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Well, just like I promised 100 years ago, here is Yoosung and MC’s honeymoon in the happiest place on earth~! DISNEYLAND! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° In which Yoosung spent the whole day letting the whole park know you are his wife~ ♡ Once again based on @zens-ponytail ’s amazing head canons.

Hellenic Wheel of the Year

Disclaimer - While I do not personally agree with using someone else’s specific holiday to worship  different gods (Lughnasadh is for the gaelic god Lugh and *to me* it would be rude to take a lugh festival verbatim, with actions specifically for him and just replacing the god honored etc) However, there are very similar festivals, with similar actions and aligning them to the wheel might be handy (maybe the only other pagan friend you have irl celebrates the wheel and you want to be able to do things together)

Or maybe melding the two different traditions is just how you roll. You do you, I’m not here to judge. This is a question i see brought up frequently but seldom answered, how to adapt the wheel of the year to the worship of hellenic gods. So we’re going to be looking at the time points and the concepts that are imbibed in the wheel of the year and try to match their concepts with the appropriate gods OR, align them with similar fesitvals that were held around the same time. Ok, that said, lets go…

Wheel Holiday - Imbolc. Feburary 1-2
This is one of the four quater gaelic holidays, typically the goddess Brigid is revered on imbolc.
Associations - rebrith, renewal, The promise of coming spring, divinations
Hellenic holiday - Lenaia or Anthesteria
Lenaia was a Dionysian festival celebrating the aspect of his rebirth after being torn apart by titans. This was held in the month of gamelion which was roughly January/February so you could certainly celebrate this on Feb 1st if you so choose. Historically it was celebrated with theatrical contests. Movie marathon or improv parties would be a great idea here.
Anthesteria was also a Dionysian festival (Seeing the theme here?)  It celebrated the beginning of spring, particularly the maturing of the wine stored at the previous vintage. Social order was cast aside for feasts and revelry as wine casks were opened. Everyone joined in the feasts and libations were given to the dead ancestors. There was a solomn aspect to this festival in that regard where after the reverly, respects would be paid to the dead and to Hermes as the guider of souls. offerings of fruit were popular.
Hellenic gods -  Dionysus, Hermes 

Wheel Holiday - Ostara/ The spring equinox - March 20th
Typically associated with the germanic goddess Eostre.
Associations - fertiity, new growth, balance, the first of spring
Hellenic holiday - Anthesphoria
Anthesphoria is a celebration of spring, a festival of flowers. it marked Persephone returning to the land of the living, being returned to her mother Demeter. Flowers are gathered and woven into crowns. Aphrodite and Hera were also honored. It was a celebration of the beauty of spring. 
Hellenic gods - Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera

Wheel Holiday - Beltane/May day - May 1st
Another gaelic quarter day, a celebration of the aos sidhe and the sun god Bel
Associations - Fertility, the first of summer, fruitfulness, sexuality
Hellenic holiday - Thargelia
Thargelia was typically celebrated on may 6th or 7th. It was a celebration of  the birth of Apollo and Artemis, largely an agricultural festival. The first fruits of the season were offered to Artemis and Apollo for a bountiful and mild summer. Offerings were given to Demeter as well as the seeds were sew. olive branches, wrapped in wool were hung over doors for prosperity and to ward off evil. Festivals and singing were held to honor the gods. historically sacrifices were made on thargelia. In modern times I feel this would be a good time to cast the darkest part of you (symboloically) into a fire, pick something about yourself you want to change or cast away, write it out and cast it to the fire to cleanse yourself of it.
 Bonfires are a Beltane staple so honoring Hestia and Hephaestus would also be appropriate. A fertility day, dancing and fruit could also be offered to Pan, dionysus and the nymphs of the land. 
Considering the fertility aspect of may day along with it being close to the northern american celebration of Mothers day, I would argue that Leto would also be good to honor.
Hellenic gods - Artemis, Apollo, Demeter, Hestia, Hephaestus, Pan, Dionysus, Leto nymphs and spirits of the land.

 Wheel Holiday - Midsummer - June 20th (summer solstice)
The time when the day is longest, the sun reigns, sometimes called Litha. Night time is also used to celebrate the fae and those of the otherworld
Associations - abundance, virility, sun celebration, strength, mystery, the fae
Hellenic holiday - Lampteria,  Klidonas (Not usually in june but may due to regional differences in seasons)
Klidonas is the greek celebration of summer. Typically bonfires are lit which are jumped over. Maidens also perform divinations to see who they will marry. The olive branch charms and may wreaths that were made before are cast into the fires. From a divination aspect, Apollo could be honored here 
From a hellenic pagan standpoint this day can be used to celebrate gods associated with the wild, virilty, sun and sexuality, like eros, aphrodite, helios, pan, dionysus, as well as the nymphs and spirits of the land. I would even say Zeus and Poseidon since this is also rather close to fathers day which is when I give honor to Zeus and the ocean is heavily associated with summer in modern times. Summer vacation is also a time for travel, so Hermes as well, its all down to who you feel closest to
Lampteria does not have a fixed date, but pomegranteanddivy said that she places it around this time and has a beautiful post on how she associate and celebrate it. This would be great for midsummer night, honoring the darker aspects of the otherworld.
Hellenic gods honored - Apollo, Eros, Aphrodite, Helios, Zeus, Poseidon, pan, Dionysus, Hermes, Nymphs and spirits of the earth.

Wheel Holiday - Lammas, Lughnasadh, first harvest - August 1st
The festival itself is named after the god Lugh. It involved great gatherings that included religious ceremonies, ritual athletic contests, feasting, matchmaking and trading.
Associations - feasts, contest, marriage, trade, the first of the harvest.
Hellenic holiday -  Hermaea,  Aphrodisia
Hermaea was the festival of Hermes. Traditionally this was a time for athletic competition, much like the celebrations at Lughnasadh. Some areas celebrated it with a upturn of social order. Games that require wit or strategy. Feast and gifts of food or necessities for the homeless would be a wonderful way to celebrate.  
Aphrodisia was a celebration of Aphrodite. In Cyprus, participants who were initiated into the Mysteries of Aphrodite were offered salt, a representation of Aphrodite’s connection to the sea, and bread baked in the shape of a phallus. This is similar to the modern wiccan practice of making an offering of men shaped bread for lammas.
Considered a fortuitous time for marriage, it would be appropriate to honor Hera, as well as Aphrodite.
In the modern times, this usually marks the start of school back and students prepare for the next year. a combination of this, plus the abundance of contest in hermaea would also make Athena appropriate to honor.
Hellenic gods honored - Hermes, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena

Wheel Holiday - Autumn Equinox, Mabon - September 23rd
The name Mabon is derived from the welsh god of the same name
Associations -  Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance
Hellenic holiday -  Koris Katagogi
Koris Katagogi  was a festival specifically to celebrate Persephone’s descent, where other festivals tended to focus on her ascent more than anything else. Demeters daughter departs from the world and descends to the underworld to join her husband Hades and take back up her Iron crown. Some tales say its Hermes that guides her on these journies. 
This is also around the time of wine harvest so libations to Dionysus would be appropriate too.
Hellenic gods - Demeter, Persephone, Hermes, Dionysus.

Wheel Holiday -   Samhain (eve)/Halloween - October 31st - November 1st
last Gaelic quater day. considered a liminal time where the spirits of the dead and the fae roam and must be placated. 
Associations -  The dead, the underworld, ghosts, fae, offerings
Hellenic holiday -  None on that day but in october-  Pyanopsia,  Thesmophoria and stenia.
Pyanopsia was a festival for Apollo as a ripener of fruits and protector. Stews were made and branches were wrapped in purple and white wool as tokens to gaurd against evil, along with offerings of honey, pastries and wine. In this regard it shares some tradition with the old traditions of halloween and samhain as far as creating wards against evil and honey was often offered to placate the fae and dead. I dont think it would be too much of a stretch to do these during the day of halloween before night fell.
Thesmorphoria and stenia are rather complex and illusive festival, nearly six days in total honoring Demeter and her daughter persephone.
When it comes to celebrating Halloween and Samhain though, I like to use that time to honor the dead, Hades, Persphone and their retinue. Usually with a mute meal and offerings as the sun falls. Once the sun sets and night sets, it becomes, for me a festival of Hekate, both as mistress of ghosts, necromancy and witches, but also, as a protector of children as all the young ones go out trick or treating.
Hellenic gods - Hades, Persephone, Apollo, Demeter, Hekate and her retinue. 

Wheel Holiday - Midwinter, Yule - December 21st
The longest night of the year, many similarities with christmas
Associations -  darkness, coming light, gift giving, joy, cold, introspection, feast
Hellenic holiday -  Rural Dionysia
rural Dionysian is a wine fesitval of Dionysus. Processions were made with girls carrying bread, wine, water and other offerings. After that there were contests of dancing and singing, following by performance of choruses (not unlike caroling) also theatrical performances held (christmas movie marathon heyo). Dionsysus also had a miracle birth after his mother died, myth says that Zeus took her womb and stitched it into his own thigh to carry Dionysus until he was born so this can also be used to celebrate his birth.
 Offerings can be made during this time to Helios and apollo, for prosperity in the coming year and the quick return of the sun. Artemis may be offered thanks for the game meat you may eat during this time, also since this is in the middle of hunting season. As this is also the longest night of the year, some may want to use this time to pay their respects to Nyx
Hellenic gods - Dionysus, Helios, Nyx, Zeus, Apollo, Artemis.

There, whew! If anyone has an additions, feel free to reblog and add. I tried my best to stick to things that fell around the same time or has similar connotations. I realize a lot of recon’s hate the idea of incorporating the wheel of the year (a neopagan concept) into hellenismos but since I see so many people asking about it, I thought I’d at least give it a shot. I’m not here to tell anyone else how to worship

good futaba & goro half-sibling content

  • goro is very very obviously fond of futaba’s mannerisms; he teases her often but usually lets her have the last say
  • goro is So Much taller than futaba i’m crying,, there’s no way that an older brother who’s an entire foot taller than his sister wouldn’t abuse the height difference. he’ll steal her snack supply and take them for himself put them in high places
  • BUT futaba is determined!!! she will climb whatever she can to reach the things he withholds from her, including leblanc’s counter and the people there
  • futaba uses goro’s shoulder as a perch one time to reach on top of the highest cabinet where he put her featherman figures and that’s how sojiro’s coffeemaker broke
  • goro and futaba have very passionate opinions about phoenix ranger featherman and it’s REALLY FUNNY watching them stand off, arguing and trying to talk louder than the other
  • also futaba makes goro cosplay featherman with her
  • they’re both chatty know-it-alls
  • futaba hacks into goro’s phone regularly and changes all his contacts and looks through his camera
  • futaba hugs goro from behind and promptly throws him on the ground
  • goro does the thing where he picks futaba up when she gets overexcited and just. just fuckin slings her over his shoulder and walks away. he removes her from the conversation and she punches him later
  • they steal each other’s food; futaba takes goro’s curry, which he allows, tries to take his coffee, which he protects more than his life, and he takes her snacks, which she resents
  • futaba will hack goro’s phone and computer when he overworks and forces him to take a break, which usually consists of featherman and her using him as a pillow
  • goro calls futaba a NEET on a regular basis and she calls him the ace defective
  • futaba introduces goro to horror games with the intent to scare him for blackmail material but it backfires spectacularly because he gets way too into them
  • goro does the thing where he stands behind futaba and puts his chin on top of her head and just. stands there. she shakes him off and he ruffles her hair and she hits him in the chest and this happens a lot
  • i love…. good siblings… good kids… i love them…….

Based on this post because I am a good with no damn self control apparently. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL THIS AU DAMN IT.

For the sixth time, Cullen checked his phone and for the sixth time, it read the same thing. 2:28 PM.

Maker, and he thought dismissal took forever to come when he was a kid.

Dropping his head against the cushion of his seat, Cullen looked out of his trunk’s window at what he could only refer to as a ‘war zone’. Parents and guardians everywhere, bunched together in tight knit groups, chattering amongst themselves as they wanted for the school day to end. At face value it didn’t seem all that harrowing, but Cullen had learned his lesson the first time he had agreed to pick up Caleb from pre-school. Crowds were one thing–if he could see a way out of them, he could stand to be in one for a few minutes–but when that crowd had a dozen or so women of varying ages apparently ready to jump on the nearest piece of available meat then suddenly he wasn’t that keen on sticking around.

Once of having a woman who was dawning dangerously to his mother’s age bluntly stare at his ass and ask if he’d ever consider doing ‘yard work’ for her was enough. He could still hear Branson’s obnoxious laughter in the back of his head asking if he would take the offer.

Ass, he thought, looking at his phone again and groaning.

2:29 PM.

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What kind of dads would Kamo,Ogi,Goshozome,Zanba and Renpei be ?

Kamo is going to be the exact same kind of dad that his dad is. We’re introduced to him in volume 12 and this is the only image you need :

Kamo is a goofy, fun loving dad, who loves to play and goof around his kids. He’s also the dad thats constantly playing good natured tricks on his kids, even if it drives them crazy sometimes. Kamo never grows up, and that’s probably just fine.

Ogi is another fun dad! But he really wants to be more than just a playmate for his kids, so he tries to work hard to be a parent more than just a friend.  He’s not the most successful at this, but he’ll definitely always be available for a good hug whenever his kids need it!

Goshozome is the firm but fair dad. He has expectations for his kids, but they all amount to ‘try your hardest, do your best, and if it doesn’t work out? its okay’. But he doesn’t go easy on them because of that mentality, he still pushes them, especially if the kid is serious about something (like playing a sport, learning an instrument, or just school in general). He’s very open with his kids, and trusts them the best he can, so they always feel alright about coming to him when they have problems. He always knows what to say.

Zanba is the wishy-washy dad. Its like. He knows that with his size and looks, he could really keep his kids under control if he wanted too, but he also lets them get away with too much.  But the things he lets them get away with sometimes, he scolds them for at other times. He always has snacks ready though, and the type of parent he is is really influenced by his partner.  If his partner is around, he’s much more likely to let kids get away with things, because he knows the partner will handle it.

Renpei is strict dad, who is really trying to make sure that doesn’t mean he’s also going to be cold dad. He’s not exactly the best at connecting with others (it took him forever to soften up with his partner), so even if its his own child, he’s likely to be a little disconnected. Renpei’s had no experience with kids prior to this, so he has his own nerves that his kids could end up like. him. if he messed up. And he really doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want them to grow up with his personality. His partner’s would be alot better.


So yeah, I really like Kirsikka. I saw her introduction post as I was waking up and when I read that she likes Sorrel, the thought of them being on Team Fancy and bumping into each other popped in my head.

Now…Sorrel likely joined because of Cyanthia and we know he’s oblivious to Kirsikka’s crush, but hear my out… Maybe a evening under the stars, everyone dancing to the Squid Sisters could change that? Huh~? e v e

Or I’m just a hopeless shipper who wants to see poor Sorrel be happy.
Please go easy on me, I’m still learning how to colour digitally.

Kirsikka & Sorrel are @tamarinfrog’s adorable kids.
※ Please do not repost or use my art. Thank you.

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Nine/Rose, Nine's child is in Rose's class

“Mr. Smith, your son is incredibly gifted, but I get a sense he’s holding back. And he doesn’t seem to connect well with his peers.”

Christopher Smith sat in a chair beside Miss Rose Tyler, his son Ian’s fourth year primary school teacher. Ian absolutely adored Miss Tyler; he always came home with stories about his day at school. It was nice to see his son so enthusiastic again, after his mother pulled a runner and abandoned Chris and Ian last year.

“He’s been having a tough time,” Chris defended. No parent wanted to hear about their child’s shortcomings. “His mum left us last December, and it hit him hard.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” Rose said, laying her hand atop his forearm.

He could feel the heat of her hand bleeding through the fabric of his jumper, leaving goosebumps in its wake. It had been awhile since he’d been shown any affection by someone not in his immediate family.

Rose turned away from him abruptly and rummaged around her desk for a pen and a piece of paper.

“Here,” she said, scribbling furiously. “I run a program at the community center every Sunday night. It’s an art program, and it’s free to all students of the area. Sundays are for kids ages 10-12. Now, Ian is a little young for that age group, but he’s a quick study, and I’d think it would be good for him.”

Chris cast a quick glance at the piece of paper detailing the time and place of this program before quickly stuffing it in his pocket. He stood and shook Rose’s hand in thanks before exiting into the hallway where Ian was waiting for him.

Later that night as he was changing into sleepwear, Chris found the crumpled piece of paper in his pocket, and decided he should at least ask if Ian wanted to attend these classes. Ian had become withdrawn ever since his mum left, and Chris hated seeing him like that, but Ian had no interests in getting involved in activities involving other kids his age.

Chris was pleasantly surprised when Ian excitedly agreed to the art classes (Chris may or may not had lead off with the fact that Miss Tyler would be teaching them).

So that Sunday night (and Every Sunday thereafter) found Ian animatedly chatting with Miss Rose Tyler throughout the hour-long lesson while Chris watched happily from the small café within the community center. He was overjoyed to see Ian so happy.

One night, after Ian and his new friend Abbey bounced up to him showing off the landscape pieces they’d painted, Chris walked up to Rose as she was clearing up the mess the group of kids left in their wake.

“I, erm, I just wanted to thank you,” he said genuinely. Rose looked up at him in confusion, and Chris gestured to where Ian and Abbey were sitting at the table Chris had just vacated, talking animatedly while drinking hot cocoa. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so happy. Thank you.”

Rose smiled softly and said, “Ian’s a great kid. I’m happy to see him doing so well.”

“Right,” Chris said awkwardly, cursing his dry tongue and pounding heart. He felt like a sodding teenager again, nervous to be talking to a beautiful woman. A woman who, he reminded himself, had to be at least a decade younger, maybe more. He’d best get over this silly infatuation, and soon. “Well, see you next week.”

Next Sunday after the lesson was done, Chris found an excuse to go over and chat with Rose again. And again the following Sunday. And the one after that…

One Sunday found Rose joining the Doctor at the café while Ian and Abbey went for the swimming lessons they’d both signed up for. They talked for the entirety of the hour of the kids’ lesson. He learned that she not only did the art lessons for younger kids, but she did lessons for kids ages 13-18 on Wednesday evenings too.

“And you don’t get paid for this?” he asked, incredulous that she would donate an hour of her time twice a week freely.

“Nope,” she said, sipping on the tea he’d bought her. “This program runs on donations, which mainly pays for the room and for supplies. I always wanted a career in art, but it doesn’t pay much, hence the day job. But now I’ve found someplace where I can combine my art skills and teaching skills. Besides, it’s nice to connect with the younger members of the community like this. I’ve gotten to know a lot of students that I wouldn’t normally have met.”

Chris smiled softly at her, his affection for Rose running deeper and deeper the more he got to know her.

They made it a routine, then, to have coffee and tea together after her Sunday lessons.

Until one day, a few minutes before Ian was due to return from his swim lessons, Rose shyly asked if he and Ian wanted to get food.

“I didn’t have time for dinner before coming here,” she said, her eyes darting around the café. “And There’s a great chippie ‘round the block. If you want?”

Chris grinned brightly, delighted to spend more time with Rose.

And so weekly chippie visits became the new norm.

Until one day, Chris nervously asked if she might like to go out to dinner with him, not on a Sunday, and without Ian’s presence.

“I’d love that,” she said warmly.

After two hours in a restaurant and another hour walking around town, Chris walked Rose to her door, wondering how to test the waters of how Rose felt about the evening, if it was an actual date, or if she thought of it as two friends sharing a meal.

The tender kiss she pressed to his lips was answer enough for him, and he walked back to his own flat with a goofy smile on his face, wondering how soon he could taste her lips against his again.

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today I got my finger stuck in my saxophone mouthpiece. Don’t ask me why I stuck it in there in the first place, I just did

It took me forever to get it off. We almost went to the ER. I’m not even kidding. Luckily, I eventually managed to butter myself out before we needed to trouble the poor night shift ER docs with my antics.

I’m textbook material for a @cranquis or @wayfaringmd chat post.