this took forever only because i had to find these

please know that i loved you 
wholly, utterly, consumingly 

i loved you when you were broken 
when you were throwing up with the stink of booze clinging to your throat 
curled up miserably in a train seat with empty hands 
and even when you wouldn’t get out of bed, having covered yourself in depression and blankets and the refusal to shower 

i have always loved you despite everything
(i wish i was a better sister.
i wish i loved you for your faults, not in spite of them 
but i am only human 
and my own faults are tearing me in half)

and ultimately, 
i don’t know why. 

blood goes a long way 
i guess

i cannot love you any longer 
because my love turned me into a giver 
and you have, at heart, forever been a taker 
you took and took and took 
until i had nothing left to give 

you are scraping clawed hands at the emptied end of an abyss
trying desperately to find something else 
a dreg of myself left over for you to consume 
but i am hollow 
and you were not made to fill

i loved you 
please know that 

because i have stopped giving 
and you only love me when you can take.

—  i am a hollow lover, hands open as my heart // H.S.
“I’ll always look out for you.” A Stiles Stilinski One Shot.

Maybe have part2 set like a year or two later and she comes back to beacon hills because one of her grandparents past away so she goes for the funeral and to stay with the other one and stiles sees her or something, or maybe stiles is in trouble so derek tracks her down because he knows that shes secretly a supernatural thing and is the only one to safe him or instead or derek have malia find her?

Part 1. 

I changed it up a bit, I hope that’s fine! I am so sorry this took forever to write! 

You were humming along to the song that was currently playing from your phone, as you pulled out clothes from the dryer, folding them nicely as you thought about Stiles like you always did when you had nothing to occupy your mind with. You pulled out a pair of jeans getting ready to fold them when you felt something in the back pocket. Stunned, you pulled out a crumbled piece of paper, tears forming in your eyes when you realized what it was. You threw the jeans on the floor, not caring that they were clean. Gently you unfolded the paper, looking at the smiling faces. It was you and Stiles at a swing set, it was obvious that the two of you were having fun. Stiles was completely bent over, his face facing you, you had your hand covering your mouth, trying to hold back the laughter.  You felt a tear slip just as the doorbell rang. You wiped it away as you opened the door, stopping dead in your tracks when you saw the person in your doorway. His dark hair and dark eyes, dark clothes. Everything was as you remembered it. 

“Derek?” You asked in disbelieve. He smiled, but it was obvious that he was in a hurry. 

“It’s about Stiles.” He said. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you nodded and opened the door signaling for him to come in. 

Stiles’ Point Of View. 

He let his fingers wander over the steering wheel, trying to block out the sound of Theo’s voice, when Theo mentioned the smell of smoke. Stiles didn’t get the chance to react before his world was literally flipped up side down. He landed on his back in a broken jeep, when he felt himself being pulled out. Surprised and confused, Stiles looked around before he looked up, his eyes locking on someone he never thought he should see again. He couldn’t form words, the sight of her made him numb. Tears were running down her cheeks as she bent down and caressed his face, he grabbed her hand in his, making sure what he saw was real and not some sick and twisted dream. 

“You’re here.” He whispered, shock obvious in his voice. She let out a soft giggle. 

“Yeah. Yeah I’m here Stiles. A little bird told me you might be in danger.” You whispered back, stroking his cheek trying to get some of the blood off. 

“Why?” He whispered, scared that if he spoke too loud you’d disappear. 

“Don’t you remember what I wrote? I’ll always look out for you.” You said, as he wiped away another tear.