole class was still celebrating, still oblivious to her non-existent presence. But even so, she wasn’t sad. Not one bit. After all, everyone was so happy that she felt even more at peace.

“Bye everyone…” She waved off to them even though she knew they couldn’t see her. Then in a more hopeful voice, she yelled out, “It’s okay! A shining future will always be waiting for you. It’s true. It’s absolutely true. I just know it!”

Even if she wasn’t part of that future anymore, she’d still exist in their hearts and that was more than enough for her.